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Adolescent pregnancy: causes, consequences and how deal with it

Pregnancy unwanted teenager gives way more frequent after the start of early sexual relations,
lack of sex education and the misuse of contraceptives.

In this article you will learn its causes, consequences and some tips that can help you help to deal
with this situation so complicated.
According to the World Health Organization (who), "adolescence is the period of life in which
the individual acquires the reproductive capacity, transit psychological patterns from childhood
to adulthood and strengthens the socio-economic independence".

In general, fixed form boundaries between 10 and 19 years, being the most dangerous teenage
pregnancy the younger is the expectant mother - sometimes, the body of the teenager has not
completed its development-.

While in Spain there has been a decline moderated in the number of pregnant teens, global
figures have shown that there is still a long way to go.

Some of the most striking data are:

-Some 16 million girls of 15 to 19 years old and about 1 million children under 15 years of age
give birth each year, mostly in low-and middle-income countries.

-Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the second leading cause of death among the
young people aged 15 to 19 worldwide.

-Each year, about 3 million girls aged 15 to 19 undergo unsafe abortions.

-The babies of teenage mothers face a significantly higher risk of dying than those born to
women aged 20 to 24 years.

Although there are many causes of unwanted teenage pregnancies occur, here you are those who
have been most studied.

Knowing them will allow you to act on them and avoid, to the extent possible, that your children
have inadequate sexual practices.
Causes of teenage pregnancy
Early onset of sexual intercourse

In today's society is comes observed a decrease in the average age of onset of sexual intercourse.

A few years ago, the average age that began to have sex was 18 years in men and 19 years for

Currently, more and more teens have sex before reaching the age of 16.
In this way, begin to have sexual intercourse at an early stage, teens aren't prepared to assess the
consequences resulting from irresponsible sexual conduct.

As parent, may you find difficult to miss seeing your children as children. However, it is
important for you to accept the new stage that have reached and change your attitude with them.

Ideally, that information you do not hide your children about sexuality.

Talk with them openly, so that it does not become a taboo subject within the family. Leave the
perception of sex as something forbidden, that must be avoided.

Sooner or later, your children will begin to have sex, so it is best that you help them be prepared.
Failure or distortion of information about contraception

It would surprise you to know the myths that circulate among adolescents in relation to fertility.

Some of them are:

-"when women have relationships for the first time, do not can get pregnant".

-"only become pregnant when does menstruation".

-"pregnancy having standing sex can be avoided".

As you can see, it's completely false information circulating among the adolescent population.

All truthful information contributions to benefit them at a time of your life that are as vulnerable
to the advice of their peers.
Incorrect use of contraceptive methods

This is due, in part, to the lack of information discussed above.

Some teens dispense birth control thinking that they can compensate for using tactics such as
"reverse gear", which disrupt the penetration times before ejaculating.

However, sometimes children do not use contraceptive methods due to the lack of accessibility
to them.

To avoid this situation, even if it seems surprising, some parents opt to provide children with
condoms at home.

At first, this situation can be very uncomfortable, but little by little, will be standardized within
the family.
Consumption of alcohol or drugs
Adolescence is a time in which new experiences living in many ways. It is not uncommon that
they begin to have contact with drugs and alcohol.

The use of this class of substances, involves - among other things - that adolescents have a
perception of even minor danger.

To avoid that this conduct is a risk factor in teen pregnancy, you should provide information to
children about the consequences of consumption.

In addition, alcohol/drug use can result in numerous additional problems such as accidents,
illnesses, addictions, among others.

Therefore, you should pay attention to indications that your kids are consuming this type of
substance and remedy until the situation becomes worse.

Remember that this is a time of vulnerability in many ways and substance may increase the
danger to which they are exposed from itself.
Being the daughter of a teenage mother

Many studies show that teenage mothers "created", in some way, teenage moms.

If you were mother in your adolescence, you could seek counseling on how to educate your

It is possible that you may be greater emphasis on some aspects of their education to prevent an
unwanted pregnancy.

So far, we have discussed the risk factors for teenage pregnancies. We then discussed some of
the most significant consequences:
Consequences of teen pregnancy
Student drop-out

One of the immediate consequences for a teen mother-to-be - who decides to have the baby - is
to drop out of school.
The main objective of the teenager is looking for a job to deal with the new economic costs.

Normally, it's work low-skilled and poorly paid, since the adolescent has not acquired even a
complete academic training.

Subsequently, it will be difficult to resume their studies, so it can perpetuate poverty in the
Completion of their relationship

Teen couples tend to be short-lived and unstable, and the presence of a son magnifies this
Sometimes the relationship is formalized and endures in a forced way, to deal with the new

However, in the majority of cases, they also end up finish this obligated relationship.

Thus, the children who are involved in an unintended pregnancy have to face, in many cases, this
situation by themselves - or with the help of their parents-.

Therefore, in the complicated situation of becoming pregnant in a moment in which they are not
prepared, is added to become single mothers.
Some parents not responsible is

Half of the parents is not responsible for his unborn child nor emotional nor economically, many
of them, advised by their own parents.

Others call into question his paternity, so also avoid responsibility for what happened.

In our society, unfortunately, an unwanted pregnancy as a problem that the expectant mother
must concentrate, above all.

The parents who are responsible, leave study and seek a job little qualified, this being a risk
factor for its future economy.
Psychological problems

Prospective parents are caught up in a situation difficult to cope with, which is a stigma in the
majority of cases.

They have to assume the role of parents, in a moment in which his own personality were

In addition, the stress to which they are subject - inappropriate to their chronological age -
facilitates the emergence of emotional disorders. Therefore, they will have difficulty carrying out
a paternity or maternity leave happy.
Greater number of children

Since the mother has had her first child at a very young age, it is more likely to have a greater
number of children than women of her generation - which tend to delay of childbearing age-.

This fact, coupled with the risk of paying jobs, play can seriously damage the economy.
Unstable and short-lived relationship

A single parent may feel the need to have a partner on your side providing you economic and
emotional well-being.

This thought can lead to many problems, as trying to continue a relationship while you suffer
physical or psychological abuse.
A teenage single mother's self-esteem tends to be very impaired, since it is normally socially
stigmatised and suffered the abandonment of many people of her around.

This is an area that should work in depth, to help the teenager to be self-sufficient, and avoid
occur numerous - and inappropriate - sentimental relationships.

In addition, this situation occur in which passengers dating can also affect your child's emotional
stability, since it fails to create a secure attachment to a father figure.
How to deal with teenage pregnancy

Once produced the unwanted pregnancy, should be analysed very well the decisions to be taken,
since they will have an impact on the welfare of the teenager's life.

If you decide to abort, give it up for adoption, or raising the child, their lives will change
radically, there is the possibility of rectifying.

In the first two situations, has been revealed that adolescent girls are often - sooner or later -
feelings of guilt, regret and psychological discomfort, which will affect him in many areas of
your life.

In the event that you decide to have the baby, you will face many tasks for which it is not yet

To address this situation, in which the teenager decides to have the baby, we provide some tips
that can help you.

More health care

In early ages, pregnancy can have various medical complications endangering the health of the
fetus and the expectant mother.

You can encourage the teenager to attend regularly to medical appointments, to prevent or detect
these problems.

Assistance to family education programs

Health care includes this program to provide teenage mothers from tools that guide you in this
difficult task.

The data collected in these programs indicate that expectant mothers have a lower incidence of
maternal and perinatal mortality.

It has also been shown that young women who attend such programs use more contraception,
once produced the birth.
Therefore, to the extent possible, you should encourage the mother-to-be benefit from resources
that are available.

Seek public help

Teenage mothers can benefit from numerous public grants that seek to provide for the young
people of the resources they need. Whenever possible, continue their studies is a good choice.

If you are in your hand, you could offer your help the adolescent mother continue their academic
training and you can choose to work better paid in the future.
Help with the care of your child

A person who is engaged in the care of his son, can present great difficulties in their daily lives.

In fact, on many occasions gets to produce neglect or abuse parental, since that blame the son of
what happened.

It is important that, from your position and experience, help young people who will assume the
role of parents, to avoid this type of situation.

Your company and support will help in a life crisis, in which adolescents are criticized by their
immediate environment and alone.

As you can see, even if it is a thorny issue, there are many ways to help a teen who is going
through this situation.