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Fixed Position Rotary Sootblower

Positive Gear direct drive:

From motor, chain wheel or
hand crank.

Adjustable Pressure Control:

Built-in adjusting disc permits individual
blower pressure settings.

Removable Covers:
EU Machinery Directive
compliant guard design for
protection against moving
parts and hot surfaces. Mechanically operated poppet valve:
Separate on/off pressure controls eliminate drift,
set-it-and-forget·it performance for design flow,
minimum pressure drop and reliable pressure

The G9B sootblower is recirculation and precipitator simultaneously open and close
designed to remove ash ducts. the supply valve. The G9B can
deposits from tube surfaces in A multi-nozzled element is used be configured to operate with an
stationary boilers, marine in a lane blowing or mass electric motor, chain (manual),
boilers, waste heat boilers and blowing configuration for or crank. When manually
direct-fired oil-heaters where complete cleaning of the boiler operated heads are located
gas temperature zones inside tube surface area. Element within reach of the floor or
the boiler permit a fixed materials are selected for gallery, the sheave wheel and
cleaning element. The G9B may different flue gas and operating chain can be replaced
also be used for cleaning low temperature requirements. by a hand crank.
temperature gas zones in large The G9B sootblower requires
boilers, including reheaters, only one operation to rotate the
economizers and gas blowing element and
Blower Coverage Up to and including 6 metres

Motor Data Single Electric Motor: 0.18 kW

Electrical equipment Suitable for indoor or outdoor service (hazardous environment optional)

Blowing medium Steam or air up to 128barg at 500°C

Blowing medium valve Diamond Power® mechanically operated poppet valve with integral pressure adjustment.

Blowing medium valve actuator Positive direct mechanical actuation providing full opening and closing.

Feed tube material 304 Stainless Steel, ground and polished OD

Jet Element Carbon steel, low alloy chromium molybdenum steel and high alloy stainless steel.

Drive arrangement Electric Operation or Manual Operation

Blowing Revolutions Set for single revolution per blowing cycle.

Blowing Arc 90° to 360°

Element rotation speed Approximately 2.5 RPM

Mounting arrangement With blowing medium inlet horizontal, vertical, or 45 degrees either side of vertical.

Protection Fully guarded in compliance with EC Machinery Directives.

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