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Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics 8

Junior - Highschool

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the pupils should be able to:
a.) define the concept of equilateral triangles correctly.
b.) relate equilateral triangles in reality – perspective properly.
c.) create equilateral triangles using a protractor and measuring tool.
d.) solve problems on equilateral triangles correctly.

II. Subject Matter

A. Module II- Mathematics 8
Lesson: Equilateral Triangles

B. Materials
Calculator; Measuring Tool; Protractor; Pictures; Cartolina w/ Markers

C. References
Fundamentals of Mathematics I, pp. 68 - 72
Elvira L. Arellano, Ph.D

III. Methodology
Teacher’s Activity Pupil’s Activity
A. Preliminary Activities

1. Prayer
Let us Pray. Our Father.

2. Greetings
Good morning class! Good morning sir; good morning classmates
You may now take your seats. Thank you sir

3. Checking of Attendance
Is there anybody absent today? Karl is absent today sir.
Please tell Karl to provide an excuse
letter when he comes back

4. Motivation
In connection to our new discussion
later class, let us first watch a short video clip
that would likely make you rock. Do you want Yes sir! Let’s watch it right now

Okay, so please seat properly and listen Okay Sir.

carefully class.
B. Presentation

So our topic for today class is all about

“Equilateral Triangles”

 Definition of Equilateral Triangle

 (Read & Recite)

 Triangle relationships
 (Read & Recite)

 Concepts of Reality-Perspective  (Read & Recite)

 Creating Equilateral Triangles  (Read & Recite)

 Perimeter solving
 (Read & Recite)
C. Practice

Solve for the Perimeter of an Equilateral

Triangle in accordance with its given length.

1.) L = 21 in ; P = ? 1.) P = 63 in
2.) L = √2 cm ; P = ?
2.) P = 3√2 cm
3.) L = 1/3 ft ; P = ?
4.) L = 43 m ; P = ? 3.) P = 1 ft
5.) L = (28 ∗ 4)2 mi ; P = ? 4.) P = 192 m
5.) P = 147 mi

D. Application
I will now Group you into three groups:
This will be Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3. Yes Sir!
Each Group will be given a length of an
Equilateral Triangle, and all you need is to find
its perimeter and draw it on this white
cartolina. Please cooperate with your group
mates class.

I will give you 10 minutes to finish your work.

Okay sir.

Timer starts now!


Very good class! You’ve finish your work less

than 10 minutes. All of you will be given 50
points for being cooperative.

Whoo! Yey! Thank you so much sir!

V. Assignment
 Please write a poem (at least 2 stanzas) about Equilateral Triangles in a 1 whole sheet of
paper, and it must be creative.
 Submit it next meeting.