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Arroyo 1

Joseph Arroyo

Professor Prior

Sociology 1

29 July 2018

Understanding Race

1. Racial profiling is a form of discrimination based off one’s race/ethnicity. This is an

unlawful form of discrimination in many aspects, especially in all employment

opportunities. Ever since the national terrorist attack that occurred on September 11,

2001, the United States of America extended their national sercurity measures in all

airports, borders, and other federal properties. These measures go above and beyond to

avoid this from happening again. However, a consequence of this leads to a

misunderstanding of people based on race/ethnicity. For example, the terrorists that

committed this attack on the United States consisted of a certain race, now the United

States only sees this attack to every person of that particular race. Therefore, this is an

example of the aftermath of 9/11 that adopts racial discrimination. Some would argue that

Gordon Allport’s contact hypothesis theory can provide common ground towards

discrimination. This is composed of basic similar qualities between a group of people can

focus on instead of their differences between cultural ones.

2. One example of an ethnocentric practice that exists because of an authority’s figure is the

stereotype that perceives Mexicans to be drug dealers, criminals, and rapists’. You may

know who created this nasty, but unfortunately very popular stereotype towards a
Arroyo 2

minority in the United States. This stereotype is used in a malicious manner to

downgrade and discriminated towards a race.

3. Social construction of race is simply the pretext to justify inequality of people in my

opinion. This concept is applied to American because they fear that races besides their

own are somehow less than in whatever matter it may be: physical appearance, statues,

income, etc. I do not understand this, instead of people with higher status and privilege

downgrade and harass minorities, why can they just get along and treat them as they

would like to be treated.

4. The model minority is the concept that one “must” live up their parent’s high expectation

and it creates a lot of pressure and stress towards that individual. This is most seen in

Asian culture, the expectation in their culture is exceptionally high, although it comes

from a good place, it just negatively affects the child. There are not really any advantages

other than the expectation comes from a valid place as a parent to want the best for their

child, however it can be so harsh where it can lead to suicide.