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JyotishGnyata ( Astrologer)

I had strong tunes in my mind to go for Astrology, a long way back since 1990. Right
from very beginning, I had special magnetism towards this field. Mainly, my guessing
nature and anxiety to know about future and nature of human being are solely
responsible to lead me towards the deep study of Astrology.
Actually, my readers of “Jyotish Manthan” (in Gujarati) have responded and motivated
me to translate this book into English, especially for those NRIs, who are across the
world. This book is designed to be useful to all students of Astrology, from beginners to
more advanced practitioners and help them to develop an integrated, synthesized
approach to understanding the Astrology. Interested students would get to know, how
classical astrology can enrich their understanding of the planets, signs and houses. They
would learn how to identify key themes in the chart and how to relate the different
aspects and elements together to gain a holistic understanding of the birth chart-and of
the individual. In real sense, this book could be a solid foundation for serious Astrology
I have written this book, as far as possible in a very lucid and practical style, with a
reader point of view that all can enjoy whether one believes in Astrology or not. I do
expect and would welcome creative feedback from all of my friends, well- wishers and

Anil Shah (Astrologer)

By the grace and blessings of almighty God, I have been able to express, my sincere
thanks and gratitude to all of the well wishers, who have helped me out for converting
my already published Gujarati book “Jyotish Manthan” (in the year 2012) into an
English version .
I am sincerely grateful to my better half Mrs. Nayana Shah who inspired me to keep
writing up. My wife ever provides me warmth support and encouragement for my entire
venture in this direction to write up something new on Astrology.

I ever find blessings of my loving mother and elder brother Ashok Shah for my any
enterprise in public interest. I am always grateful for their ever best wishes for me.

My family members: I am extremely grateful to my both married daughters, Chaitali

Mehta (USA) and Nikita shah (USA) respectively for their sincere co-operations and
valued contributions of time for my endeavour. They both supported me, whenever I
needed help in dilemma with my computer skills. Without their support this book would
not have been published so faster and smoothly. I am equally thankful to my both the
son-in laws, Harshit Mehta and Malav Shah respectively, for their kind and warmth
support in this work.

My childhood friend /buddy, Mr. Vijay Shah, presently in Houston /Texas has been
continuously helping me out and motivating me for web marketing and worldwide
reputations, especially among NRIs spread over the countries like USA, UK and
Australia. I am exceptionally grateful for his valued services and dedications of time,
regards to publication of this book in such a stylist way.
Last but not the least, I express my sincere and humble gratitude towards for guiding / helping me out and allowing me to upload my book

I am extremely thankful to .com for getting me some picture images in

support of my articles, necessary for better presentation and entertainment.

Finally, I am also thankful to all of my regular readers and NRI Astro-students at my

web blog who ever gave me positive suggestions and
feedback wherever necessary."

The purpose of the book is to provide information and entertainment. The Author
and Publications shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or
entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly
or indirectly by the information contained in this volume, applied in a personal or
professional manner.

1 Astrology and principles of ‘Karma’…
2 Introductions of Vedic Astrology..
3 Importance of Ascendant Lord in horoscope Chart
4 Progressive planets – Saturn
5 Employment and the planet Saturn
6 Successful Partnerships
7 Job and business
8 Education and Astrology
9 Planets and housing benefits
10 Impact of retrograde planets
11 Fourth and Tenth house of Horoscope chart
12 Fashionable pretty women and planet Venus
13 Study about the king of planets – The Sun
14 Conjunctions of Sun with different planets
15 Aspect relationship of Moon with other planets
16 Results of Dasha – Antar Dasha
17 Probable Diseases based on different signs
18 Probable Diseases based on Naxatra /Constellation
19 Key to succeed in business
(B) Marital life
20 Remedies for immediate wedding
21 When will be betrothal or wedding?
22 Disharmony –Divorce - Remarriage
23 Extra marital affairs
24 Personality of life partner.
25 Palmistry ‘marriage lines’ and marital happiness
(C)Children and education related matter
26 Children and fifth house of natal chart.
27 Educational decisions by natal chart.
28 Boom and recession in share & Stock market.
(D) Astrological Microscope
29 Astrological microscope...” If and Then “- 1
30 Astrological microscope ...” If and Then “- 2
31 Astrological microscope ...” If and then “-3
32 Auspicious and Inauspicious Astrological ‘Yoga’s –1
33 Auspicious and Inauspicious astrological ‘Yoga’s – 2
(E) Significant Auspicious-Inauspicious Yoga
34 Dhana Yoga
35 Astrologically who could be Millionaire?
36 Lottery Yoga
37 Chandala Yoga
38 Angaraka Yoga
39 Shapita Dosha / Yoga
40 Scare of Mangal Dosha
41 Court Matter and penalty
42 Imigrations and Astrology
43 Love Yoga and love affairs
44 Win and Defeat in the War
45 Painful ‘Saturn-Sun ‘Yoga
46 ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’... not so scary
(F) Transit of different planets in the universe
47 How would be today? / Transit of Moon through different houses
48 Transit of sun through different houses and its effect
49 Transits of Mars in the universe and its effects
50 Role of Ketu in Astrology
51 Effects of Ketu in different houses
52 Role of Rahu in Astrology
53 Effects of Rahu in different houses
54 Effects of Rahu at seventh house of natal chart.
55 Transit of Jupiter in different houses and its results.
56 Role of exalted Jupiter in different houses of and its results
(G) Numerology & Astrology
57 Numerology and Human life - (1)
58 Numerology and Human life - (2)
(H) Misc. matter
59 A mole on the different parts of the body and Astrology
60 Eyes and your personality
61 Principles of Horary chart
62 Gemstones and Astrology
63 You and your style of signature
64 Walking style and your personality
65 Vastu Shasta and destiny

Jyotish Manthan
1. Astrology and principles of Karma

We find some people are millionaires and some are beggars. We find where there is lots
of wealth and assets but there we find no child in the family to eat and enjoy! Some
where we find number of persons in the family but they are deprived of money and short
of food grains to satisfy their day –today’s hunger!
Some where we find everything with native like, money, wealth, house, vehicle,
children, family etc... But then the person is not enough healthy to enjoy all these things
or not having deserved or trustworthy child to look after his lifetime hard earned money
or setup business and thereby remains far away from desired mental happiness. In short,
everywhere we find disparity or anomaly. Why the world looks so strange ! One is
happier while another one is quiet unhappy! It looks that nothing is happening in the
world as per the desire and will of the person. When it goes beyond one’s expectation,
then we need to think that why it so in the universe and why such things are happening!
A human being has no option but to act within the law of nature and has to believe,
sooner or later, the fundamental principles of nature, that “As you saw. so you rip! “
If your sow throne, you obviously would get thrones...and not mangoes! So finally at
right time you get and enjoy the result or face consequences as per your karma /deed as
depicted In Hindu’s great poem “ Bhagavat Gita “.
There are three types of Karma (Deeds).
1. Kriyaman 2. Accumulated 3. Destiny
1. Kriyaman karma: Whatever you do and act in this present life is called is kriyman.
2. Sanchit /Accumulated karma: The karma for which you have yet not received results
in this life, they are considered as ‘Sanchit karma’
3. Destiny karma: It is said that one has to take birth as to enjoy or suffer as per one’s
Sanchit /Accumulated karma / deeds, which have been accumulated in the past
called destiny / fortune to be enjoyed or suffered in the present life !
In short it is said that a human is the architect of his own fortune. He /she can create
his/her own destiny
So the proverb, “Beauty weeps and fortune enjoys” in other way is justified!
Whatever karma, good or evil, one has done in past birth, has to bear the effects or enjoy
results, we call as fortune or destiny other way and accordingly, “those who smile on
Saturday, will weep on Sunday “.Thus, to smile or weep is nothing but the result of our
own good or evil deed of past life.
It is also undisputed fact that Great emperors like Changish khan; Sikandar, Akbar,
Hitler, and Churchill have also sought for guidance of astrology for fighting in wars.
Nowadays most of the politicians seek for an advantage of astrological guidance for
winning elections.
Astrology helps to get information about the Good or evil deeds/karma of past life which
are reflected at the 5th place of one’s horoscope chart.
As we know one’s past is unchangeable and that is why we see that a seasoned guilty
person or criminal is often ever excused by the judge, despite of his repeated requests,
same way great God never forgives such guilty persons all time.
In Astrological terms, it is said that if in native’s horoscope chart, Jupiter or lord of ninth
house / ‘Bhagyesh ‘does not aspect at Ascendant or Moon, then particular person /native
has to face the consequences of evil deeds that he/she has done in past! It does not make
any difference even if native, later on exercise for extensive sacred Havan / Yagna or
Shanti Puja ..!
That is why it is called as per Gujarati proverb...
“ સમય સમય બળવાન ,ન)હ મ+,ય બળવાન
કા. અજ12ન 34િટયો વહી ધ+ષ વહી બાણ “
So this Astrology is a divine science that lets people know about their good and evil
accumulated deeds and ever inspires people to go for hard work and navigate their
upcoming life.
So, if we have good enough knowledge about our future, we could conquer planets, if
we wish, and go for remedial measures to please the great God by our good virtues..!I
think, for the great divine and humble Astrology, if we could spend some amount of time
and wealth for its bonafide promotion and development, we would be able to save this
precious ancient science and heritage of India being underestimated and joked by some
2. Introductions to Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology. It evolved over 5,000 years ago
and is based on a body of knowledge known as the 'Vedas,' which translates to
'knowledge' or 'wisdom,' and is referred to as Jyotish -- the 'light of the heavenly bodies'.
Today, Vedic astrology is acknowledged as one of the most powerful forms of astrology
in practice and is followed by millions around the world.

While Western astrology is known for its emphasis on the psychological nature and
personality of the individual, Vedic astrology's primary focus is on predicting cycles and
events of the future, putting more emphasis on understanding when certain events are
likely to take place. Vedic astrology gives a better view of: a person's karmic tendencies
and when such tendencies are likely to manifest for that person through a unique system
of planetary time cycles, called 'Dashas,' for which there is no corresponding method in
Western astrology. One of the aphorisms offered by this body of knowledge is: 'Avoid
the danger that has not yet come.'

The planets in Vedic astrology are referred to as 'Grahas ' and ancient scriptures refer to
them as the lords of karma and destiny. It is believed that the birth chart of an individual
is based on their past karma, which is bestowed upon them by the nine planets.
However, it is not Vedic astrology's purpose to replace an individual's responsibility to
decide what is best for them. The role of astrology is to make one aware of the presence
or absence of certain tendencies, and should be used as a tool for making better
decisions. Ultimately, the purpose of astrology is self-knowledge, self-awareness and

Vedic astrology follows the same combinations of the houses, signs and planets as those
in Western astrology. But for those of us familiar with the Western birth chart, there will
be many differences. The Vedic birth chart is square, instead of the round chart wheel of
Western astrology. The houses, signs and planets also take on different meaning under
Vedic astrology. The more recently discovered outer planets -- Neptune, Pluto and
Uranus are not considered in Vedic astrology for the purposes of interpreting a chart,
however, the Lunar Nodes are. The North Node is known as Rahu and the South Node
as Ketu. Each planet is also given rulership over a particular sign of the zodiac and it is
referred to as its lord. The ruling planet transfers a large part of its influence upon the
sign it rules, and is referred to continuously in chart interpretations. Planets form the
centre point of Vedic astrology.

Another major difference between the two is that Western astrology uses the Tropical
Zodiac, which is based on the equinoxes. The beginning of the Tropical Zodiac or its
first degree of Aries is always with the spring or vernal Equinox. Vedic astrology uses
the Sidereal Zodiac which tracks planetary movements against the actual movement of
the stars, and the first degree of Aries or the start of the Sidereal Zodiac starts
approximately 24 degrees ahead of that of the Tropical Zodiac. So unless you were born
between the 15th or 20th of any month, you will find that your Western Sun sign and
ascendant, as well as some of the planets are moved back by one degree in your Vedic

Western astrology considers the Sun as the centre of our universe, and therefore the most
significant influence in our lives. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, uses the Moon and
the 27 constellations of the Moon -- called the Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras -- as the
primary source of predictive techniques. The Sun represents one's soul while the Moon
represents one's mind. Both are important, and both have a significant place in

Vedic science also recognizes that there are four aims or purpose in life - Kama, Artha,
Dharma and Moksha. Kama literally means desire and signifies our need for emotional
and sensory happiness in life. Artha can be translated as wealth, and relates to the fact
that each one of us must have sufficient means to function happily in life. Dharma is our
need for recognition in life, since we all need to be acknowledged for whom we are and
what we can do and contribute. Moksha means liberation or freedom and it represents
our need for spiritual growth - we all must seek to go beyond who we are until we
become one with all.

Vedic Birth Chart

This House has always been considered as the most malefic house of all. It is the most
important factor behind longevity, as well as any life threatening situations. This house
signifies diseases, death, longevity, psychic ability, knowledge of psychology, fear,
misfortunes, inheritance, gain from in-laws, gain from your spouse, finances through
unfair means, internal sex organs, mental pain, obstacles, property of your partner, etc.
As the house of joint resources, it represents the possessions that are not earned, but
obtained through relationships and inheritance. It rules your partner's money and
indicates the problems that may arise in a partnership through the handling of money.
For a woman, it may indicate the alimony they will receive and for a man the money he
might have to pay. The parts of the body indicated by this house are the pelvic, bones,
and external genitalia. This is a House that signifies Moksha or final liberation.
The Ninth House -- The House of Destiny -- Luck and Sudden Gains
The Ninth House signifies your base values, ideals and principles. It represents your
father, and his fate can also be read from this House. It shows the authorities that inspire
us like a father or boss, and important personalities. It shows the benefits given by
stalwart figures that guide you, like a teacher or guru.
This is the House of destiny and luck and a strong placement here blesses you with
sudden gains, unexpected good luck and pushes the fortunes of your life to much greater
heights than expected. Vedic astrologers view this House as the realm of grace -- it
reveals our deeds of virtue in present and in past lives.
This House signifies the father, preceptor, religion, higher education, publicity, learning,
faith, wisdom, prosperity, intuitive power, providential help and divine worship and
foreign travel. This is very auspicious House in the birth chart, also known as the House
of fate or destiny. It indicates previous karmas, spiritual life and attainments, pilgrimages,
temples and religious beliefs. It is also represents long-range goals, planning and long
distance travel. The parts of the body indicated by this house are hips, thighs, female
arteries and the sacral region. This is a House that signifies your good deeds and is a
House of dharma or duty.
The Tenth House -- The House of Karma -- Your Profession and Career
As the house of action, the Tenth House signifies your active 'karma,' which relates to
your ideal career. It also shows the status that you are capable of achieving in this life.
This House indicates the type of profession you gravitate towards and whether you will
be successful at it or not. It shows the skills and tendencies that you can exploit. Your
career picture is completed by examining the strength of this placement, and how it
relates to the placement of other planets in your chart.
This house signifies career or vocation, profession, occupation and business, status,
power, achievements including promotion, profits, permanent positions and
advancements in career. It reveals whether success will come easily, or if it will be the
result of life-long struggle and toil. It also is connected to the profession, affairs of state
or of the large-scale operations. Body parts indicated by this house are knee joints,
patellae, bones and joints, hair, nails and your skeleton in general. This is a House of
artha or wealth.
The Eleventh House -- The House of Gains -- Income and Cash Flow
The Eleventh House represents income or gains -- that which bring us growth or
increase. It indicates anything we possess or find increase through. It relates to cash in
flow, motivations, hopes and dreams as well as the clout of powerful friends. It
specifically rules major desires and ambitions and indicates whether they will be fulfilled.
This is the house of abundance and all planets gain strength when located here. This
house relates mostly to our material gains and our ability to overreach or extend
ourselves in quest of it. It also shows us how we relate to groups of people, our
friendships, community participation, and what we gain ultimately in life -- how much of
our desires are fulfilled and whether we are satiated
This house indicates friends, groups, profits and gains, goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations,
elder brother, elder sister, emotional attachments, love affairs, social success, fulfillments
and realization of desires. This is the house of achievements of goals and objectives and
is also referred to as the house of hopes and wishes. The parts of the body indicated by
this house are legs, the left ear, teeth and ankle. This is a House of karma or desire.
The Twelfth House -- The House of Gains and Liberation
The Twelfth House deals with matters related to sorrow, limitations and detachment. It
indicates confinement in small places such as prisons, hospitals, monasteries, etc. It
represents the loss of money through bad investments, emergency expenses or a wasteful
nature. It also represents you compulsive journeys into foreign countries, which may not
turn out to be pleasant. It signifies the pleasures of the bed, though this may not mean
physical union of deep love and commitment. Representing decrease, wastage and
decay, the Twelfth House also signifies expenditure and wastage of resources. It is an
unfavorable house and causes challenges in your life. Planets located here weaken, but
you are offered liberation and the deeply spiritual concept of detachment. This House
signifies enlightenment, expenditure, confinement, lawsuits, imprisonment, loss, debts,
hospitalization, conjugal relations with opposite sex and life in a foreign land. It also
relates to the subconscious mind, emotional problems, secrets and deceptions. The body
parts indicated by this house are the feet, left eye and legs. This is also a House that
signifies Moksha or liberation.

3. Importance of Ascendant Lord / Lagnesh in

The Ascendant has great importance in the native’s Horoscope chart. Ascendant means
the place # 1 at horoscope chart. Importance of Ascendant Lord automatically increases
if it is positioned at angles /trines position of the chart, i.e. at position # 1, 4 7 and 10 or
at position of # 1, 5 and 9.
If Ascendant Lord is under influence of benefit planets and exalted, then it will give high
benefit value. If Ascendant Lord remains weak and polluted at weak places (# 6 th, 8th or
12th) of horoscope chart, then it gives malefic results.
Like, an emperor looks charming under his royal umbrella; Ascendant also stays as a
roof and strengthens the native’s Horoscope Chart.
The importance of Ascendant Lord depends upon and varies with its positions at the
Birth chart of native.
Even at a glance, strength of Horoscope Chart could be studied by position of Ascendant
Lord in the chart. That is why; the Ascendant Lord has an utmost importance in
Astrology. So Ascendant is like a glowing ornament of “Janam Kundli “
If in the horoscope Chart, number 1 is placed at the first place, then it is said to be
Aries/Mesh Ascendant, so its Ascendant Lord will be Mars.
If in the horoscope chart, number 2 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
Taurus/Vrushabh Ascendant .So its Ascendant Lord will be Venus.
If in the horoscope chart, number 3 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
Gemini/ Mithun Ascendant. So its Ascendant Lord will be Mercury.
If in the horoscope chart, number 4 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be ‘Kirk
‘Ascendant. So its Ascendant Lord will be Moon
If in the horoscope chart, number 5 is denoted then it is said to be Leo/Sinha Ascendant.
So its Ascendant Lord will be Sun.
If in the horoscope chart, number 6 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
Virgo/kanya Ascendant and its Ascendant Lord will be Mercury.
If in the horoscope chart, number 7 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be Libra
/ Tula Ascendant and so it’s Ascendant Lord will be Venus.
If in the horoscope chart, number 8 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
Scorpio Ascendant. So its Ascendant Lord will be Mars.
If in the horoscope Chart, number 9 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
Sagittarius / Dhan Ascendant .So its Ascendant Lord will be Jupiter.
If in the horoscope chart, number 10 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
Capricorn / Makar Ascendant and its Lord of the first place /Ascendant will be Saturn.
If in the horoscope chart, number 11 is denoted in the first place, then it is said to be
kumbha / Aquarius Ascendant and its Ascendant Lord will also be Saturn
If in the horoscope Chart, number 12 is denoted in the first place then it is said to be Min
/ Pisces Ascendant and its Ascendant Lord will be Jupiter.
Now, we will discuss about Ascendant Lord’s position in natal chart at different places
and how it will affect to native’s life.
If Ascendant Lord is in the first place of chart, then the person could be well built,
healthy, strong decisive and courageous. He might be the owner of land and property.
If Ascendant Lord is in 2nd place, then the person might have long life, rich and well care
taker of family.
If Ascendant Lord is in 3rd place, then the native might have nice brothers, friends.
Native could be religious and enterprising.
If Ascendant Lord is in 4th place, then the native lives long-life, and could have
household assistants, vehicles, parent’s well support .Native could be attractive and
extensive care taker of mother.
If Ascendant Lord is in 5th place, then the native could be a nice social worker,
adventurous, truthful, prompt decision taker and may have wealthy children.
If Ascendant Lord is in 6th place, then the native gets favour from maternal side. Native
fights against foes and diseases.
If Ascendant Lord is situated in 7th place, then the native may be handsome /beautiful,
smart, clever and might have charming spouse too.
If Ascendant Lord is situated in 8th place, then the native could be weak, passionate,
long lived and wealthy person. If this Ascendant Lord and Ascendant are conduct with
any malefic planet/s, native may be extravagant and may suffer from some eye relating
If Ascendant Lord is situated in 9th place of chart, then the native could be bright,
famous, auspicious doer, religious and may have extensive touring and travelling life all
over the nation and abroad as well.
If Ascendant Lord is in 10th place of the chart, then the native gets benefitted from ruler
government, father and profession as well.
If Ascendant Lord is at 11 th place of chart, native could be impressive and learned
person. He/she gains benefit and support from friends. He/she may have son/s.
If Ascendant Lord is situated in 12 th position, then native could be arrogantly,
extravagant or wicked, immigrant and dirty person.
In nutshell, Ascendant Lord becomes auspicious or inauspicious. It depends upon the
aspects of benefic or malefic planets while posited in particular position of the natal
Native could be prominent and prosperous person when Ascendant is situated at angles
or trines of the chart.

4. Progressive planet –Saturn

By experiences, so many things have been written on planet-Saturn in Astrology. This
planet plays an important role in human life because this planet moves very slowly. It
changes signs approximately at every two and half years and it affects for longer period.
It takes like 30 years to complete cycle of 12 signs. Therefore its routine transit through
every sign has got definite significance. Now let me outline something about Saturn’s
actual profile.
.Saturn is strong, sterile, slow, icy cold, protective, rigid, fearful and a mysterious planet
and influences on numerology number 8. Black, dark Blue and dark Brown is colours of
Saturn. It influences on muscle, garbage. It is powerful at evening time and in west
direction. Its gemstone is Blue sapphire/Nilam and metal is iron. . It represents Lord
Brahma or Shiva
People born under zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius or born on Saturdays show their
good or bad behaviour depending upon the favourable or unfavourable position of planet
Saturn. Planetary period of Saturn or Saturn sada sati can remain active in ones
horoscope for 2.5 years or 7.5 years. Saturn has been allocated 19 years of Vimshottari
dasha System. It is shows hostile relationship. In Astrology, Saturn is considered to be
beneficial if it is in its own sign or when considered as natural malefic planet in Vedic
Astrology. Saturn is friendly with planet Venus but for sun, moon and Mercury, it it
takes up the sign of Jupiter .Benefic Saturn makes person trust-worthy, sincere and
honest. But on the other hand if Saturn is malefic in ones horoscope, then it causes
delays, dispute, difficulties and disharmony. It passes through all zodiac signs very
slowly than any other planets. It is said to be the chief governor of connectivity.

Nature of planet Saturn:

Planet Saturn represents seriousness, thoughtfulness, loneliness alertness, seriousness,
harshness, causing delays in work, toughness and feeling less, miser, destruction,
mathematics, patience, practicleness, tolerance, economy and bachlorness.
Saturn is benefic in its planetary cycle /Dasha or Sada sati for those natives whose Saturn
is strong ,exalted and unaffiliated in natal chart .Saturn affects to native substantively
when it transits through moon by 1 degree higher or lower distance. Saturn travels only
1 degree in three months. On the other side, Saturn helps making progress spiritually and
philosophically to native.
! If Saturn is exalted in horoscope and stays in signs
having earthy element ( like Taurus ,Virgo and Capricorn ) then natives
makes progress firmly but slowly !. Especially it shows definite progress
after 36 years when it posited at ninth place of nativity. It gives better result
while in its planetary cycle. Those natives, who have weak Saturn in their
birth chart, are recommended to wear Blue Sapphire in silver, having weight
of 3 carets. Important thing is that, it has no side effects and is cheaper.
! In this ongoing article, I have tried to explain how other
planets affect in a different way when they transit in universe/cosmos
through the Saturn of native’s birth chart /horoscope .Readers will excuse
me if you had experienced in other way .
1... When sun transits through Saturn of nativity, then it brings the end of old activity /
work and beginning of new activity. There could be a little journey. Native may meet
with your girl friend.etc...

2 ...When Moon transits, then it brings lots of activity with success .Gets health recovery
.May meet a person of choice who could be very beneficial!
3....When Mars transits then it brings new activity , money , journey to a new place, or
returns to home if out of home. Brings new friendship, change in job and sometime
brings maintenance expenses for own house and vehicle...
4....When Mercury transits then, it brings illness for some time, and new short time
relation with unknown person. There could be rainy days for a while.
5...When Jupiter transits then, it brings happier days for native. Brings a time for buying
property .Sometimes brings expenses related to house and illness in the family.
6...When Venus transits then, it brings the end enmity/hostility .Sometimes brings
serious illness.
7... When Saturn transits through chart’s Saturn (by approximately at 30 years) then, it
brings the end of career or some activity or sometime brings changes in thoughts and
incline towards retirement.
8...When Rahu /North Node transits, then such movement brings the nice result for
native. It also brings deep interest towards Astrology and increases extra workload
.Although it brings little bit laziness but over all native makes progress.
9...When Ketu /South Node transits, then it brings some activities for native. Brings
sometimes possibility of demise or loss of money to the member of family! Especially
Saturn when posited at 3rd, 6th, 9th, Place in nativity raises the obstacles in the progress
of native’s life.
However Saturn situated at 16 to 21 degree in any sign of native’s horoscope chart is
proved beneficial. Saturn remains exalted at, Libra zodiac sign and therefore imparts best
results. It is also seen that mostly world all great politicians are born under this Libra
zodiac sign .They are intellect and have great maturity. It has been observed that transit
of Saturn in universe/cosmos while in Gemini, Cancer, or Leo zodiac sign, brings
changes in ruling of state /national government power
5 Employment and the planet Saturn
Now a day’s terrorism, corruption and the population are the main issues and challenges
of India. Apart from that unemployment and poverty have been the biggest and prime
threats of India, yet to overcome.
Under such circumstances, Astrology comes forward to opt out for the suitable sources
of income to survive and useful guidance .In this chapter I would like to highlight the
significance and influence of Saturn for human employment.
Significance of Saturn
If we think of universe, we would accept that all the planets except Saturn are
working as executives. Only Saturn is working like subordinate/assistant.
The Sun is acting like a king of all planets, while the Moon behaves like a queen
of the universe. It only issues ordinances! The Mars is like a military officer and
the Mercury behaves like a prince. The Jupiter and The Venus behave like king’s
secretaries and at last ,the Saturn..,the only a planet, works like an obedient
servant who ever follows other planet’s instructions as desired and that is its
specific quality !
That is why some great astrologers believe that Saturn itself is a creator of all
actions of human life.
As per their opinion Saturn’s sign wise motion and its conjunctions/ aspects with
different planets in universe decide the human livelihood .Logic behind this, is
that the Saturn in human nativity works as Lord of 10th house (Karmesh) and 11 th
house (Labhesh) as well. That is why the position of planet Saturn in natal chart
should always be taken in to account to forecast when we think about human’s
source of income and livelihood/employment.

Let us study the influence of Saturn’s zodiac sign wise in native’s birth chart
Saturn of Aries (Mesha) zodiac sign:
In this sign, Saturn becomes debilitated but such natives get Metal, Mechanics,
Engineering branch related government job or profession and get their employment.
Mostly, Aries’s Saturn is seen in Engineer’s horoscope.
Saturn of Taurus (Vrishbha)
-in horoscope, brings employment for native through luxurious and light comfortable
works. Native gets benefited from equipment, cosmetics, garments and five star hotel
related profession or bank and finance related activities.
Saturn of Gemini (Mithun)
-Brings employment through accountant, Clerk / Cashier, or Tele-communication like
activities; Native gets co-operations and love from friends; such natives are intellect and
business persons. Natives are benefited through other social activities. Sometimes they
get income through reading, writing or journalism.
Saturn of Cancer sign (Karka)
A person born under this sign remains associated with activities like tours and tourism,
soft drinks, music, or textile industry gets employment. They come across many ups and
downs in their life. The native gets co-operation from people and become famous in
religion and art. Sometimes native gets income from activities like agriculture, gardening
or may become florist.
Saturn of Leo sign:
A person born under such horoscope either becomes government officer or gets income
through government related liaison works. Native is found skilful and smart enough in
his /her activities and thereby gets reputations like an owner or executive. Of course they
struggle initially, but settle and succeed later on, if they keep patience.
Saturn of Virgo:
The natives born with Saturn in Virgo sign could be intellect, clever, good businessman,
well conversant, social and may get income as accountant or economist. Such natives
are found interested in commercial work and get income through real estate related work.
They might have a mixing nature and good analytical and commercial skills. They are
interested in real estate including buying and selling of properties.

Saturn in Libra Sign:

This kind of person makes money from bank sectors, cosmetics as well as luxuries items.
Conjunctions of Saturn with other planets just help natives to employ in government or
in private sectors. We will not forget here that Libra zodiac sign is Saturn’s exalted sign
and competent to get native an executive position. Sometimes Saturn of Libra sign
makes native either an attorney or a magistrate. Native may be a film star or a talented
Saturn of Scorpio:
Saturn of Scorpio sign brings employment for native from sectors like mining,
engineering, agricultural, electrical goods, interior designing, mechanical instruments,
computers, land, buildings and subjects like philosophy and astrology.
Saturn of Sagittarius sign:
When native is born with such Saturn positioned in Sagittarius sign, gets income from
forest products, wooden products or in association with spiritual organizations. Often,
He has to face several obstacles. He also manages to have an employment through
courts, secret agency or legislature related affairs. By virtue of his logical skills and
argumentative expertness, he could also earn income in judiciary system. Native
succeeds in spy related activities.
Saturn of Capricorn sign:
-Brings employment or business for native by way of sales and purchase of specific
commodities like soft drinks and food products under tours and travelling type of

Saturn of Aquarius sign:

-Brings executive employment for natives through their deep analytical and research
work or consultancy work. Such natives are often found as psychologists, skilled
managers, administrators, professors or as guide as well. They are idealistic and intellect
persons by nature. Such types of dignities are independently taking their decisions and
mostly do not like other’s interference in their work.
Saturn of Pisces sign:
-Brings employment for native through law, history, religion or medicine related affairs.
Saturn, conjunct with Jupiter influences native to be a person like a skilled publisher,
doctor, principal, saint, guide or a priest of temple or church like organization by virtue
of sincerity and honesty;. They ever try to settle down at nearby pilgrim places. They
ever get support and co-operation from their friends.
Influences of Saturn on conjunctions with / aspects at other planets in respect of earning
and employment of native:
1 Saturn + Sun: Saturn and Sun are inimical to each other. However, the
conjunctions/aspects of Saturn with Sun helps native to become successful in politics and
government services after overcoming due hindrances and struggle. Such natives
become expert in metallurgy.
2 Saturn + Moon: Such conjunctions/aspects leads native to change his/her activities
very often. Natives get scared of hard work but are found benefited from sectors like
literature, art, music, tourism or soft drinks. Such persons could be little lazy and
imaginary by nature.
3 Saturn + Mars: Such conjunction brings succeed for native after overcoming
obstructions, denials and delays by hard efforts. Native earns money and prestige from
Mechanical and Engineering sectors. Native could be owner of a factory.
4 Saturn + Mercury:
Such type of conjunction brings employment through economical, commercial and
intellectual works for natives. These kinds of natives are very polite, gentle and quiet by
nature. They are reluctant to hard work.
5 Saturn + Jupiter
Such types of conjunction / aspect of Saturn with Jupiter are the best for natives who
become famous and eternal by their specific and exotic deeds.
6 Saturn + Venus:
Such combination brings happiness and success in the later part of native’s life.
Specifically, luck favors them after their marriage. They get benefited from all types of
luxurious items. It brings happiness and comforts for native /spouse in respect of money,
land, building and vehicle like properties.
7 Saturn + Rahu
Such relations bring employment for native through film or theatre industry, automobile
industry or by activities like book publications. Sometimes such horoscope could make
native watchman or security guard too!
8 Saturn + Ketu
Such conjunction brings least benefits even after working hard. Such natives live their
life like great saints.

6. Successful Partnership
There is a basic difference between business & service. In a service/job, one has to work
based on his skills and has to contribute his time for which he earns remuneration in the
form of a salary and other perquisites. Whereas, in a business a person applies his mind,
knowledge, maturity, valuable time, capital, contacts and relations as well. Real
merchant, first looks at his past year balance- sheet, regulates his accounts and then
enterprises accordingly for the ensuing years in the favorable circumstances for his
. In Indian Astrology, mutual relations and transactions play an important role. As we
see , at the time of marriage , horoscopes of bride and groom are matched with each
other, likewise between two partners / owner - servant / among subordinates, their
compatibility are checked to avoid undue hassles and for easy going of the business with
unique harmony .
Instances of many private mercantile banks in Kutch-Saurashtra or Mumbai zone are
seen, wherein two partners/families have been working together since more than 25-30
years and they mutually share sizeable profits in their business.
Likewise, astrologically following table could be experimented to make a successful
No. Moon Sign Matching and benefic Sign
1 Aries Aries,Leo,Scorpio,Sagitarius,Pisces
2 Taurus Taurus,Gemini,Virgo,Libra,Capricorn
3 Gemini Taurus,Gemini,Libra,Capricorn,Aquarius
4 Cancer Leo,Cancer,Sagitarius,Scorpio,Pisces
5 Leo Leo,Aries,Cancer,Sagittarius,Pisces
6 Virgo Virgo,Taurus,Libra,Aquarius,Capricorn
7 Libra Libra,Virgo,Taurus,Gemini,Aquarius
8 Scorpio Scorpio,Aries,Sagittarius,Pisces,Cancer
9 Sagittarius Sagittarius,Aries,Leo,Cancer,Scorpio
10 Capricorn Capricorn,Taurus,Aquarius,Gemini,Virgo
11 Aquarius Aquarius,Gemini,Capricorn,Libra,Virgo,
12 Pisces Pisces,Aries,Cancer,Scorpio,Leo

As we all know that, Moon sign of the native is always determined on the base of
Moon’s position in the sign in the horoscope at the time of native’s birth.
If owners of the commercial firm follow the above stated table and select their partners
,staff-employees / associates as per the ‘ matching and beneficial sign ‘ to their respective
moon’s sign , then it would be very easy and positive approach to establish nice
mutual relationships with due benefits.
In case, where native’s Moon sign differs to his/her name sign, then Moon sign is,
preferably, taken into account.

7. Job and business

Eighty % of the people in the world are ever curious to know about one’s occupation i.e.
one would either go for job or business! Horoscope chart of the native could shed light
on such matter and helps to guide.
6th and 11th house of horoscope chart is related to job affair.
10th house represents independent profession. When in the nativity, 6th house is occupied
by natural benefic planet/s or Lord of 6th house is exalted or posited in own house or is
conjunct with / aspect by benefic planet, then native remains very comfortable, fortunate
and is gradually making progress in job.
Native gets success in his independent business if 10th house or lord of 10th house is well
placed (either at angular or at trine position) and afflicted by the natural benefit planets,
or any malefic planet is retrograde at 10th house.
Sun at angle represents government job.
Native earns through job, if lord of sixth house is posited in /aspect at 2nd house (house
of wealth/Dhana) or in 11th house (House of gains/Labha).
When lord of 10th house ,lord of 11 th house or lord of 6th house is associated with or
aspects at sixth house of nativity, it produces ‘ service Yoga ‘ and native gets
employment through job. Before firmly predicting about independent business in respect
of native, numbers of Dhana Yoga and Raj yoga in nativity should be accounted for.
However, it firmly depicts independent business for native, if lord of angular position
and lord of trine position i.e. “Yogkaraka Grah” are same and situated at 10 th place of
horoscope chart.
8. Education and Astrology

Importance of education has been increasing day by day. Knowledge is such an

invaluable treasure that neither could be stolen nor king can snatch it away from .Even
siblings can not part with unwillingly. On the contrary, knowledge ever multiplies on
utilization. Everybody wishes to have a high academic degree. Gets respected and
thereby conquer the top of employments.
Astrology ever helps you to know about the academic level and the extent of
educational degree, talent, skill and accomplishment that may native have in a particular
The fifth house / position in the birth chart represents about the native’s intellect level.
This position is important for acquiring normal level of education.
Thereafter fourth position/house represents higher educations.
Second house /position of the horoscope belongs to speech and mastery in academic
career .Native shows keen interest in research work if this second house is strong and
10th house of nativity is studied for success /failure in exam. Moreover, ninth place of
birth chart is also significant as it is also a 5th place from 5th house of birth chart which
is associated with religion and education as well. Native is intellect and literate when
such places are well positioned, conjunct or aspect by the auspicious planets like Jupiter,
Moon and Mercury.
When Mercury is aspect by Jupiter, then native’s instinct/intelligence gets
right decision under the influence of Jupiter/knowledge. When Jupiter is
associated with /aspect by Mercury and 9th house ,native earns highest
educations and reputations in society. If Jupiter has good sight on Mercury then
it gives suitable terms to intelligence and also teaches how to use knowledge. If
Mercury of Jupiter is associated with 9th position then person gets best education
and develops great reputation in society.
If Mercury is the lord-of 5th house in natal chart ,and is aspect by natural benefic
planets, then native could be clever, courteous and intellectual. Native may have
sharp intelligence, if 5th house is flanked by auspicious planets and Mercury is
also positioned at 5th house of the chart. Strong Mercury brings in good oratory
talent for native. Native could have poor memory power if malefic planets like
Saturn and Rahu are positioned at 5th place or Mercury is placed at weaker place
like 6th,8th or at 12th place in birth chart.
Weather native would complete his/her study and gets degree ?
Astrology answers to this question by 4th house of horoscope. Native become
clever and literal if lord of 4th house is well positioned and unafflicted at 4th place
.There could be delay , obstacles and difficulties for native to get degree when
lord of 4th house is situated at weaker place ( like at 6th,8th or 12th ),associated
with or aspect by malefic planets.
...Jupiter and Mercury are indicators /significatiors of knowledge and
intelligence respectively and therefore these two planets should be strong enough.
Native becomes well educated and qualified when Jupiter and lord of 5th house
are stronger in birth chart . Native becomes clever and brilliant when 5th house or
lord of 5th house is associated with Ascendant –lord.
It has been ever a very puzzling matter for every parents and students to choose a
proper stream for their future higher studies and career .
We will discuss here how Astrology could help in giving proper guidance in this
In the modern era , there are different branches for educations are available and
that is why the detailed studies related to the concerned planets are necessary for
selecting proper academic stream/line .The planets positioned or associated at 5th house
represent about native’s special likings towards particular stream /line of studies.
Influence of different planets at 5 place of natal chart..
1 If Sun is positioned at 5th place or aspecting at ,then native makes average progress
in educational lines. Native could be either clever or negligent at times. Native may
have interest in politics too.
2 If Moon is positioned at 5th place, native will show talent and progress in subjects
like arts, writing and literacy.
3 If Mars is placed at 5th house , native takes interest towards subjects like
Electrical, Mechanical, Geology, Agriculture, Medical, and Pharmacy .

4. If Mercury is strong or well placed at 5th place ,native may shine out in the sectors
like Account ,Mathematics, Commerce, Computers and Journalism.

5.If Jupiter is strong or well placed at 5th place in native’s horoscope ,it brings in keen
interest in the subjects like Statistics, Science, Economics, Teaching ,Spirituality etc.

6.Well placed Venus at 5 th place brings in progress for the subjects like Electronics,
Fashion design ,Arts ,and Sexology.

7.Well placed Saturn brings in progress for native in subjects like Engineering, Botany,
International languages, History and Electrical pursuits.

8.Rahu at 5th house of nativity ,brings in attractions for sectors like Art and Politics.

9.Ketu at 5th house of nativity, brings in average progress in the subjects like Research
and Technical pursuits

10.Native gets succeeded at less efforts if lord of angle / lord of trine ( Yogkarta Grah)
is well placed at 5th house of birth chart..
11. Relationship of 5th house with Mars and Mercury makes native proficient in Maths
and Accountancy whereas Mars, Venus and Moon relationship brings progress in
Chemistry. Conjunction of Moon and Venus brings intrest in Knitting and Sewing.
Native achieves high ranked position in research sector.
For Engineering line ,relationship of Saturn with Mars or Sun are significant
.Native gets succeeded in occult subject like Astrology ,if planet Mercury is at angle
,lord of second house is strong and a benefic planet is well placed at 5th house.
Conjunction of Jupiter and Moon at angle or trine position brings benefits in Astrology
and religious rituals as well. If 9th place is occupied by Jupiter and is aspect by Moon
and Saturn, native gets succeeded as an Attorney or Advocate .Association of Mars and
Saturn brings success in Automobile sector.
When lord of 5th house is situated at 6th /8th/12th place of the chart or Jupiter and
Mercury is afflicted , it is found that native is not succeeded in getting desired results in
his /her studies despite of hard efforts ! Major or minor planetary cycle of the planet
like Jupiter should be calculated for success in study .If such planetary cycle is not
coming across through student life, native has to face difficulties in achieving degree
despite of presence of the benefic combinations in birth chart ! Native faces obstacles
and does not get desired results in studies ,if lord of 9th house is situated at 8th place or
lord of 5th house and Jupiter are weak in the birth chart.
.. And finally ,last but not the least ,..pray and worship the Goddess of study “
Saraswati Devi “ could be fruitful to have desired success !

9. Planets and Housing benefits:

As we all know that, bread, cloths and shelter are the basic necessities of human life.
It has become a mere dream for medium class people to have their ‘sweet home’ because
of gradual increase in populations and simultaneously, day today’s inordinate hike in the
prices of land and building materials in the city. So, it is very hard to imagine about the
housing for poor people and their feelings in this hiked prices.
If we look at railway platform or footpath of cities, we would find number of people
lying and sleeping around, whereas on the other side we may find only two persons ,”
Mr.& Mrs.” sharing a big house having 10-12 rooms with a separate outhouse
accommodations for their maid servant !
See what a discrimination and disparity of nature!
Money is very important factor to build up or to buy own house. Sometimes, it is seen
that a person is not able to buy a house for want of enough budget or sometimes,
somehow manages to buy a house but indulged in some litigation! Some people spend
their whole life in the ancestral housing property, while sometime; they change their
locations every now and then! Some people live in slum area while some in a posh area.
“Oh God why is so happening! “...Everybody wants to ask question like this to almighty
I think, we could sort out the answer relating to such existing disparity and
discrimination with the help of astrological media.
Native gets comforts relating housing affairs when in his nativity chart ,4th house ,Lord
of 4th house and planet Mars ( indicator / significator for land- building affair ) are
strong or placed at angular/trine position and afflicted by natural benefic planets.
If, all above three components are placed at 6th,8th,or 12th house of horoscope chart or
situated in enemy’s house , then it would bring some hardships for native while buying
house .It is also possible , that sometimes native is deprived of in getting his dreamed
house in life!
Many astrologers accept planet Venus, as a significator/ indicator for housing
affairs .Actually, the Venus is like a planet of luxury and entertainment. Today,
rich families are found with full of such luxuries and for that, astrological point of
view strong Venus in their nativity is accountable. This fact supports that only
such natives enjoy comforts and happiness in modern bungalows, in whose birth
chart 4th house, lord of 4th house and Mars with Venus are strong and well
For the happiness of house and property:
For happiness and comfort related to housing affairs, the Lord of 4th house should
be well placed /positioned in native’s chart as under:
..If Lord of 4th house /Chaturthesh (in horoscope) is:
1. -in association with of ascendant-lord (Lagnesh) in the ascendant, it
brings house related ease and happiness for native without extra efforts.
2. -In mutual disposition with Ascendant lord (“Private Yoga “ ), it brings
housing benefits for native.
3. -Well aspect, unaffiliated and strong in nativity, then native gets
benefited in respect of housing affairs in nativity.

4. - Positioned at 12th house of the birth chart, then native stays in old or
rented property.

5. - positioned at angle in the 1,4,7,10th house or positioned at trine in

1,5,9th position of birth chart, then the native enjoys a big and beautiful

6. -situated at 6th ,8th ,or 12th position and thereby is weak , then native
is suffering and facing problems in his/her residence due to ill-planets.

7. -positioned at 6th house or aspect by malefic planet, then native could

have property nearby residence of enemy or his property could be damaged
or possibly, native may himself demolish his property!
8. -At 8th position of natal chart, then native could be homeless or his/her
movable property/vehicle could be damaged.

10...At 12th position, then native may stay in a rented property or stays abroad.
Possibly, native resides in a property, away from his parents.

11.- posited in 4th house with significator Mars in movable signs

(Aries,Cancer,Libra,and Capricorn ) ,then native could possess many houses but if they
are positioned in fixed signs ( Taurus,Leo,Scorpio ,Aquarius ),then native might stay in
one and the same property throughout the entire his /her life period.
Moreover... If 4th house is occupied by / aspect by Rahu, then native may suffer
loss related to house property.

12. If Ascendant-lord and lord of 4 th house /Chaturthesh, both are well placed in the 4th
house of the chart, then native may gain benefits suddenly, from his/her house property.

13.If lord of 4th house /Chaturthesh is strong ( exalted / own housed /unaffiliated ) and is
situated in the 3rd house / position of natal chart, then native may have large ,well-built
house with fascinating balconies .
14.If lord of 4th house /chaturthesh is exalted or in friendly sign or an exalted planet is
positioned in 4th place/house and lord of 9th house ( Bhagyesh) is also positioned at angle
places (1,4,7,10 ),then native might have a nice colorful house.
Above mentioned planets and their conjunctions/aspects (Yogas) are of very common
typed, wherein the position of Lord of 4th house /Chatuethesh is more emphasized. It is
quite obvious that there may not be perfectly identical conjunctions/aspects of the planets
as discussed herein, even though such types of conjunctions/aspects and positions are
guiding enough and of utmost importance to study about native’s comfort and happiness
related to house property.

10. Impact Of Retrograde Planets

Retrograde planets are more significant than direct moving planets for astrological
forecasting because of their evil impact. So there could be wrong and misleading
predictions, if retrograde phase of planets are not taken into considerations before
forecasting. As a result, concerned Astrologers are sometimes, put in funny and
awkward situations.
Even in modern Astrology, detailed research or analysis pertaining to the impacts of
retrograde planets are not described very well or analysed, though it is very necessary
and evitable! Retrograde planets are considered stronger but most of the astrologers do
not take into account while forecasting from horoscope, so it has become difficult for the
common and primary readers to have appropriate knowledge related to the exact nature
of retrograde planets.
So, we will discuss briefly, herein this ongoing article about the impacts of retrograde
planets. We see in the cosmos / universe that the transit of the Sun and the transit of the
rest of the planets are not in the same direction. All these planets are sometimes found on
the north side of Sun’s transit or on the south side .Every planets have different daily
transit. Although the transit of Sun and the Moon is pretty straight and they are always
moving forward in their respective orbit through zodiac sign. So they are called direct
planets. Since the planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are gradually
moving forward in their orbit / Rashi Chakra, they are called direct planets. They are
called retrograde planets when they are moving backward. The transit of Rahu and Ketu
are always retrograde. The mean speed of planet is called medium. If planet is moving at
slower speed than mean speed, then it is called Mand Gati /slow motioned planet .
Saturn is called as slowest motioned planet because Saturn takes 30 months to complete
one zodiac cycle. If the motion of planet is faster than the mean speed, it is called
‘Sheegrah moving ‘/ fast moving ‘planet. Moon is known as Sheegrah /fast moving
planet because it takes only 2-1/4 days to complete one Rashi /zodiac -sign cycle.
Dear readers, we know that the Sun takes 30 days to change every sign; Moon takes 2-
1/4 days, Mars takes 45 days, Mercury and Venus take around 25 days to change the
sign. Saturn takes around 2 and a half years , Jupiter takes approximately 13 months to
change zodiac sign while retrograde Rahu /ketu takes 18 months to change sign in a
backward /clockwise direction.
Generally Mercury transits retrograde when it stays 25 degree away and Venus moves
retrograde when it stays 40-45 degree away from the Sun. That is why these two planets,
Mercury and Venus, travel retrograde when they transit at next sign / 30 degree away
from Sun. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn move retrograde when they transit at 6th, 7th, 8th or
9th place away or 145 to 245 degree away from the Sun. Mercury moves retrograde
approximately three times in a year, Mars and Venus move retrograde twice in a year.
Retrograde motion of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn could be studied and observed with the
help of horoscope and almanac (Panchang).
Impacts of retrograde planets:
Great Pandits / celebrities of ancient times like Kalidas, Ramnujacharya and Kalyan
Varma have responded and tried to explain positively related to the impact of retrograde
planets. As per recent astrologers, when benefic planet turns retrograde, it gives good
result and when malefic Planet turns retrograde, it gives negative impact. Astronomical
observations and detailed study of different Horoscopes enable to derive the following
inferences and predictions in respect of behaviour of retrograde planets.
1. Any retrograde planet posited in own sign, exalted sign or in friendly sign, will
influence like in debilitated sign.
2. Any retrograde planet posited in debilitated sign will influence like in exalted sign.
3. Natural benefic planet remains always benefic, even if it often moves retrograde. It
does not matter where it is posited. Irrespective of its position in the chart, it ever
produces auspicious results for concerned sign. It does not matter, if it is posited in
enemy’s sign. However, It also influences good results for the sign where it aspects at in
the natal chart.
4. Retrograde malefic planet is believed to produce inauspicious results and particularly it
affects with respect to its position in the concerned sign and with respect to the sign,
where it aspects at, respectively during its major/minor planetary cycle.
6. If the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house is positioned in either one of the houses and is
retrograde, it produces “Viprit Rajyoga” and brings in good /auspicious results for
7. If a planet is retrograde and combust, it is not capable of giving good results even if it
is exalted, debilitated or in own zodiac sign.
8. When retrograde benefic planet functions, as lord of house and significator as well, it
will produce auspicious results as exalted planet and will increase the amount of good
9.If in horoscope, two retrograde planets are positioned together in any house, and out
of two, one is debilitated, it is considered as producer of good / benefic result , but
another one ,which is not debilitated, becomes powerless/weak and produces little bit
evil results related to concerned house in its major/minor planetary cycle.
11. 4th house and 10th house of horoscope

Nine planets of Cosmos and Twelve houses of horoscope construct the future of human
being. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th places are the angles of horoscope. Angles are the significant
components for astrological forecasting. Primarily, the Position of every planet in the
chart is the central matter. Angles, especially highlight over longetivity, health, parents,
spouse, deeds and happiness related pursuits. We will try to obtain information
associated to 4th and 10th position of horoscope in the ongoing article.
4th house / Position/place :
4th position of horoscope depicts information related to mother, fixed property, house
,vehicle, animal , agriculture, personality ,humanity, pleasure, relatives ,joint domestic
family life ,north direction, chest and last phase of human life etc.
Moon and Mercury are the significators of 4th place of birth chart.
Let us study about the influences of different planets at 4th house of horoscope.
1. Sun (at 4th place /house):
Native may suffer from chest /heart pain or heartburns if the sun is placed at 4th house.
These problems may persist till 32 years. It influences mental stress, opposition,
aggression and unrest to mother.

2. Moon:
-Brings good results if Moon at 4th house is strong / exalted or in own house or in
friendly sign. It is not capable of giving good results, if it is debilitated or in enemies sign
or associated with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. It could carry little hard time for mother,
although imparts usual comforts to native in respect of land-house and vehicles.
3. Mars:
-Strong Mars brings apex pleasure as regards to agriculture, land-building and vehicle
etc. If Mars is debilitated, or in the enemy’s house or afflicted otherwise, causes
disharmony and quarrels in the family. It indicates little hard time for native’s parent at
the age of 8thyear.

4. Mercury:
-Position of Mercury at 4th house, brings instability as regards to land, building and
vehicle. If Mercury is afflicted by Rahu, ketu,or Saturn ,native faces problems as regards
to pleasure of vehicle and keeps native away from being house owner. Brings
disharmony and conflicts among relatives and family members.

5. Jupiter:
Native becomes owner of classic residence, immense land property and excellent
vehicles, If lord of 4th house is strong or associated with Venus / Moon in horoscope.
However afflicted Jupiter by malefic planet/s is not capable of giving auspicious results,
although provides protection against longevity problems and brings development as
regards to career.

6. Venus:
Native enjoys all type of luxuries like, prestigious garments, high class ornaments,
jewellery, and tasty dishes to eat in life, if Venus is at 4 th house and 4th house is strong as
well. Native possesses excellent dwellings and classic vehicles.

7. Saturn:
It brings good results for native, if Saturn at 4th house is exalted or in own house.
However, it produces rubbish struggle and conflicts for native at work place .Indicates
tough time for father.
It is benefic for mother, If 4th place is occupied by zodiac sign of ascendant lord.
However association of Saturn with lord of 8th house at this place is not capable of
producing good results for native’s mother.

8. Rahu:
Rahu at 4th house may cause chest pain, heart trouble, severe disease, family conflicts
and stress to mother. It produces ordinary community transactions. Influences bodily
ache, deception, damage and breach of trust. It also brings dissatisfaction and vagueness
as regards to land-building, vehicle and property pursuits.
9. Ketu:
Ketu at 4th house of birth chart causes, stress, anxiety, disturbances. Native does not
enjoy the pleasure and happiness related to friends, mother and residence for a longer
period. Native is pleased by intimates, if Ketu is well placed in Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
10th house:
Tenth house in horoscope represents profession, occupation, trade, father, savings,
Karma, character, international recognition, power, fame, rank, authority ,joints ,knees
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are significators for tenth house. Let us have
information about the influences of different planets when they are posited at tenth house
of the nativity.
1. Sun at 10th position – It brings progress in political career, popularity and reputations.
18th year of age could be significant / beneficial for native. If Sun at 10th house is weak
and afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, native faces obstructions,
delay and denials in occupation. It causes hard time for father. Native does not have
glowing status in the society.
2. Moon: – Native becomes intelligent, religious, virtuous and popular. 27 th year of age
could be sensible. Native faces obstacles and suffers big loss or damage in business /
trade if Moon at tenth position /house is debilitated or afflicted by planets like Saturn,
Rahu or Ketu. It causes problems in earning money, if 10 th lord (lord of 10th house) is
weak in birth chart of native.
3. Mars: – The native becomes popular, bright, brave, passionate, donator, mighty and
bears hard working personality at work. If Mars is debilitated in the Cancer sign or is
associated with Rahu / ketu or Saturn, then native faces several obstacles at work. Native
may get indulged in to evil activities. Native might get good results at the age of 18.
4. Mercury: – The native becomes self sufficient, socialize, polite, prosperous, virtuous
and accurate. At the age of 28, he might suffer some bodily pain. Native visits pilgrim
places, exercises donation and perform good deeds, if Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo
sign. If Mercury is in enemy’s sign or associated with/afflicted by malefic planets, native
performs mystic activities and becomes non-virtuous person.

5. Jupiter: – Native becomes truthful, kind, noble, reputed, performer of

auspicious deeds, religious, and donator. Earns respects in the family. Native gets
inauspicious results, if 10th lord is weak or afflicted by malefic planets. It produces
obstacles in religious works and donations etc.

6. Venus:
Native becomes courageous and fortunate, if Venus is associated with / aspect by
natural benefic planets likes Jupiter, Moon, or Mercury. Native enjoys several
types of auspicious results along with domestic luxuries. If Venus is afflicted by
malefic planets, native faces obstacles at occupation. Especially, native’s 27th
year of age could be problematic.

7. Saturn: –
Native experiences ups and down in profession. If Saturn is afflicted by malefic
planets, it causes sizeable loss of capital and makes indebted. Native faces social
disrespect and people oppose. It brings mental disharmony with mother, wife and
business partners as well. Native experiences uncertainty regards to residence.
Native Performs auspicious deeds at the age of 25th year.

8. Rahu:
Native becomes famous, fearless and dedicated to other’s work. Native suffers
pains, keeps him / her away from performing virtuous deeds. Native faces
obstacles at work, if Rahu at 10th position/house is afflicted by malefic planets.
Native exercises evil deeds at work. He may have difference of opinion and
mental dissatisfactions with father or may not have father’s affection. Native may
enjoys power and privileges, if Rahu is in Taurus /Gemini sign.

9. Ketu: –
Native becomes pious, religious and gets isolated from society. Native loves
everybody. Native beats enemies, if Ketu is in Scorpio/Sagittarius. Native may
have “ ( Gas ) Vata and kafa ( Cough ) originated diseases. Native might face
undue problems and obstacles at profession, if ketu is afflicted by malefic planets.
Thus, influence of planets positioned at fourth and tenth house of nativity are
significant at glance.
For accurate predictions ,detail study in respect of aspect /associated planets at 4th
and 10th houses, position of Chaturthesh , Karmesh in the birth chart need to be
exercised along with the study of ”Navamansh Kundali” and “Dasmansh
Kundali “.

12. Fashionable pretty woman and planet

Planet Venus behaves like a secretary of all the planets. It is 25.7 million miles away
(Shortest distance) from the Earth. Its numerical number is 6 and is a feminine planet by
nature. Planetary period / Vishomttary Dasha of Venus are 20 years. It stays nearly 30
days in one zodiac sign and 11 days in one ‘ Naxatra ‘/(constellations) . It remains strong
at 4th house of birth chart i.e. at north direction. It is the lord of Taurus and Libra sign. It
is exalted in Pisces sign ruled by Jupiter and debilitated in Virgo sign ruled by Mercury.
The Venus behaves friendly when associated with Mercury, stays aggressive when
afflicted by Saturn or Rahu and inimical with planets, like Moon, Sun and Mars.
Venus , the planet of love and beauty , is the significator of marriage, engagement,
divorce, luxury, love affairs, music, art, games, dancing, acting ,drawing, painting,
ornamentation, ( such as perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, fine fabrics ) admiration and
overseas tour. Moreover, obesity, Diabetes and sickness related to ear is also studied
regard to Venus with the help of this planet.
Venus becomes Yoga karaka / lord of angle and lord of trine in respect Gemini, Virgo,
Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. It brings good results in Nakshatras like Ashlesha,
Jyestha, Revathi, krutika, Swati and Adra, while it gives negative results in Nakshatras
like Bharni, Purva, Phalguni, Purvashadha, Mrugashirsha, and Ghanishtha.

Venus – As a feminine planet

After having outlined about the nature of Venus, we shall now study the influence of
Venus and its conjunctions at different position of birth chart with respect to beautiful
and gorgeous women. It is not possible to have romantic mood and pursuits about the
magnetism of beautiful and stunning women without the Venus planet. It is none other
than planet Venus who can offer such prettiness. Only planet Venus brings charming
personality like lord Krishna for male native and creates high levelled artists ( like
hero-heroine, painter, musician, singer etc.) Perhaps the beauty of the spring season
exists in the nature, is only because of exalted Venus! Actually, the beauty of Venus has
the honesty and not the mere show up activities! It would not have been possible for a
great poet like Kalidas to write up and create great poetries without the influence of
Venus. Venus is also responsible for the figure and vital measurement of attractive
women (like 36’’-24’’-36’’). Beauty without the essence of Venus is just like wine
without toxicity!
Thus, the Venus is like a king of all ravishment. It ignites sexual desires when Venus is
associated with Mars and such desires of female native go beyond control when Venus
gets conjunct with Mars and Mercury. Venus brings attractive eyes for women when
associated with Mars and Moon. Women get an art of fashion designing and talent of
cat walking on ramp as model. Venus is responsible for women’s instable and appealing
smile. It always produces vibrations of magnetic attractions. Venus becomes violent in
the company of Mars and Mercury. Compassion of the Venus is rather selfish. In case of
disappointment in love, Venus behaves unreasonably. Venus in conjunction with Saturn
reveals vulgarity. Venus influenced native, enjoys quietness in the company of opposite
gender. Generally the Venus is calm and cool.
Venus is very motivating and jubilant planet which creates artists and develops their
talent. Maker of ‘Malavya Yoga ‘, planet Venus is very noble to make native wealthy.
Venus brings control over Jupiter’s fake sanctity when conjunct with Jupiter while
Jupiter tries to create perfect human by controlling over the extravagancy of Venus.
Venus is like a unique artist who ever tries to drag the native from depression and
makes his/her life alive and enjoyable.
It brings fascinating beauty, curly hair, attractive/ ‘ Minaxi ‘ eyes along with stout
posture for women / female native , If Venus is in exalted / own sign or in friendly
sign. It brings proficiency in lyric, music, and poem and enhances drammitacal and
acting talent. Such natives possess beauty oriented eyesight and they ever like to enjoy
all these types of pleasant amenities in life. Native possesses sugary voice, kind
interaction, soft speech and good manners.
It causes weakness relating to female gender in male nativity, when such feminine and
“Yoga karaka “(lord of angle cum lord of trine) Venus afflicts with ascendant /first house
of birth chart. Such natives are charming, talkative, scary, soft spoken and non
Now let us study about the impacts while life elevator Venus conjuncts with other
Exalted (Pisces sign) / own sign (Libra) Venus at angle produces “Malavya Yoga “. This
fortunate placement of Venus will bestow on native extra ordinary strength of will.
Native not only will possess physical strength but also will have the charming
personality and courage of convictions .Native would be learned person, wealthy,
renowned, high profiled talented artist and respected by all.
Venus + Mercury:
It gives good-looking eyes, attractive oratory, and intellectual thoughts along with
attitude to deceive others when Venus is afflicted by Mercury.
Venus + Sun:
It decreases sexual power, attractions towards opposite genders and brings inertness in
marital life of women when Venus is afflicted/associated with the Sun. Especially in the
birth charts of lifelong single women, such type of conjunction is observed.
Venus + Jupiter:
This combination brings control over unbounded desires. It induces intense writing
command and fine art talent. Association of Venus with Jupiter in women nativity
brings graciousness and talent of making friends.
Venus + Mars:
The affliction of Venus with Mars inflames the feelings and desires. Such combination
produces limitless opposite sexual attractions resulting into inter-cast marriages and extra
marital affairs.
Venus + Saturn:
Affliction of Venus with Saturn brings weirdness in the native’s marital life. It causes
unhappiness in their domestic life. Such combination sometimes brings unfair
relationships with lower class persons like servant, car driver, and somehow gets married
without the consent of parents or gets delay in marriage /engagement.
Venus + Moon:
This fortunate combination of Venus with Moon gives lovely spouse to native. It imparts
lovely speech. Such natives mostly enjoy all sorts of physical comforts and pleasure in
their life.
Thus, we see that all above Yogas / conjunctions bring specific destiny for natives by
birth itself and that could be studied and analyzed with the help astrological media.
Feedback and suggestions, if any, are welcome to this article.

13. Study about the king of planets ...The Sun

In mythology, Sun has been considered as the king of all planets. All planets are
revolving around the Sun. Our Earth is also one of them. Sun is the administrator of
universe. It is considered as a soul. It has got several other names too. It is also known as
Bhaskar, Helly, Bhanuman, Diwakar, Prabhakar, Dinesh and Arun etc. By nature, the
Sun is virtuous and reddish black in colour. It is considered as evil planet having
masculine/male zodiac sign, fiery element. Leo sign is considered as its own sign (Swa-
gruhi). It is called exalted when posited in Aries sign at 10 degree. The Sun in Libra is
in the sign of its fall status and is called debilitated sign. Moon, Mars and Jupiter are its
friendly planets. Mercury is neutral to Sun. While planets like Venus, Saturn, Rahu and
Ketu are inimical to Sun. 22nd, , 23rd and 24th year of native could be very fortunate. The
Sun aspects at straight way by 180 degree at its 7th position / house of chart.
The Sun influenced natives are usually kind, patient, remarkable and humanitarian by
nature and that is why it brings strong body structure, medium height, few hair,
yellowish eyes, and Pitta nature for native. They live glittering life. They possess striking
personality. The Sun is considered as a significator of eyes among body parts. It causes
eye problems to native, if the afflicted Sun is positioned at twelfth house in enemy’s sign
and the Moon is positioned at sixth place.
The sun is considered stronger, if it is positioned in exalted sign, own sign, friendly sign
or at 10th place of birth chart. Its gemstone is Ruby / Manek. The soul is considered
potent and sacred, if the Sun is strong in the natal chart. It is advisable to hold Ruby
gemstone, preferably on Sunday, for the complacency of the Sun.
Unafflicted, strong and well placed Sun influences luminosity, personality, power,
paternity, Pitta nature and that is why Leo ascendant natives are orthodox, stubborn,
firm, practical and irate persons. They always lung for leadership, prestige, status, and
priorities for popularity in their life. Such natives exercise expedience, imitation and have
extra ordinary courage because of fiery element.
14. The conjunctions of Sun with different

The Sun in Aries at 10 degree is well placed, as Aries is the sign of the Sun’s exaltation
(Uchcha Rashi) and Libra is the sign of fall. It gets debilitated (Neecha Rasi) in Libra
sign at 10 degree. Moon, Mars and Jupiter are its friendly planets. It is inimical to planets
like Venus, Saturn and Rahu.
It affects to native’s reputation, brings difficulties in Government job and difference of
opinion with father, if in the horoscope, the Sun is posited in debilitated sign or in
Aquarius or Capricorn sign of enemy planet Saturn .
Now, let us study about the Aspects / /Conjunctions / ‘Yuti ‘/Association of the Sun with
different planets:
(1) Sun +Saturn:
Association of Sun with Saturn brings disharmony in relation with father and requires
family sacrifice.
(2) Sun + Venus:
Native becomes musician, intellect, famed personality and status in society, If the Sun
and the Venus conjunction (Yuti) is unafflicted and well placed.
(3) Sun + Mercury:
Such ‘Shubha Yuti ‘/ association helps native to acquire high academic degree, wealth
and practical nature at work. Native holds good business dealing power.
(4) Sun + Moon:
Native gets deprived of parental pleasure, if the Sun is associated with Moon in
horoscope. Native lives the aimless life. However, becomes famous in religious sector.
(5) Sun + Mars:
Native could be a Doctor / Surgeon, if this combination is unafflicted and auspicious.
However, native may be hot tempered
(6) Sun + Rahu:
When Sun afflicts with Rahu, it give rises to ‘Grahan Yoga’ and thereby native has to
struggle hard throughout the life.
(7) Sun + Mercury + Venus:
Auspicious / unafflicted association of Sun with Mercury and Venus makes native
Native becomes smart, mathematician, and an excellent businessman, if the planet
Mercury is ahead of the Sun by degree in the same sign or in the next zodiac sign.

15. Aspect relationships of different planets

with the Moon:

Moon is like a queen among all planets. It is 0.238 million miles away from the Earth. Its
lord is Neptune. It is a significator of Astrology. Moon is watery (associated with the
element water) feminine planet. It has influence over white color, blood, North West
direction and water bank. Its gemstone is Pearl. It is instable and ‘kapha ‘(cough) by
nature. It is powerful by night time and at 4th house of natal chart. It is a significator of 4th
house of horoscope. Its ‘Vishomtari Dasha’ / planetary cycle lasts for 10 years. It stays
for 2 and a quarter day in one zodiac sign and one day in constellation (Nakshatra).
However, Moon signifies beauty; courtesy, white colour and virtues (Satwa Guna)
.Women impassioned natives are more influenced by Moon. It loves luxury and
deliciousness. Since it influences over blood, blood is affected when Moon is afflicted.
Due to its imagination energy , it also signifies poem,
and hypnotism etc.
Yuti: Now, we shall discuss about the effects of Moon and its aspects / conjunctions.
(Sanskrit word-Yuti) of Moon with other planets in this chapter:
When more than one planets are within orb ( plus or minus 7 degrees ) of another planet,
in the same sign, it is called conjunction /association (‘ Yuti ‘ in Sanskrit ).This ’Yuti’
/conjunction is very significant for astrological foretell. All the important Yogas like
Raj yoga , Lakshmi Yoga , Daridra Yoga ,Gaj-Kesari Yoga that take place in
horoscope are mainly due to ‘Yuti’/conjunctions of Moon with other planets .
e.g. Conjunction of Moon and Mars give rise to ‘ Lakshmi Yoga ‘ and Moon and
Jupiter give rise to ‘ Gaj –kesari Yoga’ which brings happiness ,wealth, reputation and
luxury for native.
1. Moon + Sun: Our Astrologers have viewed the conjunction / aspect of the Sun with
any planets, little bit differently because the planets placed in the same sign nearby the
Sun at particular degree distance ( within orb , plus or minus 7 degrees ) are
overshadowed under the light of Sun and thus nearby planets become combust.
Thereby their power of giving benefic results gets debilitated. In other way, we may say
that aspect of Sun with any planet, including Moon is unable to produce benefic /good
Conjunction / Yuti of Sun with Moon is called ‘Amavasya ‘. Physically, this Yuti does
not produce health wise auspicious results. Such natives who have Sun and Moon Yuti
/association in their natal chart, are weak and slim. Their eyes are weak. They wear
spectacles. Usually they are introvert by nature. They avoid to be socialized. Their
introvert personality brings religious and high mentality.
On the other side, opposition aspect of Moon with Sun is called ‘Full Moon’ and that
gives auspicious results. ‘Full Moon day’ born natives are opened minded and extrovert.
They are healthy and have remarkable personality. Such natives could conquer all the
peaks of success physically, if other planets do co-ordinate.
2 Moon +Mars:
Moon-Mars association is called ‘Laxmi Yoga’. When Moon is in conjunction with
Mars, “the planet of action and aggression”, native becomes busy and thereby, makes
progress and acquire wealth. This Moon and Mars association performs ‘Laxmi Yoga’,
especially in Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius zodiac signs. Although mentally, this
combination does not render any good results. This Yuti, sometimes, brings
shortcomings of Mars like anger, insensibility, and egotism in native. Because of the
greater amount of anger, native often abuses and shows carelessness towards his
intimates and worsens the mutual relationships. However, native regrets later on! Moon-
Mars conjunction at 6th, 8th, or at 12th house of natal chart does not produce any benific
results for physical health.
3. Moon +Mercury:
Association of Moon with Mercury, “the significator of speech and intellect”, produces
auspicious results. Natives born with such Yuti /association in the horoscope are
generally, loving, emotional, polite, and courteous and have interest in religious and
intellectual activities. They are much more attached with academic studies and
languages. They often make progress in literature sector.
Here, I would like to remind you that both, Moon and the planet Mercury, come easily
under the influence of each other. Moreover, individualities of both differ to each other.
Moon is friendly to Mercury, while Mercury is inimical to Moon. We know that, Moon
represents mind, whereas Mercury indicates intelligence. So when both these planets
(Moon and Mercury) are afflicted by malefic planets, it depicts intellectual or mental
weakness and native may suffer from psychopath!
4. Moon + Jupiter (Association / Yuti of Moon and Jupiter).
Jupiter is the “Greater benific “planet and its association with any planet promote the
benific power of the planet. Jupiter-Moon or Jupiter –Venus Yuti / conjunction brings
whitish colour, attractive personality and obesity for native. Such association /Yuti of
Moon with Jupiter in the birth chart are referred to as “Gaj-Keshari Yoga“in astrology.
Such natives become intelligent, practical, and rich. They are highly regarded in the
family. Since the Jupiter is Satwa Guna ( virtuous ) by nature , such natives are kind
,mild , religious and respecting the elders .Natives remain well balanced in happy or
unhappy moments of life. In our Vedic astrology, Apart from conjunction of Moon with
Jupiter, the square or opposition aspect of Moon with Jupiter is also considered as “Gaj-
Keshari Yoga”. This auspicious aspect / Yuti give all sorts of happiness-comforts and
success in the life.
5. Moon + Venus (Association of Moon with Venus).
Venus is the planet of art, beauty , luxury and pleasure .Native born with such type of
conjunction / Yuti of Moon with Venus brings in interest for the native like dance,
music, acting, drawing and sculpture. Such natives have whitish and attractive face.
Their main speciality is to dress in as per modern fashion .They believe in modern
fashion. They love to look attractive and to be attracted by others. They would like to
enjoy radio listening, watching TV / movies, and spending time mostly where
fashionable public is visiting. Although Moon and Venus are inimical to each other, they
both being of water element, are little bit alike in nature and therefore their aspect
(conjunction or Yuti /opposition conjunction or Prati-Yuti) ever produce benefic results.
6. Moon +Saturn (Association of Moon and Saturn referred to as ‘Visha Yoga’) :
Since Moon and Saturn are inimical to each other, association of Moon with planet
Saturn ever produces largely malefic results. Saturn is the natural malefic planet and
‘Tamoguni ‘by nature. Natives born with such ‘Visha Yoga’ / Yuti (Association) in
horoscope are timid, suspicious, jealous and orthodox by nature. Mainly their hesitant
status brings hindrance in the progress. Such natives are physically and mentally
unhealthy. They often become the victim of diseases like common cold, cough, asthma
and breathiness. As such their decision taking power is very weak; they hardly perform
any work at ease.
7. Moon + Rahu / Ketu (Association / conjunction of Moon with Rahu / Ketu):
Normally Rahu-Ketu offers result as per the lord of zodiac sign, where they are posited
in the birth chart or like the planet with which it is associated. Generally it gives melafic
results for that particular position or for associated planet. Although it is believed at
physical and spiritual point of view, both Rahu and Ketu could generate benific results
It brings glowing success in the life, if Moon is aspect by Rahu at the angle of native’s
birth chart. Such natives possess impressive personality. Although such conjunctions, if
taking place at 6th, 8th or 12th house of horoscope, they produce malefic results. Ketu is
considered as a significator of beatitude (bliss) and is believed that Ketu at 12th position
of birth chart brings bliss for native. Like association of Moon with Rahu, association of
Moon with ketu also, produces malefic and negative result.

16. Results of Major planetary period (Maha

Dasha) / Minor Planetary period. (Antar-
We shall now try to study the general principles relating to outcome / results of Major
planetary period and Minor planetary period in this Chapter.
(1) In Vedic astrology or Jyotish the dasha or long period ruler and the bhukti /antar-
dasha or short period ruler seem to have their greatest impact in terms of the houses they
rule over and occupy. Generally, Major planetary period produces results mainly with
reference to its occupied planetary position in the progressed chart. It also produces
benefic or malefic results for the places where it aspects and for the places to which it
belongs to as a lord /owner. If the planet (whose dasha is in progress) is benefic, it
produces benefic /positive results and if the planet is malefic, it produces malefic
/negative results.

(2) If the planet (malefic /unfortunate or benefic / fortunate) is the lord of angle or trine
place of the birth chart, it gives benefic and favourable results. It produces malefic and
negative results if the planet (whose dasha /antar-dasha in progress at a time) is the
lord/owner of the 2nd
, 6th, 8th, 11th, or 12th place.

(3) If the planet is the lord of 2nd or 7th, house of natal chart, it gives inauspicious results
in its Major/minor planetary period (dasha / antar-dasha).

(4) It produces auspicious results in its Major/minor planetary period, if the planet is in
exalted, own sign (Swa-Rashi) or in friendly sign.

(5) Major or Minor planetary period of the debilitated planets or lord of debilitated places
influences malefic or unfavourable results.

(6) Minor planetary period (Antar-dasha) of malefic planet produces unfortunate results
under the Major planetary period ( Dasha )of benefic planet.

(7) Generally all auspicious and new works can be initialized during the Major planetary
period of benefic / fortunate planet.

(8) Major planetary period of unfortunate planet causes damages, retrogression or

downfall, sorrow and failures.
(9) Major or Minor planetary period of the “Yoga karak “(Lords of both, angle and trine
places) planet and “Atma karak “planet (strongest planet in terms of degree in the sign of
natal chart) brings fortunate results for native.

(10) Major planetary period of the afflicted planet becomes unfortunate and unafflicted/
well placed planet becomes fortunate.

(11) It is not all time true that major planetary period of malefic planet will ever produce
unfortunate result. It could also produce benefic or fortunate results even if the malefic
planet is the lord of angle or trine or ‘Yoga karak’ in horoscope.
(12) If natural/functional malefic planets are posited at debilitated positions in horoscope
(6th, 8th, or 12th place), their Major /minor Planetary period could produce benefic and
positive results.
We could forecast /predict more closely, if we take into account, the transit of the planets
in the cosmos /universe simultaneously.
17. Probable diseases based on different zodiac

Vedic astrology has got an answer about the probable disease that may have, to different
zodiac signed natives. Since ancient times, there has been a relationship between
Astrology and Science of Ayurveda.( Science of traditional Hindu alternative medicine,
involving balancing three bodily humours of wind/ vaat, bile/ pitta, and phlegm/ kapha )
It was little bit mandatory to know about astrology along with the study of Ayurveda for
the Ayurvedic doctors. Since then, Indian Vaidyaraja /Ayurvedic doctors have been
utilizing Astrology for diagnosis purpose of diseases in Ayurveda. Indian Medical
Science strongly believes that the root cause of all diseases is mainly due to the disorders
and irregularities that are taking place day today in human being nature.Ayurvedic
doctotors/Ayurvedacharyas or Ayurvedacaryas have also prescribed three elements for
human physical nature and structure.
1 Wind / Vaat element
2. Bile / Pitta element
3. Phlegm / kapha or Cough element
Our nature is consisted of these three elements. An individual becomes victim of any
diseases upon, any changes (decrease or increase) in the equilibrium of above three
elements that takes place as per the seasonal weather. Humane being could stay healthy,
if the proportion of these the elements in the body are ever maintained.
Since the astrology has also acknowledged these three elements as root cause of
diseases, it suggests the principles for the diagnosis of diseases on the basis of the planets
that affect (increase / decrease) the power of elements.
In the featured article, a modest attempt has been made to highlight briefly about the
probable diseases at a primary level that may happen to any natives, based on different
zodiac signs as below.
The above referred zodiac signs and related diseases /problems are only illustrative. It
may not be perfect but to arrive at closer diagnosis, study of other factors like Naxatra
(constellation), Planets, and element of zodiac sign is evitable. However, positive
feedback on such article from our .

No Zodiac Sign Probable related Disease/s

1 Aries Injuries on face/head, Fire accident, Migraine, Kidney, Headache.
2 Taurus Boils,Constipation,Tonsil,Throat infection,Angena,Diabetes,Galpacodia,
3 Gemini Common Cold, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma, Hand injury etc.
4 Cancer Stomach, Indigestion, Cold-cough, Inflammation etc.
5 Leo Bodyache, eye, Heart, Brain, Spinal chord etc..
6 Virgo Intestinal infection or inflammation,Appendicitis,Cholera,Dysentry,Diahorrea,
Constipation etc.
7 Libra Skin, kidney stone, Urination,
8 Scorpio Backache,Scurvy,Kidney stone, Urinary irritation, Reproductive organs,
Blood contamination.
9 Sagittarius Typhoid, Joints pain,Rhumetism,Paralysis
10 Capricorn Common-cold, Cough, Skin diseases etc..
11 Aquarius Anemia, Knee, Heart, Blood contamination. etc
12 Pisces Insomnia (loss of sleep), Joints pain, Acidity etc..

18 Probable diseases based on Nakshatra

Dear students, we acquired information about probable diseases related to readers is
always welcome and appreciated. concerned zodiac sign in previous chapter. Now let us
have information about probable diseases related to concerned Nakshatra /Constellation
of sign as below.

No. Nakhshatra Probable diseases /Health problems

(Name in
sanskrit )
1 Ashwini Insomnia, Gas, head ache
2 Bhairini Laziness, Eye problem, skin disease, fever
3 Krittika Eye problem, Irritations, Pain in abdomen, insomnia, diabetes
4 Rohini Headache, Restlessness, Stress, Migraine, Skin disease,
5 Mrigasira Blood contamination, Diabetes, Brain fever. ( Tridosh )
6 Ardra Fever, Insomnia, Tridosh
7 P.vasu Headache, fever, back pain/ katishul
8 Pushya Cold ,fever, and cumbrous diseases, Body pain
9 Aslesha Body pain due to leg problem ,and painful fatal diseases
10 Magha Headache, gastric problem, Blood contamination
11 P.Phalguni Common fever, eye/ vision problem ,
12 U. Body ache, backache, fever, Eye problem
13 Hasta Constipation, Anorexia ,abdomen pain, Diabetes
14 Chitra Major/minor problems due to several types of diseases.
15 Swati Skin diseases.
16 Visakha Body pain, Back pain
17 Anuradha Body pain, Headache, fever

18 Jyeshtha Acidity/Bile , Parkinson’s disease, restlessness,

Psychiatric disease, insanity
19 Mula Tridosh/Sannipat ( Brain fever ) , abdomen and oral diseases
20 P.Asadha Parkinson, headache, diabetes, stomach pain, other cumbrous disease
21 U.Asadha Trodosh /Brain fever, Aids,Contagious diseases ,Urinary problem,
22 Shravana Parkinson, Mutrakacchha /Urinary disease, Fever
23 Dhanista Vaatjvar, Brain fever,High B.P, Bone fracture
24 Satbisa Diabetes, High B.P, Heart ,Skin,
25 P. Bhadra Anxiety,Brain fever,Headache,
26 U.Bhadra Anemia, Gas, Dental diseases, Fever
27 Revati Ear, Wind, Bile, Hysteria ,eye , Feet pain, Kidney,
19. key to succeed in business

It is necessary for individual to have satisfactory return / earning to his/her invested

money, time, energy, and labour, at a time when the money has become the almighty
power like God in the universe!
So, first of all, one should exercise proper selection of his/her business as per one’s
horoscope. God has equally gifted intellect power, physical power and enterprising
power to everyone and these can be easily understood by the study of one’s horoscope.
One could bloom his /her own destiny if the God gifted power is utilised in a proper
direction and that is what a successful person does and succeeds. He /she could also save
the extra money, time and energy if he/she wishes.
Since the 10th house of birth chart constructs one’s destiny, it is called the house of
profession (Karma) /occupation including trade and therefore, is given special
significance in the Vedic astrology for livelihood.
Now let us follow the below given table according to the position /place of zodiac sign
and their respective lords.

Position no. Zodiac sign Lord of zodiac sign

1 Aries Mars
2 Taurus Venus
3 Gemini Mercury
4 Cancer Moon
5 Leo Sun
6 Virgo Mercury
7 Libra Venus
8 Scorpio Mars
9 Sagittarius Jupiter
10 Capricorn Saturn
11 Aquarius Saturn
12 Pieces Jupiter

If we observe and follow the above table, we could get to know about the placement of
particular zodiac sign and its lord of sign respectively in the birth chart.
If the lord of 10th house is well placed and unafflicted / benefic in horoscope, select the
field of livelihood /occupation accordingly.
Right here, I am trying to suggest the recommended occupations /trades with respect to
the placement of planet and zodiac sign at

10th place of birth chart of native.

Sr. Zodiac Sign / Lord of
No. Zodiac Sign Recommended business /Trades
( at 10th position of Birth
Chart )

1 Aries OR Scorpio / Mars Tobacco and Tobacco products ,Minerals ,

Color and Chemicals, Dyes or Dyes products,
2 Taurus OR Libra /Venus Gold-Silver ,Cosmetics, Entertainment,
Hotel--Restarunt, Photography
Gemini OR Virgo /
3 Mercury Press - Publication, Film - Dramma
Commission agent, Banking, Tours - Travels
4 Cancer / Moon Petrol pump/ Gas Station, Soft drink ,Bakery,
Dairy product
5 Leo / Sun Politics, Grocery, Jewellery, Advocacy
Share & Stock
Sagittarius OR Pisces / Education, Religious rituals ,Banker/ Shroff,
6 Jupiter Astrology
Capricorn OR Aquarius /
7 Saturn Foundary, Real estate ,Gas, Minerals,
Electricity, Machines-Mechanics.

Marital life

20 Remedies for immediate wedding:

Life is full of struggle. There is nobody on the universe that has not come across ups
and downs in the life. We could know about whatever types of happiness and
unhappiness are there in the life with the help of astrology. All the aspects / events of the
life are divided into the twelve houses of horoscope in astrology.
Marriage is a very important event of life. We could learn about marriage /partnership
mainly from the 7th house of the birth chart.1st, 2nd, and 9th house of birth chart should
also be considered in to account for detailed marriage aspect.
1s t house represents about self expression, physical body, overall health and vitality and
therefore it is very significant. The 2nd house relates to the post marriage family. The 7 th
house signifies the married life.9th house is relates to destiny. Every events of the life are
related to destiny/luck and therefore 9th house of horoscope is being given more
importance at the time of marriage.
4th house relates to happiness of joint family. 5 th house of horoscope should be studied
for issue/offspring /expansion matter of family after marriage.
5th house or lord of 5th house is related to the Major/minor planetary period of particular
planet at the time of marriage. If the marriage is taking place during the Major or minor
planetary period of the lord of 5th house, native is benefited by having child/children,
soon after marriage and that is why the importance of lord of 5th house is significant at
the time of marriage.
Since the 8th house is related to auspicious function, 8t h house of natal chart is also
studied at the time of marriage. As 8 th house of horoscope relates to longevity, it is
advisable to study about 8th house of a native when marriage is planned in the family.2 nd
house from ascendant indicates about new family of native likewise, the 2nd house from
7th place means 8th house of the natal chart, represents the new family of native’s
In the ongoing article, we shall discuss briefly about several experienced and risk free
remedies for the prompt and on time wedding of marriage appetent natives (boy or girl).
Probably in the case if girls, sometimes we observe slight delay in the marriage
settlement, in the circumstances, following remedies are suggested for the parents and
family guardians of the daughter to prevent, so called delay in wedding settlement of
their daughters.
(1) Girl/daughter could be insisted by parents to wear yellow dress along with a silky
handkerchief on Thursday and white dress on Friday. Proposals for wedding from high-
quality family could come within 4 weeks of continued experiment. The girl’s garments
/dresses need not be new one but at the same time, as far as possible it is advised not to
be repeated.
( 2 ) It is recommended that when girl’s family members visit boy’s family for first time
for matrimonial purpose, a girl might keep her hair untied/free and should not tie up /knit
up her hair until they all return to home.
(3) If an appetent girl is eligible and due for marriage, by chance attends marriage
functions, she needs to apply little portion of bride’s henna on her hands.
(4) For marriage at an early date, a girl should observe fast (Vrat) for 16 Mondays and
worship Lord Shiva at temple. Such exercise will help her bring suitable wedding
proposals. It is believed that aggrieved Lord ShaniDev could also be pleased by
worshiping Lord Shiva, being the master of Lord Shani.
(5) The regular reading of the chapter on God-Goddess ‘Shiv-Parvatiji‘s wedding under
‘the Bal-kind of Rama Charit-Manas ‘by the appetent girl is recommend.
(6) The marriage appetent boy or girl is recommended to worship Lord Shiva at temple
(Exercise water transfusion on Shivling and chanting “Oum Namah Shivay “ ) on every
Friday for at least 7 weeks. This could generate the possibilities of good marriage
(7) Wedding Hindrances could be overcome, if boy or girl exercises water transfusion
(Jal-Abhisheka) experiment at the root of ‘Pipla tree ‘for 43 days.
( 8 ) To fascinate lovely boy /girl for marriage, bachelor boy or maiden girl needs to
hang up attractive crystal ball /’Zummar’ over head in the bedroom. Care should be
taken, that legs or head is not facing to the door of bedroom while sleeping!
(9) Since the Jupiter is significator of marriage, Jupiter should be artificially strengthened,
if it is weak in the horoscope of native. Yellow Sapphire or Topaz, a recommended
gemstone should be worn on the ‘Tarjani’/ Index finger at right hand of native on
Thursday, to overcome undue delay in marriage. Yellow sapphire/Topaz needs not to be
worn along with blue Sapphire /Neelam or Gomed/Cat’s eye (gemstone for Rahu).
(10) If the planet Saturn is found obstructing marriage aspects in the natal chart,
following preventive remedial measures to minimize the influences of evil planet like
Saturn should be performed.
(a)- Exercise 16 Mondays fast/Vrat
(b)- Perform 11 beads/nests of “Om Namah Shivay “chant.
(c)- Worship /Pray for Lord Hanuman.
(d) –Worship Lord Sun / SuryaDev to quiet the anger /indignation of Saturn / Shani
Dev, because the Sun is believed to be the father of Saturn.
(e) - Chant Mantras / Japa for Lord Sun/SuryaDev or Gayatri Devi.
(f)- Perform pure and sweet watered transfusion to Pipala tree and exercise seven times
circumambiency (Parikramaa) around Pipla tree on Saturday.
21 When will be betrothal or wedding?

In the current era of technology, the marriage of our children is one of the burning issues
of human society. Despite of unceasing search for the suitable life partner, this problem
is still unresolved. However, it is becoming easier day by day to solve this problem with
the help of technology like internet and website, although it is not feasible for all the
classes of society. Even educated class of the society is also unable to grab full
advantage because of their unfamiliarity with current and new technology.
In the present featured article, I have tried to show you some astrological Yoga when
probable time for marriage of native could take place. –During the Major or minor
planetary cycle (dasha-antar dasha) of Venus.
! 1– Transit of Jupiter in the universe through 3 rd, 7th, or 11 th place of lunar
chart (Moon Chart /Chandra Kundali) of native, strengthens and increases the
possibilities of marriage.
! –Transit of Jupiter through or its aspect at the planet Venus as a significator
of seventh house (Saptam karak) of nativity.
! –During the Major / minor planetary period (dasha) of Lord of seventh
house (Saptmesh) of horoscope.
! –During the transit of Jupiter in the universe, through the ascendant.
! –During the transit of Jupiter in the universe through the Lord of seventh
house of horoscope (Saptmesh).
! –During the Major/minor planetary period of lord of the zodiac sign,
occupied by the ‘Saptmesh’ in natal the chart.
! -During the Major/minor planetary period of the planet positioned at seventh
house or the planet aspecting at seventh house of natal chart.
! During the Major /minor planetary period of Lord of 2nd house (Dhanesh).
! –During the Major planetary period of lord of the zodiac sign, situated at 7th
place from the Venus.
! When the transit of Jupiter in the universe is favourable, both, in Ascendant
chart and Moon chart as well, probabilities of native’s marriage increases.
! Chances of marriage are bright when Jupiter is aspecting at 7th house or
Lord of 7th house of natal chart (Saptmesh).

22. Disharmony- Divorce -Remarriage

Sometimes we see that, appetent marriageable aged boys and girls get frustrated when
they do not find their liking life partners on time and such puzzled natives ever used to
consult astrologers to know about probable time of their marriage along with solutions, if
any as per natal chart.
There are other types of natives too, who are already married but somehow, not leading
to happy life, also approach to astrologers and try to know the reason along with the
solution if any, for their unhappy marital life. Now, what are the reasons that generally
obstruct, delay, disturb and cause disharmony in marriage pursuits have been, so far
figured out after the extensive analytical studies of several birth charts as under.
Position of 7th house, Lord of 7th house / Saptmesh and Venus in natal chart are main
aspects of marital life. Planet Mars also influences little bit to marital life, and therefore
it becomes utmost necessary to study about the significance of wife/female character as
the Venus and the Moon in the horoscope of male native and significance of
husband/male character as the Jupiter and the Sun in the horoscope of female native.
(1) Native may not enjoy happy marital life, if the 7th house of natal chart is occupied by
/aspect with /flanked by evil /malefic planets and not conjunct with or aspect with
benefice planet/s.
(2) It could be unfortunate marital life, if Saptmesh / Lord of 7th house are situated at 6th,
8th or 12th house of horoscope. In the same way, it is also not good for leading happy
marital life, when Lord of 6th, 8th or 12th house is situated in 7th house or aspecting at 7th
( 3 ) Marital life of native may not be peaceful and comfortable, if the Lord of 7th house
or the significator of wedding life-Venus is ill-placed ,debilitated, combust, inimical (
enemy’s sign ) or under the influence of malefic /evil planets like Mars, Saturn and
Rahu .
(4) It shows lack of happy marital life, if Ketu is positioned at 7th house of natal chart or
Lord of 7th house / Venus is afflicted by ketu.
( 5 ) It depicts crack to happy marital life, if in the natal chart of female , the Jupiter is
debilitated in Capricorn zodiac sign ,or combust ( by Sun ) or in enemy’s sign or under
the influence of malefic planets or there is ‘ Jupiter – Rahu ‘conjunction / Vipra-Chandal
inauspicious Yoga.
(6) It is not auspicious for happy marital life, when the Sun is debilitated in Libra zodiac
sign or enemy’s sign or at weak places like 6th, 8th or 12th house of natal chart.
(7) Position of Sun at 7th house of birth chart is also not considered auspicious and
favourable for happy marital life.
In the present era, most of the astrologers, generally grant consent for the marriage of
boy and girl on the base of their horoscope’s match making score (Gunank) /total score
of compatibility points, but I personally believe that, this is not enough. I have
experienced and witnessed several cases wherein the match making score (Gunak) of
boys and girls were already matched, even though their marital life is not happy.
Therefore, I would suggest you , not only to check match making score but also to
examine the influence of all benefice and malefic planets aspecting at the 7th house of
birth chart of both, the boy and girl as well , before the marriage.

Divorce and Re- Marriage :

What are the planetary combinations for second/re-marriage in horoscope?
1. There should be dual sign rising in seventh house
2. Seventh Lord needs to be placed in dual sign like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and
3. Venus needs to be in dual sign.
4. There should be influence of malefic planets on seventh house or Lord of seventh
5. There should be placement of more than two planets in eleventh house.
When will second marriage take place?
Second /Re-marriage could take place
1. -During the Dasha-Antar-dasha of 9th Lord or planet(s) relating to 9th house
or Lord.
2. -During the Dasha-Antar dasha of 3rd Lord or planet(s) relating to 3rd house
or Lord.
Second marriage example Birth chart:
9(Ascendant) 7 12 7 7(R) 11(R) 7 3 8 2


1) The agents of divorce are generally, planets Mars, Rahu and Ketu. If these are
malefic for the chart.... and associated with the houses and/or significator of marriage in
birth chart and/or Navamsa with enough severity..could invoke a divorce during the and
Dasa/ Antar-dasha / or a transit of the divorce agents.
2) Saturn.....contrary to some misperceptions, is NOT a divorce agent on his own.
Shani dev will only run your nose in the ground, trouble, torment, make you feel clipped
and choked and bend and beat you completely into submission.....but not BREAK you
on his own.
His objective is not to break.... but to take the body through pains without breaking.....
and cleanse the soul.
Other planets, if afflicted and associated with marriage might give various types of
troubles in marriage but not divorce IMO.
3) Triggers for Divorce:
If the agents of divorce ( item-1) are at work...the following triggers must be kept in
a) Periods of 8th Lord or planet posited in the 8th or transits of divorce agents through
8th house....may throw up the divorce like situation..Such as an exposition of an affair or
a major fight / disagreement firming the decision in the mind of partners for a divorce.
b) 12th is the house of destruction and losses (to self) and 6th is the 12th from the 7th
Periods of lords of 6/12 or planets seated in 12th/ 6th and/ or transits of divorce agents
through the 6/12 may cause the physical / legal separation.
However, the execution of a divorce is a loss/ destruction of marital life and native

4) Second marriage:
There are more than one theories but the ones that make senses to me and validated are:
a) 2nd house is the primary house for second it is 8th (house of death)
from the 7th house.
So the 2nd marriage is pretty much the death of the first marriage legally or emotionally
or sexually.
b) A strong second house will give a second marriage easily after a divorce.
Even in the absence of a legal divorce......a marriage like strong relationship of having a
mistress or 2nd wife is indicated by the second house.
So, if there are strong divorce agents at work....
and even if there are no divorce agents at work, but the main marriage house/ lords /
significators are severely afflicted and 2nd house is strong enough, it could lead the
possibility of second marriage.
Bear in mind this is an indicator...and many other factors are at work. So don't jump up
merely at seeing a strong 2nd house....but rather take it as preliminary evidence to
investigate more.

23. Extra marital affairs

Since the ancient era, planning for different sacraments has been formulated In the Indian
culture for human uplift, progress and development. These sacraments are playing
significant role in building up human personality at the different phases of life. Among
the significant sixteen rites, wedding is also considered as a sacred rite and integral tie
up. Marriage is made with the commitment to be faithful to each other in witness of
sacred flames /fire and thereby bride is acquiring the supreme status as a life partner and
domestic wife (Home maker).Numerous noble sentiments are lying in such sacred
obligation / marriage. We could derive interpretation from the study of native’s
horoscope that why inequality, characterless, adultery, divorce, and extra marital
relationships like problems are originated in a sacred marriage obligation. Birth chart is
the X-ray of human life. It is like the mirror to know the human life in its actual form
.Birth chart /natal chart is a map of how the planets were aligned in the sky when a
person (native) was born .A birth chart presents an astrological blueprint for a person’s
life .Birth chats helps to make out the native exactly from inside.
Twelve houses of horoscope cover the entire journey of human life. Fifth house depicts
about cumulative good or evil deeds of past life. First house or ascendant represents the
current life, whereas ninth house relates to next birth.
The first house is called an ascendant and it represents our physical bodies and overall
health /vitality. Owner or the Lord of the first house / ascendant is called ‘Lagnesh’ or
ascendant Lord. This Lagnesh is the captain of our life boat. It is our administrator or
director of life. The planets positioned or aspecting at first house and the position of
Lagnesh in the birth chart help us to know about the unique personality, appearance,
nature and likings of native.
Moon of the horoscope signifies the native’s mind. Position of Moon in the natal chart
determines the status of mind. It is a significator /indicator (Karaka) of mind.
Conjunctions /partial afflictions of evil planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars or Ketu with
Moon are not auspicious, because they disturb and insecure the status of mind. Thus, we
get to know all about the weak or strong morale of native by the position of Moon in
The Sun of the horoscope represents the soul, self confidence, shine, and illumination of
native. Sun is the king of planets. It is self illuminated. All other planets also acquire
brightness from the Sun. Conjunctions/afflictions (Yogas) of Sun with malefic planets
like Rahu, Saturn, Mars or Ketu are inauspicious. These associations are not benefic.
Sun-Rahu conjunction causes ‘Grahan Yoga’
Sun-Shani Conjunction causes ‘Visha-Yoga’ and
Sun-Mars conjunction causes ‘Angarak Yoga ‘.
Sun depicts Soul,
Moon-depicts Mind,
Ascendant depicts Physical body etc.
Mercury depicts Intellect etc.
Jupiter depicts Wisdom, understanding, sense etc.
Mars depicts Human work power, passion, action etc.
Venus depicts lust, sexual desire etc.
Saturn depicts darkness, occult /subtle science etc.
Seventh house of natal chart stands for life partner/spouse. This house presents about
entire personality of spouse. Mostly, presence of Mars in this place is not auspicious.
Rahu and ketu are the spiritual /mysterious planets. In astrology, The Moon’s north
Node is called as the Dragon’s head and south node is called as Dragon’s tail but they
are not the actual planets but the vice planets in the strict astronomical sense.
Conjunction /affliction of Rahu - Moon and Rahu-Sun make the mind and soul
mysterious and polluted. Conjunction of Saturn-Moon and Saturn-Sun also detriment
mind and soul which is called as ‘Visha-Yoga.’ Conjunction of Jupiter-Rahu produces
malefic ‘Chandal Yoga’. Partial conjunction of Mars-Venus enhances the intensity of
passion. As the Sun represents about the character, the affliction of natural malefic
planets with Sun, degrades the character of native.
-1st house / ascendant represents self expression, vitality, nature, personality, appearance,
and decision.
-4th house relates to character. Aspects or conjunction / association of natural malefic
planets with this place, demolish the character of female native. Presence of Saturn, Mars
or Rahu is significant for extra marital relationships/affairs of the native.
-5th house relates to the cumulative deeds of past life and impulses of intense romance.
-7th house of birth chart tells about husband-wife.
-8th house suggests sexual organs and let native feel about his/her sexual life. Afflictions
of malefic planets with this place cause exhaustion in sexual life.
-10th house of male horoscope describes occupation, profession, trade, character, fame,
recognition, Karma etc. Presence /aspects of evil planets at 10th house denigrate
/detriment the reputation of native.
-12th house of represents bed pleasure and enjoyments.
Presence or aspects of malefic planets at above referred positions, placements of their
Lords at debilitated /weak places, and aspect of ascendant lord and lord of seventh house
with malefic planets cause imparity and disharmony in marital life, and thereby resulting
into extra marital affairs!
Especially conjunction or aspect of Saturn, Rahu, or Mars with the Moon makes the
native’s mind weird.
When the Moon is positioned at weak/debilitated places like 6th, 8th or 12th house or not
having directional strength, leading natives to go for extra marital relationships!
Conjunctions or aspects of Jupiter-Rahu, Venus-Saturn, and Saturn-Rahu attract male-
female natives for extra marital relationships and create imparity in their sexual life.
Conjunction or aspect of Moon-Venus makes the native’s mind romantic and lavish.
Such heterogeneous relationship leads to the illusion of diversity and produces extra
marital relationship.
Thus conjunctions of Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu at 1 st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 10th or at
12th houses cause extra marital affairs.
Such association / aspect of Moon with Mars give rises to severity of mental passion,
magnetic attraction. When such identical planets aspects are taking place in mutual
horoscopes, it leads to magnetic attraction, infatuation, and passion at both (boy and girl)
If in the birth chart, Moon is afflicted, the mind is affected and so the karma and
character are affected. Once the morality is crossed, limit line (for female called
“Laxman – Rekha “) of life is also overlooked and thereby native creates external /
illegal marital affairs.
Native lives immoral life, when depleted /declined Moon is situated in afflicted 7th house
of natal chart. It produces immoral relationships with related females like sister- in- law
and aunt when the lord of 9th house, Moon or Venus of horoscope is afflicted by malefic
planets. It could lead native towards voluntary immoral sexual conduct when,
(1)- Venus is positioned at 7th place from Moon
(2)- Saturn is at 7th place from Moon
(3)- There are inauspicious conjunctions / Yogas taking place at 3 rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, or
12th position of birth chart like,
(A) - Rahu-Jupiter (Chandal Yoga), or
(b) - Rahu-Saturn (Shrapit Dosha) or
(c)- Sun-Moon (Graham Yoga) or
(d) - Saturn-Moon or Saturn-Sun (Visha Yoga) or
(e)- Venus-Mars (Chanchal Yoga).
More over following conjunctions / aspects also lead to extra marital affairs like...
(4)- Conjunction of Rahu-ketu with Venus at 7th places.
(5)-Conjunction of Saturn with Mercury at 8th house affects male native and proves him
sexually weaker. Spouse of such natives, sometimes prefer to extra marital relationships
for sexual happiness.
(6)-Mars is equally responsible for the creation of disparity in sexual life. If Mars is
positioned at 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of horoscope, it gives rise to “Mangal dosha
“. Such ‘Mars Dodha’ is called “at head “(or ‘Paghadiye ‘in Gujarati language ) for
male natives, and at body (“Ghatadiye”) for female natives respectively.
Dominant effect of Mars’s sexual power influences over male native’s head and
therefore it is advisable to match the position of Mars of boy’s horoscope with that of
girl’s horoscope to counter balance the malefic effect of each other’s Mars.
In short, such heterogeneous conditions could be eliminated, if the compatibility of both
boy’s and girl’s horoscope are matched for Vedic astrological point of view. It threats
only, in cases, where marriages are approved on the base of compatibility / match
making score.

24. Personality of life partner

Besides natives, their parents, friends, and relatives are always anxious to know about
the marital life of native along with nature, appearance , character and entire personality
of ‘ would be spouse ‘.
In the present culture, especially educated male and female youngsters are, now much
more conscious about their ‘would be life partner ’.
In the present featured article, the attempt has been made to focus the light over the
nature and the personality of life partner briefly.
We could estimate about the personality of life partner, if following main aspects of the
native’s birth chart is studied properly.
(1) Status of Lord of seventh house.
(2) Zodiac-sign and Naxatra /constellation of seventh house.
(3) 4th and 12th house of natal chart.
(4) Planets positioned at seventh house.
We shall now, discuss about the above four aspects, one by one.
(1) Status of Lord of Seventh house in horoscope:
It represents marriage, spouse, sex, pleasure, distant & foreign travel, business, partners,
wishes, haughtiness, public, court matter, social matter etc. This house is also called
‘kalatra bhuvan / Spouse house’.
Significator of seventh house for female is Venus, whereas Jupiter is for male native
Initially, let us start and try to know about the probable characteristics of life partner
/spouse by the position of Lord of seventh house /’Saptamesh’ in different houses of
(male) native’s horoscope.
(1) Seventh lord in first house / ascendant: If seventh lord is positioned at first place or
ascendant, the native remains interweaved in his wife. His wife could be beautiful. He
may hate other women.
(2) Seventh Lord in second house: If seventh Lord is positioned at second house, native
is benefited financially from his wife side.
(3) Seventh Lord in third house: Native’s wife may not be long lived if the seventh Lord
is a malefic planet and situated in third house of the nativity.
(4) Seventh Lord in fourth house: Native ever tries to be comfortable with his wife and
make her happy by fulfilling whatsoever she desires and wishes.
(5) Seventh Lord in fifth house: Native gains happiness by his educated and intellectual
wife, if the seventh Lord is positioned at fifth house of native’s birth chart.
(6) Seventh Lord in sixth house: Native’s wife could behave like an enemy and
combative by nature, which could lead to court matter. She may be persistently ill.
(7) Seventh Lord in seventh house: Native enjoys perfect happiness of conjugal /marital
life. Native could love, long lived, bright and clean minded by nature, if seventh Lord is
positioned in the descendant / seventh house itself in the nativity.
(8) Seventh Lord in eighth house: Native may remain bachelor / unmarried or may not
be long lived, if gets married. If eighth house is afflicted by malefic planets, native may
go for extra marital affairs and cause the unhappiness in life.
(9) Seventh Lord in ninth house: Native’s wife / spouse could be religious, virtuous, and
(10) Seventh Lord in tenth house: Native’s wife remains under the kind control of her
mother-in-law. Native gains monetary benefit, economical assistance at occupation and
full happiness from his wife.
(11) Seventh Lord in eleventh house: Native’s wife could be devoted, virtuous,
beautiful, morale and sober. Pregnancy period of native’s wife may be little bit painful.
(12) Seventh Lord in twelfth house: Native may have extravagant spouse. Spouse could
be harsh by nature. Wife could leave house and the family anytime. Anytime in the life,
he may face separation from his wife.In short, while forecasting about the happiness of
marital life, it is advisable to analyze the benefic planets (responsible to minimize the
inauspiciousness and maximize the auspiciousness of results) situated in or aspecting at
seventh house along with the simultaneous study of Lord of seventh house. Especially,
Lord of seventh house positioned at trine or angle tends to give more benefic results.
(2) Zodiac sign –Naxatra (constellation) at Seventh house:
Aries and Scorpio ascendant finds Libra and Taurus zodiac sign at seventh place
respectively. Lord of both, these two zodiac signs, at seventh place is Venus; therefore
their spouses /opponent characters possess same nature and disposition, like that of
Venus. This character /spouse could be good looking, styled, socialized, sweet tongued
but self centered, skilled ,luxurious , scepter ( royal ) , fond of wearing beautiful dresses
/ ornaments and may have interest in art, literature, music, dance, cookery.
Although seventh house of above both the ascendants (Aries and Scorpio) possess same
zodiac sign of Venus, there could be some special differences in the nature of both
corresponding opponent characters /spouses.
Libra natives like the variety as Libra is a movable sign. Such natives are equitable,
frank, generous, religious, and nice by nature and ever try to help others, where as
Taurus sign is a fixed sign, Taurus zodiac sign personalities / spouses are somewhat
different to that of Libra personalities. Taurus natives have tendency to stick to their
work until finished. They are family oriented, responsible, tolerant, courteous, and fond
of preparing variety of dishes in cooking.
For accurate predictions of ‘Naxatra / constellation, Lord ‘of seventh house / sign should
be also minutely studied.
For example, Libra zodiac sign is consist of three Naxatras /constellations like
Chitra,Swati and Vishakha whose lords are Mars, Rahu and Jupiter respectively.Thus,it
is true that spouse might have Venus typed characteristics, if seventh house/descendant is
occupied by Libra zodiac sign. But, if the Libra sign is spread over from 00-to 6.40
degrees only, then it presents the Chitra Naxtra and its Lord will be Mars, and so to say
that native’s corresponding spouse might also possess the Mars influenced nature like
amateur, sexy , funny, quick and aggressive life style along with Venus influenced
(3) Fourth and twelfth house: Astrologer’s prediction also matters on the fact, that the
planet positioned at 4th and 12th house belongs to which zodiac sign and is the Lord of
which house of horoscope. However the occupation of benefic planets at 4th house ever
depict about the nice personality of spouse. Venus and Moon gets the directional
strength at 4th house of nativity.
For example, if Jupiter is positioned at 4th house of birth chart, native gets matured and
contented life partner. Native also enjoys the best bed pleasure.
When malefic planets like Mars, Sun are placed in 4th house, native gets uncontested,
over ambitious and confrontational life partner. Likewise, 12th house of horoscope tells
about the life partner in respect to sexual satisfaction.
(4) Planet positioned at seventh house: Benefic /malefic planets posited at seventh house
of birth chart also help out to identify the individuality of life partner. So it could be more
useful for accurate forecast and guidance, if we do not overlook the auspicious influence
of benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon, Venus and inauspicious influence of malefic
planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu posited at seventh house.
25. Palmistry ‘Marriage lines ‘ - And Marital

In the present article, we would take the help of palmistry to get to know about the
native’s marital life and pertaining to his / her offspring in case of non availability of
natal chart.
(1) We can get to know about marital life from the marriage lines of palm. These lines
are placed in the mount of Mercury, located near heart line. These marriage lines could
be more than one in number. Those natives who have marriage lines above the heart
line, mostly ( 96-97 % ) get married on time and those who have their marriage lines
located down under the heart line , remain unmarried or have very late marriage . It is
auspicious for marriage when these lines are tiny and running straight. When the
marriage line is located closer to the heart line, it reveals that an individual will marry at
an early date in young age and if the marriage line is located closer to the base of the
little finger, it reveals that the person will have late marriage in the life.
(2) However, the palm marriage line is a tiny line but cannot be overlooked because it
has a huge impact on individual’s life. It is not as deeply etched into the palm as the
lifeline or the heart line. As per one theory , it is believed is that , lines are occasionally
changed during the course of a lifetime and the palm reading of marriage line could be
read differently at different stages of a person’s life.

For example, a spouse is killed accidentally; the person falls in love and remarries. In that
case the marriage line would reflect accordingly and show two lines!
To view the marriage line or lines, place the palm sideways. This placement allows the
best view of the marriage line that initiates on the outer palm and runs toward the ring
finger. The marriage line is short and faint. Use a flashlight if needed, to read the detail
of the marriage line.
The marriage line is located somewhere above the heart line and the base of the little
The heart line is the deep line that runs vertically from the same side of the palm as the
marriage line. The location of the marriage line is as significant as its form. If the
marriage line is located nearer to the base of the little finger, it suggests that the person
will marry late in life. If the marriage line is located closer to the heart line, it depicts that
an individual will marry in young age at an early date.

The type of ‘Marriage lines ‘will reveal the types of marriages:

(a) -If there is only one long, and unbroken line is there, it is understood that the
individual will have one marriage, monogamous, no children.
(b) -If the line has vertical slash marks, it will reveal the number of children. For
example, one slash mark suggests one child. Two slash marks suggest two children and
so on...
(c) -If there is more than one marriage line, it would reveal that the individual will have
more than one marriage. The deepest line will represent the most meaningful marriage.
(d) -If the line has a fork at its ends, then it would represent that the marriage may
ultimately end in divorce or death.
( e ) -If A marriage line that begins, has a break, and then restarts again .., it would
reveal that the individual will marry, might face some kind of separation and then, again
later on reunites.
(f)- If the marriage line is running to heart line, native gets married quickly.
(g)-If the marriage line is inclined to down side, spouse could be unhealthy.
(h)-If marriage intercepts any fate line, there could be obstacles in native’s life.
(I)- If any one of the dead end branch of marriage line, touches the heart line, native
remains more inclined and attracted towards her sister–in-law rather than his wife.
Dear readers, above these are the least, but not the last, few instances illustrated as
illusions for formal study only. Actually, Palmistry is a wide and unique different science
to that of Vedic astrology, but helps us to know about the character and personality of
native in absence of his/her natal chart.

Children - Education-Share Stock related

26.Children and fifth house of natal chart:

Fifth house of birth chart relates to abdominal part of the men and uterus part of women
organs. Women conceive fetus in the uterus. Fifth house is one of the trine places of birth
chart which represents love, affection, marriage, emotions, children, entertainment,
charity, intelligence, maternity, pilgrimage, and past birth virtue, etc
In the forgoing article, we shall discuss briefly about the probable results derived from
the fifth house and its corresponding signs of natal chart.
It is advisable to study about the position of Jupiter as a significator, Lord of fifth house
and planets posited in fifth house along with the horoscope chart of spouse for accurate
The under mentioned table will suggest the probable nature of the child /children as per
the zodiac sign at fifth house of the birth chart of native.

Sr. Zodiac Nature / characteristics of native's Child / Children

No sign
1 Aries Impious, Brutal, Characterless ,and Unhappy
2 Taurus Nice, Elegant, Genteel, Potent
3 Gemini Genteel and Independent
4 Cancer Reputed, Noble and Rich
5 Leo Potent, Powerful, Fierce but Clement
6 Virgo May have more baby girls, Less baby boys
7 Libra Nice, Happy, Elegant , Genteel and Efficient
8 Scorpio Polite , and Religious
9 Sagittarius Virtuous, Knowledgably, Powerful
competitor, Recipient of state official honor
10 Capricorn Ugly looking, Impious, Lazy, Harsh, Brutal, Impotent,
11 Aquarius Serious, Patient, Truthful, Famous and Pious
12 Pisces Wealthy, Unhealthy, Devoted to father

27. Educational decisions by natal chart:

Native’s educational pursuits could also be decided with the help of astrology. It
suggests that which educational stream could be the right choice for native and whether
the selected stream would get him / her desired success in future. Mainly, fifth house of
horoscope is studied for native’s general educational pursuits. Fourth house represents
native’s studies up to college / bachelor degree level only (after 12 th standard).
Sometimes, 2nd house of natal chart is also studied for educational purpose.
Eleventh house is the house of wealth for Tenth house (House of profession / karma). So
the house of gain (eleventh house) is taken in to account while computing the result on
performed deeds.
Level of education matters on the posited planets in the above referred houses; their
Lords, and of course, the Jupiter as a significator. When in the nativity, the fifth / fourth
house or its Lord is well placed and unaffiliated, it produces benefic results and native
easily acquires the higher educations.
If fifth house is weak by placement, strength and afflicted by the malefic planets, then it
gives hard time, obstruction, denial and delay in the above matters. Native faces extra
obstacles, when 2nd house and Jupiter is afflicted with malefic planets. It gives auspicious
results regarding native’s education when Lord of 2 nd,4th and 5th house is in exalted sign,
own sign or friendly sign or posited at trine /angle position and aspect by benefic planets.
A weak student gets failure and clever student gets worse result than expected during the
inauspicious transit of malefic planets (like Saturn and Rahu) through 5th house or
Jupiter. It brings unfavourable results when Saturn in natal chart is weak by placement
and strength or major/minor planetary period (dahsa / antar – dahsa /Panoti /evil days) of
Saturn is underway.
Arts line /Stream: Native tends to choose Arts stream, if planets like Moon, Jupiter,
Mercury and Venus are positioned at Ascendant / trine / angle or these positions are
occupied by the corresponding signs of above planets.
Moon is like the outline of native’s mind and itself signifies lovely imagination. Jupiter is
like spontaneous knowledge. Mercury signifies literature, author, journalist etc. and
Venus is itself like a poem. Jupiter is related with Sanskrit language and Rahu is related
with English language. Association of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter relations depict
Economics field. Conjunction of Saturn-Moon leads to native towards psychology.
Commerce Line / Stream: Native gets success in Commerce stream, if conjunction of
Saturn and Mercury takes place at ascendant / house of body (Tanu Bhav) with Moon or
without Moon. Saturn denotes modesty. Saturn is like a teacher cum accountant.
Mercury relates to Accounts and Statistics as favourite subjects. Well placed planets in
natal chart helps native for becoming Chartered Accountant or M.B.A.
Science Line / Stream: Affliction of Mars with Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon or with
ascendant in natal chart induces native to succeed in Science stream.
-Conjunction of...
(a) Mars-Saturn depicts Chemistry line /Stream
(b) Sun-Jupiter depicts biology line.
(c) Mars –Mercury depicts Physics.
(d) Mars relates to Chemical /Electric matter and Saturn represents Steel. If Mars is well
placed and strong enough in horoscope, native could be Chemical /Electrical Engineer.
Mars- Saturn conjunction ever represents engineering line.
(e) Conjunction of Moon-Venus produces Civil Engineering and Architect line.
Association of Mars with Moon at 4th house of birth chart produces civil Engineering
line for native and leads to earn lots of money as an Architect by way of drawing house
maps and designing building structures
(f) Conjunction of Mars with Lord of 4th house depicts automobiles matter
(g) Conjunction of Mars with Mercury induces interest towards computer field.
(h) Mars +Venus + Mercury conjunctions depict field relating to Computer screen
(I) Well placed Jupiter +Mercury + Venus relations, bring journalism
(j) Mercury is significator of speech /attorney and sixth house relates to enemy / hostility.
So native could be advocate/attorney, if the fifth house / Lord of fifth house or Jupiter as
a significator of fifth house are aspect by Mercury and sixth house of natal chart.
(k) Sixth and Eighth house of natal chart pertains to health and disease respectively. So
native could be a Doctor /Surgeon, if sixth /eighth house of birth chart is related with
2nd/5th/9th/10th / 11th house or it’s Lord of house.
Worship / Veneration for academic attainment:
(1)- Exercise one time fast on Thursday.
(2)- Taste yellow edible item before start of meal.
(3)- Hold gemstone of Yellow Sapphire/ Pokhraj / Topaz in golden ring at index finger
of right hand on Thursday.

28. Boom & Recession in Share-Stock market

There are four types of work in share-stock market.
(1) Investment of money in the public issue of the company.
(2) Speculation or trading futures.
(3) Buy & Sale of the shares and book the profit on price hike.
(4) Earn brokerage /commission by making buys & sales.

(1) Investment of money in the public issue of the company:

Basically, the Lord of the fifth house should be strong in the natal chart for such matter.
There should be conjunction or aspect of Lord of the fifth house with Lord of wealth (
2nd house ) / Lord of fortune ( 9th house ) or Lord of gains ( eleventh house ). It brings
auspicious results and gains through the investment in public issue for native, if these
conjunct planets are posited at trine or angle of natal chart. It becomes more beneficial
when benefic planets are posited at fifth house and aspect by benefic planets in the
progressed chart (universe /cosmos). At that time, it would be better if, Major /minor
planetary period of benefic planet or fifth Lord is undergoing.
(2) Speculation or futures trading: Generally, all speculators are enterprising. It could
bring nice progress, if Lord of fifth house / merits is conjunct with illusory vice planet
Rahu. Native achieves lot, if 3rd house (house of courage) is stronger and unaffiliated. It
brings gains if, ascendant Lord, Sun and Mars are powerful in the native’s natal chart.
However, native needs to be cautious when Lord of 10th house ( karmesh ) / Lord of 9th
house ( Bhagyesh ) / Lord of 5th house( house of merit ) or Lord of ascendant is
positioned at 6th,8th or 12th house. Incautious natives, sometimes may incur lose after
rendering such enterprises. So, it is advisable for native/speculator to step up on the
ladder of share –stock market after due study of planetary position of his/her natal chart
and progressed chart only.
(3) Buy & Sale of the shares and book the profit on price hike:
Smart and patient native /investor buys the shares when share-stock market is bearish
and book the profit by selling , when market is bullish. 6th house of such native / investor
should be studied. It gives best results when Lord of 6th house is aspect by or conjunct
with Lord of wealth / Lord of fortune/lord of gain or lord of eighth house.
(4) Earn brokerage /commission by making buys & sales:
Planet Mercury is required to be well placed, strong and unaffiliated in the natal chart of
share brokers for earning brokerage or commission. Especially, 6 th house of natal chart
should be associated with benefic planet/s and conjunctions of sixth Lord with Lord of
ninth house (Bhagyesh) and Lord of 10th house (karmesh) need to be strong and
Influence of strong, well placed and unaffiliated Sun in the horoscope of native /share-
broker could get him/her well reputation in the stock-market. Ascendant and the Sun are
always strong and benefic in the natal chart of a successful share-broker.
Now, we shall investigate the principles and figure out that which planets are actually
responsible for the bullish or bearish storm / trend in the stock market.
(1) Principle # 1: Share market shows a bullish trend; whenever planet Saturn is
moving retrograde in the universe. Refer ephemeris and figure out the day and
year when Saturn is moving retrograde.

(2) Principle # 2: Consider it as a bullish time in share market, when Saturn is in

conjunct with or opposite conjunct with planets like Sun, Mars or Rahu in the
universe /cosmos.

(3) Principle # 3: It is a bearish / recession time in share-stock market when planet

Saturn is in conjunct with /associated with Mercury, Jupiter or Venus in the

(4) Principle # 4: It is a bullish time in the share –market when planet Saturn
transits through Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius zodiac sign in
the universe.

(5) Principle # 5: Native could be benefited in the share-stock market, if some

aspects of astrology are observed. Native should know first about the strongest
planet of his/her natal chart and accordingly he/she should buy or sell the share
scripts to book the profit.

For example:
- Native should try to buy /sale shares related to Petro-chemical or Electronic
Company, who’s Mars, is the strongest planet in horoscope.
- Native should prefer to invest in Pharmaceutical or Government companies, if
the Sun is the strongest planet in his/her natal chart.
-Native should go for cosmetics and vehicle companies, if Venus is strong in natal
-Native should invest in the manufacturing companies like cold-soft drinks and
edible products, if Moon is powerful in the horoscope.

Astrological Microscope
Astrological Microscope “If and Then” -(1)

(1)… If Mars is auspicious at the fourth house of nativity, then native is benefited from
land-building related matter
(2)…Native is benefited by commission –contract, if Mars is positioned at 3rd place of
birth chart.
(3)…Native gets nice bother hood relationships, if Mars is well placed and auspicious at
third house of the natal chart.
(4)…Native may suffer from blood-pressure problem, if Sun and Mars is in opposite
conjunction with each other in natal chart.
(5)…Native could be donor, if Jupiter and Mars is in opposite conjunction with each
(6)...If Mars is positioned at fifth house of natal chart, it produces ‘offspring / Yoga’
(baby boy- ‘Santan Yoga’) for native.
(7)…Native could have religious and spiritual inclinations, if Jupiter-Saturn conjunction
is taking place at 1st, 4th, 9th, or 10th house of natal chart.
(8)…Native could be advocate or attorney, if Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is taking place
at 6th, 8th, or 12th house of natal chart.
(9)…Native becomes argumentive and skilled in debate, if there is Sun-Mercury
conjunction in natal chart.
(10)…It brings gas / indigestion trouble, discredit, mental unrest and poor decision
power for native, when the Sun is debilitated in the native’s horoscope.
30. Astrological Microscope “If and Then “(2)
(1)…Native acquires success at every field, if the Sun is posited at tenth place from the
Moon or the ascendant in the natal chart. Native earns fame, reputation, high ranking in
government and wealth. Sun is the significator of father. It depicts the glorious career of
native’s father, if it is auspicious and well placed at 10th house of natal chart.
(2)…Native earns popularity in sports if, fifth house or lord of fifth house is unafflicted
and auspicious or aspect with / related to Mars in natal chart.
(3)…Native achieves glory and success, if Jupiter or Venus is positioned at angle or trine
in the birth chart.
(4)…Native earns world famous reputation, if Mercury is auspicious and well placed in
fifth house of natal chart.
(5)…Native earns fame at police or military sector, if Mars is positioned in sixth house of
natal chart.
(6)…Native earns success, fame and respect, if Sun is positioned at 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11 th
place of natal chart.
(7)…Native earns wealth, property, public honour, if the auspicious Moon is positioned
at 4th house/ angle of natal chart.
(8)…Native enjoys happy life, influences on people and benefited by friends, if Venus is
placed at 8th,9th,10th or 11th house of natal chart.
(9)...Native becomes powerful, eminent and popular, if Saturn of exalted sign or own
sign is positioned at ascendant, 10th or 11th house of natal chart.
(10)…It affects and brings changes in native’s family life, social life, working or
professional life when Saturn transits through Sun of horoscope or aspects at Sun from
180 degrees away (7th house).
-It could bring auspicious changes if Saturn - Sun are strong and well placed in natal-
chart.-It brings disrespect, difficulties, loss of money, failure at occupation, physical or
mental pain etc., If Saturn –Sun are weak and afflicted in natal chart.
31. Astrological Microscope “If and Then “….
(1)…Native could be a secretary or famous and wealthy person, If Rahu is posited at 6th
or 12th place from Moon in native’s birth chart.
(2)… It makes native victorious and financer, if Rahu is positioned at sixth place/ Trika
(debilitated) place from ascendant in birth chart.
(3)…There could be disharmony and dispute in native’s marital life, if the Sun or Venus
is positioned at seventh place from ascendant.
(4)…There could be trouble in native’s marital life, if Lord of seventh house is
positioned at sixth, eighth or twelfth house of natal chart.
(5)…There could be fragile marital life, if Saturn or Saturn-Mars conjunction is there in
ascendant of native’s birth chart.
(6)…There could be unexpected incident in the native’s life, if Mars-Rahu conjunction is
taking place at the seventh house of natal chart.
(7)…It brings premature ‘Marriage Yoga’ for native, if strong /auspicious Venus is in
ascendant or close to ascendant (at 2nd or 12th house) of birth chart.
(8)…it brings premature /early ‘Wedding Yoga’ for native, if Venus is exalted in Pisces
zodiac sign in the horoscope.
(9)… There could be difference, either in appearance or height of husband and wife, if
the ascendant belongs to Leo, Cancer, Capricorn or Aquarius in the natal chart.
(10)…Native gets nice and genteel wife, if the Moon is positioned at seventh house of
natal chart.
(11)…Native gets married with a beautiful wife at an early date, if strong Jupiter is
positioned at seventh house of natal chart.
(12)…Native’s spouse could be fierce and dominating, if Mars is posited in seventh
house of natal chart.
(13)…Native may have feeble /weak children related (offspring) happiness, if the Lord
of fifth house is posited in sixth, eighth or twelfth house of natal chart.

32. Auspicious and Inauspicious Astrological

‘Yoga ‘- (1)

In Vedic astrology, a powerful planetary relationship is known as Yoga or “Union”. In

the present article, we shall discuss about the results relating to different ‘Yogas’ taking
place in the natal chart.
There are certain astrological combinations /conjunctions (Astrology Yogas) that can
exist in a kundli. These astrological combinations (Yogas in Astrology caused by
different planets aligning in different houses and satisfying other conditions, are known
to exist in certain groups of people, through thousands of years of research. Hence, it is
well established that these astrological Yogas would lead people to be inclined towards
certain activities or destined to certain deeds
Sometimes, it is seen that native is not enjoying the auspicious result, though there is
certain Yoga seems to have taken place in the native’s birth chart and thereby he/she
starts losing confidence in such Yogas and astrologer. At this juncture, I would like to
advise all such natives, not get frustrated but to keep patient up only. Natives do get
results of Yogas at particular time, especially during the major or minor planetary period
of ‘Yoga-karaka’ planet of birth chart. Moreover, the strength of planet in the birth chart
is also an important matter.
By the way, we should not forget that, the Yoga of nativity is producing positive results
only, when ‘Yoga-karaka’ planet is strong and unafflicted.
Let me clarify what is ‘Yoga-karaka’ planet here?
Planet is said to be ‘Yoga-karaka’ when it becomes the Lord of an angle and a trine,
both at a time in the natal chart. In Vedic astrology, it is considered as the most benefic
planet in the horoscope because of its house rulership. For example, Venus becomes the
‘Yoga-karaka’ planet in a Vedic chart with Capricorn rising, because it rules both, fifth
and tenth houses of birth chart at a time.
Generally, the planets are classified into two groups namely, benefic and malefic as
Natural Benefic Planets: Full Moon (Moon near Purnima), Mercury, Venus and Jupiter
are considered to be benefic planets by nature.
Natural Malefic Planets: Sun, Mars, Saturn, No Moon (Moon near Amavasya) Rahu and
Ketu are considered to be malefic by nature.
Generally, Moon and Mercury are not always benefic. Full Moon i.e. the Moon near
‘Purnima ‘is considered to be benefic, while ‘No Moon’ i.e. Moon near ‘Amavasya ‘is
not believed to be benefic; Similarly, Mercury is like a neutral planet. So, when Mercury
is placed with benefic planet, it is considered to be benefic and if placed with malefic
planet, it is considered to be malefic. In other words, nature of Mercury depends on the
nature of planet, influencing it.
It should be remembered that all natural malefic planets do not always produce negative
results. Similarly, all natural benefic planets do not ever produce positive results. Good
or bad impact depends on several other factors, like ownership, placement, aspect etc.
Apart from that, planet becomes auspicious or inauspicious, because of their ownership
of certain places of horoscope. Lord of angle or trine becomes auspicious, regardless the
planet is weather malefic or benefic.
Lord of Trika / debilitated places/houses (6th, 8th, and 12 th) and 3rd or 11th places /houses
ever produce auspicious results.
Generally, Lord of ascendant and trine places produces benefic results. Malefic planets
produce auspicious results when they are Lord of angle places.
Lord of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 11th houses ever becomes inauspicious.
Here are some important and worth knowing Yogas outlined, which could be very
useful in forecasting /predicting.
(1) Raj yoga:
(a) …Conjunctions of ‘angle Lord ‘and ‘trine Lord ‘in the birth chart give rise
to benefic results of Raj Yoga.
(b) …Yoga karaka planet of the natal chart brings the auspicious results of Raj
(c) …Conjunction of ninth Lord and tenth Lord brings the best results of Raj
Native gets high ranking, power, fame and prosperity when above type of Raj
Yoga is taking place in natal chart. The presence of Raja Yoga in natal chart
could make the native, like a king or a ruler or an equivalent to him. The
person under the influence of Raja Yoga gets immense amount of wealth,
becomes highly affluent; and attains imperial and majestic status in the society.
(2) Pancha MahaPurusha Yoga :
A look at the Pancha MahaPurusha Yoga in astrology and its effects;
Do you have Pancha MahaPurusha Yoga in your Kundli (natal chart)?
‘Pancha MahaPurusha Yoga’ is said to occur when any of the five planets among
Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter is strong enough i.e. Positioned near to the
point of their exaltation and is placed either in the Lagna / ascendant house or in an angle
position from the planet Moon; this planetary combination leads to the formation of
Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga in a Rashi/Kundli. There are Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas
which are formed due to these five planetary combinations. Ruchaka Yoga, Bhadra
Yoga, Hamsa Yoga, Malavaya Yoga and Sasha Yoga are called as the Pancha
Mahapurusha Yogas and the one, who born in these Yogas is called as 'Pancha
Mahapurusha'. 'Pancha' stands for five and 'Mahapurusha' stands for great man. The
Yoga with the same name makes a similar impact on its native. The presence of Pancha
Mahapurusha Yoga in a person's Rashi/birth chart makes an influential impact on the
native's horoscope and eventually, on the life. The relationship matter, professional
matter, and the matter concerned with the name, fame and affluence of the native gets
affected by the presence or absence of this Yoga. Persons who have Pancha
Mahapurusha Yoga in their Rashi /birth chart are gifted with exceptional and distinctive
skills, strengths, Excellency, majesty, glory and wealth.

(a) Ruchaka Yoga :

Ruchaka Yoga is said to occur when the planet Mars is positioned in angle / Kendra
house i.e. first, fourth, seventh or tenth house, and is lying either in its own sign of
Scorpio or Aries, or lying in its exalted (Uchcha) sign of Capricorn.
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in a Rashi/birth
chart. The presence of Ruchaka Yoga in a natal chart makes native courageous,
arrogant, aggressive, loyal, conqueror, well known, generous, biased, and someone
who possess physically power, scarlet complexion and a striking body. The person
under the influence of Ruchaka Yoga also lives long, becomes rich, has lots of
strength and vitality, and is knowledgeable of traditions and customs. He/she is
completely faithful and dutiful towards his/her elders, Gurus and Brahmans. Such
person develops the leadership traits in him/her and thus attains the status of a king or
a ruler or a head of people or someone equivalent to them. He/she also has an eager
to get always into contests and fights. He/she always conquer over his/her enemies.
The native of this Yoga holds interest in adventure activities, especially those who
can bring him/her name and appreciation. The native lives up to at least seventy

(b) Bhadra Yoga :

Bhadra Yoga is said to occur when the planet of Mercury is placed in its
own sign or in its exalted sign, and occupies itself in a Kendra/angle
either form the ascendant or from the Moon.
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Bhadra Yoga in a Rashi / birth
chart. It is one among the five Yogas combinations under Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga.
The presence of this Yoga in natal chart makes the native strong, powerful, good
physique with a face like lion, well developed chest, well balanced limbs and lives a
long life with fame and name. As far as other traits are concerned, the native of this
Yoga will be reserved, introvert, gracious, attractive, helpful to relatives, intellectual,
scholarly and wealthy. The native possesses skilled with various arts and sciences.
(c) Hamsa Yoga: Hamsa Yoga is said to occur when the planet Jupiter resides itself
either in its own sign or in its exalted sign along with placing itself in an angle / Kendra
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Hamsa Yoga in a Rashi (sign) /
birth chart. It is among the five Mahapurusha Yogas that Jupiter constitutes. Due to the
presence of Hamsa Yoga in a natal chart native becomes spiritual, religious, famous,
kind, liberal, virtuous having good fate, high moral values with clean mind. Such
natives develop sturdy physique, beautiful tone of voice and are relished (liked) by
others. The life partner of such natives could be very attractive and good looking. Native
might own all the amenities for a comfortable life. Native respects to his/her preceptors
and Gurus. Native becomes long lived person (around at least 82 years). The native’s
legs may have some kind of spots like conch, fish or lotus.
(d) Malavya Yoga
Malavya Yoga is said to occur when the planet Venus positions itself in its own sign or
in its exaltated sign, and in an angle / Kendra house.
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Malavya Yoga in a Rashi /birth
chart. It is among the five planetary combinations or five Yogas of Pancha Mahapurusha
Yoga that stands for human greatness. The presence of Malavya Yoga in a person's
Rashi /natal chart makes the native long lived person (at least up to 70 years of age). The
person dies at a sacred place. The native, as an impact of this Yoga becomes enormously
rich and wealthy with all the pleasures, comforts and luxuries in his life. This Yoga also
brings recognition, status, erudite and determination to its native. The native under the
influence of Malavya Yoga gets a sturdy physique, resolute by mind, lives a happy
family life with wife and offspring, is gifted with serene (calm) sense-organs, is highly
righteous /virtuous and generous, and possess motor vehicles. Such person holds
attraction, charisma and a certain appeal among the opposite gender. Because of this,
other persons hold jealously of native.

(e) Sasa Yoga:

Sasa Yoga is said to occur when the planet Saturn positions itself in a Kendra/angle
which is either its own sign or its exalted sign. This planetary combination leads to the
formation of Sasa Yoga in a Rashi.
Sasa Yoga is among the five Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas that stands for human
greatness. The presence of Sasa Yoga in a person's Rashi results in making the native
live like a king or a ruler or someone equivalent to them. The native under the influence
of this Yoga possesses a doubtful personality, is unfair in character, is highly lustful, rich
and famous, gets all the delights of life, and has the tendency to desire for the wealth of
others. Though, the native after dissatisfaction from his sex life move towards
spirituality. As an impact of Sasa Yoga, the person is also going to be mean, nasty,
impolite and impious. The native will also be devoted to his mother and motherland.
Such person also has number of followers, along with several servants working under
him. They also have the power to identify the fault of other people. The person holds
strong chances of making a profession out of police force or armed forces.

3) Anapha Yoga:
Anapha Yoga is said to occur when any planet other than Sun, Rahu or Ketu is placed in
the twelfth House from the Moon. Anapha Yoga occurs in a native’s natal chart.

Anapha Yoga is considered to be related to giving. Thus the natives of Anapha Yoga
become generous and have more expenditure. The effect of the Anapha Yoga makes a
native king, generous, honest, renowned, charismatic, gracious having good status, sense
for happiness and love for dresses. Such a person will live a healthy life.
(4) Sunafa Yoga:
Sunapha Yoga is said to occur when any one of the planets other than Sun, Ketu and
Rahu is positioned in the second house from the planet Moon.
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Sunapha Yoga in a Rashi / birth
chart. The presence of Sunapha Yoga brings in huge financial profits, and immense
amount of wealth and affluence in his life. The person under the influence of this Yoga
is highly intellectual, intelligent, and he gets lots of fame, name and reputation in society.
The native of this Yoga lives a life like a king or a ruler. The impact of Sunapha Yoga
gets stronger on its native if the benefic planets are positioned in the second house from
the planet Moon. Though, in case where one or more than one malefic planets are
residing in the second house from the planet Moon, the impact of this Yoga either gets
lessen or gets completely neutralized.

(5) Durdhara Yoga:

Durdhara Yoga is said to occur when any one of the planets other than Sun, Ketu and
Rahu is positioned in both places of natal chart like, the second house and twelfth house
from the planet Moon. The presence of Durdhara Yoga brings in wealth, comforts and

(6) Kema druma Yoga :

Kema Druma Yoga is said to occur when there is no planet positioned in either second
house or in the twelfth house from the planet Moon; or when there is no association of
the planet Moon with the other planets apart from Sun, Rahu and Ketu;

The presence of ‘ Kema Druma Yoga ‘ in a natal chart results in making the native
remains deprived of any form of education, intellectualness, prosperity, healthiness and
knowledge. As an impact of this Yoga, there are many complexities and difficulties in
the native's life with lots of miseries. Such a person remains highly reliant on others and
sometimes also engages himself in the immoral acts. The native also becomes filthy,
unclean, distressed, outrageous, knave and a cheater. The native also remains devoid of
the pleasure of wife, children and mental peace. However, it is believed that if the
planets of the native are residing in the angle/s from the ascendant or from the Moon; or
when Moon is placed either in angle or is in conjunction with another planet or the
planet Jupiter is aspecting at the Moon, then ‘Kema Druma Yoga’ gets defused.

(7) Chandra Adhi / Lagna Adhi Yoga:

Chandra Adhi Yoga /Lagna Adhi Yoga is said to occur when the benefic planets Jupiter,
Venus or Mercury occupy themselves in the sixth, seventh and eighth House from the
Moon /ascendant in a natal chart , Chandra Adhi Yoga / Lagna Adhi Yoga is formed.
It is considered as one of the most important combinations in the natal chart. Adhi Yoga
is considered as an equivalent to Raja Yoga. Adhi stands for 'first', and as a result of this
Yoga, the native becomes a pioneer or leader. It makes a person gracious and reliable.
The native might live a long, healthy, happy life with lots of luxury, comfort, prosperity
and would conquer over his/her rivalries.

(8) Gaja Kesari Yoga:

Gaja-Kesari Yoga is said to occur when the planet Jupiter occupies the angle / Kendra
from the planet Moon, i.e. the first, fourth, seventh or tenth house;
This planetary combination leads to the formation of the auspicious Gaja-Kesari Yoga in
a birth chart. Another combination that causes this Yoga is when Jupiter is placed in a
quadrant from the ascendant, with Moon being in conjunction with or is aspect by
benefic planets which are neither residing in the sixth house nor they are combust. Gaja
and Kesari stands for elephant and lion, which are the leaders of jungle. Thus the
presence of this Yoga in a person's birth chart makes a similar impact. The native of this
Yoga as an impact becomes rich, wealthy, intellectual, clever, gracious, concluded, and
someone with good merits and attributes. The native owns a good luck, long life and
lifelong reputation because of Gaja-Kesari Yoga. It is also believed that a person under
the influence of this Yoga may build villages and towns. This Yoga also protects the
native from the vicious effects or results.

(9) Vesi Yoga:

Vesi Yoga is said to occur when all the planets exclusive of the Moon, positioned
themselves in the second house from the Sun.
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Vesi Yoga in a natal chart. The
impact of Vesi Yoga on a person depends on the nature of planets positioned in the
second house from the Sun, i.e. whether they are benefic planets or malefic planets.
In case of benefic planets, the presence of Vesi Yoga in a person's kundli / horoscope is
called as ‘ Subha Vesi Yoga ‘ , and it will result in making the native rich and fortunate.
The native will also be joyful, happy, righteous, honourable, unbiased, generous, lazy,
noble and renowned in society. The person under the influence could have tall
appearance, a balanced frame of mind and good remembrance power. On the health
front, the native will have an average wellbeing.
When the malefic planets are in the second house from the Sun, the Yoga is called as ‘
Pap (evil) Vesi Yoga ‘ , which brings in the opposite impact what a Subha Vesi Yoga
brings to its native.

: (10) Vosi / Vasi Yoga

Vosi Yoga is said to occur when all the planets exclusive of the Moon, positioned
themselves in the twelfth house from the Sun.
This planetary combination leads to the formation of Vosi Yoga in a Rashi / birth chart.
The impact of Vosi Yoga on its native depends on the nature of planets positioned in the
twelfth house from the Sun, i.e. whether they are benefic planets or malefic planets. In
case of benefic planets, the native as an impact of this Yoga will get immense name,
fame and reputation. The native will also be wealthy, healthy, prosperous, joyful, liberal
and progressive. Such person also possesses a religious and virtuous nature. In case of
presence of malefic planets in the house, the native will be devoid of all that.

(11) Ubhayachari Yoga:

Ubhayachari Yoga is said to occur when all the planets apart from Moon positioned
themselves in both the second house as well as the twelfth house from the planet Sun; or
when both Vesi Yoga and Vosi Yoga exists in a native’s natal chart.
These planetary combinations lead to the formation of Ubhayachari Yoga in a birth
chart. The impact of the Ubhayachari Yoga on its native depends on the fact that
whether benefic planets are positioned in the two houses or the malefic planets.
In case of benefic planets residing there, the Ubhayachari Yoga's presence results in
making the native wealthy, highly statured and someone who has plentiful of pleasures
in his life. The person under the influence will also be erudite, powerful, famous,
eminent, passionate, and someone with a striking appearance. Such Ubhayachari Yoga
person will also have good relatives, lives a life equal to a king or someone equivalent to
them, holds potential to tackle with great responsibilities, and carries a balanced frame of
mind. In case of a malefic planet positioned in the house, the Ubhayachari Yoga, native
as an impact gets poor and low on status. He also faces numerous troubles in his life.

(12) Amla-kirti Yoga:

Amla-kirti Yoga is said to occur when unafflicted benefic planet is positioned at tenth
place from Moon in the natal chart.
Native acquires international fame and reputation, if this Yoga exists in his/her natal

(13) Laxmi Yoga:

Laxmi Yoga is said to have occur when conjunction of Mars with Moon takes place at
one of the angles of natal chart.
Such type of Yoga remains very benefic and impressive provided when this conjunction
is benefic, taking place at angle, the degree of Mars is higher than that of Moon’s degree
in the sign, and Moon is in its exalted sign or own sign.
Impact: Native could be wealthy but instable, naughty and unstable minded by nature.
Native behaves rudely with his/her mother. Sometimes, native may earn money by
performing evil deeds.

(14) Parvat Yoga:

Parvata Yoga is said to occur when a benefic planet is positioned in angle places /
Kendra house (i.e. first, fourth, seventh or tenth house) and the sixth house and eighth
house are either engaged by the benefic planets or they are completely empty; or when
the lord of the first house and the lord of the twelfth house position themselves in
common Kendra /angle place of the birth chart (i.e. first, fourth, seventh or tenth house)
and benefic planets are aspecting at them.
These planetary combinations lead to the formation of Parvata Yoga in a Rashi /Kundli.
The presence of Parvata Yoga in a person's Rashi /natal chart results in making the
native wealthy, affluent, prosperous, highly lucky, generous, zealous, fanatical, erudite,
moderate and thoughtful. The native as an impact of Parvata Yoga develops likeness for
learning various subject matters.

(15) Shubha Kartari Yoga:

Shubha Kartari Yoga is said to occur when an ascendant / house is flanked by (i.e. at 2 nd
and 12th place) benefic planets, like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in a natal chart.
Shubha stands for auspicious. The Yoga with the same name makes a similar impact and
proves to be favourable for native. The presence of Shubha Kartari Yoga in a natal chart
results in making the native rich, affluent, powerful, brave, bold and unafraid. The
person under the influence of this Yoga lives a long healthy life with no diseases or
ailments. Such person attains success in life on the basis of his own virtues and worth.
He will not have any enemies or rivalries to deal with.

(16) Pap kartari Yoga:

Pap kartari Yoga is said to occur when the malefic planets like Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Ketu
and Mars are positioned on both sides of an ascendant / house.
(‘Pap’ stands for evil and 'Kartari' stands for scissors).
Such native could be impious, mendicant (beggar) and, filthy.
33. Auspicious / Inauspicious outcome of
Astrological ‘Yoga ‘- (2)

In the present article we shall discuss about some other ‘Yogas’ taking place in nativity.

(1) Shankh Yoga:

Sankha Yoga is said to occur when the lord of the ascendant is strong, and the
lord of the fifth house and the lord of the sixth house are positioned in the cardinal
houses from each other; or when the lord of the ninth house is powerful, and the
ruler of the ascendant and the lord of the tenth house are positioned in the mutable
Outcome/Impact: These planetary combinations lead to the formation of Sankha
Yoga in a natal chart. Due to the presence of Sankha Yoga in a person's birth
chart, native becomes ethical, moral, principled, gentle, generous, and like
someone who engages him/herself in praiseworthy and admirable deeds. The
native could be highly knowledgeable of scriptures, and learned in sciences. He is
keen on pleasures and delights. Such native gets a good life partner and kids. He
possesses lands, and leads to live a long life up to a good time.
(2) Laksmi Yoga:
Lakshmi Yoga is said to occur when the ruler /Lord of the ascendant or Lagna is
strongly disposed, and the ruler of the ninth house is lying in its own sign, or in an
exaltation sign or at Trikona /angle or cardinal house.
Outcome/Impact: This planetary combination leads to the formation of Lakshmi
Yoga in a Kundli /birth chart. Lakshmi, which is considered as a Goddess of wealth
in Hindu mythology, brings the same auspicious outcome with the Yoga of her name.
The presence of Lakshmi Yoga in a natal chart results in making the native rich,
wealthy, and prosperous with lot of fortune, material treasures and pleasures in life;
The native becomes charming, attractive, proficient, gracious, righteous, erudite
(learned), well known, and an important person with a high social status. The
children of such person could be highly intellect and brilliant.
(3) Rajju Yoga: Rajju Yoga is said to occur when all the planets of
natal chart are in Cardinal Signs. (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)
Outcome: Native could be beauteous, volatile, ugly, malevolent and overseas
travelling person.
(4) Mushal Yoga : Mushal Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are in fixed
signs. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
Outcome: Native could be famous, farmer, wealthy, jolly, and beloved of state
official. Native may have baby boys.
(5) Nala Yoga: Nala Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are in mutable signs.
(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
Outcome: Native becomes prosperous, state honoured recipient. Native acquires
gems like diamond and ruby.
(6) Mala Yoga: Mala Yoga is said to occur when all benefic planets are positioned
/shattered in any one of three angle places of the natal chart.
Outcome: Native enjoys nice friendship, becomes parents of baby boys, acquires
vehicles, jewellery and likes to show interest at makeup and dressing work.
( 7 ) Sarpa Yoga : Sarpa Yoga is said to occur when all malefic planets are
positioned/shattered in any one of three angle places (out of four) of natal chart
Outcome: Native could be fierce, poor, sleep patient, proudly and stimulant.
(8) Chhatra Yoga : Chhatra Yoga is said to occur when all the seven planets (except
Rahu-ketu) are positioned serially/in order without any break from seventh house to
ascendant of a natal chart.
Outcome: Due to the presence of this Yoga in a natal chart, native becomes rich,
kind, generous, happy, and possesses intellectual, moderate and cheerful personality.

(9) Chatus Sagara Yoga: Chattus Sagara Yoga is said to occur when all the benefic
and malefic planets are positioned in all the angle / Kendra houses of a natal chart
(i.e. in first, fourth, seventh and tenth place).
Outcome: Native earns name and fame, wealth, prosperity, property, power, and own
property and jewellery.
(10) Vasumati Yoga : Vasumathi Yoga is said to occur when the benefic planets
are positioned in the ‘ Upa-Chayas’ places like, third, sixth, tenth or eleventh house,
either from the ascendant or from the planet Moon.
Outcome: Vasumati stands for richness. Native earns immense wealth and affluence
through his sheer hard work and efforts. The native will never be reliant on others for
anything. With the growing age, the native's wealth will also grow day by day, and he
will gain more prosperity in his life.
(11) Maha bhagya Yoga : Maha bhagya Yoga is said to occur when Jupiter, a
significator of fate, aspects at Lord / ruler of ninth house from 180 degrees.
Outcome: Native acquires wealth and achieves success at his occupation.
(12) Gola Yoga: Gola Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are in conjunction and
are positioned exclusively together in one sign.
The first planetary combination that causes Gola Yoga is a rare one i.e. usually not found
easily in any birth chart. Native could be strong, powerful but poor, lazy, lethargic,
filthy, unclean, unhappy and dejected. Such a native may remain engaged in evil acts
and may have associations with low profiled people. The native may not live long life
due to presence of this Yoga.
(13) Yuga Yoga: Yuga Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are positioned in two
signs /places of the natal chart.
Outcome: The native (person) under the influence of this Yoga remains poor,
pretender, phony, hypocrite, filthy, messy, untidy, unidentified, and a slothful / idle
(14) Sula Yoga: Sula Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are positioned in the
three signs /places of birth chart.
Outcome: Native under the influence of this Yoga remains poor, cruel, ruthless, irritable,
short-tempered, brave, bold, angry, inexcusable, annoyed, disappointed, lazy and
miserable person. However, he attains victory in war and may have injury marks of war
on his body.
(15) Kedar Yoga: Kedara Yoga is said to occur when all the planets including (including
Rahu-Ketu) are positioned in the four signs / places of natal chart.
Outcome: Native under the influence of this Yoga remains virtuous, upright, modest,
passive, charitable, generous, honest, wealthy, and a firm follower of traditions and
religion. The native is always ready to undertake a righteous job or a truthful task under
his belt.
(16) Pasa Yoga: Pasa Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are positioned in any of
the five signs.
Outcome: The person under the influence of Pasa Yoga earns enormous amount of
affluence and wealth in his life through ethical moral ways or he could be poor,
unfortunate, talkative, crook, deceiver if planets are not well placed.
(17) Damini Yoga: Damini Yoga is said occur when all the planets are shattered / placed
in any of the six signs/places of natal chart.
Outcome: The native under the influence of this Yoga enjoys happiness in respect of
wealth and off-spring. Native remains serious, knowledgeable, fierce, excellent,
generous, meritorious and virtuous person.
(18) Veena Yoga: Veena Yoga is said to occur when all the planets are positioned /
shattered in any of the seven signs / places of natal chart.
Outcome: The native under the influence of this Yoga remains wealthy, tactful, happy,
knowledgeable person, nutrient for several people .Native is fond of music, singing and
(19) Daaridra Yoga : Daridra Yoga is said to occur when Lord of eleventh house is
positioned at Sixth, eighth or twelfth house of natal chart.
Outcome: The native under the influence this Yoga remains poor, indebted and performs
evil deeds.
(20) Karodadhipati Yoga : Karodadhipati Yoga is said to occur when house of wealth,
(Dhanesh) is in angle and is aspect by house of fate (ninth house), Lord of profession
(karmesh) is in own sign and positioned at angle / trine position. It does not matter if
ascendant is not strong.
(21) Directon for acquiring wealth: Native is always benefited in the direction, where
the Lord of eleventh house / house of gain is placed.
‘Labhesh’ / Direction
(Lord of eleventh house)
Sun East
Moon- North West
Mars South
Mercury North
Jupiter North-East
Venus South-East
Saturn West
Rahu South-West
(22) Sarva Sampattivaana Yoga: This Yoga is said to occur when the Lord of wealth
(second house) and planet Jupiter is positioned at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th or 10th house of natal
Outcome: Native becomes prosperous.
(23) Maha Daridra Yoga : This Yoga is said to occur when house of fortune / ninth
house (Bhagyesh) is positioned at 12th house (and is not exalted sign / in own sign)
house of expense / twelfth house (Vyayesh) is positioned at 2 nd house and malefic
planets are posited in 3rd house of natal chart.
Outcome: Native lives in poverty throughout the life.
(24) Durbal Deha Yoga : This Yoga is said to occur when Ascendant Lord is positioned
at 6th, 8th or 12th, house and conjunct with malefic planets.
Outcome: Native remains weak and unhealthy. He does not enjoy health happiness.
(25) Pushta Deha Yoga : This Yoga is said to occur when Ascendant Lord is positioned
at cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn and is aspect by benefic planet.
Outcome: Native lives happy life in all respect. Native possesses sound health and hefty
physic / body build up.
(26) Garbhapata Yoga: This Yoga is said to occur when malefic planets like Sun, Rahu,
Mars and Saturn are positioned at fifth house.
Outcome: There are chances of miscarriage / abortion.
(27) Shighra-Projtpati Yoga : This Yoga is said to occur when fifth house is occupied
by Aries, Taurus or Cancer zodiac sign and / ketu is positioned at fifth house.
Outcome: Native acquires offspring /child or children without delay.
(28) Heart Disease Yoga : This Yoga is said to occur when the three planets like Sun,
Jupiter and Saturn are together at fourth house of natal chart.
(29) Dant-Rogi Yoga : This type of Yoga (Dental disease) is said to occur when
conjunction of Jupiter-Rahu (Chandal Yoga) is taking place at an ascendant / first house.
(30) Jyotish Yoga : Jyotish Yoga (‘Astrology Yoga’) is said to occur when planet
Mercury is positioned at trine and Lord of second house /wealth i.e. ‘Dhanesh’ is well
placed / strong at trine or angle place of natal chart. Native could be one of the best
(31) ‘Bhagyodaya Yoga’ at abroad : This type of Yoga is said to occur when first house
/ ascendant is occupied by cardinal sign, ascendant lord is positioned in cardinal sign
and house of fortune/ninth house/ Bhagyesh is placed in cardinal sign along with Moon.
Outcome: Native becomes fortunate and makes progress in abroad.
(32) Yashvaan Yoga : This type of Yoga is said to occur when Jupiter or Venus is
positioned at tenth house or Lord of tenth house / karmesh is a benefic planet.
Outcome: Native earns fame and glory.
( 3 3 ) Apa Yasha Yoga: This type of Yoga is said to occur when malefic planet is
positioned at ascendant / first house, tenth house of natal chart is aspect by malefic
planet/s and Lord of tenth house / karmesh is weak and not well placed.
Outcome: Native gets defame and disgrace
(34).Pradhan Mantri ( Prime Minister )Yoga : This type of Yoga is said to occur when
conjunction /association of Ascendant Lord ( Lagnesh),Lord of fourth house, (
Chaturthesh) and Lord of ninth house ( Bhagyesh) taking place at tenth house of natal
Outcome: Native could be Prime Minister.
(35) Sannyaasi Yoga: This type of Yoga is said to occur when five planets are
positioned at 8th house of natal chart. Eighth or twelfth house of natal chart needs to be
aspect by planet Jupiter.
Outcome: Native becomes ascetic (hermit). Native earns fame and reputation.
(36) Akhand Samrajya Yoga : This is one type of strong and auspicious ‘Gaj-Kesari’
Yogas. Such type of Yoga is said to occur when an ascendant is occupied with sign like
Aquarius or Taurus, Bhagyesh / Labhesh / Dhanesh (any one of three) is well placed at
angle from the Moon, and Lord of eleventh house is Jupiter in the natal chart. Such type
of Yoga exists in the natal chart of great celebrity of millennium, Shri Amitabh
Outcome: Native becomes famous and enjoys long life with full of affluence, power,
wealth and prosperity through the life.

Significance of auspicious and inauspicious
34 “Dhana Yoga” (combination for wealth)

Generally, it is said to occur Dhana Yoga when second house of natal chart is occupied
by benefic planets or sign but that is not good enough. Occupation of malefic planets like
Saturn and Rahu in second house (house of wealth) may also help native to become rich
Every person in this earth barring a few saints all want wealth. This is because wealth
brings social security, enjoyments and all comforts of this world. It is seen that maximum
number of people are poor or earn just sufficient to make a decent living. In fact the rich
of the world are listed. This fact alone is enough to show how few people are really rich.

So we can classify the humanity in different groups such as: - Enormously Rich, Very
rich, rich, well to do, upper Middle class, Middle class, Poor, Very poor and extremely

It is not that people do not put in sufficient efforts to acquire wealth. Where wealth is
concerned no occupation is forbidden for the human being. He can adopt honest
straightforward means for making money or adopt impious ways of crime. The Karmic
effects of the past of an individual for acquiring wealth are reflected in the native’s birth
chart by Dhana Yogas or absence of them.

Mainly, 2nd, 6 th and 10th houses are primary and 7th and 11 th house are secondary for
Dhana Yoga considerations. 2nd House in a horoscope signifies self generated wealth,
6th through loans, and 10th through employment. If the 2nd is strong money comes by
inheritance and investment.

If 6th house is stronger than 2nd and 10th house, money comes by as interest on lending.
If 12th house is becomes very strong, then the native borrows but never repays fully,
thereby always remains in debt. If 10th house is stronger than 2nd and 6th house, then the
native might make money at all times through various means.

The Dhana karakas or significators of wealth are Sun and Jupiter. So to begin with, the
simple rule is that both Jupiter and Sun should be well placed in the horoscope to be

Another important rule is that "Sun’s chief rival, Saturn should not be in the second
house or aspect at /conjunct with second house/Lord of second house from the ascendant
or the Moon." This is a must condition for’ Dhan Yoga’.
Significance of each planet for’ Dhan Yoga ‘:
-Rahu: Although, Rahu could give such results, only when it is exalted. Saturn is
considered as a significator of poverty.
-Saturn: Strong and well placed Saturn produces lots of wealth where as weak or
debilitated Saturn leads to poverty. Saturn is beneficial; If Saturn belongs to Capricorn or
Aquarius sign in the house of wealth/second house of natal chart.
-Jupiter: Jupiter is a significant planet for having wealth happiness. Unless, the Jupiter is
strong, and it is worthless despite of several ‘Dhan Yogas’ in natal chart; Jupiter is
significator of wealth, fate and son. So, position of Jupiter needs to be studied well in
advance before the analysis of other powerful planetary relationship /union in the ‘Janam
Kundli’ i.e. birth chart.
-Venus: Venus is the most important planet, as it a significator of pleasure, sex, luxuries
and all type of enjoyments that are necessary for financial happiness and comforts in the
-Moon: Though Moon is an auspicious planet, it is not a sharp significator / indicator for
Godess Laxmiji (wealth).Moon is an unstable /fast moving planet and thereby becomes
the significator / reason for the instability of Goddess Laxmiji (wealth).
-Mercury: Planet Mercury is not of that much importance. Although it is significator of
business and therefore position of Mercury is also studied sometimes, for mercantile
profit and loss.
-Mars: Planet Mars has nothing to do with money matter. Even though union/
relationship of Mars with planet Moon, Jupiter and Rahu is significant for the purpose of
acquiring wealth.
-Another general principle is that the any Lord of angle or trine, posited in the house of
wealth (second house) would lead to give auspicious results, regardless of the fact that
the planet is benefic or malefic.
-Position of ketu /Sun/Mars/Saturn or Rahu in the house of wealth is considered
inauspicious but it is auspicious if related malefic planet is exalted or in own sign.
-Native could not be rich if any planet/s is/are situated in the twelfth house or house of
expenses ( Vyaya Bhava).He has to lose everything finally, even if he/she earns.
Especially, native remains financially unhappy, when planet like Sun,Mars,Saturn or
Rahu is in twelfth house and is neither in exalted nor own sign.
-It is said to occur ‘Nirdhan Yoga’ i.e. native remains poor throughout the life when
Lord of second house (Dhan bhava) is positioned at twelfth house or Lord of twelfth
house (Vyaya bhava) is positioned at second house of natal chart.
-Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) and even zodiac sign (like Taurus,
Scorpio) in the second house of natal chart is important for the wealth happiness and its
-It is said to occur strong ‘Lakshmi Yoga’ when Jupiter or Venus is positioned in second
house or Second house is aspect by Jupiter or Venus.
-Native never faces financial problem throughout the life, if Lord of second house
(Dhanesh) is placed at trine or angle position of natal chart. Financially, native remains
very sound and enjoys the life fully, especially when Lord of second house is posited at
ninth or tenth house of natal chart.
-Any retrograde planet positioned in second house will tend to provide the excellent
happiness in respect of financial matter. Native acquires life time affluence when any
Lord of trine or angle is posited in second house of nativity
-Native gets excellent riches when Jupiter is positioned at sixth or eighth house of natal
chart and aspects at second house.
-Native enjoys outstanding wealth happiness when Venus is placed at second or twelfth
house of natal chart. Venus is more beneficial and admirable when it belongs to Taurus
or Libra zodiac sign in the natal chart.
Here are few more aspects with ‘ifs & buts ‘that generating ‘Dhan Yogas’ for detailed
1) If the lord of the ascendant is in 10th House the native will be richer than his parents.
2) The same will apply, if the 10th lord is in the ascendant.

3) If Jupiter is placed in 9th or 11th house and Sun is in the 5th house, the native
becomes rich

4) If lord of 2nd house and the Lord of 9th house are in mutual reception, native becomes
rich person

5) If Sun is in 6th house or in 11th house, the native could be a rich person.

6) If Dhanesh / 2nd Lord are in 8th house, native becomes rich by self-efforts.

7) If Moon & Jupiter or Moon & Venus are in 5th house, the native becomes rich

8) if Mercury happens to be in Aries or Cancer sign, the person becomes rich.

9) If 7th house is occupied with Mars or Saturn and 11th house has any planet other than
Ketu, the person will earn huge wealth by doing business. If Ketu is in the 11th house, he
may earn through foreign agency

10) If the 7th house has either Mars or Saturn, and the 11th house is occupied with
Saturn, Mars or Rahu, the person earns wealth by sports, Gambling, Commissions, rent,
lawyer's fees etc.

11) If Rahu, Saturn, Mars or Sun is in the 11th house, the native becomes rich

12) If all the angles are occupied by planets OR All trines are occupied by benefic
planets OR All "Oopachayas" (3rd, 6th, 11th house) are occupied by Malefic planets, the
native becomes exceedingly rich

13) If planet JUPITER is in CANCER, Sagittarius, or Pisces sign, and the Lord of 5th
house is in the 10th the house, the native may become rich by the support of

14) Association of Mercury + Jupiter + Venus in any house, enables native to earn
money by religious and ritual means (Purohit, Pundit, Astrologer, Preacher, Head of
religious institutions etc).

15) Association of Mercury +Venus + Saturn in any House, enables the person to earn
money by business leadership.
16) Lords of 6,8,12 join 6, 8, 12 or 11th house, the native becomes suddenly rich.

35. Astrologically, who could be millionaire?

Native would certainly make advancement, if there are formations of requisite planetary
relationships (Yoga/combinations) related to happiness, progress, prosperity and wealth
attainment in the natal chart, regardless the native’s birth in an ordinary family. In the
present article, we shall discuss briefly about the benefic planets in the horoscope that
makes the native millionaire.
1. As we know, first house is called an ascendant. Native’s natal chart becomes potent to
the extent of number of benefic planets positioned in the ascendant, i.e. more the benefic
planets in the ascendant, more potent, is the birth chart.
2. Fifth house relates to the merits of past birth. Strength of planet Jupiter is significant,
i.e. exalted, own sign or debilitated Jupiter in natal chart would determine the volume of
native’s merits in the present life. Native is said to be born with extra ordinary fate when
Jupiter is posited along with Moon in ninth house or house of fortunate.
3. Generally, all planets positioned at sixth, eighth or twelfth house of natal chart are
considered debilitated and inauspicious. However, as usual there are always some
4. Position of Jupiter at sixth house is considered benefic because it aspects by 120
degree at tenth house (house of profession) and second house (house of wealth) of birth
chart which benefits to the native and take him to the route of progress.
5. Eighth house of natal chart signifies inheritance. So when any benefic planet is
positioned in this house, it aspects at second house (house of wealth) by 180 degree
(seventh vision) and gives rise to economical benefits to native.
6. Twelfth house is called the house of expenses. Except planet Venus, position of all
planets in this house is considered inauspicious. Only Venus is able to produce benefic
results in this place. Venus could make a native millionaire and wealthy person.
7. It is said to occur ‘Lakshmi Yoga’ when conjunction of Venus and Moon is taking
place in any house except sixth, eighth or twelfth house of birth chart.
8. Native might earn wealth, with ease and least efforts unexpectedly, if conjunction of
Mars and Rahu is taking place in any benefic house (1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 10th, )
of natal chart.
9. Native makes excellent progress when more than three planets are in exalted or own
sign in the birth chart.
10. It is said to occur ‘Raja Yoga’ when Rahu or Saturn is positioned at tenth house from
ascendant which take him/her on to the route of progress. If Rahu or Saturn is in exalted
sign, it takes native on the top of the success at an early stage of life.
However, position of planet Saturn at tenth house in Libra (Exalted) or Capricorn sign
(own sign) is not always producing benefic results, it may, sometimes downgrade the
11. Vipareeta Raja Yoga is said to occur when a planet, which is the lord of a Dusthan/
Trika/ debilitated house i.e. the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, positions itself in any other
Dusthan/ Trika house. This type of planetary combination leads to the formation of
Vipareeta Raja Yoga in a natal chart.
Vipareeta stands for the upturned, reversed or converse. The Yoga with the same name
makes a similar positive impact on its native. The presence of this auspicious Vipareeta
Raja Yoga in the natal chart produces an unpredicted positive ascend in native’s life. The
person would earn fortune through various sources. The native under the influence of
this Yoga might develop the ability to grab and utilize the chances that comes his/her
way suddenly. The native might have a royal look, possess commanding abilities, and
memorized for his/her achievements and feats. However, the native would always be
devoid from mental peace.
It brings auspicious results like happiness, prosperity, wealth and evolution for native, if
others auspicious planetary relations / Yogas, like Raj Yoga, Lakshmi Yoga, Amala
Kirti Yoga, Akhand Samaarjya Yoga are present in the birth chart.
E.g. Let us study the birth chart of real millionaire person.
Mr. Bachchan:

a. Ascendant is Aquarius.
b. Birth sign is Libra. Moon is in ninth house .So his fate is blistering and twinkling as a
film star in the film industry since last more than 25 years.
c. Jupiter is positioned at tenth place / at angle, from Moon. Jupiter is in exalted sign
(Cancer) at sixth house (anabolism position) of horoscope, so formation of all type of
auspicious Yogas like Gaja kesari Yoga, Hamsa Yoga, Akhand Samrajya Yoga and
Amala Kirti Yoga are taking place at a time in his birth chart and that is why native (Mr.
Bachchan) is succeeded in gathering wealth in abundance, become a respectable person
in society and his fame is world wide spread.
d. Jupiter positioned at sixth house, brings victory over enemies and diseases for him.
e. Benefic Jupiter aspects at second house (house of wealth) by 120 degree (ninth house
aspect) from sixth house of natal chart, which brings great amount of wealth for native
throughout the life.

36. Lottery Yoga

Importance of ‘Lakshmi ‘or wealth is ever significant. Wealth could be of two types.
One which is acquired through hard work, intelligence and virtues. Another type of
wealth, which is gained with at ease and without performing hard work.
Every Human tries to exercise all sort of tricks to acquire money at their best. But some
people are determined to generate the money by hook or crook. They take short cut to
get the money at ease. So, such people do not hesitate to perform any kind of frauds,
deception,dishonesty, banned and illegal works to earn the money.
Actually, Lakshmi / riches is what, which leads us to achieve the aim of our life. But,
acquisition of Lakshmi / wealth is related to fate. Every human is enjoying his/her life as
per his/her own deeds of present life and past life as well.
We will see in the present article, how astrology helps us to know in advance that who
might have unexpected and sudden gains of wealth through lottery!
In the natal chart (horoscope), second and eleventh house are significant for studying
wealth and gain respectively.
- It is said to occur ‘Lottery Yoga ‘…
-When the Lord of second house and Lord of eleventh house is conjunct in the birth
- When the Lord of second house (house of wealth /’Dhanesh’) is positioned at fifth
house in its exalted sign.
-When the Lord of eleventh house (house of gain / ‘Labhesh’) is positioned in its exalted
-When Dhanesh (Lord of second house) and Labhesh (Lord of eleventh house) aspect
each other.
-When Lord of ninth house (Bhagyesh) and Lord of second house (Dhanesh) are
positioned at fifth house, the chances of winning lottery are bright.
The fifth house relates to inclination (past birth), merit and good quality deeds (karma) of
native. It is believed that fifth house of horoscope is found well placed and stronger in
case of the natives who have performed excellent deeds in their past birth. Jupiter is the
significator of fifth house. Moreover, we get to know about a sudden ‘Lakshmi or lottery
Yoga’, intellect, popularity, higher studies, children, and emotions etc. by the status of
fifth house of birth chart.
We could easily estimate about the financial status of person/native, if benefic planet is
positioned at the fifth house of natal chart. However, good or evil deeds of past birth
would play an important role for happiness and unhappiness in the present life of a
native. Native with ‘Lottery Yoga’ in the horoscope remains enough fortunate to enjoy
wealth happiness.

37. ‘Chandala Yoga’

Mostly, person is seeking for astrological help when he /she is confused and looking for
the answers of some questions like...
-“When my physical desires would be accomplished? ”..
-“When will I acquire financial happiness? ” ..
-“What are the remedial measures? etc.
Astrology is such a science as could focus highlight over above referred questionnaires
and reconcile the matter satisfactorily to the great extent.
In the present article, we shall discuss about the ‘Chandala Yoga’ and its remedial
measures to get rid of this inauspicious Yoga.
What is Chandala Yoga? : It is said to occur when Jupiter and Rahu conjunct or aspect
each other in the natal chart. This Yoga is considered very inauspicious Yoga in the
astrology. This is not a favourable combination. In a sphere of life, native might face lot
of hindrances and obstacles. Native could be an agnostic (atheist/non-believer in God))
and difficult person to live with and may not be liked by his /her kinsfolk (relatives). He
may be associated with lower class of people and respectable for them.
Results of Jupiter-Rahu …. Conjunction (Yuti) /opposition (Prati-Yuti):
1. Native incurs loss at the age of eighth or twelfth year, if conjunction/
opposition /aspect of Jupiter with Rahu take place at first, second, fifth or ninth
house of horoscope. There could be disharmony in marital life. Native incurs odd
and extra expenses in respect of family members and sometime bears loss in
connection to his illegal business activity.
2. Native might face humiliation and loss of wealth, if Jupiter is positioned at
second house and aspects at malefic planets like Rahu, Mercury, Venus and
Saturn, positioned at eighth house of natal chart.

3. Native remains ill-fated and his / her life stays unstable, if Jupiter is associated
with Rahu in Taurus, Gemini, or Libra zodiac sign at the third house of natal
4. It could scratch up the marital life of native, when Jupiter, from tenth house,
aspects at Rahu, placed at fourth house in Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio sign. It
causes trouble relating to real estate and business matter.
5. Native may counter problems regards to offspring, share-stock and education
matter, if Jupiter and Rahu is positioned at fifth place and afflicted by malefic
6. Native could be deposed, officially punished or falsely disgraced, if Jupiter is
associated with Rahu / Ketu at sixth house (house of enemy) or twelfth house
(house of expenses) of natal chart.
7. Native may have physical relationships with low caste woman or widow,
fraud with partners and fake money earning, if Jupiter and Rahu are positioned at
seventh house in enemy sign and afflicted with natural malefic planets like Mars,
Mercury and Venus.
8. It causes unrest in the marital life of native, if Jupiter is associated with Ketu at
eighth house and afflicted Rahu is positioned at second house of natal chart.
Native may be short lived person and suffer from disease, enemy and maternal
relatives’ pursuits, if Lord of eighth house as the significator of life is positioned at
eighth or twelfth house in enemy sign.
9. Native could be, deceived by friends and indebted, if Jupiter and Rahu are
associated at the eleventh house of natal chart.
10. Native may earn by forged deeds and lose money, if occurrence of
‘Chandala Yoga’ (Jupiter+ Rahu) is under the influence of malefic planets,
taking place at twelfth house of natal chart.
Remedial measures:
(A).Gemstone of Jupiter i.e. ‘Pokharaj’ /Yellow Sapphire is suggested to be worn
on Thursday, at the index finger of right hand in the ring of Gold. Weight of
gemstone should be 3 to 4 carets.
(B).Perform 38000 ‘Jupiter Chants’ (Guru Mantra) on Thursday through learned

38. Angaraka Yoga

It is said to occur ‘Angaraka Yoga’ when planet Mars and Sun associate together or
conjunct with each other in any house of birth chart.
Native’s behaviour could be arbitrary, hot & wrathful, wicked and egoistic because of
‘Angaraka Yoga’ in horoscope. Such type of natives invite the trouble by themselves
and get harassed.
Conjunction (Yuti) of Sun and Mars is auspicious, if taking place at third, sixth, ninth,
tenth or eleventh house of natal chart.
Intensity of malefic effects gets decreased, if Sun-Mars conjunction is under the
influence of Jupiter in the natal chart. Native makes progress in succession.
Generally, conjunction /union of Sun –Mars makes native debtor. Native gets victimized
of several diseases. Native may meet with vehicle accident. Diseases relating to skin and
bones cannot be denied.
General principle of science like “two negatives make one positive “ is not applicable to
‘Angaraka Yoga’, on the contrary there is ever possibility of destructive activity and
conspiracy with greater intensity when two enemies like Sun and Mars meet together in
one sign of the natal chart.
It is stated as ’Angaraka Yoga ’ because both planets ,Mars and Sun belong to fire
element and therefore, the conjunction of these two planets lead to demolish especially,
the marital life of female native. Angaraka Yoga brings hazardous and violent effect in
the native’s life, if conjunction of Sun-Mars is taking place within the distance of two to
eight degree. The caustic and rigorous effect gets reduced gradually with the increase in
‘conjunction distance’ (more than 8 degree) between the planets Mars and Sun in the
same sign. However, Retrograde Mars remains more dangerous in such type of
association /Yuti.
Mars as the Lord of third and sixth house in ‘Virgo ascendant ‘natal chart, becomes
strong’ Marak ‘(killer) and causes more inauspicious results. So as, with the Virgo,
Capricorn and Pisces ascendant horoscopes, Sun produces same type of malefic effects
and therefore Sun-Mars conjunction brings more inauspicious results in above situations.
Remedies: It is advisable to chant/recite 40,000 and 28,000 Mantras of Mars and Sun
respectively or get chanted by the learned, sacred, contented and non-addicted Brahmin
39. Shrapit Dosha / Yoga

In the present article, we shall discuss about Shrapit Dosha.

Shrapit Yoga is also called Shrapit Dosha. Literary meaning of the word "Shrapit" is
like; somebody is cursed because of his /her evil deeds of past life.
Shrapit Yoga is said to be formed when Saturn and Rahu are related in a natal chart
1. Saturn and Rahu are in the single sign or conjunct with.
2. Saturn and Rahu are in opposition (i.e. both planets are 180 degrees away from each
3. Saturn glances at Rahu by third or tenth aspect.
The native is also stated to have born under the influence of ‘Shrapit Yoga’ if the same
planetary position referred as above exists in ‘Chalit Kundli ‘.
If the degrees of Rahu are higher than that of planet Saturn in the said planetary
conjunction (Shrapit Dosha), it will generate several invaluable virtues for native like
sacrifice, courtesy, asceticism, truthfulness and frankness.
But, if the degrees of Saturn are higher to Rahu’s degrees in horoscope, it would bring
immoralities like stubbornness, atrocity, dictatorship, gambling, guile, adultery etc.
Planet Saturn is spiritual and occult by nature on one side while on other side it is
cumbersome, painful, brutal and vindictive. It causes delay at all the works in the
native’s life. Sometime, it downfalls the native after elevating him on the top of the
career. It could take native away nearly to the beggarly circumstances. It brings
unhappiness relating to friends, spouse, offspring and money. It makes native lazy. As
Saturn being natural malefic planets, it ever influences over wicked, evil and ugly

While Rahu as a vice planet, producing illusion in native’s mind. It always scares to
native. It affects to native’s health and wealth pursuits. Native’s becomes narrow
According to the Nadi astrology, a person having this type of combination in nativity
"collects money secretly even without knowledge of government (black money)". It
causes untimely and accidental death.

For example, we may find such type of combination in majority of horoscopes of the
people born in the year 1978/1979/1980. I think, we need to ask them questions like ‘’
are they all cursed? Or were those years cursed? “, and try to seek for right answers!
It is interesting that the planets Saturn and Rahu, both are mutual friends of each other
and are responsible and significator for this “ Shrapit Yoga “.

Let us study briefly, how their friendship produces “Shrapit dosha” effects to the native’s
life when they are associated in each sign / house of the natal chart.

If’ Shrapit dosha’ taking place at...

(1) First house: It adversely affects to native’s physique, health, childhood, eyes, vitality,
intellect, and face complexion. It brings rudeness in attitude, delay, denial and
obstruction, in every work. It gives dark color to the body.
(2) Second house: Native might experience lack of money, family expansion and
matters relating to right eye, speech and teeth. Native remains solitary, reserved, indulged
in family problem and money matter.
(3) Third house: Native ever gets frustrated relating to his / her destiny. Such native
remains deprived of happiness relating to siblings. They have to venture and exercise
their own efforts to overcome several hindrances to come forward and become wealthy
in the life.
(4) Fourth house: Native experiences adverse circumstance relating mother, house,
relatives, and happiness in respect of marital life matter.

(5) Fifth house: Native may face adverse circumstances related to abdominal disease,
offspring, spouse, and academic hindrances. Native faces infamy and public critics, if
‘Shrapit Yoga’ is Ketu based.

(6) Sixth house: Native often gets harassed from enemies and suffers from diseases.
Native is sometimes, ignored, humiliated and disrepute from maternal relatives side.
Native could be allegated or face breach of trust.
(7) Seventh house: There could be disharmony with respect to age, opinion and attitude
with life partner and business partner as well. Native’s marriage is often delayed. It
brings disreputation in business partnership and yields fewer amounts of riches. Marital
life is disturbed due to difference of opinion and remains unhappy.

(8) Eighth house: It brings chronic illness for native.32nd year becomes crucial. Native
needs to be cautious from toxic and lethal insects or creatures. Planet Saturn is the
significator of eighth house. (House of longevity)

(9) Ninth house: A wheel of fortune turns by 30 years of age and becomes fortunate.
Although, this period may not be that much lucky for native’s father. Relationships with
lower classed people play a vital role in native’s life and sometimes get benefited by such

(10) Tenth house: Native remains poor. This type of ‘Shrapit Yoga’ brings down fall
from the top of the career. Native remains unaffiliated with father or paternal side.
Native, of course acquires better position by his talent. Native possesses Vaat (gas)

(11) Eleventh house: Native’s wheel of fortune turns after 32 years of age. Native is
benefited and comforted by the abroad relatives and relations. Native acquires wealth but
remains unhappy and discontented with children.

(12) Twelfth house: If the ‘Shrapit Yoga ‘is taking place at twelfth house of natal chart,
natives ever remains economically concerned. They have never enough bank balance.
Their leniency and benevolence lead them to poverty. Virtues like sacrifice, tolerance
and reclusion might cause unhappiness in the life.
It is also said to occur “Shapit Dosha” when Saturn aspects at Rahu or Rahu aspects at
Saturn in the horoscope.
We all know that Planet Saturn glances at any planet or house by third, seventh and tenth
house aspect, while Rahu glances at any planet or house by only seventh house aspect.
“Shrapit Dosha” caused by mutual aspects of Saturn and Rahu produces lesser amount
of evil affects rather than caused by their conjunctions in the horoscope. The malefic
effects of ‘Shrapit Dosha ‘gets diluted, if other benefic planetary relations/Yogas exist at
the time of birth.
Mostly, all the great astrologers unanimously agree that native has to face, more or less,
several hindrances related to education, marital life, health or venture and success
pursuits, if there is ‘Shrapit Yoga’ in the birth chart.

(1) Worship - Mantra Jap or the sacrificial act for Lord Shiva, preferably on Monday, is
considered as an easy and cogent remedy for reducing the effect of “Shrapit Dosha”.
(2) Chant 1.25 lakhs Jap / Mantras of “ Maha-Mrutyunjaya Mantra” or perform through
learned and sacred Brahmin / Priest, preferably on ‘ No-Moon day ‘ falls on Monday or
Wednesday or Shivaratri.

40. Scare of ‘Mangal Dosh ‘

It would not be an exaggerated statement that ‘the scare of Mangal Dosh panics more
than the actual Mangal Dosha in the natal chart’. Actually speaking, whatever the
opinions exist related to Mangal Dosha, they seem to be illusory and shadowy !
As per the prevalent principle, it is called Mangal Dosh, when Mars is positioned at first,
fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the Vedic astrology Ascendant chart.
. A person born in the presence of this condition is termed as a Manglik. Astrological
survey says that 42% natives have Manglik Dosh in their birth charts.
This condition is astrologically believed to be unfavorable for marriages, causing
discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to severe disharmony among the spouses
and eventually to other bigger problems. This is attributed to the "fiery" nature of Mars,
the planet of war.
Therefore, it is advisable that a girl with Mangal dosha in her horoscope should
preferably marry with a boy having Mangal dosha in his horoscope. If Mangal not
posited at 1-4-7-8 or 12th house, Saturn should be posited at one of the above house of
birth chart for their happy and long lived marital life.
Apart from Mangal dosha, compatibility score of both, boy and girl, based on Naxatra of
Moon is also required to be matched.
The negative effects of Mangal dosha get neutralized, if a Manglik person is born on
Tuesday or two Mangliks marry each other. The negative effects are believed to be
neautalized by each other. However, Mars is not the only planet in Vedic Astrology that
impacts the relationships. Actually, these effect should be seen in a broader perspective
of overall astrological compatibility.
There is also a belief that the negative consequences for a single-Manglik marriage could
be resolved, if the Manglik person first performs a ceremony called a ‘kumbh Vivah’, in
which the Manglik "marries" a Banana tree, or a Peepal tree, or a silver or gold idol of
the Hindu God Vishnu.
The evil effects of Manglik Dosha could be reduced with the help of astrological
remedies, which would generally include the application of Poona, Mantras, Gemstones
and Charities. However, these remedies are different for different individuals depending
upon their horoscopes.
An increasing number of individuals are, now a day, placing less emphasis on Manglik
dosha, during the selection of a life partner, as evidenced from the data from online
matrimony sites. However, there is still a pretty large following of people who give
credence to Manglik Dosha.

41. Court matter and penalty

Twelfth house of natal chart depicts expenses, losses, theft, debt imprisonment, Moksha,
poverty and court matter .This house also helps us to take decision in respect of native’s
marriage and his / her settlement in abroad.
As we know that, twelfth house is known as House of expenses while Lord of the
twelfth house is known as ‘Vyayesh’ in Vedic astrology.
Study of twelfth house of natal chart helps us to predict whether the native may face
court matter and/or penalty.
Native may undergo court matter and/or penalty, at least once in the life if,
1. - Rahu or Ketu is positioned at twelfth house of natal chart.
2. - Kal-Sarp Yoga, Solar eclipse/ Grahan Yoga or Lunar eclipse/ Grahan Yoga taking
place at twelfth house.
3. - Sun-Saturn conjunction or opposition conjunction taking place at twelfth house.
4.-Lord of twelfth house is afflicted.
Position of the Lord of the twelfth house (Vyayesh) in the horoscope, decides the matter
/subject of court case that native may face.Occupation or aspect of benefic or malefic
planets at the eleventh house of natal chart decides whether native would win the court
matter.If the eleventh house of natal chart is occupied or aspect by benefic planets, the
chances of winning the court case are bright for native.
Whereas, occupation or aspect of malefic planets at eleventh house ever influence the
defeat for native in the court matter.
42. Immigration and Astrology

For every person, Importance of work place remains equally significant as the native
place of the person. Problems like poverty and unemployment are weakening the society
of India. So, the Indian youngsters are looking for option to get job and business in
Someone is willing to migrate abroad for study purpose where as someone is taking tour
to visit foreign countries to enjoyment purpose only, while others are dreaming and
planning to settle for ever in different countries for their career purpose.
So, it would be very interesting to know that which planets in the horoscope are really
responsible for emigration.
(A) Ascendant / Rising sign is ever significant in the horoscope. The planets positioned
at the ascendant as well as the position of the ascendant Lord depict the desires,
aspiration, ambition and expectations of the native.
(B) Third house signifies short journey and new venture.
(C) Ninth house (house of fortunate) describes distant travel or emigration for study
(D) Study of twelfth house along with ascendant /first house is essential for those natives
who desire to settle abroad.
(E) Position of Lord of third house, Lord of ninth house (Bhagyesh), Lord of twelfth
house (Vyayesh) are also needed to be analyzed along with the position of Moon, the
significator of tours and travels.
(F) Positions of planet Venus and vice planet Rahu in natal chart are also studied when
foreign countries are visited, only for entertainment purpose.
Now, we shall discuss about the position of planets, required in horoscope for the
emigration purpose.
(1). Native should have strong desire for emigration and for that he/she should be
prepared to leave motherland and family. We may have an idea from the rising sign
(ascendant) of horoscope and figure out whether the native is really committed to migrate
or is in dilemma. However, moveable sign of ascendant (Aries, Cancer, Libra and
Capricorn) gives rise to primary Yoga for emigration.
(2. More numbers of planets are required to be in moveable signs of natal chart.
(3).Moon, the significator planet for tours and travelling, needs to be in one of the
moveable signs or in one of the watery element signs (Cancer, Scorpion, and Pisces) or
in its exalted sign (Taurus).
(4). Position of Rahu at first, seventh, tenth or twelfth house in the horoscope also
inspires native to emigrate.
(5).Native emigrates, if the ascendant Lord is at first, third, ninth or eleventh house in
moveable sign.
(6).Native emigrates if Bhagyesh (Lord of ninth house) is positioned at third, ninth or
twelfth house of natal chart.
(7).Native emigrates, if ascendant Lord (Lagnesh) and Lord of twelfth house (Vyayesh)
or Vyayesh and Bhagyesh (Lord of ninth house) are in *mutual reception in horoscope.
(Parivartan Yoga: It is the Exchange of Signs between Two Planets known as
* “Mutual Reception”. It is said to occur when planet-A occupies the sign of
planet-B and simultaneously Planet-B occupies the sign of Planet-A.)
(8). Native stays away from motherland, if malefic planets are positioned at fourth
house of natal chart.
(9).Native is inspired to have job or business abroad, if conjunction of Bhagyesh
(Lord of ninth house) and Vyayesh (Lord of twelfth house) is taking place at house of
profession (tenth house).
(10).Native emigrates for higher studies, if exalted or own sign - Jupiter is positioned at
ninth house. (House of fortunate)
(11).Planetary transit (Gochara) of Rahu in cosmos at first, seventh, tenth or twelfth
house of natal chart produces chances for visiting abroad.
(12).Native could settle abroad, if strong / exalted Rahu is positioned at Twelfth house
and malefic planets are positioned at fourth house of natal chart.
(13).Native cannot settle abroad, if the native’s Moon in the horoscope gets afflicted
and debilitated by the aspect of malefic planets.
(14).Native’s tour remains joyous during the major / minor planetary period of
ascendant Lord, Lord of third house (Parakramesh), Lord of ninth house (Bhagyesh)
and Lord of twelfth house ( Vyayesh ).
43. ‘Love Yoga’ and love affairs

The word ‘Love’ having four characters is one of the most charming and beautiful words
of the English dictionary and human life as well, and thereby the title of the present
article is so romantic, familiar and thrilling.
There are so many types of the love relationship exist in the universe like, brother-sister
love, friendship love, parents-children love, husband-wife love and animal love etc.
Apart from all types of love, youth and adult-hood love has been all time very special
and full of romance. More or less, all middle aged boys and girls, men and women lung
for love and might have experienced to some or greater extent.
In the present article, we are going to discuss about the ‘love and love Yoga’
astrologically only.
We shall try to figure out with the help of astrological media, that what are the planetary
positions in horoscope, responsible for producing, mere infatuation or real divine love for
We shall try to know whether native’s love could be resulted in to marriage or it would
be an unsuccessful love story!
There could be love events in the native’s life….
(1). If Rahu is positioned at ascendant or first house of natal chart.
(2).If first, fifth, seventh or ninth houses of the natal chart are mutually inter-related in the
natal chart.
(3) (a)-The first house relates to self expression or type of the individual personality.
(b)-Fifth house relates to love affairs or any romantic relationship that does not involve a
contractual commitment or where the individuals /natives do not live under the same
roof. (Once two people either get married or move together, it becomes a seventh house
(c) -Seventh house is the house of marriage. It represents relationships with spouse / life
partner or business partner.
(4).If Mars is positioned at fifth / seventh house or in conjunction with Lord of fifth
house or Lord of seventh house.
(5).If Venus is positioned at ascendant /seventh house or in conjunction with ascendant
Lord /Lord of seventh house.
(6). If Mars-Moon or Mars-Venus conjunction is taking place at above three
places/houses of natal chart, love may be resulted into a sacred marriage relationship
(7).There could be divine love, if Venus belongs to Pisces sign, positioned at twelfth
house or Venus is in conjunction with Moon or aspect by Moon in the nativity.
(8).Love affairs get resulted in to a sacred marriage, if Lord of fifth house and Lord of
seventh house are in mutual reception in the birth chart.
(9).Native might fall in love ‘at first site’ (glance), if Mars - Saturn conjunction is taking
place at either fifth or eleventh house of natal chart.
When native faces failure and /or obstacle in love affairs?
(1).Native may face delay, denial or obstacles in love affairs, if Saturn and Rahu are in
conjunction with or aspect by each other at first, fifth or eleventh house of natal chart.
(2).Native’s love affair may not be converted into marriage relationship, if eleventh
house (house of gain) of natal chart is afflicted by or under the influence of malefic
(3).Native may face several obstacles in love relationship or relationship may remain
unfinished, if Saturn is positioned at second place from Moon in natal chart.

44. Win and Defeat in the War

The human has been struggling and fighting hard since primordial time for his own
survival or for satisfying hunger and acquiring physical happiness. It is usually seen that,
some ugly minded people ever enjoy getting to torment and enslave other straight
forward and gentle people but when the limit of tolerance is ended, human group also
gets ready to face atrocities and creates war.
There are two types of persons in the world.
(1).Some one is ever abused becomes victimized of atrocities and remains defeated
throughout the life.
(2).While another one, by the grace of God, has no enemy and enjoys the entire life
without any fear. This is all happening about, subject to the planetary positions of the
So, let us discuss the nature of all planets astrologically regards to the violence, war,
victory and defeat etc.
Sun: Sun, being sigificator of power, position and fiery element (triplicate), remains hot
and often gets angry when certain disciplinary principles are not observed. It is also
religious by nature.
Moon: Moon is peaceful and thoughtful planet. It is a significator of treaty and
Mars: Mars is like violent, bilious, researcher and scientist. Mars influenced person ever
estimates as timid person, to the Moon influenced person. It possesses good logic power.
It maintains law and order. It produces modern weapons to defeat enemies.
Mercury: Mercury is business minded and matured planet. It always prefers to have
friendship with everybody. Mercury is aware of all the consequences caused by fight or
war and court matter.
Jupiter: Jupiter is like a life guard and significator of life. It never desires and offers war
but maintains mercy and affection towards all kind of animals. It shows politeness,
modesty, and wisdom. Jupiter ever trys to save own prestige and respectability.
Venus: Venus looks quiet planet but it is the master of demons. It is greedy and selfish. It
leads to animosity between two groups for its own benefit. It instigates for war. It
provides excuses to weak people for undue fighting.
Saturn: It is like criminal, addicted, Panic maker, dictator, thick-headed, life destroyer,
ignorant, stupid, simper and rowdy planet. It is a significator of toxin. It fights for
pleasure and for contentment of others.
Although, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are life donor signs but when Saturn
transits through these signs, it brings destruction under its influence and unrest is
transmitted. However, the transit of planet Mercury and Jupiter bring the formation of
peace and protection.
When Mars is under the control of Jupiter, (i.e. when Mars is aspect by Jupiter’s fifth /
ninth House aspect) Jupiter utilizes the power of Mars to the advantage of human
welfare. Same way, Mars controls the Saturn and utilizes the power Saturn (while it is
under the fourth or eighth House aspect of Mars).At the same time, the invention of the
modern machinery and weapons for life guards takes place to cope up with the natural
disaster and attack from enemies.
Mars is the significator of research, science and chemicals. It believes in making
progress. Saturn takes the disadvantage of Mars when Mars is under the third house
aspect of Saturn and thereby leads to the production of lethal weapons for destructive
Possibilities of war increase when Jupiter and Mars come under the influence of third
house aspect of Saturn. At the same time, pretty small rumour could turn out to be
explosive and spread over terror.
Rahu: Rahu is having irritable, Tamoguni and Saturn type nature. It is a significator of
black -magic art, chemical, toxic medicine, trickery, distrust, betrayal, diplomatic policy,
suspicious work, and suspicious location. Rahu brings and brings back the sudden
Ketu: Ketu has Mars like nature. It is a significator of stubbornness, unexpected troubles,
hasty nature and having own style of working.
Above war inducing planets bring the possibilities of defeat and victory as per their
strength in the natal chart, during their transit and operating major/minor planetary
Moreover, sixth house signifies foes and competitors in the birth chart. It is also called
the house of enemies. Mars and Saturn are the significators of this place/house.
Mars keeps native away from enemies, competitors and compliments the victory. While
the planet Saturn scares of enemies and induces the defeat.
Friendly Planets of Mars, like Sun and Jupiter could fetch victory for native. While
planets inimical to Mars, like Venus and Saturn take defeat for native.
Auspicious planetary positions (Yogas) that bring victory in the war:
(1).Association (conjunct /aspect) of Mars, Sun, Moon or Jupiter with ascent/ascendant
Lord or sixth house/Lord of sixth house brings triumph for native.
(2).If Lord of sixth house is debilitated or combust or positioned at 29 or 0 degree in the
sign of natal chart, it could bring the win.
(3). If Saturn is debilitated or combust with Sun or under the special house aspect of
Mars or Jupiter, it could bring the victory.
(4).Association of Mars with sixth house or Lord of sixth house fetches the success in
For example: We could study the natal chart of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who had
achieved great success in his profession as an attorney or Barrister.
Birth Chart of S. V. Patel: 4, 7, 2, 10, 7, 7, 7, 10, 10, 4
(Position of Ascendant/ planets in the numbered house like..
Ascendant/Sun/Moon/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter/Venus/Saturn/ Rahu /Ketu)
Above chart shows that exalted Mars in the above natal chart, aspects at the Cancer sign
/ ascendant
- Ascendant Lord, i.e., The Moon is positioned in exalted / Taurus sign.
- Sixth house (House of enemy / competitor) is occupied by Sagittarius sign. Lord of
Sixth house, Jupiter is associated with Sun in Libra sign. So he lived as a successful and
winning person in his profession.
(Rule # 1 above applies here)
- Saturn is conjunct with exalted Mars in Capricorn sign.
We salute to his struggle for numbers of years as a freedom fighter for his motherland-
Inauspicious planetary positions/ Yogas that cause defeat in war / from enemies:
(1) It causes defeat if planet Venus , Saturn or ‘ Marak Graha’ is associated with
ascendant or Lord of ascendant or Lord of ascendant is posited in sixth, eighth or twelfth
house or is becoming debilitated in natal chart.
By the way, what is Marak Grah? The planet is said to be ‘Marak Grah’ when it is
becoming the Lord of sixth, eighth or twelfth house, but not becoming the Lord of any
angle or trine in the natal chart.
(2) It causes defeat for native, when Venus or Saturn is associated with sixth house or
Lord of sixth house or Saturn is posited in sixth, eighth or twelfth house.
(3).It may cause defeat for native, when Saturn is positioned in its own sign (Capricorn,
Aquarius) or in the sign of Venus (Taurus, Libra) or in sixth, eighth or twelfth house of
the natal chart.
For example: We can take the natal chart of (Ruler of the kingdom—Mysore) Tipu
Sultan for study.
Birth Chart : 9, 8, 1, 11, 8, 2, 7, 8, 5, 11.
Above chart shows that, ascendant Lord is positioned in sixth house and sixth house
(House of enemy) is aspect by Saturn. Venus, the Lord of sixth house is posited in Libra
sign. Saturn is placed at twelfth house. Though Tipu Sultan was a brave solder and ruler,
he was killed in the war!
(Rule No # 2 above applies here).
45. Painful ‘Saturn-Sun’ Yoga

Planets conjunction, opposition, mutual aspect and mutual reception play significant role
in the progress and crumple of human life. Actually speaking, nobody is free from the
influence of planetary effect. Whenever in the nativity, benefic planets are well placed,
strong, and unafflicted, they tend to provide happiness, gain, success, fulfil of desires and
early settlement in life but whenever malefic planets are afflicted, they tend to cause
obstructions, accident, miseries, humiliation, and serious setback like situation.
It causes hitches, struggle, conflict, disrespect, family or social unrest, paternal injure and
collision with Government officials in the life, if Sun and Saturn are associated /afflicted
by one or other way, in the natal chart.
In Vedic astrology, planet Saturn is considered as a son of the Sun. However, their
relationship is not alike father and son. They are inimical to each other.
Sun: Sun is the significator of soul, power, right, reputation, respectability, heart, eye-
light, character, self, wealth, personality, religion, fortunate, state authority, karma, high
position, father, headache, Indigestion, and leucoderma disease
Sun is also considered to be the significator of ascendant (first house), ninth house
(house of fortunate) and tenth house (house of karma /profession).
Saturn: Planet Saturn is the significator of sixth, eighth and twelfth house of horoscope,
which signifies inauspicious aspects of the life like greed, sorrow, difficulties, pain,
injury, labour, illness, old age, sacrifice, retirement and detachment.
” Yama” is its nick name. It rules over death. It also rules over leg, bones, dent, skin,
hair, weakness, blindness, fracture, paralysis and gas (Vaat) related diseases.
As such Sun signifies bile (Pitta) and Saturn signifies (gas) Vaat, their inauspicious
relationship ever produces Vaat-Pitta related diseases. It causes impact like scabies, hair
getting white, wrinkles on face, dry skin, and burns in the body etc.
Sun is the king of planets and indicator of state authority. While Saturn represents
populace, labor and suppressed class therefore Sun-Saturn relationship causes movement
and conflict with state authority for vested interests.
Saturn being the enemy of the Sun, it makes native, a revolutionary person and induces
conflict with Government officials or higher authorities when it associates with the Sun,
the significator of state authority. As such the Sun and the Saturn are inimical to each
other and Sun being significator of tenth house of natal chart, their conjunction or aspect
with each other at tenth house brings extra liabilities for native at younger age. Native
remains deprived of glory and reputation. Native gets victimized of injustice which often
leads him/her to take leadership for movements and strikes. So native has to suffer
displeasure and anger of senior officers in Government job. Native might face allegations
and could be suspended or dismissed from job.
Sun as the significator / indicator of first place/ nature: So Sun-Saturn relationship in the
natal chart makes native impulsive, calculative, egoistic and narrow minded. Native is
suffering from prejudice and suspicious nature and thereby makes his/her own life
miserable. Native is unable to maintain fair relationships with friends-relatives in his/her
commune and at occupation because of such type of nature.
Sun is as the significator of ninth house (house of fortune/destiny): As a result, native
could be misfortunate because of such Sun-Saturn relationship. Native might face
obstacles on his/her destiny path and has to remain on back foot. Native often faces
change of place at occupation or gets persistent transfer with change of location in
Government job and disheartened.
Sun as the significator of father: Though Saturn is son of the Sun, both are inimical to
each other. So conjunction of Sun-Saturn causes clash and conflict with father. Native
gets isolated from his/her father. Native may have loss of father’s happiness at the
younger age, if mutual aspect of Sun-Saturn takes place in natal chart.
Sun is considered to be the significator of husband in female birth chart. So conjunction
with or aspect of Saturn at Sun causes disharmony and difference of opinion in marital
life of female native. Female native may marry to an elderly male person. Sun-Saturn
conjunction or aspect relationship in a male horoscope denotes that male native gets
married at older age or may have extra marital relationship. He might get valentine of
younger age. Thus Sun-Saturn combination produces inferior levelled relationships.
Sun-Saturn relationship in the natal chart may cause anaemic condition for native. Native
gets blockage in blood circulation route because of the contraction in the blood vessels
and heart muscles. Veins get stretched. Native’s hands and feet get tingled. Bones
remain weak. Native might suffer from low blood pressure problem and spinal ache.
Such type of relationship of Sun-Saturn may endanger the life. Sometimes, it could lead
to abnormal death for native. Native may, for a time, experience imprisonment in the life.
Sun-Saturn relationship in the natal chart induces native to venture into the political field.
However, it is not apposite for attaining the political power when Sun and Saturn, both
are inimical to each other. It becomes more difficult to maintain the power, even if it is
attained by chance. Native has to observe ups and collapse. Such native is found
fearless, valiant but creates numbers of rivals and opponents because of his/her haughty,
egocentric inflexible, stubborn, combative and uncompromising nature.
It makes native brave, strong and impressive, if Sun and Saturn, both the planets are
exalted or in own sign while they conjunct with or aspect at each other in the natal chart.
Native attains higher rank position when planets are stronger. However, it also brings
better results even if Sun-Saturn conjunction takes place at trine of the birth chart. It
influences inauspicious and malefic results in the native’s life under the major-minor
planetary period of Saturn-Sun.
It brings major changes in the life of native, when the Saturn of the cosmos (Gochar)
transits through the sign, where Sun is positioned in the natal chart. Sun and Saturn, both
need to be stronger in natal chart for auspicious changes. However, it produces
inauspicious results if they both are weak by placement and strength.
In short, it generates family and social changes in native’s life and brings changes at
work and occupation as well, during the opposite conjunction or transit of Saturn
through the Sun of natal chart. It could cause trouble, problems, and loss of riches,
failures at job / occupation, disgrace, disrespect and detainment for native. Such natives
who have Sun-Saturn conjunction or aspect relationship in their birth charts, need to take
utmost care when Saturn returns to the same position in the horoscope(during transit in
the universe) and take precautionary and remedial measures in advance.
46 ‘Kaal-Sarpa Yoga’... not so scary

The ongoing article is all about the questions like, what is ‘kaal-Sarpa’ Yoga? How does
it influence our factual life? Why do natives get scared of? Etc.
It is my humble endeavour to eliminate all such undue confusion, despair and prevalent
scare from reader’s point of view about ‘ Kal Sarpa Yoga ‘and present the article in a
unique way to guide and help them out in a right way. Hope, this article would be
acknowledged positively by my all the beloved readers.
It is very unfortunate in our country that, instead of eliminating and guiding properly
about the extensive horrifying impact of “Kal-Sarpa Yoga’, some materialist astrologers
are giving undue importance and trying to charge more money by forecasting in a
improper way from the natives, who have blind trust over such Yoga/Dosha.
Now, we shall try to see exactly, what is ‘kaal-Sarp Yoga’?
It is said to occur “kaal Sarp Yoga “when all the planets other than the outer planets like
Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are hemmed / positioned between Rahu-Ketu and half of the
chart is unoccupied by planets. Motion of the Rahu/ Ketu is always retrograde through
the sign. These two vice planets always transit in retrograde/backward motion from other
seven planets. The Sun and others planets transit from East to West direction, while
Rahu-Ketu transit in reverse direction to other planets i.e. they both move from West to
East direction in the universe.
Basic features:
We find under mentioned basic features in the life of native having ‘Kaal-Sarp Yoga’ in
the natal chart.
(1) This Kaal Sarp Yoga is considered to be dreaded yoga that can cause one’s
life to be miserable. 'Kaal' symbolizes for time while 'Sarpa' symbolizes for snake
or viper in Kaal-Sarpa, which in a way refers to the bad destiny that the native has
to go through, as an impact of the Yoga. The presence of this Yoga in a natal
chart induces the native to go through lots of struggle and confliction in the first
half part of his life. The person remains under misery and sorrow. It is also
believed that the Kaal Sarpa Yoga has the ability to turn a rich man to a poor
person as it has the power to annul the best result of the mightiest Dhana Yogas.
(2) Natives come forward and attain the tops of the success by their own hard
efforts in the life, so sometime; this Yoga is also called “Sangharsh (struggle)
-For example:
Late/Shri Jawaharlal Nehru,
L/ Dr.Radha Krishnan,
Shri Morari Bapu,
Shri Ranchhodlal.
L/ Shri Dhirubhai Ambani,
L/ Shri V. Shantaram,
L/ Mr. Abraham Lincoln,
L / Shri Ashok Kumar,
Shri Dilipkumar.
Lata Mangeshkar,
L/ Mussolini from Italy,
Raja Baldevdas Birla
L/ Shri Harshad Mehta
All these great personalities/celebrities, who have/had Kaal-Sarpa Yoga in their
birth chart. They all struggled hard and achieved a great height of the success in
their life.
(3) Kaal Sarpa Yoga has nothing to do with money matter or grace of native, if
ascendant Lord and Lord of second house are strong enough in the natal chart.
(4) Kaal Sarpa Yoga influences maximum amount of physical wealth to native if,
by virtue of past birth merits, exalted or own sign Jupiter /Venus/Moon is
positioned at angle in the natal chart.
There are twelve types of Kaal Sarp Yogas as per the twelve zodiac signs. All
Kaal Sarpa Yogas are not inauspicious. At least Eight, out of twelve kaal Sarp
Yogas are considered to be auspicious.
Mainly, there are two divisions of Kaal Sarpa Yoga.
(1). Kaal Sarp Yoga of Visible Axis / hemisphere: It is said to be called so, when
Rahu is positioned at first house/ascendant and Ketu is positioned at seventh
house. Here the motion of the Rahu remains retrograde as ever and transits anti-
clockwise i.e. From ascendant to 12th house, 11th house… and so on, towards
seventh house. (7th house to 1st house of horoscope is called as visible
hemisphere of horoscope.)
(2).Kaal Sarp Yoga of invisible Axis / hemisphere: It is said to be so, when Rahu
is positioned at seventh house and Ketu is positioned at first house/ascendant in
the natal chart. Here Rahu transits from seventh house to sixth, fifth and so on.
(1st house to seventh house is considered as invisible hemisphere)
Actually, there is a vast difference in the results between these two types of Kaal
Sarp Yogas:
(A) Impacts of invisible Axis /hemisphere ‘Kaal Sarp Yoga’:
(a) It brings difficulties and pain for native and his/her family.
(b).Native often faces blockage on his way of destiny.
(c).It affects substantially, if Rahu and Ketu are strong enough in this type of Yoga.
(d). Native might matter on children issue. Native gets delay for having kids pleasure.
(e).Native could be victim of betrayal and deception.
(f). Loss of money may occur.
(g).Perhaps, it affects to the longetivity of native, if this type of Kaal Sarp Yoga is related
to the second and seventh house of natal chart.
(B). Impacts of visible Axis / hemisphere Kaal Sarp Yoga:
This type of Kaal Sarp Yoga brings sudden money gain, pretty good job, profession,
power and benefits for native. Native is religiously benefited and gets him/herself
spiritually developed.
Thus here, in this case, the result is positive and contrary to the all impacts of kaal Sarp
Yoga (A), that occurs in invisible hemisphere.
General predictions related to all the twelve houses:
(1) It is called “Anant kaal Sarp Yoga” when Rahu and Ketu are placed at first and
seventh house respectively in the natal chart. It brings mental unrest, instability, court
issue, disharmony in marital life and loss at partnership venture for native. It makes
native a liar, wicked wit, fraudulent person.
(2) It gives rise to “kulik-Kaal Sarp Yoga” when Rahu and Ketu are positioned at
second and eighth house respectively in the birth chart respectively. It brings unrest,
affray, extra ordinary expenditure, and caustic language. It is advisable not to ever trust
on such native’s promises, as the speech represents the second house of natal chart.
(3).It gives rises to “Vasuki-Kaal Sarp Yoga” when Rahu and Ketu are placed at third
and ninth house respectively. It affects to native’s fate, abroad tour, documentary
agreement, and sibling relationship. It also makes native atheistically.
(4).It gives rises to “Shankhpal Kaal Sarpa Yoga” when Rahu and ketu are placed at
fourth and tenth house respectively. It brings affliction for mother, problems related to
real or movable property, bother, loss in business or affects paternal happiness.
(5).It gives rise to,”Padam Kaal Sarp Yoga”, if Rahu and Ketu are positioned at fifth and
eleventh house respectively in the natal chart. It causes problems related to offspring,
miscarriage, loss at lottery and speculation, betrayal from friends, and injury at hands.
(6).It gives rise to “Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Yoga” if Rahu and Ketu are positioned at
sixth and twelfth house respectively. It brings victory over rivals, enemies, and diseases.
Native may have distrustful personality. This Yoga could bring failure in love for native.
(7).It gives rise to “Takshat kaal Sarp Yoga “when Rahu and Ketu are positioned at
seventh and first house respectively in the natal chart and all other seven planets are in
between them. This brings loss at partnership or disharmony in marital life. It may cause
occult disease or tendency to suicide.
(8).It gives rise to “ Karkotak kaal Sarp Yoga” when Rahu and Ketu are placed at eighth
and second house respectively in the birth chart, It could bring the possibilities of long
illness, accident, operation, untimely death, death by poison or occult diseases for native.
(9).It gives rise to “Shankhchuda Kaal Sarp Yoga”, when Rahu and Ketu are positioned
at ninth and third house of natal chart. It could have an evil effect on destiny, troubles at
Government work or at journey and might concern about paternal happiness.
(10).It gives rise to “Ghatak Kaal Sarp Yoga” if Rahu and ketu are positioned at tenth
and fourth house respectively in the natal chart. It could lead to unexpected troubles for
native or separation from parents.
(11).It gives rise to “Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Yoga” when Rahu and ketu are positioned at
eleventh and fifth house respectively in the natal chart. It causes ear pain or heart
problem. It could lead the difference of opinion with elder brother. Native may have to
stay away from his/her motherland.
(12).It gives rise to “Sheshnaag Kaal Sarp Yoga” when Rahu and Ketu are positioned at
twelfth and sixth house respectively in the natal chart. It makes concealed enemies. It
leads the possibilities of detainment, court issue, eye surgery or difficulties while in long
journey for native.
Above Yogas are mainly observed under the major or minor planetary cycle of Rahu or
Ketu. Especially, it influences malefic effects when Saturn’s Sade Sati /Panoti is going
on or Rahu gets afflicted in the universe/Gochar.
The’ kaal Sarp Yoga’ occurs in visible hemisphere, uplifts the native on the top of the
success. It enables the native to become hero from zero. Native could be millionaire in
the Kaal Sarp Yoga that takes place in visible hemisphere of natal chart only, but at the
same time, gets reversed results in invisible hemisphere of birth chart.
Breach of the Kaal Sarp Yoga:
Kaal Sarp Yoga gets violation if.
(1)- Raj Yoga, Dhana Yoga or Kirti Yoga exists in natal chart.
(2)- Rahu is associated with Mars.
(3)-Rahu is conjunct with other planets and they are ahead of Rahu by degrees in the
same sign.
(4)-At least, one of the planets is not hemmed between Rahu-Ketu Axis and hemisphere.
(5)-Gaj-Kesari/ Malavya/ Ruchaka/ Shasha/ Bhadra Yoga is taking place at one of the
angles of the natal chart and accordingly if the Jupiter/Venus/Mars/Saturn/Mercury
respectively, is placed in its exalted sign or in own sign.
The Rahu-Ketu is always moving in reverse direction from other planets in the universe.
Kaal Sarp Yoga occurs, only when other planets are moving towards the mouth of
dragon head/ Rahu in its retrograde transit. But if any one of the planets is not moving
towards/entering the mouth of Rahu, then Kaal Sarp Yoga is said to be violated and
(* Planets like Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are not to be taken in to account while
computing Kaal Sarpa Yoga)
Preventive Remedial Measures for Kaal Sarpa Yoga:
Here are some preventive remedial measures to perform and minimize the influences of
the planets. But apart from that, I would say, it is more essential for native, to ever trust
in God.
However native may.
(1)- Perform Jaap / chanting of Rahu-ketu and make donations.
(2)- Perform Mantras of “Aum Namah Shivay”.
(3)- Perform rites for Gayatri Mantras.
(4)- Keep belief for family goddess.
(5)-Observe Wedensday; upload trefoil (Billie) leaves on Lord Shiva in the month of
When not to perform ‘kaal Sarpa Yoga’ rites?
(1) It is advisable, not to perform any type of Kaal Sarp Yoga rites when, marriage,
sacred thread (Janoi) or Vaastu is going to take place in your family in near future.
(2) Kaal Sarp Yoga rites need not to be performed by ill person or pregnant women.
Something special for Kaal Sarpa Yoga:
Mainly, under mentioned three options are often becoming true, when the kaal Sarp
Yoga is taking place in the natal chart.
(1).Native might be wealthy by the age between 42 to 46 years.
(2).Native finds the end of his/her career by the age between 42 and 46 years.
(3).Native gets confused about his/her future by the age 42 to 46 years.
Moreover, it is also mentioned in the Vedic astrology that the native becomes abundant
wealthy and prosperous when the formation of “Kaalamrut Yoga” takes place i.e. Ketu
is positioned at eighth house from ascendant in the natal chart. This type of Yoga takes
place only in the visible hemisphere of natal chart.
Finally, I reiterate that nobody needs to be scary or frightened by such “kaal Sarp Yoga”/
Dosha. Its name by itself seems only scary. This is the Yoga that could bring major
changes in the native’s life after 42 years. However, “Kaal Sarp Yoga” is a very special
and unique Yoga that often finds place in the horoscopes of mainly, ethnic kind of
personalities, social workers, patriotic persons and glory recipients.

Transition of different planets in the Universe

47. How would be my today? / (Transit of

Moon through different houses)
Astrology helps us know that how our today would be passed on. On the basis of
Moon’s transit in the universe, in a particular zodiac sign, on a particular date, we could
easily figure out about day- today’s forecast. We could get to know easily about routine
questions like” either the particular day for anybody would be an auspicious or
inauspicious? Weather particular work would be accomplished or not? How would be
native’s economical, family and mental status on a particular day? However, for that
detailed and extensive astrological study is not required. Only the thing is that, we need
to know about the zodiac sign of the particular day and have to figure out the position of
Moon’s transit in the cosmos and the natal sign on particular day.
For example:
(A) .Like, yours zodiac sign is Taurus and if it is Cancer sign for that day, you are
trying to look for the future, then it is said that Moon is transiting at third place from
your sign i.e. Taurus. Because Cancer sign is at a distance of three signs like, Taurus,
Gemini and Cancer.
(B).If your natal sign is Gemini and the Moon is also transiting in the Gemini sign on
the day, then it is said that Moon is transiting in the first place from your sign.
Accordingly, we would see that, how would be the particular day when Moon is
transiting through different houses from your natal sign as under.
(1).It produces auspicious results when Moon transits through the first house from natal
/ birth sign. It is considered as pleasant and blessed time.
(2).It brings inauspicious results when Moon transits through second house from natal
sign. Financial transactions needs to be carefully performed, otherwise, there may be
loss of money.
(3).It brings success and triumph when Moon transits through third house from natal
(4).Native may experience emotional pain and fear, if Moon transits through fourth
house from natal sign.
(5).Native may experience fear, mental tension, affliction and pain, if Moon transits
through fifth house from natal sign.
(6).Native may experience positive change regards to health, if Moon transits through
sixth house from natal sign.
(7).It brings family peace and happy time, if Moon transits through seventh house from
natal sign.
(8).It brings inauspicious time for native when Moon transits through eighth house from
natal sign. It could produce physical and mental tension. Be aware of undue controversy
with anybody.
(9).It causes health related concern while Moon transits through ninth house from natal
sign. It gives hard time. Native has to face obstacles and struggle.
(10).Native acquires desired success, fulfils all type of expected responsibilities and
occupation, if Moon transits through tenth house from natal sign.
(11).Native spends his time in pleasure, enjoys metal peace, success and economical
gains, if Moon transits through eleventh house from natal sign.
(12). Native incurs extra expenses, faces economical loss, if the Moon transits through
twelfth house from the natal sign. Native has to be pretty careful during this time.
In short, transit of Moon remains ever auspicious and brings grace, respect, glory and
happy marital life when it transits through first, third, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh
house from natal sign, while it produces inauspicious results, when transits through
second, fourth, fifth, eighth, ninth and twelfth house from natal sign. Native may face
illness, economical loss, physical pain and botheration.

48. Transit of Sun through different houses

and its effect:

Ancient saints have shared solar circular orbit into 12 equal parts, which are called
zodiac signs. This orbital distance is accounted for as an area of 360 degrees. That
means each sign is placed at a distance of 30 degrees from another sign. The Sun stays
30 days in each sign and takes one year to complete the zodiac / circulation of 360
degrees in its orbit.
Herein, we shall discuss briefly, relating to the impact/result inflicted by the Sun while
its zodiac / 360 degrees orientation in the cosmos.
Transit through :
(1).Native acquires respect and grace when the Sun transits through first house
/ascendant of natal chart.
(2).Native faces unexpected troubles and loss, if the Sun transits through second house
of natal chart.
(3).There could be gains, increase in the extent of pleasure and happiness, procurement
of auspicious news and retreat of enemies, if the Sun transits through third house of
natal chart in the universe.
(4). Native acquires pleasure, fixed property like, house-vehicle and succeeds at every
effort when the Sun transits through fourth house of natal chart. Native finds health
improvement with regards to his/her parents.
(5).Native finds difficulties during the journey, physical fatigue and faces obstacles at
academic sector when the Sun transits through fifth house of natal chart.
(6).Native finds improvement in the health or maintains the health and win over rivals
and enemies, when the Sun transits through sixth house of natal chart.
(7).Native experiences marital discord, rational passion and angry mood, when the Sun
transits in the universe through seventh house of natal chart.
(8).Native might suffer from illness and experience the panic of enemies and weapons,
when the Sun transits through the eighth house of natal chart.
(9).Natives might receive abroad related auspicious news, success at job or occupation
and organize for tours or pilgrimage, when the Sun transits through ninth house of natal
(10).Native acquires many types of benefits, enjoys happiness and success, benefited in
business and gets improved business relationships, when the Sun transits through tenth
house of natal chart.
(11).Native gets desired gains in business and improved friendly relationships, if the
Sun transits through eleventh house of natal chart.
(12).Native faces hindrance in business, nuisance from enemies, transfer of job at
undesired place or organize for tours and travels, if the Sun transits in the universe
through twelfth house of natal chart.
In short, transit of the Sun through first (ascendant), third, fourth, sixth, tenth and
eleventh house from ascendant of natal chart remains ever auspicious, whereas transits
through second, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth and twelfth house from ascendant remains
49. Transit of Mars in the universe and its

Dear readers, initially, let us have some introduction for the planet Mars before we
discuss relating to its transit in the universe.
Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar
System. Named after the Roman God of war, it is often described as the "Red Planet",
as the iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance.
Mars is like a commander among the planets. It is 141.5 million miles away from our
Earth. It influences over red colour. Its numerology number is 9 and it is the indicator of
military science. It has Tamo-guni, fiery-element, and Pitta nature.
The Mars fires our emotions, but he also powers our mental endeavors and
communicative skills. The red planet governs energy, strength, courage, life-force and
expansion. Mars is the cosmic engine of growth.

A masculine planet of instinctive, Mars governs male relationships and associations, risk-
taking inclinations, and the physical challenges we are likely to encounter. The word
"martial" refers to the upright and soldierly, yet violent. Although traditionally classed as
a malefic (evil-doer), Mars, when well-placed, endows powerful energy and an
unconquerable will to succeed. When poorly-placed or badly aspect, Mars can signal
accidents, injuries, anger, rage, warfare and other forms of violence, according to the
inclinations of the sign and house concerned. Mars generates acute conditions,
burns, blisters, cuts, infections and inflammations; A force of fertility and reproduction as
well as destruction, Mars shows that sometimes we need to destroy in order to create: to
tear down, in order to build a-new.
Mars gets directional strength at tenth house (South direction) of natal chart. It is
significator of third and sixth house. Red coral is the Gem stone that generates positive
power for Mars. Mars stays approximately 45 days in each sign and nearly 20 days in
each Naxatra (constellation). It has ‘Vishottari Dasha ‘period for 7 years and ‘Ashtottari
Dasha’ for 8 years.
So, now let us see briefly, how the transit of Mars in the universe, influences on human
life while it changes each sign at every 45 days.
Transit through :
(1).It could bring physical pain, dental pain, mental and social worries, threats of
weapons, surgery, and shocking news, if the Mars transits through first house of natal
chart. Native may perform some immoral or criminal act in anger and could get injury.
(2).There could be possibility of abdominal surgery, oral disease, accident, family
clashes, loss of money or marital separation, if the Mars transits through the second
house from the ascendant in nativity.
(3).Native beats the enemies, benefited through travelling, gains from brother, acquires
success, wealth happiness and riches, makes progress every way, develops better
relationships, feels positive change in fate and remains enthusiastic when Mars transits
through third house of natal chart.
(4).It brings unrest, unhappiness, obstacle in occupational progress, estate concern, pain
in chest when Mars transits through fourth house of natal chart. Native, as far as
possible, need not move from his/her real property by own and make other changes as
well, during this time.
(5) It brings mental stress, gets off mood in study. Native often performs avoidance
(risky venture) and incurs loss, faces love failure, causes afflicts to offspring, if the Mars
transits through fifth house of natal chart.
(6).Native acquires victory over enemies, wins against rivals in the court issue, benefited
in wealthy pursuits, and succeeds in ventures and relief from diseases. There could be a
successful surgery on body by this time. Native gets favor from his/her boss and seniors
in the job and from the maternal side as well, during this auspicious time when, Mars
transits through sixth house of natal chart.
(7). There could be increase (augment) in the nuisance of opponents, concern about
court issue, difference of opinion with life partner, business partner and among family
members as well. Other events may also take place like conflicts, separation, obstacles in
journey, mental stress when the Mars transits through seventh house of natal chart.
(8).Native might incur unexpected expenses, face struggles and obstacles, experience
financial crisis, concern about health, suffer from pain in lower part of the body, if the
Mars transits through eighth house of natal chart. Native needs to be careful from
accident, stay away himself from clashes and argumentation or get ready to face
unexpected and undesirable events in the life by this time.
(9).Native experiences failures, faces obstacles on destiny path, causes afflict to father,
comes across obstacles during journey when the Mars transits through ninth house of
natal chart. All travelers need to take extra care during this time.
(10).Native may face obstacles and difficulties at occupation, may have variance with
senior officers in job, may incur loss in business on account of his/her wrong decisions
and may have cumbersome time for parents, when the Mars transits through tenth house
of natal chart in the universe.
(11).It is said to be overall an auspicious time for making progress when the Mars transits
through eleventh house of natal chart in the universe. Native gets benefited by and co-
operated from friends and relatives. Native acquires progress in job or business, gains
property related monetary and wealth benefits, procures equipments of advancement,
enjoys success in love and romance and gets health happiness.
(12).It causes diseases, accident, family clashes, loss of money, conflicting events among
siblings and other relatives, eye related problems and court matter issues when the Mars
transits through the twelfth house of natal chart in the universe. Such transit of the Mars
could influence the probabilities of some physical injuries and surgery as well. There
could be unexpected troubles or loss in wealth, if the thoughtful decisions are not taken
by this time.

50. Role of Ketu in Astrology

Ketu is the dragon's tail or bottom half of Rahu and is known as the planet that
represents the Moon's southern axis or southern point. Ketu signifies our karmic past and
brings about/causes obstacles that occur in our life.
Like Rahu, Ketu is also an imaginary planet or a node that is positioned opposite Rahu.
The constellations covered by him are Ashwin, Magha and Mool. The North node is
called Rahu and the South node is known as Ketu. It is believed to represent the tail of
The South node or Ketu is regarded as a point of difficult Karma from his past life where
a person reaps the results of his selfish and egoist deeds of the past. The other side of
Ketu represents the tendency towards Moksha or liberation and mastery of secret and
mysterious knowledge.
Rahu and Ketu are famous for giving sudden and unexpected results. Both Rahu and
Ketu are the parts of the same demon. Both are 180 degree apart. When Ketu, Sun and
Moon lie in the same zodiacal longitude, lunar eclipse takes place. Rahu has special
enmity with Sun and Ketu with Moon.
Profession-wise, magicians, medical parishioners, astrologer and doctors are ruled by
Ketu. Both Rahu and Ketu, the imaginary nodes, are the mysterious forces and show
karmic and spiritual influences in the birth chart.
Like Rahu, Ketu also does not rule any zodiac sign since it has no physical appearance.
Our Rishis/Saints have allotted Sagittarius sign as the house of exaltation for KETU.
Some scholars think Ketu is exalted in Scorpio. Likewise it is debilitated in Gemini or
Taurus. Ketu is considered strong in Jupiter sign.
Ketu feels comfortable with Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Ketu is neutral to
Jupiter. His enemies are Mars, Sun and Moon.
Ketu is the planet known for spirituality. The person influenced by the planet is gifted
with spiritual achievements.
Period allotted to Ketu Mahadasha is seven years. His Gemstone is Cat`s eye (Lahsunia).
Ketu, if placed favorably in horoscope, brings a lot of luxury, wisdom and intuition to a
person. If unfavorable, he causes unnecessary depression, poor concentration, boundless
worries, anxiety and ghost related problems. Transit of Ketu through
first,third,sixth,ninth,tenth and eleventh place from native’s natal zodiac sign brings the
auspicious results where as transit from second, fourth,fifth,seventh,eighth and twelfth
house causes inauspicious impacts.

51. The Effects of Ketu in Different Houses

Now, we shall see the effects of Ketu’s position in different house of natal chart in the
forgoing article as hereunder

As we know, Rahu and Ketu are also known as Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail.
They are considered the nodes of Moon, or shadowy planets because they don’t have
physical bodies. The two planets move backwards or are retrograde and give sudden
and unexpected happenings in life. Their effects are modified for better or for worse
depending on if they are by themselves or conjoined with other planets. Usually the
effects of Rahu are considered like that of Saturn and Ketu like that of Mars.

Following are the effects of Ketu in various houses in the Horoscope. This is basic
information and all planets are affected by degree, conjunctions, aspects on them,
placement among other things.

Ketu in the First House: The person has a sharp intelligence but if Jupiter or Mercury
doesn’t aspect the planet, the full potential of the person may not be fulfilled. It gives
restlessness, discontentment and in spite of hard work, struggles continue financially. In
Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius when the position will be less detrimental,
Ketu tends to create many problems. It affects conjugal happiness also. A person with
this placement is often exploited by others.

Ketu in second House: It gives financial ups and downs, health troubles in the throat
and dental region, obstructs education and makes the person inclined to use foul
language when angry... Family tensions will abound. If Ketu is strong and well placed
then there will be opposite results and many financial gains.

Ketu in the third house: This placement makes the person strong and intelligent, with a
lot of mental and physical toughness, but also mental stress due to disputes that occurs
from time to time. It gives success and long life but the upper part of body especially,
the arms may be prone to injury.

Ketu in the fourth House: Unless Ketu is well placed; it can give losses through real
estate, affect mother’s health adversely. It affects studies and causes family tension and
breaks in education.

Ketu in the fifth house: This will give loss of first pregnancy to a woman unless
husband’s horoscope is strong. Even then it will give a difficult pregnancy or difficult
delivery. It makes one prone to stomach troubles if badly placed, and affects
relationships with children.

Ketu in the sixth house: This gives strength, determination, name and fame. A person
with this placement can overcome any adversity or opposition. It does predispose the
person to piles and fistula or other private organ infection and affects eye sight
adversely. Early childhood is usually not happy.

Ketu in the seventh house: This gives danger from water and gives attachment to a
partner not accepted by family. It can also give hernia or other intestinal infections.
Stomach area is weak. It gives mental worry, losses from theft, but Ketu in Scorpio in
the seventh could be beneficial.

Ketu in the eighth house: Unless in one of its benefic signs, this position affects
longevity adversely. It gives financial losses, quarrels and opposition from loved ones.
If Ketu is well placed in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio it will give gains.
Illness in the area ruled by the sign Ketu is, in the eighth house, may occur. There will
a be a tendency to have extra marital flings. It also makes a person accident prone.

Ketu in the ninth house: Gives troubles to father and paternal relations, but gains from
foreigners. This position affects family ties adversely, especially with male siblings. If
joined with benefic planets, the negative effects might lessen.

Ketu in the tenth house: This gives popularity, brilliance and stamina. The person will
always overcome his/her ill wishers and will travel far and wide.

Ketu in the eleventh: This gives financial gains but affects progeny adversely. Number
of children may also be limited.

Ketu in the twelfth house: This is an adverse location for finances. Conjugal happiness
is impaired.

52. Role of Rahu in Astrology

All the planets, which I have discussed above, have physical and visual existence. But
Rahu and Ketu have no physical shape. These are the imaginary points in the sky. But
even then, Rahu is considered most powerful and has been allotted the status of a
planet by our Rishis/Saints and seers. Mostly, Rahu confers malefic effect. He/Rahu is
considered a dirty planet indicating laziness, filthiness, delays and hurdles. He stays for
18 months in a zodiac sign.

In Hindu mythology there is an interesting fiction that describes how Rahu and Ketu
came into existence. Once both, the Gods/deity and the demons agreed to form an
alliance to produce nectar that could give them immortality. Nectar was to be obtained
by churning the ocean. In the process, nectar was churned out. When the nectar was
being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a God, and sat between the Sun and
the Moon in an attempt to acquire the nectar. The demon was recognized by the Sun
and the Moon who complained of the demon to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu
immediately severed his head from his chakra. But the demon had already consumed
enough nectar to make him immortal. The head of the demon, known as Rahu, became
immortal. And the remaining corpse of the demon was known as Ketu. Ever since,
Rahu and Ketu became the strong enemy of Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon eclipses
occur due to Rahu and Ketu who swallow up Sun and Moon when they come near to
them. In this way Rahu and Ketu take their revenge from Sun and Moon.

In Vedic astrology Rahu and Ketu are known as two invisible planets and they are
strong enemies of the Sun and the Moon. Rahu and Ketu are actually the astronomical
points in the sky respectively, called the north and south lunar nodes. The places of
intersection where the Moon`s path meet the Sun`s path is known as North Lunar Node
and South Lunar Node respectively. Thus, the relation of Rahu and Ketu with Sun and
Moon has been described through the language of symbol in Hindu mythology.

Rahu is a powerful and malefic planet. This is a favourable planet of the politicians. He
gives them great opportunity and power to rise in the politics through any means fair or
unfair. He also rules over thieves, jail, magicians, snake, poison and isolated places etc.
Rahu has also the power to confer sudden wealth.

Being a shadow planet, Rahu has not been allotted any Zodiac Sign. Even then, Rahu
exalts in Taurus Sign. If placed negative in a horoscope, he can create confusion,
depression and emotional imbalances. On the other hand, he also has the power to
make a person wealthy and popular. During his transit or Maha Dasha (Major planetary
period), a person is more prone to fall prey of black magic. He is powerful when placed
in 3rd, 6th and 11th house of a horoscope.

53. Effects of Rahu in Different Houses:

In this column I will be discussing the effects of Rahu in various Houses.

Rahu in the first House: In the ascendant, it can affect health and gives a serious,
repressed and willful nature if badly placed. The combination affects marriage and
married life adversely. Rahu in Aries, Taurus or Cancer in the ascendant is considered
auspicious and in Leo give financial success.

Rahu in the second house: Rahu in the second house affects eyesight, and gives friction
in the family. It affects the throat region and gives financial ups and downs unless
Jupiter aspects it in a beneficial way. If well placed, it can give gains by science and
education, but also enemies and first half of life is full of stress and struggles.

Rahu in the third house: Rahu is considered good in the third house and gives spiritual
and academic gains. It gives good relations with loved ones, intelligence and gains in
business, but a loss of a sibling. Sudden and unexpected events in life may take place.
The person appears strong outwardly but is weak inwardly. This combination is not
good for siblings. Such a person faces criticism while airing his views and ideas. It may
give ear troubles.
Rahu in the fourth house: Rahu in the fourth house gives sudden gains through real
estate and in general, it stresses relationships with siblings. It makes one prone to chest
and stomach disease.

Rahu in the fifth house: This makes one prone to stomach troubles, gives abortions and
stresses. It may cause stomach pain. Native has limited progeny.

Rahu in the 6th house: This placement gives a long life but stress from ill wishers. There
will be some trouble in the lower abdominal area. Early period of life is stressful. The
person is lucky for father and paternal relatives. It gives strength, energy and
determination and the ability to pull through tough times.

Rahu in the seventh house: This give troubles in personal life, can cause death of
spouse or divorce if badly placed, and affairs with people from different ethnic groups.
In a man’s horoscope, it shows gynecological troubles and abortions to wife.

It gives gains through women but affects virility and impairs marital happiness. Loss of
money through women is also indicated.

Rahu in the 8th house: It gives scandals, legal troubles and health problems. If joined by
Moon it can give mental and glandular disorders. There could be often financially crisis
in the life.

Rahu in the 9th house: This improves mental qualities and gives academic and
professional success if well placed. It gives good intuition and foreign residence.
Spouse may be a bit of a shrew (quarreling) and there may be stress with paternal

Rahu in the tenth house: Rahu in the tenth house gives great literary and artistic abilities
and wide travels. It gives success in business and also name and fame. The number of
children is limited. It gives a number of relationships.

Rahu in the eleventh house: This position gives name and fame and learning but a
limited number of progeny (offspring), ear trouble and foreign travel.

Rahu in the twelfth house: This gives prosperity and a helpful nature but relationships
with initial frustration and then success.
54. Effects of Rahu at seventh house of natal
In this column, I will let you know briefly about the effect of Rahu when posited in
seventh house of natal chart of male or female as hereunder.

(a)-Native generates another relationship, after leaving previous relationship unfinished

when Rahu, alone is posited in seventh house of natal chart.

(b)-Conjunction of Jupiter-Rahu at seventh house leads to a weak marital life.

(c)-Conjunction of Rahu-Venus at seventh house brings inter caste marital relationship

and poor character for native.

(d)-Conjunction of Sun-Rahu at seventh house brings more than one relationships for

(e).Conjunction of Moon-Rahu causes incurable disease for native.

(f).Conjunction of Saturn-Rahu causes delay in marriage for native. Native may marry
with a person of elderly age.

Effect of Rahu at seventh house in different sign:

(1). Rahu in Aries sign:

Native could be wrathful and courageous. Native may suffer from incurable disease.

(2). Rahu in Taurus:

Native may have feeble (weak) character.

(3).Rahu in Gemini:

Native may have more than one marital relationships

(4) Rahu in Cancer:

Native may have relationship with person of younger age.

(5). Rahu in Leo:

Native might have impressive personality

(6). Rahu in Virgo:

Native may have more than one relationship.

(7). Rahu in Libra:

Native may go for inter caste marriage.

(8). Rahu in Scorpio:

Native may have untimely or accidental death or may suffer from incurable

(9).Rahu in Sagittarius:

Native might face wedding interruptions; spouse could be short /small in height.

(10) & (11).Rahu in Capricorn and Aquarius:

Native may have relationship with elderly persons.

(12).Rahu in Pisces:

Native could be Religious.

55. Transit of Jupiter in different houses of
natal chart and its results

Jupiter is regarded as the best of benefic planets in astrology and this is because he is
symbolic of Guru or teacher who gives his best to his students. All good qualities are
attributed to Jupiter. He is wealth, He is Gold, He is Wisdom, He is discretion, He is the
protector and He is giver of divine grace. He symbolizes gold and he is of Golden color.
Jupiter rarely produces inauspicious results.
Almighty Jupiter is the part of God and his majesty is unique. He is symbolic of growth
and expansion in Vedic astrology. He owns two houses of Zodiac; Sagittarius and the
Pisces. Jupiter is a male planet, so he prefers Pisces to Sagittarius, which is a female sign.

He symbolizes the merits of previous incarnations. His occupation of 1st, 5th, and 9th
houses in an Indian horoscope are considered as most auspicious placement as he can
aspect the other two houses from all the three places.
He is a friend of Sun, Mars and Moon; He is neutral with Saturn and Venus. Mercury
and, Rahu are his enemies. Ketu is neutral.
A person born in a Jupitarian sign as the ascendant, will be just, charitable,
magnanimous, virtuous and rich; they do not know to deceit. They will be ambitious to
grow and expand and will try to gather as much knowledge as possible. They will be
good teachers.
Stature: Their stature will be tall with a, long and strong legs, fair complexion majestic
All religions and religious places are represented by Jupiter. So the occupation given by
Jupiter is Judge, pleader, Preacher, bank manager, cashier, writer, journalist, economist,
minister, counselor etc.
Diseases: If Jupiter becomes Lord of sixth house, one will be affected by blood, liver
disease. Gall stones may form. They are fond of over eating food and become the victim
of obesity and accompanied problems. Diabetes is surely connected with Jupiter.
Astrology and astrologers come under Jupiter’s blessings. He is the deity ruling Yellow
sapphire and Topaz. He is the ruler of Thursday. Indian astrology holds the great Jupiter
in very high esteem.
Jupiter ever produces the positive and benefic results during his transit through any sign /
house or aspects at any sign / house.
According to the study of astrologers, Jupiter is an influential and a benefic planet. It is a
planet of knowledge, which has its influence on mind, soul, education, marriage, wealth,
etc. Jupiter has different results on individuals according to its transit in different houses.
Jupiter's transit through the First House:
If the Jupiter transits through the first house in the birth-chart and native are making plans
for marriage, then the marriage is definitely on cards. Transit of Jupiter through this
house, makes an individual physically and mentally fit. It helps a person achieve success
in his work and is economically beneficial for him. It opens new areas of income. It
provides respect and honor to an individual in the society as well as success at the work

Due to the aspect of Jupiter, individual may have increased interest towards spirituality
and in social services. In this state, the individual may have a busy schedule in life and
considers him superior to others. Jupiter's transit through the first house may give rise to
conflicts in the individual's family life.
-Jupiter’s Fifth /seventh/Ninth house Aspect:
- Fifth house aspect, brings children related good news.
-Seventh house aspect brings marital harmony in native’s life.
-Ninth house aspect brings shining destiny and fortunate.

Jupiter's transit through the Second House:

Jupiter's transit through the 2nd house makes an individual economically strong. Increase
in income can be accompanied by a rise in expenditure. As a result, he may continue to
remain mentally disturbed. The individual may also have an impressive and influential
personality. He will gain respect and honor in the society and happiness from his
children but the overall happiness level from the family will be average. Property related
decisions will also be beneficial for him.

During this phase the individual will be more inclined towards spirituality and religious
work, because Jupiter represents religion.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
- Fifth house aspect at sixth house reduces the probabilities of diseases,
-Seventh house aspect reduces nuisance from enemies and rivals for native,
-Ninth house aspect converts every endeavor into destiny.
Jupiter's transit through the Third House
Jupiter's transit in the 3rd house has a positive impact on health, as well as on academics,
literature and philosophy. Your work will be recognized and will speak about your
generosity. Your high thinking will get you respect and honor in your personal and
professional life. Your old friends will also be very supportive. You will get
opportunities to meet new people and establish friendly relations with them. Traveling is
also possible and will be blissful.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings marital harmony,
-Seventh house aspect brings favor in luck,
-Ninth house aspect brings gains and favor from friends.
-Jupiter's transit through the Fourth House
If Jupiter transits through the 4th house you will have good fortune. Happiness and
prosperity may flourish in your family life. Due to the arrival of happiness in your life,
you may have many expectations. You may be satisfied mentally and will have a healthy
body. You will make profits in business and will have good economic status.
When Jupiter transits through this house, it means your pending projects and assignments
will be completed. You may come to a definite decision regarding any vehicle or
property. You may get benefits from your in-laws and may fulfill your needs through
your intellect and hard work.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings spirituality and philosophy in native’s life,-Seventh house
aspect brings success at work front,-Ninth house aspect brings auspicious expenses.
Jupiter's transit through the Fifth House
When Jupiter transits through the 5th house, it provides positive results. Because of its
influence, a person may be more inclined towards different areas of knowledge, also in
music and writing. You will be keen to have in-depth study of astrology, philosophy and
literature. You may get attracted and fall in love with the person of opposite sex. Due to
the influence of the transit, people who may have the desire to get children will be

It is also beneficial for economic matters. You may get support from the people who may
be associated with politics and government. It is a good time for success and promotion
in your work. You will get support and happiness from your children.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth aspect brings new opportunities for making progress and long pleasant journey,
-Seventh house aspect brings new joyous and beneficial events,
-Ninth house aspect brings charm and increase in the vitality of native’s life.
Jupiter's transit through the Sixth House
When Jupiter transits through the 6th house, it gives an average result. You may get
health related problems and mixed effects on your mental status. Your hard work will
help you get good position in your job or business. Your enemies will not face you and
will not cause any conflict at the work-front. You will have economic benefits and an
increase in income, although, expenditure will also increase, so, economic balance is the
necessity in this situation. However, due to your investments and spending for
benedictory (feastful) work, you will remain happy and will get family support.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings power and importance for the public persons.
-Seventh house aspect brings auspicious expenses and favor related to immigration
-Ninth house aspect brings stability in financial matter.
Jupiter's transit through the Seventh House
When Jupiter transits in the 7th house in your birth chart, it is in a very benefic position.
It creates marriage Yoga for the unmarried. It will have a good effect on your married
life and gives a sweet relationship between husband and wife. It is also beneficial for
progeny, which means you will be blessed by children. Your respect and honor will be
increased in the society. If you are jobless, you will get a job soon. During this transit
you will get success and promotion in your job or business. Economic conditions will
get improved and you will have many sources of income. Your expenditure will also get
increased but still you will be happy and excited.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings unexpected help and favor from friends,
-Seventh house aspect brings increase in the vitality of native’s life.
-Ninth house aspect promotes venture and brings pleasant journey
Jupiter's transit through the Eighth House
This phase will produce average results. You will be physically fit but you will be
mentally disturbed and unstable due to the effects of the Jupiter's transit in the 8th house.
If you do not keep a control on yourself, anger and frustration may hamper your peace of
mind. Enemies will not try to face you; therefore, you will achieve success in your work.
You will be appreciated for your work and you will continue to work hard. You will
have a moderate economic status but may get a surprise source of income. You will be
supported by government and will be successful.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect provides aim of life, brings auspicious expenses,
-Seventh house aspect brings stability in financial matters,
-Ninth house aspect brings auspicious decisions relating to house property and other
events may take place in the family.
Jupiter's transit through the Ninth House
When Jupiter transits through the 9th house in your birth chart, it makes you physically
and mentally fit. You will be energetic, happy and your all pending work will be
successfully done. You will be inclined towards religion and work spirituality. At work
front, you will get some new projects which will get you benefits in the future. You may
get promotion or new work related responsibilities during this transit, which could be
highly beneficial for you. There will be an increase in wealth and you will be respected
in the society.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings zeal and increase native’s immunity,
-Seventh house aspect brings auspicious venture and short pleasant journey,
-Ninth house aspect brings romance in the life and gain in share-stock market pursuits.
Jupiter's transit through the Tenth House
Transit of Jupiter in the 10th house will help you achieve success at the job front or
business. Due to its influence, you will have good relations with the people from politics
and of government which will help you to reap benefits in life. There will be peace in the
family and you will have a great married life during this transit. You will get benefic
results regarding money and wealth. Due to the influence of Jupiter's transit, respect and
reputation in the society will increase. You will achieve success in your work through
your hard work and dedication.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings family harmony and financial increase,
-Seventh house aspect brings favor for property related deals,
-Ninth house aspect brings auspicious news from maternal side and wins over rivals and
Jupiter's transit through the Eleventh House
When Jupiter transits in the 11th house, the economic conditions become stronger. You
might get new sources of income which could be economically beneficial for you. This
period may get you success in business or if you are doing a job, then your position
would become stronger. You may also get a promotion in your job. You will have a
busy schedule due to the heavy workload. Your respect and admiration in the society
will increase and mentally you will be happy and satisfied.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect brings increase in charm and enthusiasm in the life, leads to
advantageous and joyous travelling,
-Seventh house aspect brings children related progress, warm romantic relationship,
-Ninth house aspect brings marriage time/Yoga for native and harmonious relationship
with business partner.
Jupiter's transit through the Twelfth House
When Jupiter transits through the 12th house, your physical and mental fitness will
remain average. You may, sometimes, fall sick but there is no possibility of a serious
malady. Your mental status will also be at comfortable level but sometimes you may get
tense and restless. Jupiter's transit will get you benefits in money matters but you will
always be prepared to invest in the benedictory work. You will achieve success in your
work but you have to work hard for achievements in life.

During this period, there are possibilities for traveling which will definitely have future
benefits. Your hard work will win you respect and credit in the society.
Jupiter’s Aspect:
-Fifth house aspect (at fourth house of natal chart) brings auspicious settlement related to
house and vehicle like properties,
-Seventh house aspect (at sixth house of natal chart) brings new opportunities at job
front, health improvement. Native wins over competitors.
-Ninth house aspect (at eighth house of natal chart) brings spirituality in life, sudden gain
through inheritance property or business partnership.

56. Role of exalted Jupiter in different houses

of natal chart and its results
According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is said to be exalted in a horoscope when it is
placed in the sign of Cancer which in simple words means that Jupiter gains maximum
strength when placed in Cancer compared to its placement in all the other signs. An
exalted Jupiter is associated with many good things by many astrologers and it is
believed by a number of Indian astrologers that an exalted Jupiter always works
positively in a horoscope and it brings good results for the native which is not the case in
actual practice and an exalted Jupiter can work positively as well as negatively in a
horoscope depending upon the other deciding factors and overall tone of the horoscope.
The word exalted simply relates to the strength of Jupiter in horoscope and it does not
relate to the nature of Jupiter in most of horoscopes and accordingly an exalted Jupiter
placed in different houses of a horoscope can give benefic as well as malefic results
depending upon the nature of Jupiter as well as the overall tone of the horoscope. Jupiter
is said to be in own sign when it is placed in Sagittarius and Pisces sign. Jupiter is said to
be debilitated when it is posited in Capricorn sign, means Jupiter gains minimum strength
compared to its placements in all other signs.
In this ongoing article, we will discuss some of benefic as well as malefic effects which
can be experienced when an exalted Jupiter is placed in different houses of a horoscope.
(1) .Exalted (Cancer sign) Jupiter posited in first house of natal chart:
Native could be handsome and may have impressive personality but not have sound
health. Native may have first baby boy and then baby girl. Fifth house aspect brings
extra interest in study. Seventh house aspect at seventh house brings happy marital life
for native with modest difference of opinion. Ninth house aspect brings favour in destiny
by 24 years.
(2).Exalted Jupiter in second house:
It causes lack of family happiness, requires extra labour and hard work in middle age and
produces great amount of wealth.
(3). Exalted Jupiter in third house:
Makes native aggressive and more adventurous. Native remains unpredictable. He/she
may disrepute his/her prestige. Native could be smart and able to discern (tell the
(4).Exalted Jupiter in fourth house:
Fourth house represents mother, happiness, heart, fixed property etc. So the exalted
Jupiter could cause afflict for the native’s parents, they often stay apart from parents.
Though they are urbane and polished, they usually do not share their personal secrets
with anybody, so they seem mysterious.
(5).Exalted Jupiter in fifth house:
It brings success after initial interruption, failure in love, nuisance at job front and
sometimes, first baby girl child.
(6). Exalted Jupiter in sixth house:
It brings disrespect at work place and non-co-operation, despite of stable and prosperous
maternal side. However, native remains healthy, bits rivals, wins in court issues and
benefited from foreign affairs.
(7). Exalted Jupiter in seventh house:
Both husband and wife, might be nice looking by appearance, but may have difference
of opinion in their marital life which could separate them from each other in life.
(8).Exalted Jupiter in eighth house:
Native might have plumper (sound) body, climacteric by the age 32-40 years, legacy and
auspicious time for business.
(9).Exalted Jupiter in ninth house:
After facing due struggle, fortune favours the native, right away from the mother land.
Native could be a good orator or preacher.
(10). Exalted Jupiter in tenth house:
Native may have lack of paternal happiness. Native may carry early responsibilities at
young age. Native may get official perquisites like, cozy house and vehicles etc. Native
may get private properties.
(11).Exalted Jupiter in eleventh house:
It brings pause in regular receipt of gains, but compliments nice friends.
(12).Exalted Jupiter (Cancer sign) in twelfth house of natal chart:
It brings auspicious expenses in native’s life. Sometimes it makes native, a spiritual
person. It brings inheritance by will for native.


57.Numerology & Human life – (1)

Numerology is the study of numbers and the occult manner in which they reflect certain
aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. Each letter has
a numeric value that provides a related cosmic vibration. The sum of the numbers in your
birth date and the sum of value derived from the letters in the name provide an
interrelation of vibrations. These numbers show a great deal about character, purpose in
life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Experts in numerology use the numbers
to determine the best time for major moves and activities in life. Numerology is used to
decide when to invest, when to marry, when to travel, when to change jobs, or relocate.
I'm not claiming that this article is going to make you an expert that all these questions
can be answered, but we can at least get you on the way.
Numerology is an important aspect of astrology, which helps in determining the life
and future of a person through numbers. Numerology is used to determine the
thought process, life, future, career path etc. of an individual through the medium of
numbers and mathematical calculations. In simple terms, it deals with the predictions
in relation to numbers. It is also known as Anka Vidya, Sankhya Shastra, Anka
Shasta (Statistics) etc. Numerological calculations are based upon the characteristics
of nine planets, i.e., Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Venus, Neptune
including Moon and Sun.
The roots of numerology can be traced back some 10,000 years to Egypt, Greece,
and with the contribution of Pythagoras, it got its significant place in the world.
Numbers are a part of each day that rises and sets. Pythagoras explaining the
importance of numbers, said, “Number rules the universe’’.
Statistics is another science for studying the numbers. It comprises of facts, figures,
calculation of incidents etc. But Statistics is totally different from Numerology.
Numerology mainly was discovered and created based on the nine planets in the Milky
Way. The basic numbers are also between 1 and 9. The numbers above 9 are the
multiplication of the numbers between one and nine.
Based on the 7 creative planets in the Milky Way, numerology was created by giving
ruling power to each planet for a particular number. As Uranus and Neptune have no
power by itself the ruling of these planets are given to Sun and Moon in addition to their
existing numbers. The ruling of each numbers by the concerned planets is given below.
Sun 1&4, number 4 is representing the planet Uranus.
Moon 2&7 number 7 is representing the planet Neptune.
Jupiter 3
Mercury 5
Venus 6
Saturn 8
Mars 9
The above mentioned 7 creative planets are guiding the life on the earth and reflection of
Spirit (Soul).
Numerology is a spiritual subject. It is not the science to find the lucky numbers of each
man and entity. Those findings could be correct up to some extent but not fully. With
numerology we can find the birth and re-berth theory of spirit and mankind. The karmic
effects due to the deeds of man in every birth is said to be carried forwarded to the next
Following are values of each alphabet.
A–I–J–Q–Y 1 each
B–K–R 2 each
C–G–L–S 3 each
D–M–T 4 each
E–H–N–X 5 each
U–V–W 6 each
O–Z 7 each
F–P 8 each
Please note number 9 is not given to any alphabets.
From the date of birth, we can find the personality and karmic boundary of a person and
or entity. See the example below.
A date of birth like 1-7-1970, we can calculate the following manner. Number 1, the
date is the basic number. When we calculate the date, month and year, we get
1+7+1+9+7+0=25 and 2+5=7. Thus we get a compound number 7. Now we got basic
and compound number 1/7. The basic number is the personality of a person or entity.
The compound number is the karmic reflection or limitations of boundary. The luck of a
person or entity is calculated from the name number.
We will, now analyze the name, MADHAVAN THAMPI according the alphabetic
values given above.
M(4)A(1)D(4)H(5)A(1)V(6)A(1)N(5) =27 = 2+7=9 T(4)H(5)A(1)M(4)P(8)I(1) =23 =
2+3=5. In this calculation Madhavan, we got a compound number 27 and single number
9. For Thampi we got a compound number 23 and single number 5. When we add the
single numbers 9 and 5, we again get a compound number 14 and single number 5.
Compound numbers and single numbers have different features and effects. When we
study the basic and compound numbers of a date of birth and single and compound
numbers of a name value we will be able to understand the personality, karmic boundary
and luck of a person or entity. By changing the spelling of a name, the luck of a person
or entity can be changed. The numbers between one and nine are separated and
categorized to make relative groups. Here are some tables that could be useful for
astrological prediction and guidance:
Table-(A): Friendly and inimical Numerology numbers:

Friendly Enemy
Number Numbers Number

1 2,3,4,9 6,8
2 1 8
3 1,9 -
4 1 -
5 6 -
6 5,8 1
7 - -
8 6 -
9 1,3 -

Table-(B): Relationship between Numerological numbers and Gemstone:

Numbers Planet Gemstone
1 10,19,28,37,46 Sun Ruby, Red Spinel
Pearl, Moonstone(" Moti "
2 11,20,29,38,47, Moon
3 12,21,,30,39,48, Jupiter Yellow Sapphire, Topaz
4 13,22,31,40.49 Uranus Gomed,"Akik"
5 14,23,32,41,50, Mercury Emerald
6 15,24,33,42,51 Venus Diamond, White quartz
7 16,25,34,43,52, Neptune Pearl,"Majroo"
8 17,26,35,44,53 Saturn Blue Sapphire,Nilam
9 18,27,36,45,54, Mars Red coral
- --- Rahu Hessonite,Gomeda
- ----- Ketu Cat’s Eye

Table / C …Relationship of Numerology number with the Element and Nature.

Number Element Nature

1,5,7 Watery Rajsi
2,4,8 Fiery Satvik
3,6,9 Airy Tamsi
With the help of above tables for Numerological numbers from 1 to 9 and the basic
characteristics of all planets, we shall try to know about the
human nature in the forth coming chapter.

58. Numerology and Human life - (2)

In the present article, we shall study, how your numerological matters on human nature
as hereunder.
Numerology number 1: The natives who are born on the dates like 1, 10, 19, or 28 of the
any month are independent, stubborn, dutiful and leader at every front of their work. As
the number 1 belongs to the Sun, they remain bright, like the Sun and therefore honored
or privileged by their authorities and dependents as well. Numerological number 1, as
per table # 3 as above, represents watery element, such natives are transparent,
independent, imaginative, and truth speaker.
Numerology number 2: Those who are born on the dates like 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any
month have “Satvik” typed nature. As the number 2 belongs to the Moon, natives
possess characteristics like Moon. Accordingly they are found like soft, imaginative,
unstable, sensitive, timid, shy, follower, fond of travelling and socialized persons. Such
natives remain interested in acquiring glory, fame, reputation, wealth and making
journey. They remain busy in social, public and women oriented activities. They ever
provide coolness like the Moon, to the persons having fiery element nature. As far as
possible, they need to stay themselves away from the persons having numerological
number 8.
Numerology number 3: Those who are born on the dates like 3, 12, 21 or 30 of any
month are independent because of having bilious (“Tamsi “) typed nature and airy
element. They are like honest, dutiful, firm minded, self confident and ambitious persons.
They are truthful, peaceful, judicious and fair. They ever fight against injustice. They
may have indigestion and gas related health problems. They need to stop eating bilious
Numerology number 4: Those who are born the dates like 4,13,22,31 of any month have
‘Satvik’ typed nature and out spoken because of their ‘fiery element’. So, they get more
hidden foes rather than friends. Natures of these natives are found quite contrary to the
natives who have numerology number 2. They are known as quarrelsome persons
because of their nature. They ever try to establish their own opinion instead of accepting
Theology, Jurisprudence or other rules/clauses of the universe. They remain busy with
their so called social or religious reformation activities. They may undergo surgery once
in a life. They are advised to be cautious from fire or accident.
Numerology number 5: Those are born on dates like 5, 14, and 23 of any month have
‘Rajsi’ typed nature and water element. They are generous but rigorous by nature. They
often face ups and downs in the life. As they are generous businessmen, they could
easily earn money. They have got sharp intelligence. They are adventurous and valiant
so they easily get the way out. They have many good friends. Friends are often benefited
by their company. Fortune favors them with respect to their abroad deal or immigration.
Numerology number 6: Those who are born on dates like 6, 15, or 24 of any month
have bilious typed nature and airy element. Such natives are luxurious, charming and
gorgeous. They easily fascinate the persons of opposite sex. They are usually lucky,
amusing, romantic and fond of music and drawing. They ever like power to rule over
others because of their firm minded nature. They can earn and spend the money easily as
well. They need to have control over bilious food. It could be beneficial, if they
immigrate or make long journeys. It is advisable for them to stay away from the persons
having numerology number 1.
Numerology number 7: Those who are born on dates like 7, 16, or 25 of any month
have “Rajsi” typed nature and watery element. Their nature is different and more
fortunate to the persons having numerology number 2.They are like benevolent person.
They could succeed to get respect and reputations, provided they respect their own
thoughts. They are fond of studying about occult science, astrology and spiritual science.
Such natives could be good authors or poets because of their quiet nature. They are
isolated and imaginative persons. They may have water based diseases like Typhoid,
Meningitis or bone related problems.
Numerology number 8: Those who are born on dates like 8, 17 or 26 of any month are
of “Satvik” typed nature and therefore they are like benevolent persons. They always
come forward to help needy persons and fully justified the work on hand and get it
finished. They are interested in religious and spiritual activities. They remain busy in
public service and virtuous activities. They could be victorious and get respect. They
need to stop taking hot eatables, as far as possible and stay themselves away from the
persons having numerology number 1.
Numerology number 9: Those who are born on dates like 9, 18 or 27 are of “Tamsi
“(bilious) typed nature and airy element. They ever lung for respect- reputation, gains
and for that, such natives are working very hard. They speak language rudely. Their
situation remains unstable. They face frequent ups and down and hardship in young age.
However, such natives become happier in the later part of the life. They are firm mined,
generous and adventurous. They are lacking happy family or marital life. They need to
be cautious from fire, water or vehicle accident. They may have to undergo major/minor
surgery once in a life.
Apart from that, we could also figure out major-minor planetary period, blood group, our
day-today’s ‘what’s up’ and about horary chart with the help of numerology. Predictions
based on numerology are more accurate rather than palmistry and Vedic astrology.

Misc. matter
59. A mole on the different parts of the body
and Astrology

An introduction to Moles

A moles means a permanent small dark spot on the human body. Moles are found on
parts of the body and can be of honey color, red, black and sometimes whitish and pa

It is nature's creation and has definite meaning .Since ancient days moles are used as
identification marks. The ancient civilizations considered moles as significations of fa
the personality of a person

. The study of moles is an ancient art of astrology and is called "Moleosophy"

The moles reveal our nature and destiny; they have a story to tell about our previ
and present birth. They also reveal important aspects of our lives. The Science of
deserves propagation for the benefit of humanity. One can avert a misfortune by
warned by the effects of moles on one's body.

In astrology, each Zodiac sign dominates a particular part of the body as su

No Zodiac sign Body Part
1 Aries Head
2 Taurus Face,Neck,Throat,Right eye and Nose
3 Gemini Arms,Shoulders,Right Ear, Upper Ribs, Right hand
4 Cancer Chest, Breast, Stomach,Elbow,Joints and Lungs
5 Leo Heart,Liver,Belly,Back side
6 Virgo Kidney,Abdomen,Anus
7 Libra Private parts,Uterus,Lumbar region
8 Scorpio Testicles,Groins and scrotum
9 Sagittarius Thigh, Legs and Hips
10 Capricorn Knees, Nails and knee Cap
11 Aquarius Legs, Ankle, Left Ear and Teeth
12 Pisces Feet, Toes, Left Eye

The moles on different body parts indicate the Zodiac sign by which the person
dominated. Moles are found by birth. But it is observed the moles appear also during
time. They disappear, change their size or color which indicate change of fortune
mole is called a ‘Wart’; it can be of any color and is a good sign subject to its placem

The effects of moles have many a times been verified and found correct.

The moles are also related to palmistry. Sometimes moles are hereditary

The significance of moles differs between males and females. Generally, the moles ar
considered to give auspicious results in males, if they are found on the right side and
females on the left side.
In case of moles, the following points are interesting to note:

1. If the number of moles on the right side of the body is more than on the left side th
auspicious and denote more of male children whereas daughters will be more, if more
are found on the lefts of the body.
2. Less than twelve moles on the body are benefic.
3. Moles on the right side of the body are auspicious.
If an individual has moles close together, he will have two serious love affairs or may
married twice.

When two moles exactly balance each other, such as moles on both knees, both chee
they indicate a person of dual nature. In almost every case, the person will be under t
influenced of the dual signs of Pisces an Gemini, etc

It may be true that all spots on the body need not be moles and may not be necessary
that every mole should signify a particular fact or character.


There are six types of moles based on their colours.

Red-colored moles are very auspicious.
Light brown moles are auspicious but of negligible extent.
Black moles are inauspicious.
If the mole is present at the corner of eyebrow, it can be inferred that the per
traveling. Hence, such eyes are also called traveler’s eyes. When the moles are situa
center of the eyebrows, such people have a very sophisticated approach towards
style. They are more concerned about materialistic gains in their life and have a goo
of maintaining a good status in Society. They easily attain a good position in their c
this reason, these moles are called fortunate moles. However, when the moles a
under the eyes, such people can have several problems in their love life. These
called crying moles, as these people are usually sad due to their unfortunate experienc
Another prominent position of the moles is below the eyebrows. The persons who h
moles are very attractive and sexy. These people are known to have multiple partn
opposite sex at one time. These moles are called philanderer’s moles.
Moles on forehead
These moles are very lucky ones. If the mole is present on the middle of the forehead
the third eye of Lord Shiva. The intelligence level of such people is very high. They
composed, foresighted and logical in their behavior.
Moles on the ears
The moles on the upper part of
The moles on the upper part of the ears mean intelligence. Whereas, the moles on
part of the ears mean that the person has more inclination towards having his or
Moles at the tip of the nose
A man with a mole at the tip of the nose is more likely to have a pleasant personality.
usually charming and quite popular among the social circle. Hence, these moles
charmer’s moles.
Moles on the cheeks
Moles on the cheeks, especially in the lower part, indicate a good fortune and a happ
life. The person with this type of mole is usually warm in nature, vivacious and has
in his character. When the mole is present on the upper part of the cheeks, the pers
stubborn and arrogant in nature. They are authoritative in nature and are powerful.
Moles on the chin
The persons having mole on their chin are flamboyant and quite popular among th
and the social circuit. They are very cheerful and talkative.
Moles on the upper lips
These moles are considered beauty moles in females. Persons with moles at this
friendly in nature and like to socialize. These people also have very good taste in the
of food and wine. These people lead a good life and have a prominent position in soc
Astrological study of the moles can tell us a lot about the person and also he
prediction of the future.

(60) Eyes and your personality

The old saying goes that 'the eyes are the window of the soul', and in the ancient
reading (physiognomy) the shape of the eyes is said to reveal a great deal about
personality and general state of mind as well..
So let us see hereunder, what women eye shape says about her personality.
Large eyes: Someone with naturally large eyes is said to have an open friendly n
likes to view life from a wide perspective and enjoys plenty of variety in her life. She
doesn't like to be tied down by trivial details and petty restrictions
Small eyes: When someone has small eyes, she is said to be skilled at concentrating
She tends to view life from a narrow perspective, so she excels at being a spec
teacher, researcher or some kind of expert. She finds it difficult to open up emot
strangers so it can take a while to get to know her well.
Round or curved eyes / eyebrows: Someone with round eyes is said to have loving,
emotional and hard working nature.
Straight eyes/ eyebrows: Someone with straight eyes /eyebrows is said to be anal
Oval eyes: Someone with oval eyes is said to be calculative person. They are of
absent minded or lost in their thoughts.
Almond eye: Someone with almond shaped eyes is said to be untrustworthy, se
depraved mentality.
Lotus eye: Someone with lotus shaped eye is said to be rich person.
Cat eye: Someone with cat shaped eye is said to be wicked and evil work performer.
Deer eye: Someone with deer shaped eye is said to be timid person.
Bright eyes: Someone with bright eyes is said to be loving, charming, curious and
They have pleasant speech.
Blinking/alternating eyes: Someone with unstable eyes could to be tricky, liar,
untrustworthy person.
Widely spaced eyes: Someone with widely spaced eyes is said to be broad mi
versatile. She enjoys discussing a wide variety of topics because she's interested in
different issues and ideas. Most people with small eyes really hate regular routine.
Closely spaced eyes: The person whose eyes are closely spaced, so that there is very
between the inner corner of her eyes and the bridge of her nose, likes to look at lif
detail and may be something of a 'fusspot'. They have a tendency to be obsessive an
minded. Regular routine is the life-blood of their day.
Protruding eyes: When someone's eyes appear to swell outwards, she is enthus
curious about the world. She is very versatile and is easily bored, so can find it difficu
to one activity for long
Deep-set eyes: The person with deep set eyes is very private and reluctant to revea
her personality to others. They could be firm minded, sharp observer, virtuous ,prosp
intelligent persons
Upward/ascending slanting eyes: When the outer corner of someone's eyes slant upw
those of a cat, the person is by nature an optimist. She knows what she wants from
not afraid to ask for it.
Downward/descending slanting eyes: When the corner of the eye slant downwards, t
finds it hard stand up to other people. She may also have pessimistic tendencies.
Unevenly set eyes: When someone's eyes aren't level, so one is higher than the other
that she has an unusual and unorthodox approach to life. She has tremendous insig
able to analyze situations from a unique perspective.
Irises: Pay attention to the size and position of the iris within an eye. A large iris, so
of the white is visible indicates someone who's very emotional, demonstrative and k
white of the eyes is visible about the iris, the person is said to have a quick temper a
therefore be handled with care. If the white of the eye is visible below the iris, the
hard to please and has difficulty coping with life.
Eyebrows: Don't forget to look at the person's eyebrows as well. These frame the
give it structure. Some people, both male and female, like to pluck their eyebrows so
take this into account. The stronger and longer the eyebrow, the more strength and
person is said to have. She's energetic, and ambitious with a vibrant and powerful per
Alternatively, someone with naturally light, thin, or short eyebrows makes le
impression on the world and may also be less physically stout.

61. Principles of Horary Chart

Horary astrology, one of the oldest forms of astrology is used to answer a specific
usually, but not always, involving a yes or no answer. Meaning, “of the hour”,
founded on the premise that the answer to a question lies in the moment it is a
existence of a problem implies that the solution also exists and is held in the m
Prashna Jyotish is used to predict an answer for the query presented by a quer
astrologer. The Rising sign (Ascendant) is very important in the Prashna astrolog
house and every sign has its own meaning in the Prashna Jyotish (Horary A
Questioner is considered the rising Ascendant in prashna Astrology.
The seventh house represents the subject of the question. The query may be rela
planet that has a full aspect on the Ascendant or the planets which are strong and
relationship with the Ascendant. The time of question is important in the Prashna
can be a significant subject, as, how to determine the time for a question.
Determination of the Prashna Time
Principle of prashna Jyotish is that the time the astrologer first hears the questi
considered the right time for use in Prashna astrology. If a question arises in a cur
and he calls an astrologer, the astrologer should take the time he was asked the qu
the time when the queries thought about it.
There are similar problems in the selecting the place of the Prashna. If a queris
question sitting somewhere in Jaipur on phone, and the astrologer is in New Delh
should take the time of New Delhi. The other school of Vedic astrology says that
place is the place where the querist is located.
The answers for certain questions are difficult to get from the birth Kundly but th
found easily from the Prashna Kundly. The Prashna Kindly can reveal whether a d
be fulfilled or not. Prashna Kindly can give answers in either a yes or no. For examp
lose in any case, Question’s related to health, or A person who has left his home w
back or not and so on
The principles behind the analyzing the horary chart is different in Vedic astrolog
western astrology. This article is written to explain both the methods that are used. T
are amazingly accurate for both the methods.
In Vedic astrology - Horary Astrology is based on Hora or Hour. Its principles are
the principles of Natal Astrology. Horary Astrology or Prashna Shasta in Sanskrit
Prashna, question) has been practiced in India for centuries. It is a branch of Vedic
which is still widely used across the Indian subcontinent. Horary Astrology hel
predict the longevity, health, success, failure, love, time of marriage, divorce,
examination, job, gain by lottery or stock market, success in litigation & legacy e
perfect for person who may not have his time of birth.
Human beings are curious by nature. From ancient days people have wanted to kn
their future. Astrology provides thorough information about future just as an U
machine gives the detailed information of a child inside a mother’s womb.
Astrology is based on mathematics and logic. It is a vast subject and it has many br
which Horary astrology is one.
Horary Birth Chart (Prashna Kundali) is a blessing to those people who don’t hav
remember their birth time and date. Horary kindly is an instant kundly made by the
at the time a question is asked by a native. A native’s birth time, date, and name of th
required to get information about his or her life, but the process is very simple
astrology. In fact, Horary Birth Chart (Prashna Kundali) is given the equal recogn
significance of birth chart or kundly.
Predictions from horary kundly can be obtained through two ways, one is t
astrological method and the second one is the Krishnamurthy astrological method.
difference is that in Vedic astrology the Ascendant is as per the time the question is a
in the Krishnamurthy system as the Ascendant is calculated on the basis of the numb
by the native.
Prediction of future is simpler from a horary chart than a Janma kundly. It is be
Janma kindly is complicated as the planetary strength, lord of the Varghs, Vimshott
are determined for accurate predictions. Whereas in horary kundly, only the plac
planet is important.
Another specialty of Horary Birth Chart (Prashna Kundali) is the accuracy of
Inaccurate birth time gives erroneous predictions of a native’s future by astrologe
kundly is above such mistakes as the kundly is cast instantly at the time the question
There are many communities in which people don’t make Janma kundlis. As there is
curiosity to know the future, these people can satisfy their queries through hora
which gives the best possible way to know their future life.
It is said in mythology that Lord Brahma once approached Lord Vishnu to know astr
about the karmic results and since then, Lord Brahma canvassed for astrology a

How Horary chart is prepared?

A Horary Chart is a chart cast for the moment that a question is asked. It is calculate
a Natal Chart but at the moment the specific question is asked and not at the tim
Horary is a predictive branch of astrology, meaning, it can make predictions with
accuracy. This highly specialized astrological application is very ancient. It deals wit
questions and replies with specific answers. The basis of the horary chart is the tim
question when put to the astrologer, and from this a map of the sky is erected. Person
such as your date, place and time of birth, are not needed and so, for those who do
this information, horary provides a method of dealing with problems with difficult sit

How should be the questioner?

The Horary chart is calculated for the time the astrologer receives and unders
question. The matter must be of personal significance and meaning for the person a
question, who is called the Querist (questioner). There must be a sincere and valid ne
First of all, as a predictor/astrologer, we need to know whether the questioner
minded or clean minded. For that we need to analyze the ascendant of horary cha
derived when questioner asked the question.

The questioner is said to be nasty or complicated minded if,

-The malefic planets are positioned in the horary chart,
- The Moon or Saturn or Mercury are combust and are placed in the angles,
- The Moon of the ascendant is aspect by Mars or Mercury.

The questioner is said to be clean minded or straight forward if,

- The benefic planets are placed in the horary ascendant,
-Ascendant and descendant (seventh house) are aspect by benefic planets,
-Jupiter aspects at the Moon in the horary chart.

How about, when more than one horary question is asked for?
Whenever questioner asks for more than one question then,
-think about ascendant for answering about the first question,
-think about the position of the Moon in the horary chart for the second question,
-think about the position of the Sun in the horary chart for the third question,
-think about the position of the Jupiter in the horary chart for the fourth question and,
-think about the position of the Venus or Mercury, whichever is stronger in the ho
for answering to the fifth question.
Question relates to what matter?
(1). Generally, horary question could be related to the position of the Moon or ascend
(2)-it could relate to the position of the Moon from the position of ascendant Lord o
eleventh house. ( house of gain )

When could be the result /outcome for horary question?

(1).The questioner gets immediate (within a week time) results when horary ascendan
to moveable signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.
(2).The questioner /querist gets delayed (after couple of month/s) results whe
ascendant belongs to fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius.
(3).The questioner gets confused results (after two weeks) when horary ascendant b
mutable signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.
Yogas in horary chart for work accomplishment :
(1).The ( questioner) querist’s work get accomplished ( as desired by him/her ) succ
‘Shirshodaya’ signs like Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Aquarius take place
sign in the ascendant or benefic planet/s is/are positioned at the ascendant in the hor

(2).The querist’s work does not get accomplished, if ‘Prishthodaya’ signs like Aries
Cancer, Sagittarius or Capricorn take place in ascendant or malefic planet/s is/are

(3).The querist faces obstacles and gets delay for the accomplishment of work if, bo
and malefic types of planets are situated in horary ascendant/Prashna Lagna or Ub
sign like Pisces is in the ascendant.

(4).It brings auspicious results for querist like, health attainment, acquirement of po
money gains, when the ‘Prashna Lagna’ is potent or under the influence of benefic p

(5).Contrary to the above (4), It brings inauspicious results and causes health proble
money, failure in work, demotion or suspension in position when the ‘Prashna-Lagn
ascendant) is week or otherwise under the influence of malefic planets.

(6).Placement of at least one benefit planet in the ‘Prashna-Lagna’ is good enough to

diseased person.

(7).It brings all the way success in work for querist, if benefic planets are positioned
or trines and malefic planets are placed at third, sixth or eleventh house of horary cha
or lost person could be guessed out weather he/she would return home under su

(8).It is not all time true that placement of only benefic planets in the Prashna-Lag
could bring auspicious results. Placement of malefic planets in the Prashna-Lagna c
produce good results if they are in their exalted or own sign.

Malefic planets could also produce auspicious results! :

It is not always true that malefic planets ever produce inauspicious and unfavorab
when they ate posited in Prashna-Lagna of horary chart but it is also said that the p
these malefic planets in prashna-Lagna of horary chart could be auspicious and fav
certain typed of questions/problems like dispute, waxes of enemy/enemies, war etc.

Occupations of malefic planets in the Prashna-Lagna bring victory and favorable a

querist but again, aspect of the malefic planet at the Prashna-Lagna /ascenda
definitely bring defeat and unfavorable answer!

In respect of the question, relating to the win for prosecutor or defendant, it brings v
defendant when malefic planet/s is/are posited in the descendant/seventh house and
it brings wins for prosecutor when malefic planet/s is/are posited in Prashna
- Aforesaid Yogas depict that malefic planets in the horary ascendant /Prashna-Lagna
auspicious when the matter /question relates to fierce or violent karma /deed. Fi
means the activity / karma which affects/harms the opponent party.
For example :
(1)-If the thief asks the questions ( to astrologer) like ,
- “Do I need to go or not to go for theft? “
-“Would it be beneficial? “
(2)-Someone asks question like,
“Whether I would win in the court matter for the dispute?”
(3)-A warrior asks the question like,
“I am leaving for war, whether I would be able to go through the castle?” etc.
In such questions, malefic planets in the horary ascendant bring auspicious and
results for the querist (questioner).
Same rule is applied for the questions relating to the contest or competition in the g
cricket, football etc. This principle helps us to decide whether host or guest team wou
Thus, I would reiterate that herein such cases (fierce deed), occupancy of malefic p
horary ascendant is/ are auspicious but the aspect at ascendant is/are inauspicious. T
unique principle of horary chart /science.

Question relating to immigration :

Another principle also exists relating to the auspicious results with respect to th
Occupancy of malefic planet at fourth or tenth house of horary chart depicts a
answer for questioner relating to immigration matter like,
-“whether I would go abroad? ”
As we know that fourth house is native’s residence and tenth house is the house of pr
karma) / employment. So the occupancy of the malefic planet/s, either at fourth hous
house in the horary chart takes questioner away from his /her residence and leads t
new work place from his/her residence.
And at last, but not the least, it is not all time fact that the moveable signs are ever a
and fixed signs are inauspicious at horary ascendant. To some extent, it is only an i
belief of so many astrologers.
Actually, benefic or malefic outcome of moveable or fixed signs are depend
questioner’s questions.
Moveable sign are instable, variable, mutable or unstable by nature. That means whe
questiner asks questions where he/she desires change or exemption, then moveable
considered auspicious in the horary ascendant.
For example: Questions like,
(1) -Whether diseased person would be cured or not?
(2) - Whether tourist would return or not?
(3) –Whether querist (Questioner) would go to abroad?
For all such questions as above, querist ever desires change and therefore,
signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn produce auspicious results.

Same way, fixed signs are stable by nature. They are lacking instability or mutabilit
why, when the querist asks questions about stability or fixedness, occupancy of fi
like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius in the ascendant are considered auspicious in t
For example :
-Querist /questioner when asks the questions relating to monetary gains or acqui
position, mean he/she ever desires stable money or position. For such questions, asce
fixed signs are considered auspicious and ascendant of moveable signs are cons
62. Gemstones and Astrology



In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended b

your horoscope. It is believed that by wearing these prescribed gemstones you can
the obstacles in your chart. The cause of unhappy relationships or lack of succe
astrological. Wearing a certain gemstone may turn your love life and career aroun
can have a fulfilling relationship.

Gems affect the subtle energy field, which emanates (come) from every living thin
our energetic and emotional habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on re
energy pattern of a gem directly affects one's emotional and mental energies, an
period of time this promotes long-lasting changes.

But the correct use of Gems is quite necessary. Gems are classified in to two types
Cold. Ruby, Red coral, Diamond and Cat's eye are Hot gems whereas Pearl, Top
Sapphire and Gomed are Cold in nature.

We select Gems to increase the efficiency or for removal of the deficiency. These
stones act in two ways; one is by its spectrum effects and other is by radioactive effec
a ring is worn, Gem goes on continuously vibrating its power which is absorb
individual aura. The protective aura thus becomes powerful to resist any
(unpleasant) vibrations coming from external sources.

CAUTION: The Gems should be selected as per the Horoscope needs otherwise the
reverse results.

Ruby (Manimya)
Ruby is said to give name, fame, virtue, vigour, warmth and com
power to its user. It also enhances the status of a person. Normal
colour, it helps to cure peptic ulcer, fever, rheumatism, gout. Ladi
avoid the use of Ruby as it can destroy the body luster. Ruby should
in Gold.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price(App

Sun, our soul Ring finger Gold 6.5 Carats USD $100

Pearl (Moti)
Pearl is used to remove the evil effects of Moon and it strengthens
and increases the good sleep and cures insomnia. It also gives good
cures uterine disorders, heart trouble and eye diseases, hysteria and
etc. It also increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal lif
removes melancholy and increases fortune.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appro
Moon, our mind Little finger Silver 6.5 Carats USD $

Red-Coral (Moonga)
It is said that Red Coral instils courage in its user. It also helps in cur
related diseases. This is normally red in colour. Coral ensures
happiness, recovery from diseases indicated by Mars such as feve

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Mars, our efforts Ring finger Silver 6.5 Carats USD
& protection
Emerald (Panna)
It increases intelligence and brain power. It improves facultie
related to brain such as memory, communication, intuition, th
intellect and the ability to learn. It is advised that newly wed couple
should not wear this because it impairs conjugal happiness due
reduction in sexual desires.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Approx.)
Mercury, our Little finger Gold 6.5 Carats USD $150

Topaz is one of the most widely used gems, to help achieve better
status. It is also believed that if there are obstructions in finding a
match for a girl, she gets married by wearing Topaz. This is normal
in colour. It improves vision, gives life security, protects one from
and removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appro
Jupiter Index finger Gold 6.25 Carats USD $

Diamond (Heera)
It is said that the one who wears a diamond has a luxurious life. Di
also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of a
also enhances sexual power, cures diabetes, diseases of urine and
diseases, skin and uterine diseases.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appro
Venus Middle finger Gold 2 Carats USD $
Yellow-Sapphire (Pukhraj)
Yellow sapphire gemstones are very useful in astrology and Vedic p
It has many healing powers and is very important in star signs. It is
this gem increase financial status. It will give wealth, good heal
name, honour and success too.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appro
Jupiter, our Index finger Gold 6.5 Carats USD $
spiritual teacher

Blue-Sapphire (Neelam)
Blue Sapphire removes evil effects of Saturn. It is said that blue sap
the magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from
However there is a caution. Sometimes this stone may react adver
suggested that Blue Sapphire should be tested for one week be
wearing. It could give you everything you could desire such a
wealth, longevity, happiness. It also restores lost wealth and proper
improve fertility in barren women.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appro
Saturn, our Middle finger Silver 6.5 Carats USD $
duties &

Gomed (Gomode)
This Gem is for Shadow planet Rahu. The Shadow planet Rahu is
to be responsible for all sorts of delays or very late fulfilment of a
Gomed can help in achieving speedy success in less time than
Gomed is normally reddish-chocolate in colour. It cures diseases c
affliction of Rahu and Saturn. It also increase appetite, vitality, conf
health, wealth, happiness and all sound prosperity.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appr
Rahu Middle.finger, Silver 6.5 Carats USD $

Cat's-Eye (Lahasunya)
Cat's eye is useful for eradicating evil influences of Ketu and disea
by Mars. This protects its wearer from hidden enemies, mysteriou
and diseases. This is normally milky in colour. For businessmen
miraculous result giving stone. It bestows wealth by secret means l
racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculations.

Represents Finger Used with Std. Weight Price

Metal (Appro
Ketu, which Middle finger Gold 6.5 Carats USD $
represents our
past karma

Navagrah Ratna-Ring /Locket:

When, mostly all the planets are weak in the native’s horoscope, this ring /locket cou
on the middle figure of left hand on the Sunday morning. Standard weight is (ap
Carats.Navaratna is a Sanskrit word which means “nine gems” and is related to
planets or Navagraha in Hindu Vedic astrology . The word Nava means ‘nine’ a
means ‘gem’. Each gemstone is related to one Graha among the Navgrahas. N
gemstones are considered auspicious and believed to be good for health, prosperity,
and peace of mind to those who wear it. It protects against negative energies or male
of planets and strengthens the positive Influences of the gems.

63. You and your style of signature

Signature reflects your nature. Signature tells about person’s branding of his
character, capabilities, strength, weakness, reflections, authority, behavior pattern a
public/stage/with common people. Public image is the image someone wants to
office/public place. On the other hand script or handwriting reveals personnel ima
way writer deals in a particular set of personality parameters, with close people and re
Signature is minimum set of letters which gives maximum information about a pe
can find a lot of fellow surrounding you having entirely different images at personnel
at public level e.g. someone who is very daring at public is very nervous, fearfu
front/personnel level, and vice versa. People have two different images dependin
difference in their handwriting/script and signature. More the difference in script v/s
more the variation in two images of a person reflected in their personality.
Two images of a person can be compared with a coin. Head side of coin repre
authority of a particular country like lion’s head or queen’s head. This also car
authority and philosophy on which a particular country follows or wishes to tell
world about them. Other side of coin that is tail side of coin carries the value of that
coin e.g. 25 paisa or 50 cents. Both the sides of coin carry different images/det
person. As far as symmetry is concerned, these two images can be identical to 90 per

Various signature styles you may come across in your daily life can be grouped as f
! (1).First letter in capital and in bigger size compared to other letter
! This tells that writer has large PPI (Personnel Personality Index); w
able to form his impression at first meeting itself.
! (2).Break just after first letter in the signature:
! Means a person has initial communication hitch/gap/fear/inhibition.
! Writer first name only (surname/family name missing) tells about his/h
mission/vision. These people rely solely on their own strength and
friends'/parent’s advise/help/guidance. Now a day these types can be found in sig
of most of call center/ entertainment, media boys and girls.
! (3).First letter limited to initials, second name/surname with all the deta
! Such persons are able to create initial impression but are not able to f
due to over dependence on their parents. They give less priority to the
! (4).Legible signature:
! Tells that person is able to exercise full potential of his caliber a
created his own brand in the area of his interest. Such writers are able to
efficiently their personality features at public and enjoy recognition, authority,
aspect of their own work. It also shows that person has clear vision/mission
! (5).Curved and smooth signature:
! Tells that person is gentle, charming, flexible, outgoing, and soc
Example: Film actress Shri Devi’s signature.
! (6).Signature with angular connections:
! Implies that the writer is forceful has strong personality, comp
aggressive and has a strong will. See the signature of actor Amir Khan.
! (7).Underscoring below signature:
! Indicates that person has a healthy ego, confidence. If underline star
beginning of signature then this shows that person is lucky enough since childh
far as basic necessity like food and cloth and infrastructure are concerned.
! (8).Underline crossing the signature at middle zone of letters:
! This is the indication of person’s sacrifices, He is not able to justify/a
the outer world, self destructive nature, and inner fear.
! (9).Many underscoring:
! This feature tells that person doubts his own public worth/importance.
! (10).Underlining at upper zone /above the signature:
! It indicates self protectiveness, spiritual / intellectual drive, leadership t
! (11).Underline below and above the signature:
! Writer likes to follow a predetermined line of action, he is resentful.
! (12).First letter written in small case with bigger size:
! Means that person has high usable skills beneficial for others, not for h
Excellent communication (loud).
! (13).Large capitals:
! Shows creativity, pride, and desire for greatness, extremely large size
inner fantasies and repressed wishes.
! (14).Large bottom loops:
! Indicate for strong need / desire for sexuality, money and m
! (15).Small case/size capitals:
! Indicates writer doesn’t want public acceptance, modest, pride and tr
relatively unimportant.
! (16).Ascending signature:
! (i.e. base line going upside) Tells about optimism, ambition, and active
! (17).Descending signature:
! Means writer is pessimistic, depressed, fatigued, not goal oriented.
! (18).Dot follows signature:
! Means that “the final word has been said and there is no more “ worl
here, doubts own actions.
! (19).Dot below underline: One dot tells vigilant nature, two dot
willing to get directed (good for actors). One can see Mr. Bachchan’s signature.
! (20). Middle name first:
! Tells that writer is giving top most priority to his hobby and sec
actions, basic instinct, and drive. He lives a wandering life and is not able to
faithful friends/ lasting relations.
! (21).Signature placed at the center:
! Tells that writer is shy, wants to be in the center of things.
! (22).Signature smaller than script:
! Means introvert nature submissive, mild, modest, and insecure.
! (23).Signature bigger than script:
! Shows writer is extrovert, secure, contentious, over reactive.
! (24).First name and second name interconnected:
! Tells writer’s richness in character, sociability, strong parental associat
! (25).Illegible deformed crawled threaded signature:
! Tells that writer has high IQ but is not able to fulfill his own visi
mission. Such persons are a compromising lot at the cost of self destruction. The
are common in IAS officers. / Secretaries, because their skill is used to fulfill the p
! (26).Encircled signature:
! Tells writer wants to hide or shelter from society, protective behav
able to utilize entrepreneurship.
! Signature written with greater speed than the script: Implies more con
than actual, portrays good potential for improvements.
! Signature written with slower speed than the script: Tells that wr
achieved better traits/ controls, he is reserved and careful to control his impulse.
! (27).Vertical strokes of letters bent at the middle towards left side:
! Shows comparatively more attachment to mother than father.
! (28).Vertical strokes of letter bent at the middle zone towards right
! Tell that writer is more inclined towards his father.
! (29). Variable slant of letters within the signature:
! Emotional disturbances, strong in fight inside the mind, un
unsynchronized thought, variable moods, difficulty in getting things done in a f
! (30).Initials starting with strokes:
! Writer has inherited skills, can’t start things without introduction.
! (31).Signature with long ending stroke:
! Writer has extra energy, helps two steps extra proactively, and helps
out of the way.

64. Walking style and your personality

Every person has a unique walking style. We could identify the particular person by
his gait, if we are used to see him often. The way you walk doesn’t only reflect some
of your personality traits but it also reflects your current mood. If you were feeling
happy then most probably you are going to have an energetic walk where walking
speed becomes faster.
These are the people’s general style of walk:
When people feel confident and courageous they walk with wide steps and they tend
to bypass their friends who are walking with them due to their higher speed.
Some people exert heavy pressure while stepping on earth, not because they have a
heavy body but because of persistence!! Persistent people tend to walk with heavy
footsteps that exert high pressure on whatever they are stepping upon. Although
persistence (determination) is good still this walking style could be an indication of
lack of flexibility.
Some people walk slowly dragging their feet behind them as if they have no energy to
move. The lack of energy is usually associated with sad feelings or depression but it
could also reflect fear or uncertainty about what is lying ahead.
A Cat walk is usually an indication that the person is showy, in other words the
message he is sending is “Look at me!!” The same goes for guys who move as if they
are models in a fashion show.
Walking with your hands in your pocket may be an indication that you are not
satisfied with your body image or with your current clothes.
Speedy walk:
Type: 1
If you're a fast walker, you may also be a fast worker which is prized in some setting but
also may be problematic if you're so fast that you forget to pay attention to certain details
or if you overlook something important. Such people feel themselves unsafe internally.
They could be quick tempered persons by nature.

Always Behind the Group

Type 2: Lagging behind in a group sends the signal that you can't keep up or are not
interested in the others, which is a problem in workplaces where team players are most

Silent Sneaker
Type 3: If no one knows you're coming until you've arrived, you and your hard work
may go unnoticed.

Slumped Over Shoulders

Type 4: Walking into a room with your shoulders hunched over evokes a lack of
confidence in oneself and one's abilities. Potential employers or current bosses might
question their confidence in you if your walk suggests that you aren't confident in

Eyes Straight Ahead

Type 5: If you're known for walking with your eyes straight ahead, you're probably
known as a confident and focused worker with your eyes on the future.

Slow Walker
Type 6: Some may be annoyed by a slow walker, assuming that they are ineffective, but
certain types of jobs may appreciate it as a sign that you are thoughtful and detail
oriented. Such walkers could be quiet, polite, open hearted and kind but have lack of
confidence. They cannot take decision quickly. They are clever, intelligent, honest and
simple by nature. They work according to their mood. They know the value of time but
fail to utilize the time. They could be painter, T.V artists, or executive officer.

Moderate speed walk:

Type 7:
Such walkers walk with firmed steps. Such walkers are very particular and accurate in
their work and having serene (calm) and serious personality. They face the problems
with firmness and courage. They are firm minded and high morale persons. Though they
are serious by nature, they are kind and mixing by nature. They could be Businessmen,
Engineers, leaders or good Journalists. As far as possible, they like to stay away from

Short stepped slow walk:

Type 8:
Such persons are very ambitious, confident and foresighted. These types of walkers
could be social worker, political leader, saint or good producer.
Careless stepped walk:
Type 9:
Such walkers could be arrogant, whimsy and independent by nature. They are unable to
face the problems rapidly. They are lacking venture, morale and patience. They are
solitary persons, so remain isolated. However, they get respect in the society because of
their cleverness and intelligence. Such walkers could be singers, musicians, commission
agents or good businessmen.

Haphazard walk:
Such walkers are selfish and calculative. They never care for society or community.
They ever enjoy parent’s earned money. They may be criminal / and possibly addicted.

The Zigzagged
Type 11: If you find it hard to walk in a straight line, fellow and future workmates may
see you as someone who is all over the map and not especially efficient.

Eyes Down
Type 12: People who walk with their eyes focused on the floor are not only deemed
unconfident but also appear to only be focused on the here and now and not interested in
what's in front of them or upcoming events.

65. Vastu-Shasta and destiny

Vastu Shastra is a powerful instrument which guides us to have a peaceful leading life
when it was implemented in our premises. This science of Vastu Shastra is useful for all
human beings irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion, Nation, Male or female, Children
or Elders, Students, Employees, Businessmen, Factory owners, anybody. This is a most
valuable treasure of ancient Indian knowledge. The word “Vastu Shastra” means
dwelling knowledge portion of a science. Vastu Shastra is a sacred science related to
designing and building houses. The classical literature on Vastu Shastra is vast and
scattered. Vastu Shastra, if we carefully followed in each and every aspect of the
construction portion and all of our structures, bring not only just prosperity into the
household but also getting eternal peace, joy, love, happiness, bliss. VastuShastra is
directed at harmonizing external space with the internal space within man. Vastu aims to
restore the balance between the home that is the microcosm and the cosmos that is the
macrocosm, bringing health, wealth and happiness. Vastu buildings have harmonious
energies. They promote stability, prosperity, happiness, and mental peace for the
inmates; it can also be called as an ancient mystic science for designing and
building. Vastu helps us to make our lives better and also secures us from things going
wrong in future.

Vastu is directional science that combines all the Nature five Elements and balances
them with our structures and nature, man and material. It creates agreeable atmosphere to
live or work, by taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by the Panchabhoothas of the
nature. The Panchabuthas means the five basic and essential elements of the nature
(Natural Powers) Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (Water), Bhoomi (Earth) and Akash
(Space). Almost and everything on earth is built from these elements, ‘Phanchabuthas’.
Vastu is also based on various natural energies, which are available freely in atmosphere.
“Vastu” means “dwelling place” and “Shastra” means "rules"; hence Vastu Shastra is a
set of rules that tell us how to construct our dwelling places in order to positively harness
energies from the five elements of nature. The purpose of Vastu Shasta is to enable man
to live in harmony with the environment and with beautiful family and structure of their
A home is not a just a house to live. It is an extension of our mental space and reflection
of our personality. Just as our aesthetic taste influences its design, decor and
maintenance, similarly it too influences our moods, thoughts, bio-energy, behavior,
personal and social life, recognition, professional success, in fact, each part of our life is
deeply intertwined with our home. The science of Vastu helps convert the cosmic
energies into material benefits for the residents of the Vastu based home. It helps us to
live in harmony with nature.
Nature is always great. It protects us, if we protect nature. Panchabhutas or five elements
are almost treated as Heavenly Elements in Hindu mythology. Whether it is true or not
we are getting so many benefits from nature or Panchaboothas. Vedic science Vastu is
based and working on these Panchaboothas or five elements.
This image is only for your understanding
purpose. Here you may observe
the Panchaboothas . According to the Yoga
Shasta, the universe is composed of two
substances. One is: Akash and another one is:
Prana. Everything which has a form or is the
results of a combination evolves out of the
akash. It is the akash that becomes the air,
liquids, solids, the human body, animals, plants,
etc. Everything we can touch, all the forms we
see, everything that exits can be sourced to the
The rules of Vastu Shasta is beneficially applied to maintain balance with cosmic reality,
to illuminate intelligence and to attain peace by following perfect directions, perfect
magnetic fluctuation and perfect correlation of the basic five elements. These Five
elements have unaccountable values in the Vastu Shastra.

This image is only for your understanding purpo

Cosmic energies are all around the univer
constructions are according to the principles of Va
Shastra then cosmic power bless the property,
construction is against the principles, then it is
Destiny of everyone is pre-determined with respect to one’s deed of past birth. We
cannot change the destiny of human being but, definitely tamper with to overcome the
hindrances that come along the way to make our life comfortable if we follow the certain
principles according to Vastu Shasta. Vastu follows the rules of nature and accordingly
favors the destiny of human. Native, if the Vastu is defective but the destiny is favorable,
faces less amount of struggle. If the destiny is not good, but the Vastu is favorable, there
would be fewer troubles. If, both destiny and Vastu are defective, human may never get
rid of struggle in the life.
Hereunder is the summarized table as per Vastu principles. I am sure, if implemented
properly, it could promote stability, prosperity, happiness, and mental peace for the
Summarized Table:
God Direction Power Incarnation/Form Placements
Centre Central Room, Living Room,
Brahma Creator Balance Creativity
part Hall, Sit out etc.
Fertility Wealth Children Bedroom, Dining
Indra East Renewal Rebirth
Children Room, Bathroom without toilet
Potent internal Kitchen, Fire place, electric
Agni Southeast health
energy equipments, Dining area

Life and Death Bedroom, Bathroom with

Yama South Law and Justice elevated flooring, Storage
Bedroom, Officer Cabin,
Nirruthi Southwest Nocturnal Deity Fame Income Longevity
Storage, Heavy vehicle parking.
Varuna West God of rain Fate Bedroom, Living room,
Dining room, guest room,
Social Life & Business,
Vayavya Northwest Lord of Wind Moving readied stocks
kitchen, bathroom, Girls
Lord of Precious Study, Library, Dressing Room,
Kubera North Wealth Career
Stones and Money Placement of Money
Pooja room, Meditation room,
Shiva North-east Immortal Elixir Knowledge
Passage door

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