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Geometry Name_______________________________________

Unit 1 Quiz Review

Be able to identify the formulas for each of the transformations:

1. Translation a.) (x, y)  (-y, -x)

2. Reflection over Y-axis b.) (x, y)  (kx, y))

3. Reflection over X – axis c.) (x, y)  (-x, -y)

4. 180 degree rotation around origin d.) (x, y)  (x, ky)

5. 90 degree CCW rotation around origin e.) (x, y)  (-x, y)

6. 90 degree CW rotation around origin f.) (x, y)  (kx, ky)

7. reflect over the line y = x g.) (x, y)  (x, -y)

8. reflect over the line y = -x h.) (x, y)  (x + 1, y – 2)

9. Dilation i) (x, y)  (y, -x)

10. Vertical stretch/shrink (compression) j.) (x, y)  (-y, x)

11. Horizontal stretch/shrink (compression) k.) (x, y)  (y, x)

Know the PRECISE definition for these words:



Perpendicular line_____________________________________________________

Parallel line___________________________________________________________

Line Segment_________________________________________________________

Be able to perform all transformations and combinations of transformations:

Use the coordinates C(1, 2) and D(5, 4) for each transformation
Translation (x, y)  (x-1, y)
90° CCW rotation around (2, 1)
Perform the indicated transformations:
Dilate the image about the point (-1, 3) Dilate the image about the point (-3, -1)
Using a scale factor of 3 Using a scale factor of 3
36.) ABC is translated to A'B'C'. A) If AA’ = 10 cm, what 37.
is BB’? What is CC’? Given A(-5, -7). Where would the point A be after
the following transformations?
(show work)
B.) What word with a P
A reflection over the y-axis and then a 90 CW
would describe these rotation about the origin
three line segments?
AA' , BB ' , CC' ?

38.) Quadrilateral ABCD is 39. Given point A(-8, 10) what would be the
reflected over line l. location of A” after the following
a) Line l intersects AA' at
what type of angle? Rotation of 180 degrees

Reflect over y = -x
b) If the distance from D
to line l is 8 inches, what is
the distance from D to D’?

c) based on questions a)
and b), what is another
name for line l? (two
words… P___ B___)
(and it’s NOT peanut butter!)

39. ABC is rotated 90 CW around the origin:

a) what is the measure IF YOU KNOW ALL OF
of AOA'
b) What is the
measure of BOB' FOR THE QUIZ!!!

c) Can you tell if AO

and A' O are
congruent? Explain why
or why not.