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10 /28 TO BHMA The Greek Australian VEMA NOVEMBER 2015

The event was well attended

Alexandrian Legacy launched

by Professor Carole M. Cusack
Alexandrian Legacy: A Critical Apprais- their scholarly rigour and nuanced en-
al (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge gagement with the sources. She noted
Scholars Publishing, 2015), edited by St especially the contributions of world-
Andrew’s faculty members Protopres- renowned scholars such as Professor
byter Dr Doru Costache (Senior Lecturer Pauline Allen, Revd Professor Denis Ed-
in Patristic Studies), Dr Philip Kariatlis (A- wards, and Professor David Bradshaw,
cademic Director and Senior Lecturer in amongst others, and recommended the
Theology), and myself, represents a mile- volume as an indispensable tool for any-
stone in the life of the College; a sign of one wishing to delve into the Alexandri-
its maturity and dedication to quality re- an tradition.
search. We were all especially enlivened by
Alexandrian Legacy contains fourteen Professor Cusack’s personal touch to the
chapters that constitute revised versions launch of this volume, including her an-
of thirteen articles published in the Col- ecdotes concerning former colleagues at
lege’s journal, Phronema; ten of which the Department of Studies in Religion
were based on papers delivered at St An- who were present at the launch, includ-
drew’s 2012 and 2013 Patristic Sym- ing the Revd Dr John Chryssavgis, who
posia, both of which were convened by was the main keynote speaker at the
Dr Costache and Dr Kariatlis. It also in- Theology Symposium and founding sub-
cludes an entirely new chapter. The sym- Professor Carole M. Cusack launched dean of St Andrew’s, and Professor Garry
‘Alexandrian Legacy’
posia just mentioned were based on the W. Trompf, former head of Studies in Re-
Alexandrian saints Athanasius and Cyril ligion at Sydney University and lecturer
respectively; so, naturally much space is Cusack is an internationally renowned fields of theology, patristics, history, and at St Andrew’s. To conclude the launch,
afforded in this volume to the life and scholar. Trained as a medievalist, she is literature have produced an amazing bo- Carole expressed how much a pleasure it
writings of these two illustrious Fathers the author of many books and the editor dy of work, which in many cases gives was to read Alexandrian Legacy, and in-
of the Church, who are nevertheless of numerous volumes. She has also pub- new insights into topics that are seldom dicated the fact that to see so many
placed within the broader context of the lished countless journal articles and book addressed in scholarship. friends, colleagues, and former students
enriching Alexandrian tradition. chapters covering a range of topics from Describing Alexandrian Legacy as at the launch made it a particularly hap-
The volume was officially launched on medieval Christianity, to European my- “fresh, original and challenging,” she af- py occasion. The editors extend their
the 9th of October, 2015 by Carole M. thology, theories of conversion, religion firmed that whilst the bulk of the book heartfelt gratitude to Professor Cusack
Cusack, Professor of Religious Studies in and popular Culture and new religious was on the Alexandrian saints Athanasius for launching the volume with such
the Department of Studies in Religion at movements. Professor Cusack began the and Cyril, nevertheless the chapters by warm, gracious and encouraging com-
the University of Sydney, during the In- launch by warmly reminiscing about her Dr Costache, Associate Professor Revd ments. Alexandrian Legacy is available
augural Theology Symposium of St An- review of Cappadocian Legacy: A Critical Bogdan Bucur and Associate Professor for purchase from the Cambridge Schol-
drew’s. The launch was hosted in the Appraisal (edited by Father Doru and Phi- Vlad M. Niculescu examine the thought ars website:
College’s great hall, in the presence of all lip and published by St Andrew’s Press in of figures such as Clement and Origen,
participants at the conference and other 2013) that was published in the Journal whom, she commented, were essential drian-legacy
guests, and was a particularly meaningful of Religious Studies 39:1 (2015). Turning in paving the way for the Alexandrian Dr Mario Baghos
moment for me, as I introduced Profes- to Alexandrian Legacy, Carole highlight- tradition. Professor Cusack then gave a Associate Lecturer in Church History
sor Cusack, who along with Father Doru, ed the interdisciplinary nature of the vol- chapter-by-chapter summary of the vol- St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox
supervised my doctoral thesis. Professor ume, stating that its interaction with the ume’s contents, which she praised for Theological College

Athens metro makes world’s top 10 in Frommer’s travel guide

Athens commuters may take it for granted on a day- tems? Other than safety, cleanliness, and cost, it does- ered while digging (walls, cisterns, urns, and even sar-
to-day basis, but for visitors to the Greek capital the n’t hurt to have amenities like great architecture or cophagi). Even if you don’t need to get to any of the
metro is one of the sites worth visiting. In fact online underground shops and eateries. Bonus points if the 50-plus stations, it’s well worth a visit to Syntagma
travel guide Frommer’s recently ranked the Athens transit stations aren’t too crowded or have endless Square or Akropoli stations to see the relics or Ethniki
metro among the top 10 subways in the world be- staircases.” Amyna station for more contemporary art installa-
cause of the archaeological exhibitions and contempo- The Athens metro is presented among the world’s tions. Though the trains aren’t that modern or effi-
rary art installations at a number of its stations. top 10 in most flattering terms: “One of the crowning cient, the visual surroundings make it all worthwhile,”
The feature by Charis Atlas Heelan compares differ- achievements of this city’s Olympic bid was the cre- the writer says. Also in the top 10 list are Moscow,
ent subway systems around the world, asking: “What ation of Attiko Metro, a system with stations housing London, Stockholm, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Dubai,
makes the world’s best subway, Metro, and Tube sys- archaeological exhibits and items that were uncov- Hong Kong and Beijing.