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Thank You Maili Elementary!

2017-2018 Girl Scouts  
WHEN: ​Tuesday, May 29, 2018   
2:15-2:45 pm    
WHERE: P​ 16  
Girl Scouts (1st-5th graders)  
ALL Maili Elementary School Staff 
WHAT: ​The Girls Scouts will be celebrating the end of 
the school year, and would like to invite Y ​ OU​ to come 
celebrate!​ As a troop, we have decided to use our 
cookie proceeds to provide a bottle of hand sanitizer 
for each classroom to thank our teachers and give 
back to our school.​ Please come stop by to grab a 
bottle decorated by our girls! You will also get the 
chance to see some of the cool STEM projects that the 
girls have worked on this year!  
If you have any questions, please contact me at​ or come see me in P16!  

Kotori Ota   Maili Girl Scouts   P16