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1 Introduction 3
2 Research Methodology 6

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Brand Identity in the words of Aaker is explained as “Brand identity is a

unique set of brand associations that the brand strategist aspires to

create or maintain”.

Brand Identity is simply, what the organization wants its customers to

perceive as the image of the brand.

Brand identity is a bundle of mental and functional associations with the

brand. Associations are not “reasons-to-buy” but provide familiarity and

differentiation that’s not replicable getting it. These associations can

include signature tune, trademark colors, logo, tagline, etc.

Brand identity is the total proposal/promise that an organization makes

to consumers. The brand can be perceived as a product, a personality, a

set of values, and a position it occupies in consumer’s minds. Brand

identity is all that an organization wants the brand to be considered as.

It is a feature linked with a specific company, product, service or

individual. It is a way of externally expressing a brand to the world.

To create brand identity, various branding elements are used such as

logo, taglines, name, color, etc.

Further, it can be said that all the concepts are related. It can be

understood with the help of the following flow chart.


• Research Design

The research design adopted for the study is exploratory research

design wherein the factors used in defining the brand identity are


• Technique Used

The technique used to collect the data was the personal interview

method in which Mr. , was interviewed about the elements used by

LG in stating brand identity. In this technique, telephonic interview

was done in order to collect information.

• Source of Data

The report comprises of both types of data i.e. primary & secondary.

Primary data was collected by means of personal interview. And,

secondary data was derived from the details given in the published

website of the company & other sources on the internet.


In terms of the prism given by Kapferer, LG is characterized as:

1. Physique – Whenever one thinks of LG, the first thing that strikes

the mind is electronics. The other thing which reminds of the

brand is its tagline – “Life is good”.

2. Personality – LG represents the following personality traits:

comfort, dynamic, genuine, etc.

3. Relationship – The relation that LG enjoys with its customers is

quite long. Now people identify LG as a user friendly, innovative &

affordable brand. It believes in maintaining that relationship &

therefore, delivers good after sales services.

4. Culture – The organization strives for innovation, approachability &

youthfulness. It always comes up with products that are somewhat

different from others & at the same time easy to use.

5. Reflection – LG’s ideas & intentions are quite clear from its tagline

itself that says Life is Good. The phrase very well explains that LG

believes in delivering their best so as to ensure comfort to their


6. Self Image – It clearly states that if you possess a LG electronic

then, your life is much simpler & relaxing.

The dimensions of Brand Identity given by Aaker, defines LG as follows:

1. As a product

a. Variety of products offered – Its product range includes mobile

handsets, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, LCD Television, LED

Television, Music players, so on & so forth.

b. Country of origin – LG is basically a Korean Company &

therefore, was bound to deliver best of the technology at

affordable prices.
2. As an organization

a. Innovation – It believes in change & innovation. It has always

come up with different products to delight its customers. For

instance, it was the first Korean company to launch radio, black

& white TV & above all, LG was the first company that came up

with 60 inch plasma TV.

b. Local Vs. Global – It is a global organization which feels proud to

establish itself all around the globe.

3. As a person

a. Genuine – LG can be characterized as genuine because it

doesnot pretend to be something extra ordinary. It shows

whatever it possesses.

b. Comfort – LG ensures that its customers live a comfortable life

by providing them with features that are user friendly & easy to

c. Dynamic – LG is dynamic because it keep changes itself with the

changing requirements & needs of the customers.

d. Reliable – It sustains its reliability by providing world class

products & after sale serviced.

4. As a symbol

a. Logo – The stylized image of a smiling face is meant to convey

company friendliness and approachability. That the portrait is one-

eyed conveys LG’s profile as goal-oriented, focused, and confident.

The circle represents the globe, symbolizing the world and all of

humanity, as well as youth and the future.

b. Shape - The upper-right corner of the LG logo, intentionally left

blank, makes the design distinctly asymmetric—a nod to LG’s

creativity and adaptability to change.

c. Color - LG Red, the main color, symbolizes friendliness, and is also

meant to convey LG’s commitment to delivering the best. LG Gray

represents technology and reliability.


1. Therefore, it can be concluded by saying that LG ensures that it

provides the best quality products to its customers at affordable


2. It takes into consideration all branding elements to create the

appropriate brand identity.

3. The only thing it lacks in is the advertisement part. All of its

competitive brands go in for aggressive advertisement whereas in

case of LG, the commercials are very limited but rare among all.

• Interviewed Mr.

• Strategic Brand Management by Kapferer



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