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Robotics and Automation

Gallant info group of ProLan has been definite aim to

motivate the skill development courses. The Skill
Development courses have been designed to ensure
that the students have up to date knowledge of their
domain. We have designed our courses as to ensure
ISO 9007-2015 Certified
that adequate skills are imparted to the unskilled.

Who Can Enroll

Primary School
Secondary School
Higher Secondary School

Benefits to Students
 Energized classrooms
 Innovative project execution
 Hands-on Learning & Engagement
 Robotics is FUN
ROBOTICS FOR Keeping in mind the interest of children at this age,
this course specifically focuses on improving their
realistic approach towards learning technology
through robotics, thus giving them a beginning for a
Introduction to Basic Electronics
unique carrier in life.
Breadboard Projects

Sensor and Motor interfacing

Bluetooth Robotics

Gesture Controlled Robotics

Line Follower

Pick and Place Robotics

Fire Fighting Robotics and


Breadboard Projects
Musical Bell, IR Remote Tester, Static Electricity Detector,
Ticking Bomb, The Fading LED, Light Activated LED,
Dark Activated LED, LED Dimmer, Touch Switch, Piano,
Fire Alarm, Strobe light, Panic Alarm, Quiz Buzzer,
Bike/car Turning Signal, LED Roulette, Laser Security
Alarm, LDR Circuit, Brake Failure Indicator.

Head Office:
No11,EB Colony, Pykara,Madurai—625 004
Branch Office:
S1, 2nd Floor, GMK Tower, Mangammal Salai,
KTC Nagar, Tirunelveli - 627 011
Contact : 0452 2374012 , 0462 2522835
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