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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Grade: 9th Section: “C” Teacher: Luis Armando Sánchez Muñoz (00183316)
Topic: Leisure Time activities Target Language: Grammar:
Vocabulary: Leisure time activities.
Objective: By the end of this 60 minutes lesson, students will be able to: individually write 3 own sentences and draw a representative drawing about their bedroom (or
any room in their house) using correctly “there is” and “there are” structures.
Time Framework: Procedures/ Steps Material
80 mins PPU
This time will be used by the main teacher to give a discussion about an educational topic to students.
20 min Dialogue
T. Asks students to write “Unit 5: entertainment” and create under the topic a drawing about (what comes to your
mind with the word “Entertainment”? Whiteboard
-What is your favorite leisure time activity?
Warm-up & Then answer the following questions:
15 min general unit’s  Have you done something nice on your vacations?
diagnostic  Did you have fun on your last vacations?
 Write 3 games that you like.
 Write 1 thing that you always/usually do in your free time.
 Which activity do you prefer in your free time, going out with friends or read a book?
T. gives sts pieces of paper with leisure time activities.
15 min Presentation Sts. Make mimic in pairs with the idea of representing some leisure time activities. (outdoor and indoor)
min T. Asks students, what is your top 3 favorite leisure time activities? My favorite leisure time activities are: 1, 2, 3..
Sts. Exchange ideas in pairs.
T. Explains the outdoor and indoor leisure time activities. And the structure “Have you ever _____________” yes
I have, I __________ in 2010.
“which do you prefer _______________?” I prefer ___________.
T. Ask students to create 5 interesting questions with “have you ever__________?”, and then interview 2
15 min Practice 1 classmates.
Sts. Create the own sentences and ask to two classmates.
10 min Practice 2 Sts. Write short paragraph about his/her classmates one per each, describing their preferences about leisure time