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Q1: A balanced chemical equation always obeys

a. Law of conservation of mass b. Law of thermal equilibrium
c. Law of conservation of energy d. All of the above
Q2: Some stale food gives a bad taste and a bad smell because of:
a. Corrosion b. Displacement
c. Heating d. Rancidity
Q3: A red brown gas is released on heating lead nitrate. It is an example of
a. Combination reaction b. Oxidation reaction
c. Decomposition reaction d. Reduction reaction
Q4: Why do gold and silver do not corrode?
Q5. What do you mean by balanced chemical equation?
Q6: Define rancidity.
Q7. Write the type of reactions in the following:
i. Reaction between an acid and a base
ii. Rusting of iron
Q8: Give an example of decomposition reaction where energy is supplied in form of
Q9. Why does copper vessel acquire green coating in rainy season?
Q10: Why is Hydrogen peroxide stored in coloured bottles?
Q11: Give two example from everyday life situations where redox reactions are taking
Q12. In electrolysis of water, why is the volume of gas collected over one electrode
double that of gas collected over the other electrode ?
Q13: Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air?
Q14. Write balanced chemical equation for the reaction between sodium chloride and
silver nitrate indicating the physical state of reactants and products.
Q15. Why do chips manufacturer s fillthe packets of chips with nitrogen gas?
Q16. Why do we apply paint on iron articles?
Q17. A solution of a substance ''X'' is used for white washing (i) Name the substance ''X''
and write its formula (ii) Write the reaction of the substance ''X'' named in (i) above with
Q18.What is the colour of FeSO4 .7H2O crystals ? How does this colour change upon
heating ? Give balanced chemical equation for the changes.
Q19. What is redox reaction? When magnesium ribbon burns in air with a dazzling
flame and forms a whit ash, is magnesium oxidized or reduced? Why?
Q20: A numismatist (coin collector) has been collecting gold coins, silver coins and
copper coins for a long time. One day he observed a black coating on silver coins and
green coating on copper coins. What chemical process is responsible for these coatings.
Also name the chemical formula of the black and green coatings.

Acid , Bases And Salt

Q.1 What is a universal indicator? What is the color change of universal indicator in
strong acid and strong base?

Q.2 If a compound gives hydrogen ion and sulphate ion in the solution state, answer the
following questions related to that compound.
i. Write down the name and molecular formula of the compound.
ii. Write down the balanced chemical equation of the chemical reaction that takes place
between the compound and the metal Aluminum.

Q.3 Define acid. When HCl is dissolved in water, it can conduct electricity, why? Write
chemical equation for the reaction that takes place when NaOH is added to the above

Q.4 What are alkalis? Write the ions present in aqueous sodium hydroxide.

Q.5 What do you mean by an acid? Give any two tests for an acid.

Q.6 Write down the name of acid found in human stomach. What type of acid is it?

Q.7 Match the following:

Vinegar ascorbic acid

Lemon juice acetic acid

Acrid milk citric acid

Vitamin ‘C’ lactic acid

Q.8 What do you mean by a base? Identify the base in following oxides: CO2, FeO,
Fe3O4, Na2O, CuO, ZnO, SO2, P2O5, MnO.

Q.9 “K2O is an alkali whereas CuO is not”, why?

Q.10 All the alkalis are base but all bases are not alkalis, why?

Q.11 What is neutralization reaction? Write down any two uses of neutralization reaction.

Q.12 How can you prepare the acid starting from carbon?

Q.13 Can you prepare alkali solution from magnesium ribbon? Write with reaction.

Q.14 What is salt? Give example.

Q.15 What is acidic salt? How is it identified?

Q.16 Mention any two differences between acids and bases.

Q.17 What is litmus? What are its uses?

Q.18 What is meant by PH? If the PH of soil is less than 7, how is it neutralized?

Q.19 Write the color achieved by litmus, phenolphthalein and methyl orange in acid and

Q.20 Complete the following equations:

Zn + H2SO4 → ……….. + ……..

ii. HCl + Na2CO3 → ………. . + …….
iii. CuO + H2SO4 → ………. . + …….
iv. MgO + H2O → ………..
v. CO2 + H2O → ………..

Q.21 There are three vessels containing acid, base and salt solution separately. Using the
indicator of litmus and methyl orange. Mention how each of them is identified separately.

Q.22 Write down the name and molecular formula of the compound which gives
hydrogen ion and chloride ion in the solution state. In which color is the litmus solution
changed after treating it with above compound, why? What is the name of salt when same
compound is treated with sodium hydroxide? Write down with chemical equation.

Q.23 Define acid. Give a balanced chemical equation of the formation of neutral salt by
the reaction between a strong acid and strong base.

Q.24 Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction between dilute hydrochloric
acid and any metal. Which compound is formed from this relation?

Q. 25Identify the type of chemical reaction taking place in each of the following:

a) Barium chloride solution is mixed with copper sulphate solution and white
precipitate is observed.
b) On heating copper powder in air in a china dish , the surface of copper powder
turns black.

c) On heating green coloured ferrous sulphate crystals , reddish brown coloured

solid is left and smell of gas having odour of burning sulphur is experienced.

d) Iron nails when left dipped in blue copper sulphate solution become brownish in
colour and the blue colour of copper sulphate fades away.

e) Quick lime reacts vigorously with water releasing a large amount of heat.

Q.26 The three test tubes ‘A’ , ‘B’, ‘C’, contain iron nails. In ‘A’, there is water
covered with oil. ‘B’ contains iron nails in water present in half of the test tube . ‘C’
contains iron nails ,CaCl2 and no water. In which test tube rusting will take place and

Q27. a) What is meant by photo- decomposition reaction? Give one example.

b) A solution of a substance ‘X’ is used for testing carbon dioxide? Identify ’X’.
What will be its reaction with carbon dioxide? Write balanced chemical equation
for the reaction.

c) What happens when copper metal is added to silver nitrate solution? Give
balanced equation for the chemical reaction taking place . Predict which is more
reactive copper or zinc.

d) Give an example of decomposition reaction carried out with the help of


Q28. On heating blue coloured powder of copper nitrate in boiling tube, copper oxide
(black), oxygen gas and a brown gas ‘X’ is formed

a) Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction.

b) Identify the brown gas ’X’ evolved.

c) Identify the type of reaction.

d) What could be the pH range of aqueous solution of the gas ‘X’.

Metals and Non -Metals

1. What does malleable, ductile mean?

2. Name the metal which is liquid in nature.
3. Metals are called electropositive elements. Why?
4. Name the most abundant metal in the earth crust.
5. Which is the most important non metal without which life would have not been
6. Explain why metals are good conductors of heat?
7. Why do metal loses its shine and brightness?
8. Why are metals used for making bells?
9. What are the exceptions in physical properties of metal and non metals
10. Potassium metal is stored under kerosene oil. Why?
11. What is the basic nature of metal oxide?
12. What are amphoteric oxides? Give examples
13. Why do aluminum metal does not react with water?
14. Why is nitrogen gas not evolved when metals reacts with dilute nitric acid?
15. What is aqua regia?
16. In a solution of silver nitrate, a copper plate was dipped. After sometime, silver
from the solution was deposited on the copper plate. Which metal is more
reactive- copper or silver?
17. Which of the following will give displacement reaction? Give equation.

NaCl solution and copper metal

MgCl2 solution and aluminum metal

FeSO4 solution and silver metal

AgNO3 solution and copper metal

18. Why is copper used to make wires?

19. How does an atom can achieve the inert gas electron arrangement?
20. Explain with the help of diagram that sodium chloride conducts electricity?
21. Define mineral and ore?
22. Explain the extraction of metals in detail?
23. Define calcinations, roasting and thermite reaction
24. Explain with the help of diagram the electrolysis refining of copper?

25. Explain corrosion and rusting? State the conditions necessary for corrosion of
26. How can we prevent rusting?
27. Explain the process of galvanization?
28. What is amalgam?
29. A zinc ore on heating in air forms sulphur dioxide. Describe briefly any two
stages involved in the conversion of this concentrated ore into zinc metal.
30. Explain how, a reduction reaction of aluminum can be used for welding cracked
machine parts of iron. Write a chemical equation for the reaction involve.
31. In the formation of a compound XY2 atom X gives one electron to each Y atom.
What is the nature of bond in XY2? Give two properties of XY2.

32. Give reasons

(a) Platinum, gold and silver are used to make jewellery.
(b) Sodium, potassium and lithium are stored under oil.
(c) Aluminium is a highly reactive metal, yet it is used to make utensils for