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There are two friends, Antonia and Ray. Antonia is a girl and Ray is a boy. Antonia
and Ray have the same dream. Their dream is to become famous and successful speakers.
Both Antonia and Ray dream of speaking to big, excited audiences. They also both share the
same problem. Their problem is they are both terrible English speakers. They both decide
they will become famous and successful speakers.
ðər ər tu frɛndz, ænˈtoʊniə ənd reɪ, ænˈtoʊniə əndreɪ. ænˈtoʊniə əz ə gɜrl ənd reɪ əz
ə bɔɪ. ænˈtoʊniə ənd reɪhəv ðə seɪm drim. ðɛr drim əz tə bɪˈkʌm ˈfeɪməs əndsəkˈsɛsfəl ˈspi
kərz. boʊθ ænˈtoʊniə ənd reɪ drim əv ˈspikɪŋ təbɪg, ɪkˈsaɪtəd ˈɑdiənsəz. ðeɪ ˈɔlsoʊ boʊθ ʃɛr ð
ə seɪmˈprɑbləm. ðɛr ˈprɑbləm əz ðeɪ ər boʊθ ˈtɛrəbəl ˈɪŋglɪʃˈspikərz. ðeɪ boʊθ ˌdɪˈsaɪd ðeɪ w
ɪl bɪˈkʌm ˈfeɪməs əndsəkˈsɛsfəl ˈspikərz

However, they each do different things to reach their dream. Antonia decides to set
small goals. She realizes she needs to set several small goals to reach her big dream. Ray
doesn’t set any goals, only has a big dream. Ray daydreams every day, he imagines speaking
to big audiences. Every day, he daydreams.

Antonia decides she first needs to improve her English listening so she listens to
English for three hours every day. And after about four months, her listening improves a lot.
She achieves her first goal.

After accomplishing her first goal, Antonia sets a new goal. Antonia’s second goal is
to improve her speaking and pronunciation. Every day, she imitates AJ. She listens to AJ,
pauses and then imitates his speaking. She copies his pronunciation, she copies his rhythm,
she copies his tone, and she copies everything about his pronunciation. It takes her 4 more
months to improve her speaking and pronunciation.

Ray tells everyone: “I will be a famous speaker”. Ray doesn’t have a goal. He just
talks; he just says “I will be a famous speaker”.

Antonia, her third goal is to overcome her fear of speaking to groups. Ray’s also
afraid of speaking to groups. They are both afraid of speaking to groups. Antonia sets a goal
to overcome her fear of public speaking. Ray doesn’t set a goal to overcome his fear. Antonia
joins a public speaking course and practices every day. Ray just continues to daydream. It
takes Antonia 3 more months to achieve her third goal.

After 3 more months, she overcomes her fear of public speaking. What’s the next
goal? Antonia’s fourth goal is to speak to small groups. She decides she needs to practice and
speak to small groups first. So every week, she gives a speech to a small group of people.
Ray just keeps daydreaming. He just keeps sun daydreaming every day.

Finally, Antonia sets her final goal- the big one, the dream to speak to a huge group of
excited people. After 3 more months, she finally speaks to 5000 people, people interested in
and excited in Antonia. Rays gives up. Ray quits. Ray says “It’s impossible. I never do it”.
Antonia becomes a famous and successful speaker.