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Q.21 Globalisasi: manfaatnya kepada sosial peradaban hidup manusia

 Handwritten
 In Malay
 Save the link to every website that you have referred to
 20 pages min

Introduction (kwang ching, teh o) [3 pages minimum]

 Define what is “globalisasi”, “social” and “peradaban”.
 Who are some of the scholars (normally Islamic scholars) use the term “peradaban”.
 Moving on, tell a little bit of the history of Melaka. Previously Melaka was an entreport
and many traders come to Melaka for trading etc. served as a base for spreading of
islam and BM was the lingua franca (hence globalization).
 Then move on to tell other examples of globalization or events that has the
globalization effect.
 *Definition / elements can refer to links that I provide in a notepad file*

Body ( 2 to 3 pages each, doesn’t matter if more)

 Education (kin ning)
o Home schooling
o Learning through skype etc, with the help of tech, the world has become smaller
and students do not actually need to leave the house to learn something from
another place.
o Perhaps international schools and foreign schools can be discussed
o Example MIT
 Medical Technology (pang pang)
o Medical equipment etc
o Sharing of medical tech. fast growing med tech and other countries can benefit
from the research. Helping poor countries which cannot afford medical
treatment etc.
Q.21 Globalisasi: manfaatnya kepada sosial peradaban hidup manusia

 Technology (jie ying)

o Eg Malaysia and Japan x Proton and Mitsubishi
o Importing of expertise and physical technological equipment
o Mahathir look to the east policy

 Politics (khai yean)

o Give some thought into this
o Democracy is the main and the most widely accepted form of political ideology
in the world now. Unlike North Korea where dictatorship is used, they closed
their doors to the outside world blablabla

 Economy (YC)
o Explain how globlisation will benefit the economy of your own country and
help others as well.
o Maybe can relate how communists / socialists countries like China and Soviet
Union previously closed their doors to the outside world and at the end realized
that they cannot sustain themselves and had to open their doors to capitalism.
China is termed the bamboo curtain and Soviet Union the iron curtain.
o Many economic organisations such as the EU and ASEAN.

 Religion (William)
o How it spread etc
o Benefits from religion through globalization.
o Talk more on islam
o Also, globalization has made worshipping in sacred places easier by being able
to travel by air etc. many temples, mosque etc are all around the world now, not
confined to the country of origin only. Eg mosques everywhere not only in
Q.21 Globalisasi: manfaatnya kepada sosial peradaban hidup manusia

 Law (adrian)
o International law. Jurisprudence etc

Conclusion (shi hong) [2 pages minimum]

 Say that though there are many benefits, there are many disadvantages that are “outside
of our control” or “di luar kawalan” eg terrorism, offences across borders because
globalization means a world without borders, and without ‘borders’, it is easy to
commit offences. But proceed to say that it is outside of our control and that the benefits
far outshines the disadvantages. Also, if there are solutions to those problems posted
by authoritative writers, please include it inside too.

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