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4.5. Sa e Hotels
In today’s generation delivering sa e and secure hotel experience is commonly expected
or leisure and business travelers around the world. The certi ication programs covers a

wide range o criteria including security equipment, sta f awareness and training, ire
security, and irst aid. The Sa ehotels Certi ication is ramed in standard o that o the
Global Hotel Security and eatures three level o certi ication: The Sa ehotel Certi icate,
Sa ehotel Premium, and Sa ehotel Executive.
4.6. The Ice
The International Center or Excellence is a global system o leading quality TH&E
(Tourism, Hospitality and Events) institutions that gives distinct recognition through

accreditation to institutions that o fers Tourism, Hospitality, Events and Culinary Arts
education programs o standard regarded by their peers as espousing excellence in

education. The process o accreditation involves two stages: Pre –accreditation, and
accreditation. The accreditation process includes: (1) Sel -review, (2) Evaluation, (3) Site
visit, (4) Peer review, and (5) on-going benchmarking.

Standard o excellence ocuses on the ollowing key areas: (1) Status o the institution,
(2) Governance and Administration, (3) Vision, Mission, and Objectives, (4)
Courses/Program, Curriculum and graduate outcomes, (5) Method o teaching and learning,

(6) Planning, program evaluation and quality assurance mechanism, (7)Level o

internalization, (8) Physical resources and acilities, (9) Student Support Services, (10)

Industry Advisory Board, (11) Employment resources, (12) Financial resources, (13)
Membership, Partnership, Commitments, engagement, and social responsibility, (14) Areas
o excellence.

4.7. Hospitality Assured

Hospitality Assured is the quality standard ramed by the Institute o Hospitality
speci ically or customer acing business. It guaranteed to reach and even surpass their
ull potential by ollowing a series o class sessions or the standard processes or
customer service and employee engagement. Hospitality Assured emboldens organizations
to look at their own operation rom a customer’s perspective to pin-point areas or
improvements which-when be implemented it will bene it the business. The main process
o Hospitality secured is to look into a business sel -assessment ocusing on the ollowing
standard criteria set by HA that includes: (1) Customer Research, (2) The customer
promise, (3) Business Leadership & Planning, (4) Operational Planning and Standards o
Per ormance, (5) Resources (people, equipment, and acilities), (6) Training and
Development, (7) Service Delivery, (8) Service Recovery, (9) Customer Satis action
Improvement. The process o assessment undergoes 80% interview and 20% documents
that run a total o 100%.

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