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Laoag City

 Wipe/dust tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, glass partitions before starting work in
the morning.
 Empty trash cans in cubicles/work area everyday.
 Log-on the daily record book.
 Arrange tables, chairs and other fixtures in their proper location.
 Turn-on/off air conditioning unit at designated hours: 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm.
 Return files in the cabinets after each use, follow coding of files.
 Keeps work tables free from clutter and personal effects.
 Place equipments/supplies in their designated areas.
 Plug-in water dispenser in the morning, unplug when leaving the office at 5:00 pm.
 Use computers for official business only.
 Check ceilings and walls for cobwebs.
 Clean and water the plants daily.
 Observed silence especially when counseling is going on.
 Receive/channel call properly, observe courtesy and politeness.

When receiving calls:

This is the Medical Clinic, good morning/good afternoon. This is (name) May I help
you? / May I know who is calling please.

When channeling calls:

1. May I put you on hold while I call Mr./Mrs./Ms. (name).
2. I am very sorry ma’am/sir Mr./Mrs./Ms (name) is not in right now. Would you
like to leave a message?

When receiving channeled call:

This is Mr./Mrs./Ms. (name) speaking. How may I help you? / May I know who is
calling please?

When ending a call:

Thank you for calling the Medical Clinic. Have a good day!

 Refrain from using the phone for personal calls. Limit personal calls to 5 minutes
 Place all personal items on designated cabinets/drawers/shelves.
 Individuals with official business (interview, counseling, consultation, etc.) with the
counselors may enter the counseling cubicles.
 Draw curtains when not counseling.
 Indicate whereabouts in the locator chart when leaving the office.
 The last person to leave the office shall check if equipments are unplugged, air-con,
electric fans and lights are switched off, filing cabinets are looked, and doors are