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156 ~qj When I See You Smile Fe ca DIANE WARREN Moderately fast through this world. with- out —hav- ing (© 1999 REASONS. "Al Rigs Retrved 157 Daud would-n't have T just eo 2 -# ra Pope = — — ¢ Sometimes it seems like this whole world’s clos- in’ in. on = me Ba - by, there's noth - in’ in this worldthat could ev - er do —s— ee Ee ss ty and there's no way of break in! free. and then I see you what the touch of your hand can do, it’s ike noth - in’ reach out for me, Some-times. 1 wan- na ev = er knew. And won. the rain is 158 wan- na give in. T wan - na quit’ the fight T don't feel it, cause youre here with me. Then one look at you, ba ‘And one look at you. — ba by, by.