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Press Release

European U-19 Individual Speedway Cup – Final

at Zarnovica (Slovakia)

The Polish national

team won the first edi-
tion of the European
U19 Pairs Cup. The hi-
storical gold went to
Jakub Miśkowiak, Wik-
tor Trofimow and Szy-
mon Szlauderbach.
The European Cup Par
U19 is a completely
new event. The histo-
ric, first competition
consisted only of the
final tournament and
seven teams competed
in the race.
Poles showed from the
very start that they
were the favourites. In
Press Release

the competition, they collected 26 points out of available 30 points in 21 heats. Den-
mark and Latvia were battling for 2nd and 3rd place the whole meeting long with
Denmark having better finish with 23 points over Latvia with 21 points.
The meeting was held with no major incidents or accidents. Only some minor crashes
happened but without any serious injuries.
Full results on FIM Europe website:

The actual issue of FIM Europe MAG is online and can be downloaded here.

nr. 177/2018 - July 8th 2018
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