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DocuSign Envelope ID: FD5229F8-33E7-4DAE-97C9-1A4FE0CB3216


Please complete and sign this application and return it to your NOVO Leasing Representative with a
check, money order, or credit card authorization form. Please find the appropriate fax numbers below,
should you need to fax in any of the requested information.

An application fee is required before the application will be processed. This fee covers the expense of an
applicant’s credit report and to confirm the information provided.

DC Fax: 202-315-1110 SC Fax: 843-553-1236 Chi Fax: 773-285-3347

Property Address: West Panorama Court Proposed Move-in Date: 09/01/2018

Applicant Name: Michael Brandon Cell Phone #: 7033070459

DOB: 08/28/1990 Email:

Social Security #: 229571900


Present Address: 10261 BRADDOCK RD FAIRFAX, VA 22032-1909

City, State, Zip: FAIRFAX, VA 22032

Date moved into Present Address: 10/01/2016 Current Rent: 750.00

Phone #: 7033070459 Utilities Included? Yes X No

Present Landlord & Contact: William Brandon Landlord Phone #: 7034890995

Landlord’s Address: 1300 Crystal Dr

City, State, Zip: Arlington, VA 22202

Previous Address: N/A

City, State, Zip: N/A

DocuSign Envelope ID: FD5229F8-33E7-4DAE-97C9-1A4FE0CB3216


Present Employer: Self-employed/student Date of Employment: N/A

Address of Employer: GMU

City, State, Zip: 22032

Phone #: N/A Position: student

Supervisor: N/A Annual Income: 40,000.00

OTHER PROPOSED OCUPANTS (including children) (each adult should fill out a separate application)

Name 1: Angelina McCahey Relationship: Partner

DOB: 07/31/1992 Social Security #: 609660943

Name 2: Relationship:

DOB: Social Security #:

Pets? Yes X No

If yes, what type of pet? How many lbs.?

Please note: Some NOVO properties do not accept pets. Please consult with the Property Manager.


Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? Yes X No

Have you ever been evicted for tenancy violation? Yes X No

Have you ever been evicted for nonpayment of rent? Yes X No

Have you ever been arrested (other than traffic)? Yes X No

If yes, what is the status of the case:

DocuSign Envelope ID: FD5229F8-33E7-4DAE-97C9-1A4FE0CB3216


Name: William Brandon

Address: 1300 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202

Phone 1: 7034890995 Phone 2:

Name: Herbert Smith

Address: None Given

Phone 1: 7034897611 Phone 2:

Emergency Contact (closest living relative or friend not living with you):

Name: William Brandon

Address: 1300 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202

Phone 1: 7034890995 Phone 2: 7034890995

I hereby certify the above information is accurate and correct. I agree if any information herein
contained is false the lease agreement may, at the option of NOVO Properties, be terminated at any
time. I authorize NOVO Properties to use any consumer reporting agency or credit bureau to investigate
my credit history and to contact the above referenced individuals regarding employment history and
present or prior tenancies.

If my application is approved, NOVO Properties will immediately prepare the lease agreement for
applicant's review. Upon execution of the lease agreement, applicant will pay the first month's rent and
security deposit.

I have read and accept the terms contained in this agreement. I understand this application will be made
a part of the lease agreement entered with the owner.

Agreed and Accepted Signature of Applicant: _________________________________

Payment Choice: X Check (payable to NOVO) MasterCard VISA

Card #: Exp: CCD:

Billing Address:

City, State, Zip:

Cardholder Signature: _______________________________________________________

DocuSign Envelope ID: FD5229F8-33E7-4DAE-97C9-1A4FE0CB3216


William Brandon
Name of Landlord/Owner/Agent: _________________________________________________________
10261 BRADDOCK RD FAIRFAX, VA 22032-1909
Apartment Address: ____________________________________________________________________
703 489 0995
Phone Number: ___________________________________ N/A
Fax: ________________________________

Release of Information
I hereby authorize the release of the information requested on this Rental Reference Verification
request to the Owner/Agent listed above.

Michael Brandon
Applicant Name: ____________________________________ 703
Phone #: ___________________________
Signature _______________________________________________ Date: ________________________
Move-in Date: ________________ 09/01/2018
Move-Out Date: ________________ Current Resident

The person identified above has applied for a rental unit at ____________________________________.

This application has indicated that you are a present or past landlord. He/She has authorized us to
request information relating to his/her living in your dwelling. Please answer the questions below and
return this statement as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Dates of Occupancy: From (MM/YY) _____________ To (MM/YY) _____________ Current Resident

Is this Applicant the sole lease holder? Yes No
How many times during the past 12 months did the Applicant pay rent late? 0 1-2 3-5 6+
Was any check from the Applicant returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF)? Yes No
If yes, what was the outcome? _____________________________________________________
Does the Applicant owe any amount for delinquent rent, utilities, or damage to unit? Yes No
Did Applicant provide notice for ending tenancy per the terms of the lease agreement?
Yes No Not Applicable because Applicant still resides in unit
Any damages beyond normal wear & tear? Yes No
Cleanliness of the residing unit: Good Fair Poor
Willingness to comply with rules: Good Fair Poor
Would you rent to this Applicant again? Yes No
Additional Comments: __________________________________________________________________

Information Provided by:

_______________________________________ _______________________________________
Name/Title Phone Number