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| WILL BE HERE Words and Music by STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN, Freely Ab(add9) Bb7sus Bb? Galt m9 a a # es Moderately Emil BbTsus Eb Ebsus? Absus2 Ebsus? Bbsus Bb Eb Cm7 Cm/Bb : cay Eg a ae & To.mor-tow mom-in’ if you wake up and the sun does ap - pear, — To.mor-row mom-in' if you wake up and the fu-ture ison clear, —— 1 will be here. . Twill be here. - I in the dark we lose sight As sure as Sea-sons are mude - Bbsus Bb Eb m7 Gmipb Absus2 EWG eS es i =F oR Be of love, hold my hand and have no. fear “cause Fm? Bb7sus BLT Ebsus2 1 will be here. Twill be here. — Eb BRD cm cme) Eb ae S a B = will be here when you feel like be. will be here, and you can ery on Bb Bb7/Ab Ebmaj7/G, Ab Eb/G ES Ee aE eS & When you need to speak your mind, When the mir - ror tells us we're old Fm7 @ cm Cmn7Bb bE FT Eg & B Ey & will be here, When the taugh ter tums will be here — to watch you grow Bb EbmajVG Ab EWG through the win-nin’, — Ios_ = in’ and uy in’ we'll be to-geth = and tell you all the things. you are 10 ___ me. 1 will be here. Ebsin? : ‘Absusd Bb BB/Ab B/G Ab Eb/G be Ee ‘ a ce Fm Bb7sus Bb? Bz —— # 8 who gave you me. Fm? Bb7susBb7 Ebsus2 cm GmyBy Bb7sus BbT Absus2 3 5B a ; = SF — {will be here. Ebsus2 Bbsus Bb ED cmt GnyB> z=" a 8 2 Se ose o 7 sure as sea-sons are made for_— change, - four lifetimes are made — iietbewnie ENG Fm? Bb7sus Bb7 : = Béim cm? CmImb Fm? Absus? Ebsus2iG m7 Bb7sus Eb a" =" = ES"