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Public Policy Day

Health In Every Policy

Monday, April 9th, 2018 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: Grand Salon

Policies to be discussed:

• Healthy People 2020 • CalFresh and Food Insecurity

• Sustainability and health • Soda Policy in Inglewood

• Farm Bill • LAUSD Wellness Policies

• How to become involved in public policy
• Obesity Epidemic

Including Keynote Speaker:

Senator Robert Hertzberg

Learn About:
‣ Innovative food, nutrition and health policies affecting
professionals and the public

‣ How citizen, local health departments, community

organizations, and policy makers collaborate to enhance our
public’s health

‣ Ways to take action and get involved in public policy!

Event Hosts:
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CSUN’s Dietetic Internship Program
CSUN 6th Annual Public Policy Day
and the Marilyn Magaram Center.
In partnership with the LA County
Department of Public Health, Kappa Register Online:
Omicron Nu Student Honor Society,
and CSUN Oviatt Library
Sponsored In part by The
University Student Union