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Packaging Branding & Identity Advertising Design
First Published and distributed by Artpowe

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Designer: Carry Wong
Sales Manager:
Mark Lu (China) ,Joanna Chan (Oversea)
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Among all the dazzling design elements that build up a morden world of color and
diversity, there is such a way of art. It can be the simplest sign that tells the most; it
can be the most conclusive word that explains the best; it can be as whimsical as a
careless sketch; and it can be as penetrating as a strong light… It is logo.

As a symbol and also a way of communication, logo shows us its charm and strong
vitality. It can be seen almost everywhere in our daily life, be it a street, a shopping
mall, a restaurent, or just a little corner down the road. Actually, logo has come to be
such an indispensible part of our life that to talk about its meaning and importance
here may be a platitude to many of us. However, to help more people get to know
better about this one of the most familiar and improtant design elements, and for
those who always try to draw inspirations from works of others, we present this book
“Logo Talks”. It is a collection of works of different designers from worldwide with
varied ideas and styles in design. Like a spring field, in this book you can see the
flowers of logos blooming in different shapes and colors. As you turn the head page
of the book, you are walking into an amazing world of logos. It will guide your steps, it
will unfold before you the beauty that is created through the mind and fingertips of so
many desilgners, and it will offer you the joy and enlightment which we have always
tried to bring. If you let it.

Finally, we are taking this chance to express our sincerest gratitude to all the
designers that contribute to this book, without whom we may never make it. Also, we
d like to thank Alphabet Arm Design for helping us to come up with the name of this

Now, enjoy the book.


1.BRAND 055



Bakerino Big Softy

Ocho mm

1 Liquifi 2 TD Proposed

3 Buzz Attitude 4 Kim Klelund


1 Pepino Park 2 Cafe Yok

3 Age Medical 4 About Blank

1 Urbahn Tee 2 Urbahn
1 Dats Wack Cards 2 Dats Wack

3 Cellar Dotted

3 IDEA 2009 CLose 4 EDX

1 Ron Wilson 2 Savont
1 Rob Visnjak Cards 2 Moda Bag

3 Rob Visnjak
3 Kids&Teens 4 Green Digital

1.California Red 2.Discover 1.Mossi 2.Warp


Inkbot Dancarto Dancarto is young and trendy dance studio.In translation from Esperanto 'Dancarto'
— 'the art of dance'. This is a statement of freedom, relax, flight and open world.

Ballisticka Ballisticka is an Internet agency which specializes in high load-carrying capacity sites and 1.One Part Sunshine 2.OPS Logopond
usability. Created style reflects innovations and gravity, best practices and creativity.

1.Psyc Aide Mark 2.Psyc Aide 3D 3.Psyc Aide Logotype 4.Psyc Aide logo 1.Darlene Dewell 2.Andy and Darlene

1 2

Shiraz logo for Wine label, self promotional item.

Peter is a well-known chef that has worked in

really high-end restaurants mainly in British
Columbia, Canada. He's been a personal chef
for some celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Cindy
Crawford and others. He is opening his own
restaurant and fine foods

1 Shiraz Wine Bottle

2 Shiraz 3b

1 Jazz Shool Online JSO is a series of internet workshops to
learn how to play Jazz on Piano, Guitar
and other instruments whether you are 1 Hanggie 2 Mucho Motion
a beginner or/and advanced musician,
through the purchase of DVDs or
downloads from the website directly.

3 Trento Media 4 Hanggie

2 Mision Cumplida Logo development proposal for the Movie
Mision Cumplida, an adventure movie for
tweens much like Spy Kids, being filmed
in Cancún, Mexico.

1 Sens SENS is Austrian modern furniture manufacturing company. I have provided naming and branding services with a key
goal to have unique yet simple and distinctive wordmark that will be easily applicable throughout various media, but with
special emphasize on furniture labeling on metal or wooden tags.

2 Saigon

Series of branding and packaging

explorations created for famous
Australian packaging firm Cowan
Design with Peter McClelland,
tremendously talented designer
from Saigon Premium
cigarette was known as the best
selling tobacco brand in Vietnam. Its
traditional image needed a facelift
with a goal to push it towards upper-
mainstream market segment.

1 Guba 3 Chikka

2 Shin Ryoku 4 Ringler Informatik

Sublime-ip JustNet is full internet services company based in Royal Exchange, Australia. In 2005
they have decided to change the name and corporate identity and comissioned me for
the work. Final result is an new and distinctive logotype highlighting global company's
presence and coverage in various areas. The achieved user experience: excellent
customer response and easy adoptation to the new brand and corporate identity.

Zine Creation of full corporate identity in order to define and establish company’s position on the
market. Result was modern, highly stylized logotype, having on mind powerful presence
consistent across media. Desired user experience: people encountering ZINE were to
experience a distinct brand personality in all communication channels without media breaks.

Vespa Logo Logo for a Vespa Club based on Ukraine. Simarro Logo Logo for Simarro Ltd. Spain.
Work on the movement of two Vespa. Logo for a spanish company of individual psychological studies.
The logo represents a shape of interrogation on a face of profile.

Cool Shoe Logo for Cool Shoe Corp.
Clothes street and surfing.
Logo representing a stylized wave resuming
the shape of the 'C' of the company.

Titan Denim Lecoupdulapin Logo

West Indies Lions 1

Mtv Box Logo for MTV Networks Paris. Focus24 Focus24 - Branding Usage Example
Logo for the new identity of the MTV BOX,
the new formula of internet subscription
offering the channels of MTV.

Fridge Creative Fridge Creative - Branded Print Usage Example Gabrielle Shaw Communications LogoType Branding Illustration
Gabrielle Shaw Communications LogoType
Gabrielle Shaw Communications Branded Website
Gabrielle Shaw Communications Branded Print Materials

Hoxton Studios- Logo Hoxton Studios - Branded Print Materials

Huntera & Gatherers Jo-Leene Jo-Leene - Branded Website Jo-Leene - Branded Print Materials

Huntera & Gatherers - Branding Illustration, Usage Example

Huntera & Gatherers - Branded Print Materials

Huntera & Gatherers - Branded Website

Kinship - Branded Print Materials Kinship Kinship - Branded Website Niche Architects Niche Architects - Branded Print Materials

Shaziana - Logo Mark & Branding Illustration

Shaziana - Branded Print Materials

Shaziana - Branded Website

Shaziana - Branded Print Materials

1 Tm Marketing

2 Togetherto 3 Bandman


1 Audio Ride Inc

2 Arts Boston 4 Art Is War Productions

3 Double Guns 5 Barri Group

1 Cable Car Cinema Cafe 1 Monolith Festival 2 Poker Affiliate Programs

2 Counting Crows Disco 4 Counting Crows Butterfly 3 ReMod Media 4 The American Soul Rockand Roll

3 The Get You 5 Counting Crows Duck 5 Let's Make it Awsome 6 Fakts One

1 Bzz Agent 1 Clarias l 2 Cancer Targets

2 Dr.Tattoff 4 Black Lion International 3 Ferree Group 4 Flock

3 Artery Creative 5 Anita Quinto 5 Tyrannosaurus Records 6 The Wine Bottega

1 Slow Rummer 4 The DilettantesTurnTables 1 Lisa Rigby Photography 2 Noshies

2 Seeing Blind 5 The Cheap Seats 3 Indy Hits 4 Go Gaga

3 Sully's Tees 5 The Dilettantes 5 Transistor TV 6 The Dresden Dolls

1 Empire 2 Mr.Lif Gothic 1 Sound Works 2 Sclar

3 Tim McCoy and the Papercuts 4 Thought Wizard 3 Sarah Borges and 4 Rucker's World
the Broken Singles

5 Powa House 6 Zero Down Entertainment 5 Schranghamer DesignTGroup 6 Tennessee Hollow

1 Proof 2 Proof

3 Proof

1 Relativity Music Group 2 Nrg Bar

3 Lamplighter Films 4 The Head Set

5 Festival Outlook 6 Mud Dog Media Co

1 Rogue Sports
1 Matisyahu 2 Mr.Lif Belt Buckle

2 Rhoost
3 Nectar 4 The Butman Company Inc

3 Township

5 Zox 6 The Fray

4 Mr.Lif Wings

1 The Verve College Music 2 The Gravel Pit 1 Plus One Tv 2 Fenway Recordings

3 Solace Coffeand Wine copy 4 Uber Geek Girl 3 Style Boston 4 Proctor Cam

1 2 Presso Cafe 1 Brad Sucks 2 Clair De Lune

3 Studio Inspire 4 Thorburn Chiropractic Center 3 Monarch Consulting 4 Christoph Rottmann

5 Chick'sn Salsa 6 Lill Laggasen 5 Uniworks 6 Intermission

1 Hong Kong Design Institute 2 Hayden Landscaping 1 The Dogfish Company 2 polemistes zois

3 Hellen Mills Theater 4 AUBG Griffins 3 C.I.A.MEZ 4 FOKER

5 Pepperoni 6 Audacious Arts 5 Freewheel 6 KRFX KAZEKAMI

1 Defekt

1 ADC 2 Abstracta
2 CH architects 3 CH architects

3 Claverton 4 Art Is Hard

4 Energa 5 Artec

1 Dress Room 2 Erta Consult 1 Fanelkite 2 A

3 Erta Consult 3 5 For Sale 3 NN 4 Lavina

4 Sectron 1 5 PR

1 Fillform 2 Fillform 1 Void 4 Erta Consult

3 Global Counsel 5 Fillform 2 Screenache 5 Fuck

4 Mozak 3 NAB architects

1 Sectron 2 Noise Architects 1 Tankov 4 Stratpol

3 Silver Noise 4 Shock 2 Tankov 5 Rizn

5 RZP 6 Puket 3 Studio

83 2.Silver Noise 1.VEIN

1.La Barra TV 2.Sensei DJ

1 Lady Bug 2 Boli Crush

3 Los Leones No Son Como Los Pintan 4 It’sCoupon Time

5 Superb 6 Kahtal Suites

1 Bras 2 Summer Discovery 1 Trailer Kits

3 E3 4 Cynthia López 2 Vital Magazine 3 Deza Cardoso

5 The Catholic Printing Co 5 Heron Sanctuary 4 Costanzo 5 Le Chateau Cinq

1.Clazzit 2.Promotional Group LLC 1.Tequila Valley 2. Pigmento

Bomzh Boutique

1.Kiteschool 2.Kite School in Blaga

1 3000 Recordings 2 Marisa Matioli 1 SF Grok 2 Invisible Agents

3 World Day 4 Liceo Grafico 3 Juana 4 Hale Microsystems

5 Xray 5 Yellow Tomato 6 Scandinavian House

1 Medicenter 2 Gelato Bliss 1 Techsmart 2 Grand Royal

3 MOSS 4 Pt. Lurina Plastic Industries 3 Chicken Gourmet 4 Hot Station

5 Honey Bees 6 Klappertaart Huis 5 Creatifavtory 6 Adorra

1 Free Style 3 Nobi Chips 1 Warung Sunda 2 Ayam Rojo Roso

2 Hardi Wijaya 4 Daun Bambu 3 Pt. Mangga Dua 4 Koovee

5 Prima 6 Prima
5 Panda Snack

1 Selera Indo 2 Teh 2 Musim 1 Wyn Media 2 Vtv

3 Burger John 4 King’s Corner 3 Portfolio Collector 4 Tripple Dee

5 Spatula 6 Sun Palace 5 Skull Kid 6 Injured Pigeon

1 Waterland 1 Cloudbreaker

2 Hollywood 2 Bliss

3 Hola 3 Awakenings

4 KönigWeb 4 Future Forward

5 Inbound 5 Trance Energy

1 Fuck

2 E Tronic
1 Mud Fat Grafiks 2 Juicy

3 Deep
3 Monkey 4 Monkey Word

4 Subtronic

5 Loss Fest 6 Supercharger

5 Highland Beats 12

1 Outsquare 2 Outsquare 1 Ndc1 2 Macano

3 DirtyMinds 4 Unberwerk 3 Johan Gielen Rec 4 Mif

5 Strike 6 8th Sin 5 Spitfire 6 Simply Soph

1.Hi Tack

1 Hi Tack 2 Hi Tack

3 Macano 4 Loss Fest

5 Drukkerij Draaisma 6 Loss Fest

1 State 3 State

1 360 2 Fresh

2 Zero G 4 Technoa

3 Code 4 Candy Club

5 Techneo

1 Planet Vip

2 Heaven Ind
1 Sdc 2 Ndc1

3 Max Hard
3 Slicks 4 Party Flock

4 Twisted

5 Ping Pong Club 6 Shockers

5 Hard Beater

1 Planet Vip 1 Reveler

2 Prototype 2 Revolt

3 Pounding Sessions 3 Rockdaboat

4 Plus8 4 Sunset

5 Real Future 5 Sensor

1 Djg 3 Flag&Sign 1 Nw12 2 Royal Tape

2 Djg 4 Seldenrust 3 Signature 4 ClickQ

5 Labq 6 ClickQ old

5 Madeinfriesland

1 Kruishaar 2 Saljoet 1 Batavus Frl Race 2 Batavus Frl Race

3 Revision 4 Fundar 3 Dvc 4 Flevojazz

5 Flevojazz 6 Camoing Pasveer

5 Fjo


1 Below The Line

2 Eht

3 Eht

4 Dejong

1 Planet 2 United Fly

1 Hospital Plus 2 Kocaeli Tip Fakultesi

3 Tuttur 4 Fireball

3 Jage Textile 4 Moritz

5 Jack 6 Istanbul

1 Adeo 2 Casa Sky 1 Adith 2 Auctus

3 6 Locksmith 4 Sunline Travel 3 Br163 4 Babilonia Cafe

5 All Tor Hotels 6 Istanbul Panoramik 5 Dod 6 Bolinho Da Roca

1 Yetu 2 Calypso 1 Farmacia Moderna 2 Florenca

3 Cubo Magico 4 Delicias Home Cakery 3 Geronimo 4 For Kids

5 Dog's Life 6 Rightmatch 5 Crepe De La Crepe 6 Di Parma

1 Paradiso 2 Planeta Pastel

1 Patakao 2 Salut
3 Raizar 4 Redemax

5 Saude Com Alegria 6 Raising Lives 3 Forkings 4 Feiticeira

1 Seupersonal 2 Fabrinqdo 1 Dep One 2 Ghostlab text

3 The Farmers' Market 4 Vestra 3 Anticlone 4 Ghost lab

5 Agro 6 Morph v.3

5 Taboulli

1 Chemistry 2 Collective Studio 1 Militia 2 Optimum Patient Care

3 Morph 4 Dartmoor Circle 3 Collective Studio Icon 4 Inner Prisms

5 Chemistry 6 Morph 5 Node 6 Slo Club

1 Pure Plumbing 2 Pure Plumming

1 Onstage 2 Onstage Roughs

3 Tiki colour 4 Tiki

3 Val Clayton 4 Personal logo 2008

5 Influx 6 Dartmoor Circle

1 Music Monsta 2 Tuned Love 1 X-terior 2 Radio

3 Diamond 4 Positive 3 Hannia Yasser 4 Blur

5 Phenomena 6 Neuronlabs 5 En Fuego

1 Mbvr 1 Ecotustm 2 Printhouseleto

2 Bto 3 Bastion 3 Wushu-sanda 4 Printhousefedor

4 Ages 5 Iji-design 5 Nadmitov

1 Verto 2 Sc 1 Goethe-center 2 Ayanguide

3 Seneshal 4 Loungecafe 3 Digadoga 4 Kudesnik

5 Adlabs 6 Olympusfood 5 Nutag

1 Focus 2 Lingerie 1 Eyes 2 Fotoskrydis

3 Ester 4 Cmeha 3 Complicated Love 4 Half An Hour

5 Zazerkalie 6 Crazysport 5 Greenlight 6 Blossom Photo

1 Art Hive 2 Maximus 1 Tnp 2 Time

3 Karpentera 4 Sklypu Projektai 3 Nut 4 Teisinga Virtuve

5 Sail On Rain 6 Rockit 5 Tonic 6 Totatato

1 Oca 2 Kurkin 1 Michael Krienitz 2 Metrodance Booking

3 Korona jewelers 4 Madam 3 Metrodance Records 4 Mint Clubs

5 Primecut 6 Clorofila 5 Sandspoint 6 Nypas

1 Washington Heights Sc 2 Santamonica 1 Fetaqui Bcn 2 Cirq

3 Turbine Records 4 Seawest 3 Ahra 4 Epicurean Caterers

5 Times Square Channel 6 Medenergie 5 Badia Photography 6 Pwsc

1.FF Radio Icons 1.FF Icons

1 Ff 2 Ff Bby Players Club 1 Ff Nli 2 Ff Dolphin Pools

3 Ff Cms 4 Ff Multiformat 3 Ff Wavescorx 4 Ff Wavescorx

5 Ff 5 Ff Gill Brothers

1 Placanova 2 Flightning 1 Jangha 2 Vanderly

3 Centre artesanal 4 FundSport 3 Diaz Servei 4 Ureach

5 Avarca de Menorca 6 GreenNews 5 Roser Casasnovas 6 Lohnny Bridges

1 Dental Point 2 Kangoo 1 1ton wonton 2 Biurowiec24

3 Deportl 4 Citi Travel 3 Aldeo 4 Web doctor

5 Aukcje Finansowe 6 Optitherm 5 Grill Power 6 Extraurlop

1 Polfruit 2 Linux On Mac 1 Spectrum 2 Newhomesys

3 Dziecko24 4 Matter Of Taste 3 Thera Pea 4 J.W.Adaptive Tech

5 Web Doctor2 6 Zpwkp 5 Affordable Health Store

1 Dog Biscuit 2 Cat And Mouse 1 Chihuahua 2 Honey Bee

3 Fish 4 Frog 3 Hunter Race 4 Fish Oil

5 Dogcat 6 Pigeon 5 Badger 6 Bird

1 Father Mother Child 2 England 1 Inklove 2 Water Drop

3 Games For Children 4 Vasvari Frog 3 Serpentine Medical 4 Mother

5 Elte 6 Acss 5 Snailove 6 Inklove

1 The Penguin Love 2 Theaterv

1 Loanetwork 2 Lion Art

3 Lion 4 Mk

3 Fd 4 Batkid

5 Fly 6 Rabbit

1 Animals 2 Astahaya 1 Elui 2 Uberkid

3 Generate magazine 4 Astahaya 3 Julie Guth 4 Urban Lounge Music

5 Wildlife 6 Generate 5 Generate 6 Fabien Greenberg

1 Giedrius Cibulskis Monogram 2 Smoke Of Home 1 Efficient Design 2 "alpera" Medals

Ministry Of Transport
3 And Communications 4 Lithuanian Geocaching Community 3 Amt Ceramics 4 Study In Lithuania

Pib Monogram Lithuania At Bologna 6

5 5 Jungle
Children's Book Fair

1 Vensky Shtruden 2 Andy Fiord Studio 1 Yaber 2 Steel Aqua

3 Viro 4 Yoj 3 Don-decor 4 Rich

5 The Eating Fish 6 Mus Fest 5 Once...

1.Thunder Ball 2.Fire Ball 3.21 Statybos Biz

1 2

1 Pride 2 Pride

3 Sexomania 4 Pride

5 Portland 6 Barskaya Krujka

1.Alex Club Cafe 2.AdVision 3.Narcomedia

1 Ad Face 2 Go Smart

3 Prima 4 F.L.A.G.

5 .A Guy From Heaven 6 AC

1 Baracuda 2 I lounge radio

1 Rhythmicable 2 Kwtm
3 Baltic Idea 4 Daugirdas

3 Plugas 4 Des Wiz

5 AC 6 Kriste

1 SMS Consulting
1 Bigbrother 2 Car Service

2 Pk Projektvimo Biuras 4 Shop IT

3 ZM 4 Blackhole

3 Shop IT 5 Shop IT
5 FT 6 Shake Prod

1 MaccaX 2 Loadbay 1 Rough 2 Noon

3 MD 4 HWA 3 ZSmotors 4 Vilab

5 Track Visits 6 Gli Angeli 5 Wing 6 Yeti

1 Wine Traveller 2 Tweet Treat
1 MonKey 2 Maritime Law

3 Aacbt 4 Silk Skin

3 Catham Consultants 4 Boomboom Media

5 Umbrella Foundation 6 Super Fox

1 Thump 2 Sanctuary 1 Centre Point 2 Design Positive

3 Woof 4 Coveo Garden 3 Bamboo Paperie 4 Johnnie Walker Signature Outlet

5 Duck Rice 6 Joanna Gregores 5 Diana 6 Regency International

1 Gwi 2 Miss Ceo

1 Fabric Star 2 Mobyh

3 Tonworks 4 Evotweet

3 Viewpoint 4 Fortana

5 Creations 6 Rocket Start

1 Cloudrocker 2 Goddessness 1 Epicenter.10 2 Ecogive

3 Film Watch 4 Dirty Girls 3 Date Me If You Can 4 Eco Electrons

5 E La Carte 6 Heights Church 5 Catsy 6 Creativenest

1 4 Hate 2 Back To Work 1 Xmas Song 2 Lab Guy

3 365 Logo Project 4 365 Collabo 3 Loop Love 4 Icard

5 Blue Rose 6 Break 5 Laboholic 6 Late Xmas Gifts

1 Haircut Time 2 Guidelab 1 Tunes Corner 2 Top Spot

3 Get Organized 4 Hate 2 Wait 3 Trading 24-7 4 Wizemark

5 Flying Together 6 Formero 5 Unlike Me 6 Xmas Eve

1 The One & Only 2 Speedee Post 1 Business Garage 2 Delight

3 MMedia 4 Motiation 3 Chimera Finance 4 Aqua Bird

5 Portnology 6 Running High 5 Dirty Girls 6 Ceriian

1 Bee Well Health 2 Buddi Bars 1 EMS 2 File Burst

3 Bad Moose Media 4 Barn Raiser 3 Do Grin 4 Fox Itness

5 All Paws High 6 Crawfish Express 5 Fountain Health Community 6 Ceriian

1 Doc Stock 2 Driver Doc 1 Metro Pet Resort 2 Pet Wardens

3 Dog Breeder Pro 4 Dog Park Find 3 Nicu 360 4 La Boqueira

5 Dog Day Designs 6 Ecard Wizard 5 Mule Cular 6 Moon Coyote

1 Ginacar Group 2 Mail Kangaroo 1 Zheep 3 Sumo Messenger

3 Lead Sloth 4 Medical Transcriptionist 2 Wild Oats Billy Goats 4 Shoa lmate

5 Hearty Pup 6 Globe Voyagers 5 Social Mallard

1 Pet Universe 2 Purple Rhino Promotions

1 Izba
3 Restaurant Available 4 Python Gaming

2 Shpira

5 Rock Paw

3 Elektribe

1 Maria Liv 2 Svensk Tvattstuga 1 Jennie Smith Photo 2 AK

3 Winter War Soundclash 4 Ship To Gaza 3 Arnbussen 4 Creative

5 Odiggity 6 Lewin Consulting 5 Ante Up 6 Curfew Steppas

1 Rvltn 2 7bhrt 1 Mv 2 Gate6

3 Up 4 Mosleep 3 Oxibeo 4 Redut

5 Textura 5 Zart 6 Vi Rock

1 High Line 2 Ear Jax 1 Datina strabuna 2 E-self Storage

3 Aletheis 4 Nuked 3 Energo Green Systems 4 Auro Travels

5 Cgen 5 Dotkernel

1 Healove 2 Fat Italian 1 Restaurant Empire 2 Skoenlapper

3 Punk Puffin 4 Wireless Bird 3 Eyeatar 4 FabooTaboo

5 Red Flag 6 Dun Dude 5 Boxsage

I wish God

1 I Hope I am 2 My Own Chapter

3 I'm The One 4 I am

1.I am 2.Shadow 3.He Sat


1 Jill 2 911

3 Havoc 4 Backspace

5 EJ Monogram 6 Coo Coo

1 Joe 2 Olivios 1 Signal Repair 2 EH3

3 Annie O. Photography 4 Isabella 3 Smile 4 Unarmed

5 Madison 6 13 Boys 5 TP Monogram 6 Missing

1 AtomicTangerine 2 Bao 1 Bao Office1 2 Slaughter House

3 We LoveToast 4 Heavy 3 Bao Office 4 Bao Office

5 Philanthropy 6 3KHC 5 Ember 6 Seven

1 Two 2 Sylem 1 Haltech 2 King Of Hell

3 Bao Office 4 Epicenter 3 Crisis 4 Sugaphonic

5 Elara Systems 6 Bao 5 Pracovnia 6 Sugar Advertising

1 Hizoku 2 Eafc Film Club 1 Eatme 2 Hiker

3 333 Studio 4 Dirty Shirty 3 Red 4 Made In Poland

5 Lajn 6 Axion Consalting 5 Goldenine 6 Femi Pleasure

1 Shaka Laka 3 Proll

1 Effort 2 Celina Yamada

2 Fiat Freestyle Jam 4 Red Bull X-border

3 Aquariumr 4 Samurai

5 Dosdedos Magazine

1 Rich 2 Artdekor 1 Zen 2 Brnd Trepanation

3 Ises 4 Altar 3 Project W 4 Colorado

5 Eagle 6 Street Basket 5 Zarnitsa 6 Eventica

1 Vertex 2 Lowe

1 Ternio 2 Pavlovsky
3 Moscow Open 4 Mrc

3 Zko 4 Petreco
5 Slon

1 Kingsize 2 Evoke 1 GK Fokus 2 GK Skolen

3 Concrete 4 Graphics in Berlin 3 Kampack 4 Gekko Club

5 Elefant 6 Madrid 5 Ullrokken

1 Alp Race 2 Tiger

3 Bikement 4 Steegan
1 Design Hostels 2 Zmex Business Center

5 Nine Hundred 6 GK
3 3D Illusions

1 Chocodisc 2 Canadian Swan 1 Horor Uncut 2 Censored Movies

3 Fleo 4 Coffee Break 3 Dweeboy 4 Dicktionary

5 Wounded Eagle 6 Heritage 5 2009 6 'g' logo

1 Enormous Foot 2 Exploding Soup 1 Think about Wars 2 Logoworld

3 Guča 4 DMVE 3 100 OKC 4 2008

5 Link Together 6 35th DK 5 Think about Climate Change 6 Beijing 2008

1 Pitt Patt 2 My Quest 1 Rnids 2 Date

3 My Quest 4 Sharks 3 MV 4 Didisc

5 Ombudsman 6 Ombudsman 5 Norway House 6 Third Love

1 AA 2 Partnership Business Brokers 1 Email Center 2 Dictionary

3 Nadja Higl 4 ADE 3 Stark Financial 4 Campbell Page

5 In Vista Investments 6 800 Žiča 5 Sandler Innocenzi 6 Pilastro studio

1 ATS 2 Environmentally Friendly 1 Alarmageddon 2 TV Maniacs

3 Central Bank of Montenegro 4 All Natural Milk 3 Sweeterland 4 Alter Space

5 Fairlines 6 Boy International 5 Men's Bunny

1 L&L Pharmacy 2 Invision 1 Queensland Data Centre 2 Anatomy Architect

3 Dream Academia 4 Kinetix 3 Freelancer 4 Eye Care

5 Semiologic 6 Paranormal TV 5 47 6 Atrium

1 Radiant Mobile 2 Munroe Photography 1 Flyers 2 Eat 2 Ivy

3 Open Door 4 Atom 3 Nature Guardian 4 Web Africa

5 Prison Break 6 Punk is not Dead 5 RSQ 911 6 Australian Academy

1 One 2 AK 1 Internet Kings 2 Goldberg Jones

3 Innovation 4 Fellows Group 3 Milica Plavšić 4 Level Four

5 Steve Z Photography 5 AMRES 6 Orange Valley

1.Bdf 2.Bdf

1 Charlie Bistro 2 Click International

3 Click Hotels 4 Click Villas

5 Quilla


1 Vegetation Geography 2 Blombergbahn 1 Laco 2 Royal key 1

3 Biotek 4 Globul Green 3 Royal Key 4 Sozopolis

5 Solaris 6 Infonotary 5 Merri 6 Sebo

1 Occa 2 Odigy 1 Foster 2 Old school

3 Paganova 4 Ring 3 Old school 4 Pixelclub

5 Krim 6 Tatonga 5 Pixelclub 6 Kalia

1 Lost Symbol 2 Flash Bg 1 Guppies 2 Dms

3 Bg Sound Stage 4 H2 3 Leanvest 4 Chernomoretz

5 Marc Preston Productions 6 Mucho 5 Kauca 6 Gizmodo

1 Kora

1 Union Bank 2 Rudy

2 Union Bank 3 Rimo

3 Cosmopolitan 4 Gineers

4 Lion 5 Sabine

1 AL Monogram 2 LQ 1 PH Final 2 Blocks

3 Electric Note 4 Optical Illusion 3 LA 4 Illusion

5 Lane 5 Oneo 6 Mosquito

1 Kalidos 2 Elements 1 Zigzag 2 Water

3 Zon 4 Perspectra 3 Nautilo 4 Umbrellaman

5 Homogeneous 5 P 6 PH

1 Bamboo 2 Dlg 1 Expoeasy 2 Inbound Marketing

3 Sroka 4 My Justice Career 3 Eat to Cure 4 Fast Funds

5 Vancom 6 Hote Lnest Egg 5 Ccwbl 6 Synagis

1 Goldvine 2 Art Greka 1 Jill Nagle 2 Slip Stream Studio

3 Sunfly 4 Zaizi 3 Mobile Intemet 4 Web Presented

5 Amc 6 Entz Creative 5 Matizmo 6 Guest List

1 Adult Magnet 2 Macrodeck 1 Instan Tech 2 Wyn Media

3 Blue Fox Studio 4 Bcc 3 Crowds&Clouds 4 Get A Website

5 2blimitless 6 Abshire 5 Infoca 6 Open Pm

1 Oak Bridge Advisors 2 Recurve 1 Mind Jumpers 2 Gateway5

3 Tdm 4 Wander Fly 3 Kontend 4 Kogroup

5 Td Designs 6 Tekton 5 Dixieems 6 My City 360

1 Tack Sales 2 Zippy Kits 1 Dressipe 2 Quinto&wilks

3 Aiip 4 Arts 3 Voicej Et 4 Resource Ace

5 Two Tree 6 Rgbc 5 Carder 6 Domaining

1 Win Maximizer 2 Playground 1 Vhs 2 Arf

3 Eatastic 4 South Star 3 Jodie Potter 4 Aerial7

5 Wesumer 5 Gold Technichnic 6 Avannis

1 The Media Faculty 2 The Game World 1 Enable Holdings 2 Share Through

3 Bingham Magee 4 Andrews Lucia 3 Averline 4 International Fair

5 Faze One Funding 6 Master Electricians 5 Echonest 6 Varga Peter

1 Dawa

2 Vdp
1 Day Hater 2 Web Design Ogfoto

3 Bpc
3 Ap Promotions 4 Itf

4 Rumba

5 An Amigo 6 Majestic
5 Aurea

1 I SONG Digital Entertainment Product 2 Logo Brand for Taiwan A FOX Display Card

3 Logo for NEW KADAN Biology Healthcare Product 4 WORLDHORTL Biology Technology

5 Kuxing Medical and Cosmetology Facility Technology Co,.Ltd 6 KST Digital Entertainment Product

1 Bass 2 Cam G 1 Srs Tv 2 Tmrc

3 Krfx Kzkmiii 4 Rsm 3 Gelos 4 Fx

5 Llilill 6 Hva S.a 5 Free Wheel 6 Syscomp S.a

1 Greko Profundo 2 Skotini Plevra 1 Flows Royal 2 polemistes zois

3 dBXPL 4 Born 3 C.I.A.Mez 4 Foker

5 396 Rain Lab 6 Taki Tsan 5 Rs2 Type 6 Krfx Kazekami

Richard Baird Graduated as a painter, she started her They provide a range of design solutions
graphic designer career in an advertising that range from branding to promotion, and
011-014 agency in 2003. Then she worked for from illustration to information design. While
EFM Solutions, Moscow office, and in they’ve been around the block (Fridge is
Richard is a freelance designer from the 2005 she came to Articul Media, well- over seven years old), they have deliberately
UK and has been designing professionally known group of web design and branding chosen to stay small so that they can stay
for over four years gaining a wide portfolio companies, as Creative designer. Rich responsive. When you work with Fridge, you
of commercial design. Key experiences practical experience enabled her to start won’t be dealing with a nameless, faceless
include packaging design for a new independent action in 2009. She lives bunch who think they know best. You’ll just be
premium cosmetics company, label in Moscow and works with her team of getting passionate, professional and friendly
conceptualisation for a popular wine professionals. designers who are willing to listen to what you
company and illustrating for high profile need, and will come up with a creative design
virtual environments. Richard also has solution.
a portfolio of new brand developments
ranging from furniture shops, new
products, design agencies, cosmetic, viral
marketing, online recruitment, game and
software companies. Richard is also a Rudy Hurtado Global Brandin
published design commentator.
027-033 Alphabet Arm Specific problems dictate specific
solutions, with this in mind they solve 057-071
each project according to what the
problem asks them to do. Alphabet Arm is an award-winning, full
Sebastian Gagin The favourite quote Rudy tells his clients service design studio specializing in bold,
is: 'If you think hiring a professional creative and distinctive print design solutions.
015-017 is expensive… wait until you hire an Services include: Logo Design & Branding,
amateur.' Collateral Design, CD Art Direction and
Sebastian Gagin is a 25-year-old graphic Merchandise Design. One of our primary
designer, born and raised in Buenos goals is to make the design process itself
Aires, Argentina, a chaotic city that he enjoyable for our clients.The studio opened in
has learnt to love. Studied at the Faculty 2001 and was namedafter the Art Director's
of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, design moniker, which refers to the alphabet
which is part of the University of Buenos tattoo wrapped around one of his arms.
Vladimir Mijatovic
Final Directory Aires. Obsessive, compulsive, his mind
can’t stop for a minute: he takes pictures,
plays in a band, draws, and tries to get 034-039
himself into any independent design
project he can find. Currently working at Vladimir Mijatovic was born in 1970 in
a design studio, and taking part in lots of Yugoslavia. After finishing artistic high
LOGO TALKS self-initiated projects, he’s interested in
observing the behavior of the frantic world
school in his home town Nis, he has
graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts
Stefan Vasilev
that surrounds him, the processes of in Novi Sad, Serbia, department of classic 072-075
chaos and order in design and life itself. graphic techniques. His professional
career started during the studies where Stefan Vasilev has worked as a graphic he worked for various design firms as designer for 8 years now. For the past three
a designer and art director as well. years he has been working as a graphic Since 1999, Vladimir has been working designer specializing in packaging, print
as a freelance designer, cooperating and corporate brand design. Also, duting
with clients and design agencies from the past five years along with working as a
around the globe, including Tiffany & CO, contract designer, he has also been working
Stuart L. Crawford Moleskine, Cointreau, Landor Associates, as a freelance designer, working mostly
Cowan Design, FunkyCorp Tokyo, Procter on corporate ID project, logo design and
018-024 and Gamble, Novartis Pharma, Killerspin, packaging. He is a person who enjoys being
HSBC and many more. placed in a creative environment, enjoys
Stuart L. Crawford is an artist/designer learning from every project, brainstorm,
from Belfast, N.Ireland. He graduated meeting, small talks, draft, etc. He dreams of
in 2009 from Dundee, Scotland, with a one day being able to inspire people with just
BA (Hons.) in Illustration. His freelance one graphic, one symbol, or one shape, in
design focuses on logos and branding the same manner the great designers today
with clients worldwide. His speciality is inspire him.
within typography, which was central in his Jim Menad
recent exhibitions. His logos have been
also featured in UK design magazine 040-045
'Computer Arts'.
'The art, the design, the color, is a universal word. We are the reflection of it we love: the world and people'. Jim M. Kaloian Toshev
Irina Batkova Kaloian Toshev is a 23 years old artist from
Bulgaria. He is fascinated by female forms
025-026 and like many other artists, he needs to draw
them all the time in searching of his personal
Be it the professional branding, thematic Fridge Creative perfection. As a designer his career has
illustrations, hand-drawn concept art or started for 5-6 years and now he is working
original graphic and web design — they 046-055 as an art director at Rizn Communication
are all crafted skills of Irina’s trade. Design. Currently he is studying architecture
Fridge Creative is a boutique design in Bulgaria.
agency based in Hoxton, London.

291 STATE (formerly known as Techneo) Ed is a young, independent designer from 156-157 His works have been featured in 180-183 the UK. He has a complex yet varied style, numerous design publications worldwide.
105-123 specializing in design for print. He believes Joan Pons Moll lives and works in a small Michele Zamparo is from Italy. He is studying
in design driven by goo d ideas, made island in the Mediterranian, developing at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. He
STATE is graphic designer Hylbrand- beautifully. Backed up by solid research, clear projects for countries around the world. is a student at day and a freelance graphic
Litoimagen Jan Hibma based in Franeker, The strategic thinking and attention to detail. He He does graphic design, editorial, Brand designer at night. He believes that good logo
Netherlands. Besides working as an art also enjoys writing about himself in the third identity, illustration, etc. design is a perfect fusion between illustration
086-091 director/designer at agency, per. skills and mind, with a touch of typography
he has some clients of his own. In most Philipp ZurmNürnberg and digital.
Name: Pablo Deza cases they're related to (dance) music-
Job Title: CEO & VP Creative business; DJs, promotors, clubs and 168-169
Name: Carlos 'Harry' Vallejo labels. Specialties are logo, corporate
Job Title: Art Director identity and typographic design. Philipp ZurmNürnberg is from Hannover
Litoimagen was founded in 1995, one of Kamila Szadaj Germany. After his communication design
the best Graphic Design, Web Design Icono Seis SA de CV studies he worked in various German
and Press Print Studios in Mexico. 158-160 agencies and spent two years in Oslo, Richard Scott
138-139 Norway to work at the branding agency Kamila Szadaj is a graduate of the Mission Design. He now is employed at 184-185 'In these days, graphic designers are Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw , adidas in Germany where he illustrates
Emrah Eski immersed in eternal discussions about Poland, Faculty of Interior Design and graphics for apparel. On his site www. Richard Scott is a 30-year-old designer who
concepts and trends, less is more, vs. more Design( Diploma with honors in 2000 ). he shows his varied graduated with a BA (Hons) graphic design
124-126 is more, aesthetics first vs. form follows She is a member of The Association Of body of design works and blogs about art degree in 2001. This gave him a solid platform
Mikhail Karagezyan function, We are forgetting that the real power Polish Artists And Designers. She works and design in his blog www.phillennium. into the design industry but only in the last
Emrah Eski was born in 1982 in 0stanbul. of graphic design lies in the ideas, not in freelance as a designer for Internet, print, com/blog. few years has he found real creative flair by
092-095 He was interested in graphic design as an following conventionalisms.' design and interior design needs. going it alone and setting up ‘Revivify’ Graphic
amateur and he designed some web site Since 3 years she lectures on the Design studio. Rich always tries to design
Mikhail Karagezyan is a self-taught templates. He got opportunity to work as Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, visual identities that are creative, recognisable
graphic designer and illustrater. He a junior designer in a creative agency. He Postgraduate Studies in'Artistic and most importantly will stand the test of
started his own design studio Naoba2 started to prepare some advertisement, Disciplines in Architecture'. She time. He has found his creativity expanding to
Artworks in 2007. He is passionate about announcement, catalogues and brochures. participates in several art exhibitions, new heights through using the site Brandstack.
calligraphy and typography, punk & indie His interest in institutional identity came plein airs, art and design competitions. Giedrius Cibulskis com in particular and currently design many
music, kiteboarding and exploring the out in this firm. After designing some Dmitry Galsan She also does easel painting ( oil, acrylic, brands especially for sale. His Brands for sale
world around him! logos, he focused on institutional identity own techniques) and drawing, explores 170-171 are
and logo. 140-144 her own techniques and means of He made lots of institutional identity works expression in both disciplines. Her works Giedrius lives and works as a freelance
MikhailKaragezyan ( which gave the companies a new identity. 'IF YOU KNOW YOURSELF, YOU ARE were published in the polish magazine logo designer in Vilnius, Lithuania. He He carries on his work on institutional DOOMED' about art paintings and always tries to make his designs have the
identity according to demands of drawings are in private collections in characteristics listed below:
companies all over the world.It is thought Poland, USA, Portugal. functional, conceptual, original, simple
that while he is designing logo, he is and high quality.
Johana Pscheidtova entranced and passes through another Scott Lambert
world. When he comes back to himself, all
096-097 logos are ready for presentation. 186-187
Nowadays he works for his own creative Arnas Goldbergas
Johana always tries to find the meaning, design studio named ' adoculus lab ' Born and raised in Southampton England,
logic or concrete idea for the logo. She profession on photography / creative 145-147 Marco de Obaldía Scott studied at Winchester School of Art and
believes branding shouldn´t only be retouch / motion and animation besides Ruslan Khasanov then Middlesex University. He has worked for
beautiful. She thinks it has to be clever Arnas Goldbergas/ Matto. 161 ‘big name’ and boutique clients in London,
graphic design works. He greets from
too. parallel universe. 172-174 Asia and now The Middle East. Scott’s work Marco de Obaldía graduated from has been published in several books and The University of Texas at Austin with Ruslan Khasanov is from Russia. He was featured on countless websites. a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design. He born in Ufa (Ural), grew up in Nyagan (Western Siberia), and educated in
has over 10 years designing logos and
websites and currently lives in Wellington, Yekaterinburg. He attended USAAA (Ural
Mark Brooks Florida with his wife and two wonderful State Academy of Architecture and Arts)
Anton saputra / Felix Susanto / Gustavo Vandoni children. You can see more of Marco's in the Faculty of Design. He graduated in
Edison Chow 148-151 work at 2008 and got Bachelor degree. Now he
127-132 is continuing his education in Academy to Fabian Marchinko
098-102 Mark’s idea is to be a designer as long as he get a Master's degree. He specializes in
Gustavo Vandoni loves designing since can work to live and not the other way around. visual design, concept development and 188-189
'Produce creative idea everday.' the first time he played with paper and brand identity. He likes to experiment with
pencils. He works with brand design and various techniques and styles such as 'Perth has one of the best climates in the
brand strategy for more than 10 years, Peter Vasvari Psychedelic art, Realism and Op art. world, so I can’t complain too much. I enjoy a
and made more than 200 logos. quiet life with my girl, kicking back with our 2
He studied Architecture for a while, and 162-167 dogs Jack and Jill and 2 cats. If Huey’s got his
then, he graduated in Communication act together, I’ll go for a surf at my local beach
and Marketing. Paul Gardner Peter Vasvari learned in Graphic Design and pull into a few. In summer, the pool gets a
Mike Speero Branding is his passion, and, fortunately, and Visual Education Department, and thrashing and I’ll spark up the BBQ with some
his profession. 152-155 Secondary School Teacher diploma, close friends. What started as a hobby in 2000
103-104 FCS, the company Gustavo Vandoni H A FA i n H u n g a r y. C o n t i n u e d h i s Tadas Vincaitis (nickname - Plugas ) has now become a passion and I find myself
works for, was founded in 1999 in Brazil Florafauna is a multifaceted design studio training abroad the VANTAA Evtek thinking about design 24/7. It’s not uncommon
Mike Speero is currently studying to founded on the belief that spreading culture, Muotoiluinstituutti, EVITech Institute of 175-179 for me to suddenly wake up at 3AM to sketch
become an art director in Sweden. His and now has a branch in Canada.
creating new experiences, making objects and Arts and Design, Helsinki, Vantaa Spring out an idea envisioned in a dream, which my
work can be described as simple, modern sharing ideas with all sorts of people across semester Graphic Design Department in 'Crazy for street calligraphy!' girl is tickled pink about…'
and unique. With his unusual style, he the globe, beautiful things will follow. Finland.
stands out from the crowd. He works as a freelance designer, and has a number of implemented projects in Hungary and abroad, for example from
Ed Price the U.S.A. to New Zealand. Vasvari works
primarily in the field of corporate and
133-137 visual identities, logotypes and branding. Michele Zamparo LukeSF
Joan Pons Moll
190 His speciality is within typography, which was 254-263 Shenzhen THREE advertisement Co.,Ltd central in his recent exhibitions. His logos have
LukeSF’s actual name is Andriy Bocharov. been also featured in UK design magazine Ivaylo Nikolov (for some more familiar as 284-285
He was born and is residing in Ukraine. 'Computer Arts' Mucho) makes his first steps in graphic
His overall design experience is about 2 design in his early sixteen. Back then in Shenzhen THREE advertisement Co.,Ltd
years, mostly doing graphic design (logos, Muamer ADILOVIC Alex Matveev a boring school hour, instead of napping, is a professional planning and designing
business cards, ads). He loves the most he decides to create a logotype of his organization, engaged in brand building and
to design logos and packaging design. 208 230-233 own. Shortly after that the commercial promotion, possessing a group of senior
He uses Illustrator CS4 and sometimes wave assumes him. He starts selling designers who comes from professional
Photoshop CS4 and he loves minimalistic 'Designing logos with a style / oops... i Alex Matveev thinks as Art Director and his first logotypes (modern at the time is design backgrounds and has more than ten
designs when less is more and tends mean, smile ' works as Brand and Graphic Designer, the metal stylistic) to friends for pocket years’ experience in the brand-building trade.
to keep to the simplexity concept (term Admix Designs focused on designing experience and money or some candies from the school With more than ten years’ accumulation of
coined by a famous designer Ora Ito). He emotional relationship with collective diner. professional experience and market studying,
agrees with those who say that a good 219-221 intelligence. After college,without having an idea of the company has won high recognition from
logo must look good in black and white. how hard will be the road in the following customers and frequent awards in design
Admix Designs, founded in 2009 by its owner years he passes through some graphic competitions. Joe Prince, provides professional designs to studios with video and 3D production, We deeply believe in the Chinese rich cultural Artem Sukhanov (aka Klood) clients across the globe. web and print design and some deposits. ‘思锐’ (Si-rui) was transliterated from
Admix Designs specializes in custom advertising agencies. The latest one is the English word ‘three’. Lao-tzu has a saying
209-210 typography, script fonts, logos, ambigrams, Ogilvy & Mather Sofia. in his classic book Tao Te Ching, “From Tao
and monograms. Designs are created using Nils Carlson Today, 14 years later as an engineer of comes One; from One comes Two; from Two
Artem Sukhanov is a freelance logo the Adobe Creative Suite programs including education and creator by soul, Mucho is comes Three; from Three comes everything”.
designer. Sometimes he draws robots, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.The goal 234 a creative freelance designer, focused on Tao is the rule of the universal exsitence and
Srdjan Kirtic sport shoes and makes polygraphic of Admix Designs is to create a unique style logotype design and corporate identity as developments of everything. Obeying this rule
design. of design that directly reflects a company’s Nils Carlson grew up on a small island in a priority. is a Tao ( which means ‘a way’). All things
191-196 Mmm. Did he say already about robots? objectives and needs. Sweden and has been painting since he rise from one; one divided into two which is
A good design is one that is easily was a little kid. Yin and Yang; Yin-yang gives birth to three
Srdjan Kirtic is a 25 years old freelance recognizable, scalable, and can stand the test His biggest inspiration is skateboarding
graphic designer from Novi Sad, Serbia, where everything ultimately is created in such of time. By providing quality designs at an and snowboarding which have been a big everlasting way. In terms of designing and
specializing in logo design. Self-taught & affordable price, Admix Designs ensures your part of his life. When he got introduced to
self-starter. creating, it is still inseperable to Tao and we
company will have a strong visual identity. Photoshop, 7 years ago, he realised that still need to obey the market rules which is
that was it! Since then he has designed Anthony Lane also a Tao. Only with the Tao of the market
Florin Capota Skateboards, Longboards, Logos, rules, can designing become a commercial Prints, Stickers and many more. This will 264-267 activity. We target to seek for the Tao of
211 probably continue for many years. everything to solve all problems, thus forging
Anthony is a self taught-identity designer ahead with innovation and creativity, and
Florin Capota, a 24 years old web from Minneapolis. Influenced heavily by
Wizmaya Design Studio designer, living in Romania, with a strong Bao Nguyen Swiss style design, and Gestalt theory,
building famous global brands with the goal of
presenting our products to the world.
passion for branding, currently working he strives to achieve powerful, lasting
197-204 at the Creative Department of Dotboost 222-224 designs through a creative, minimalistic
Technologies Inc. approach.
Wizmaya Design Studio is a team of
professional artists located in Jakarta,
Since his introduction to graphic design during Stig Tafto KRFX KZKMIII his sophomore year of high school Bao has
Indonesia who share the same vision desired to make it his career. In addition to
and mission. They are specialized in 235-236 286-289
his education background and training, he
many graphic design works such as also spends many hours experimenting on Stig Tafto is a graphic designer working
illustrations, mascot/character creations, KRFX designs various logos, corporate
his own with different graphic applications. for Oktan AS, a communication house identities, and type treatments, from
corporate identities, logo/brand design,
digital imaging and printed graphics.
LOGONISEME He is constantly pushing himself to learn the b a s e d i n O s l o , N o r w a y. W i t h a n Denis Wong experimental projects, to powerful branding
elements of design such as color, shapes, enthusiastic and open mind, the work is systems.
212-213 page layout and especially typography. influenced by everything around him. He 268-282
loves to experiment with new technics They are Bojan Malinovic, Aleksandar and styles. Located in Singapore, Denis Wong is
Beric and Nenad Bugarski – professional a graphic designer who specializes in
graphic designers, corporate identity branding and logo design. His works has
experts and brand creators. They are been featured in a number of globally
Jovan Obradovic Shpira designers who have contributed the world recognised publications and online
to be a better place. Further on, at the Przmyslaw Pustelny design galleries. He is also the owner and
205 Faculty of Graphic Design in Novi Sad- creative director of Entz Creative, a small
Jovan is a graduated Graphic Design,
Serbia, they were led by the vision of 225-228 Miroslav Vujovic branding agency, that works with clients
their creativity and they decided to show from all over the globe.
currently working in Novi Sad, Serbia at Przmyslaw Pustelny is now 30 years old. He
and prove the whole world who they 237-253
are. Their wish is to transport the visual became a graphic designer since 2002.
webdesign. experience they have into client’s life and Every day he works in a small advertising Miroslav Vujovic was born in Belgrade,
enrich it for another moment spent with agency in Warsaw as Art Dierctor, also as a Serbia in 1974. By education he is something nice and unforgettable. freelancer. a n A r c h i t e c t u r a l E n g i n e e r, M a s t e r More of his noncommercial stuffs can be seen equivalent,and a swimming coach, but on most of his career he was practicing Johan van der Poel graphic design and packaging design for various companies. He worked as 283
Lundgren+Lindqvist a Creative Director for 'Enter', Serbian
television company.For his work he Johan van der Poel is a freelance graphic
206-207 Stuart L Crawford received many prizes on domestic and designer located in The Netherlands
Lundgren+Lindqvist is a design bureau. international competitions. where he studied Industrial Design at
Kind of. Design to them is an ongoing 214-217 Cleber Faria Today he is Creative Director for his one the Delft University of Technology. In his
quest of finding original ways of company: mIQelangelo. free time he plays (beach) volleyball and
expressing a message visually. Whether
Stuart L. Crawford is an artist/designer 229 thinks of your next logo.
from Belfast, N.Ireland. He graduated
in print or online; they always strive to in 2009 from Dundee, Scotland, with a Cleber Faria is ambigramist and designer, lives
find the strongest solution to any given
BA (Hons.) in Illustration. His freelance in Duartina, Brazil and in his free time likes to
problem. design focuses on logos and branding photograph.
with clients worldwide.
Ivaylo Nikolov
Final Directory