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Cloud Services Offering

Fixed Scope Offering for Implementation of

Oracle Fusion HCM in Cloud

Executive Summary
 Hexaware is pleased to present to you this fixed scope offering for
implementation of Oracle Fusion HCM solution in cloud.

 Hexaware is Co-Developer of Fusion Applications and Global partner of

Oracle with strong HCM domain knowledge and Implementation expertise

 Hexaware has a large pool of certified Oracle HCM, Taleo consultants with
strong implementation background.

 With strong domain knowledge, application expertise and unique technical

skills Hexaware brings to you the quick ROI at minimum risk for your HCM
cloud initiatives.

 This document provides insight into the scope, approach and methodology
used for this “Fixed Scope Offering”

• Business Drivers
• The Solution – Oracle Fusion HCM
• Hexaware’s Offerings
• The Application Scope
• Hexaware’s VELOCITY Methodology for Cloud Solutions
• Implementation Timelines
• Assumptions and Obligations
• Why Hexaware For Fusion Implementations ?

Business Drivers

Key Business Drivers
• Adopt leading Global HCM practices.
• Achieve HR excellence by recruiting, developing and
retaining the best talent.
• Streamline the HCM processes and achieve measurable
• Provide global visibility of the Human Resources in the
organization for the management to make critical global HR
• Fast Track deployment of the leading HCM solution to
accomplish the above goals

The Solution – Oracle Fusion HCM

Leading Solution from Oracle
Fusion Human Capital Management

Do Things Your Way

Know Your People Better
Work As A Team

Built on 100% Open Standards

Standard Tools for Data and Large Talent Pool

Lower Cost Integration
Process Integration

Oracle’s Rich History in Cloud Services
 In On Demand business since 1999

 More than 5.5 million users

 Second-largest Cloud provider

 Enterprise-grade availability,
performance, and security

 More than 20,000 Oracle experts

around the world

 Complete portfolio of cloud services

Ability to Move from “Cloud” to “On Premise”

Cloud Security and Data Protection

Most Reliable Platform
• More than 99.5% uptime
• ITIL-based processes
• Access to Oracle engineers
• Comprehensive production
assessment process
• High availability via
– Autonomic monitoring, diagnostics
– Predictive incident management tool

Hexaware’s Offerings

Fusion HCM Modules in Scope
Package Modules Duration

Package 1 • Global HCM 12 weeks

Package 2 • Global HCM 14 weeks

• Goal Management
• Performance Management
• Talent Review

Package 3 • Global HCM 16 weeks

• Goal Management
• Performance Management
• Talent Review
• Compensation

The Application Scope

High level Scope Definition
Fusion Cloud
Core HR Configure 1 Legal Entity
Configure 1 Country
Configure 1 Reference set in addition to Common
Configure person profile and work structure profile
Configure HCM Workflows as delivered
Modify maximum of 2 delivered workflow depending on the feasibility Configuration flexi
fields/checklist/document of record based on the business requirement

Goal, Performance, configure 1 Goal plan, upload of organization and worker goals
Talent Review &
Compensation Configure 2 process flows and 2 performance templates per process flow
Configure 1 talent review template
Configure 3 compensation plans, 1 for Base Pay and 1 for bonus, 1 individual plan

High level Scope Definition
History Data Migration
Data Element Volume of Data

Companies Active Companies

Locations Active Locations
Departments Active departments
Job Codes Active job codes
Positions Active positions
Job Family Job Families tied to job codes
Salary Grade, Step, Plan All active Salary plans and grades
 Active employees - Hire row and latest job data transaction row
Job & Employment  Terminated employees – Hire row and the termination row. Employees terminated in
the past 2 years only
Personal Latest personal Details
Compensation Associated compensation data for each job row
Goals Goals for employees

Hexaware’s VELOCITY Methodology
For Cloud Solutions Implementation

(Hexaware’s Cloud Implementation Methodology)

Configure &
Plan > Design > > Testing > Go-Live O

• Project Charter • Configuration • End to end system • Fully configured, • Application go-live
• High-level Project Documentation configuration tested and user • Project Closure
Plan • Data Mapping • Testing Scenarios & accepted application • Issue Resolution
• Workshop/CRP plan • Security Matrix Scripts • Key User Training • End User Feedback
• Project Organization • Test Strategy • Updated Configuration • Finalized

Chart • Training Strategy Document configuration

• Sample Deliverables • CRP Sessions and documentation

Summary • Detailed go-live

cutover plan
• Finalized production

About VELOCITY Methodology
VELOCITY is Hexaware’s standards based methodology for Rapid implementation of Cloud
Solutions. The methodology is rapid, adaptive and business focused.

Key Features:
 Efficient:  Flexible:
• An easy-to-follow framework of activities • Select the strategy, techniques, and tasks appropriate
• Prototype based approach for your project
 Delivery Toolkits:  Scalable:
• Standard templates enabling faster and • Scalable to handle large multi country rollouts and high
better quality outputs volume data migrations

Key Benefits:
 More Focused Effort  Built-in Flexibility  Rapid Deployment

 Lower Cost of Deployment  Reduced Project Risks  Better Quality

Implementation Timelines

Package 1 – High Level Plan
Fusion Global HCM in 12 weeks

W12 –
W1 - Planning W4 – CRP1 W9 – Test Transition

W2 – W6 – W10 –
Familiarization CRP2 Go Live

Package 2 – High Level Plan
Fusion Global HCM, Goal, Performance and Talent Review in 14 weeks

W5 – W11 – W14 –
W1 - Planning CRP1 Test Transition

W2 – W7 – W12 – Go
Familiarization CRP2 Live

Package 3 – High Level Plan
Fusion Global HCM, Goal, Performance, Talent Review and Compensation in 16 weeks

W6 – W13 – W16 –
W1 - Planning CRP1 Test Transition

W2 – W9 – W14 – Go
Familiarization CRP2 Live

Assumptions and Obligations

Key Assumptions (1)
• The standard business flows and product features will serve as the base for the

• The implementation is based on the Cloud deployment model, hosted at Oracle

• No Customisation can be performed in Fusion Cloud. Custom configuration within

the standard system is performed

• Only one country and one language (English) is included in scope

• 3rd party system developers will have collaboratively work with the Hexaware team to
upload and test the interface files

• The project would be executed in an onsite-offshore model

• A comprehensive list of assumptions and final timelines & estimates will be provided
after a due diligence study conducted by Hexaware

Key Assumptions (2)
• Common HR work structure (job code, organization structure, single legal entity,
grade structure)

• Common performance management processes across the organization (one

appraisal template, bi-annual appraisal cycles)

• Compensation policy, Guidelines, Plans and Processes are same across the

• Single sign-on solution with Taleo has not been factored

• Training will be provided using ‘Train the Trainer’ approach

• The training will be provided using combination of PPT and product walkthrough

• Organization change Management and end user training will be customer’s


Your Obligations
For the project to be successful, the customer must fulfil the following obligations:

• Customer to finalize license agreements and get staging environment from Oracle for Fusion & Taleo
prior to start of implementation

• Arrange for a project executive sponsor and project steering committee

• Assign a project manager to lead your staff’s efforts

• Assign experienced and empowered business and IT users to work closely with Hexaware’s
consultants according to project plan (some full-time allocation may be necessary at times).

• Perform certain project tasks according to project plan such as: (a) provide data in format specified
by Hexaware: b) customer side of integration; c) perform UAT: d) end user training

• Process standardization across the organization has to be done by the customer prior to start of the

• Provide timely sign off of the deliverables within the timeframe agreed upon before start of

Hexaware Your Trusted Partner!

Hexaware Overview: Key Facts
Delivery Centers
Active Clients served worldwide • Mumbai • New Jersey
(Jun ‘13) • Chennai • Dallas
• Nagpur • Mexico
• Pune
8,700 • Coimbatore
Employees globally (Jun ‘13) • Bengaluru

53 Industry Recognitions
Million dollar clients (Jun ‘13) • Awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance
• Listed on Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion List
35 • Winner of the prestigious UK Oracle User Group PeopleSoft Partner of the Year Award for the year
Offices worldwide • Winner of the Information Mastermind Award 2012, by IDG Golden
Peacock Award
• Listed among the Top 100 Innovative service Provider by Global Services 100 Listing
364 • Ranked among leading IT service providers in International Association of Outsourcing Providers
$ mn Revenues in CY ‘12 (IAOP) Global Outsourcing 100 list.
• Winner of BPO Excellence Awards 2012- 2013 [Subsidiary : Caliber Point]
Certifications • Winner of the EMC Transformers Award for its Cloud and Disaster Recovery (DR) implementation
CMMI Level 5, ISO 9001 & ISO • Recognized and awarded the Best in Corporate Responsibility Practice award by Indy's Awards
27001, SAS 70 Type II, ISO 20000 • Received the prestigious CIO100 Award, by IDG.

HR-IT: Capabilities and Experience

850 30 120+
HR application Specialists Global HR Transformation HR Engagements covering
Programs People/Process/Technology

20% 20 60
Of Hexaware Revenue from HR Years experience with Countries – HCM Services
Technology Services Specialized HR delivered successfully

ERP consultants, providing 30%
of Hexaware’s revenue

Hexaware’s Partnership with Oracle: Cloud HR

Certified Fusion Rapid Start Co-Development Partner for Fusion

Implementation Partner
Our consultants are working hand in
On-time, On-cost and On-quality hand with Oracle in building new
delivery functionality in Fusion Applications

Validation and Testing Partner for

Partner of the Year – HCM Cloud
Oracle awarded as “FY 13 Oracle
Partnered with Oracle in testing of
Asia Pacific Applications Partner of
Fusion Applications with Oracle giving
the Year - HCM Cloud”
us early insights into the product
Standard Solution for Taleo Specialized Partner in Fusion
Integration Applications

Integration solution for integrating Achieved Competency Specialization

Taleo with all major HR products in HCM, Finance and CRM .

Customer Value Additions

• Fixed Cost, Faster Implementation and Flawless Result

• Custom Reports & Extracts
• Single Sign on Blueprint
• Cloud Integration Pack
• Security Templates for future use
• Hexaware Lab for product familiarization and simulations
• Training on Personalization, Extension and Custom Reports

Our Customers

Leading DTH Operator in Malaysia
Fusion HCM Talent Mgmt. Implementation in Co-Existence Model

The Business Need:

• Customer currently has PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 implemented on-premise
• Customer needed a system that could go-live in 3 months to ensure that
the year end performance management processes could be completed

The Solution:
• Implementation of Fusion Performance Management on co-existence
• Core HR data resides in PeopleSoft HCM and delivered HR2HR
interface between PeopleSoft and Fusion keeps the employee data in
• FBL based custom solution for incremental data load About the Customer
• Domain: Media & Entertainment
The Benefits:
• Faster go-live ensuring that year end appraisal processes can be completed • Location: Malaysia
on-time in the new system
• Cloud based implementation allowing the customer to use simplified and
standardized performance management processes

Leading Pharmaceutical Company
Fusion HCM & Taleo Implementation

The Business Need:

• Customer did not have a standardized HR system in place. Employee
data was tracked using excel sheets
• Ad-hoc processes defined for other HR functional areas.
• High level of employee dissatisfaction at the current HR service delivery

The Solution:
• Cloud based implementation of Fusion (Global HCM, Goal &
Performance Management, Talent Review), Taleo (Recruiting, on-
boarding and Learn)
• Hexaware’s proprietary time tracking custom application delivered to About the Customer
customer with interface to Fusion HCM
• Custom integrations to SAP and 3rd party payroll provider • Domain: Healthcare

• Location: India
The Benefits:
• Best of breed business practices across all key HR functions
• Faster time to go-live using RapidStart methodologies

Leading e-commerce Company
Fusion HCM & Taleo Implementation

The Business Need:

• Scalable system that can suit the growing business need

• Robust Application Security
• Minimize transactional activities by HR with the help of ESS and MSS

The Solution:
• Fusion HCM Cloud Implementation (HCM, Goal, Performance, Talent
Review, Comp, Payroll Interface, Taleo Recruit, Onboarding & Learn) for

• Fusion provides robust security through Oracle IDM Security suite that About the Customer
addresses security requirements
• Domain: e-commerce

The Benefits: • Location: India

• Empowered Manager thorough Fusion MSS

• Highly scalable system through Oracle Cloud
• Air tight security & Superior UI for improved adaption

Leading Luxury Resort Chain across ASEAN
Fusion HCM & Taleo Implementation and Rollout

The Business Need:

• Each Resort of the customer was using a separate HR application.
Difficulties in manpower planning and headcount reporting
• Unable to roll-out functionalities for performance management and
online recruiting due to multi systems and non availability of standard

The Solution:
• Cloud based implementation of Fusion (Global HCM, Goal &
Performance Management, Payroll Interface, Compensation), Taleo
(Recruiting, on-boarding and Learn)
About the Customer
• Custom integrations to 3rd party payroll providers and integrations to
resorts not using Fusion HCM • Domain: Hospitality
The Benefits: • Location: Thailand, China, Laos,
• Single source of truth for employee headcount reporting Maldives, Seychelles

• Faster apply to hire cycles. Streamlined training and on-boarding

• Ability to link performance to rewards


Thank You