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New York Jets Vs Kansas City Chiefs

In a match between New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs, which the former won, a Jets fan James
Mohr was brutally beaten by a mob of drunk Chiefs fans. Initially the charges were of “assault” but
once Mohr’s condition worsened the charges were upgraded.

The horrifying part of this was not the attack alone but also the chants. One of the assailants
screamed “F*#k New York. You deserved what happened on 9/11” as reported by the family of the

9. India Vs Pakistan (World Cup 2015)

Two neighbouring countries India and Pakistan are always at each other’s throats, but when a match
of cricket, a World Cup match, gets involved the matters get even worse.

The match between India and Pakistan resulted in a win for India but also gave a reason to around
40 people to start a brawl among themselves in a Sydney Club. The CCTV footage of the fight
showed chairs and bar stools being thrown at each other with a man getting hit in his head by a
thrown glass and other getting a plate smashed on his head. Few were critically injured and were
taken to the hospital.

8. Minnesota Vs New Hampshire (NCAA Hockey 2003)

After winning their second consecutive NCAA hockey title students decided to celebrate this
achievement in manner which involving setting the college campus on fire. Students converged on
streets setting cars, mattresses and dumpsters on fire. It took Police officers in riot gear to stop
these students to causing further havoc.

But, Minnesota was back at it 11 years later causing a riot when their team lost in the finals.

7. San Francisco 49ers Vs Arizona Cardinals (NFL 2014)

There is nothing new in fights between groups of supporters in NFL but things took an ugly turn in a
NFL game between San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals when a brawl began in the upper deck
of the stadium. The video footage of the fight shows splatter of blood on the stairs of the stadium as
punches were thrown by the two groups of supporters.

The most shocking part of this horrendous event was that even the female supporters got involved
and punches were thrown at them as well.

6. Serbia Vs Albania (Euro 2016 Qualifiers)

A European Cup qualification match between Serbia and Albania was abandoned after a drone flew
Albanian flag over the pitch. A Serbian player Stefan Mitrovic pulled the flag from the drone resulting
in fights between the players and officials and creating havoc in the stadium stands.

A huge brawl soon broke out involving the fans and the players as punches were thrown and the
police got involved. Olsi Rama, the brother of Albanian Prime Minister, was later arrested with a
remote control further causing political tensions, the aftermath of which was the Albanian fans were
banned to attend the match when the two teams met again.
5. Detroit Pistons Vs Indiana Pacers (NBA 2014)

Famously, or rather infamously, known as the Pacers-Pistons brawl, the match between Detroit
Pistons and Indiana Pacers ended up becoming the darkest day in the history of NBA.

The fight began just 45 seconds before the finish when Ben Wallace took a hard foul from Ron
Artest, Wallace frustrated the way game had progressed, shoved Artest. Initially the fight was
broken up, but then a FAN threw beer from the stands sparking up a massive brawl between players
and fans on the court.

The aftermath of this event was 9 players were suspended, 5 also charged with assault along with 5
fans and a lifetime ban for those 5 fans.

4. Poland Vs Russia (Euro 2012)

After the Euro 2012 match between Poland and Russia ended in 1-1 draw on the pitch a battle began
off it.

Over 5000 Russians marched down the streets of Warsaw before, during and after the match
celebrating the end of Soviet Union which resulted in a riot between the Polish Fans and the Russian
Fans. Over 6000 police officers were sent to manage the situation but instead they were greeted
with punches, missiles and bottles thrown at them.

This was one of the most horrifying night in the history of football as the public property was
vandalized, people were beaten, over 180 supporters were arrested and 26 were injured.

3. Boston Bruins Vs Vancouver Carnucks (NHL 2011)

The 2011 Stanley Cup loss to Bruins turned out to be a devastating event for complete Vancouver as
immediately after the end of the game as supporters started throwing bottles and other things onto
the large screens, this marked the beginning of the riot.

Police used flash bombs, tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the rioters who set cars on fire,
looted stores. Most parts of the cities were declared riot zone leaving over 120 injured and causing a
damage of more than 5 million dollars.

2. Juventus Vs Liverpool (European Cup Final 1985)

The match between Juventus and Liverpool, infamously known as Heysel Stadium Disaster, left 39
dead and more than 600 injured as a wall in the Heysel Stadium in Brazil collapsed over them. The
wall collapsed when Juventus fans were running to escape the Liverpool fans that breached the
fence which was separating them. Mostly Italians and Juventus fans were killed and injured.

After which a six year ban was imposed on Liverpool and five year ban for all clubs in England.

1. Nika Riots (532 AD)

The Nika Riots took place in Constantinopole in 532 AD where a large crowd gathered to watch
chariot races and other similar events. Due to the wishes and measures taken by the new emperor
Justinian to improve the empire lead to appointment of officials who took measures which were
relentless that forced the crowd to an ugly uprising in the city.

The outcome of these riots were so severe that thousands of the rioters were killed leaving half the
city burned and destroyed.

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