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Monthly plan

Dear sir,

During past months, we have been targeting countries randomly rather than then some specific
countries which have more capacity to invest in foreign countries or developing countries like ours . We
should make some to the point plan which should be included countries which have more foreign direct
capacity as well as good foreign relation with our country ,now we should specifically targeted them , I
have been observing in pakistan that forn G20 side mainly,

 Turkey
 Australia
 France
 Russia

Along with G20 countries we should also target some top foreign direct investor countries ,for instance
ne Netherlands is top investor in the world as well as it has also been highly investing in pakistan, in just
one month ,its investment has increased from 89 m USD to 150m USD. Other countries like

 Malaysia
 Belgium
 Sweeden
 Hungary
 Norway
 Spain
 Italy
 Switzerland

are also showing some tendency for higher investment in pakistan recently, so these could also be
enumerated in the higher investors list countries. Countries like japan and malaysia are also some
interest. Now its ripe time to target some specific countries which are really interested for investment in
our country..