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Someone had taken it.


One day a few years ago a very funny thing happened to my neighbor.
He is a professor at one of Boston’s big medical schools; He had
finished his teaching for the spring semester and was at the airport on
his way to Rumania to give a lecture con anatomy.

He had packed a few clothes and his lecture notes in his and luggage
but he had put Rupert, the skeleton he uses in his lectures, in a large
brown suitcase. At the check-in desk, he realized he had forgotten to
buy a newspaper. He left his suitcase near the desk and went over to
the newsstand.

When he got back he discovered that someone had taken his suitcase.
He often wondered what they said when they opened it an found

1 Write the events in the correct order.

1. He went to the airport...

2. While he was away, someone took his suitcase.
3. He finished his teaching for the summer term.
4. He left the suitcase near the check-in desk
5. He packed Rupert, his skeleton, in a suitcase.
6. 6. He went to buy a newspaper

Past simple

Someone took his suitcase

He got and discovered this

Past perfect

When he got back he discovered

That someone had taken his suitcase

2. in pairs, answer the question

1. Why was he free to go to Rumania?

Because he had

2. where had he put Rupert?

3. why did he go to the newsstand?

4. where did he leave the suitcase?

5. what did he discover when he got back?

3. write a dialogue between the professor and an airport

policenman.the policeman wants to know where he left the
suitcase,why,what it looks like, and what was in it.
Professor: officer. Someone has………….

Policeman: I see where did you leave it?









4. listen to Susan telling a similar story and answer these questions

1. where was Susan going?

2. how was she traveling? did the “kind’’ man steal her suitcase?

4. what was in it?

5.write a paragraph retelling Susan’s story.

1Complete the sentences with one verb,

In the past simple and one in the past perfect

1. When i……got…..(get) to the office it ……had closed……(close)

2. Most people……(go) home when we…..(arrive) at the party

3. Someone….(lock) the room door and i………(can’ t) get my coat

4. We…….(buy) some eggs so we ……..(make) an omelette

5. i……8run)to the theater but they already…..(go in)

6. i…….(realize) that someone…….(take) my bike

7. i……….(go) to visit you but you……..(go) out

8. when you …….(call) me I ……(leave) already

2. match the halves of the sentences by drawing an arrow

1. I wanted some milk but A.she already gone

2. I wanted to get the bus but B. all the bread had been


3. I waited for Tina but C. someone had stolen it

4. I looked for my purse but D. she had built a shelter

5. I went to the baker’s but E. sue had drunk it

6.There were no tents but F. the last one had left

3.jack has cut a story into pieces. Write the letters in the correct order to tell the

A. Then he locked all the doors, got into bed, and hid under the
sheets. The next morning, he went back to

B. It was a cold, dark evening and peter had to walk home from the
art college where he worked. He had forgotten his coat. A long
white coat hung below his knees “it’s not my

C. going to be afraid”, he told himself, but he didn’t really believe it.

He was afraid when he got to the graveyard, and he started

idea of a nice coat’, he thought, “but at least I’ ll be seen by car drivers on the way


He had to walk past the graveyard

.Cheer himself up. Then, suddenly, he saw a ghost-a long white
figure that stopped and stared at him. He didn’t


the graveyard, where he had another surprise. There was no

ghost in the graveyard, but there was an old

. wait to examine the ghost- he just turned and ran away as fast
as he could until he was inside his house

Cupboard which someone had left there on the door of the cupboard
was a large mirror and peter remembered that the ghost had been


Wearing a long, white coat, just like the one he had borrowed the night
before. Peter hadn’t run away from a ghost. He had run away from his
own reflection!

On his way home. Normally, he didn’t mind this, but he had seen a
horrible ghost movie the night before, and he hadn’t been able to
sleep.’i’ m not.

1 B 6

2 D 7

3 J 8

4 C 9

5 10