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Comments on Control Building

1. The Seismic Weight (Lumped total mass) of the building obtained from STAAD and ETABS are
remarkably different i.e. 14632 kN and 7964.13 kN respectively. The mass source definition in
ETABS must include all the constituent load for seismic weight such as Self weight, wall load,
floor finish, Live load and other appropriate load. But the ETABS model provided to us is lacking
Wall load in Mass source definition which will give less seismic weight which is not a correct one.
So, please check the mass source definition in ETABS model.
The revised definition of mass source will increase the seismic force in structural member which
in turn asked for greater size or large amount of reinforcement and revised C/B capacity ratio.
2. As the main beams of grid 2 and grid C are of longer span with considerably heavy load, it draws
our attention of fulfilling the serviceability criteria.

Clause 23.2 of IS 456:2000 has the limiting value for the control of deflection as highlighted. So we
cannot be assured by satisfying the clause 23.2.1 only as it is a preliminary check which says that if this
check is satisfied, deflection will probably be under control. This means the following:

1. Even if this condition is satisfied, you may need to do detailed deflection check as per Annex C in
special cases like heavy point loads, etc.
2. Even if this condition is NOT satisfied, the beam can still satisfy deflection check. However, you
need to do detailed check as per Annex C to verify if it is safe or not.
So, please provide us the detailed deflection check for the highlighted beam in above figure.