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Activities Resource Person Duration

Introduction of Resource Persons All 5 min

Introduction About Session and Activities Jyoti Adhikary 5 min

Group Formation (Four Group) Students 5 min

Table Arrangement

Exercise Instruction Seema Singh 5 min

Exercise All 45 min

Presentation Initiate Bhawana Tamrakar

Discussion and Summarization Seema Singh 5 min

Activities Resource Person Duration

Session Introduction Seema Singh 5 min

Game Rules Jyoti Adhikary 5 min

Process Demonstration Seema Singh 5 min

Practice All 5 min

Demand Form Fill-Up All 10 min

Resource Supply Students 5 min

Actual Practice All 25 min

Selling All 15 min

Presentation and Discussion All 45 min

Summarization Jyoti Adhikary 10 min