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Success Story

Birla International School

About Birla International School
(Birla Education Trust)

The Birla Education Trust, a pioneer in the field of Indian education, was
founded by the great visionary, renowned industrialist and patriot, Dr. G.D.
Birla, at Pilani in 1929. with reputable institutions like BITS, Birla Public
School, B.E.T. has now vested its experience of decades in founding the brand
new Birla International School.

This school will provide world class education, with an international

curriculum for boys and girls from India and abroad. The school offers a
continuous progression from Classes 3 to 12 and classes will be added every
year to take the school up to Class 12 in five years.
Customer requirements

 Managed & scalable Data Infrastructure

 900 Fast Ethernet ports, Core Switch,

Wireless LAN

 Network Management Software

 Unified Threat Management

 IP & UC enabled voice communication


 Fire Alarm, Surveillance & Access Control


 One Vendor integrated solution

Challenges & Competitive scenario
BIS is looking at a solution provider who can deliver
and implement entire requirement of the school
including IT Infrastructure, IP PBX, Fire Alarm,
Surveillance & Access Control Solution

Leading institute for Technology & Science studies

employing very tough technical evolution process

BITS Pilani IPC Team along with IPC Head appointed

to evolutes solution & products

BITS Pilani - existing Cisco Network including 6500 Chassis at core, 4500 Chassis at
aggregation, 35xx at access layer. 55xx series controller & Aironet access point

Strong account of Wipro – Cisco Platinum Partner

Why customer has selected SEN?

Consolidated solution proposed by our

Channel M/s Linc Digital System that
includes IT Infrastructure, IP PBX, Fire
Alarm, Surveillance & Access Control
SEN expertise for designing complete IT
& Telecom infrastructure including
Wired / Wireless LAN
Close working with customer’s IT team at
design stage
Excellent Pre-Sales Response & expertise
shown during design and pre-sales stage
Voice, UC, Network Edge & Core
Switches, NMS, Wireless Solution from
ONE World Renowned Brand – SIEMENS
Solution Proposed

Core Switch
C Series

- A high performance enterprise Ethernet

switching solution
- Granular QoS capabilities to support converged
multimedia networks

Edge Switch
A- Series

- Fast Ethernet Stackable L2 Switch

- Reliable network operation for mission-critical
Solution Proposed

Wireless Controller
C 4110

- High-performance, Enterprise-class WLAN Controller

- Role-based grouping of users, devices, and
applications to deliver priority, QoS, and security in
accordance with business needs
- Centralized visibility and control to unify wired and
wireless role-based access

Access Points
AP 2620

- Enterprise-class WLAN Access Points

- dual radio 802.11a/b/g thin AP
Solution Proposed

Network Management Software

Enterasys NetSight® Console

- Centralized Visibility and Control Management

- Provides the foundation to manage all the
security-enabled infrastructure components
as a total system
Solution Proposed

HiPath 3800
innovative communications solution for

110 x OSO Standard Users

1 x OpenStage 40 HFP
1 x OptiClient Attendant V8
12 x OpenStage 20 HFA
240 x Analog Users
Scope of deliverables
C Series
Core Switch
C Series L3 Stackable Switch

C3G 124-24 (1 No.)

24# 10/100/1000 Base T & 4 shared miniGBIC
C3K 172-24 (1 No.)
24# 1000 Base miniGBIC

Edge Switch
A-Series Layer 2 Managed Switch (44 Nos.) A-Series

A2 24 port 10/100 Mbps switch

Scope of deliverables

Unified Threat Management:

Cyberoam 300ia

1000Base-LX transceivers x 14 Nos.

Cabling Solution
ADC Krone
Fiber 12 core outdoor 1700m, 6 core outdoor 500m & Fiber

Network Rack
9U Rack x 21 Nos.
15U Rack x 1 No.
22U Rack x 3 Nos.
42U Rack x 1 Nos.
Wired LAN solution

A2H 124 -24

C3G 124 -24

C3K 172 -24

A2H 124 -24

A2H 124 -24

Wired / Wireless / Voice Network Topology

OpenStag Edge
C4110 e HFA Switch IP
Wireless Controller Network

A2H Edge Switch Network


Enterasys NMS C3G Core Switch

Wireless Access Points
Plug ‘n Play anywhere on
an IP Network
Services rendered in this project


Training & Design

Handover Solution & Migration
for staff & administrator Design Services

Validation Implement
Complete interoperability Implementation &
of all components in a Project Management
proposed solution Services
Winning Team - Ahmedabad

Mr. Mehul Mehta

Tel: +91 79 2691 7506
Mobile: +91 99251 20044
Mail ID:

Mr. Harsh Shah

Tel: +91 79 2691 7510
Mobile: +91 99251 20043
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Mr. Amit Telluja

M/s Linc Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd – SEN Partner at Ahmedabad-Gujarat-India
Tel: +91 2644 5290
Mobile: +91 99258 88488
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