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Annual Report


Indian Council of Social Science Research

Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
J.N.U. Institutional Area,
New Delhi-110067
Programmes 1-42
1. Overview 1-3
2. Research Promotion 4-11
3. Documentation 12-15
4. Research Survey and Publications 16-17
5. International Collaboration 18-26
6. Regional Centers 27-32
7. Research Institutes 33-42
1. List of Members of the Council 45-47
2. ICSSR Senior Officials 48-49
3. Research Projects 50-111
4. Research Fellowships 112-193
5. Financial Assistance Provided for Organising 194-202
Capacity Building Programmes and Research
Methodology Courses
6. Financial Assistance Provided for Organising 203-256
International / National Seminars/ Conferences/
Workshops in India
7. Publication Grants 257-260
8. Financial Assistance Provided to Scholars for 261-286
Participation in International Conferences /
Data Collection Abroad
9. Major Activities of ICSSR Regional Centres 287-312
10. Major Activities of ICSSR Research Institutes 313-412
11. Theses Purchased / Bibliographies Prepared in 413-415

Statement of Accounts 416-511


Social science research, which presupposes was formally launched in May 1969. It was
freedom of intellectual choice and opinion, considered a significant achievement of
needs to be encouraged by a developing envolving Indian democracy.
nation. India has not only encouraged it, but
also promoted it with state patronage. Objectives of the Council are:

Following the Independence of India in • To review the progress of social science

research and give advice to its users in
1947, as part of our nation-building programme
Government or outside;
there were efforts to make social science a
holistic knowledge system. India’s problems • To sponsor social science research
were unique and the tools available to study programmes and projects and administer
them were all invented in the West, which grants to institutions and individuals for
did not always prove useful. A strong need research in social sciences;
was felt to develop a methodology relevant
for understanding Indian complexities in the • To arrange for technical training in
field of social science research. Integrating research methodology and to provide
our intellectual traditions with the forces of guidance for research;
modernisation was a challenge that had its • To indicate periodically areas and topics
own positive and negative connotations. The on which social science research is to be
State came forward with its interventionist promoted and adopt special measures for
role to take up the daunting task. It could not development of research in neglected or
have been taken up by any other agency both new areas;
for financial and operational reasons.
• To coordinate research activities
Towards this pursuit, on 12th and encourage programmes of inter-
December 1968, the Ministry of Education disciplinary research;
(now known as Ministry of Human Resource
Development), Government of India, • To develop and support centres for
documentation services, maintenance
established the Indian Council of Social
and supply of data, inventory of current
Science Research (ICSSR) as an autonomous
social science research and preparation
organisation. The chief architects of this of a national register of social scientists;
endeavour included Professor V.K.R.V.
Rao, Professor D.R. Gadgil, Professor M.N. • To organise, sponsor and finance
Sriniwas, Professor P.N. Dhar, Dr. S.K. Mitra seminars, workshops, study circles,
and Shri J.P. Naik, among others. The ICSSR working groups and conferences for

Indian Council of Social Science Research

promoting research or utilisation of • To take such measures generally as may

social science research; be necessary to promote social science
research and its utilisation in the country.
• To undertake publication and assist
publication of journals/ periodicals/ This is the 47th Annual Report of the Indian
digests and books in social sciences Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)
and to support learned associations/ covering the period from 1st April 2015 to
institutions/ organisations engaged in 31st March 2016. The ICSSR’s decision
the conduct or sponsoring of social making body, known as the Council, has
science research; 26 members, which includes Chairman,
18 Social Scientists, six representatives
• To institute and administer scholarships
of the Government of India nominated by
and fellowships for research in social
the Government and Member Secretary
appointed by the ICSSR with the approval of
• To advise the Government of India on the Government of India. The list containing
all matters pertaining to social science members of the Governing Council is given at
research as may be referred to it from Appendix – 1.
time to time, including collaborative
arrangements in social science research The ICSSR secretariat is headed by the
with foreign agencies; Member Secretary and has 24 officers and
other officials. The ICSSR’s professional staff,
• To undertake, on any agency basis, such apart from official duties, are academically
other functions as may be entrusted active and have also contributed a number of
to it by Government under terms and seminar papers and research reports during
conditions which may be mutually the year.
agreed upon; and

Table- 1.1
Meetings of the Council / Committees
S.No. Council / Committees Total Date of the Meeting
1. Council Meeting 3 130th on 10.6.2015, 131st on 23.11.2015
&132nd on19.03.2016.
2. Policy Planning & 1 78th on 18.3.2016.
Administration Committee
3. Research Committee (RC) 2 165th on 20.11.2015 & 166th on
4. Research Institutes 1 67th Meeting on 20.11. 2015.
Committee (RIC)


The Council has four standing committees During the year 2015-16, the ICSSR provided
comprising members drawn from the Council financial support to 399 research projects
and from outside (not more than three). Table and awarded 952 fellowships to scholars to
1.1 shows the number of meetings the Council work on a variety of issues of their interest
and its Standing Committees held during the and having policy relevance.
year 2015-16.

Table- 1.2
Year at a Glance
Sl.No. Name of the Programme/ Scheme/Service Number
1. Research Projects Sanctioned

a) Research Projects (Responsive) 326

b) Research Projects (Sponsored) 73
2. Final Reports of earlier Research Projects Received 355
3. National Fellowships 10
4. Senior Fellowships 47
5. Post-Doctoral Fellowships 321
6. Doctoral Fellowships 574
7. Fellowship Reports Received during the Year 182
8. Publication Grant to Doctoral Theses/ Research/Fellowship 23
Reports/Conference Papers
9. Adhoc Grant for Publication/ Running of Research Journals 51
10. Adhoc Grant to supporting Professional Organisations/ 8
Associations of Social Scientists for their Development
11. Library and Documentation Services 4670
12. Exchange of Scholars under International Collaboration 11
13. Financial Assistance Provided to the Scholars for Participation 259
in International Conferences / Data Collection Abroad
14. Training Courses in Research Methodology 102
15. Grant-in-aid for Organising International/ National Seminars 611

16. Research Output from ICSSR Research Institutes

a) Books 107
b) Working Papers/Monographs 266
c) Articles 722

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Research Promotion

Research Projects (Responsive) IX) Social Linguistics/Socio-Cultural and

allied disciplines
The funding of Research Projects is one of the
most important activities of Indian Council of X) Law, International Law and allied
Social Science Research. Under its programme disciplines
of Research Projects (Responsive) it provides
XI) National Security and Strategic Studies
grant to social science scholars for conducting
research on specific themes and issues as XII) Any other Social Science discipline
proposed by the applicants. In general, grants
under this head are awarded to a study which Objectives
proposes to contribute at a theoretical and/or
conceptual level or aimed at generation of new The objectives of the Research Project
field work based data and policy implications Programme is to support research and to
thereof. The studies could be both macro and achieve excellence in research activities in the
micro in nature. The broad disciplines of study social sciences.
may belong to anyone of the following social The specific objectives of the Programme are:
science disciplines or may be interdisciplinary • to support high quality independent
in nature: programmes of research;
I) Sociology and Social Anthropology • to provide opportunities for training of
future researchers;
II) Political Science/Public administration
and allied disciplines • to contribute to the development of
elaboration of new theoretical or
III) Economics and allied disciplines
methodological approaches to research;
IV) International Studies
• to maintain and sustain varied disciplinary
V) Social Geography and Population research activities;
• to foster and promote collaborative,
VI) Commerce and Management multidisciplinary research activities
among researchers in the social sciences
VII) Social Psychology and allied disciplines and;

VIII) Education and allied disciplines • to facilitate communication of research

Research Promotion

outputs both within and beyond the During the year 2015-16, 326 research projects
academic community as well as to provide were sanctioned by the ICSSR on a wide range
policy inputs to administrators and policyof issues. These included 115 projects to SC
and 44 to ST scholars respectively. The final
reports of 334 research projects sanctioned in
The year-wise position of research projects, the past were received during the year. The
since the inception of ICSSR, sanctioned/ details of Research Projects sanctioned and
final project reports received during the year
cancelled/withdrawn/closed and reports
have been given in Appendix-3.
received till 31st March 2016 is furnished
herewith in Table 2.1.

Table 2.1
Status of the Sanctioned Research Projects
Year Sanctioned Cancelled/Closed Final Reports Received
From inception till 2023 215 1765
1990-2000 597 46 471
2000-01 36 02 32
2001-02 32 04 26
2002-03 88 06 76
2003-04 138 09 114
2004-05 81 07 51
2005-06 --- --- ---
2006-07 38 01 37
2007-08 93 04 53
2008-09 142 --- 123
2009-10 182 03 132
2010-11 185 --- 160
2011-12 74 5 69
2012-13 530 2 392
2013-14 187 67
2014-15 198 --- 25
2015-16 326 14 ongoing
Total 4950 318 3593

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Research Projects (Sponsored) 4. Economic and Social Issues Confronting

the Marginalized Social Groups.
This programme of Research Studies
(Sponsored) is a series of research projects 5. Social-psychology of Marginalization
conducted simultaneously or sequentially on and Exclusion.
themes of critical significance, focuses on
the issues of contemporary relevance, less III
explored areas of study and which involves
1. Changing Nature of Public Protest and
policy implications.
Political Mobilization.
The Indian Council of Social Science
2. Identity, Interests and Coalition:
Research (ICSSR), under its ‘Sponsored
Changing Nature of Politics in India.
Studies Programme’, invited proposals
from individual/group of scholars/institutions 3. Electoral Reforms and Representative
for commissioning research studies in the Democracy.
following thrust areas of social science
research under the XII Five Year Plan 2012- 4. Socio-economic Roots of Extremism in
2017: India.

Themes under Sponsored Research 5. Law and Justice in the Post-liberalization

Programme Era.

I 6. Changing Dynamics of State Politics:

Implication for Indian Federalism.
1. Growth, Poverty and Inequality.
7. The New Indian Middle Class.
2. The Agrarian Crisis.
3. Globalization of Finance and its
Implications. 1. Changing Nature of Global Hegemonic
4. Corporate Governance, Ethics and
Corporate Social Responsibility. 2. Emerging Challenges of Indian Foreign
3. Regional and Trans-regional South-
1. Education – Issues Relating to South Cooperation.
Governance, Access, Equity and Quality.
4. India’s Changing Security Environment.
2. Economic and Social Issues Confronting
the Religious Minorities. V
3. Economics of Discrimination: 1. The Urban Transformation: Governance,
Implications for Poverty and Growth. and Socio-Political Articulations.

Research Promotion

2. Changing Nature of Caste in Urban and National Fellowships

Rural Context: Patterns and Causes.
Indian Council of Social Science Research
3. The Post Liberalization Rural (ICSSR) under its Research Fellowships
Transformation. Programme, has been offering ‘National
Fellowships’ on its own initiative to eminent
4. Culture, Literature and Society: social scientists who have made outstanding
Emerging Trends. contribution in their respective fields of Social
Sciences. The ICSSR has so far awarded
5. Theoretical Issues in Social Sciences.
163 National Fellowships. During the year
6. Indian Intellectual Traditions and their 2015-16, 10 National Fellowships were
Contemporary Relevance. awarded and 12 final reports were received
(Table 2.2.).
7. Social Media, Media Ethics and
Regulations: the Impending Issues. Senior Fellowships

8. Research Methodology in Social Senior Fellowships of the ICSSR are awarded

Sciences with focus on Disciplines to such social scientists who have significant
of Political Sciences, Sociology, publications including books and research
Psychology and Education. papers to their credit in professional social
science research journals. The ICSSR has so
VI far awarded 623 Senior Fellowships. During
the year 2015-16, 47 Senior Fellowships were
1. Gender Violence - Concept, Pattern and awarded and 28 final reports were received
Incidence in Public and Private (Family) (Table 2.2).
Post-Doctoral Fellowships
2. Gender Violence: Caste, Ethnic,
Religious and Regional Dimensions. Post-Doctoral Fellowships of the ICSSR are
awarded to such young social scientists who
3. Social Roots of Gender Violence in have completed their Ph.D. Degree and are
India- Processes Related to Economic, interested in pursuing their research activities
Social, Cultural Transformation. further. The ICSSR has so far awarded 1586
Post-Doctoral Fellowships. During the year
During the year 2015-16, 73 Research Studies 2015-16, 321 Post-Doctoral Fellowships were
were sanctioned by the ICSSR on the themes awarded and 142 final reports were received
stated above. A number of 21 final reports (Table 2.2).
of the earlier sanctioned sponsored projects
have been received. The details of sanctioned The list of National, Senior and Post- Doctoral
research projects and final projects reports fellowships awarded and the fellowship
received have been given in Appendix-3. reports received during the year are given in

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Table 2.2
Year-wise Distribution of the Award of Research Fellowships
Year-wise National Fellowships Senior Fellowships Post-Doctoral Fellowships
1971-1990 41 256 117
1990-2000 25 100 67
2000-2001 01 05 03
2001-2002 -- 08 06
2002-2003 14 12 16
2003-2004 -- 17 29
2004-2005 -- 11 24
2005-2006 -- 01 --
2006-2007 04 -- 02
2007-2008 06 07 09
2008-2009 05 07 15
2009-2010 05 11 28
2010-2011 06 18 38
2011-2012 04 14 55
2012-2013 13 40 200
2013-2014 17 34 404
2014-2015 12 35 252
2015-2016 10 47 321
Total 163 623 1586

Table 2.3
Category –wise Distribution of Research Fellowships and Status of
Final Reports Received (As on 31 March 2016)
Fellowships Awarded Joined/ Fellowships Reports Reports
Sanctioned in Progress Received Outstanding
National 163 146 21 108 17
Senior 623 546 124 395 27
Post-Doctoral 1585 1416 801 412 197

Research Promotion

Doctoral Fellowships Institutional scheme, the doctoral fellows

are affiliated to and monitored by an ICSSR
The ICSSR provides scholarships to young Sponsored Research Institute.
scholars under the aegis of its ICSSR
Doctoral Fellowship programme wherein During the period under report, 574 doctoral
financial assistance is provided to registered fellowships were awarded including 492
Ph. D scholars to pursue and complete their under Centrally Administered Scheme (GEN-
doctoral theses in social science disciplines. 275, SC-159&ST-58) and 82 in Institutional
Doctoral Fellowships Scheme. Statement of
The ICSSR Doctoral Fellowships are awarded
respective fellowships awarded year wise
under its Centrally Administered Doctoral
may be seen at Table 2.4. Partial Assistance
Fellowship scheme and Institutional Doctoral
Grant was not given to the doctoral scholars
Fellowship scheme. In case of the Centrally
during the year.
Administered scheme, the programme is
administered directly at the ICSSR and the The list of the 574 scholars who were awarded
concerned doctoral fellows are affiliated to the ICSSR Doctoral Fellowships during the
a University or College whereas under the year 2015-16 is given at the Appendix - 4.

Table 2.4
Doctoral Fellowships Sanctioned (Year-wise)
Year-wise Full Term Partial Assistance
1969-1990 870 808
1990-2000 301 507
2000-2001 47 63
2001 -2002 68 91
2002-2003 71 61
2003-2004 89 60
2004 -2005 94 46
2005- 2006 28 23
2006- 2007 80 67
2007- 2008 102 46
2008 -2009 96 67
2009 -2010 77 26
2010 -2011 99 31
2011 -2012 131 37
2012 -2013 498 43
2013-2014 545 --
2014-2015 765 --
2015-2016 574 --
Total 4535 1976

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Training and Capacity Building Another major objective has been to promote
Programme seminar activities in backward and neglected
areas and encourage scholars from special
The ICSSR, as part of its research promotion categories like SC, ST, OBC, Minority and
activities, sponsors short-term training Women.
courses in research methodology in order to
improve research skills and competence of the The grant was sanctioned to seminar
young social scientists to undertake research. proposals after evaluation of proposals by
Research institutions, college/university an Expert Committee keeping in view
departments and other academic bodies the proposal’s relevance in social science
are provided financial support to organize research, its academic conceptualisation and
training courses in Research Methodology focus on the overarching theme, participation
in social science research for the benefit of of relevant scholars, perspective and financial
young faculty of colleges/universities and requirements. These approved seminar
Ph.D students. These training courses are proposals consisting of 149 proposals for
organized on general social science research organizing international conferences and 462
methodology or on computer applications for national seminars entailed a committed
in social sciences.During the year 2015- expenditure of over Rs. 10 crores.
16, a total of 102 proposals were approved
The lists of seminar proposals approved
including 79 under research methodology and
including their sanctioned amount and
23 proposals in Capacity Building Programme
convener’s category under the National
& International Seminars/Conferences
categories for the year 2015-16 may be seen
National and International Seminars at Appendix-6.

Under the aegis of the ‘ICSSR Seminar Grant

Scheme’ and its endeavour to encourage Special Scheme Programmes
dialogue and discussion on important issues ICSSR Data Service Centre
of social science relevance, the ICSSR
provides partial financial assistance to The use of Information and Communication
organise national and international seminars Technology (ICT) has facilitated the
/ conferences in India. The ICSSR’s Seminar collection, processing, storage and transfer of
Grant Scheme aims at facilitating research in statistical information at a faster pace during
different disciplines of social sciences and last few decades. The Ministry of Statistical
interdisciplinary areas by way of enabling Planning and Implementation (MoSPI), Govt.
seminars that provide opportunities to national of India which is a lead organization in the
and international social science researchers, development, management, and dissemination
academicians and scholars to exchange views of statistical data in the country, mooted the
and opinions, address and debate research idea of setting up of Data Centre in the
questions on themes of contemporary and ICSSR. The ICSSR signed an Memorandum
policy relevance and generate academic of Understanding (MoU) with the MoSPI
research output on important social issues. wherein MoSPI agreed to give free of cost

Research Promotion

ASI and Unit Level NSS data and also agreed data repository at their Data Centre in
to share capital cost on 50-50 basis. Gandhinagar, and a replica at ICSSR.

ICSSR Data Service aims to facilitate data The ICSSR Data Service is to be formally
sharing, preservation, accessibility and reuse launched by Dr. T.C.A Anant, Secretary,
of social science research data collected from Ministry of Statistics and Programme
entire social science community in India and Implementation (MoSPI) and Chief
abroad. Information and Library Network Statistician, Govt. of India on 20 June 2016
Centre (INFLIBNET), Infocity, Gandhinagar, at Indian Council Social Science Research,
Gujarat, has been assigned the task of hosting Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi.

Indian Council of Social Science Research


National Social Science Documentation correspondence/ e-mail/ fax/ etc. Research

Centre (NASSDOC), a constituent part related information was provided to scholars
of ICSSR, is an epitome of library and from NASSDOC’s collection, its in-house
information support services in the field of databases and by exploring electronic sources
Social Sciences. Meeting the challenges posed and several other Internet based resources.
by technology driven world, it exemplifies
the use of digital environment for creating, Library Membership
applying and utilizing information with its
automated library collection, web OPAC, ICSSR-NASSDOC library’s membership is
online databases / e-resources etc. It has open to the following categories of readers:
effectively attuned itself to the web-enabled Official Members: These include ICSSR
information environment and is marching Council members / senior officials of the
ahead. ICSSR secretariat and regular professional
staff of the ICSSR (i.e. Research Assistants /
Library and Reference Service Documentation Assistants and above). They
are entitled to borrow books from the library.
The Library of ICSSR - NASSDOC has a
wide range of collection (39000) of reference Consulting Members: Consultation facility is
sources like bibliographies, encyclopaedias, extended to academicians, research scholars,
directories etc.; grey collection consisting students and members of general public
of doctoral theses, research project reports; that may include retired persons and other
special collection on research methodology, categories of readers as well. Consultation
research surveys and strategic collection membership fee is Rs.200 per annum
on all social science disciplines including (minimum Rs.50 for one month)
library & information science and computer Borrowing Members: Borrowing facility is
& information technology. The collection is extended to social scientists, academicians,
also augmented by 12,000 bound volumes of students and general readers who are registered
journals. The library is open from 9:30 AM as members of the library. Books are issued
to 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and is
against a deposit of Rs.500/- per book. Two
closed on Sundays and all gazetted holidays.
books can be issued to individual member at
a time.
A total number of 4670 research scholars
visited NASSDOC during the year 2015-16. Institutional Members: Institutional
A large number of reference queries were membership is available against a payment
attended on telephone, in person and through of Rs.4000/- per annum. Five books can be


borrowed by an institutional member for a E-Resources

period of one month.
Two computer terminals in the reading hall are
There is no fee for guest readers who want specifically devoted for the use of e-resources.
to consult the library for a day or two. They Members can also refer online journals in the
are issued a guest card for the day. library. Ten online e-resources (all subscribed)
and other digital resources are available for
Library membership form is available at
use in the library. These e-resources were
library counter and can also be downloaded
used by 378 scholars in NASSDOC premises.
from ICSSR website
Besides these scholars, the e-resources were
A total number of 232 scholars have taken also used for answering reference queries,
membership during the year and four for compilation of bibliographies and for
institutions have renewed their membership. providing other services of NASSDOC.

Circulation of Documents Acquisition of Research Material:

(Issue / Return) Books / Theses / Periodicals /
The scholar using services of NASSDOC is
usually a researcher who is working for his During the year, 252 documents have been
/ her Doctorate / Post Doctorate or writing a added to the NASSDOC collection. It
conference paper or working on some research included 139 books and conference papers
project. For this purpose he/she needs journals/ / proceedings by purchase and 113 were
articles, grey literature including institutional received as gift in paper format. Three e-books
papers e.g. working papers/discussion papers were also added to the collection. 105 journals
/ occasional papers. This is a consultation (Foreign and Indian) were also subscribed.
collection which has to be used in the reading 196 periodicals were received through gratis.
room only by a scholar. However, a total In addition to this, 18 daily newspapers and 12
number of 336 documents, other than grey popular magazines were also subscribed for
literature, were circulated among ICSSR staff the readers. Annual Reports of Ministries and
members and other borrowing members. Departments of Govt. of India and various
institutes were also added to the collection
Inter-library Loan of NASSDOC. Following e-resources were
subscribed for NASSDOC:-
For providing books/ journals to scholars/
libraries, which are not available in NASSDOC, 1. J-Gate Social & Management Science.
it gets them on loan from other libraries.
2. J-Gate Library & Information Science.
Similarly, books and journals are issued to
outside libraries. During the year, 168 books 3. LISTA with full text (Library,
were issued to outside libraries. NASSDOC is Information Science and Technology
a member of DELNET (Developing Libraries Abstracts).
Network). Its services are also used for inter-
library loan. 4. Political Science Complete (EBSCO).

5. PsycArticles (Proquest).

Indian Council of Social Science Research

6. Sage Research Methods Online (Sage). workshops / seminars / interactive sessions

and lectures under its ‘Continuing Education
7. SocIndex with Full Text (EBSCO) Programme’ on regular basis. These
(Sociology). programmes provide an easy way to refine
and upgrade the information locating skills
8. DELNET (Developing Library Network,
of information professionals, researchers
gives accesses to 11 databases).
and others who are working in academia,
9. World Politics Review. business and government. These training
courses are constantly improved using
ICSSR Consortium of e-resources in feedback received from the participants and
Social Science: the resource persons. Following workshops/
seminars were organised: -
In order to enhance capacities of its Research
Institutes and Regional Centres for advancing 1. National workshop - cum - training
knowledge in social sciences, ICSSR programme on ‘Knowledge
subscribed following e-resources during Organisation’ during 26-30 October
2015-16 for them and NASSDOC: 2015 at Mizoram University, Aizwal,
1. EconLit with Full Text (EBSCO)
(32 sites). 2. ICSSR training workshop on ‘Next
Generation Librarianship’during 18-21
2. IndiaStat and its all other associate sites January 2016 at Centre for Research and
(Datanet India) (30 sites). Industrial Staff Performance (CRISP),
3. JSTOR (ITHAKA) (25 sites). Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

4. Prowess IQ (Centre for Monitoring 3. ICSSR training workshop on ‘Content

Indian Economy) (32 sites). Management System and Social Science
Research’during 15-18 March 2016
Compilation of Short Bibliographies at Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social
/ Literature Search Service Science Research (MPISSR), Ujjain,
Madhya Pradesh.
During the year, 40 short and select
bibliographies with abstracts (Appendix -11) Value Added Services
on various topics related to social sciences
research were compiled and supplied to Social Science Conference Alert
research scholars and ICSSR officers on the It is a quarterly publication of forthcoming
basis of demand received from them. conferences, seminars, workshops, courses
Continuing Education Programme etc. in social sciences and other cognate disci-
plines. The main objective of this publication
In order to keep in touch with the latest is to disseminate advance information about
developments and to develop specialised the forthcoming conferences and seminars to
skills in accessing social science information, interested schools and persons who intend to
NASSDOC organises short-term training participate in the seminar. During the year


four issues of Social Science Conference Alert • 30 students of M.L.I.Sc (3rd Semester)
were brought out. alongwith 2 faculty members of Dept.
of Library and Information Science,
New Arrivals Karnataka University, Dharwad,
Karnataka, visited NASSDOC on 5th
The purpose of this service is to let the scholar February 2016 under its educational tour
know what NASSDOC has procured in his/her programme.
field of research. NASSDOC New Arrivals
January – March 2016 with supplement of All the students were updated with functioning
April – December 2015 was brought out. and services of library. Major publications of
NASSDOC New Arrivals is a bibliographical ICSSR were also shown to them. Students’
listing of Research Reports, Reference Works, queries regarding ICSSR’s Fellowships and
Books, Ph.D. Theses, etc. acquired during Study Grant were also answered.
a particular quarter available for use in the
Membership of Professional Bodies
NASSDOC library.
Membership of professional bodies helps
Educational Tour NASSDOC to have access to their online
NASSDOC is a part of curriculum of various resources, their free or discounted publications
Library and Information Science schools like journals, e-bulletins, magazines,
of Indian universities and other educational newsletters, networking opportunities,
institutions. Students and teachers of these conferences and seminars, information and
support, advocacy and campaign etc. Annual
universities and institutions visit NASSDOC
membership was renewed to International
to acquaint themselves with its programmes,
Federation of Library Associations and
services and technology used in its services.
Institutions (IFLA), The Hague, Netherlands,
The students of library and information science
DELNET (Developing Library Network),
and trainees from the following universities /
Indian Library Association (ILA) New Delhi,
departments visited NASSDOC as a part of Indian Association of Special Libraries and
their study tour / course programme:- Information Centres (IASLIC), Kolkata.
• 26 students of one year PG Diploma in Photocopy Service
Geriatric Care from National Institute
of Social Defence (NISD), Ministry of As many as 10,000 pages of photocopies were
Social Justice and Empowerment, New supplied to scholars and officials of the ICSSR
Delhi. for their academic work.

• 25 students and 2 faculty members of Sales Unit

School of Archival Studies, National For the wider dissemination of social science
Archives of India, New Delhi visited research information, the ICSSR has a Sales
NASSDOC on 24th Nov. 2015. They Unit. During the year, 18 documents were
were students of one year ‘Diploma sold while 21 publications were distributed to
Course in Archives and Records 25 ICSSR Research Institutes and Six ICSSR
Management’, Regional Centres.

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Research Survey and Publications

ICSSR Journals of Abstracts and in Economics: Volume 14, No.2 (January

Reviews –June 2012).

The ICSSR has been publishing its Journals 2. ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and Reviews
of Abstracts and Reviews’ biannually in in Psychology: Volume 18, No.1 (July –
the disciplines of Geography, Economics, December 2012).
Psychology, Political Science and Sociology
& Social Anthropology containing the Research Survey Programme
abstracts and reviews of the published research
work. This overview of the empirical as well The Council, since inception, has undertaken
as conceptual work available in some select the task of surveying research developments
journals in the form of ready-reckoner of in chosen disciplines of social sciences
sources to facilitate researcher’s initiation into through its programme of surveys of research.
research has been organised thematically to The core objective of the surveys has been to
give an idea of the contemporary and emerging have a comprehensive overview of research
concerns of the social scientists on issues India undertaken during a specified period, involving
is grappling with as well as to underline some stock-taking of what has been achieved in the
of the issues that deserve greater attention discipline in terms of theory, methodology,
from researchers. The ICSSR, after reviewing empirical evidence and gaps which need to be
the programme, took a decision to commence prioritised for future agenda.
a new digitalised series of these journals from
the year 2008. The Council has undertaken the Sixth Round
of ICSSR Research Survey in the discipline
The following journals have been digitalised of Psychology, Political Science, Geography,
during the year 2015-16: Sociology & Social Anthropology and
Economics covering the period preferably
1. ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and Reviews
2003-2009. An ‘Advisory Committee’
in Political Science: Vol. 38 (No.1 & 2),
consisting of eminent social scientists was
formed to oversee the work of Research
2. ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and Reviews Surveys. The surveys have been renamed
in Psychology: Volume 18 (No.1), 2012. as ‘Surveys and Explorations’, The survey
The following journals were under publication reports pertaining to Political Science &
during the period under report: Sociology and Social Anthropology have
already been published published by M/s
1. ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and Reviews Oxford University Press (OUP), New Delhi.

Research Survey and Publications

The final reports pertaining to ‘ICSSR The final Research Survey Report pertaining
Research Survey and Explorations to Psychology is likely to be ready by
in Economics and Geography’ were December 2016.
released by Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Hon’ble
Chairman, ICSSR during 17-18 September Other Programmes
2015 and 22-23 March 2016 respectively at
During the period, publication grant was given
glittering functions organized by the ICSSR
to 23 Doctoral Theses and Research Reports
at JNU Convention Centre, New Delhi. A
for their publication. Adhoc grant-in-aid was
National Conference was also organized to
also given to 59 professional organizations/
commemorate the occasions. The conferences
associations of social scientists for publication
were attended by eminent social scientists
of their research journals /maintenance and
including the Chief Editors, Theme Editors
development. The detailed list of doctoral
and Paper Contributors belonging to the
theses/research reports published and
respective reports and volumes representing
professional associations/organisations is
central, state universities and other esteemed
given at Appendix-7.
organizations in the disciplines of Economics
and Geography. The Volumes were published
by Oxford University Press (OUP), New

Indian Council of Social Science Research

International Collaboration

The International Collaborations Programme organizations from The Netherlands (NWO),

of the ICSSR provides an opportunity to France (ANR), Germany (DFG) and UK
both Indian and foreign scholars in the field (ESRC). The Council also invites eminent
of social science to interact and research. foreign scholars to visit India for delivering
The ICSSR has established social science lectures under its scheme of visit of
bilateral collaboration with its counterpart distinguished scholars.
organizations abroad within the cultural and
The ICSSR is also a member organization of
educational exchange programme of the
international eminent research bodies such
Government of India and on its own. The
as International Federation of Social Science
ICSSR has established bilateral collaborations Organisations (IFSSO), International Social
with Maison Des Sciences de L’Homme Science Council (ISSC), Science Council
(MSH), France; Chinese Academy of Social of Asia (SCA) etc. The Council has been
Sciences (CASS), China; Russian Academy identified as the nodal agency for participating
of Sciences (RAS), Russia; National Research in the activities of the UNESCO’s MOST
Council Thailand (NRCT), Thailand; Vietnam (Management of Social Transformation)
Academy of Social Science (VASS), Vietnam; programme and its implementation.
National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri
Lanka; Economic and Social Research Financial assistance is also provided to Indian
Council (ESRC), UK; The Netherlands scholars who wish to undertake data collection
Scientific Organization (NWO), The abroad in connection with their research work
Netherlands; German Research Foundation and participation in the conferences abroad.
(DFG), Germany; UNIL-ALH (University During the year, following activities were
of Lausanne – Associated Leading House), executed under programmes of international
Switzerland; The International Food Policy collaborations:
Research Institute (IFPRI), USA;National
Institute for the Humanities and Social India-China Cultural Exchange
Sciences (NIHSS), South Africa and Japan Programme (CEP)
Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS).
The ICSSR and Chinese Academy of Social
The concerned organizations implement
Sciences (CASS), Beijing, China have
activities such as exchange of scholars, joint
collaborative relations in the field of Social
seminars, joint projects, exchange of books
Sciences under the ‘India- China Cultural
and periodicals etc.
Exchange Programme’. The activities
The ICSSR has also initiated Indo-European covered under this programme are exchange
Research Networking Programme involving of scholars, joint workshops/seminar and

International Collaboration

conferences, exchange of publication. Under Lanna Lampang Bangkok, Thailand

this programme following activities were visited India from 1-22 December 2015
undertaken: in connection with her research work
on ‘Management and Development
Exchange of Scholars
Thai-India Agricultural Supply Chain
From China
Management Model System for
1. Prof. Wu Xiaodong, Institute of Commercialization Case Study of
Modern History, CASS, Beijing visited Gujarat, India’.
India for a period of one month from
14th October 2015 in connection with 2. Dr. Pawin Minthong, Lecturer, Faculty
his research work on ‘The Comparative of Education, Bansomdejchaopraya
Study of Ancient Chinese and Indian Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand
Universal Views and the Myths of the visited India from 10 December 2015
Sun and the Moon’. to 1 January 2016 in connection with
his research work on ‘Consolidating
From India Buddhist Nations for Purely Buddhist
Bodh Gaya Anagarika Dharampala’s
1. Dr. Arun Kumar Yadav, Assistant
Three Weeks Campaign in Siam’.
Professor, Nava Naland Mahavhara
(Deemed University under Ministry of 3. Dr. Kowit Pimpuang, Lecturer,
Culture), Nalanda (Bihar) visited China Department of Thai Language, Faculty
for a period of one month from 28th of Humanities and Graduate School,
December 2015 in connection with his Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
research work on ‘Social and Cultural
visited India from 14 December 2015 to
Impact of Indian PitruParva on Chinese
5 January 2016 in connection with his
research work on ‘Buddhists Societies
India-Thailand Bilateral Programme and their Roles in Promoting Buddhism
in India’.
The ICSSR has collaborative relations with
National Research Council Thailand (NRCT), 4. Dr. Pimpimon Kaewmanee, Lecturer,
Bangkok in the field of social sciences under Faculty of Economics, Maejo University,
the framework of ICSSR-NRCT Bilateral Bangkok, Thailand visited India from
Programme, which includes exchange of 28 December 2015 to 18 January 2016
scholars and joint seminars/publications. in connection with her research work on
During the period, the following activities ‘Happiness Policy: Comparative Study
were undertaken under this programme: between India and Thailand’.
Exchange of Scholars From ICSSR, New Delhi
From NRCT, Thailand
1. Dr. Neetu Choudhary, Assistant
1. Dr. Kanokwan Vechgama, Lecturer, Professor, A N Sinha Institute of Social
Faculty of Business Administration, Studies, Patna, visited Thailand from
Rajamangala University of Technology, 15-29 November 2015 in connection

Indian Council of Social Science Research

with her research work on ‘Policy from10-24 January 2016 in connection

Approach to Street Vending in India and with her research work on ‘Regional
Thailand: Implications for Organizing Products and Rural Livelihoods-A
and Access to Commons’. Study on Geographical Indications from
2. Dr. Seepana Prakasam, Post-Doctoral
Fellow (ICSSR), Department of 5. Dr. Shri Ram, Jaypee University of
Economics, Panjab University, Information Technology, Waknaghat,
Chandigarh visited Thailand from 15- Solan, Himachal Pradesh visited
29 November 2015 in connection with Thailand from 24 January to 7 February
his research work on ‘Social Security, 2016 in connection with his research
Employment and Living Conditions of work on ‘Service Quality Assessment of
Urban Informal Workers in Thailand Higher Education Institution Libraries:
(Case Study of Bangkok- Lessons for A Comparative Study of Select
India)’. Universities in India and Thailand’.

3. Dr. Chitwan Verma, Reader, Department 9th ICSSR-NRCT Joint Seminar

of English, J.N.P.G. College, Lucknow
University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
The 9th ICSSR-NRCT joint seminar on
visited Thailand from 3-17 December
‘Social Science Challenges for Thailand and
2015 in connection with her research
India’ and ‘ICSSR-NRCT Joint Advisory
work on ‘Ramayana’s Influence on Committee Meeting’ was held during18-21
Women in India and Thailand’. August 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. Follow-
ing participants & JAC members from India
4. Dr. Lalitha Narayanan, Professor, participated in the seminar & attended the
Gujarat Institute of Development JAC meeting:
Research, Gujarat visited Thailand

1. Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, ICSSR, New Delhi.

2. Prof. Ghanshyam Shah, Ahmedabad.

3. Prof. Neera Chandoke, New Delhi.

4. Dr. P. G. Jogadand, Professor & Head, Dept. of Sociology, University of Mumbai.

5. Professor S. Galab, Director, Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS),
Begumpet, Hyderabad.

6. Prof. Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.

7. Prof. Vani Kant Borooah, Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, New Delhi.

8. Dr. Ram Manohar Reddy, Editor, EPW, Mumbai.

International Collaboration

9. Prof. Ravi Srivastava, CSRD, SSS, JNU, New Delhi.

10. Prof. Aditya Mukherjee, Dean, SSS, JNU, New Delhi.

11. Prof. Chandrakala Padia, Chairman, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

12. Dr. Reena Marwah, Senior Academic Consultant, ICSSR, New Delhi.

ICSSR-National Science Foundation South Asia: Challenges and Prospects’ was

(NSF), Sri Lanka Bilateral held during 15-16 July 2015 at Colombo,
Sri Lanka. The following Indian participants/
The ICSSR-NSF first International Conference officials attended the joint seminar:
on ‘Promoting Socio-Economic Equity in

1. Prof. Sukh Deo Muni, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

2. Prof. Amaresh Chandra Dubey, Centre for Economic Studies & Planning, SSS,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

3. Prof. Mecherla Prasada Rao, Director, SAARC Studies Center, Andhra University.

4. Prof. Mahendra Prasad Lama, South Asian Studies, JNU, New Delhi.

5. Dr. Rahul Tripathi, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Political Science, Goa

6. Prof. Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya, Department of Political Science, Banaras Hindu

University (BHU), Varanasi (UP).

7. Prof. Narayana Jayaram, National Law School of India University, Nagarbhavi,


8. Prof. Ravi Srivastava, CSRD, SSS/JNU, New Delhi.

9. Prof. John Samuel, UNDP Governance Advisor located in ISDG, Trivandrum, Kerala.

10. Prof. Kumbakkad Joseph, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum.

11. Professor Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, ICSSR, New Delhi.

12. Dr. G.S. Saun, Director, ICSSR, New Delhi.

Indian Council of Social Science Research

ICSSR-UNIL-ALH (Switzerland) collaborative programmes and activities by the

Joint Research Project under two institutions in the fields of mutual interest
Bilateral Programme as determined by their priorities and the
comparative advantages and resources within
The Indian Council of Social Science Research the two Institutions signed the Memorandum
(ICSSR) and UNIL-ALH (University of of Understanding (MoU). During the period,
Lausanne – Associated Leading House), the following joint research projects have
Switzerland recognizing the need for been sanctioned as under:

S. Indian Lead Swiss Title of the Project

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Prof. N Sukumar Prof. Conte Ed- Systems of Relatedness, Culture and Vulnerability in Transi-
ouard Louis tion: Dalit Life Worlds in Post Liberalized India.

2. Dr. Sunita Reddy Dr. Kaspar Heidi National and International Medical Mobility, Networks and
Markets: The Constitution of Medical Tourism in Delhi,

3. Prof. Subramanian Prof. Christian Multidimensional Well-being: Conceptual, Methodological,

Madheswaran Suter and Analytical Perspectives

4. Prof. Achin Prof. Claudine Health Inequalities in India and Switzerland: Measurement
Chakraborty Burton-Jeangros and Distribution of Well -being and Vulnerability.

5. Dr. Harish Narain- Dr. Quack Jo- Dynamics of Well-Being.

das hannes

6. Dr. Sourabh Bikas Dr. Anna Katha- The Poverty-morality Linkage in India: The Role of Social
Paul rina Michaelowa Pensions and Public Health Care for different Social Groups.

ICSSR-UNIL-ALH (Switzerland) programme was held from 08-10 September

Joint Seminar 2015 at University of Lausanne, Lausanne,
Switzerland. The following Indian
The ICSSR-Joint Seminar ‘Wellbeing’ and participants/officials participated in the
Meeting of the Joint Advisory Committee deliberation of the joint seminar and JAC
(JAC) to review the progress of the bilateral meeting:

1. Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, ICSSR.

2. Dr. Govind Singh Saun, Member-Secretary, ICSSR.

3. Dr. Shainesh Gangadharan, Bengaluru.

International Collaboration

4. Professor Dr. Chepudira Kushalappa, Shimoga (Karnataka).

5. Dr. Achin Chakraborty, Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata.

6. Professor Sukumar Narayana, Delhi.

7. Dr. Sunita Reddy , New Delhi.

8. Dr. Sourabh Bikas Paul, New Delhi.

9. Prof. Subramaniam Madheswaran, Bengaluru.

10. Dr. Harish Naraindas, New Delhi.

11. Prof. Amaresh Chandra Dubey, New Delhi.

ICSSR-NWO (Netherlands) workshops/ seminars/ conferences. These

Bilateral Programme activities are operationalized under the guid-
ance of ICSSR-NWO Joint Advisory Com-
ICSSR-NWO (Netherlands) is having a col- mittee (JAC) consisting of members from the
laborative relation in the field of social sci- Netherlands and India. During the period, the
ences. The activities covered under this following joint research projects have been
programme are: exchange of scholars, joint sanctioned as under:

ICSSR Side Approved Research Projects

S. Indian Lead Netherlands Title of the Project

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Dr. Sony Dr. Sylvia I Bergh Services with Accountability: Examining Public Ser-
Pellissery vice Characteristics in Differing Political Regimes.

2. Prof. Premilla Dr. Niels Promoting Dignity and Well-being at Work: the Rel-
D’Cruz Beerepoot evance of Psychosocial Safety and Social Upgrading.

3. Prof. Abdul Dr. Filip Creative Industries in India: Size, Geography and
Shaban Vermeylen Potential.

Indian Council of Social Science Research

NWO Side Approved Research Projects

S. Netherlands Indian Lead Title of the Project

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Dr. Maaker Prof Sanjay Markets, Ethics and Agency: Changing Land Utiliza-
Barbora tion and Social Transformation in the Uplands of North-
east India.

2. Dr. J M Bavinck Prof. D Contesting the Coastal Commons: the Changing Socio-
Parthasarathy legal Position of Fishing Populations in Tamil Nadu and

3. Dr. A M T Bosman Prof. Azizuddin Developmental Dyslexia in India and the Netherlands:
Khan A Cross-Linguistic Comparison of Cognitive Prosesses.

ICSSR-NIHSS (South Africa) between the ICSSR, New Delhi and the
Bilateral Programme NIHSS, South Africa to develop a better un-
derstanding of social sciences and humanities
The ICSSR, New Delhi and the NIHSS, South in India and in South Africa through collab-
Africa is having a collaborative relation in the orative research, networks of social scientists,
field to have social sciences.The objective of and free and open exchange of relevant infor-
this programme is of academic collaboration mation.

S. Indian Lead South Africa Title of the Project

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Prof. Keshabananda Prof. Lindile N Broad-basing Rural Sanitation: Issues and

Das Dabeno Strategies in Inclusive Innovation in India and
South Africa.

2. Prof. V. Sujatha Dr. Amrita Pande The Antinomies of Public Health and
Economic Growth: Comparative History of
Nutrition and Reproductive Health in Post
Liberal India and South Africa.

3. Dr. Ratnamala Dr. RozenaMaart Race, Space and the City.


4. Dr. Suresh Kumar Dr. Lokesh Ramnath Religion, Yoga and Education in India and
Maharajh South Africa.

5. Dr. Santoshi Halder Dr. Shakila Dada Participation of Children with Intellectual Dis-
abilities in India and South Africa: Parents and
Children's Perspectives.

International Collaboration

NIHSS Side Approved Research Projects

S. South Africa Indian Lead Title of the Project

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Prof. Louise Vincent Prof. Papia Sengupta Higher Education as a Public Good-Promoting
Inclusion in Higher in India and South Africa.

2. Prof. Philani Moyo Prof. Raj Kumar Livelihoods and the Rural Youth Poverty
Siwach Question: Rethinking Capabilities, Local Youth
and Policy Options in South Africa and India.

3. Dr. Sikhumbuzo Dr. Ujjwal Jana The Literature of Resistance: A Comparative

Mngadi Study of Dalit and Anti-Apartheid Literature.

4. Prof. Rajend Prof. Sonal Kulkarni Language Change and Identity among In-
Mesthrie Joshi dian South Africans, with special reference to
Gujarat and Konkani.

5. Dr. Srila Roy Dr. Pratiksha Baxi Contesting Sexual Violence in the Public
Sphere: New Forms of Feminist Activism in
India and South Africa.

ICSSR-JSPS (Japan) Bilateral search communities of both countries signed

Programme the MoU. The major activitiesunder the pro-
gramme are: (1) Joint Research Projects;
The ICSSR and JSPS, acknowledging the (2) Joint Seminars; and (3) Other cooperative
importance of developing the premises of activities as may be mutually decided
academic cooperation in the fields of hu- upon.
manities and social science between the
Japanese and Indian researchers, and wish- During the period, the follwing joint research
ing to promote further development of the re- projects and seminars have been sanctioned:

S. Indian Lead Japanese’s Title of the Project

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Dr. Saumya Gupta Dr. RihoIsaka Ideas of Food and Body in South Asia: Analyses of
Cookbooks from the Medieval Times to the Present.

2. Prof. Amaresh Dubey Dr. Tsukasa The Comparative History of City Growth in India
Mizushima and Japan: A Case study of the Iron Cities.

3. Dr. Suresh Sundaram Dr. Shinkichi The Nature and Prevention of Bullying and Cyber-
Sugimori bullying: An Indo-Japan Perspective.

Indian Council of Social Science Research

S. Indian Lead Japanese’s Title of the Seminar

No. Collaborator Collaborator

1. Dr. Radhika Seshan Dr. Ryuto Shimada Commodities, Markets and Merchants in the
Indian Ocean World, 1500-1860.

2. Dr. Subhash Anand Dr. HazuoTomozawa Promoting Economic Geography Studies on

‘Inclusive Growth’ in Contemporary India.

Visit of Distinguished Scholars discuss on the proposed ICSSR-NRCT

joint seminar to be held in India in 2016
1. Professor Thomas Piketty, Paris School and other related ongoing ICSSR-NRCT
of Economics, Paris (France) visited bilateral programmes.
India during 20-22 January 2016 as
3. Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman,
a guest of the ICSSR for delivering a
ICSSR visited Bangkok, Thailand
special lecture on ‘Reflections about
during 29-31 March 2016 to discuss
Inequality and Capital in the 21st
on the proposed ICSSR-NRCT joint
Century’ on 21st January 2016 at JNU
seminar to be held in India in 2016 and
Convention Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru
other related ongoing ICSSR-NRCT
University, New Delhi.
bilateral programmes.
Visits of the Chairman, ICSSR
Visits of the Member Secretary, ICSSR
1. Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, New 1. Dr. G.S. Saun, Member-Secretary,
Delhi visited UK, Netherlands, Germany ICSSR nominated by the Government
and France during 3-15 September of India, Ministry of Human Resource
2015. He delivered a Keynote Address Development, New Delhi visited Paris,
on ‘How Caste Impedes Economic during 10-12 November 2015 to attend
Development’ at a Conference on Caste, 38th Session of the General Conference
Equality and Development at University of UNESCO held in France.
of London, signed an MoU with ESRC,
2. Dr. G.S. Saun, Member-Secretary,
UK and participated in the JAC meeting
Indian Council of Social Science
with NWO, Netherlands, to discuss
Research (ICSSR) visited Cape Town,
on-going bilateral programme with DFG
South Africa to participate in a two-day
& FMSH, France.
high level meeting at Cape Town (South
2. Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, Chairman, Africa) held during 3-4 November 2015
ICSSR, New Delhi visited Bangkok, to discuss possibilities for cooperation
Thailand from 3 to 5 February 2016 to with NIHSS.

Regional Centres

Regional Centres • Assisting regional professional

associations of social scientists and social
The Regional Centres were established as part science research journals in the regional
of the Council’s programme of decentralising languages;
administration, broad basing social science
research, and involving social science • Providing low-cost accommodation
institutions in the region in promoting social (wherever possible) to scholars/students
visiting the place for library or field work;
science research. Their main roles were
defined as follows: • Awarding study grant to scholars for
visiting libraries and institutions for
• Represent ICSSR within the region and
academic work;
spread the message and the programmes
of ICSSR to social scientists in the region; • Providing photocopying facilities to
scholars, especially photocopies of
• Bring the ideas and problems of the social
selected articles from journals etc.; and
scientists of the region to the notice of
ICSSR for possible action; • Any other activity that may promote
social science research in the region and/
• Bring the social scientists of the region
or any such activity that may be delegated
closer for promoting social science
research within the region; and
Regional Centres have developed
• Serve as a link between the social
infrastructure and research support facilities
scientists of the region and the national over the years with the assistance provided
and international community of social by the ICSSR and the host institute. These
scientists. include hostel/guest house facilities, library
space, conference halls, seminar rooms and
Activities reprographic facilities etc.
• Promoting documentation and
bibliographical work in the regional
ICSSR Regional Centres
languages; The ICSSR has six Regional Centres. Their
• Organizing seminars/workshops/conferences location and coverage are as follows:
in the region;
1. Eastern Regional Centre (ERC),
• Organizing lectures by distinguished Kolkata established in 1972, covers
scholars; Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand

Indian Council of Social Science Research

and the Union Territory of Andaman Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya,

and Nicobar Islands. ERC, Kolkata Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and
situated at 1/R-1, Baishnabghatta Sikkim. North-Eastern Regional
Patuli Township, Patuli, Kolkata, West Centre was established in 1977. NERC,
Bengal-700094 is the national centre Shillong is situated at North-Eastern Hill
to provide social science material to University (NEHU) Campus, Umshing,
scholars in Bengali and Oriya. The Shillong-793022, Meghalaya. The
Centre funded 26 seminars/conferences/ Centre funded 55 seminars/workshops/
workshops and grant was provided conferences. The Centre awarded study
to one publication. Four research grant to 21 scholars and sanctioned
projects have been completed. Three contingency grant to 15 scholars. The
were ongoing and one was initiated in Centre organized two conferences/
2015-16. It organized three orientation workshops/seminars and two lectures.
programmes and one lecture during the Seven research projects have been
year under review. completed and seven were ongoing.
The website of the Centre is www. The website of the Centre is www.
2. Northern Regional Centre (NRC), 4. North-Western Regional Centre
Delhi established in 1975, covers (NWRC), Chandigarh covers Haryana,
Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir,
Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Punjab and the Union Territory of
Delhi. NRC, Delhi, situated at Jawaharlal Chandigarh. North-Western Regional
Nehru University, CRS Building, Aruna Centre was established in 1977. NWRC,
Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi-110067, acts Chandigarh situated at Panjab University
as a national Centre to provide social Library Building, Chandigarh-160014,
science material to scholars in Hindi provided financial support to 35
and English. Four scholars availed workshops/seminars/conferences. It
study grant from the Centre during the organized two Research Methodology
year 2015-16. The Centre funded 31 Training Programmes, one Outreach
seminars/conferences/workshops and Programme and five Special Lectures.
two graduate seminars. Three research The Centre awarded study grants to
projects have been completed and two seven scholars. Three research projects
research projects were ongoing during were ongoing in the Centre during 2015-
the year under review. The Centre 16.
organized two Training Programmes / The website of the Centre is www.
Research Methodology Courses and one
publication was also bought out.
5. Southern Regional Centre (SRC),
The new website of the Centre is www. Hyderabad covers Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil
3. North-Eastern Regional Centre Nadu and the Union Territories of
(NERC), Shillong covers Arunachal Lakshadweep and Puducherry. Southern

Regional Centres

Regional Centre was established in 1972. established in 1972. WRC, Mumbai

SRC, Hyderabad situated at Osmania situated at J. P. Naik Bhawan, Mumbai
University Library, Hyderabad-500007, University Campus, Vidyanagari,
financially supported 50 seminars/ Vidyanagari Marg, Mumbai-400098,
workshops/conferences. It organised has financially supported 13 seminars/
two training programmes. It awarded workshops/conferences. It also provided
study grants to 79 scholars during the grant-in-aid for three publications. One
year. Three research projects were scholar availed study grant. The Centre
ongoing during the year under review. provided partial financial assistance to
The website of the Centre is www.icsssr. five research projects. . The website of the Centre is www.
6. Western Regional Centre (WRC),
Mumbai covers Gujarat, Maharashtra, The major activities of above mentioned
Goa and the Union Territories of Six Regional Centres during 2015-16
Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar are given at Appendix-9.
Haveli. Western Regional Centre was

Quantitative Information on Research Output of

Regional Centres during the Year 2015-16

S.No Name Study Organised Grant for Programmes/ Hostel and Staff Strength
of the Grants Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/ Guest House
Regional Awarded Lecturtes/Training Programmes/ Facility Availed
Centre Publications/Research Projects by Scholars/
1 WRC, 1 22 2200 1+9
2 ERC, Nil 39 Guest House 1+8
Kolkata is under
3 SRC, 79 56 403 1+9
4 NWRC, 7 46 1208 1+19
5 NRC, New 4 41 No Guest house 1+2
6 NERC, 21 72 5124 1+10
Total 112 276 8935 6+ 57

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Funds (Unaudited) 2015-16 (` in Lakhs)

Income Amount Expenditure Amount
1. Eastern Regional Centre, Kolkata
Grant from ICSSR (Non-Plan) 43.00 Salaries 31.24
ICSSR Plan Grant 37.50 Administrative Expenses 3.02
ICSSR Plan SC & ST 3.00 Plan Expenditure 35.49
Interest Received 5.80 Other Establishment Expenses 10.55
Miscellaneous Income -- Depreciation 2.12
Excess of Income over 6.87
Total 89.30 Total 89.30
2. Northern Regional Centre (NRC), New Delhi
Opening Balance Cash 00.01 Establishment Expenses 13.42
Canara Bank 72.22 Other Administrative Expense 05.80
Grants Received from ICSSR Programme Expenses 52.71
Grant Received from ICSSR 40.50 Investment 01.52
Grant Received from Research 02.42 Closing Balance Cash 00.01
Grant Received from ICSSR 00.40 Canara Bank 73.75
to organize 3rd Northern
Regional Social Sciences
Misc. Receipts (SC Refund 00.09
from DU)
Interest Received 04.57
Grand Total 147.21 147.21
3. North-Eastern Regional Centre (NERC), Shillong
Opening Balance: Salaries 53.87
Cash 0.05
Bank 54.61
Grant from ICSSR for Plan 40.00 Administrative Expenses 46.15
Grant from ICSSR for Non- 83.00 Plan Expenditure 41.88

Regional Centres

Grant from ICSSR for 8.44 Other Establishment Expenses 2.30


Grant from Others 16.72 Other Projects Expenses 16.11

Interest Received 1.95 Closing Balance: 0.05
Cash Bank 55.78
Guesthouse Income 4.50
Other Miscellaneous Income 6.87
Grand Total 216.14 216.14
4. North-Western Regional Centre, Chandigarh
Grant from ICSSR (Plan) 37.50 Salaries 80.12
Grant from ICSSR (Non-Plan) 91.00 Administrative Expenses 5.67
Interest Received 4.20 Plan Expenditures 40.62
Guest House Income 11.44 Bank Balance 17.93
Other Miscellaneous Income 0.09
Other Miscellaneous 0.11
Income (Plan) (Research
Methodology Training
Programme Registration Fee.
Grand Total 144.34 144.34
5. Southern Regional Centre (SRC), Hyderabad
ICSSR Plan Grant 37.50 Plan Expenditure 37.32
ICSSR ST Component Grant 3.07 ST Programme Expenditure 3.07
ICSSR Non Plan Grant 88.00 Salaries 59.08
Guest House Income 3.84 Administrative Expenses 9.15
Conference Hall 0.82 Other Establishment Expenses 3.68
Other Miscellaneous Income 0.58 Depreciation 13.32
Excess of Income 8.19
Total 133.81 Total 133.81
6. Western Regional Centre(WRC), Mumbai
Grant from ICSSR (Plan) 30.00 Administrative Exp. 47.98
Grant from ICSSR (Non-plan) 60.00 Administrative Exp. 31.36
Interest received 18.06 Expenditure of Grants Subsidies 21.51
Other Income 53.36 Depreciation 03.16
Excess of Income over 57.41
Total 161.42 161.42

Allocation and final release of grant to Regional Centres for the
Financial year 2015-16 as on 31.3.2016
(` in Lakhs)
Sl. Name of the Allocation ST Additional Total Allocation Additional Total Non- Grand Total
No. Regional Centre 2015-16 one time Plan 2015-16 one time Plan Grant (P & NP)(Col.
(Plan) grant Grant (Non- grant 6+9)
General plan)

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
1 WRC, Mumbai 30.00 3 -- 33.00 60.00 -- 60.00 93.00
2 ERC, Kolkata 37.50 3 -- 40.50 43.00 -- 43.00 83.50
Indian Council of Social Science Research

3 SRC,Hyderabad 37.50 3 -- 40.50 88.00 -- 88.00 128.50

4 NWRC, 37.50 3 -- 40.50 91.00 -- 91.00 131.50
5 NRC, New Delhi 37.50 3 -- 40.50 27.00 -- 27.00 72.50
6 NERC, Shillong 40.00 3 3.00 46.00 83.00 -- 83.00 129.00

Total 220.00 18 3.00 241.00 392.00 -- 392.00 638.00

Research Institutes

Background differences in levels of development,

education, health, nutrition, problems of
The Indian Council of Social Science Research weaker sections of society including women,
provides maintenance and development grant energy, technology, ecology and environment,
to 25 Research Institutes. Sponsoring of and social, cultural and institutional aspects
Research Institutes outside the scope of the of development. Thus, research studies have
University Grants Commission has been one generated substantial empirical knowledge of
of the major programmes of the Council in the structure of Indian economy, polity and
enlarging the base of social science knowledge, society and their dynamics both at the national
improving the quality of research, and and regional levels.
promoting an interdisciplinary perspective.
These Research Institutes constitute an During the last five years, the Research Institutes
important mechanism for implementing the have completed 1298 research projects, while
Council's policy of dispersal of research talent 2046 are on-going. These projects cover a
and building up of research capabilities in wide spectrum of issues relating to areas that
different regions of the country, particularly are already mentioned above. What is more
in the areas where social science research is significant in these research efforts is that they
not yet well developed. are not only interdisciplinary in nature, but
have also focused their attention on regional
The research institutes have established close and local problems. In this process, they have
links with the scholars in the region and become centres of research for the region's
elsewhere through various activities such as specific issues and have greatly contributed
seminars, workshops, training and consultancy to an awareness of the nature of development
programmes. Some of the research institutes problems and potential of the country as a
are closely associated with national and state whole. In terms of publications, the research
level planning and development agencies, and institutes have brought out 699 books and 806
have thereby strengthened the links between working papers during the last five years.
research and policy-making.
Another important activity that has been
Each research institute determines its own given importance by the Council is the
direction of research, which includes a wide training of young social scientists by the
spectrum of subjects related to agricultural research institutes through M.Phil. and Ph.D.
and rural development, industrial structure programmes, workshops and seminars. During
and growth, income distribution and poverty, the last five years, 187 scholars have been
employment and wages, inter-regional awarded Ph.D. degrees and 1980 scholars

Indian Council of Social Science Research

are working on their Ph.Ds. The Council can The focus of the A.N. Sinha Institute of
legitimately take pride in its role in promoting Social Studies (ANSISS), Patna, was on
research and training efforts made by the development with a central focus on the
research institutes. A total of 236 projects Eastern region of the country, particularly
were completed in these research institutes Bihar. Its approach to development emphasizes
during the year under report. The total number on community initiatives. A number of studies
of ongoing studies at the end of the year was related to Organization among Informal
344. Workers, Identity Politics, Social Impact
Assessment of Land Acquisition, Educational
Research Institutes disseminate the results of Status of Schedule Castes, Third-party
their research studies in the form of published Inspection of Border Area Development
books, research articles, mimeographs, Programmes, Universalization of Elementary
working/occasional papers, etc. During Education through Government Sponsored
the year under report, the number of books Schemes etc. have been undertaken by the
published was 107, monographs/mimeographs Institute. Many projects on Ethnographic
were 63 and working/occasional papers were Studies are also underway in the Institute.
203. The number of research papers published During the period under consideration,
was 722. five projects/studies were completed, eight
The Institutes also undertake training of young were in progress and 18 new projects were
social scientists and assist fresh researchers in proposed. Apart from that, the faculty of the
designing and conducting their research. To this institute also brought out 29 research articles
end, doctoral fellowships have been provided and one published book/report. Furthermore,
the institute also organized 14 seminars/
to these Institutes. Some of the Research
workshops/conferences in the year 2015-16.
Institutes have been assisting in teaching and
training programmes for M.Phil. and Ph.D.The main research activities of Dr.
students. In addition, as per the Council's
Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute
policy, they participate in postgraduate of Social Sciences (BANISS), Mhow (M.P.)
teaching, research guidance in the universities
during the year were Educational Status
and also involve the university teachers in
of Scheduled Castes and the Associated
their research programmes. During the year,
Challenges, A Critical Engagement with
590 scholars were working under the guidance
Works of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Projects on
of the faculties of the Research Institutes, 38
Translation, Socio-economic Backwardness
were awarded Ph.D. degrees and 27 scholars
and the Impact of State Intervention and
submitted their doctoral dissertations. A total
Development Prospects on ‘Primitive’ Tribes,
of 505 seminars/ conferences/ workshops and Evaluation of Ameliorative Projects/
were held during 2015-16. Affirmative Action by Various Sectors of the
Government on Schedule Castes. During the
A Profile:
year, four projects were in progress, whereas
The focus and activities of the Research two new proposals were initiated. The
Institutes during the reporting year are faculty published three books, eight articles
presented below: in different journals and brought out one

Research Institutes

working paper. Ph.D. degree was awarded to six monographs/mimeographs. Two scholars
six scholars and 46 doctoral candidates were were awarded Ph.D., two scholars submitted
pursuing their Ph.D. work. Beside this, the their theses and 48 scholars were pursuing
institute conducted 16 seminars/ conferences/ research. A total of 27 seminars/conferences/
workshops/ lectures. workshops were organised during the year by
the Institute.
The research activities of the Centre
for Development Studies (CDS), The main activities of the Centre for
Thiruvananthapuram, during the year were Multi-Disciplinary Development Research
focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CMDR), Dharwad, centered mainly on the
for Economic Growth, Ageing and Well-being affirmative action/ policies of the Government
in a Globalising World, Overseas Migration on backward/ marginalized sections of the
and Transformation, Self Help and Social society in the state of Karnataka. Besides
Transformation, Urban Inequality and Poverty, this, the projects undertaken by the institute
Educational and Employment Initiatives/ included: An Analysis of Manufacturing and
Schemes of the Government etc. During the Services in India, Preparation of District-wise
year 2015-16, six projects were completed, Human Development Reports, The Informal
work on seven other projects was in progress Manufacturing Sector in Post-Reform India,
and five new projects were initiated. Five Impact of Inadequate Sanitation on Tourism
students were awarded Ph.D. degree, four etc. During the period under review, the
theses were submitted and 29 scholars were Institute completed nine research projects
working on their Ph.Ds. Two books and 34 and 13 projects were at various stages of
research articles were published. The faculty completion. Three scholars were pursuing their
also brought out nine monographs and 10 Ph.D. work under the faculty of the Institute.
working papers. Also, the Centre conducted The faculty published three monographs and
40 seminars/conferences/lectures/workshops. eight research papers/articles. The Centre also
organised 12 seminars/conferences/lectures.
The research activities of the Centre for
Economic and Social Studies (CESS), The focus of studies of the Centre for Policy
Hyderabad focused on the Southern Region Research (CPR), New Delhi, was on Creating
of the country, particularly Telangana and a Comprehensive Indian Development
Andhra Pradesh. The projects completed by Cooperation Database, Exploring New
the Institute revolved around Maternal and Avenues for Trade and Investment in South
Child Healthcare and Nutrition, Monitoring Asia, Trans Boundary Water Sharing in South
of Rural Development Programmes, Plans for Asia, Secularism and Social Capital among
Tribal Development, Projects on Agriculture the Marginalized, Urban Transformation
and Manufacturing Sectors, Base-line Study in India, Study on Census Towns in India,
of Rice Farm Schools, Human Development, Agricultural Biotechnology, The Prospects
Improving Livelihoods, Workload and Work of Regional Co-operation in South Asia, The
Pattern among Public Health Functionaries. South Asia Interregional Trade News Letter
The Centre completed 26 Research projects etc. During the year, the Centre completed 17
and 30 projects were in progress. The faculty projects and 14 projects were at various stages
published nine books, 45 research articles and of completion. The faculty published 7 books

Indian Council of Social Science Research

and 85 research papers in reputed journals. papers in various journals and conducted nine
Besides, 78 working papers were also brought seminars/conferences/training programmes.
out. The Centre also organized 91 seminars/ Six doctoral candidates were pursuing their
workshops/conferences during the year. Ph.D. under the faculty members of CSS,
Surat. The Centre continued to publish its
The Centre for Research in Rural and journal ‘Arthat’,
Industrial Development (CRRID),
Chandigarh conducted research on Water- The Centre for Studies in Social Sciences
Use Efficiency in Punjab, Studies on (CSSS), Kolkata, concentrated its work
Agriculture and Dairy Farming in Punjab, on Enumeration and Information Update
Promotion of Cooperative Development, of Health Service Exporting Units in India,
Peace and Security in Countries of South Human Development Reports, a Project on
and Central Asia, Intra-District Migration the Digitization of Manuscripts, Books, and
in Himachal Pradesh, International Out- Newspapers in South-west Bengal. During the
migration from Punjab, Healthcare Delivery year, two projects were completed and three
services in Punjab, Monitoring of Rural were in progress. The Centre published five
Development Programmes, Empowerment books, 22 research articles and one working
of Poor Tribal Girls under CSR Programme, paper. During the period, 7 workshops/
The State of Cities in North-Western India lectures/seminars were organized. One
etc. During the year, the Centre completed scholar submitted the Ph.D thesis and 67 were
26 projects and 17 were at various stages of pursuing their Ph.D.
completion. In addition, the Centre organized
29 seminars/conferences/workshops and The main focus of research at the Centre for
training programmes. Eight books and 40 the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS),
research papers/articles were published by the Delhi, has been on the issues of religion and
faculty in various journals and edited books. democracy in India. Some of the research
Eight scholars were pursuing Ph.D under the projects undertaken in the Institute were:
faculty of the Institute. State of Democracy in South Asia, Pre and
Post Poll Surveys in Bihar 2015, Comparative
Research activities of the Centre for Social Political Analysis and Public Policy in
Studies (CSS), Surat, mostly concentrated India’s Federal Context, Social Equity for
on the Development Indices among the Minorities, Religious Attitudes – Behaviour
Tribal communities in Gujarat. The projects and Practices, Religious Accommodation and
undertaken included: Understanding Conflict, Communal Violence and Political
Nutritional Status of Tribal Communities, Representation, State, Nation(s) and Public(s):
Projects on Educational Status of Scheduled Studies in Democratic Contestation, The Sudra
Tribes, Unorganized Sectors and the Social in History, Muslim Representation in Rajya
Fabric, Interrogating Social Change and Sabha, Exploration of Religion and Culture
Development among Tribes, Study on Exodus among the Tribals etc. The Lokniti, CSDS
of Dalits in Rural Gujarat. During the period, initiated ‘The Youth Study 2016-17’ which
five projects were completed and 11 new is funded by Konrad Adenauer Foundation
projects were ongoing. The faculty members (KAF). During the year, six projects were
published two books and seven research completed and 25 studies were in progress.

Research Institutes

The Centre published seven books, 56 research two books. The Council also completed
papers/articles in various journals and brought three projects and nine were in progress. The
out four working papers. The Centre also faculty brought out three working/occasional
organised 15 seminars/ conferences/lectures. papers. A total of 12 seminars/ conferences/
Three scholars submitted their theses whereas workshops/ lectures were conducted during
25 scholars were pursuing their Ph.Ds. the year.

The Centre for Women's Development The research work carried out by Giri
Studies (CWDS), Delhi, since its inception, Institute of Development Studies (GIDS),
has undertaken research-cum-action projects. Lucknow, was focused on Deprivation
During the period, the Centre concentrated in India and Social Inclusion in India
its research on Gender and Governance in and Kazakhstan, A Study of Nari Adalats
Conflict Zones, JEEVA Project: Indigenous (Women’s Court), Monitoring the Report of
Midwives and their Skills in Contributing Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan/ Mid-day Meal in
to the Well-being of Birthing Women and Bihar, Private Enterprise Development among
Newborns, Capturing Women’s Lives and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in
Change in a City in Transition (Delhi), India, Participation and Position of Women
Strengthening ECCD services in India through in the Uprising of 1857, An Assessment of
Capacity Building and Advocacy etc. During Public Debt Sustainability of Uttar Pradesh,
the period, five projects were completed and Status of Social Science Research in India,
14 were in progress. The faculty published Regular Monitoring of Rural Development
eight books and 17 research papers/articles in Programmes in Haryana. During the year,
various journals. Four scholars were awarded the Institute completed 15 projects while 10
the Ph.D. degree, and seven scholars were were in progress. The faculty of the Institute
pursuing their Ph.D. In addition, the Centre published nine books, 39 research articles/
continued to publish its journal ‘Indian papers in various journals and edited book
Journal of Gender Studies’, The CWDS volumes and also brought out two working
Library is also developing digital collection papers. In addition, the Institute conducted
of newspaper clippings on women’s issues. 25 seminars/workshops/conferences/training
The Centre also organized 14 seminars/ programmes. 22 scholars were pursuing their
conferences/workshops on various themes. Ph.D. under the faculty of the Institute.

The focus of research activities of Council for The focus of research at the Gujarat
Social Development (CSD), Hyderabad, has Institute of Development Research
been on the regions in Southern India. Some (GIDR), Ahmedabad, has been on State
of the projects undertaken in the Institute are: Investment for Water Sector Development
Democracy and Tribal Voice in Contemporary in Kerala, Innovations for Sustainability
Indian Politics, Measuring Institutionalized among Micro and Small Enterprises in
Capacities for Development Projects in India, India, Peasant Migration and Plantation
Climate Variations and its Impact on Marine Development in Kerala, Human Development
Fishing Communities of Andhra Pradesh, Manual for Gujarat, India’s Social Science
Financial Globalisation and India, Dalit Drum Research Publications from an International
Beaters in Orissa etc. The Council published Perspective, National Level Monitoring of

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Rural Development Programmes in Districts The research work undertaken by the

of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Institute of Development Studies
Unpaid Work, Gender Equality and Women’s (IDS), Jaipur, is related to Reflections on
Empowerment, Feminised Agriculture in Women’s Empowerment through Innovative
India: Challenges and Potential, Developing Programmes, Impact of MGNREGA on
Guidelines and Methodologies for Socio- Rural Labour Market in India, A Study
Economic Assessment of LMOs, Evaluation of Homeless/ Shelter-less in Jaipur City,
of Integrated Dairy Development Programme Environmental and Socio-economic Impact
in Tribal Talukas of Gujarat etc. During the of High Chemical Input Use in Agriculture,
year, the Institute completed 16 research Economic Impact Assessment of Corporate
projects and nine studies were in progress. Initiatives in Rajasthan, Farm Production and
The faculty of the Institute published two Competitiveness under Liberalised Market
books, 25 research papers/articles in various Regime, Competitiveness of Dairy Sector in
journals, besides bringing out 22 working India under Trade Liberalisation, Changing
papers. The Institute conducted two seminars/ Contractual Arrangement of Rural Labour
conferences/workshops and three research Market in India etc. During the year, five
scholars were pursuing their Ph.Ds. projects were completed and 14 projects
were in progress. The Institute conducted 13
The research programme of the Indian seminars/workshops/lectures. The Institute
Institute of Education (IIE), Pune, was published four books. Four scholars were
focused on Social Audit of Mid-day Meals pursuing their Ph.Ds.
Scheme, A Study of Dalit Bahujan Cultural
Politics in Slums in Pune City in the era of Research activities of the Institute of
Neoliberalization, Excellence in Education Economic Growth (IEG), Delhi relate
in Nashik District, Action Research Project to Agrarian Contracts and Rural Poverty
for Improving Elementary Education in India, Examining the Role of Coastal
Imparted in Pench MP/Tadoba, Assessment Vegetation in Protecting and Restoring
of Transversal Competencies in the Asia- Livelihood of Communities during Storm
Pacific, Monitoring the Programmes of HUDHUD in Andhra, Relative Deprivation &
Ministry of Rural Development, Rituality and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Low
Rationality in the Ambedkarite Movement & Middle Income Countries, Creation of an
in Maharashtra, Inclusiveness of SC and ST Annual Productivity Index in Manufacturing
Students: Implications for RTE etc. During Sector across Industries and States, Study
the year, two projects were completed and on Status of Social Science, Assessment of
eight were in progress. 28 scholars were the Central Government Health Scheme etc.
pursing their Ph.D. and three scholars were 12 research projects were completed and
awarded Ph.D. The Institute conducted seven 32 research projects were in progress in the
seminars/ conferences/ workshops. The Institute during the year 2015-16. The Institute
faculty published 18 research papers/articles organised 16 workshops/seminars/training
in various journals and edited book volumes. programmes. One scholar was awarded Ph.D.
The Institute also publishes quarterly journal and 30 scholars were working on their Ph.D.
‘Shikshan Ani Sarnaj’ in Marathi. thesis. The Institute published four books, 64

Research Institutes

research articles in reputed journals and 10 Participation in India etc. During the year,
monographs. 29 research projects were completed and 62
were at different stages of completion. The
The Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Institute published seven books, 80 research
Hyderabad, has conducted studies on Sources papers/articles in various journals, nine
of Funding for Social Science Research in monographs and 26 working/occasional
India, Socio-economic Impact on the Families papers. It conducted 30 seminars/conferences/
of Farmers because of Rural-Urban Migration workshops/training/lectures. The Institute
in Telangana, Women on Indian Corporate also brought out its Journal ’Journal of Social
Boards, Effects of Public Expenditure on and Economic Development’. Besides this,
Growth in India, Micro Finance Institutions as six scholars were awarded Ph.D., seven
a way towards Financial Inclusion, A Study on submitted the theses and 110 scholars were
the Impact of Agrarian Crisis on Migration of pursuing their research work.
Farmers/ Farm Labour in Andhra Pradesh etc.
The Institute completed two research projects The thrust areas of research at the Institute
and seven were in progress. During the year, for Studies in Industrial Development
six books/reports were published besides (ISID), New Delhi has been on Constructing
27 research papers/articles in journals. In an Urban India, India’s Inward FDI
addition, the Institute organised 19 seminars/ Experience in the Post-liberalisation Period
conferences/training programmes and with an Emphasis on the Manufacturing
workshops. 21 scholars were pursuing their Sector, Developing a Bio-medical Research
Ph.D. research work, one submitted the thesis and Development and Innovation Landscape
and two scholars were awarded Ph.D. degree. for India, Understanding India’s Industrial
Development Puzzle through the Interactions
The Institute for Social and Economic between Industrial Policy and Trade Policy
Change (ISEC), Bangaluru, focused its by a Case Study of the Electronics Industry,
research on: Understanding the Performance Emerging Patterns of Outsourcing and
and Benefits of Constructing Private Toilets Contracting in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
under INFOSYS Foundation Assisted Project, in India etc. During the period, six research
Tariff Fixation for the Bangalore Metro Rail projects were completed and three were in
Project, Educated Unemployment in India: progress. The Institute published two books/
Causes, Consequences and Remedies, Impact reports, 21 research papers/articles in various
of National Food Security Mission (NFSM) journals and edited books, besides 25 working/
on Input Use, Production, Productivity occasional papers. The Institute organized 19
and Income in Karnataka, District Human seminars/ workshops/lectures.
Development Report of various Districts
of Karnataka, Study on Global Ageing and The Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social
Adult Health in India, A Study on Female Science Research (MPISSR), Ujjain (M.P.),
Street Vendors in Bangalore City, Assessment undertakes interdisciplinary research in
of Socio-Economic Capabilities of Dalit social sciences with a special emphasis on
Households in Karnataka, Prioritizing monitoring the violence against children. A
Climate Smart Technologies in Madhya list of some of the projects undertaken in the
Pradesh, Family Planning and Women’s work Institute are: A Study of Changing Pattern

Indian Council of Social Science Research

of Matrimonial Practices among Hindus Agenda for Strategies to Meet Challenges,

in Western Madhya Pradesh, Monitoring A Study of Tribal Development Programme
of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan in Tamil Nadu in Post Liberalisation period
(RMSA) in Madhya Pradesh, A Study to etc. During the year, 15 research projects
Assess the Actual Status of Devolution (Funds, were completed and 11 were in progress. The
Functions and Functionaries) to the Panchayat Institute published six books, 19 research
Raj Institutions in Madhya Pradesh, NLM papers/articles, six monographs and also
Monitoring of Churu/ Jhunjhunu/ Bikaner brought out three working papers. The
Districts of Rajasthan, Study on Religious Institute conducted 40 seminars/conferences/
Attitudes, Behaviour and Practices in Madhya workshops during the year. One scholar was
Pradesh, Social, Economic and Political awarded Ph.D., one submitted thesis and 35
Inclusion of Tribals: A Study with Reference scholars were pursuing their research work
to Madhya Pradesh, International Programme under Ph.D. programme.
on Reducing Violence against Children
The research focus of the Nabakrushna
(RVAC), Research on the Nature and Extent
Choudhury Centre for Development
of Sexual Violence against Children including
Studies (NKCCDS), Bhubneshwar, Odisha,
(Commercial) Sexual Exploitation and
was on completion of projects/reports on
Assessing the Child Protection System and
Third and Fourth Quarterly Monitoring of
Access to Justice. During the year, the Institute Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
completed seven projects and nine projects (RMSA) in Odisha, Regular Monitoring
were at the various stages of completion. The of Rural Development Programmes 2015-
faculty published one book and 12 articles 16 for Jharkhand State, All India Survey on
in various journals. The Institute published Higher Education of 2013-14, 2014-15 and
its own journals ’Madhya Pradesh Journal 2015-16. Other projects included: Analysing
of Social Sciences’ and ‘Madhya Pradesh Poverty Change in India: Decomposition,
Samajik Vigyan Anusandhan Journal’, Inclusiveness and Multidimensional
The Institute also organised seven seminars/ Nutritional Deprivation, Social Impact
workshops/conferences. Three scholars were Assessment of Water Pipeline Corridor of
awarded Ph.D., four submitted thesis and 28 UMPP in Odisha, Study on Integrated Low
scholars were pursuing their research work. Cost Sanitation Scheme (ILCSS) in Odisha
etc. During the period under review, the Centre
The Madras Institute of Development
completed four research projects while seven
Studies (MIDS), Chennai, focused
were in progress. The centre published seven
its research on Economic Valuation of articles/research papers in various journals
Ecosystem Services: A Case Study of Ousteri and organised 21 conferences/seminars/
Wetland, Puducherry, Factors shaping Land- workshops. Three scholars were awarded
use Change in Tirunelveli/ Nagapattinam/ Ph.D., two submitted thesis while five were
Erode and Coimbatore Districts of Tamil pursuing their research work.
Nadu, Agricultural Outlook Reports 2014-
15 & 2015-16, Re-Framing Urban Inclusion, The Omeo Kumar Das Institute of Social
Prospects for Agriculture in India's Southern Change and Development (OKDISCD),
Region Over the Medium Term: Setting an Guwahati, was established to promote

Research Institutes

research on issues concerning North East reports on Evaluation & Monitoring Rashtriya
India. Research activities in the Institute Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA)/ Sarva
concentrated on: Study on Witchcraft Siksha Abhiyan (SSA)/ Mid-day-Meal Scheme
Related Incidents in Assam, Developing (MDMS) in Gujarat, The National level
a Compendium of Government Schemes, Monitoring and Evaluation work for Rural
Preparation of Status Report of MDG in Development in Maharashtra, Compilation of
Assam, A Study on Elementary Education in Human Development Reports. Other projects
Assam, Gender and Economics: The Place of undertaken were: The Post Liberalization
Women in the Assamese Society, Imagined Rural Transformation in Gujarat: Economic,
Sovereignties: Frontiers of Statehood and Social and Environmental Consequences,
Globalization, Social inclusion through Tribal Education in India: Issues & Regional
Constitutional Amendments in the Context Dimensions etc. During the period, eight
of India’s North-East, State Society Interface: research projects were completed and three
Autonomy and Governance in India’s North were in progress. The Institute brought out a
East etc. The Institute completed five research bi-annual journal in English ‘Anvesak’ and
projects and 14 projects were in progress. The another in Gujarati ‘Madhukari’,
faculty published five books, five research The Institute published two books, brought
papers and one occasional paper. Also, the out five working papers and 24 research
Institute organised 13 seminars/workshops/ articles were published in various journals/
training programmes. One scholar submitted edited books. During the year, 17 scholars
thesis while three were pursuing their were pursuing their Ph.D. and seven seminars/
research work. conferences were organized by the Institute.

The major research are as covered by The major activities of the above mentioned
the Sardar Patel Institute of Social Research Institutes during 2015-16 are given
and Economic Research (SPIESR), at Appendix-10.
Ahmedabad, during the year were preparing

Information on Quantitative Research Output of Research Institutes
During the year, 2015-16
Sl. Name of the Research Projects Projects Awarded Submitted Ongoing Books/ Published Monographs/ Working/ Seminars/ Faculty Others
No. Institutes Completed Ongoing Ph.D. Thesis Ph.D. Reports Research Mimeographs Occasional Conferences/
Degree Thesis Published Papers/Articles Papers/Reports Work-shops
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1. ISEC, Bengaluru 29 62 06 07 110 07 80 09 26 30 36 68
2. CDS, 06 07 05 04 29 02 34 09 10 40 20 35
3. CSSS, Kolkata 02 03 - 01 67 05 22 - 01 07 22 26
4. ANSISS, Patna 05 08 - - 45 01 29 01 01 14 22 31
5. IPE, Hyderabad 02 07 02 01 21 06 27 - - 19 44 49
6. IEG, Delhi 12 32 01 - 30 04 64 10 17 16 29 41
7. CSDS, Delhi 06 25 01 03 25 07 56 - 04 15 21 25
8. CSS, Surat 05 11 - - 6 02 07 - 01 09 08 15
9. MIDS, Chennai 15 11 01 01 35 06 19 06 03 40 12 26
Indian Council of Social Science Research

10. IIE, Pune 02 08 03 01 28 05 18 01 - 07 08 14

11. GIDS, Lucknow 15 10 - - 22 09 39 - 02 25 14 35
12. CPR, New Delhi 17 14 - - - 07 85 - 78 91 35 81
13. SPIESR, Ahmedabad 08 03 01 - 17 02 24 - 05 07 07 18
14. CSD, Hyderabad 03 09 - - - 02 21 - 03 12 11 15
15. IDS, Jaipur 05 14 - - 04 04 09 02 02 13 07 18
16. CRRID, Chandigarh 26 17 - - 08 08 40 13 - 29 23 36
17. CWDS, New Delhi 05 14 04 - 07 08 17 - - 14 09 37
18. CESS, Hyderabad 26 30 02 02 48 09 45 06 01 27 16 23
19. NKCCDS, 04 07 03 02 05 - 07 - - 21 05 25
20. GIDR, Ahmedabad 16 09 - - 03 02 25 02 22 02 12 15
21. ISID, New Delhi 06 03 - - - 02 21 - 25 19 22 44
22. OKDISCD, Guwahati 05 14 - 01 03 05 05 - 01 13 09 21
23. CMDR, Dharwad 09 13 - - 03 - 08 03 - 12 07 23
24. BANISS, Mhow - 04 06 - 46 03 08 01 01 16 10 64
25. MPISSR, Ujjain 07 09 03 04 28 01 12 - - 07 05 10
Total 236 344 38 27 590 107 722 63 203 505 414 795

Indian Council of Social Science Research


List of Members of the Council

(As on 31st March 2016)

1. Professor Sukhadeo Thorat Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Chairman Ph: 24364272, 24364284 (O)
Indian Council of Social Science Research 24364285 (Fax)
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi -110067 Email:

2. Secretary 6. Chairman
Department of Higher Education Indian Council of Historical Research,
Ministry of Human Resource Development 35, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi-110001
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110015 Ph: 23384869
Ph: 23386451 (O), 23385807 (Fax) Email:
7. Chairman
3. Secretary University Grants Commission,
Department of Expenditure, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
Ministry of Finance, New Delhi-110002
Government of India, North Block, Ph: 23234019, 23236350 (O)
New Delhi-110001 Email:
Ph: 23092929 (O) 23383065 (R),
8. Prof. Virginius Xaxa
23092546 (Fax)
Deputy Director,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS),
4. Chief Economic Advisor Guwahati
Ministry of Finance, Government of India, RKB Hotel, Cotton College
North Block, New Delhi-110001 Pan Bazaar, Guwahati-781001(Assam)
Ph: 23094818 (O), 23073532 (R), Mobile: 09868211389, 09435012956
23093610 (Fax) Email:,

5. Secretary 9. Prof. Gopal Guru

Ministry of Minority Affairs Centre for Political Studies
Government of India, 11th Floor, School of Social Sciences
Paryavaran Bhawan, CGO Complex, Jawaharlal Nehru University,

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

New Delhi-110067 14. Prof. Jitendra Mohan

Res: 63, Dakshinapuram, Emeritus Professor
Jawaharlal Nehru University, Department of Psychology
New Delhi 110067 Panjab University, Chandigarh-160014
Ph: 26704140 (O), 26741264 (R), Ph: 0172-2534546(O), Mob: 09876491321
Mob: 9811687097 Email:
15. Prof. Furqan Qamar
10. Prof. Kancha Ilaiah Secretary General
Director Association of Indian Universities
Maulana Azad National Urdu University Camarade Indrajit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg)
MANUU Campus, Gachibowli New Delhi – 110 002
Hyderabad-500032 (Andhra Pradesh) Res: Mushir Manzil, 258-A, Jamia Nagar
Ph: 040-23008335, Mob: 09704444692 New Delhi
Email: Ph: 23230059, 23236105; Mob: 09418045014
11. Dr. K Seeta Prabhu Email:
B-1004, Synchronicity
Chandivali Farm Road, Andheri, 16. Prof. M. H. Qureshi
Mumbai - 400072 Professor, A.M. Khawaja Chair
Ph: 46532324, Mob: 9810079572 Department of Geography
Email: Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar
New Delhi-110025
12. Prof. T C A Anant
Mob: 9312637470
Secretary & Chief Statistician of India
Ministry of Statistics and
Programme Implementation 17. Prof. Ashis Nandy
Government of India A-30, IInd Floor, Nizamuddin (East)
Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 New Delhi-110013
Ph: 23742150, 23344689 (O) Ph: 24356280, Mob: 9891340372
26895739, 26135302 (R), Mob: 9717118585 Email:,

13. Prof. R. Radhakrishna 18. Prof. B.S.Chimni

Flat No. 1-A, Ramakamal Doyen Centre of International Legal Studies
Plot No- 113, Srinagar Colony School of International Studies
Hyderabad-500 073 Jawaharlal Nehru University,
Ph: 040-23742655, Mob: 09951081275 New Delhi-110067
Email: Res: 151, Uttarakhand,

Jawaharlal Nehru University, 21. Prof. Temsula Ao
New Delhi-110067 Tia-Ki, 47 Lingrijan, Dimapur-797112
Ph: 26704375 Nagaland
Email: Mob: 09402993585
19. Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri
Department of History 22. Dr. Prodipto Ghosh
University of Delhi, Delhi-110007 Distinguished Fellow
Res: E-157, Sector 20, Noida, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Uttar Pradesh- 201301 Darbari Seth Block, India Habitat Centre
Ph: 27666659 (O), Lodhi Road, Delhi – 110 003
0120-2528748, 2556293 (R) Res: F-2/17, DLF Phase-I
Email: Gurgaon – 122002 (Haryana)
Mobile: 9810490639
20. Prof. Amitabh Mattoo
Professor in Disarmament Studies
Centre for International Poltics,
23. Vacant
Organization and Disarmament
School of International Studies 24. Vacant
Jawaharlal Nehru University
25. Vacant
New Delhi-110067
Res: V-29/8, DLF Phase III, 26. Dr. G.S. Saun
Gurgaon, Haryana-122002 Member-Secretary (Offg.)
Ph: 26741305 (O), 26741586 (Fax), ICSSR
Mob: 9711196933 New Delhi

Indian Council of Social Science Research


ICSSR Senior Officials

(As on 31st March 2016)

Chairman Sr. System Analyst

Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat Shri Rajiv Khera
Member Secretary Assistant Directors
Dr. G. S. Saun (Officiating) Ms. Alka Srivastava
Directors Shri Mahesh Madhukar
Dr. (Ms.) Rachna Jain (till 31.5.2015)
Ms. Revathy Vishwanath
Dr. A. Rehman (till 30.9.2015)
Dr. S.M. Verma
Dr. Upendra Choudhary
Documentation Officers
Deputy Directors
Dr. (Ms.) Nutan Johri
Shri Ajay Kumar Gupta
Ms. Kanchan Vasudev
Ms. Indra Kaul
Dr. Mahavir Singh
Dr. Harish Sharma (till 30.11.2015)
Shri Ashish Deolia
Administrative Officer
Shri Mahesh Madhukar (till 31.12.2015) Ms. D. N. Jyotsana Rao

(Additional Charge) Shri S. N. Chari

Shri Ashish Deolia (from 1.1.2016) Section Officers

(Additional Charge) Shri Chander Pal
FA & CAO Shri Vijay Kumar
Shri N. K. Gupta (till 31.01.2016) Shri Raj Kumar
Dy. Chief Finance Officer
Shri Naresh Saini

The following officials retired during the year.
1. Sh. Krishan Lal, Photocopy Operator, retired on 30-04-2015.

2. Dr. (Ms.) Rachna Jain, Director, retired on 31-05-2015.

3. Sh. Suresh Chand Arya, M.T.S, retired on 31-07-2015.

4. Dr. A. Rehman, Director, retired on 30-09-2015.

5. Sh. Gopal Prasad, M.T.S, retired on 30-09-2015.

6. Sh. N.K. Talwar, Private Secretary, retired on 31-10-2015.

7. Dr. Harish Sharma, Dy. Director, retired on 30-11-2015.

8. Ms. Chanchal Hasija, Sr. PA, retired on 30-11-2015.

9. Sh. Kartar Singh, LDC, retired on 31-12-2015.

10. Ms. Rama Mahajan, Account Assistant, retired on 31.12.2015

11. Sh. N.K. Gupta, FA & CAO, retired on 31-01-2016.

12. Sh. Vishnu Bhagwan, MTS, expired on 19-03-2016.

13. Sh. Ram Kumar, Staff Car Driver, retired on 31.03.2016.

14. Dr. G.S. Saun, Director, retired on 31-03-2016.

15. Ms. Neelam Saxena, Account Assistant, retired on 31-03-2016.

Indian Council of Social Science Research


Research Projects

Research Projects Sanctioned and Meta-Cognitive Skills Among the

(Responsive) Student- Teachers at the Secondary
Level’, ` 9,00,000/-.
Category: General
6. Dr. Vaijayanta N. Patil, Director
1. Dr. Polee Saikia, Gauhati University, and School of Educational
Gopinath Bardoloi Nagar, Guwahati, Sciences, SRTM University, Nanded,
Assam, ‘Educational Status of the Maharashtra, ‘Psychological Problems
Slum Children in Guwahati, Assam’, Academic Performance and Learned
` 10,00,000/-. Resourcefulness in Professional Students
in Western India’, ` 12,00,000/-.
2. Dr. Neena Sawhney, Principal,
Chandigarh College of Education, 7. Prof. Kuldip Kaur, Centre for Research
Mohali, Punjab, ‘Comparative in Rural and Industrial Development
Study of Social and Behavioural (CRRID), Chandigarh, ‘Access to
Characteristics of LD and Non LD in Education Amongst the Children
Relation to their Social Competence Residing in Orphanages of Jammu
in Inclusive Educational Settings’, & Kashmir: An Analytical Study’,
` 8,00,000/-. ` 11,00,000/-.

3. Dr. Khan Zeenat, Marathawada College 8. Dr. Beda Kumar Chaliha, Principal, Raha
of Education, Maharashtra, ‘Attention College, Assam, ‘Status of Education
Deficit and Hyper Disorder and Dyslexic and Its Impact on Health & Hygiene and
Children’, ` 7,00,000/-. Economic Conditions of Tea Tribes – A
Survey in Jorhat and Sibasagar Districts
4. Dr. Shreemathi S Mayya, Manipal of Assam’, ` 9,00,000/-.
University, Manipal, Karnataka,
‘Women Employees of Higher 9. Dr. Atanu Kumar Mohapatra, M.S.
Education in Karnataka: Struggles and University of Baroda, Vadodara,
Success’, ` 9,00,000/-. Gujarat, ‘The Impact of Right to
Education on the Enrolment Ratio
5. Dr. Mary George Varghese, MES’s among the Children from BPL Families
Pillai College of Education & Research, in Gujarat’, ` 7,00,000/-.
Chembar Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra,
‘Design and Develop Instructional 10. Mr. Manish Prabhakarrao Mude,
Strategy for Developing Thinking College of Social Work, Kamptee,

Nagpur, Maharashtra, ‘An Analytical Rural Pune City to Manage Inclusive
Study of Scheduled Tribe Girl Students Classrooms’, ` 12,00,000/-.
Status in Higher Secondary Education in
Vidarbha Region (Maharashtra State)’, 17. Prof. Preet Rustogi, Institute for Human
` 12,00,000/-. Development, IIPA Campus, IP Estate,
New Delhi, ‘Issues of Governance
11. Dr. S.K. Panneer Selvam, Bharathidasan and Quality of Education in Bihar’,
University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, ` 12,00,000/-.
‘Socio-Economic, Education and Health
Issues on Child Marriage: A Special 18. Dr. Shiddalingaswami V. Hanagodimath,
Reference to Dharmapuri District of Centre for Multi-disciplinary
Tamil Nadu’, ` 10,00,000/-. Development Research (CMDR),
Dharwad, Maharashtra, ‘Social Sector
12. Dr. Kavita Verma, Kalyan PG Development in India’, ` 5,00,000/-.
College, Bhilai Nagar, Chattisgarh,
‘Effect of Emotional Intelligence on 19. Dr. Prageet Aeron & Dr. Arnab K. Deb,
Aggression, Stress and Adjustment of International Management Institute,
Higher Secondary School Students of Delhi, ‘Assessing Capacity Utilization
Chhattisgarh State’, ` 7,00,000/-. Rate in Indian Manufacturing Sector: A
Firm Level Analysis’, ` 4,00,000/-.
13. Dr. J. Shakila, Principal, KG Rasadrao
ANR College of Education, Gudivada, 20. Dr. A.M. Sheela, St Josephs College
Andhra Pradesh, ‘A Study of the of Commerce, Bengaluru, Karnataka,
Academic Performance of Secondary ‘Identifying Growth Drivers of a Village
School Girl Children in Relation to their Economy in the Dry Tract of Karnataka:
Parent-Child Relationship’, ` 6,00,000/-. A Social Accounting Matrix Approach’,
` 7,50,000/-.
14. Dr. Nirbhaya Singh, B.V.M. (P.G.)
College, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, ‘21vi 21. Dr. Manju Maan, Assistant Prof.,
Sadi mein Shasan: E-Governance ek M.B.B Degree College, Dadri, Uttar
Alochnatmak Mulyankan’, ` 2,00,000/-. Pradesh,‘Gautambudh Nagar Housing
Finance in India: An Analytical Study
15. Dr. A. Joseph Xavier, Ayya Nadar Janki of Housing Scheme in Low and Middle
Ammal College, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, Income Group’, ` 6,00,000/-.
‘Quality of Work Life of Teachers
Working in Colleges of Education in 22. Dr. Mrs. Fatima Baby, Fatima College,
Tamil Nadu’, ` 5,00,000/-. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, ‘Socio- Economic
Transformation of Relocated Fisher Folk
16. Ms. Atole Pushpa Bhausaheb, after Tsunami in Kanyakumari District-
Vishwashanti Gurukul Teacher’s An Analysis’, ` 6,00,000/-.
Training Academy, Rajbaug Campus,
Pune, Maharashtra, ‘Preparing and 23. Dr. Ananda Das Gupta, Head, Indian
Training School Teachers from Private Institute of Plantation Management,
Unaided Self-financing Schools of Bengaluru, Karnataka, ‘A Study on

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

the Productivity of the Tea Plantation ‘Estimating Out of Pocket Expenditure

Workers in Assam: Dimensions for HIV/AIDS Patients in Karnataka’,
towards a Sustainable Development’, ` 7,50,000/-.
` 5,00,000/-.
30. Dr. Amit Kundu, Mathabhanga College,
24. Dr. Dharmabrata Mohapatra, Ravenshaw Mathabhanga, Coochbehar, West
University, Cuttak, Odisha, ‘Gender Bengal, ‘Impact of Govt Expenditure
Politics in Agriculture: Male Dominance on Economic Growth in South Asian
in Farm Modernization and State Policy Countries (India, Pakistan and Sri
in Odisha’, ` 9,00,000/-. Lanka)-A Time Series Analysis’,
` 2,00,000/-.
25. Dr. Manisha A. Mehrotra, Banaras
Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar 31. Dr. Rajesh Pal, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi
Pradesh, ‘Employment Generation Vidyapith, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
through Pro-Poor Tourism: A Case ‘Socio-Economic Upliftment of the
Study of Handicraft Sector of Varanasi’, Poor Sections of the Society through
` 10,00,000/-. Financial Inclusion’, ` 4,00,000/-.

26. Dr. Tanuka Endow, Institute for Human 32. Dr. Anish V. Cherian, Dr. Shrinivasa
Development, IIPA Building, IP Estate, Bhat U., K.S. Hegde Medical
New Delhi, ‘Exploring Learning Academy, NITTE University,
Achievement and Classroom Experience Mangalore, Karnataka, and Prof.
in English Medium Low Cost Private Jayashree Ramakrishna, Head, MV
Schools: Does English as Medium of Govindaswamy Center, NIMHANS,
Instruction Act as Enabler or Barrier to Karnataka, ‘Development of Peer
Learning Achievement and What are Delivered Psycho-Social Intervention
the Implications for Social Equity?’, Module for Women Caregivers of
` 14,00,000/-. People With HIV/AIDS’, ` 3,00,000/-.

27. Dr. Hasmukh G. Desai, Gujarat 33. Dr. Chandra Bhusan Prasad Singh, T.M.
Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, ‘An Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, Bihar,
Economic Study of Top Ten Milk ‘Exclusionary Practices in Professional
Producer Families from Villages (in Elite Colleges: Study of Multilayered
Context of Sabar Dairy)’, ` 5,00,000/-. Discrimination’, ` 4,00,000/-.

28. Dr. Kavita, Giri Institute of 34. Dr. Ishita Chatterjee, University of
Development Studies, Lucknow, Uttar Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal, ‘Work
Pradesh, ‘Impact of WTO Provisions Stress, Coping Strategies, Aggression
on Horticultural Exports: The Case of and Mental Health Status of Auto
Indian Mango’, ` 10,00,000/-. Rickshaw Drivers in and around
Kolkata’, ` 3,00,000/-.
29. Dr. Dattatraya R. Revankar, Centre
for Multi-Disciplinary Development 35. Dr. Kamlesh Singh, IIT, Delhi,
Research, Dharwad, Karnataka, ‘The Impact of Socio-Demographic

Factors on Resilience in North Indian Gujarat, ‘Outbound Cross-Border
Adolescents’,` 3,00,000/-. Merger & Acquisition Deals on
Automotive Sector: The Rise of Chinese
36. Dr. Nisha Dilip Mundada, Shri Seth and Indian Firms Targets by EU Firms’,
Murlidharji Mansingka Arts, Science ` 1,00,000/-.
& Commerce College, Jalgaon,
Maharashtra, ‘Rampant Use of Mobile 43. Dr. Yogesh Laxmanrao Patinge,
Phones in Youth’, ` 7,00,000/-. Balbhim Arts, Science and Commerce
College, Beed, Maharashtra, ‘A Study
37. Dr. Shishir Kumar, KS Hegde Medical of Customer Relationship Management
Academy, Nitte University, Mangalore, of Bank of Maharashtra and its Impact
Karnataka, ‘Explanatory Model of on Customer Behavior with Special
Common Mental Disorders among Reference to Maharashtra State’,
Women Attending Primary Health ` 1,00,000/-.
Centres in Rural India’, ` 4,00,000/-.
44. Dr. N. Sundaram, School of Social
38. Dr. Navita Nathani, Prestige Institute of Sciences and Languages, VIT University,
Management, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, ‘Are Rural
‘Social Readiness for Entrepreneurial Consumers Aware of Their Rights? – A
Orientation: Empirical Evidences from Study with Special Reference To Vellore
MP, UP and Rajasthan’, ` 3,00,000/-. District of Tamil Nadu (Economically
Most Backward District)’, ` 3,00,000/-.
39. Prof. Parishkrit Agrawal, Dr. Akash
S. Jain & Dr. Devender Kawday, G.S. 45. Dr. K Jayachandra Reddy, Sri
College of Commerce &, Economics, Venkateswara University, Tirupati,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, ‘A Comprehensive Andhra Pradesh, ‘Consumer Awareness
Study of Octroi and LBT and its and Protection in India: A Study
Impact on Local Authority, Businesses with Reference to Andhra Pradesh’,
and General Public in Nagpur City’, ` 4,00,00/-.
` 6,00,000/-.
46. Dr. R Bhaskaran, Lovely Professional
40. Dr. Anita Shukla, M.V. Sh Lranjeevi University, Jalandhar, Phagwara,
College, Udaipur, Rajasthan, ‘Environmental Punjab, ‘Corrosion Auditing in Oil
Accounting and Reporting in the Global and Gas Transmission Pipelines in
Corporate Sector’, ` 2,50,000/-. India’,` 4,00,000/-.

41. Dr. P.S. Devakumar, Government College 47. Dr. Rajeev Kumar Panda, School of
for Women, Thiruvananthapuram, Management, NIT Rourkela, Odisha,
Kerala, ‘Social Security Delivery ‘Assessing Healthcare Service Quality
Distortions – A Case for the Senior of Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in
Citizens in India’, ` 3, 00,000/-. Rural Odisha’, ` 6,00,000/-.

42. Dr. Gurudutta Pradeep Japee, Gujarat 48. Dr. R. Rajesh, Noorul Islam University,
Commerce College, Ahmedabad, Kumaarakoil, Tamil Nadu, ‘A Study

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

of Third Party Logistics (3PL) Service (Deemed University), Agra, Uttar

Providers in India in 2014’, ` 3,50,000/-. Pradesh, ‘Designingv Educational
and Training Interventions for
49. Dr. Saif Siddiqui, Centre for Preparing Undergraduates to Pursue
Management Studies, Jamia Millia Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice:
Islamia, New Delhi, ‘Volatility Spill- A Road map for Universities and
over and Integration of Select World Institutions of Higher Education’,
Stock Markets: An Analysis of ` 6,00,000/-.
Contagion and Structural Breaks’,
` 2,50,000/-. 55. Dr. Soma Sur, West Bengal State
University, Berunanpukuria, Barasat,
50. Dr. Chandan Kumar Sahoo, School
Kolkata, West Bengal, ‘An Investigation
of Management, National Institute of
of Non-communicable Lifestyle
Technology, Rourkela, Odisha, ‘Impact
Diseases and the Role of Health
of Human Resource Development
Institutions’, ` 4,00,000/-.
Interventionson Organizational
Effectiveness: An Empirical Investigation’, 56. Dr. Anuradha Dharendra Pathak,
` 3,50,000/-. Naran Lala College of Commerce and
51. Dr. AL. Malliga, Department of Management, Navsari, Gujarat, ‘MNCs
Management Studies, Mother Teresa in Gujarat: A Comparative Study of
Women’s University, Kodaikanal, Impact of Foreign Organizational
Tamil Nadu, ‘Developing e-Governance Climate with Indian Organizatinal
Framework for State University of Tamil Climate on Employees Performance’,
Nadu’, ` 3,00,000/-. ` 4,00,000/-.

52. Prof. Tusshar Mahajan, Rukmini Devi 57. Dr. Suja S. Nair, Vikrama Simhapuri
Institute of Advanced Studies, New University, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh,
Delhi, ‘Study of Driving Factors of ‘Impact of Corporate Social
Entrepreneurship Intention among Responsibility (CSR) on Rural
Students of Selected Universities of Development: Evidences from Andhra
North- India’, ` 5,00,000/-. Pradesh’, ` 2,00,000/-.

53. Dr. P.T. Vijaya Rajkumar, Director, 58. Dr. Pragya Keshari, Prestige Institute
Nehru Institute of Engineering & of Management and Research, Indore,
Technology, Thirumalayampalayam, Madhya Pradesh, ‘Innovative Marketing
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, ‘Effectiveness Strategies for Small and Medium
of Information Technology Practices Enterprises in Western Madhya Pradesh:
in Small & Medium Scala Enterprises An Analytical Study’, ` 4,00,000/-.
(SMEs) in Tamil Nadu- An Evaluative
Study’, ` 7,00,000/-. 59. Dr. Uma Thirupathy, Head, Department
of Management Studies, Dr. MGR
54. Dr. Sumita Srivastava, Educational & Research Institute
Dayalbagh Educational Institute University, Maduravoyal, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu, ‘Performance Oriented economic Status of Agricultural Labours
Competency for Sustaining Operational in Hilly Region of the Kolhapur District:
Excellence at Amma Canteen in Tamil A Geographical Analysis’, ` 8,00,000/-.
Nadu’, ` 8,00,000/-.
67. Dr. R.K.S. Arora, Maharshi Dayanand
60. Dr. Haleema, School of Social Sciences Saraswati University, Ajmer, Rajasthan,
& Languages, VIT University, Vellore, ‘Over Population and R.T.E.:
‘Social Cognitive Theory in Evaluating Expectations and Achievement: A
Service Quality and Adoption of Internet Study of the Unorganized Sector of the
Banking Services in Vellore District, Society’, ` 6,00,000/-.
Tamil Nadu, India’, ` 8,00,000/-.
68. Dr. Wakar Amin Zargar, University
61. Dr. Manjari Sarkar, Kandra R.K.K. of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar, ‘An
Mahavidyalaya, Kandra, Burdwan, Insight into the Religious Minorities
West Bengal, ‘Poverty and Micro with Special Reference to Sikhs Living
Finance: Interrogating Self Help in Kashmir Valley’, ` 8,00,000/-.
Groups Experience from Puri District of
Odisha’, ` 4,00,000/-. 69. Dr. Abhijit Guha, Vidyasagar
University, Midnapore, West Bengal,
62. Dr. Piyal Basu Roy, Alipurdar College, ‘An Anthropological Study of the
Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, ‘Status of Rural University Campus in West Bengal:
Women, Left Behind for Male Labour Towards a Humane Planning for
Circulation in Cooch Behar District, Building Better University-Community
West Bengal’, ` 3,00,000/-. Relationship’, ` 6,00,000/-.

63. Dr. Chhanda Karfa, Dr. Gour Mohan Roy 70. Dr. R.N. Pati, Executive Director,
College, Monteswar, Burdwan, West CTRD Mahamaya Bhawan, Patia,
Bengal, ‘Urbanization, Environment Bhubneshwar, Odisha, ‘Ecological
and Governance in Durgapur Industrial and Socio-economic Aspects of
Complex’, ` 3,00,000/-. Mangrove Ecosystems Conservation:
An Anthropological Case Study of
64. Dr. Narendra Pal Singh, Principal, Bhitarkanika Mangrove Ecosystem in
Meerut College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha’, ` 9,00,000/-.
‘Geo- Economic and Geo- Strategic
Importance of Indian Ocean for India: 71. Dr. Chandana Sarmah, Gauhati
Challenges and Option’, ` 8,00,000/-. University, Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam,
‘Bio-Social Aspects of Ageing: A Study
65. Dr. Rupali Phukan Bhuyan, Dr. Pradip among Two Tribes of Marigaon District,
Sharma, Cotton College, Guwahati, Assam’, ` 5,00,000/-.
Assam, ‘Gender Atlas of Assam’,
`4,00,000/-. 72. Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur, Dr. Jagajeet
Prasad Singh, & Dr. Deepti Shukla,
66. Dr. Ratan V. Hajare, Govt. Rajaram Indian Institute of Health Management
College, Kohlapur, Maharashtra, ‘Socio- Research (IIHMR), Jaipur, Rajasthan,

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

‘An Anthropological Study of the Factors Gender Diversity at the Work Place; it’s
Affecting the Socio-Economic Status Impact on Organizational Performance’,
and Quality of Work Life of the Chhipa ` 10,00,000/-.
Community of Jaipur, Rajasthan’, `
9,00,000/-. 79. Dr. W. Kunjarani Chanu, Director,
S. Kula Women’s College, Nambol,
73. Dr. D. Sai Sujatha, Sri Venkateswara Manipur, ‘A Study on Women Living
University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, with HIV/AIDS in Manipur: Reference
‘An Interventional Study on Awareness to Domestic Violence and Health-care
of Child Rights among Dalit Children in Support’, ` 12,00,000/-.
Andhra Pradesh’, ` 5,00,000/-.
80. Dr. Madhurima Goswami, Head,
74. Prof. P. Devaki Devi (Retired), Andhra Chandraprabha Saikani Centre for
University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Women’s Studies, Tezpur University,
Pradesh, ‘Linkages Between Human Napaam, Assam, ‘Women and Trafficking:
Resource Management Systems, A Study of the Border Areas of Sonitpur
Technology and Employment Relations District of Assam’, ` 15,00,000/-.
with Special Reference to Impact on
Women’, ` 10,00,000/-. 81. Dr. Sawmya Ray, Indian Institute of
Technology, Guwahati, Assam, ‘In
75. Dr. Nazir Jabbar Sheikh, Manavlok’s Search of Gender Justice: Violence
College of Social Sciences, Ambajogai, Against Women and Law in Assam’,
Maharashtra, ‘Muslim Girl’s Education: `12,00,000/-.
An Analytical Study of Socio- economic
and Cultural Barriers at Rural Area of 82. Dr. Manju Dubey, Sant Kabir Acharya
Beed District, Maharashtra’,` 8,00,000/-. Amrit Das Mahavidyalaya, Sant Kabir
Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Empowering
76. Dr. Sudhansubala Sahu, Christ Women through Decentralized Rural
University, Bengaluru,‘ICT Enabled Governance: A Study of Problems
Health Communication: A Study of and Challenges of Women Elected
Changing Doctor-Patient Relationship Representatives in Uttar Pradesh and
among the Middle Class in Bengaluru’, Haryana’, ` 3,00,000/-.
` 5,00,000/-.
83. Dr. Ananda Nand Tripathi, Govt.
77. Prof. R. Subashini, Dr. A. Vasumathi, Degree College, Nainbagh, Tehri,
Dr. G. Velmurugan, VIT Business Garhwal, Uttarakhand, ‘Political
School, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Participation of Women: A Study of
Nadu, ‘Stress and Coping Styles of Elected Women Representatives in
Women Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu – Local Government in Uttar Pradesh and
An Empirical Study’, ` 12,00,000/-. Uttarakhand’, ` 3,00,000/-.

78. Dr. K.V. Anantha Kumar, Institute of 84. Mr. Manoj Kumar & Dr. Vineeta
Public Enterprise, Osmania University, Jhabrera, Ch. B.S.D.A.V. College,
Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Engendering Haridwar, Uttarakhand, ‘Suchna ka

Adhikar: ek Alochanatmak Adhyayan’, 91. Dr. Amitabh Bhatt & Dr. Ashwani K.
` 5,00,000/-. Sharma, M.P.G College, Kingcrage,
Mussorie, Uttarakhand, ‘Issues and
85. Dr. Kalpana Sanjeeb Agrawahari, Policy Implication of Migration From
Kumaon University, Nainital, Uttrakhand’, ` 5,00,000/-.
Uttarakhand, ‘Politics of Small States
in India: A Case Study of Telangana’, 92. Dr. Dipen Saikia, Moridhal
` 5,00,000/-. College, Moridhal, Assam, ‘Gender
Discrimination and Violation of Human
86. Dr. Aditi Tyagi, Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar
Rights of Rural Women in North East
Sharma, Ch Charan Singh University,
India: A Comparative Study of Dhemaji
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Government and
Districts of Assam and Papumpare
Non-Government Initiatives in Disaster
District of Arunachal Pradesh’,
Management: An Analytical Study
` 3,00,000/-.
of Garhwal Region in Uttarakhand’,
` 5,00,000/-. 93. Dr. Alok Ranjan, Research of Chinese
87. Dr. Vinod Kumar, MM (PG) College, Studies, Delhi, ‘Kashmir in Transition
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Development Among the Millennical in
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Labour: A Study of NCR’, ` 5,60,000/-.
31. Dr. Sarbjeet Singh, Punjab University,
25. Dr. Shelar Arvind Baburao, Maharshi Patiala, Punjab, ‘Socio-Economic
Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha's Shree Dimensions of Farmers and
Siddhivinayak Arts and Commerce Agricultural Labourers Suicides in
Punjab’, ` 10,00,000/-.
Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Karvenagar,
Pune, Maharashtra, ‘Finance of the 32. Dr. Danthamala Bhushan Sudhakar,
General Grantable Colleges with School of Management, Pondicherry
Changing Context to Globalisation: University, Tamil Nadu, ‘Financial
Special Reference to Maharashtra State’, Inclusion and Adventures among Urban
` 8,00,000/-. Migrated Poor in the Regions of Tamil
Nadu & Pondicherry’,` 4,80,000/-.
26. Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Brahme
School of Studies in Economics, 33. Dr. Kavita Chauhan, Jamia Millia
Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi,
Raipur, Chhatisgarh, ‘Economic Impact ‘A New Methodology towards
of Air Pollution on Urban Household: Standardizing Customer Satisfaction
With Spacial Reference to Raipur Index for Business: An Exploratory
District’, ` 2,50,000/-. Approach’,` 7,20,000/-.

34. Dr. Hari Babu Singhu & Dr. Babli 40. Dr. Harish Kumar, V.A.B. Degree
Dhiman, Lovely Professional University, College, Bhoopalpur, Etah, Uttar
Jalandhar, Phagwara, Punjab, ‘A Pradesh, ‘Study of social, Economical,
Study on Acuity among Low Income Cultural and Historical of Gonda Tribe
Individuals towards Health Insurance in in kanker District of Chhatisgarh State’,
Punjab’, ` 7,20,000/-. ` 3,20,000/-.

35. Dr. N. William Singh, University College 41. Dr. Aradhana Kumari, J.S. (Hindu)
Aizawl, Mizoram, ‘Assymetrical P.G College, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh,
‘Musahr Jati ke Samajik, Aarthik va
Borderlands: Networks and naratives of
Sakshik Sthiti ka Vishleshnatmak
communities on the edge of Mizoram
Adhyayan’, ` 3,20,000/-.
borders’, ` 4,00,000/-.
42. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Deoband,
36. Dr. Santosh Marotrao Ramteke, S. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Aadhunik
Chandra Mahila Mahavidyalaya, paripekshya mein gramin rajneetik
Rastrasanth Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur parivartan mein aarakshan ki bhumika
University, ‘Evaluation of Human ka vishleshanatmak adhyaan (Muzaffar
Rights Development in Naxal Affected Nagar jile ke vishesh sandharbh mein’,
Tribal Area-A special reference of ` 5,60,000/-.
Gondia District 2012-2015’, ` 4,00,000/-.
43. Dr. Satya Prakash, NT Degree College,
37. Dr. Dadashaheb Ambadas, M.S.S. Seidnagli, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh,
Art, Commerce and Science College, ‘Historical Study of Challenges and
Beed, Maharastra, ‘A Study of Socio- Direction Condition of Dalit Societies
Economic Impact of Govt Social in India-in Modern Context Special
Welfare Programme on SC, ST, Reference to Varanasi District’,
Minorities and Other Backward Class ` 4,00,000/-.
in Rural Areas of marathwada Region’, 44. Dr. Om Prakash Bharatiya, Banaras
` 8,00,000/-. Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar
Pradesh, ‘Gramin Vikas mein Ambedkar
38. Dr. C. Giribabu, KKC Institute of
Gram Vikas Yojana ka Prabhav: ek
Post Graduate Studies (KIPS), Andhra
Samajvaigyanik Adhyayan’,` 6,40,000/-.
Pradesh, ‘Study on Impact of Forest
Rights Act 2006 on Scheduled Tribes in 45. Dr. Vimal Kumar Lahari, Banaras Hindu
Andhra Pradesh (Residuary State)’, University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh,
` 6,40,000/-. ‘Vridh Shodh Pariyojna bhejne ke
sandharbh mein’, ` 800,000/-.
39. Dr. Jeet Singh, Government Girls PG
College, Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, ‘In 46. Dr. Ramesh, University of Mysore,
Future Security of Women: A Challenge Manasagangothri, Karnataka, ‘A Socio-
(Increase Cases against women in Economic and legal Status of the Street
Uttar Pradesh on physcological and Vendors- A case study of Karnataka’,
sociological research’, ` 4, 80,000/-. ` 4,80,000/-.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

47. Dr. Meera Manjul, H.P. University, 54. Dr. Chandra Pal, Vijay Singh Pathik
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, ‘Family Institute of Law, Gautambudh Nagar,
Violence: Social Psychological Uttar Pradesh, ‘Dr. Ambedkar ka
Dynamics and Societal Response’, Dharmantaran evam Dalit Uthhaan: ek
` 4,00,000/-. visleshnatmak Adhyayan’, ` 6,40,000/-.

48. Dr. Rajesh Shastri, Motilal Nehru 55. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, R.J. Mahavidhyalaya,
National Instiute of Technology, Raipur, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Samajik
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, ‘A Study on Upeksha ka Shikar Tejaab Peedit (Acid
role of NGO in Capacity Building & Attack) Mahilayen’, ` 4,00,000/-
Social Mobilization of rural people:
with special reference to Uttar 56. Dr. Suman, H.No-12, Shikshak Niwas
Pradesh’, ` 4,00,000/-. Boundary Road, Meerut College
Campus, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Ethnic
49. Dr. K. Suriyan, Bharathidasan Conflict of Assam and Indian: An
University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, Analytical Study’, ` 6,40,000/-.
‘A Study on Dalit Exclusion in Tamil
Nadu’, ` 6,40,000/-. 57. Dr. Subhash Chand, Ch.Charan Singh
University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,
50. Dr. K. Jayaraman, Bharathidasan ‘Panchayti Raj Vyavastha mein
University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, anusuchit jati mahilaon ki bhumika ka
‘Problems Encountered by the SC/ST ek vishleshantmak Adhyayan (Paschimi
Students of Alcholic Parents in Tamil Uttar Pradesh ke sandharbh mein)’,
Nadu State’, ` 6, 40,000/-. ` 3,20,000/-.

51. Dr. Vineet Kumar, Ch. Jeevan Singh 58. Dr. Bhavana Verma, Mahatma Gandhi
Memorial Mahavidhyala Sayrol, Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, Uttar
Tappal, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Pradesh, ‘An Assessment of Status of
‘Aadhunik Bharat mein asparshyta the Adolescent Girls in Rural Areas
(achuton mein achut samajhe jane of District Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh’,
wale bhangi jaati ke vishesh sandharbh ` 6,40,000/-.
mein)’, ` 5,60,000/-.
59. Dr. Ramesh M.N, Rani
52. Dr. Seema, Shri Ragunath Singh Chennamma University, Vidyasangama,
Mahvidhyala, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Bhootaramanhatti, Belagavi, Karanataka,
‘Kashmir mein yuvaon mein badti ‘Empowerment of Dalit women
drugs ki latt: ek manovaigyanik va through Political Participation and
samajik adhayayn’, ` 4,80,000/-. Education-A Study on Karnataka State
Rural District’, ` 5,60,000/-.
53. Dr. Meenakshi Devi, Shaheed Bhagat
Singh Girls Degree College, Meerut, 60. Dr. Virender Kumar, Ch. Bharat Singh
Uttar Pradesh, ‘Bharat mein manav DAV Mahavidyalay Jhabera, Haridwar,
taskari: ek visleshnatmak Adhyayan’, Uttrakhand, ‘Malin Basti ki mahilayen
` 4,80,000/-. aur apraadh’, ` 4,00,000/-.

61. Dr. Poonam, Shahed Bhagat Singh Education by School Teachers and
Girls Degree College, Meerut, Students’, ` 8,00,000/-.
Uttar Pradesh, ‘Parvatiya shetra ki
mahilaen ek chunautipurn bhumika 68. Mr. Dhiliphan Kumar M, Sakthi Institute
mein’, ` 5,60,000/-. of Information and Management
Studies, Tuticorin, Coimbatore, Tamil
62. Dr. Indrajeet Singh, DPM Institute Nadu, ‘A Study on education status of
of Education, Meerut, Uttar Tribal Children with special referance
Pradesh, ‘Mahila Shashaktikaran aur to Nilgris District, Tamil Nadu’,
sarkshantamak vibhed ki avaddharna’, ` 6, 40,000/-.
` 4,00,000/-.
69. Dr. Krishniah, Institute of Advanced
63. Dr. D. Parimala, University of Delhi, Studies in Education, R.V. Teachers
Delhi, ‘Study on Status of Scheduled College, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, ‘Effect
Caste Women in Delhi: Educational of Two Years B.Ed course on Socio-
Empowerment and Challenges’, Psychological factors among B.Ed
` 4,80,000/-. trainees of Bangalore University’,
` 6,40,000/-.
64. Dr. Srinivas Goli, School of Social
Sciences (SSS), Jawaharlal Nehru 70. Dr. Vineeta Kumari, M.P. Govt. Degree
University, New Delhi, ‘Understanding College, Sikandara Road, Hathras, Uttar
Pregnancy, Nutrition and Health Care Pradesh, ‘A Study of Academic Interest,
among Women in Rural Areas and Urban Academic Achievement and Creativity
Slums of Uttar Pradesh: A Longitudinal of Adolescents in relation to their
Study’, ` 10,00,000/-. parental pressure for achievement in
school’, ` 6,40,000/-.
65. Dr. Jai Prabhakar, Centre for Multi-
Disciplinary Development Research 71. Dr. Milind A. Sawai, Dr. Ambedkar
(CMDR), Karnataka, ‘Performance of College of Social Work, Wardha,
Scheduled Castes in Higher Education: Maharashtra, ‘A Study of Experiences of
Is there a Nexus between Inclusion SC/ST Students in Campus Environment
and Outcomes in Karnataka ?’, with Special Reference of Medical,
` 10,00,000/-. Engineering and Pharmaceutical
Institutions in Vidharbha of State of
66. Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera, KIIT Maharashtra’, ` 10,00,000/-.
University, Bhubneshwar, Odisha,
‘Literacy in Promoting Empowerment 72. Dr. Sushil Kumar, Atarra Degree College,
among the Tribal Women: A case study Banda, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Muslim Samaj
of Odisha’, ` 5,60,000/-. mein Mahilaon ki Shaikshik Sthiti ka
Vishleshatmak Adhyayan’, ` 6,40,000/-.
67. Dr. Birbal Saha, Sidho-Kanho-
Birsa University, Purulia, West 73. Dr. M Manjula, NIMHANS, Bengaluru,
Bengal, ‘Perception of Total Quality Karnataka, ‘Mental Health Literacy
Management Practice in Secondary on Youth Depression and Suicides

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

for Teachers: Impact on Knowledge, Shahjanpur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,

Attitudes, facilitating support and help ‘Bhartiye rajnitik vyayvastha evam
seeking’, ` 3,20,000/-. naksalvaadi samasya se sulagta Bharat
(U.P rajye ke Mirjapur aur sonbhadra
74. Dr. L.N. Bunker, J.N.V. University, chayenit jilo ke vishesh sandarbh
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, ‘Social Anxiety, mein’, ` 3,20,000/-.
Relationship, Mental Health and
personality factors of Adivasi 81. Dr. Kunwar Pal Singh, C.C.S University,
(Tribes) Adolescents of South Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Panchayati
Rajasthan’, ` 5,60,000/-. rajvyavastha mein mahilayon ki
sahbhagita (uttar pradesh ke meerut
75. Dr. Shanmukh Vasant Kamble, Karnatak aur hapur janpad ke vishesh sandarbh
University, Dharwad, Maharashtra, mein)’, ` 3,20,000/-.
‘Work Book Intervention to Promote
Forgiveness, Humility, Patience, Self 82. Dr. M. Sugirtha, Annamalai University,
Control & Positivity’, ` 4,00,000/-. Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, ‘Atrocitites
against Dalits in Tamil Nadu: An
76. Dr. Prakash Veer Dahiya, Satyawati Etiological Study of Social, Economic
College, University of Delhi, Delhi, and Political Reasons’, ` 6,40,000/-.
‘Rajnaitik Sahbhagita mein social
media ki bhumika: ek Alochnatmak 83. Mr. Anand Prakash Bhele, Dr. Ambedkar
adhyayan’, ` 4,00,000/-. College of Social Work, Wardha,
Maharashtra, ‘A Study of Social and
77. Dr. S P Mathur, Ch. Jeevan Singh Poliltical Empowerment of Dalit's
Memorial Mahavidhyala, Uttar Pradesh, Through Local Self Governance with
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Janjatiye Special Reference to Eastern Vidharbha
shetro mein Mahatma Gandhi Gramin of Maharashtra’, ` 3,20,000/-.
Rozgar Garranty Yojna ka Kriyanvyan’,
` 5,60,000/-. 84. Dr. Manish Kumar, Swami Shraddhanand
College, University of Delhi, Alipur,
78. Dr. Ishani Naskar, Centre for Studies Delhi, ‘Mapping Electoral Behaviour
in International Relations and in Reserved Constituencies: A
Development (CSIRD), Kolkata, West Study of Bihar Assembly Elections’,
Bengal, ‘Mausam: Revitalizing India's ` 5,60,000/-.
cultural engagement with south-east
asia’, ` 3,20,000/-. 85. Dr. Hemlata Gautam, Chaudhary Bharat
Singh D.A.V. Degree College, Jhabrera
79. Dr. Seema Malik, Utkal University, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, ‘Digital India
Bhubneshwar, Odisha, ‘Land aur Sushasan: ek Vishleshnatmak
Alienation and threats to livelihoods: Adhyayan’, ` 4,00,000/-.
Understanding rural poverty in India’,
` 4,00,000/-. 86. Dr. Rambir Singh, Shri Ragunath
Singh Mahvidhyalaya, Agra, Uttar
80. Dr. Kuldeep, Bhawani Degree College, Pradesh, ‘Bhumi Adhigrahan bill aur

kisaan: ek Samajik avam aarthik Maharashtra, ‘A Study of atrocities
avlokan’, ` 4,00,000/-. against Scheduled Caste & Scheduled
Tribes in Maharashtra’, ` 3,20,000/-.
87. Dr. Monika, I.N.M. (P.G) College,
Meerut, C.C.S University, Meerut, Uttar 94. Dr. M.D. Allen Selva Kumar, University
Pradesh, ‘Denotified Nomadic and Semi of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
Nomadic Tribes: The Challenge of free ‘Traditional Practices of Child Protection
and equal citizenship: An Analytical in Tribal Community: A Criminological
Study’, ` 4,00,000/-. Approach in the Nilgiris District of
Tamil Nadu’, ` 4,00,000/-.
88. Dr. Lokesh Kumar Chandel, University
of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘Bharat 95. Dr. Vimal Kumar, Ch. Jeevan Singh
mein Gair Congressvaad, Dr. Lohiya ki Memorial Mahavidhyalaya, Aligarh,
bhumika: ek Adhyayan’, ` 3,00,000/-. Uttar Pradesh, ‘Crime in Rural
Environment and Role of Police (in
89. Dr. Premlata, Lajpat Rai College, Special Reference of Uttar Pradesh)’,
Sahibabad, Ghaziabad,Uttar Pradesh, ` 4,00,000/-.
‘Legal Awareness among women in
Western Uttar Pradesh -An Analytical 96. Dr. Amal Mandal, Tufanganj College,
Study’, ` 4,00,000/-. West Bengal, ‘Employment Gurantee
and Governance Gaffe: Appraisal of
90. Dr. Ashok Kumar Gautam, Shri K.L. the Creaks and Course of MGNREGA’,
Shastri Girls Degree College, Agra, ` 6,40,000/-.
Uttar Pradesh, ‘Sampradayik Samasaya
se sulagta Bharat aur Social Media: 97. Dr. Pitam Singh, Motilal Nehru National
ek Vishleshnatmak Adhyayan’, ` Institute of Technology, Allahabad,
4,00,000/-. Uttar Pradesh, ‘Social Priority Based
Urban Road Transport System using
91. Dr. Seema Mathur, Maharaja Agrasen GID and DEA: Performance Assessment
College, University of Delhi, Delhi, and Designing for Major Cities of Uttar
‘Political Participation of Dalit Women Pradesh (India)’, ` 6,40,000/-.
Elected Representatives (DWERs) in
Local Governance: A Selected Study in 98. Dr. Omveer Singh, Gayatri
India’, ` 3,20,000/-. Mahavidyalaya, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
‘Kisano mein Badti Atmahatya ki
92. Dr. S. Ram Doss, University of Madras, Samasya: ek Manovegyanik evam
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, ‘Probation-Is it Samajik Adhyayan’, ` 5,60,000/-.
a Viable Alternative to Imprisonment
in India? An Empirical Study on the 99. Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Meerut College,
Impact of Probationery System among Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Diversification
the Pronationers and Probation Officers in Agricultural through Farmer Drive
in Tamil Nadu’, ` 6,40,000/-. Experimental-An analytical study of
Uttar Pradesh’, ` 6,40,000/-.
93. Dr. Wagh Sandesh Madhvarao,
University of Mumbai, Mumbai, 100. Dr. Balkrishna Champat Vaidya,

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Organization and Disarmament School Vyavhaar va samajik jeevan per social

of International Studies, Jawaharlal media ka prabhav: ek Vishlesanatmak
Nehru University, New Delhi, adhyayan’, ` 10,00,000/-.
‘Development of Eco-Tourism Strategy
107. Dr. D Rajshekhar, AMET University,
and Tourist Information System (TIS)
Kanathur, Chennai, ‘Women on Board of
in Raigod District Using RS and GIS
Directors and their Impact on Corporate
Techniques’, ` 10,00,000/-.
Social Responsibility’, ` 10,00,000/-
Dr. Asha Meshram, Gayatri 108. Prof. D. Chennappa,Osmania University,
Mahavidyala, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Jal Hyderabad, ‘Analysing the Public
Pradushan evam swasthay sambandhi Health Policy of India and Adoptability
samasyaein: ek badi Chunauti’, of the Obama Health Care Policy in
` 5,60,000/-. India’, ` 9,50,000/-.
102. Dr. Santoshi Halder, Universtiy of 109. Dr. Bishnu Charan Nag, Motilal Nehru
Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal, College, University of Delhi, ‘A Study
‘Exploring the probable prenatal, on Imlementation of Reservation in
perinatal and postnatal Maternal Risk Public and Private Sectors: Challenges
Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorder’, and Prospects’, ` 8,50,000/-.
` 10,00,000/-.
110. Dr. Yogita Rawte, Rani Durgavati
103. Dr. Keshao Shankar Patil, Tirpude University, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh,
College of Social Work, Nagpur, ‘Gramin Kshetron mein nivasrat dalit
Maharashtra, ‘Socio-Cultural, Ecological varg ke utthaan hetu shaasan dwara
and Epidermiological Status of Malaria sanchalit kalyankari yojanaon ki
Affected Tribal in Gadchiroli District of bhumika (madhya pradesh rajya ke
Maharashtra State’, ` 10,00,000/-. Jabalpur ke vishesh sandarbh mein’,
` 8,00,000/-.
104. Dr. T. Deivasigamani, Annamalai
111. Dr. K. Suriyan, Bharathidasan University,
University, Tamil Nadu, ‘Atrocities
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, ‘A Study
on Women as Expounded in Dalit
on Dalit Exclusion in Tamil Nadu’,
Literature of Tamil Nadu and
` 6,40,000/-.
Puducherry’, ` 4,80,000/-.
112. Dr. Virendra B. Shahare, Jamia Millia
105. Dr. Pawan Kumar, Shaheed Bhagat Islamia, Delhi, ‘Governance, Growth,
Singh Girls Degree College, Sardhna, Access and Equity: A Study on School
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Media: Education of Scheduled Caste Children
ek Chunautipurn Bhumika mein’, in Rajasthan’, ` 9,00, 000/-.
` 10,00,000/-.
113. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Kurukshetra
106. Dr. Shipra Singh, Chaudhary Bharat University, Haryana, ‘Welfare policies,
Singh D.A.V. Degree College, Jhabrera programmes and schemes for scheduled
Haridwar, Uttrakhand, ‘Chatron ke castes in Haryana: A Study’,`10,00,000/-.

114. Dr. Anil P. Dongre, North Maharashtra, 5. Dr. Soma Singh Munda, Jharkhand
University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, Tribal Research Institute Morhabadi,
‘Gender Empowerment Measures: A Ranchi, Jharkhand, ‘The Existing
Study of Jalgaon District’, ` 9,00,000/-. Status of Child Labour in the mica-belt
of Koderma-Giridih of Jharkhand &
115. Dr. Kameshwar Prasad, Nava Nalanda Nawada of Bihar: Challenges & Way
Mahavihara, Nalanda, Ministry of forward in the context of Millennium
Culture, Bihar, ‘Bharat ke sarvangin Development Goals (MDGs)’,
vikas mein dalito ka yogdan’, ` 7,20,000/-.
` 10,00,000/-.
6. Dr. Sunil Kalai, Dept. of Journalism
Category: Schedule Tribes (ST) and Mass Communication, Tripura
University, Agartala, Tripura, ‘A
1. Dr. Nidheesh K. B., Dept. of Commerce,
Study on Socio-economic issues and
Pondicherry University, Puducherry,
challenges of the Kalai tribe in Tripura’,
‘A Comparative Analysis of the Socio-
` 8,00,000/-.
Economic Contributions of Public and
Private Party Sponsored SEZ in India’, 7. Dr. Gomo Karbak, Donyi-Polo
` 4,80,000/-. Government College, Kamki West Siang
District, Arunachal Pradesh, ‘Tribe in
2. Dr. Abhilash T, Centre for the Study Transition: A Study of memba Tribe of
of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Arunachal Pradesh’, ` 5,60,000/-.
Policy, Pune, Maharashtra, ‘Socio-
Economic Inclusion of Particularly 8. Dr. Arvind Shah Barkade, Shri Shri L.N.
Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) in Govt. Pench Valley College, Parasla,
Kerala: A Case Study of Kattunayakan, District, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh,
Cholanaikayan, Kurumbas, Kadar and ‘Bega tribal's cost of economic
Koraga Communities’, ` 8,00,000/-. development role of the government-
run welfare schemes’, ` 4,80,000/-.
3. Dr. Keshab Basumatary, Dept. of
Economics, Bodoland University, 9. Dr. Nister Kujur, Pt. Ravishankar
Kokrajhar, West Bengal, ‘Human Shukla University, Raipur, Chattisgarh,
Development and Deprivation in ‘Vikas Pariyojna aur janjaati visthapan
BTAD’, ` 6,00,000/-. punarvaas: ek samaj Vaigyanik ke
Adhyayan’, ` 5,60,000/-.
4. Dr. Prabhuling Tevari, Agricultural
Research Station, Adoni Road, 10. Dr. Prashant Vishnu Sonwane, Dept. of
Siruguppa, Karnataka, ‘Climate Change Sociology, School of Social Science,
Induced Cropping Pattern and its Impact North Mahrashtra University, Jalgaon,
on Migration of Socially Backward Mahrashtra, ‘Tribal Elderly Women and
Class Farmers of Hyderabad Karnataka their Health- A Sociological Study (with
Region - An Economic Evaluation’, special reference to Nandurbar and
` 10,00,000/-. Jalgaon District)’, ` 8,00,000/-.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

11. Dr. Poonam Singh Kharwar, Faculty of Kohlapur, Mahrashtra, ‘Development

Education, Banaras Hindu University, of ICT Teaching Skill Programme in
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Study of Mathematics in Teacher Education’,
general health, education and socio- ` 6,00,000/-.
economic status of scheduled tribes in
eastern UP’, ` 10,00,000/-. 18. Dr. Sunil Kumar Kumeti, School of
Studies in Economics, Pt. Ravishankar
12. Dr. Kamei Beeju, Indira Gandhi Shukla University, Raipur, Chhatisgarh,
National Tribal University, Regional ‘Raipur nagar nigam dwara parivaron
Campus, Manipur (Adimjati Complex), ko moolbhut sevaon ki uplabdhata ka
Chingmeirong - Imphal, Manipur, aarthik Adhyayan’, ` 2,50,000/-.
‘Women Street Vendors and Livelihood
Implications among the Zeliangrong 19. Dr. Kh. Ringsuachong Aimol, Dept.
Nagas in Manipur’, ` 10,00,000/-. of Human Development and Family
Studies, College of Home Science,
13. Prof. Nenivath T.K. Naik, Dean of Central Agricultural University, Tura,
Examinations (PG & UG), Rayalaseema Meghalaya, ‘Assessing the Effectiveness
University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, of Non formal Pre-school Education
‘Impact of self help groups on women Provided at Anganwadi Centres of ICDS
empowerment in Andhra Pradesh’, in Meghalaya-An Evaluation Study’,
` 4,00,000/-. ` 6,80,000/-.

14. Dr. Nagaraja S, Dept. of Studies 20. Dr. Khuollien Gangte, RK Sanatombi
and Research in Sociology, Tumkur Devi College of Education, Imphal,
University, Karnataka, ‘Status of Tribal Manipur, ‘Role of Modern Education
Women in Panchayat Raj: Institutions on the Discriminative Impacts of AIDS
with Special reference to Tumkur and HIV Infected Persons in Manipur’,
District of Karanataka A Sociological ` 5,60,000/-.
Analysis’, ` 4,80,000/-.
21. Dr. Rimai Joy, North East Tribal
15. Dr. Satya Narayan Munda, Dharti Research Centre (NETRC) Ardent
Foundation, Rohini, New Delhi, ‘Status Foundation, West Ukhrul District,
of Right to Education (RTE) Act-2009 in Manipur, ‘Detail Study on Access,
Tribal Dominated Areas of BIMAROU Equity and Quality of Basic Primary
States’, ` 10,00,000/-. Education among the Tribal Population
of Manipur, North East India’,
16. Dr. Ram Narain Meena, 9, Mahveer ` 5,60,000/-.
Nagar, Badh Karolan, Jaipur, Rajasthan,
‘State and private schools of the 22. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Department of
comparative efficiency of elementary Defence Studies, Meerut, College,
education’, ` 8,00,000/-. Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Strategic
Implications of North-East Region and
17. Dr. Naik Tarsing Bhoga, Shree Maharani India Look East Policy: An Anaytical
Tarabai Govt. College of Education, Study’, ` 4,80,000/-.

23. Dr. Deepak Santoshrao Magarde, 29. Dr. K.C. Lalmalsawmzauva, Department
C/o Prof. Ganesh Gadekar, Dr. of Geography, Mizoram University,
Panjabrao Deshmukh Colony, Wardha, Aizawl, Mizoram, ‘Developmental
Maharashtra, ‘A Study of Contribution Factors Influencing Health Seeeking
of Women in Rural Development Behaviour in Mizoram’, ` 10,00,000/-.
through Panchayati Raj with Special
Reference to Wardha District of 30. Dr. Tage Habung, Government
Maharashtra State’, ` 4,00,000/-, College, Doimukh, Arunachal Pradesh,
‘Socio-Cultural History of Dzongs of
24. Dr. Hanumanthappa, PG Dept. of the Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh’,
Political Science, School of Social ` 8,00,000/-.
Sciences, Rani Channamma University,
Belagavi, Karnataka, ‘E-Governance in 31. Dr. Santu Ram Kashyap, S.O.S in Library
Rural India (A case Study of Nammadi & Information Science, Pt. Ravishankar
Atalji Jansnehi Kendra of Karnataka)’, Shukla University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh,
` 4,80,000/-. ‘Mahavidyalaya kala, samajik vigyan
and vigyan ke vidhyarthiyon dwara
25. Dr. Nakal Singh Naure, Government electronic sansadhno ka upyog: ek
Higher Seccondary School, Dhanegaon, tulnatmak Adhyayan’, ` 1,50,000/-.
Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh,
‘Changing Face and Proceeding of Lok 32. Dr. R.K. Ngurtinkhuma, Dept. of
Sabha (Comparative Study of 7th & Library & Information Science,
15th Lok Sabha)’, ` 10,00,000/-. Mizoram University, Aizawl, Mizoram,
‘Documentation of Mizo Literature
26. Dr. Tsetan Namgyal, School of during 1991-2015: Subject-Wise
International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru entry by Harvard Style with Abstract’,
University, New Delhi, ‘Buddhism ` 4,00,000/-.
as a key pardigm in India and Tibet
Relations: Understanding the Dimension 33. Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Govt. Arts and
of Indo-Tibetan Studies’, ` 4,80,000/-. Commerce College, Jadar, Gujarat,
‘Marriage Songs of Dungri Garasia
27. Dr. Babita Devi, Dept. of Law, Panjab Tribal Society in Sabarkantha District of
University, Chandigarh, Punjab, ‘Sexual Gujarat State’, ` 2,00,000/-.
Harassment of women at workplace
with special reference to Educational 34. Dr. V. Ramakoti, Dept. of Hindi,
Institutions in Chandigarh’, ` 3,50,000/-. Abhyudaya Oriental College, Jiyaguda,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,
28. Dr. Sujata Deori, Department of ‘Exploration of language, Litrature and
Geography, North Gauhati College, Culture of Indian Banjaras (Bharatiya
Assam, ‘An Assessment of Eri Silk Banjaron ki Bhasha-Sahitya evam
(samia cynthia ricini) production and Sanskriti ka Anveshan)’, ` 5,60,000/-.
its impact on Community livelihood
in Brahmaputra valley of Assam’, 35. Dr. Brajendra Singh Meena, Division
` 10,00,000/-. of Dairy Extension, National Dairy

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana, Organization (VDSSO), Anantapur,

‘Social Perspective of Degrarianization Andhra Pradesh, ‘A Study on Impact
and its Effect on Livelihood Security of MGNREGA on Socio-Economic
of Farming Community in Punjab’, Development of Marginalised Social
` 10,00,000/-. Groups in Rayalaseema Region of
Andhra Pradesh’, ` 10,00,000/-.
36. Dr. Ranjit Kaman, Dept. of History,
Chaiduar College, Sonitpur, Assam, 42. Dr. Venkatesh, Department of
‘Economic and social issues confronting Social Exclusion Studies, School of
the marginalized social group of Interdisciplinary Studies, The English
Assam: A Study on the Mising Tribe of and Foreign Languages University,
Brahmaputra Valley’, ` 8,00,000/-. Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Right to
Development and Scheduled Tribe Sub-
37. Dr. Zokaitluangi, Dept. of Psychology, Plan: The Case of Telangana State’,
Mizoram University, Aizawl, ` 10,00,000/-.
Mizoram, ‘The root cause of rape:
A psychological study in Mizoram’, 43. Dr. Yashaswini B, Dept. of Social
` 10,00,000/-. Work, Mangalore University,
Mangalgangothri, Karnataka, ‘A
38. Dr. Sivasankar V, PG & Research Dept.
study to assess the socio-cultural and
of Economics, Muthurangam Govt Arts
political dimensions and the underlying
College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, ‘A case
vulnerability, discrimination and social
study of tannery effluent and its impact
exclusion of transgender in Karnataka’,
on agrarian communities in Vellore
` 10,00,000/-.
district of Tamil Nadu’, ` 10,00,000/-.
44. Dr. G.S. Venumadhava, Co-ordinator
39. Dr. N. Maruti Rao, PG Dept.
I/C, Dept. of Studies in Criminology and
of Business Administration, Rani
Forensic Science, Karnatak University,
Channamma University, Belagavi,
Dharwad, Karnataka, ‘Masculinity &
Karnataka, ‘Social Inclusion of
violence against women in marriage:
Karnataka's higher education -
An exploratory study in Karnataka’,
Measuring degree of access and
` 10,00,000/-.
equity’, ` 10,00,000/-.

40. Dr. Nabor Soreng, National Institute

Research Projects Sanctioned
of Social Work and Social Sciences, (Sponsored)
Bhubneshwar, Odisha, ‘A study on Category: General
bartan system (jajamani system) and
striving for social dignity: Special 1. Prof. Srijit Mishra, Director, NKC Centre
reference to the barbers and washer for Development Studies, Bhubneshwar,
men in Odisha’, ` 10,00,000/-. Odisha, ‘Analysing poverty change in
India: Decomposition, inclusiveness
41. Dr. M. Parusuram Naik, Village and multidimensional nutritional
Development Social Service deprivation’, ` 15,00,000/-.

2. Dr. Amrita Datta, Associate Fellow, and Administration (NUEPA), 17-
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NIDM Building, 3rd Floor, IIPA ‘State Policies in Higher Education:
Campus, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi, Policy Evolution on Critical Aspects’,
‘Poverty, Migration and development in ` 25,00,000/-.
rural Bihar 1981-2015’, ` 18,00,000/-.
8. Prof. Sudha Pai, Indian Institute of
3. Dr. Smita Sirohi, Principal Scientist Dalit Studies, New Delhi, ‘Caste and
(Agri. Economics), Division of Dairy religion-based discrimination in
Economics, Statistics and Management, India's business economy: A study of
National Dairy Research Institute, UP and Bihar’, ` 30,00,000/-.
Karnal, Haryana, ‘Risk and vulnerability
analysis of rural farm households in 9. Dr. Kailash Chandra Biswal, North-
drought prone and coastal regions of Eastern Hill University, Dept. of
India’, ` 25,00,000/-. Management, Tura Campus, Tura,
Meghalaya, ‘An evaluation of micro
4. Prof. M. Sultan Bhat, Director, finance scheme in Garo hills of
Department of Geography & Regional Meghalaya (A study on select self-
Development, University of Kashmir, help groups in three districts of Garo
Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, ‘Dynamics Hills)’,` 15,00,000/-.
of Cropping Pattern and its Implications
on Food Security of Jammu & 10. Dr. Arnab Das, Department of
Kashmir: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis’, Anthropology, University of Calcutta,
` 25,00,000/-. 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata,
‘The Structures and Agencies in the
5. Prof. N.R. Bhanumurthy, National Life of Certain Marginalised Tribes of
Institute of Public Finance and Policy West Bengal, Jharkhand and Odisha:
(NIPFP), 18/2, Satsang Vihar Marg, An Interdisciplinary and Participatory
Special Institutional Area, New Delhi, Action Research with Focus on Social,
‘Financial globalisation and economic Economic and Development Issues’,
growth: An empirical investigation for ` 15,00,000/-.
south Asia’, ` 20,00,000/-
11. Prof. GP Thakur, Honorary Director,
6. Prof. R.K. Mishra, Institute of Public Centre for Advance Research on
Enterprise, Osmania University Development and Change (CARDC,)
Campus, Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Study 62 Qutab View Apartment, Shaheed
on Corporate Social Responsibility in Jeet Singh Marg; New Delhi, ‘Social
Hazardous Sector (With Reference to Psychology of marginalization and
Mining, Oil and Gas Sector in India)’, exclusion: A Study of Dom and Mushar
` 25,00,000/-. Community in Bihar’, ` 15,00,000/-.

7. Dr. A. Mathew, Fellow, National 12. Dr. Anindya Sekar Purakayastha,

University of Educational Planning Kazi Nazrul University, Nazrul Road,

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Asansol, West Bengal, ‘New Social 18. Dr. RP Pradhan, Dept. of Humanities &
Movements, Media & Civil Society Social Sciences, BITS Pilani, KK Birla
in Contemporary India: Paradigm Goa, Campus, Zuarinagar, Goa, ‘Agenda
Shifts in Public Protest and Political 2020: India’s maritime infrastructure,
Mobilisation’, ` 21,00,000/-. governance and naval diplomacy’,
` 15,00,000/-.
13. Dr. M.P. Ram Mohan, TERI University,
10 Institutional Area, Vasant Kunj, 19. Dr. Aseem Prakash, Chairperson,
New Delhi, ‘Impact analysis of the School of Public Policy & Governance,
Arunachal Pradesh Panchayati Raj Act,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Roda
1997 on traditional institutions in the
Mistry College of Social Work Campus,
state: A case study of two districts
Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Muslim as
of Papum Pare and East Kemang’,
` 15,00,000/-. owners of capital in urban India: A
continuum of inclusion and exclusion’,
14. Prof. Manish K Jha, Dean, School ` 20,00,000/-.
of Social Work, Tata Institute of
Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai, 20. Dr. Sudha Narayanan, Indira Gandhi
‘Experience, aspirations and struggles: Institute of Development Research
A Study of new middle class in four (IGIDR), Mumbai, Maharashtra, ‘Small
Indian cities’, ` 25,00,000/-. Holders in Peri-urban Agriculture: To
What Extent Do Inclusion Modern
15. Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy, Centre for Supply Chains Aid their Survival’,
Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru ` 28,00,000/-.
University, New Delhi, ‘Democracy
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politics’, ` 27,00,000/-. Economics, Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi & Prof. Nisha Srivastava,
16. Dr. Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit,
Allahabad Universtiy, Allahabad, Uttar
Savitribai Phule Pune University,
Ganeshkhind, Pune, Maharashtra, Pradesh, ‘Rural Transformation and
‘Connectivity and Asian Architecture of Changes in Living in not so Dynamic
Power: India’s Look East Policy (LEP) States of India’, ` 20,00,000/-.
to Look East and Act Policy (LEAP)
22. Dr. Asif Hussain, Govt. P.G. College,
with Special Reference to Mayanmar
and Thailand’ ,` 21,00,000/-. Banswara Road, Pratapgarh, Rajasthan,
‘Archaeological and Historical survey
17. Dr. Gyan Ranjan Panda, Dept. of of South East Rajasthan (with special
Public Policy, Law and Governance, reference to Chittorgarh and Pratapgarh
Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer, District’,) ` 15,00,000/-.
Rajasthan, ‘The Comparative Study
of International Political Economy 23. Prof. Manoj Kumar, Director, MGFG
Perspectives of Financing the Clean Centre for Social Work, Mahatma Gandhi
Energy Sector in Select Countries (India, Antarashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya,
China and Brazil)’, ` 20,00,000/-. Wardha, Gandhi Hills, Maharashtra,

‘Nation vs Narratives: Nationalism in 30. Dr. Chaiti Sharma Biswas, Associate
21st Century (in Special Context of Scientist, Economic Research Unit,
Cultural Nationalism’, ` 18,00,000/-. Indian Statistical Institute, 203, BT
Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, ‘Gender
24. Dr. S Anandhi, Madras Institute violence in India: Its roots, nature and
of Development Studies, Chennai, extent’, ` 18,00,000/-.
Tamil Nadu, ‘Exhuming humanist
alternatives: Re-entering craft in 31. Dr. Bimal Kishore Sahoo, Indian
education and beyond’, ` 20,00,000/-. Institute of Technology Kharagpur,
Khargapur, West Bengal, ‘Non-
25. Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharjee, Inclusive
agricultural employment in Odisha:
Media for Change, Centre for Study
trends, patterns and determinants’,
of Developing Societies (CSDS), 29
` 18,00,000/-.
Rajpur Road, Delhi,‘Exploring a design
structure for a media regulator for 32. Dr. Dipika Basu, Department of
India: Drawing from the EU and UK Economics, West Bengal State University,
bodies’, ` 20,00,000/-. Barasat,Kolkata,WestBengal, ‘Problems
and Prospects of Production and
26. Dr. Nutankumar S. Thingujam,
Department of Psychology, Sikkim Marketing of Vegetables, Fruits and
University, Tadong, Sikkim, ‘Emotion Flowers in West Bengal: Context of
Regulation in North East Indian Young Agrarian Distress’, ` 18,00,000/-.
Adults’, ` 20,00,000/-. 33. Dr. Arun Kumar Misra, Vinod Gupta
27. Dr. Amruta S Oke, Modern College of School of Management, Indian Institute
Arts, Science and Commerce, Shivaji of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal,
Nagar, Pune, ‘Emotional Intelligence ‘Globalization and Competition:
among Adolescents: Tool Development A Cluster Approach for Enhancing
and Enhancement through Training and Competitive Advantage for Small and
Study of Correlates’, ` 17,00,000/- Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in
India’, ` 16,00,000/-.
28. Dr. Kanchan Mathur, Institute of
Development Studies, 8B Jhalana 34. Dr. P. Saravanan, Associate Prof. of
Institutional Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Finance and Accounting, RGIIM Shillong,
‘Labelling Women as Witches: Shillong, Meghayala, ‘Effectiveness of
A Multi State Study of Impact of independent directors in the board of
Policy Intervention and Strategies’, directors - An empirical investigation
` 20,00,000/-. of Indian Firms’, ` 18,00,000/-.

29. Dr. Mala Mukherjee, Indian Institute 35. Dr. Pradeep S. Chauhan, Department
of Dalit Studies, D-II/1, Road No 4, of Economics, Kurukshetra University,
Andrews Ganj, New Delhi, ‘North East Kurukshetra, Haryana, ‘The Multi-
Women in Delhi: Discrimination and Dimensional Analysis of Social
vulnerabilities’, ` 25,00,000/-. Exclusion in Haryana’, ` 15,00,000/-.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

36. Dr. Ajay Kumar Naik, Indian Institute 42. Dr. Suresh R, Department of Political
of Dalit Studies, D-II/1, Road No 4, Science, University of Kerala,
Andrews Ganj, New Delhi, ‘Religion Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, ‘The
based discrimination in the urban Coastal Security of India: A Study on
market economy’, ` 20,00,000/-. the Role of Coastal Community, Kerala’,
` 15,00,000/-.
37. Prof. S. Madheswaran, Centre for
Economic Studies and Policy, Institute 43. Dr. Kala Seetharam Sridhar, Centre for
for Social and Economic Change, Research in Urban Affairs (CRUA),
Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru, ‘Deciphering Institute for Social and Economic
Caste Discrimination in the Indian Change, Dr. VKRV Rao Road,
Urban Labour Market: Estimating Wage Nagarabhavi, Bengaluru, Karnataka,
and Employment Discrimination’, ‘Will Bengaluru Become Smart or
` 17,00,000/-. Liveable?’ ` 15,00,000/-.

38. Dr. Devaki Nambiar, Research Scientist, 44. Dr. Santadas Ghosh, Dept. of
Public Health Foundation of India, Economics & Politics, Vishva-Bharati
Gurgaon Institutional Area, Delhi, ‘The University, Santiniketan, West Bengal,
Health of the Marginalised in Urban ‘Developmental interventions, rural
India: Comparing Perspectives of transformation and environmental
Vulnerable Groups and Health System sustainability:A study on Sundarban in
Actors’, ` 25,00,000/-. India’, ` 18,00,000/-.

39. Prof. Srikrishna Deva Rao, Vice- 45. Dr. Rajashri Barvekar, Department of
Chancellor, National Law University, English, Shivaji University, Kolhapur,
Kathajodi Campus, Cuttack, Odisha, Maharashtra, ‘Culture Practices, the
‘Exploring Changing Dynamics Folklore and Dialects of Generic
of Children's Law in India in Post Trading Communities and Balutedars of
Liberalization Era’, ` 15,00,000/-. Kolhapur District: An Analytical Study’,
` 15,00,000/-.
40. Dr. M. Manjula, Department of Clinical
Psychology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, 46. Dr. N Nandagopal, PSG Institute
‘Family Relationships, Marriage of Management, PSG College of
Related Beliefs and Expectations and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
its Association with Mental Health in ‘Social Media, Ethics and Regulations
New Indian Middle Class: A Trans- in the Indian Context: A Multiple
generational Approach’, ` 20,00,000/-. Stakeholder Study’, ` 15,00,000/-.

41. Dr. Punit Gaur, Centre for Research 47. Dr. Catherine Bernard, Director, Service
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(CRRID), Chandigarh, Punjab, ‘Central Children (SERFAC), Varadarajapuram,
Asia between Many Silk Roads: Indian Chennai, Tamil Nadu, ‘A study on
Policy at the Crossroads’, ` 15,00,000/-. the prevalence of violence against

children in families in south India: A 53. Dr. Sreenivasulu Yamanapalli, Centre
multi-centre study’, ` 20,00,000/-. for Economic and Social Studies
(CESS), Nizamiah Observatory
48. Dr. Nandini Ghosh, Institute of
Campus, Begumpet, Hyderabad,
Development Studies, Salt Lake
‘Agrarian Crisis and Emergence of
Sector-I, Kolkata, West Bengal, ‘Re-
conceptualising Domestic Violence: Non-cultivating Peasant Households in
Shifting Discourse within the Women's Agrarian Structure: A Study in Andhra
Movement in India’, ` 20,00,000/-. Pradesh and Telangana’, ` 20,00,000/-.

49. Dr. Nripendra Modi, Dept. of 54. Dr. G. Jayachandran, Department

Development & Peace Studies, of Mathematical Economics, School
Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi of Economics, Madurai Kamaraj
Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhi Hills, Wardha, University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu,
Maharashtra, ‘Impact of the Policy ‘Evaluation of the Performance of FDI
of Liberalization, Privatisation and Receiving Companies in Tamil Nadu’,
Globalization on Domestic Violence: ` 15,00,000/-.
Focus on the Migrant Families from
Bihar to Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon’, 55. Prof. N Samuyelu, Acharya Nagarjuna
` 20,00,000/-. University, Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur,
Andhra Pradesh, ‘Educational practices
50. Dr. Bhim Reddy, Institute for Human
of government and private schools
Development, NIDM Building, 3rd
in imparting quality education to
Floor, IIPA Campus, Indraprastha
Estate, New Delhi, ‘Caste in Urban children - A study of Andhra Pradesh’,
India: Manifestation and inequalities’, ` 15,00,000/-.
` 20,00,000/-.
56. Dr. Jainendra Kumar Verma, Centre
Category: Scheduled Caste (SC) for Economic Studies, School of
Social Sciences, Central University of
51. Dr. Madhushree Sekher, Centre for Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab, ‘A study on
Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive women entrepreneurship in agro-based
Policy, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, industries in Punjab: Challenges and
Deonar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, opportunities’, ` 15,00,000/-.
‘Poverty, Inequality and Social Policies
in India: Tracing Pattern in Indian 57. Mr. Pradeep Ramavath, Centre for the
Welfare System’, ` 18,00,000/-. Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive
52. Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan, Institute of Policy, National Law School of India
Economic Growth, University Enclave, University, Bengaluru, Karnataka,
University of Delhi (North Campus), ‘Searching rationale of scheduled
New Delhi, ‘Knowledge, perceptions caste sub-plan (SCSP) and tribal
and usage of pesticides: Study among sub-plan (TSP) fund allocation and its
cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh and effectiveness for five southern states’,
Maharashtra’, ` 15,00,000/-. ` 20,00,000/-.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

58. Prof. K.S. Challam, Chairman, A Study of Indian Universities’,

Institute of Economic and Social ` 20,00,000/-.
Justice,Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,
‘Marginalisation, Economic Deprivation 64. Dr. Roshan Lal, Dept. of Psychology,
Panjab University, Chandigarh,
and Social Exclusion of Marine Fishing
Panjab, ‘Psychological Correlates of
Communities in North Coastal Andhra
Caste Stigma among Dalit Students:
Pradesh: An interdisciplinary study’,
Intervention to Modulate’, ` 15,00,00/-.
` 20,00,000/-.
65. Dr. Jadhav Sidharth Shankarrao, Dept.
59. Dr. S. Sujatha, VIT Business School, of Commerce, Mrs. Kesharbai Sonajirao
VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Kshirsagar, Arts, Science & Commerce
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Goals and Socio-Economic Welfare of Economic Development of Middle
Victims: Social Order and Moderating Class People in Urban and Rural Area: A
Effect of Public Protest’, ` 16,00,000/-. Study of Scheduled Caste Communities
in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra
60. Dr. Emanual Nahar, Centre for the State’, ` 18,00,000/-.
Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive
Policy, Panjab University, Chandigarh, 66. Mr. Dalip Kumar Katheria, Indian
Punjab, ‘Problems of Religions in India: Institute of Dalit Studies, D II/1, Road
A Comparative Study of Christian No 4, Andrews Ganj, New Delhi, ‘Caste
and Muslims in the State of Punjab’, Discrimination and Social Exclusion
` 18,00,000/-. in Economic Spheres: A Comparative
Reflection from Hindi and Marathi
61. Dr. T. Karunakaran, Dept. of Sociology, Literature’, ` 15,00,000/-.
Periyar University, Salem, Tamil
Nadu, ‘Effect of open defecation - 67. Dr. Sunita Yadavrao Patil, School of
A Sociological Study with Special Educational Sciences, Swami Ramanand
Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded,
Reference to Women, Adolescent
Maharashtra, ‘A Study of Domestic
Girls and Children in Tamil Nadu’,
Violence Against Women in Scheduled
` 15,00,000/-.
Caste and Scheduled Tribe and to
62. Dr. Vulli Dhanaraju, Dept. of History, Examine the Effect of their (Domestic
Assam University (Central University), Violence) Children's Educational
Achievement in Marathwada Region’,
Diphu Campus, Diphu, Assam,
` 16,00,000/-.
‘Ecology, Culture and ‘Hegemony’: A
Study of Forest Resources and Policies Category: Scheduled Tribe (ST)
in ‘Karbi Land (Assam)’, ` 18,00,000/-.
68. Dr. Marcus Barla, Dept. of Economics,
63. Prof. N. Sukumar, Department of St. Xavier's College, Ranchi University,
Political Science, Faculty of Social Ranchi, Jharkhand, ‘Dynamics of
Science, University of Delhi, Delhi, Development, Livelihood and Poverty
‘Education as a Site of Exclusion: in Rural Jharkhand’, ` 16,00,000/-.

69. Prof. Nani Bath, Dept. of Political 2. Dr. Elangbam Nixon Singh,
Science, Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Department of Management, School
Hills, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, of EMIS, Mizoram University,
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Pradesh: A Study of Contesting Rights, Entrepreneurship in North East Indian
Claims and Discourses’, ` 18,00,000/-. (With special reference to Mizoram)’.

70. Dr. Veronica Khangchian, Institute for 3. Dr. Firdous Azmat Siddiqui and Dr.
Development and Communication, Bulbul Dhar James, Sarojini Naidu
Sector 38A, Chandigarh, ‘Challenges Center for Women’s Studies, Jamia
of Internal Migration in India: A Case Millia Islamia, New Delhi, ‘Socio-
Study of Migrants from Manipur to the Economic Profiling of Muslim Women
National Capital Region’, ` 17,00,000/-. as an Impact of Migration in Okhla’.

71. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Department of 4. Dr. K. Senthil Kumar, Department

Defence Studies, Meerut College, of Commerce, Laxminarayana Arts
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Maritime and Science College for Women,
Security Challenges, Terrorism and Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, ‘Rural
Piracy at Sea in the Global Era: An Investors Perception towards Small
Analytical Study’, ` 25,00,000/-. Savings (A study with special reference
to MNREGA Workers in Dharmapuri)’.
72. Dr. Vijay Korra, Centre for Economic
and Social Studies, Nizamian 5. Dr. Suchitra Sharma, Department
Observatory Campus, Begumpet, of Sociology, Government College,
Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Gulf Migration Durg, Chhattisgarh, ‘Rural Women
and Rural Transformation: A Study of Empowerment and Non-government
Telangana State’, ` 15,00,000/-. Organizations (with special reference to
Durg District)’.
73. Dr. Pathan Mehrunnisa, Dept. of
English, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar 6. Dr. Anupam Sharma, Department of
Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Political Science, Indira Gandhi National
Maharashtra, ‘Digital Feminism: A Tribal University, Amarkantak, Madhya
Study in Sanskrit, English and Urdu Pradesh, ‘Occupational Stress and its
Literature’, ` 15,00,000/-. Management among Police Personnel’.

Final Reports Received 7. Dr. Surendra Singh, Department of

Political Science, Ramlal Anand
(Responsive) College, New Delhi, ‘A Study of
Urban Governance and Socio-
1. Dr. Abhilash T, Gokhale Institute of Political Accountability of Municipal
Politics and Economics, Shivajinagar, Corporation of Delhi’.
Pune, Maharashtra, ‘Socio-Economic
Inclusion of Nomadic Tribes: A Case 8. Dr. R. Ganapathi, Department of
Study of Malapandarm in Kerala’. Commerce, Directorate of Distance

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Education, Alagappa University, Tamil Vidyalaya, Amravati, Maharashtra,

Nadu, ‘Green Purchase Behaviour of ‘Overpower Obstacles in the
Consumers in Tamil Nadu State’. Development of Psycho-Physical
Health, Cognitive Abilities and
9. Dr. John Menachery, Matru Sewa Academic Achievement: A Study of
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the Right to Information Act 2005 and
their Opinion on its Impact: A Study of 15. Dr. Rajesh Raj, Centre for
Rural Youth in Umred Tehsil, District Multidisciplinary Development Research,
Nagpur, Maharashtra’. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Nagar, Dharwad,
Maharashtra, ‘What Sectors can be
10. Dr. Mohar Singh, University Commerce Engines of Growth? An Analysis of
College, University of Rajasthan, Manufacturing and Services in India’.
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Jaipur,
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Foreign Tourism in India (Problems and Institute of Economic and Social
Prospects)’. Research, Thaltej Road, Ahmedabad
Gujarat, ‘Deprivation and Social
11. Dr. V. Srinvay Rao, Center for the Inclusion in India and Kazakhstan’.
Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusion
Policy, School of Social Sciences, 17. Dr. C.M. Maran, VIT University, Vellore,
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in Primary Education in Tribal Areas: A in Higher Education: An Empirical
Comparative Study of Andhra Pradesh Study of Engineering and Management
and Kerala’. Institutions of North India’.

12. Dr. Rosina Nasir, Center for the Study of 18. Dr. Sivasankar, Department of
Discrimination and Exclusion (CSDE), Economics, Muthgurangam Government
School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Arts College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu,
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Affecting Access Educational and Tamil Nadu’.
Health Institutions by the Religious
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Bhargava, Institute of Information
13. Prof. R.S. Tomar, Department of Technology and Management, Institutional
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Pradesh, ‘Role of the Panchayati Raj in Development in Urban Economy: An
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Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

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Bengal, ‘Educational Status among
Muslims Women of North Bengal’. 284. Dr. Ashish Sinha, School of
Management, Doon University,
278. Dr. Satish Kumar, Department of Dehradun, Uttarkhand, ‘Resonant

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Leadership in Indian Organizations: An 291. Dr. P. Raja Babu, Department of MBA,

Investigative Study’. KLU Business School, K L University,
Andhra Pradesh, ‘A Study on Financial
285. Dr. Nagaraj M. Muggur, Centre for Inclusion in Krishna District: Andhra
Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Pradesh’.
Policy (CSSEIP), Mangalore University,
Mangalagangothri, Karnataka, ‘Impact of 292. Dr. S. Thanuskodi, Department of
MENREGA Programme on Livelihoods Library and Information Science,
of Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka: A Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu,
Case Study’. ‘Awareness and Use of e-Resources
among Social Scientists of Alagappa
286. Dr. Shivali Agarwal, New Mohan Puri, University and its Affiliated Colleges’.
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,‘State of Human
Rights Awareness amongst the Indian 293. Dr. V. Anji Raju, Institute of Public
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Training for Learning Disabled Das Institute of Social Change and
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of Psychology, Karnataka University, the Contemporary Context’.
Karnataka,‘Social-Emotional Development
of the Children in Relation to their 296. Dr. Dilip C. Nath, Department of
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Education’. ‘Assess the Health Status of Slum
Dwellers with Respect to Utilization of
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Western Uttar Pradesh- An Empirical and Social Exclusion of Marginalized
Analysis’. Groups in Tamil Nadu with Special
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of Commercial & Mercantile Law,
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Employment Situation of People with Institute of Developing Studies,
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Anthropology, Nari Shiksha Niketan
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‘Gender Inequality in Access to for Social Development, New Delhi,
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Assessment of the Environment and Cultivation in Select Districts of Assam’.
Socio Economic Impact’.
309. Dr. Soihiamlung Dangmei, Department
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Vellore, Tamil Nadu, ‘Motivation to ‘Conversion, Religious Reform and
Learn English as Second Language and Cultural Positioning of Tribes in North
Language Strategies Used by the Rural Ease India: A Study of Zeliangrong
Population of India’. Religion in Manipur’.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

310. Dr. Rajib Lochan Dhar, Department of (Autonomous), Tamil Nadu, ‘Impact of
Management, IIT, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, MGNREGA on Rural Livelihoods Study
‘Child Labour in the Restaurants and in Selected Districts of Tamil Nadu’.
Eateries: A Study of the Selected Cities
from the State of Jharkhand, India’. 317. Dr. Sanjay Kumar M. Gupta, Vakil Shri
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Arunachal Pradesh- Opportunities and
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Anglong’. Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Strategic
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Special Reference of Border Dispute’.
Agricultural Economics, College
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Compensated for the Occupational Institutional Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan,
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Wage Model’. Market: A Comparative Analysis of
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Kanpur’. Distributions System in Himachal
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315. Dr. J. R. Letchumi, Advance Centre Inaccessible Areas’.
for Tamiology, Presidency College,
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People of Valparai Tea Estate Scheduled School of Social Sciences, MG
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Tribes’. Intervention Research with the Dalit
Christians and other Marginalized
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Study of Financial and Physical Context in Selected States in India’.
Performance and Socio-Economic
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in Maharashtra’. of Political Science, Government
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324. Dr. Rajinder Singh Pathania, Govt. ‘Chieftainship in Modernity and
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Socio-Economic Development of An Ethnography of the Dalit Labour
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Communication Technology: Empirical
332. Dr. Nand Lal Bharti, Department of
Study in Coimbatore District’.
Public Administration, University of
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Scheduled Caste Students: A Study of
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Rajeev Gandhi National Fellowship
Politics of Assam: A Study of Issues and
(RGNF) Scheme in Uttar Pradesh’.
Barriers (1985-2010)’.
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Dr. Niladri Das, Department of
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A Study of Select Companies in India’. ‘Productivity Pattern of Scientist in
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
329. Prof. Dev Nathan, Institute for University, Aurangabad : A Bibliometric
Human Development, IIPA Campus, Study’.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Sponsored Projects 7. Dr. Lincon Reang, Department

of History, Tripura University,
1. Prof. Sikander Kumar, Department Suryamaninagar, Tripura, ‘An Analysis
of Economics, Himachal Pradesh on the Socio-Economic Conditions of
University, Summer-Hill, Shimla, the Reang Community: A Primitive
Hinachal Pradesh, ‘Economic Growth, Tribal Group of Tripura’, ` 10,00,000/-.
Poverty and Inequalities in the Tribal and
Non-Tribal Area of Himachal Pradesh’, 8. Prof. C.P. Chandrasekhar, cesp,
` 40,00,000/-. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New
Delhi, ‘Regional Financial and
2. Dr. S. M. Feroze, School of Social Regulatory Cooperation: A Study of
Sciences, College of Post Graduate
Prospects and Potential based on the
Studies, Umiam, RI-Bhoi, Meghalaya,
Experience of the Asian Region’,
‘Climate Change Impacts on Hill
` 45,00,000/-.
Agriculture in North Eastern Himalayas:
A Socio-economic Analysis’, 9. Dr. Subas Palshikar, Lokniti: Programme
` 20,00,000/-. for Comparative Democracy, Centre
for the Study of Developing Societies,
3. Dr. Indrajit D. Alte, Institute of
Delhi,‘State, Nation (S) and Public (S):
Management, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
‘Transmission of Values & Quality: An Studies Democratic Contestations’,
Assessment of Management Education ` 49,62,014/-.
in Maharashtra State’, ` 10,00,000/-.
10. Dr. Vinita Pandey, Department of
4. Dr. K. Shyamasundar, Dean & S. Sociology, Nizam College, Osmania
Srividhya, Mohamed Sathak College of University, Hyderabad, Telangana,
Arts & Science, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, ‘Internal Security and Community
‘Evaluating the Impact of Corporate Policing: Police Initiatives and
Governance on Performance of Listed Community Participation in Hyderabad’,
Companies-Tamil Nadu’, ` 20,00,000/-. ` 20,00,000/-.

5. Prof. K.S. Chalapati Rao, Institute for 11. Dr. Shilpi Kapur, The Energy and
Studies in Industrial Development, Resources Institute (TERI), New
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, ‘India’s Delhi, ‘The Indian Middle Class:
Inward FDI Experience during the Post- Changing Consumption and Lifestyles’,
Liberalisation Period with Emphasis ` 30,00,000/-.
on the Manufacturing Sector’,
` 35,00,000/-. 12. Prof. Biswajit Das, Centre for Culture,
Media and Governance, Nelson
6. Prof. Subrata Dutta, Sardar Patel Mandela Road, Mujeeb Bagh, Jamia
Institute of Economic and Social Nagar, New Delhi, ‘Democracy: New
Research, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,‘Social, Publics-Mediated Public and Machines
Geographical and Organizational in Democracy’, ` 27,53,075/-.
Elements of a Community Oriented
Social Enterprise’, ` 30,00,000/-. 13. Dr. A. Selavaraj, Gobi Arts and Science

College, Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, Employment
Nadu,‘Impact of Micro Finance in Conditions and Employment Risks
Poverty Alleviation: A Study in Tamil among Vendors in the Cities of Tamil
Nadu’, ` 15,00,000/-. Nadu’, ` 15,52,000/-.

14. Prof. Sunanda Sen, Academy of Third 18. Dr. Vidhu Verma, Centre for Political
World Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, Studies, School of Social Sciences,
New Delhi, ‘A Multi-dimensional Jawaharlal Nehru University, New
Understanding of Imperial Order Delhi, ‘Law and Justice in the Post
and its Journey towards Neo-liberal Liberalization Era’, ` 19,98,000/-.
Globalization’, ` 42,85,000/-.
19. Dr. Harsh Mander, Director, Centre
15. Dr. Saumitra N. Bhaduri & Dr. Ekta for Equity Studies, Sarvodya Enclave,
Selarka, Madras School of Economics, New Delhi, ‘The Extent and Nature of
Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kottur, Individual Tribal Land Alienation: A
Chennai ‘Convergence of Corporate Study of Scheduled Areas in Madhya
Governance and Corporate Social Pradesh’, ` 40,00,000/-.
Responsibility: Implications for
Sustainability in Indian Companies’, 20. Dr. Sonali Mukherjee, Associate Fellow,
` 20,00,000/-. Council for Social Development,
New Delhi,‘Structural Basis Gender
16. Dr. Madhurima Nundy & Rama V. Violence: Analysis of Implications of
Baru, Associate Fellow, Institute of Adverse Sex Ratio in Haryana and West
Chinese Studies, Sri Rama Road Civil Bengal’, ` 15,00,000/-.
Line, Delhi, ‘Transnational Actors and
Commercialization of Health Care: A 21. Dr. Priyadarshini Vijaisri, Centre for the
China-India Comparative’,`15,00,000/-. Study of Developing Societies (CSDS),
Delhi,‘Gender, Caste and Religion:
17. Dr. Well Haorei, Department of Rural Violence in Post Colonial Societies’,
Industries and Managment, Gandhigram ` 20,00,000/-.
Rural Institute (Deemed University),

Indian Council of Social Science Research


Research Fellowships

National Fellowships Awarded 8. Prof. Madhu Purnima Kishwar, Delhi

University, Delhi, ‘The Quintessential
1. Prof. Ram Prasad Sengupta, Centre for Oneness of Amar, Akbar and Anthony:
Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata, Portrayal of Religious Minorities &
West Bengal, ‘Revisting Sustainable Their Relationship with the Hindu
Development and Road Map to Third Majority in Bollywood Films’.
Industrial Revolution’.
9. Prof. Satish K. Jain, Management
2. Prof. G. Nanchariah, University of
Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon,
Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana,
Haryana Domain Condistions and Social
‘Economic Policy and Development of
Dalits: Post Independence Period’.
3. Prof. R. Govinda, Council for Social 10. Prof. Shrikant B. Paranjpe, Savitri
Development, New Delhi, ‘Making Phule University, Pune, Maharashtra,
of Education a Fundamental Right: ‘National Identities and Myths in Nation
Interrogating the Premise, Principles, Building: Political Communication of
Promises and Prospects’. India’s Foreign and Security Policies’.

4. Prof. K.P Kanan, Laurie Baker Centre Senior Fellowships Awarded

for Habitat Studies, Kerela, ‘Assessing
and Interrogate the Development 1. Mr. Dipak Dasgupta, Council for
Experience of the State of Kerala’. Social Development (CSD), 53, Joseph
Stein Lane, Lodi Estate, New Delhi,
5. Prof. Indira Hirway, Centre for ‘Improving Small-Holder Agricultural
Development Alternative, Ahmedabad, Supply Response to Manage Food
Gujarat, ‘Incorporating Women in Inflation Meet Rising Urban Food
Labour Intensive Growth’. Demand and Adapt to Climate Change’.
6. Prof. Ajit K. Ghosh, Management
Development Institute (MDI), 2. Prof. R. V. Dadibhavi, Karnatak
Gurugram, Haryana, ‘Structural University, Dharwad, Karnataka,
Transformation of India’s Economy’. ‘Development Divide is Widening in
Karnataka- A Re-visit’.
7. Prof. K. Sudha Rao, Nitte Meenakshi
Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, 3. Dr. A. C. Kutty Krishna Nambiar,
Karnataka, ‘Higher Education Institute for Social and Economic
Governance in India: Facts and Impacts’. Change, Bengaluru, Karnataka,

‘Perspectives on Rural Transformation New Delhi, ‘Rethinking Fiscal Policy,
with reference to Kerala Village’. Inequality and Globalization under
Federal Government Structure’.
4. Dr. P. M. Mathew, Cochin University of
11. Dr. V. Dhulasibirundha (Retd.), Madurai
Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala,
Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil
‘Small and Medium Enterprises Policy
Nadu, ‘Sustainable Livelihood Assets
in the New Millennium: A Study on
Creation under MGNREGA Act in
Developed and Emerging Economies’.
Madurai District’.
5. Dr. Mohd. Anis Ansari, Giri Institute 12. Dr. Sarbjit Singh Chhina (Retd.), Institute
of Development Studies, Lucknow, of Social Sciences, Vasant Kunj, New
Uttar Pradesh, ‘Incidence of Inequality Delhi, ‘Constraints in the Development
among Marginalized Social Groups of Agro- Processing Industries in Rural
during Reform Period: A Study in Uttar Area of Punjab’.
13. Dr. Shail Singh (Retd.), Jawaharlal
Nehru College, Etah, Uttar Pradesh,
6. Dr. Syed Ajmal Pasha (Retd.), Institute
‘Dynamics of Socio-Economic
for Social and Economic Change (ISEC),
Transformation of Scheduled Castes in
Bengaluru, Karnataka, ‘Changing
Western Uttar Pradesh: An Empirical
Dimensions of Minority Communities –
A Study from Karnataka’.
14. Dr. Arpan Kr. Sengupta (Retd),
7. Prof. T.R. Kundu (Retd.), Kurukshetra University of Lucknow, Lucknow, ‘An
University, Kurukshetra, Haryana, Evaluation of the Mechanism of Federal
‘Service-led Growth and Inequality in Fiscal Transfers in India with special
India: A Sectoral Analysis of Regional reference to Backward States’.
Inequality in Post Reforms Period’.
15. Dr. R. Neelamegam, V.H.N.S.N. College,
8. Prof. P. S. Mundinamani (Retd.),
Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, ‘Passengers
Karnataka University, Dharwad,
Perception of Service Quality of Indian
Karnataka, ‘The Finances and Working
Railways: A Study in Madurai Division
of Panchayat Raj Institutions in
of Southern Railway Zone’.
9. Dr. Sant Lal Arora, Institute for Human 16. Dr. Chandan Kumar Sahoo, National
Development, New Delhi, Delhi, Institute of Technology Rourkela,
‘Contributory Pension Provision in Rourkela, Odisha, ‘Legal Provisions
India: Coverage, Performance and and Quality of Life of Building and
Perspectives for Cost Effectiveness and Construction Workers: An Impact
Sustainability’. Assessment Study in Odisha’.

10. Prof. Pinaki Chakraborti, National 17. Dr. Chandrashekhara B. Damle, Institute
Institute of Public Finance and Policy, for Social and Economic Change,

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Bengaluru, Karnataka, ‘Land Reforms: 26. Dr. Girvar Singh Rathore, Vidhya
Land Rights and Agrarian Dynamics’. Sagar Girls P.G. College, Bassi, Jaipur,
Rajasthan, ‘Anatomy of Land Record
18. Dr. Ashok Kumar, Institute for Human Administration in India (A Comparative
Development, Indraprastha Estate, New Study)’.
Delhi, ‘Pattern of Substance Abuse
among Street Children in Delhi’. 27. Dr. Kathinka R. Sinha, Asian
Development Research Institute
19. Prof. Sushma Sood, University of (ADRI), Patna, Bihar, ‘In the Aftermath
Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘Role of of States Recoganization: Case- Study
Media and Judicial Activism in Women on the Impact of the Bihar-Jharkhand
Empowerment in India – A Sociological Border (2000-present)’.
Study’. 28. Dr. Anil Dhar, Jain Vishva Bharati
20. Prof. Rita Brar, Delhi School of Institute (Deemed University) Ladnum,
Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi, Rajasthan, ‘Anekant and Western
‘The National Green Tribunal: A Socio- Philosophy: An Analytical Study’.
Legal Analysis’. 29. Prof. Miriam Ittyerah, Delhi University
Delhi, ‘Rehabilitation Psychology: A
21. Dr. Surinder K. Shukla, Panjab
Social Concern for Development’.
University, Chandigarh, Punjab,
‘Gender and Public Policy in India’. 30. Dr. Akhilesh Chandra Vashistha,
Meerut College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,
22. Prof. Ashwani Kumar, Tata Institute ‘Educational Alienation of Socially
of Social Sciences, Deonar (East), Advantaged and Socially Disadvantage
Maharashtra, ‘Is India a Case of Ordered Students in Indian Universities’.
or Fragmented Welfare State? The Case
of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural 31. Prof. Rajalakshmi Sriram, M. S.
Employment Guarantee Act’. University of Baroda, Gujarat,
‘Demystifying Fathering in India:
23. Prof. P. S. Jayaramu (Retd), Bengaluru Multiple Perspectives’.
University, Bengaluru, Karnataka,
‘Changing Composition and Functioning 32. Dr. A. Mathew, National University of
of the Karnataka Legislature’. Education Planning and Administration,
Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi, ‘State
24. Dr. Manjari Katju, University of Policies on Higher Education: Policy
Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘The Evolution on Critical Aspects’.
Election Commission and Electoral
Practice in India’. 33. Dr. M. Solayan, Sri Venkateswara
College of Education, Peravurani,
25. Prof. P. Periakaruppan, Madurai Tamil Nadu, ‘Developing Reading
Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Material to Improve the Communicative
Nadu, ‘Educational Status of Dalit Competence of the Teacher Trainees
Students at Primary Schools in Southern Enrolled in the Rural B.Ed. Colleges in
Districts of Tamil Nadu’. Tamil Nadu’.

34. Prof. Gopal Krishna Panda, Utkal 40. Prof. K. E. Sriramappa, University of
University, Bhubneshwar, Odisha, Mysore, Mysore, Karnataka, ‘Impact
‘Vulnerability Analysis and Risk of Financial Inclusion on Women,
Assessment of Natural Hazards of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes
Odisha with Special Reference to under Rural Development Programmes
Disaster Development Linkages’. in Karnataka’. (SC)
35. Prof. Mantu Mohan Jana, Asutosh 41. Prof. Shankar Bhagwan Ambhore, Smt.
College, P.G. Department of Geography, Dankunwar Mahila Mahavidyalaya,
Kolkata, ‘Study of Major Socio- Jalna, Maharashtra, ‘A Study of
Economic Problems and Formulation of Impact of Government’s Policies and
Strategies for Development in the East Programmes on Gross Enrolment
Kolkata Wetlands Area (Ramsor Site)’. Ratio of SC and ST Students in Higher
36. Prof. Farasat Ali Siddiqui, Aligarh Education with special reference to
Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Educationally Backward Districts in
Pradesh, ‘Analysis of Family Structure, Maharashtra State’. (SC)
Education-Employment Led Rural-
42. Dr. Vinod Kumar, B.H.U., Varanasi,
Urban Migrations and their Effects
Uttar Pradesh, ‘Asanghathit Chettrro
on Fertility Differential and Rural
mein Karyarat Anusuchit Jati ke
Development: A Micro Level Study of
Baalsramik (Purvanchal mein Anusuchit
Deoria District, U.P’.
Jati ke Bal Shramik ke Samajik- Arthik
37. Dr. Rita Mathur, School of Audiology Pristhabhumi evam Karya Dashaon ka
and Speech Pathology, Bharati Samaj Vaigyanik Adhyayan)’. (SC)
Vidyapeeth (Deemed University), Pune,
‘Bilingual First Language Acquisition 43. Prof. Kalyan Sankar Mandal, Indian
and Multilingualism: Study of Parameter Institute of Management, Kolkata, West
Setting in Child Language Acquisition Bengal,‘Poverty Alleviation in India’.
with Case Studies of Hindi and English (SC)
Speaking Normal and Learning Disabled
44. Dr. Sangh Mittra (Retd.), Indian
Bilingual Children Aged 2-7 Years Old’.
Archaeological Society, New Delhi, ‘Dr.
38 Dr. Smita Das (Retd), Centre for Applied B. R. Ambedkar’s Vision on Women
Linguistics and Translation Studies, Empowerment in India’. (SC)
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad,
45. Dr. Pagadala Hariram Anand,
Telangana, ‘Odishan Material Culture
of Excellence and Goddess Cult: A Government Arts College
Dravidian Substratum’. (Autonomous), Kumbakonam, Tamil
Nadu, ‘Dengue Epidemic Control and
39. Prof. G. P. Pandey, Assam University, Management: A GIS based Study of
Silchar, Assam, ‘Impact of TV Socio-Economic Environment in Two
Advertisement on Adolescents: A study Epidemic Prone Cultural Regions of
of Silchar Town of Assam’. Peninsular India’. (SC)

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

46. Dr. Prahlad Rai (Retd), University of 6. Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh, Jawaharlal
Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘NGOs in Nehru University, New Delhi,
International Law’. (SC) ‘Discrimination and Poverty: A Study of
Rural Labour Market in Uttar Pradesh’.
47. Shri Sajjan Malleshi, Gulbarga
University, Gulbarga, Karnataka, ‘Legal- 7. Dr. Seema Pareek University of
Dilemma in the Financial Management Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘Education
of Debt Recovery Tribunal – Law’. and Inclusive Growth’.
8. Dr. S. Marulu Reddy, Andhra University,
Post-Doctoral Fellowships Awarded Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh,
‘Determinants of Life Insurance
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Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

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Lingual Education: An Ethnographic
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Bastiyon (Pakka Mahal) mein Rehne
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Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

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Darshan ka Yogdan’.
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Utilization, Perceptions and
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Poverty and Livelihood Insecurity’.
- A Cross-Sectional Study from Rural
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Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

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Raj Institutions in Telangana State: A
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Comparative Study of Nalgonda and
of Community Radio Stations’.
Rangareddy District’.
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Democracy: Evaluating the Relationship
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Role of MNREGA in Development and
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Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

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mein )’.
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Vyavastha ke Sandarbh mein Puratatvik Aadhar (15vi se 19vi Shatabdi
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ki Sehbhagita ka Adhyayan)’.
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Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

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to Depression among Adolscent’. Jammu & Kashmir, ‘Level of Human

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Resource Development in Slums of 13. Anish Fatima, Osmania University,

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Nagaland: A Geographical Analysis’. availing Doctoral Fellowships in these 11
Research Institutes are listed below. In
53. Shanti Singh, H.N.B. Garhwal addition to these, although the A.N. Sinha
University, Srinagar, Uttarakhand, Institute of Social Studies, Patna finalized the
‘Resource Appraisal for Sustainable selections for 16 ICSSR Institutional Doctoral
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Bawar Region Using Geo-Spatial not been included because the approval has
Technology’. not been accorded for award of these doctoral
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Health Care Services in Uttar Pradesh’.
and Sexual Agency among the Young
Urban Poor in Delhi: Issues of Gender, 3. Deepika, ‘Sanitation Facilities in Urban
Caste and State’. Slums: Case Studies of Three Slums in
5. Pabitra Sharma, ‘Women and Alcohol in Delhi’.
4. Vikas Kumar, ‘Social Innovation and
Giri Institute of Development Studies, Agriculture: A Case of System of Rice
Lucknow Intensification in Bihar’.
1. Shailendra Kumar Verma, ‘Composition 5. Amrita Goldar, ‘Impact of Bilateral
of Indian Bureaucracy and Investment Treaties on FDI Inflows: The
Developmental Scheme MNREGA’. Indian Case’.
2. Chaitanya C Damu, ‘Labour Migeration
6. Navpreet Kaur, ‘Linkages between
to Kerala’.
Irrigation, Cropping Pattern and
3. Jai Laxmi, ‘Inter Sectionality and Employment: A Case Study of Ganga
Common Property Resources: Mapping Canal Region’. (Withdrawn)
Exclusion’. (SC)
Institute for Social and Economic
4. Soumya Sushila Sahoo, ‘Energy Change, Bengaluru
5. Shahnaz Ansari, ‘Challenges of Housing 1. Karthick V, ‘International Trade and
Condition, Morbidity and its Association Agglomeration’.
with Millennium Development Goals in 2. Sonia Minhas, ‘Production Efficiency
and Value Chain Analysis of Major
6. Samar Kumar Mishra, ‘Chain of Horticultural Crops: A Study in
Subcontracting and Employment Himachal Pradesh’.
Conditions in Indian Manufacturing
Industry’. 3. Lavanya BT, ‘Climate Change Impact
and Adaptation Strategies in Agriculture:
7. Shivendra Singh, ‘Impact of Changes in A Study in Karnataka’.
Household Consumtption Expenditure
on Welfare’. 4. Bejo Jocob Raju, ‘Prospects and Policy

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Implications of ECO-Taxes in India: Paschim Midnapore, West Bengal,

A Study Considering the Carbon Tax India’. (SC)
15. Shikha Subba, ‘Spatial Disparities in
5. Pattela Omkar Nadh, ‘Understanding Enrolment in Elementary Education in
Genetic Engineering in the Socio North East India’. (SC)
Economic Perspective’. 16. Dipak Mandal Amaipara, ‘Trend and
6. Meenakshi Parida, ‘Impact of Education Pattern of Urbanisation in North 24
Parganas, West Bengal, India from 1951
on Labour Market Outcomes in India’.
to 2011’.
7. Kaumudi Misra, ‘Is Cash Transfer the
17. Meenakshi Priyadrashini, ‘Energy
Best Way to Rationalize the Subsidy
Consumption and Urban Environment’.
Programme in India’.
18. Mudassar Mahamad, ‘Living
8. Ance Teresa Varghese, ‘Assessment Conditions and Social Security of
of Access and Quality of Education A Homeless Population in Urban Centres
Case Study of the High Range Areas of of Maharashtra’.
Institute of Public Enterprise,
9. Prasanth Kumar Choudhary, ‘Politics of Hyderabad
Assertion in India: Exploring the Doms
Identity of Bihar and West-Bengal 1977- 1. P. Kalyani, ‘Growth of Reinsurance
2011’. Business in India: Challenges and
10. Chandni Bhambani, ‘Exploratory Study
of Decision Making Process among 2. Suvvari Ananda Rao, ‘Efficiency and
Childless by Choice Couples’,. Competition in Indian Life Insurance
Industry: An Analysis in the Post-
11. N Pautunthang, ‘A Study of Zomi Reform’.
Refugees in Delhi’. (ST)
3. Ishfaq Hussain Bhat, ‘A Study on
12. Prem Shankar Mishra, ‘Socio-Cultural Marketing of Handicraft Products with
and Economic Transformation of Rural special reference to Kashmir’.
India through Remittances, its Trends
and Patterns: A Case Study of Eastern 4. Venkateswarlu Yerukala, ‘Small
Uttar Pradesh (A Geographical Area, Holder Farmers; Food Security: A
known as ‘Tarai Region)’. Comparative Study between Telangana
and Rayalaseema’. (ST)
13. Anamika Das, ‘Spatial Pattern of
Malnutrition and Child Morbidity in 5. Devi Prasad, ‘An Analysis of Identity
West Bengal’. (SC) Formation in Yadav Community: The
Case of Eastern Uttar Pradesh’.
14. Kinkar Mandal, ‘Nutritional and Socio-
Economic of Adolescence (14-18 Years) 6. Debashis Pradhan, ‘Functioning of
Boys and Girls of Tribes, Salboni, Agricultural Markets in Rural India:

Field Evidences from KBK Region of Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for
Odisha’. Development Studies, Bhubneshwar
7. T. Shailaja, ‘Implications of Variables 1. Rashmi Rekha Samal, ‘Religion, Local
Implicit in the Career Continuum: A Community and Conservation of
Study with reference to the Employees Natural Resources: A Study in Sikkim,
of Seclect Software Companies’. Gangtok’.
8. S. Sagar Singh Ahuja, ‘Role of 2. Jyotirmayee Rout, ‘Trend and
Micro Finance in Micro Enterprise Determinants of Healthcare Expenditure
Development: An Impact Evaluation in Odisha: Issues and Challenges’.
Study of SHGs in West Godavari District
in Andhra Pradesh’. 3. Diptimayee Jena, ‘Seasonal Labour
Migration: A Case Study of KBK Region
9. N. Ramesh, ‘Supply Chain Practices in Odisha’.
in Girijan Cooperative Corporation
(GCC): A Study on Selected Products in 4. Doleswar Bhoi, ‘Right to Education Act,
the Undivided State of Andhra Pradesh’. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Childred of Odisha: A Sociological
10. Podalakuru Mahesh, ‘Contribution of Study’. (SC)
Organized Retailing and Sustainability
of Small and Medium Suppliers: A Study 5. Rajanikanta Jena, ‘Socio-Economic
with special reference to Hyderabad’. Impact of Upper Indravati Irrigation
(Salary Protection) Projecgt on People of Kalahandi’. (SC)
(Salary Protection)
Madras Institute of Development
Studies, Chennai 6. Laxmi Narayan Nayak, ‘Impact of
Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya
1. Anjaly Baby, ‘The Impact of Fiscal to Reduce Gender Disparity among
Deficit on the Multiplier Effect of School Dropouts and Emancipation of
Government Expenditure on the Output’. Girl Child through Education and Skill
2. S. Muthamizh Selvi, ‘Occupational
Health Pattern of Sewage and Sanitary Sardar Patel Institute of Economic
Workers of Puducherry: A Socio and Social Research, Ahmedabad
Environmental Study’.
1. Indu Pareek, ‘Rural Urban
3. V. Firsha, ‘Social History of Jinnh Transformation and the Pattern of Rural
Possession’. Labour Absorption: A Case of Gujarat’.

4. Pema Choden Bhutia ‘Tourism led 2. Bincy Bose, ‘Microfinance and Rural
Economic Growth and its Impact on Agro-Based Economy: Emerging
Environment, Society and Culture with Lessons from Narmada District of
Special Reference to Sikkim’. (ST) Gujarat’.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

Ph.D. Theses Received during 8. Sahila Chaudhary, Chaudhary Devilal

2015-16 University, Haryana, ‘A Study of
Operational Risk in e-Banking in India’.
1. Melari Shisha, Nongrum Martin
Luther Christian University, Shillong, 9. Naseemuddin, Ch. Charan Singh
Meghalaya, ‘A Study on the Prevalence University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,
of Vitamin A Deficiency and its ‘Bharatiya Rajniti mein Muslim
Associated Factors in Children up to 15 Matdaata ki Bhumika’.
Years of Age in Pynursla Block, East
10. M. Nagamuni, Shri Venkateswara
Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya’.
University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh,
2. Raga Sudha Addagabottu, Acharya ‘Economic Impact of SHGs and Tier
Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andhra Federations in Andhra Pradesh’.
Pradesh, ‘Work-Life Balance of Female 11. Sangita Parmar, Mata Jija Bai Shashkiya
Doctors and Nurses: A Study in Select Kanya Snatak Mahavidyalaya, Indore,
Government and Private Hospitals of Madhya Pradesh, ‘Swatantra Bharat
Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh’. ke Sthalya Vivad aur Shetrya Shakti
Sanghrakh Par Unka Prabhaav:’.
3. Sita Borasi, Devi Ahilya University,
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, ‘Mukhyamantri 12. Vijay Kumar Yadav, Vikram University,
Kanyadaan Yojna se Labhanvita Mata Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, ‘Milk Dairy
Pita ka Samaj Shashtriya Adhyayan’. Development in Uttar Pradesh: An
4. Arundhati Sharma, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi, ‘Coalition- 13. Anilam M., Pondicherry University,
Building at the World Trade Puducherry, ‘Mindfulness Based Stress
Organisation: South Asia’s Negotiating Reduction for Reducing Anxiety,
Positions, 1995-2011’. Enhancing Self-control and Improving
Academic Performance among
5. Rajendra Kumar Arya, Vikram Adolescent Students’.
University, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh,
‘The Economic Philosophy of Bharat 14. Mr. Pravakar Duari, Pondicherry
Ratna, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar: University, Puducherry, ‘Thriving
Contemporary Analysis’. at Workplace: Verifying the Role of
Unit Contextual Features, Renewable
6. B. Laxman, Osmania University, Social Resources and Agentic Work
Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Understanding Behaviour’.
Price Behaviour by Using Candlestick
Charts: Study on Select Equities’. 15. Rajeswari T., Annamalai University,
Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu,
7. Dharmender Singh, Ch. Charan Singh ‘Influence of Quality of Work Life on
University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Career Development and Organizational
‘Rashtriya Punarjagran aur Dayanand:’. Effectiveness in Private Sector Banks’.

16. Rouf Ahmad Mir, University of Karnataka, ‘Child Health and Social
Kashmir, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, Differentials in India: Caste and
‘Relationship between Employee Neighbourhood Effect’.
Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction and
its Influence on Perceived Organizational 25. Rajashree Biswal, Jawaharlal Nehru
Performance’. University, New Delhi, ‘A Spatial Turn
in Contemporary Indian Art Politics and
17. Sukhdev Singh, Punjabi University, Aesthetics of Community Based Art
Patiala, Punjab, ‘Rural Indebtedness in Practice’.
Punjab: An Empirical Analysis’.
26. Bhanu Saxena, Shri Vaishnav Institute of
18. Mr. Dasari Nivas, Kakatiya University, Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh,
Warangal, Telangana ‘Impact of ITDA ‘Effectiveness of Factories Act 1948: A
on the Development of Tribals in Study of Small Scale Units in Indore’.
27. Sonia Roy, Jawaharlal Nehru University,
19. Rakesh Sisodiya, Vikram University, New Delhi, ‘Jewish and Democratic
Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, ‘Madhya Identities: Domestic Political Debates in
Pradesh mein Bithiyo ka Krishi Vikas Israel’.
mein Yogdaan’.
28. Shaeena Parveen, Jamia Millia Islamia,
20. N. Rajasekaran, Periyar University, New Delhi, ‘Psychological Problems,
Salem, Tamil Nadu, ‘Study of Panchayat Mental Health and Coping among
Raj Institutions and Rural Development Female Relatives of Victims of Enforced
in Tamil Nadu’. Disappearances in Kashmir’.

Sibaram Badatya, Pondicherry 29. Amit Kumar B. Parmar, Saurashtra
University, Puducherry, ‘Parliament University, Rajkot, Gujarat, ‘Social
and Foreign Policy Decision Making in Intelligence Family Relationship and
India: A Study on India’s China Policy Learning Behaviour in Adolescent
1959-75’. Students’.

22. Daksha Parmar, Jawaharlal Nehru 30. Wagh Kishor Kadu, Dr. Babasheb
University, New Delhi, ‘Controlling Ambedkar Marathwada University,
Births and Limiting Population in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, ‘Cultural
Maharashtra, 1920-1980’. Studies: Indian Identity in the Selected
23. Gummadi Naresh, Osmania University,
Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Indebtedness 31. Priyanka Dutta Chowdhury, Jawaharlal
among Tribal Households: A Study in Nehru University, New Delhi, ‘Politics
Khammam District’. of Ethno Nationalism in Pakistan: A
Comparative Study of Awami National
24. Rajesh Roushan, Institute for Social Party and Muttahda Quami Movement
and Economic Change, Bengaluru, 1986-2013’.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

32. Dinesh Kumar Nayak, Jawaharlal 40. Kishor Kadu Wagh, Shri Madhavrao Patil
Nehru University, New Delhi, ‘Agrarian Mahavidyalaya, Murum, Osmanabad,
Change and Livelihood Diversification Maharashtra, ‘Cultural Studies: Indian
in a Rural Economy: A Case Study of Identity in the Selected Writings of Dr.
Odisha’. B. R. Ambedkar’.

33. Manasi Sinha, Jawaharlal Nehru 41. Noklenyagla, Jawaharlal Nehru

University, New Delhi, ‘Gender- University, New Delhi, ‘Ideational
Mainstreaming in Social and Economic Influence of Bengal Renaissance and
Policy in Sweden: A Model for the Rabindranath Tagore on India’s S&T
European Union’. Policies of Self-Reliance (1937-1964)’.

34. Khetrimayum Monish Singh, Jawaharlal 42. Harideshwar Gupta, Vikram University,
Nehru University New Delhi, ‘From Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, ‘Growth of
Ration Card to Data Citizen: A Study of Agriculture in Malwa Region’,
e-Governance in Assam’
43. Babu Rao G, University of Hyderabad,
35. Anindya Dutta Gupta, Jawaharlal Nehru Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Exchange Rate
University, New Delhi, ‘Adivasis School Regimes, Inflation and Growth: A Study
Education and Identity Assertion’. of BRICS Countries’.
36. Animesh Shukla, Jawaharlal Nehru 44. Vanlalpari, Jawaharlal Nehru University,
University, New Delhi, ‘Freedom, New Delhi, ‘US Policy towards
Authority and the Political: A Myanmar: Analysing the Transition
Comparative Study of the Works of from Isolation to Engagement’.
Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin’.
45. T. Manichander, Osmania University,
37. K. Thamizhiniyan, Pondicherry Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘A Study of
University, Puducherry, ‘Teaching Emotional Intelligence and Locus of
English as a Second Language: Control and their Influence of Academic
Knowledge, Attitude and Classroom Achievement of Intermediate Students
Practices towards Communicative in Karimanagar District’.
Language Teaching among High School
Teachers’. 46. Rakesh Prasad, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, New Delhi, ‘Nepali
38. Chayanika Deka, Jawaharlal Nehru Immigrants in Uttarakhand: A Critical
University, New Delhi, ‘Agrarian Geopolitics Analysis’.
Reforms and Marginalization of Women
in Kenya, 1983-2012’. 47. Rishipal Singh, N.A.S.P.G. College,
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Dalit Rajnitik
39. Nijara Deka, Jawaharlal Nehru Chetna mein Bhaujan Samaj Party ki
University, New Delhi, ‘Deprivation Bhumika’.
Characteristics of the Urban Poor: A
Case Study of Guwahati City’. 48. O. Grace Ngullie, Jawaharlal Nehru

University, New Delhi, ‘Food for the 56. Jyoti Pandey, Jawaharlal Nehru
Poor: A Comparative Study of the University, New Delhi, ‘Women
Public Distribution System and the Cash Empowerment in Mongolia 1996-2012’.
Transfer Scheme in Delhi’.
57. Sumit Kumar, Pondicherry University,
49. Tiatula Ozukum, Jawaharlal Nehru Puducherry, ‘US - India Strategic
University, New Delhi, ‘Schooling Partnership: Foundation Dimensions
of Children in a Conflict Zone: An and Limitations (1980-2008)’.
Ethnography of Atoizu in Nagaland’.
58. Sanjeev Kumar Gundappa, Gulbarga
50. Sahana R., Jawaharlal Nehru University, University, Gulbarga, Karnataka,
New Delhi, ‘Child Soldiers and ‘Impact of Weaving on Family
International Law: Quest for an Effective Environment: A Sociological Study in
Regulatory Framework’. Gulbarga’.
51. Ms. Reena Dubey, Devi Ahilya 59. Anjali Tandon, Jamia Millia Islamia,
Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, Madhya New Delhi, ‘Structural Change and
Pradesh, ‘Impediments to growth and Energy Use in Indian Economy: An
development of a Cantonment Town: Input-Output Analysis with Special
A Study of Mhow Town of Madhya Reference to India’s International
Pradesh ’.
52. Diwate Archana Purushottam,
60. Rajesh Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New
University, New Delhi, ‘Role of Indian
Delhi, ‘Social Characteristics of Private
Government and Political Parties in
Medical College in India: A Study of
the Rights against Apartheid in South
Select States’.
Africa, 1984-1994’.
53. Shruti Jain, Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi, ‘Practices and Ideologies of 61. Chongom Aron Aimol, Jawaharlal
Development: People’s Responses to Nehru University, New Delhi, ‘Inuit
Hydropower Projects in Uttarakhand’. Peoples and Canada’s Policy Initiatives
towards Climate Change’.
54. Mani Chaudhary, Ch. Charan Singh
University, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, 62. A. Arun Kumar, Osmania University,
‘A Study of Occupational Stress, Hyderabad, Telangana, ‘Knowledge
Depression and Suicidal Ideation among Management Practices in Biotechnology
Subordinate Police Personnel’. Industries with reference to Andhra
55. Haiyadri Sharma, University of
Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘Prestige 63. Prakash Shrivasharanappa Ragi,
Seeking Consumer Behaviour in Gulbarga University, Gulbarga,
Relation to Premium Brands: An Karnataka, ‘Dalit Movement and
Evaluative Study of Luxury Cars in Social Change: A Sociological Study of
Rajasthan’. Gulbarga District’.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

64. Rajshree Chanchal, Jawaharlal Nehru 72. Surabhi Aggarwal, Himachal Pradesh
University, New Delhi, ‘Social Access University, Shimla, Himachal
Choices and Strategies of Agents and Pradesh, ‘Effect of Yogic Practices
Private School Providers:’. on Metacognition, Logical Thinking,
General Well Being and Moral Values of
65. Promila Kanwar, Punjab University, Senior Secondary School Students’.
Chandigarh, ‘Women’s Empowerment
through Urban Local Bodies’. 73. Nidhi Tyagi, Aligarh Muslim University,
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, ‘Corporate
66. Mallikarjun Holeppa, Gulbarga Governance Practices of Corporate
University, Gulbarga, Karnataka, Sector in India: A Case Study of Selected
‘Working Wives and House Wives: A Indian Companies’.
Sociological Study’.
74. Simashree Bora, Jawaharlal Nehru
67. Gunanidhi Barik, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, ‘A Sociological
University, New Delhi, ‘World Bank Study of Island Ecology and Vaishnavite
and Gender: A Study of Agriculture and Institutions in Majuli, Assam’.
Rural Development Projects in India’.
75. Abhimanyu Behera, Jawaharlal Nehru
68. Mudukappa Karegouda, Gulbarga University, New Delhi, ‘Geopolitics of
University, Gulbarga, Karnataka, Energy in Kazakhstan: Implications for
‘Problems of Scheduled Tribes in India and China, 2005-2013’.
Change Society: A Sociological Study
76. Swati Singh, University of Lucknow,
of Bellary District’.
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, ‘An
69. Martemjen, Nagaland University, Evaluation of Government Investment
Lumami, Nagaland, ‘Biodiversity in Primary Education and its Impact on
Conservation through Traditional Development in Uttar Pradesh’.
Practices in Nagaland: A Geographical 77. Deepak Kumar, Punjab University,
Analysis’. Patiala, Punjab, ‘Intellectual Capital and
Performance in Indian Banking’.
70. Rajees Mohammad Bhat, Pondicherry
University, Puducherry, ‘Conflict 78. Moujuri Bhowmik, Tripura University,
Exposure, Post- Traumatic Stress, Risk Tripura, ‘Fluvial Hazards and their
Factors and the Predictors of Post- Impact on Socio-Economic Condition
Traumatic Growth among the Young in West Tripura District’.
Adults in Kashmir’.
79. Narender Kumar, University of Delhi,
71. Meenakshi Maheshree, University of Delhi, ‘Reading Consciousness: A
Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan, ‘Bharat Critical Study of Caste, Class and
mein Mahilayo ke Vidhick Adhikaar: Gender in the Selected Novels of
Ghareloo Hinsa, Mahila Sanrakshan Gurdyal Singh’.
Adhiniyam, 2005 (Jodhpur Jile ka

Ph.D. Theses received at the ICSSR National Rural Employment Guarantee
Institutes Scheme in Andhra Pradesh’.

Indian Institute of Education, Pune, 84. Narsimhulu Siddula, ‘Commodity

Maharashtra Derivatives: Effectiveness in Price
Discovery and Risk Management’.
80. Nidhi Verma, ‘Coherence and Influence
of Home School and Modernization on 85.
Sode Raghavendra, ‘Corporate
Value Preference of Higher Secondary Sustainable Development in Coal India
School Students’. Limited: A Study’.
81. Damyanti Raut, ‘A Study of Progress Institute for Social and Economic
and Prospects of Pune Municipal Change, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Corporation Schools’.
86. Krishanu Pradhan, ‘Sustainability of
Deepak Gaikwad, ‘Rajkiya India’s Fiscal Policy: An Empirical
Aarakshanacha Tikatmak Abhyas Study’.
Vishesh Sandharbh: Maharashtra
Vidhan Sabha 1999- 2004’.
Institute of Public Enterprise,
Hyderabad, Telangana
83. Maschendar Goud, ‘Performance
Evaluation of Mahatma Gandhi

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Financial Assistance Provided for Organising
Capacity Building Programmes and Research
Methodology Courses
Ten -day Research Methodology Professor in Economics & Dr.Rachita
Course Gulati, Assistant Professor, Department
of Humanities and Social Science,
General Category Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
Roorkee, Uttarakhand with a grant of
1. Ten-day Research Methodology Course ` 5,50,000/-.
sanctioned to Prof. Nizamuddin Khan
& Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad, Department of 6. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Geography, Aligarh Muslim University, sanctioned to Prof. Vivek Mishra, Dept.
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh with a grant of of Post Graduate Studies & Research in
` 5,50,000/-. Pol. Science, Rani Durgawati University,
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh with a grant
2. Ten-day Research Methodology Course of ` 5,50,000/-.
sanctioned to Prof. S.K Bawa & Dr.
Shireesh Pal Singh, Centre for Education 7. Ten-day Research Methodology
Central University of Punjab Mansa Course sanctioned to Prof. H.M.
Road, Bathinda, Punjab with a grant of Shailaja, School of Education, Rani
` 5,50,000/-. Channamma University Vidyasangama,
Bhootaramanahatti, Belgaum,
3. Ten-day Research Methodology Karnataka with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Course sanctioned to Prof. G.M Bhat,
Department of Economics, Central 8. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
University of Kashmir, Transit Campus: sanctioned to Dr. Paul G. Aquinas,
Sonwar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir Department of Social Work, Mangalore
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. University, Karnataka with a grant of
` 5,50,000/-.
4. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Asheesh Srivastava, 9. Ten-day Research Methodology
Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, Course sanctioned to Dr. Dipen Saikia,
Visva Bharati: A Central University, Associate Professor, Dept. of Political
Vinaya Bhavana, P.O Santiniketan, Science, Moridhal College, Moridhal,
Birbhum, West Bengal with a grant of Dist- Dhemaji, Assam with a grant of
` 5,50,000/-. ` 5,50,000/-.

5. Ten-day Research Methodology 10. Ten-day Research Methodology Course

Course sanctioned to Prof. S.P. Singh, sanctioned to Dr. L. Venkatachalam,

Madras Institute of Development 18. Ten-day Research Methodology
Studies, Chennai, Tamil Nadu with a Course sanctioned to Dr. Mohd. Shakil
grant of ` 5,50,000/-. Khan, Baba Sahib Bhimrao Ambedkar
University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
11. Ten-day Research Methodology Course with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
sanctioned to Prof. D.M Diwakar & Dr.
Anuja, A.N Sinha Institute of Social 19. Ten-day Research Methodology
Science, Patna, Bihar with a grant of Course sanctioned to Professor I.C.
` 5,50,000/. Awasthi, Giri Institute of Development
Studies, Aliganj Housing Scheme,
12. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with a grant of
sanctioned to Dr. Y. Venkat Reddy,
` 5,50,000/-.
CKM Arts University College, Desaipet,
Warangal, Telangana with a grant of 20. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
` 5,50,000/-. sanctioned to Dr. Mohammad Shaheer
13. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Siddiqui, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan,
sanctioned to Prof. Biswajit Das & Bolpur, West Bengal with a grant of
Dr. Manoj Kumar, Centre for Culture, ` 5,50,000/-.
Media & Governance, Jamia Millia
21. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi with a
sanctioned to Dr. Ashutosh Pandey
grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Department of Political Science, Dr.
14. Ten-day Research Methodology Course S.M.N.R. University, Lucknow, Uttar
sanctioned to Professor Dr. Damodar Pradesh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Nepram, Dept. of Economics, Manipur
University, Canchipur, Imphal, Manipur 22. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. sanctioned to Dr. Rajiv P. Patel, M.D.
Gram Seva Mahavidyalaya, Gujarat
15. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Vidyapith, Gandhinagar, Gujarat with a
sanctioned to Professor Sanjay Kumar, grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Director, Centre for Study of Developing
Societies, Rajpur Road, Delhi with a 23. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
grant of ` 5,50,000/-. sanctioned to Dr. Ashok Pradhan,
School of Studies in Anthropology, Pt.
16. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur,
sanctioned to Dr. Manas Ray, Centre for Chattisgarh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata with
a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. 24. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Bharat Bhai, B.
17. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Ramanuj, Department of Education,
sanctioned to Dr. K.V. Nagaraj, Dept. Saurashtra University, Rajkot, Gujarat
of Mass Communication, Mizoram with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
University, Tanhril, Aiazwl, Mizoram
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. 25. Ten-day Research Methodology Course

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

sanctioned to Dr. Ratnakar Mishra, 32. Ten-day Research Methodology Course

National Institute of Science and sanctioned to Dr. S. Prakash, Director
Technology, Palur Hills, Berhampur, Research, Nehru Institute of Engineering
Ganjam, Odisha with a grant of and Technology, Nehru Gardens
` 5,50,000/-. Thirumalayampalayam,Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu with a grant of ` 50,000/-.
26. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Prof. Aparna Raj & 33. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Dr. Md. Shamim Ansari, Department sanctioned to Dr. Girin Phukon, Institute
of Tourism and Hotel Management, of Tai Studies and Research, Moranhat,
Bundelkhand University, Kanpur Road, Assam with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh with a grant of
34. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
` 5,50,000/-.
sanctioned to Dr. C.J. Thomas, Deputy
27. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Director & Prof. L.S Gassah, Co-
sanctioned to Dr. Chandra Shekhar R.V., Director, ICSSR North Eastern Regional
Centre for Women’s Studies, Kannada Centre NEHU Campus, Shillong with a
grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
University, Hampi, Karnataka with a
grant of ` 5,50,000/-. 35. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Soumya Vinayan,
28. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Council for Social Development,
sanctioned to Dr. N. Venkateshwarlu,
Southern Regional Centre, Rajendra
University College of Law, Osmania
Nagar, Hyderabad with a grant of
University, Hyderabad, Telangana with
` 5,50,000/-.
a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
36. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
29. Ten-day Research Methodology Course sanctioned to Prof. Kiran Desai, Mr.
sanctioned to Professor Dimyajyoti Vimal Trivedi, Centre for Social
Bhattacharjee, Assam University, Studies,Veer Narmad South, Gujarat
Silchar, Assam with a grant of University Campus, Udhana-Magdalla
` 5,50,000/-. Road, Surat, Gujaratwith a grant of
` 5,50,000/-.
30. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Ajay Dwivedi, V.B.S. 37. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Purvanchal University, Jaunpur, Uttar sanctioned to Prof. Diwakar Sharma
Pradesh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya,
Sagar, Madhya Pradesh with a grant of
31. Ten-day Research Methodology ` 5,50,000/-.
Course sanctioned to Professor
Surendra K. Gupta, Member-Secretary, 38. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Indian Association of Social Science sanctioned to Prof.Manisha Dubey,
Institutions, IIPA, Indraprastha Estate, Professor, Department of Economics,
New Delhi with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (A

Central University) Koni, Bilaspur, Course sanctioned to Dr. Sunita Reddy,
Chattisgarh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. Assistant Professor & Prof. Sanghmitra
Acharya, Centre of Social Medicine and
39. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Community Health, School of Social
sanctioned to Prof. Manju Singh, Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University,
Department of Sociology, 108, Vani New Delhi with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Mandir, Banasthali University, Tonk,
Rajasthan with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. 2. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Ramesh M. Sonkamble,
40. Ten-day Research Methodology Assistant Professor, Department of
Course sanctioned to Dr. Celine Sunny, Social Work, Karnataka State Women’s
Professor, Dept. of Social Work, University Torvi, Vijayapura, Karnataka
Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Rajagiri, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala
3. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
sanctioned to Dr. Vulli Dhanaraju,
41. Ten-day Research Methodology Assistant Professor, Dept. of History,
Course sanctioned to Dr. M. Devaraj, Assam University (Central University),
Director, Institute of Development Diphu Campus, Diphu Karbi Anglong,
Assam with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Studies, University of Mysore,
Manasagangothri, Mysore, Karnataka 4. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. sanctioned to Prof. M.N Parmar,
Director & Dr. Satish Kumar, Faculty of
42. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Social Work, The Maharaja Sayaji Rao
sanctioned to Dr. N.P. Pathak, Professor University of Baroda,Vadodara, Gujarat
of Business Economics, Awadhesh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
Pratap Singh University, Rewa, Madhya
Pradesh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. 5. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. M. Thamilarasan,
43. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Assistant Professor, Dept. of Sociology,
sanctioned to Prof. R. Ranganathan, University of Madras, Chennai with a
Dean, Faculty of Education, Andhra grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra
Pradesh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. 6. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Prof. N. Sukumar, Dept.
44. Ten-day Research Methodology Course of Political Science,Faculty of Social
sanctioned to Prof. Prem Kumar, Science, University of Delhi with a
Department of Sociology, Kurukshetra grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
University, Kurukshetra, Haryana with
7. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
sanctioned to Dr. A. Nageswara Rao,
SC Category CSSSIP, Maulana Azad National Urdu
University, Gachibowli, Hyderabad,
1. Ten-day Research Methodology Telangana with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

8. Ten-day Research Methodology Course 14. Ten-day Research Methodology Course

sanctioned to Dr. M. Ramakrishna, sanctioned to Dr. Vikas K. Jambhulkar,
Centre for Tribal Folklore Language Department of Political Science, RTM
& Literature, Central University of Nagpur University, Mahatma Phule
Jharkhand, CTI Campus, Brambe, Educational Campus, Amravati Road,
Ranchi, Jharkhand with a grant of Nagpur, Maharashtra with a grant of
` 5,50,000/-. ` 5,50,000/-.
9. Ten-day Research Methodology Course 15. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Subir Biswas, Dept. sanctioned to Prof. S.K. Chahal, Dept.
of Anthropology, West Bengal State of History, Kurukshetra University,
University, Barasat, Kolkata, West Kurukshetra, Haryana with a grant of
Bengal with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. ` 5,50,000/-.
10. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
16. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Amarnath Paswan,
sanctioned to Prof. Shishupal Singh
Centre for Study of Social Exclusion
Bhadu & Mr. Nishant Gehlot (Co-
and Inclusive Policy, Faculty of Social
Director), Department of Management
Sciences, Banaras Hindu University,
Studies, Faculty of Commerce and
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh with a grant of
` 5,50,000/-. Management, Jai Narayan Vyas
University, Opp.Senapati Bhawan, IIT
11. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Jodhpur Campus, Residency Road,
sanctioned to Dr. Suresh R (Course Jodhpur, Rajasthan with a grant of
Director), Prof. Suchitra Sen (Co- ` 5,50,000/-.
Course Director), Dr. Elumalai Kannan
(Co-Course Director) Centre for Study 17. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
of Regional Development (CSRD), sanctioned to Dr. Surepally Sujatha,
School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Principal, University College of Arts,
Nehru University, New Delhi with a Science and Commerce, Satavahana
grant of ` 5,50,000/-. University, Karimnagar, Telangana with
a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
12. Ten-day Research Methodology
Course sanctioned to Prof. P. Moorthy, 18. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
Department of Politics & International sanctioned to Dr. Keshav Manik Walke,
Studies, Pondicherry University, Matru Sewa Sangh, Institute of Social
Kalapet, Puducherry with a grant of Work, Bajajnagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra
` 5,50,000/-. with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
13. Ten-day Research Methodology Course 19. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Jagan Karade, Dept. sanctioned to Dr. Sumathi G.N, VIT
of Sociology, Shivaji University,
Vidyanagar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu with a
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. grant of ` 5,50,000/-.

20. Ten-day Research Methodology Course 5. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Ms. Rekha J.Wankhade sanctioned to Dr. Ratan Kaurinta,
& Dr. Balkrushna P. Adhau, Associate Department of Commerce, Nagaland
Professor, Takshashila Mahavidyalaya, University, Kohima Campus, Nagaland
Shyam Nagar, Amravati, Maharashtra with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
6. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
21. Ten-day Research Methodology Course sanctioned to Dr. Ngamjahao Kipgen,
sanctioned to Dr. Laxman Lal Salvi, Indian Institute of Technology,
Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, Guwahati, Assam with a grant of
Rajasthan with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. ` 5,50,000/-.

ST Category 7. Ten-day Research Methodology

Course sanctioned to Dr. Kishore
1. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Jose, Co-Director, Dr. Parvathi K Iyer,
sanctioned to Dr. Vijay Korra, Centre for Dr. Nongmaithem Mohandas Singh,
Economic and Social Studies (CESS), Centre for Security Studies, School of
Nizamiah Observatory Campus, International Studies, Central University
Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana with of Gujarat, Gujarat with a grant of
a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. ` 5,50,000/-.

2. Ten-day Research Methodology Course 8. Ten-day Research Methodology

sanctioned to Dr. Janak Singh Meena, Course sanctioned to Dr. Sivasankar
Department of Political Science, Jai V, Muthurangam Government Arts
Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu with a
Rajasthan with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. grant of ` 5,50,000/-.

3. Ten-day Research Methodology Course 9. Ten-day Research Methodology

sanctioned to Dr. Nenavath Sreenu, Course sanctioned to Dr. Nister Kujur,
Dr. P.K.Sharma, School of Studies in
Department of Business Management,
Sociology, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University,
University, Raipur, Chattisgarh with a
Amarkantak, Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh
grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-.
10. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
4. Ten-day Research Methodology
sanctioned to Dr. Reshma Xalxo, Dept.
Course sanctioned to Dr. V. Srinivasa
of Home Science, Ranchi University,
Rao, Centre for the Study of Social Ranchi, Jharkhand with a grant of
Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, ` 5,50,000/-.
School of Social Science, Central
University of Hyderabad, Prof. C R 11. Ten-day Research Methodology
Road, Central University Campus, Course sanctioned to Dr. R.S. Tolia
Gachibowli,Hyderabad, Telangana with & Chair Professor, Dr. Sudhanshu
a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. Joshi, Co-Director, NTPC, Centre

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

for Public Policy, Doon University, Mittal & Dr. Mohd Azam Khan,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand with a grant of Department of Economics, Aligarh
` 5,50,000/-. Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar
Pradesh with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
12. Ten-day Research Methodology Course
sanctioned to Dr. Anita Dhurvey, Senior 4. Two-Week Capacity Building
Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Programme sanctioned to Dr. Sanjay K.
Barkatullah University, Bhopal, Madhya Jha, Dean & Dr. Manasi Singh, School
Pradesh with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. of International Studies, Central
University of Gujarat, Sector-29,
13. Ten-day Research Methodology Course Gandhinagar, Gujarat with a grant of
sanctioned to Dr. Machunwangliu ` 9,40,000/-.
Kamei, Dept. of Mass Communication,
Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, 5. Two-Week Capacity Building
Assam with a grant of ` 5,50,000/-. Programme sanctioned to Dr. Chandan
Kumar Sahoo, Associate Professor,
14. Ten-day Research Methodology Course School of Management, National
sanctioned to Dr. (Mrs.) Nikme S.C. Institute of Technology Rourkela,
Momin & Dr. Madhusudhan J.V. (Co- Rourkela, Sundergarh, Odisha with a
Director), Dept. of Education, North- grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Tura
Campus, Tura, Meghalaya with a grant 6. Two-Week Capacity Building
of ` 5,50,000/-. Programme sanctioned to Prof. Manoj
Kumar Agarwal, Department of
Capacity Building Programme (CBP) Economics, University of Lucknow,
Lucknow with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
1. Two-Week Capacity Building
Programme sanctioned to Prof. Yatindra 7. Two-Week Capacity Building
Singh Sisodia, Director, Dr. Tapas K. Programme sanctioned to Dr. Gajendra
Dalapati, Assistant Professor, M.P. Singh, Head, School of Management,
Institute of Social Science Research 6, Doon University, Mothrowala Road,
Bharatpuri Administrative Zone Ujjain Kedarpur, P.O Ajabpur, Dehradun,
with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-. Uttarakhand with a grant of ` 9,40,000/.

2. Two-Week Capacity Building 8. Two-Week Capacity Building

Programme sanctioned to Dr. Satish Programme sanctioned to Prof. Poonam
Verma, RBI Chair Professor, Centre Bawa, Head & Dr. Janak Singh Meena,
for Research in Rural and Industrial Dept. of Political Science, Jai Narayan
Development (CRRID) Sector- 19-A, Vyas University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Madhya Marg, Chandigarh with a grant with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
of ` 9,40,000/-.
9. Two-Week Capacity Building
3. Two-Week Capacity Building Programme sanctioned to Prof. Santosh
Programme sanctioned to Prof. Ashok Nandal & Dr. Ramphul Ohlan,

Department of Economics, Mahirshi 16. Two-Week Capacity Building
Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana Programme sanctioned to Dr. Narayan
with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-. Singh Rao, Associate Professor & Head,
Department of History, Maharaja Ganga
Two-Week Capacity Building Singh University, Bikaner, Rajasthan
Programme sanctioned to Prof. with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
D.P Singh, Centre for Research
Methodology, Tata Institute of Social 17. Two-Week Capacity Building
Science, Deonar, Mumbai, Maharashtra Programme sanctioned to Prof. Ashok
with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-. Kumar Srivastava, Dept. of Psychology,
Awadhesh Pratap Singh University,
Two-Week Capacity Building
Rewa, Madhya Pradesh with a grant of
Programme sanctioned to Prof. Manoj
` 9,40,000/-.
Kar, Professor, Centre for Educational
Studies, Indian Institute of Education, SC Category
128/2, J.P. Naik Path, Kothrud,
Pune, Maharashtra with a grant of 1. Two-Week Capacity Building
` 9,40,000/-. Programme sanctioned to Prof. Kamble
Balu Nana, Indian Institute of Education,
Two-Week Capacity Building Centre for Educational Studies, J.P Naik
Programme sanctioned to Dr. Kalyan
Path, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra with
Das, OKD Institute of Social Change
a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
and Development, VIP Road, Upper
Hengrabari, Guwahati, Assam with a 2. Two-Week Capacity Building
grant of ` 9,40,000/-. Programme sanctioned to Dr. C.
Mahadeva Murthy, Associate Professor,
Two-Week Capacity Building
Department of Studies & Research in
Programme sanctioned to Dr. S. Surapo
Raju, Council for Social Development, Management, Karnataka State Open
Southern Regional Centre, University, Muktha Gangotri, Mysore,
Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, Telangana Karnataka with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-.
3. Two-Week Capacity Building
Two-Week Capacity Building Programme sanctioned to Dr.
Programme sanctioned to Professor Chittaranjan Senapati, Associate
Diwakar Sharma, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Professor, Giri Institute of Development
Vishwavidyalaya, A Central University, Studies, Sector “O’ Aliganj Extension,
Sagar, Madhya Pradesh with a grant of Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with a
` 9,40,000/-. grant of ` 9,40,000/-.

Two-Week Capacity Building 4. Two-Week Capacity Building
Programme sanctioned to Prof. Munni Programme sanctioned to Dr. S.H.
Lal, Department of Economics, Indurwade, Post Graduate Teaching,
Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Department of Economics, Rashtrasant
Varanasi with a grant of ` 9,40,000/-. Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University,

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

University Campus, Amravati Road, ST Category

Nagpur, Maharashtra with a grant of
` 9,40,000/-. 1. Two-Week Capacity Building
Programme sanctioned to Dr.
5. Two-Week Capacity Building Toshimenla Jamir, Associate Professor,
Programme sanctioned to Dr. Kamla Department of Sociology, Nagaland
& Dr. Enamul Nahar,CSSEIP, Panjab University, H.Q. Lumani, District
University, Chandigarh, Panjab with a Zunheboto, Nagaland with a grant of
grant of ` 9,40,000/-. ` 9,40,000/-.


Financial Assistance Provided for Organizing
International/ National Conferences/
Seminars in India
Proposals Approved for Organizing 5. Dr. C. Mahadevamurthy, Karnataka State
International Conferences/ Open University, Karnataka for organizing
Seminars in India an international conference on ‘Issues and
Innovations in Management Education’
Dr. George Varghese K, Manipal at Karnataka, during 21-22 August 2015.
University, Karnataka for organizing the ` 1, 50,000. (SC)
‘3rd International Deleuze Studies in Asia
Conference 2015 on International, Inter- 6. Dr. Nandi Chinni Kumar, University of
connection, Inter-operating Workshop: Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana for
Deleuze Contra Hierarchies’ at Karnataka organizing an international conference on
during 5-7 June 2015. ` 3, 00,000. ‘History, Literature, Translation: Bhasha
Culture and its Pervasive Network’ at
2. Dr. G.H. Patel, Chishtiya Arts College, Hyderabad during 9-11 September 2015.
Khuldabad, Maharashtra for organizing ` 2, 00,000. (SC)
an international conference on
‘Sant- Mahatmachi Bhumi: Histories 7. Dr. Dhananjay Rai, Central University
of Interactions, Connections and of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat for
Subjectivities in Aurangabad Region’ at organizing an international conference
Khuldabad, Maharashtra during 19-21 on ‘Debating Swaraj after Hundred years
June 2015. ` 1, 00,000. of Gandhi’s Return to India during South
Africa’ at Gandhinagar during 4-5 October
3. Prof. Dominic Meyieho and Dr. Joy 2015. ` 2, 50,000.
Thomas, Assam Don Bosco University,
Guwahati, Assam for organizing an 8. Dr. Ashok Kumar and Dr. Preeti Hohari
international conference on ‘Asian Values RCA Girls (PG) College, Mathura, Uttar
and Human Future’ at Guwahati during Pradesh for organizing an international
7-9 July 2015. ` 2, 00,000. (ST) conference on ‘How to Understand and
Co-exist with Radical Islam?’ at Mathura
4. Dr. Pradeep Ramvath and Dr. Sony during 18-20 November 2015. ` 2, 00,000.
Pellissery, National Law School of Indian
University, Karnataka for organizing an 9. Dr. Sowmya Dechamma, University of
international conference on ‘Dalits and Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana for
Africans-Americans in 21st Century organizing an international conference on
Learnings during Cross-Cultural ‘Comparative Literature: The Question of
Experiences’ at Karnataka during 9-10 Language and the Minority’ at Hyderabad
July 2015. ` 5, 00,000. (SC) during 14-16 October 2015. ` 2,00,000.

Indian Council of Social Science Research Appendices

10. Prof. Sugata Marjit, Centre for Studies in 16. Bro. Albert Longley Dkhar, St. Anthony’s
Social Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal for College, Shillong, Meghalaya for
organizing an international conference on organizing an international conference
‘50 Years of Simple General Equilibrium on ‘Water Resource Management in the
Models and their Implication for Policies Eastern Himalayan Region’ at Shillong
in Open Developing Economics-Historical during 4-5 November 2015. ` 2, 50,000.
and Emerging Issues’ at Kolkata during (ST)
11-12 November 2015. ` 5, 00,000. 17. Dr. Michael Dusche, Manipal University,
11. Prof. Praveen Jha, Jawaharlal Nehru Manipal, Karnataka for organizing an
University, Delhi for organizing an international conference on ‘Non-state
international conference on ‘Labour Legal Practices in India’ at Manipal during
Question in the Global South’ at Delhi 5-7 December 2015. ` 3, 50,000.
during 18-20 November 2015. ` 5, 00,000. 18. Prof. Anuradha Banerjee, Jawaharlal
12. Mr. Jitendra K. Aherkar, B.L. Amlani Nehru University, New Delhi for
organizing an international conference
College of Commerce and Economics,
on ‘XXXV Indian National Cartographic
Mumbai, Maharashtra for organizing an
Association International Congress on
international conference on ‘Contemporary
Spatial Governance for Development,
Challenges Before Women’s Studies’
Planning Smart Cities and Disaster
at Mumbai during 4-5 December 2015.
Management’ at Delhi during 15-17
` 1, 00,000.
December 2015. ` 5, 00,000.
13. Prof. M. K. Agarwal, University of 19. Dr. Shalini Grover and Dr. Arup Mitra,
Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for Institute of Economic Growth, University
organizing an international conference of Delhi, New Delhi for organizing an
on ‘Changing Economic Parameters and international conference on ‘Redefining
Prospects of Growth in India and South Labour Roles in a Globalizing India’
Asia’ at Lucknow during 6-8 September at Delhi during 28-30 January 2016.
2015. ` 2, 50,000. ` 4, 00,000.
14. Prof. Rajarshi Majumder, University of 20. Dr. K. S. Patil, Tirpude College of Social
Burdwan, Burdwan, West Bengal for Work, Nagpur, Maharashtra for organizing
organizing an international conference an international conference on ‘Water
on ‘Issues in Regional Development’ at Symposium-2016 Water Conservation and
Burdwan during 8-9 September 2015. Management for Better World’ at Nagpur
` 1, 50,000. during 21-22 March 2016. ` 2, 00,000.
15. Mr. Banshaikupar L. Mawlong, Union
Christian College, Meghalaya for 21. Dr. Ramesh C. Gaur, Jawaharlal Nehru
organizing an international conference on University, New Delhi for organizing