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Adolescent participate in almost every type of gambling activity – government promoted

lottery games (including search – off tickets), cards, dice, board games sports betting, and games

of personal skills, actual rates of participation vary by region determined by accessibility of

gambling opportunities and types of gambling available to adolescents and the population in

general. Compared with adult gambles, adolescent gamblers report gambling with less money

and less frequently then adult, but this maybe due to factor of access to money and gambling

opportunities. They are also more likely to participate in strategic gambling (e.g. card games

rather than non strategic gambling (e.g. slot machines) perhaps given the diminished legal access

to casinos and lotteries. Other factors may also contribute to the gambling preferences of

adolescents. Another challenge in studying the gambling behaviors of youth involves the

application or modification of the problem; gambling criteria used define adult behaviors.

Defining problems and pathological gambling among youth involves considerations of

differences in adolescent rules and responsibilities.

Sitio Canaon was part of Brgy. Tiguion, Municipality of Gasan, province of

Marinduque. Canaon is one of the area that is involved in different gambling activities since

20’s until the present. Teenagers of this sitio was recorded as one of the participants of different

of the gambling activities existing in Canaon. Such as ball game (billiard, pool), card game

(tong-it, beat game, lucky a and other) and a popularly game using coin known as “taching”.
Some teenager prefer to join on those different kind of gambling activities instead of

joining on the environment and social activities conducted in Barangay Tiguion. Most of the

teenagers it his sitio are members of out of school youth (OSY) and some are going to school.

Based on the observation, Canaon has been improved through the years. In order to

avoid gambling activities, the one who are responsible on this kind of scenario must provide a

livelihood training program so their free time will spend in most significant thing.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to determine the effects of gambling among teenagers in Canaon,

Tiguion. The researchers conducted this study to find out the answers the following questions.

1. What is the demographic people of the teenagers in Canaon, Tiguion, Gasan, Marinduque

in terms of:

 Age

 Gender

2. What are the different kind of gambling activities existing in Canaon, Tiguion, Gasan,


3. What are the effects of gambling among teenagers in Canaon, Tiguion?

4. What are the possible solutions on this kind of gambling?

Significance of the Study

This research study will be benefited to the following persons

1. Future researcher – This research can be a reference for future study.

2. Barangay captain & officials – Knowing the effects of gambling, they will able to know

that people in the Canaon, Tiguion do gambling and they will help them to take

disciplinary action on it.

3. Parents – This research will help them to provide their children enough guidance for them

to avoid gambling and to be aware on the effects of it.

4. Teenager – This research will help them to avoid gambling and to be aware on what

would be the effects of gambling.

Scope and Delimitations of the Study

This study is about the effects of gambling among teenagers in Canaon, Tiguion also the

teenagers of Canaon are respondents of this study further more this study will be conducted

during the second semester of this school year 2017-2018 with respondents of teenagers in

Canaon, Tiguion, Gasan, Marinduque.



The Australian Productivity Commission found that between five and ten people are

affected by every individual who is a problem gambler, including spouses, children and other

family members, friends, co-workers and employers as well as those involved in financial

relationships. The financial stress, lying and arguments that can develop around problem

gamblers led to relationship breakdown, and once in ten of those in counseling admitting it had

led to domestic violence. In Australia, problem gambling is estimated to be involved in some

1600 divorce annually. Reduced familiar stability and household income can also affect the

children of problem gamblers, who may display behavioral problems and problems at school (PC

7.1-7.33). Other studies have borne of out of these findings. For example, one found that the

children of problem gamblers have a higher than normal involvement with addictive substances,

more psychosocial problems, and more problems at school than others (Jacobs et al 1989).

Wives of problem gamblers report higher than average rates of depression. Verbal and physical

abuse and suicide attempts (Lorenz and Jaffee 1988). When individuals are pre-occupied with

ways in which to find the time and money to gamble, their work life tens to suffer, although the

Australian evidence found the effects of this to be relatively slight.

In Scotland, regional authorities in Glasgow, west Dunbar Toushire and Midlothian have

bid for regional casino licenses, while refreshire, talkrirk and Dumfries and Galloway have bid

for one of the eight large casino licenses that will be awarded. In general, small casinos and

those located in urban or suburban areas have the greatest potential for negative social impacts in

Scotland, particularly if those areas are already characterized by high levels of social deprivation.
Large resort casinos have greater potential to attract tourists, resulting in lower social costs

relative to economic benefits. All but one of these proposals could be considered on urban or

suburban location, and in addition, all but within fifty miles of each other, and within easy reach

of areas of considerable deprivation. As such, it is conceivable that the impacts of one would be

felt in surrounding regions, regardless of where any single one was actually built. Overall, it can

be seen that there are negative social impacts associated with increased gambling, and it is likely

that the introduction of casinos in Scotland will use numbers of problem gamblers rise to some

extent. However, as has been made clean throughout this report, various strategies exist that can

be used to address there impacts, and these can reduce potential increases in problem gambling.

Research has been suggested that in many jurisdictions where specialist problem gambling

services were provided, problem gambling did not increase on was kept to a minimum when new

forms of gambling including casinos, were introduced. In areas were these was no such

provision, increase were eee. In the event of increased gambling in Scotland, it is therefore

crucial that public authorities adopt a pro-active approach to problem prevention by ensuring that

the public are informed about the potential risks of gambling and by targeting the appropriate

resources to treat individuals who do develop problems with their playing. Ultimately, the steps

taken by public authorities could have a significant effect on the eventual social impact of

casinos in Scotland. (

Suggested effects of new gambling environment based on what we know about risk

factors that promote adolescent gambling (a) make gambling more accessible and attractive to

young people, (b) may promote factually incorrect information about gambling, (c) provide an

easy “escape” from real world problems such as depression and social isolation, (d) create a

gambling environment that easily facilities peer pressures to gamble, (e) ease parental
transmission of gambling attitudes and beliefs, and (f) make gambling more ubiquitous and

socially acceptable (adapted from: Daniel King Paul Del Fabbro mark Grif! Thus the

convergence of gambling and Digital media Implications for gambling in young people journal

of gambling studies (2010) 26:175-187)



This chapter presents the way the research was conducted including research design and

research instrument.

Research Design

There were different methods used to gain information for this research. This study

utilized descriptive and explanatory research design with the use of observational. The

researcher used observational descriptive research design to obtain information about the

different gambling activities of teenagers in Canaon, Tiguion. Descriptive research design is

believed to be suitable for this research to better understand its effects to the teenagers.

Explanatory research design used to explain the different factors causes and its effect.

Research Instrument

The researcher gathered and collected data or information through questionnaire.


Name: Age:
Grade & Section: Gender: Male

Please check the box for your corresponding answer.

1. Are you involved in any gambling activities?

Yes No

2. What type of gambling activities?

Card Game (Tong-it, Lucky 9, Beat Game and others)
Ball Game (Billiard, Pool)
Others please specify: _______________

3. How much did you spend on gambling?

20-50 pesos
60-100 pesos
150-200 pesos
300 pesos

4. What are the reasons why did you involved in gambling?

to earn money
past time
to relieve stress

5. What did you think will be effects of gambling to you:

A. Study? B. Family? C. Relations to other?

6. What are the effects of gambling among teenagers in Canaon Tiguion?

____ can do crime such as robbery.
____ lead to absences in school
____ they can’t take care of themselves
____ others please specify