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TASK 3 – BSBCUS501 Develop a customer service plan

Violeta Hoyos López

1. Set of KPIs for customer service team members (4 KPI’s)

1.1. Call/enquiry/complaint handling time

 call resolution: how many contacts it takes to resolve customer issues;
 call abandonment: measures the number of callers that hang up before they can be
connected to an employee;
 average hold time: how long (in seconds) that customers wait during the course of
a call;
 customer satisfaction: measures customers’ level of satisfaction after the call - very
unsatisfied, unsatisfied, neutral, satisfied, very satisfied.

 average speed of answer: how long (in seconds) takes for a staff member to answer
an enquiry;
 how many enquiries are misunderstood;
 frequency: how many times the same enquiry appears;
 how many times it needs to be transferred to another employee to answer an enquiry.

Complaint handling time;

 average handle time: amount of time spent on each call and includes related
administrative duties such as submitting call reports;
 talk time: the total time required to handle all customer calls offered over a certain
period of time, not including after-call work (wrap time) or hold time;
 transfer rate: number of calls that need to be transferred to another employee to be
 frequency: how many times the same complain appears percentage.
1.2. Following organisational procedures

 How often policies and procedures are consulted;

 How many times an employee contravenes organisational procedures;
 How often employees misunderstand organisational procedures;
 What policies and procedures are more consulted.

2. Plan or procedure for monitoring team members’ performance (based on 1 KPI)



Call - Employee answers a

Weekly report - feedback from To answer a call courtesy
call from a customer with a
customers with employees names introducing himself

To listen fully the customer and

after make questions to gather
Weekly report - does the
To collect complaint details more information. Summarize,
employee collect all information
information writing down and ask the
and record them
customer if there is any more to

Ask the customer how he would

Weekly report - how long it takes
To address a solution for like to be resolved, purpose a
to solve a problem and end a call
the complaint solution within his level of
with a satisfied customer

Requesting feedback from Weekly report - at the end of the Get a feedback from the
Customer call is the customer happy? customer

3. Questionnaire to gather customer feedback

Develop a questionnaire to collect customer feedback related to KPIs and/or designed to
uncover identifiable gaps between services provided (including the quality of service) and
customer expectations.
10 questions in all, 8 close ended, 2 open ended using likert scale

Strongly Strongly
QUESTIONS disagree
Disagree Neutral Agree
1. Innovative Widgets staff members are
courteous and helpful.
2. As a customer I feel valued by Innovative
3. The customer service department was easy to
access and handled professionally my
4. My purchases were always delivered when
promises and were free from defects.
5. Innovative Widgets care about my needs and
6. Innovative Widgets is very professional and
organised as a company.
7. Overall, I am satisfied as a customer of
Innovative Widgets.
8. I would recommend Innovative Widgets
service/product to other people.

9. What areas do you think that we should improve?

10. Please tell us any good/bad (both) experience you have had with Innovative Widgets.

Thanks for your time! Your feedback help us to help you!

4. Report containing recommendations for improvement of customer service.

Prepare a 1–2 page report for the management at Innovative Widgets containing
recommendations for organisation-wide customer service improvement. The report should
4.1. Three or four recommendations. At least one recommendation should address
how to improve public relations at Innovative Widgets.

4.2. Rationale for each recommendation based on your knowledge of:

i. problem identification and resolution

ii. managing customer service and customer relationships

iii. managing quality customer service delivery

iv. procuring appropriate technology to address customer needs.

This report is addressed to Innovative Widgets management team and contains

recommendations for improvement of customer service.

Innovative Widgets is a company that provides components for machinery used by companies
across industries. As its vision states: “To maintain all Australian business running without
problems using safe, quality widgets”, Innovative widgets has a compromise in making life

As a customer service manager in this company, my role is to assist my team members and
ensure that we provide excellence in customer service maintaining our image in a high positive
level with our clients.

Over the last few months we have been receiving negative feedbacks, which took as to an urgent
plant for improvement of or service.

After collecting all the internal and external feedbacks, we came across frequent problems.

First of all, I would like to give some recommendations of how we should improve our customer

 Map all the current processes and review outdated processes;

 Provide frequent training for staff members;
 Update the website for self-service solution;
 Settle an easier way to share a feedback;

The reason why I am indicating these four recommendations is that by exploring them with
details we can cover all/almost all our issues. Explanation for each recommendation:
 By mapping all our current processes we can analyse the root of our issues and update
the processes which are not so helpful or didn’t come along with the company’s and
market development;
 Our customer service employees are our front line in the company. They are basically
the image of the company. Is highly necessary that they follow policies and procedures,
have knowledge of their role and have skills for dealing with different situations.
Training brings knowledge, helps to understand processes, and also brings the
consciousness that everyone needs to recycle, to get new information;
 By updating the website for a self-service solution we make our customers’ life easier.
By just looking on the website they may have information that could take longer to get
by calling the customer service centre. Also, reduce the burden on the phone lines;
 Getting feedback from our customers is always necessary. Even confident with our
performance in the market we still need to know from our customers if we are meeting
their expectations and achieving organisation goals. Many customers don’t really like
to share a feedback as the surveys are long and tiring. However, we want their feedback,
so we have to stablish an easier and faster way for them to provide a feedback.

When dealing with problems we have to address solutions for our customers. Is should be
created policies and procedures for frequent problems in order to make customer service team
life’s easier and to keep our standard.

As Innovative Widgets mission states, we are always seeking for innovate new ways of
manufacturing and testing widgets, and this includes processes of delivering service. So it is
time to search for new technology to help us to bridge the current gaps, such as: new software,
automatize processes, etc.

The proposed Customer Service Improvement will lead the improvement of customer service
across Innovative Widgets’ services over the next six months, when it should be revised after
analysing the results.