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The main issue is the peruvian psicodelya tradition, right? Over all our work, I can talk to
you about our particular work, it's most of all based on peruvian tradition, let's say ancient
perú, pre-inca, ancient civilizations that somehow hold a cosmic issue, and that's a linkage
between the past and our work. I won't dare to say we are a fussion band, or we use WAYNO
(no entiendo) but, maybe we do it throught concepts, by repeting, by creating melodies that
might be melancholic for some but cosmic for other kind of sensibility, and I think that's our
linkage with the ancient perú and perú itself.

Hi! We are Culto al Cóndor, I'm Chino, I play the bass and sometimes I sing. Aldo Castillejos
plays the drums, percussion and Dolmo plays the guitar and the delays.

Ok, I am Arturo Alonso (no entiendo), let's say I'm "Necio Records' director", I play the
drums at Cholo Visceral, I play the drums at Terrorist Collective, I play the guitar at Special
Moods, and I also run a project called (no entiendo).

Hi! I'm Carlos, I play the bass in El Jefazo and, well, I'm going to talk about the stoner
scene that it's been built these late years at Lima (perú).

03:19 In general, there is no stoner scene, it's actually a set of styles and people that just
wanted to play together.

03:26 By a brief historical review... When we started the band there was not much of this, I
mean, there was lots of indie and noise, and, we were... The pure psychedelia and dark and
heavy was made by Serpentina, La ira and Cóndor.

03:49 Reino Ermitaño by the most dum side, lets say, traditional dum.

03:53 Sure, sure. (Aldo: it was more a stoner wave) Stoner doom, right?

04:43 We can say even bands like (no entiendo) were playing (tocando qué?) before us.

05:08 About the bands, there were already stoner - doom bands, most of all doom, let's say,
garage, psychedelic, before the construction of the music scene itself, for example, La Ira de

05:21 I remember that Ira de dios used to play stoner, not stoner, space punk or space rock.

05:27 Well, La Ira started with Aldo and me, around the 99'

05:34 Around.

05:35 And it was also a psychedelia band, a little bit heavier, somehow...
06:19 We were lucky enough to get our work edited by a german music label (no entiendo),
in 2005. We launched that time a set of vinyl discs, 5 vinyls between (no entiendo) and (no
entiendo). It also allowed us to make 4 tours around europe. We performed more than 100
concerts over there...

06:46 There was also Serpentina Satélite.

06:48 At the same time of La ira de dios, a couple of friends and us, with Vito and Renato,
formed Serpentina Satélite, some years after Dolmo joined us and we recorded and lauched
discs at germany and england.

07:33 And so, now that we are together is like going back to the roots, somehow, the roots
of La ira de dios and the roots of Serpentina also.

08:25 Definitely influenced by all german Kraut rock, over all by (no entiendo), but, sure,
(no entiendo nada) or united states' bands like Suicide and (no entiendo). Influences move
that way, all about dark psycheledia. We started in 2002, 2003, it was the 3 of us and another
friend Cristian. It was jamming, jamming, just improvisation, every saturday we got together
to have fun. Eventually, I'm not sure how, we were reached by a couple of new local music
labels for making compilance. That's why we were kind of forced to name our work and we
called it first El Cóndor. We played until around 2005. We didn't play until the last year,

09:24 Arturo, from Necio Records, told us about a festival that was going to take place for
his music label anniversary. He was considering the chance to gather the band.

09:35 There was good vibe from the first time like in the past, but nowadays with all the
experience gained over time. That way we made the first album called "Templos", edited by
Necio Records last year at the end of 2017.

09:50 And we are currently working on new material to see if something else comes out

10:27 We started the band in 2014, sort of. It was an issue a bit improvised, more drum, more
(no entiendo) style, being aware of the differences. The idea wasn't to make songs but to
make impros, just improvise. What happens is that not all our influences are stoner. Renán,
the drums, listens death metal all fucking day. Bruno, the guitar, is super rock and roll (no
entiendo), he's been influenced by classics. Me, also, I've been influenced by electronic
music, all the performance of effects, industrial. We launched a demo at (no entiendo), it was
well received. Then we launched our first disc, that was a coproduction between the music
label Necio, that is our music label, with Tóxico Records and (no entiendo), we are just about
to launch the second album.

11:51 It's global, it's been global, it's a global resurgence from beginnings of 2000 something,
stoner rock started to get popular, I mean, It came from the 90's but the popularization came
after. Here's a big bunch of bands, more than 30 bands...
12:04 ... that are here bringing a new air to all of this, air that wasn't there, starting point, and
now it's definitely there, that's nice, to be able to breath.

12:15 Started lauching Cuarzo, Satánicos Marihuanos, (no entiendo)

12:20 El Jefazo, Cholo Visceral, Special Moods.

12:22 Ancestro from Trujillo is super band too.

12:24 (no entiendo)

12:25 Rito Verdugo.

12:26 Rito Verdugo, exactly.

13:10 I realized something is missing. I realized there was missing seriousness, I saw there
was missing support. Nobody payed attention to our work. There was no music label
interested on it. That's why about 5 years ago I created Necio Records, and throught that work
I try to go beyond, not just launching an album but, for example, once an album is launched
one must work on the tour, because you need to start moving since the album is not going to
stay here, is important to carry your sound further, to motivate the band to assume the
challenges required because nothing is given for free, everything comes by own effort. And
all of these new and old bands have been reinforcing linkages, for example, (no entiendo) or
Julio Almeida, that's his name, supports lots of bands. (no entiendo) plays the drums at Reino
Ermitaño (?) but he started working on this since the 80's.

14:10 It's a scene that... the good side is that, apart of music, we became friends, we are a
scene of (no entiendo) that get together to drink, to mess around, not just to perform concerts.
We are bar friends. A very important bar where the scene got together is the (no entiendo)

14:27 I used to have a bar called Monterico where we supported all about stoner,
psychedelia, that kind of weird things.

14:36 Now everything is starting to spread to other kinds publics, for example, a month ago
El jefazo played at the San Isidro's Festival "Cultura Libre", it's a giant festival with a stage
as big as this park. Cuarzo is going to play at "Centro Telefónica". Satánicos is going to
Chile. I mean, the scene is spreading at a very serious way. And well, I guess we are all happy
for it...