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# R5000 WANFleX H07S01-MINTv1.90.

25 * Aug 4 2016 13:38:20 * SN:95835

#System parameters
#Factory password mode: single
sys name Hasahisa HQ - Rofaa
sys prompt Hasahisa HQ - Rofaa
sys user root
sys icmplimit 200

#Radio module parameters

rf rf5.0 grid 40 5490-5690/20,5735-5835/20
rf rf5.0 grid 20 5480-5700/20,5725-5845/20
rf rf5.0 grid 10 5475-5705/5,5720-5850/5
rf rf5.0 grid 5 5475-5705/5,5720-5850/5
rf rf5.0 band 10
rf rf5.0 mimo
rf rf5.0 freq 5705 bitr 65000 sid 10101010 burst
rf rf5.0 txpwr 18 pwrctl distance auto(9)

#DFS configuration
dfs rf5.0 dfsoff
dfs rf5.0 freq auto
dfs rf5.0 cot 00:00

#Interfaces parameters
ifc lo0
ifc eth0 info "Heshesa"
ifc eth0 media auto mtu 1500 up
# eth0 bandwidth restricted to 12288 Kbps
ifc eth0
ifc rf5.0 info "To_Rofaa"
ifc rf5.0 mtu 1500 up
ifc svi1 mtu 1500 up
# group 1
ifc svi1
ifc svi1

#QoS manager
qm option rtp dot1p notos noicmp notcpack nostrict

#Routing parameters
route add default

#MINT configuration
mint rf5.0 -name "Hesahisa_Rofaa"
mint rf5.0 -nodeid 30299
mint rf5.0 -type master
mint rf5.0 -mode fixed
mint rf5.0 -scrambling
mint rf5.0 -autobitrate
mint rf5.0 -minbitrate 6500
mint rf5.0 -hiamp 6 -loamp 2
mint rf5.0 -log
mint rf5.0 -roaming leader
mint rf5.0 -authmode public
mint rf5.0 -airupdate passive normal
mint rf5.0 -rcmdserver enabled
mint rf5.0 start

#MAC Switch config

switch group 1 add 1 eth0 rf5.0
switch group 1 stp on
# group 1 attached to 'svi1'
switch group 1 start

switch start

#Switch Virtual Interface config

svi 1 group 1

#SNMP configuration
snmpd community "sedc"
snmpd start

#SNMP Trap Sender

trapd agent
trapd dstaddr
trapd type linkEvent enable
trapd type trapdColdStartEvent enable
trapd type snmpdAuthenticationFailureEvent enable
trapd type syslog enable
trapd start

#WEB configurator
webcfg start

#LLDP parameters
lldp eth0 enable txrx