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Mould is a fungus that needs a
Mould growth is one of the significant issues within the leather and footwear supply food source and moisture to grow
chains. Mould growth on products can cause colour change and an unpleasant and propagate. They are found
smell on products and in some cases may lead to irreversible damage to products. everywhere and colonies can grow
The damage may include staining or formation of fat spurs in leather, which is a on almost any substance when
consequence of mould breaking down fats within the leather. moisture is present. Moulds are
As a result of mould growth, extra cost, whether tangible or intangible, may reproduced by spores, which can be
be incurred in the supply chain of leather goods and footwear production. This carried by air currents. When these
may include the cost of mould treatment, late deliveries, loss of sales revenue, spores land on a moist surface that is
brand’s reputation or product recalls. Therefore, prevention of mould spread in the suitable for life, they begin to grow.
manufacturing site, storage and packing area is crucial within the footwear and leather Leather acts as an ideal food source
industries. for colonies of mould to thrive and
thus it is important to control every
HEALTH & SAFETY CONCERNS ON MOULD stage of production, storage and
In addition to the unpleasant look on the leather products, certain types of moulds shipment.
and their associated spores may be considered to be pathogenic or toxic. With mould Many factories and storage sites,
being ubiquitous in nature, mould spores are a common component in the atmos- particular in Asia, are ideal breeding
phere. If mould spores are present in large quantity, they may pose a health risk to grounds for moulds due to high
people who come into contact with them, especially to those who have immuno- temperature and humidity in the
compromised health issues, potential allergic reactions and respiratory problems. region. Other areas of breeding
Some moulds also produce mycotoxins that can pose serious health risks to humans grounds include ocean-going
and animals. Exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems containers where mould growth is
and in some cases death. Prolonged exposure like daily workplace exposure can be common due to the humid condition
particularly harmful. as well as temperature cycles of hot
and cold within the containers and
external conditions during shipment.
Any inappropriate storage or
shipment conditions would facilitate
the rapid mould propagation.
MOULD PREVENTION AWARENESS Headquartered in Switzerland, SGS is
Under favourable environmental
TRAINING conditions, during each stage of
the world’s leading inspection,
verification, testing and certification
Awareness training is an important first manufacturing, storage and shipping,
company. SGS is recognized as the
step to implement a mould prevention there is a potential of mould growth on
final products or semi-finished products. global benchmark for quality and
policy at your manufacturing site,
Since it is difficult to completely prevent integrity. With more than 80,000
storage and packing area. Our mould
contamination by mould spores and employees, SGS operates a network
prevention awareness training course
the resulting mould growth, cleanliness of over 1,650 offices and laboratories
targets brand’s or suppliers’ QA and
and moisture control become important around the world.
production managers, who oversee
product quality and safety compliance in the storage and the manufacturing SGS Global Softlines has an extensive
and workers’ health and safety. The facilities to reduce the risk of mould in network of over 40 laboratories
awareness training includes the the manufacturing or storage facilities. worldwide, with a strong team
following areas: The conditions under which products are of committed professionals from
manufactured, stored and packed will multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Our
•• Understanding the cause of moulds
be investigated during our on-site mould internationally accredited state-of-
and how they occurs
prevention assessment. During the the-art testing laboratories offer a
•• Preventative measures for mould
on-site visit, moisture content, humidity comprehensive range of physical,
•• Investigation of mould and tracing
and ventilation of the manufacturing chemical and functional testing services
the source of problems
site, storage and packing areas will for components, materials or finished
•• Preventing product exposure to
be measured and evaluated. Mould products. We help your company ensure
mould / spores during shipment
management, general housekeeping the quality and performance needs and
With practicality in mind, our training
and monitoring of packaging materials comply with international, industrial and
content is designed in a way that
also will be assessed. Where gaps regulatory standards worldwide.
© SGS Group Management SA – 2014 – All rights reserved - SGS is a registered trademark of SGS Group Management SA

complicated scientific and technical

in the preventative measures have
information is presented in an easily
been identified, SGS will provide CONTACT US
understandable industrial language and
recommendations for the client to
digestible fashion with vivid illustrations. To learn more about our services, please
facilitate continuous improvement.
Through this training course, attendees visit us at or
can gain technical knowledge during SCOPE OF ON-SITE MOULD contact our representatives for more
the training and hopefully master the
•• Manufacturer’s mould prevention
fundamentals, enabling them to apply
the acquired knowledge and theory in GLOBAL SOFTLINES DEVELOPMENT
their daily use. •• Staff training, awareness and
•• Humidity control of the site Email:
•• Site’s general housekeeping
•• Production procedure management
To provide greater assurance along the
•• Storage condition of incoming
supply chain, SGS offers a range of turn-
materials & finish products
key and individualised testing services
•• Shipping condition of finish
to allow brands and retailers to gain
greater understanding of mould related
issues on products and raw materials. •• Mould prevention chemical agent
Services include mould growth
resistance of different materials and
safety compliance of mould prevention
chemical agents.

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