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County Times

St. Mary’s Thursday, May 5, 2016

It Was Here That She

Found Hope
One Woman’s Story Of Surviving Abuse
County Mulls North EMS Response Times Under Leonardtown Incumbents
County Road Review Reelected Easily

Photo by Frank Marquart

2 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

“They want $102.2 million
period. With that Smith said
they can come up with a three
year agreement with the three
bargaining units.
“That’s fine but what about
everybody else?”
- Commissioner Todd Morgan on the school
system’s request for more money to fund
negotiated salary agreements.

Firefighter Remembered For

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times 3


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4 Local News The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

Leonardtown Incumbents Cruise To Victory
301-737-4241 By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer
about that,” Mattingly said. “And we
still want to see a restaurant down at
the wharf, we’re pushing hard for that.
Mayor Dan Burris and two members “I love where we are, we want to
of the Leonardtown Town Council, Jay keep moving forward.”
Mattingly and Hayden Hammett, all Hammett said the town would “stay
easily won reelection Tuesday as all the course” it had been on the last four
ran unopposed. years, concentrating on economic de-
Voter turnout is generally low in velopment but he also wanted to en-

Mother's Day is May 8!

town elections, but just 113 voters sure that the connector road running
turned out this week to cast a ballot. through the Tudor Hall property was
“It was slow and steady but the rain constructed, helping to relieve traffic
didn’t help,” said Town Administrator off of Route 5 leading it instead into

Time is running out to get

Laschelle McKay. “It was an uncon- the downtown area.
tested election, hopefully that means “I still think there’s some work to be
people are happy with the way things done on housing diversity and I think

something special for Mom.

are going.” we’re well on the way to that,” Ham-
There are 2,048 registered voters in mett said, adding that he wanted to see
town. more condominiums in town and was

Stop by Rick’s for the

Mattingly said the election showed looking forward to more apartment
that town residents were pleased with construction.
the way leadership has run the town. Burris said the uncontested elec-
“We want to continue working on tion was a sign that voters were satis-

perfect Mother’s Day gift!

the downtown, including the new fied with the direction of the town and
apartments,” Mattingly said. “That chose to hold with the status quo.
will bring more people into town He, too, wanted to focus on continu-
and support all the businesses and ing to revitalize the economy.
restaurants.” “So on that we’ll be focusing on the
Mattingly said some of the coun- same pattern for the last four years,”
cil’s best accomplishments included Burris said.
pushing for a buyer of the vacant PNC The three incumbents will be sworn
Bank building and installing a new in Monday, May 9.
playground down at the Leonardtown
“I’ve heard nothing but good things

S Annou
L SuMM ing
ER 201
308 San Souci Plaza, California, MD
Mayor Dan Burris and two members of the Leonardtown Town Council, Jay Mat-
tingly and Hayden Hammett
Thursday, May 5, 2016 Local News 5 The County Times

1 Regional Winners of 2016 Statewide ‘If I We Have The Perfect Garden

Were Mayor’ Essay Contest for 4th Graders Gift for MOM!
Students from Around State to be Honored by Municipal
Leaders, Lt. Governor at State House on May 12
Annapolis, Md. (April 25) 11 Maryland participate in the solution.
fourth graders from various parts of the “Every year, we are pleased to receive so
state were named as winners of the Mary- many thoughtful essays from students that
land Municipal League’s (MML) 2016 “If I highlight their unique ideas about what it
Were Mayor, I Would…” essay contest. The takes to be mayor and this year was no ex-
annual event drew entries from nearly three ception,” said Scott A. Hancock, executive
thousand Maryland students. director of the Maryland Municipal League.
 The winners will be honored by Lt. Gov- “Healthy communities are important to all of
ernor Boyd Rutherford and an array of mu- us. So it was interesting not only to see how
nicipal leaders in a May 12 ceremony at the the students defined health, but how they
Maryland State House in Annapolis. Each looked at government’s role in improving the
winning student will receive a Governor’s health of their residents.”
Citation, an award plaque and a $100 cash  
prize. Immediately following the ceremony, The 2016 winners are listed below, by dis-
the students – along with their families and trict and school with excerpts from each of Traditional Monarda Butterfly
teachers – will enjoy a short boat tour of the their essays: Butterfly Bee Balm Weed
Chesapeake Bay on the Harbor Queen.    Bush Red, purple & Beautiful orange
 In addition to the celebration at the District 4 – Anne Arundel, Calvert, Purple & blue flowers.
new dwarf. flowers.
State House, the leaders of each municipal- Charles and St. Mary’s Counties
ity often choose to honor local participants. ·         Aidan Hanley, St. Mary’s Bryantown 3 gal. size Only 9
$ 88
ea. Only 9
$ 88
Some municipalities have their winning stu- o   “…I would rise to the challenge by first Only
27 88 When you buy
3 or more
When you buy
3 or more
dent become mayor for a day, while others making an ordinance that required everyone
host a ceremony to celebrate the student’s to clean their home, clip their grass and take
accomplishment. care of their property.”
 MML’s “If I Were Mayor, I Would…” The 2016 essay contest was sponsored by Design Blooms Bee Hummingbird
contest has, since its inception in 2001, chal- the Maryland Municipal League, the Mary- Butterfly Habitat Feeders
lenged students to learn about civic duty by land Mayors’ Association and the Chesa- Boxes Create Perfect Safe Over 20 styles
Habitat For Bees. to choose from.
creatively developing a vision of what they peake Employers Insurance Company, and in High Quality Habitat For Choose From
Favorite Butterflies #203CP
would do as mayor.  This year, the students partnership with the Maryland State Depart- Many Styles.
were tasked with rising to the challenge of ment of Education. Essays were judged by $
3999 Only
making their fictional municipality, “Happy elected officials and municipal staff, based
Town,” a healthier place to live. Each 275- on: relation to contest topic; displayed knowl-
word essay had to begin with: “If I Were edge about municipal government and the
Mayor, I would…” and answer three open-
ended questions revolved around developing
role of a mayor; creativity; and proper use of
grammar. For more information, visit www. Now ScheduliNg PruNiNg, SPriNg cleaNuPS,
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6 Local News The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

Small Incisions, County

Gathering Data
Big Results On EMS
Response Times
Laparoscopic procedures are less painful By Guy Leonard
and require shorter hospital stays, which Staff Writer
lead to a faster recovery. The county’s chief overseer of
emergency medical response, Dr.
Now at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, Michael Somers, said that a working
group is compiling data to help im-
Charles Kim, MD, treats a variety of prove the quality of care that local
colorectal conditions, including: rescue squads and the advanced life
support (ALS) group provides.
• Colon cancer Among other critieria, the Con-
tinuing Quality Improvement group,
• Diverticular disease (CQI) is establishing response times
for first-due areas throughout the
• Hemorrhoids county.
“We are calculating fractile re-
• Severe constipation sponse times for [basic life support]
and [advanced life support] and com-
paring these against benchmarks es-
A member of the MedStar tablished in the recent SWOT report,”
Colorectal Surgery Program Somers wrote in an April 15 quarter-
ly report to Bob Kelly, the county’s
at MedStar Washington Director of Emergency Services and
Hospital Center, Dr. Kim Technology.
The SWOT (Strengths, Weakness-
is a part of a team of es, Opportunities and Threats) report
specially trained Somers referrenced came out in 2012
as a 63-page set of recommendations
physicians who use on improving the local rescue squads
the latest technology and securing the future of volunteer
companies, from the quality of medi-
to treat diseases of the cal care on scene to boosting recruit-
colon and rectum. ment efforts.
Somers said the goal of the CQI
was to find ways to improve all kinds
So why wait? of aspects of emergency medical ser-
Make an appointment vices, not just response times.
“We want to look at all aspects
with Dr. Kim, and get back of care,” Somers told The County
Times. “This is an activity that is a
to enjoying a healthier, product of the SWOT report.
worry-free life. “It’s all about doing the best job we
The SWOT report recommended
Call 855-546-1823 to schedule that rescue squads arrive on scene af-
ter dispatch no later than 10 minutes
an appointment, or visit to every eight out of 10 calls all across the county; the same report recom-
mended a county-wide response of 14
minutes for advanced life support.
Somers said that the current re-
sponse times for the county’s rescue
squads was confidential information
and could not be publicly released.
He said only that the CQI’s mission
was to help bring the rescue squads’
performance levels closer to the es-
tablished benchmarks.
As those benchmarks were closer
to being attained, Somers said, they
could be moved up.
“Prior to this [the SWOT report]
nobody was doing this,” Somers said.
“I’m confident they will get better and
better for engaging in this process.
“We’re always looking to improve
our operations,” Kelly said. “This
group is working to determine if and
where some of the difficulties are and
as a community how we can address
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times Local News 7

Teachers, Support Staff

Make Last Plea For More Pay
works for the school system’s transportation
department, said that the only way to make the
Commissioner President Randy Guy salary for a bus driver adequate was to supple-
ment it with some other sort of income.
As a 30-year veteran of the Maryland State
Police, he said, his pension helped but oth-
ers looking to work as a bus driver could fall
“You need to look at these pay scales,” Car-
roll said. “It’s a hard sell to take this job with-
out already being on a pension.”
In a Wednesday interview Commissioner
Todd Morgan said he sympathized with some
of the schools support staff, but questioned
why teachers and school administrators need-
ed collective bargaining units to ask for more
money; more over he said that Schools Su-
perintendent Scott Smith’s request for a total
of $102.2 million from the county seemed to
By Guy Leonard put the interests of the school system over the
Staff Writer sheriff’s office, which has been flat funded to
the tune of last year’s allocation, and county
As the Commissioners of St. Mary’s government employees.
County are closing in on making final the fis- “They want $102.2 million period,” Mor-
cal 2017 operating budget, both teachers and gan said. “With that Smith said they can come
support staff with the public schools made up with a three year agreement with the three
one last effort to convince elected leaders to bargaining units.
increase funding for higher pay. “That’s fine, but what about everybody
The commissioners held a public forum else?”
Tuesday night in Leonardtown at county gov- When Smith asked for more money at a
ernment offices. budget hearing earlier Tuesday, some com-
School staff have made repeated requests to missioners wanted an agreement from him
the commissioners for more funding this year in writing stating that the money would go to
but commissioners have signaled that funding certain categories such as text book replace-
ments and technology improvements.

will be mostly flat for schools given that rev-
enues from both property and income taxes “But they want it all as recurring costs, that
have only slightly increased over last year. means we’ll have to keep going above main-
One former school bus driver called the pay tenance of effort every year,” Morgan said.
available for drivers “pathetic” while a former “Once it’s in those categories they can do
whatever they want with it.

teacher’s assistant said he took a job at a local
home improvement store inventoring lumber “This is the song that never ends.”
that paid better than his job with the school
Elizabeth Yoakley, an 18-year veteran
of the county school system and a teacher

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commissioners. “It’s
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Day but I don’t feel
very appreciated.” HOMESELLERS:
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Rich Carroll, who

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8 Local News The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

May First Friday Thanks

Maryland Municipal League Announces 11 Regional Winners of 2016
First Responders
The Leonardtown Business Association First Friday Committee is pleased
Statewide ‘If I Were Mayor’ Essay Contest for 4th Graders to invite the public to a special May First Responders First Friday, May 6,
 Students from Around State to be Honored by Municipal Leaders, Lt. Governor at State House on May 12 2016, from 5 – 8 p.m. to show appreciation to our local fire and rescue vol-
unteers and law enforcement professionals. First responders visiting Town
for the event are encouraged to wear their insignias, so that they are easily
Annapolis, Md. (April 25, 2016) — Eleven participate in the solution. recognizable to people who wish to thank them for their service. 
Maryland fourth graders from various parts of  “Every year, we are pleased to receive so Weather permitting, members of the Leonardtown and Ridge Fire Depart-
the state were named as winners of the Mary- many thoughtful essays from students that high- ments and Rescue Squads and Auxiliaries, as well as the St. Mary’s County
land Municipal League’s (MML) 2016 “If I Were light their unique ideas about what it takes to be Sheriff’s Office will have information tables set up in the Square, with raffles,
Mayor, I Would…” essay contest. The annual mayor and this year was no exception,” said Scott fundraisers and give-aways. Also featured will be apparatus from Leonar-
event drew entries from nearly three thousand A. Hancock, executive director of the Maryland dtown VFD, an antique Cadillac ambulance from Ridge VRS, the Leonard-
Maryland students. Municipal League. “Healthy communities are town VFD historic pictorial timeline, a police vehicle from St. Mary›s County
 The winners will be honored by Lt. Governor important to all of us. So it was interesting not Sheriff›s Office, and a beautiful outboard boat and trailer that Ridge VFD is
Boyd Rutherford and an array of municipal lead- only to see how the students defined health, but raffling. If your squad wants to participate there is still time! Contact Maria
ers in a May 12 ceremony at the Maryland State how they looked at government’s role in improv- Fleming directly at 301-475-9791 or
House in Annapolis. Each winning student will ing the health of their residents.” Author and former fire fighter,  Mr. James Burd Brewster will be at the
receive a Governor’s Citation, an award plaque  The 2016 winners are listed below, by dis- event to sign copies of his book, The Adventures of Uncle Rocky, Fireman: A
and a $100 cash prize. Immediately following the trict and school with excerpts from each of their Treasury of Twelve “Uncle Rocky, Fireman” Stories.  Uncle Rocky, Fireman
ceremony, the students – along with their fami- essays: recounts the adventures of Rocky Hill and his two nephews, Ben and Luke,
lies and teachers – will enjoy a short boat tour of   as they fight fires, rescue people, help neighbors, and promote fire safety. The
the Chesapeake Bay on the Harbor Queen.  District 4 – Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles stories emphasize service to others, devotion to duty, and thanking our special
 In addition to the celebration at the State and St. Mary’s Counties heroes for their help. Come pick up a copy of the book and have it signed by
House, the leaders of each municipality often ·         Aidan Hanley, St. Mary’s Bryantown the author. This special guest is brought to the event in part by Fenwick Street
choose to honor local participants. Some mu- o   “…I would rise to the challenge by first Used Books and Music.
nicipalities have their winning student become making an ordinance that required everyone to The Craft Guild Shop will also set up a table with a special gift for first re-
mayor for a day, while others host a ceremony to clean their home, clip their grass and take care of sponders and a free drawing for a basket of first aid/safety/alert items. Mem-
celebrate the student’s accomplishment. their property.” bers of the St. Mary’s County Health Department will be available to pres-
 MML’s “If I Were Mayor, I Would…” con- The 2016 essay contest was sponsored by ent information and answer questions regarding the Zika virus. Participating
test has, since its inception in 2001, challenged the Maryland Municipal League, the Maryland businesses, like Crazy for Ewe, The Good Earth Natural Foods Company,
students to learn about civic duty by creatively Mayors’ Association and the Chesapeake Em- Black Market Interiors, Port of Leonardtown Winery, Dragonfly Designs, Big
developing a vision of what they would do as ployers Insurance Company, and in partnership Larry’s Eatery, and Opal Fine Art will have specials or will be giving a por-
mayor.  This year, the students were tasked with with the Maryland State Department of Educa- tion of their proceeds for the evening back to these very important community
rising to the challenge of making their fictional tion. Essays were judged by elected officials and volunteer organizations. A list of these specials can be found at www.leonar-
municipality, “Happy Town,” a healthier place municipal staff, based on: relation to contest or ask the staff if there is a special for First Responders
to live. Each 275-word essay had to begin with: topic; displayed knowledge about municipal gov- First Friday when you visit their establishment.
“If I Were Mayor, I would…” and answer three ernment and the role of a mayor; creativity; and In the event of inclement weather, information tables and music will be
open-ended questions revolved around develop- proper use of grammar. For more information, moved inside to the Leonardtown Arts Center located on the 2nd floor of
ing programs and services and getting citizens to visit 22660 Washington Street, Leonardtown.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times Local News 9

County Looks At North

County Traffic Solution
By Guy Leonard gin the process of a North County develop-
Staff Writer ment plan but were busy working on com-
pleting the plan for Lexington Park.
County planners are seeking the com- The study will take into consideration
munity’s input on a possible new road in several topics, said LUGM Deputy Direc-
the Mechanicsville and Charlotte Hall ar- tor Bill Hunt, including the costs of just
eas to relieve traffic congestion. constructing the road and the number of
The Department of Land Use and trips that are likely to run on what is ex-
Growth Management (LUGM) is consid- pected to be a 2.4 mile stretch of asphalt.
ering construction of a road running paral- “They’ll be developing that,” Hunt said
lel to Three Notch Road that would extend of the consultant’s job.
from Mohawk Drive south to Route 6. He added that the costs in the study will
LUGM will hold a meeting on the pro- not include any costs that will have to be
posal May 18 at the Charlotte Hall Li- incurred to purchase the land where the
brary; county officials say that they have road might go.
hired a consultant to study the road project The county currently does not own any
and identify possible sites for its eventual land that would fill the requirements, Hunt
building. said.
Planners say that the installation of the The object of the road would be to re-
road will one of the initial steps in mov- duce traffic congestion, he said, but the
ing ahead with North County Town Center study would have to bear that out.
Plan. “That’s the belief, that’s the hope,” Hunt
“Citizen participation is necessary to said. “This modeling will test that theory.”
develp a plan which reflects a community
they call home,” a county press release
Elected leaders have long sought to be-

Submerged Grass in Chesapeake Bay

On The Rise
By Guy Leonard population which is also showing signs of
Staff Writer renewed vigor.
State officials said that improvements
Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) is in the crab population were across all age
one of the critical components of the health groups of the species; the spawning-age fe-
of the Chesapeake Bay because it filters male stock nearly doubled from 101 millon
pollutants, helps keep oxygen for bay life last year to 194 million this year.
abundant and gives newborn animals like The male stock of crabs more than dou-
hard crabs a place to hide from predators. bled, according to the survey, from 44 mil-
The state’s Department of Natural Re- lion to 91 million.
sources (DNR) is reporting that SAV is This is the second highest level of the
back in the bay in record amounts by about male portion of the species since 1995,
29 percent between 2014 and 2015. DNR officials stated.
The state estimates that there is now Despite the good news, not all of the sur-
53,277 acres of mapped SAV in the bay, vey’s results were positive.
which is just shy of the 57,000-acre goal it The number of spawning age females
has set for itself in 2017. still remains below the target of 215 mil-
“The record resilience and resurgence of lion; the population is still above the mini-
underwater grasses indicate that Maryland mum threshold, though, according to the
is making progress on Chesapeake Bay res- state.
toration and improving water quality in the The survey reports the abundance of ju-
watershed,” Mark Belton, DNR secretary venile crabs also increased slightly from
said April 28. “These grasses are essential 269 million from last year to 271 million.
to a healthy ecosystem, they absorb and Conservation officials said that a relax-
filter out nutrients and sediment, reduce ation on the limits for harvesting female
shoreline erosion, provide protection for crabs might be in order this season because
species like the blue crab and largemouth of the increase in the population but the
bass and support and sustain migrating also signaled that they will likely remain
waterfowl.” cautious.
The news about the SAV comes just
weeks after the state announced the results
of its winter dredge survey of the hard crab
10 Cops & Courts The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

Two Members Of Southern Maryland Drug Trafficking

Conspiracy Each Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison
Greenbelt, Maryland – U.S. District $20,000 in drug proceeds, two cars, two ed States Attorney for the District of Mary- drug processing paraphernalia, which
Judge Deborah K. Chasanow sentenced shotguns, and ammunition. land Rod J. Rosenstein; Acting Special Jones had attempted to hide inside an audio
Colbert Juan Jones, Jr., age 33, of St. Leon- On April 29, 2016, Judge Chasanow sen- Agent in Charge Frank Riehl of the Bureau speaker in the basement of the residence;
ard, Maryland today to 10 years in prison, tenced co-conspirator Vincent Leo Fletch- of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explo- a 20 gauge shotgun; and 14 rounds of am-
followed by four years of supervised re- er, age 29, of Clinton, Maryland to 10 years sives - Baltimore Field Division; Special munition. A search of Jones’ residence on
lease, for conspiracy to distribute and in prison, followed by five years of super- Agent in Charge Karl C. Colder of the Drug that same day recovered a 12 gauge shot-
possess with intent to distribute powder vised release, for conspiracy to distribute Enforcement Administration - Washington gun and two boxes of ammunition, as well
cocaine and for being a felon in possession and possess with intent to distribute pow- Field Division; Chief Hank Stawinski of as $22,704 in cash, proceeds of Jones’ drug
of a firearm. Judge Chasanow also issued der and crack cocaine. the Prince George’s County Police Depart- distribution. Jones had been previously
an order requiring Jones to forfeit over The sentences were announced by Unit- ment; Acting Chief Stanley Johnson, of the convicted of a felony and was prohibited
Maryland National Capital Park Police, from possessing firearms or ammunition.
Prince George’s County Division; Charles Troy Taishon Swann, age 39, of Waldorf;
County Sheriff Troy Berry; St. Mary’s Antoine Dewayne Savoy, age 35, of Lusby,
County Sheriff Tim Cameron; and Calvert Maryland; and James Devwan Pixley, age
County Sheriff Mike Evans. 25, of Waldorf, Maryland, have pleaded
According to their plea agreements guilty to their participation in this drug
and other court documents, from January trafficking conspiracy. In addition, Pixley
through July 2015, Jones and Fletcher con- admitted to possessing a firearm in further-
spired with Troy Taishon Swann, Antoine ance of a drug trafficking crime and Swann
Dewayne Savoy, and James Devwan Pix- admitted to being a felon in possession of
ley, to distribute cocaine. Jones obtained ammunition.
cocaine from Fletcher and other sources. Pixley and the government have agreed
Fletcher obtained two to 20 ounces of co- that if the Court accepts his plea agreement
caine several times a month from Swann Pixley will be sentenced to between 10 and
and other suppliers. Fletcher distributed the 14 years in prison. Judge Chasanow has
cocaine to his customers for further distri- scheduled sentencing for Pixley on June
bution, and used some of the powder co- 6, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. Judge Chasanow has
caine to manufacture crack cocaine, which scheduled sentencing for Savoy on June 27,
he also distributed.  2016 at 12:30 p.m. and for Swann on July 11
Jones sold cocaine to his customers, 2016 at 11:00 a.m.
which included Savoy and Pixley. Jones United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein
often distributed the cocaine from the praised the ATF, DEA, Prince George’s
home of a female friend in Prince Freder- County Police Department, Maryland Na-
ick, Maryland, which Jones used as a stash tional Capital Park Police, Prince George’s
house. Savoy and Pixley generally pur- County Division, and the Charles, St.
chased cocaine from Jones several times a Mary’s and Calvert County Sheriffs’ Of-
month and used at least half of that cocaine fices for their work in the investigation.
to manufacture crack cocaine, which they Mr. Rosenstein thanked Assistant U.S.
sold. On August 6, 2015, a search of Jones’ Attorneys Michael T. Packard and Leah J.
stash house in Prince Frederick recovered: Bressack, who prosecuted this Organized
approximately 100 grams of cocaine and Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force case.




PHONE: 301-475-5150 • FAX: 301-475-6909
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times 11
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Margaret Louise Kivlin Kathleen Walsh Gurklis (Michael) of Red Nelson of Leonardtown, Md., Betty Russell of Raymond and Ann Hope
Lion, PA, Thomas Walsh of Richmond, VA, Clements, Md., Agnes Brown of Avenue, Md., Abell Adams.
Margaret Louise Julie Fiol (Michael) of Bel Air, Md., 5 grand- Ethel Cooper of Indian Head, Md., Margaret When she was three,
Kivlin “Possum”, 91, children; Logan Edward Fiol, Rose Katherine Ann of Mechanicsville, Md., Catherine Turner the family moved to Indi-
of Greenbelt, Md. for- Walsh Gurklis, Evan Michael Walsh Gurk- of Riceville, Md. and Edith Marie Wenks of an Head, Md., but main-
merly from Bushwood, lis, Liam Kenneth Walsh Gurklis, and Brady LaPlata, Md., he was preceded in death by his tained a strong connec-
Md. passed away Spenser Fiol, and brother James (Don) Walsh brothers; Joe Nelson, Bill Nelson, Guy Nel- tion to St. Mary’s County.
on April 23, 2016 in of Louisville, KY. He was preceded in death son, June Bug Nelson, Harry Nelson, Albert She was preceded in
Greenbelt, Md.. Born by his siblings; John (Jack) Walsh, Naomi An- Nelson, Toots Nelson, and sisters; Anna Mae death by her mother and
on October 31, 1924, sbach, and Thomas Walsh. Charlie came to St. Lawrence, Mary Harris, Violet Raley, Ginny grandparents.
in Bushwood, Md. she Mary’s County from Louisville, KY in 1959 to Copsey and Dorothy Nelson. As a young adult Bren-
was the daughter of study at Sacred Heart Novitiate on the campus “Kite” was a lifelong resident of St. Mary’s da moved to Niceville, Florida.
the late Pauline Fran- of what is now St. Mary’s Ryken High School. county, he owned and operated C.W. Thomp- She cherished her career with the school
ces Long and George He worked at Camp Calvert on Breton Bay son Plumbing & Heating for 56 years. “Kite” system and apparently touched the lives of
Lancaster Lawrence. the summers of 1961-1965, while studying at was a member of Immaculate Conception the small children she worked with. She was
Possum was the loving wife of the late James the Catholic University of America in Wash- Church. In his younger days he enjoyed golf- overjoyed when she received a phone call
Anthony Kivlin, whom she married on June ington, DC. He graduated with a Bachelor of ing. He loved playing cards and spoiling his expressing appreciation from her former stu-
3, 1945 in St. Aloysius Catholic Church Arts with major in Chemistry in 1965. Charlie grandchildren. dents and their parents after her recent return
Leonardtown, Md., and preceded her in taught chemistry and mathematics at Ryken The family will receive friends on Sunday, to Maryland.
death on September 26, 1970. Possum is sur- High School 1965-1970 and received a Mas- April 24, 2016 from 3:00PM TO 5:00pm with She is survived by daughters: Kelly Queen,
vived by her children; Jennifer Ann Kivlin ter in Art of Teaching Mathematics and Sci- prayers recited at 4:00PM in the Mattingley- Waldorf, Md., and Laurie Noel (Josh) Nicev-
of Grand Junction, CO, Margaret Charlene ence from the University of Notre Dame 1969. Gardiner Funeral Home, Leonardtown, Md.. ille, FL, and son Brett of Florida. She was
Reppeto of Deerfield Beach, FL, Charles He also received Master of Arts in Education A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated very proud of her five grandchildren. She is
Franklin (Janet) Kivlin of Palm City, FL, 5 from George Washington University 1975. on Monday, April 25, 2016 at 10:00AM in St. also survived by her father, Raymond (Ray) of
grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren, and He worked with St. Mary’s County Public Joseph’s Church with Father Michael Tietjen Oxon Hill, Md.; sisters Patricia Adams Stone
4 great great grandchildren. She was pre- Schools from 1976 until 2003: Leonardtown officiating. Interment will follow in Queen of (Steve), Nanjemoy, Md. and Suzy Adams Ben-
ceded in death by her siblings; Thomas Law- Middle school, 1976–1983; Leonardtown High Peace cemetery. nett (William) Huntingtown, Md. ; brothers
rence, Alice Lawrence “LovePot”, William 1984-1991, Supervisor of Mathematics for St. Pallbearers will be; Tom Grassinger, Corey Gary Adams, Indian Head, Md. and Joseph
Lawrence “Buck” , Ann Abell, and Moses Mary’s County Public Schools 1991-2003. Thompson, Paul Grassinger, David Copsey, Keys (Tammy) Oxon Hill, Md.. She shared a
Lawrence. She graduated from St. Mary’s Charlie was involved with St. Mary’s County Joshua Copsey and John Cooper. special bond with her aunts and uncles and her
Academy. Government as Director of Summer Youth Memorial contributions may be made to niece, Mariah Hicks (Tim) and cousin Beverly
She worked as a secretary for a Washing- Employment from 1975–1991, and a member Bread of Life Center for Peace, P.O. Box 338, Abell.
ton, DC group of Stock Brokers for 28 years, of St. Mary’s County Ethics commission 1993- Leonardtown, Md. 20650 A memorial service was offered for Bren-
retiring in 1985. Possum belonged to the St. 1997. Charlie taught Mathematics and Chem- da on April 30th at St. Columbia Church in
Hugh’s Sodality, Golden Age Club, Ameri- istry at CSM as Adjunct Professor 1983-1999, Brenda Joan Adams Rogers, 56 Oxon Hill, Md., with Father Gary Villanueva
can Legion. She enjoyed playing the piano, and Mathematics at CSM as Associate Profes- officiating.
dancing, traveling, boating with her hus- sor 2003-2015. His three children: Kathleen - Brenda Joan Adams Rogers passed away on
band, family and friends. Associate Professor of Social Work at Millers- April 14, 2016 at Southern Maryland Hospital.
The family will receive friends on Thurs- ville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania; She was born on July 2, 1959 to Joseph
day, April 28, 2016 from 5:00 PM – 8:00 Thomas – General Manager of Canine Adven-
PM with prayers recited at 7:00 PM in the ture Richmond, Virginia, and Julie – Senior
Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral Home Leonar- Research Nurse Multiple Sclerosis at John
dtown, Md.. A Mass of Christian Burial will
be celebrated on Friday, April 29, 2016 at
10:00 AM in Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Bushwood, Md. with Father Anthony Lick-
Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.
Charlie’s teaching career was from 1965–2015.
He belonged to the Unitarian University Fel-
lowship of Southern Maryland, Elks, among
Caring for the Past
Planning for the Future
teig officiating. Interment will follow in the countless other organizations.
church cemetery. Pallbearers will be; George The family will receive friends on Wednes-
Abell, Sid Lawrence, Quinn Lawrence, day, April 27, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Hugh Lawrence, Robert Abell, and George in the Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral Home
Lawrence. Leonardtown, Md.. A Funeral Service will fol-
Contributions may be made to; Christian low at 7:00 PM in the funeral home chapel with
Appalachian Project, Boys Town, Mary Chaplain James Gibbons Walkers officiating. Traditional Funerals, Cremation Services, Memorial Church Services,
Knoll Fathers, and Brothers, and St. Jude Interment will be private.
Children’s Research Hospital. Contributions may be made to; MedStar Direct Burials, Monuments, Unlimited with Commitment Through After Care.
Georgetown University Hospital Palliative
Charles “Charlie” “Skeets” Ken- Care Program.
neth Walsh
Charles Willard “Kite” Thompson
Charles “Charlie”
“Skeets” Kenneth Walsh, Charles Willard “Kite”
76, of Great Mills, Md. Thompson, 76 of Mechanic-
formerly from Leonar- sville, Md. passed away on
dtown, Md. and Louis- April 20, 2016 in Leonard-
ville, KY passed away on town, Md.. Born December
April 23, 2016 in Wash- 14, 1939 in Leonardtown,
ington, DC. Born on Feb- Md., he was the son of the late
ruary 8, 1940 in Louis- Ella Theresa Thompson.
ville, KY, he was the son Charles is survived by his
of the late Emma Amelia loving wife Joyce Lucille
Priest and Thomas William Walsh. Charles Thompson whom he married on June 21, 1959
was preceded in death by his wife Doris in St. Joseph Catholic Church, children; Ella
Catherine Nuthall (Walsh) on February 11, Perry of Aiken, SC, Patty Copsey, Charles
1997 and whom he married in Leonardtown, Thompson and Michele Grassinger all of Me-
Md.. Charlie is survived by his children; chanicsville, Md., 8 grandchildren, siblings;
Frank Nelson of Hughesville, Md., George
In Memory of Dorothy Mae Russell FAMILY-OWNED & OPERATED
August 19,1939 to May 2nd, 2015 FOR FIVE GENERATIONS
I miss you so much. Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A. Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Home, P.A.
22955 Hollywood Road 30195 Three Notch Road
Your loving Husband, Leonardtown, Maryland 20650 Charlotte Hall, Maryland 20650
Francis (301) 475-5588 (301) 472-4400
12 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times 13

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14 Feature Story
Obituaries The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

It Was Here That She Found Hope

Photo by Frank Marquart By Guy Leonard Detectives here, who verified her story,
Staff Writer were dogged in trying to track her ex-hus-
band down while her attorney at the center,
When Dena Taggart arrived in St. Mary’s John Loughney, was able to persuade a lo-
County nine years ago she had very little cal judge to grant the protective order.
except a broken marriage and a missing Loughney said despite her ex-husband’s
son she was trying to get back. Claiming to unwillingness to show up for a protective
have been the victim in an ongoing abusive order hearing in District Court, his mailing
relationship with her ex-husband all the of a response to Taggart’s motion for one
way back in Hawaii, her last stop here rep- proved that he had been made aware of the
resented a flight from domestic abuse that proceedings.
carried her half way around the world. That allowed him to argue that Taggart’s
For several years she had tried and final- ex-husband could be served via mail; then
ly, with the help of the Southern Maryland she could tell her story.
Center for Family Advocacy and the St. In her court filings, she alleged a long
Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, a protec- train of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband.
tive order was served against her husband “My ex-husband… kidnapped my son on
even though he was increasingly difficult to April 23, 2002 and continued to hide him
find, living somewhere on the west coast. from me without any contact until January
That happened just this February. of 2014,” Taggart wrote in her petition. “On
She credits them with helping her find July 10, 2013 he kidnapped my son for the
some peace of mind after years of trying to second time from [a] foster home… this
get help from as far back as 2002 and get- time he crossed four state lines and was on
ting nowhere. the run with my son for six months.”
“I never saw how badly it was done until Arrest records from Califorina show he
I saw how it was supposed to be done,” Tag- was arrested for alleged child stealing in
gart told The County Times. 2014.
She is now remarried and living in a new Years earlier, in 2000, her ex-husband
home with an address concealed by the was charged with making terroristic threats
state to perserve her safety. against his family while they were still in
“This county… gave me hope that I can Hawaii, as well as possession, use or threat-
see my kids grow up,” Taggart said. “This ening with a switchblade knife in the com-
is the safest I’ve ever felt, in Maryland. mission of a crime.
“That’s why God brought me here.” He was also charged with abuse of family
Taggart, center, with her attorney John Loughney and Laura Joyce, director of the family advocacy center.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times Feature Story
Obituaries 15

Photo by Frank Marquart

Taggart recounts her story

and members of the household. help in the court system but the problem
Taggart starts her abuse story here, when was understanding how to access it.
she was six months pregnant with the son “People don’t understand that the
she claimed her ex-husband eventually system… provides a pretty good rem-
would take from her. edy,” Loughney said. “The barrier
He would serve just three months and isn’t just not knowing about it but hav-
plea to criminal property damage, accord- ing the wherewithall to go through it.”
ing to Hawaiian court records found on-line. People who suffer from the cycle of abuse,
Taggart’s story apparently was enough to Loughney said, often are downtrodden
convince Judge Michelle Saunders to grant and in fear of leaving the other person for
her the protective order. economic or other reasons.
Cpl. Doug Harris, the sheriff’s office’s “She’s an incredible person,” Loughney
domestic violence coordinator, said he has said. “She’s got a powerful story.”
heard many stories of domestic violence Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron and
in his career but Taggart’s was something Det. Cpl. Bill Raddatz did even more
different. for Taggart than what is expected of law
Just finding the right law enforcement enforcement.
agency on the west coast to try and serve a Raddatz first met Taggart through her
protective order was a daunting task. youngest son and the Shop With A Cop
“I don’t know that any two stories are program and he mustered some deputies
alike but her situation is unique,” Harris along with a youth baseball team Cameron
said. “It was overwhelming… we’re span- was coaching and moved Taggart and her
ning the country and decades.” family into their new home.
Taggart is wary about retelling her story Taggart was unable to do any heavy lift-
but still feels compelled to use her story as ing at the time, Raddatz said, because she
an example to help other people know that was stricken with cancer.
even when they are in a seemingly helpless “They really went above and beyond,”
situation there is still hope to be had. Cameron said of his deputies. “They’re
“I need to find a way to have my pain true police and true human beings.”
have a reason,” Taggart said. “There are Taggart has said that she intends on
more ‘mes’ out there.” staying in the county, the place where she
Taggart said that the family advocacy found hope.
center was key in helping her navigate the “This county gave me a big hug and said
process to getting help; without them, she ‘You matter’” Taggart said.
would have remained lost.
Loughney said that people can often find


LOCATED AT 21656 Oakley RD.
MAY 21ST, 2016.


All Saints Episcopal Church Hall

21656 Oakley Rd, in Avenue
16 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016
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18 Legal Notice The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR ST. MARY’S IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR ST. and interest and any and a persons having or
COUNTY MARYLAND And MARY’S COUNTY, MARYLAND claiming to have an interest in the property
described as: 1.50 Acres Three Notch Rd
CIVIL NO. 18-C-16-000332 All unknown owners of property described CIVIL NO. 18-C-16-00330 Dameron with account number 01-000764.
below, their heirs, devisees and personal repre-
Paradise Point LLC sentatives and their or any of their heirs, devisees, Paradise Point LLC Defendants.
c/o Lucas I Danise, Esq. administrator, grantees, assigns, or successors in c/o Lucas I. Danise, Esq.
406 5th Street NW right, title and interest and any and all person hav- 406 5th Street NW Notice
Washington, DC 20001 ing or claiming to have an interest in the property Washington, DC 20001
described as: 25:1210 Acres, Plat 57/120, Cleopatra Order of Publication
Plaintiff, Curtis Survey with account number 05-006805. Plaintiff,
V. Defendants. The object of this proceeding is to secure
Josephine Cecilia Ball the foreclosure of all rights of
Coastal Land Development, LLC Notice c/o John M. Young redemption in all that parcel of land situ-
43173 Woodward Avenue Order of Publication 611 County Road 3351 ated in the County of St. Mary’s, Maryland,
Suite 355 Kempner, TX 96539-5946 described as:
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302 The object of this proceeding is to secure the 1.50 Acres Three Notch Rd Dameron
foreclosure of all rights of redemption in all that And with account number 01-000764. Sold by
Serve on Resident Agent: parcel of land situated in the County of St. Mary’s, the Collector of Taxes for County of St.
Maryland, described as: St. Mary’s County, Maryland Mary’s and the State of Maryland to the
Kevin A Carter 25.1210 Acres, Plat 57/120, Cleopatra Server: Christine L. Kelly, County Plaintiff.
43173 Woodward Avenue Curtis Survey with account number 05-006805 Treasurer The Complaint states, among
Suite 355 sold by the Collector of Taxes for the County of St. Office of Treasurer other things, that the amounts necessary for
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302 Mary’s and the State of Maryland to the Plaintiff. P. O. Box 642 redemption have not been paid, although
The Complaint states, among other 23150 Leonard Hall Drive more than six (6) moths and one (1) day from
And things, that the amounts necessary for redemp- Patuxent Building the date of the sale has been expired.
tion have not been paid, although more than six (6) Leonardtown, MD 20650 IT IS THERUPON this 14th day
St. Mary’s County, Maryland months and one (1) day from the date of the sale of March, 2016 by the Circuit Court for St.
Serve: Christine L. Kelly, County Treasurer has been expired. St. Mary’s County, Maryland Mary’s, Maryland, ORDERED, that this no-
Office of Treasurer IT IS THEREUPON this 21st day of (for Maryland Annotated Code 14-836 (b) tice be given by the insertion of a copy of
P. O. Box 642 March, 2016 by the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s (1)(v) purpose only) this order in some newspaper having general
23150 Leonard Hall Drive Maryland, ORDERED, that notice be given by the Serve: George R. Sparling, County circulation in St Mary’s County once a week
Patuxent Building insertion of a copy of this Order in some news- Attorney for three (3) successive weeks before the 14th
Leonardtown, MD 20650 paper having general circulation in St. Mary’s P. O. Box 653 day of May, 201, warning all persons inter-
County once a week for three (3) successive weeks 23115 Leonard Hall Drive ested in the property to appear in this Court
And before 21st day of May, 2016, warning all persons Potomac Building by the 14th day of May, 2016, and redeem the
interested in the property to appear in this Court Leonardtown, MD 20650 property and answer the Complaint or there-
St. Mary’s County, Maryland by the 21st day of May, 2016, and redeem the after a Judgment will be entered foreclosing
(for Maryland Annotated Code 14-836(b)(1)(v) property and answer the Complaint or thereafter and all rights and redemption in the property,
purposes only) a Judgment will be entered foreclosing all rights and vesting in the Plaintiff a title, free and
Serve: George R. Sparling, County Attorney of redemption in the property, and vesting in the All unknown owners of property de- clear of all encumbrances.
P. O. Box 653 Plaintiff a title, free and clear of all encumbrances. scribed below, their heirs, devisees and per- Joan W Williams, Clerk
23115 Leonard Hall Drive Joan W. Williams Clerk sonal representative and their or any of their
Potomac Building heirs, devisees, executors, administrators,
Leonardtown, MD 20650 grantees, assigns, or successors in right, title

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Serve: Christine L Kelly, County executors, administrators, grantees, necessary for redemption have not
FOR ST. MARY’S COUNTY, Clarence William Taylor Treasurer assigns, or successors in right, title been paid although more than six (6)
MARYLAND 1438 Ridge Place SE Office of Treasurer and interest and any and all persons months and one (1) day from the date
Washington, DC 20020-5641 P. O. Box 642 having or claiming to have an inter- of the sale has been expired.
CIVIL No. 18-C-16-000329 23150 Leonard Hall Drive est in the property described as: 7.50 IT IS THEREUPON this
And Patuxent Building Acres E/S Compton Road with ac- 14th day of March, 2016, by the Cir-
Paradise Point LLC Leonardtown, MD 20650 count number 03-031365. cuit Court of St. Mary’s, Maryland,
c/o Lucas I. Dansie, Esq. Melvin Taylor ORDERED, that notice be given by
406 5th Street NW 1438 Ridge Place SE And Defendants. the insertion of a copy of this Order
Washington, DC 20001 Washington, DC 20020-5641 in some newspaper having general
St. Mary’s County, Maryland NOTICE circulation in St. Mary’s County
Plaintiff, And (for Maryland Annotated Code 14- ORDER OF PUBLICATION once a week for three (3) successive
836(b)(1)(v) purposes only) weeks before the 14th day of May,
v. Ralph Taylor Serve: George R. Sparing, County The object of this proceeding is to 2016, warning all persons interested
1438 Ridge Place SE Attorney secure the foreclosure of all rights of in the property to appear in this Court
John Leon Taylor Washington, DC 20020-5641 P. O. Box 653 redemption in all that parcel of land by the 14th day of May, 2016, and
1438 Ridge Place SE 23115 Leonard Hall Drive situated in the County of St. Mary’s, redeem the property and answer the
Washington, DC 20020-5641 And Leonardtown, MD 20650 Maryland, described as: Complaint or thereafter a Judgment
Serve: Lawrence H. Taylor, P.R. 7.50 Acres E/S Comp- will be entered foreclosing all rights
The Estate of John Leon Serilda Dorothy Godfrey And ton Road with account number 03- and redemption in the property, and
Taylor 1438 Ridge Place SE 031365 sold by the Collector of Taxes vesting in the Plaintiff a title, free and
5367 Blaine St. NE Washington, DC 20020-5641 All unknown owners of property for the County of St. Mary’s and the clear of all encumbrances.
Washington, DC 20019 described below, their heirs, devi- State of Maryland to the Plaintiff.
And sees and personal representatives and The Complaint states, Joan W. Williams, Clerk
And St. Mary’s County, Maryland their or any of their heirs, devisees, among other things that the amounts

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Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times Letters to the Editor 19

LEGAL NOTICES Congratulations

To the Editor:
FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO VANESA ABRIL TORRES I would like to thank the citizens of St.
nity to continue on to the General Election in
In the Circuit Court for St. Mary’s County, Maryland November. I hope to continue to serve on be-
half of the students, staff and community as a
Civil No.: 18-C-15-00724 member of the Board of Education.
I congratulate the other candidates on their
The above Petitioner has filed a Petition for Change of Name in which she seeks to change the name of a minor work to get their message out to voters. It isn’t
child from Baneesa Rojas Torres to Vanesa Abril Torres . The Petitioner is seeking this name change for the child for the easy to take on such a task, but our community
following reasons: Hospital staff did not correctly write down the parent’s desired name for their child. is better for the conversations campaigns gen-
Any person may file an objection to the Petition on or before the 20th day of Ma, 2016. The objection must be supported erate. I applaud your willingness to be part of
by an affidavit and served upon the Petitioner in accordance with Maryland Rule 1-321. Failure to file an objection or af- the process. I look forward to continuing my
fidavit within the time allowed may result in a judgment by default or the granting of the relief sought. conversation with community members in the
A copy of this Notice shall be published one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the county at least fif- coming months to share what I bring to the
teen (15) days before the deadline to file an objection. work of the Board of Education.
JOAN W. WILLIAMS, Sincerely,
Clerk of the Circuit Court for Cathy Allen
St. Mary’s County Maryland


Whatever your needs, we’ll get you in the Classified section!
Just call our office and ask for an advertising representative to get started!
43251 RESCUE LANE • HOLLYWOOD, MD • Office: 301-373-4125 • Fax: 301-373-4128 •
20 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

Surviving Summer
Laura Joyce some seatbelt bruises and a few deep facial
adrenalin surged back to new heights when
I saw the drunk driver staggering beside
anymore (at the time of the accident, he
was driving a friend’s car, uninsured). He’d
May 5, 2016
That night, I raced to the scene of the ac- the road as he failed his sobriety test. I have gotten an early start drinking that day: it
Some years ago, just around this time of cident when I got a phone call telling me this image of myself running up to the guy was only 7 p.m. or so when he caused the
the year, as the days were growing longer about it; adrenalin was rushing through me and grabbing him by the throat and throt- accident and his blood-alcohol level was al-
and the sun was growing warmer, a drunk and my heart was pounding. Since I only tling him. I’m not sure I even know what ready at 2 a.m., blind-drunk levels.
driver ran the light at Route 235 and Air- live a few miles from where it happened, throttling means, but it seems like the right People make mistakes—I get that—but
port Road (you know the one, at the Out- I was there before they’d even gotten the word for what I wanted to do. That image is this guy was apparently working hard at
back Steakhouse) and smashed into a car boys out of the car. Seeing them trapped as real as if it actually happened, although I perfecting his, because he repeated it over
carrying my boys and their father. We were inside of the twisted metal like that, I know it didn’t. No one got throttled. and over and over (I believe I remember
very fortunate: the accident could have couldn’t help but be reminded of just how At the court hearing a few months later, that there were something like 11 or 14
been a whole lot worse. Although they had fragile life is, of how everything can turn the drunk driver got a slap on the wrist, de- alcohol-related convictions prior to the day
to cut a section out of the car to get them on a dime. When I saw that they were all spite his multiple prior offenses—so many on which he could easily have killed my
out, the worst injuries were broken ribs, basically intact, I calmed down, but the that he didn’t even have a driver’s license family…but maybe there were ‘only’ 5 or
6 and the number has just grown in
my mind, over time).
Like it was when the accident
happened, it’s that time of the year
when alcohol and celebrations come
together so that these ‘mistakes’ are
easier to make. There are lots of
parties, lots of gatherings, as people
get together to celebrate weddings
and graduations and the sheer relief
of the end of winter and the return
of warm weather.
Crabs innocently crawl into
traps, believing the underwater
world is full of chicken necks—
crabs clearly don’t understand that
there’s truly no such thing as a free
lunch—and the whole resulting
ritual of enjoying those naive crea-
tures seems to require a few cold
beers. Lazy evenings by the water
call out for a nice Chardonnay, and
hot summer afternoons are cooled
down with a Pina Colada.
It can be easy to assume that
we’re okay. Knowing that we’ve
only had a drink or two, it’s easy
to say that we’re fine, that we know
when we’re safe—or not—to drive.
To state the obvious, however, any
alcohol has at least some effect on
judgment, and while the extent of
the impairment is affected by the
amount we drink, of course, as well
as weight, how much tolerance we
have, whether we’ve eaten, and
other factors, it’s a stone-cold-sober
fact that even a little bit of alcohol
has an impact on decision-making,
response time, alertness, and sev-
eral of the other critical factors that
influence good driving.
It’s worth a reminder to the
people we care about—and that in-
cludes ourselves—that, if alcohol is
involved, any inconvenience creat-
ed by going the ‘designated driver’
route is far outweighed by the guar-
antee that we won’t find ourselves
in a local police station, posing for a
mug shot and waiting for the night-
mare to be over. Of course, it’s even
more outweighed by the guaran-
tee that someone we love won’t be
trapped in a car, in far worse shape
than my very fortunate family was
that night a few years back, while
someone who was sure he was okay
to drive tries to slur, sway and stag-
ger his way through a sobriety test
on the side of the road to the accom-
paniment of sirens.
As summer arrives, I hope you
revel in the many joys the warm
weather brings—but please: be
safe out there while you’re reveling.
We’re all depending on it.
I love hearing from you; feel
free to email me at thewordtech@
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times 21

Golf Tournament
20 16 Lexington Park Active
3rd Annual
Forrest Career and Technology Center
Golf Tournament
May 7, 2016, Wicomico Shores Golf Course, Mechanicsville MD
Adult Community
The Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center
is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament
to raise money for student participation in SkillsUSA
regional, state and national competitions. The SkillsUSA

Saturday, May 7th

Championships is the showcase for the best career and
technical students in the nation. Every dollar donated
goes directly to student participation in SkillsUSA.

Registration for each player is $75 which covers green

fees, cart, on-course refreshments and lunch. A donation to
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
SkillsUSA is also included in the fee.To reserve a spot
(foursome or individual), please provide the following
information via mail to The Dr. James A. Forrest Career
and Technology Center or email BJSKINNER@SMCPS.ORG

Golf to
Name and Telephone number
Mail this form with payment to: The Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center,
24005 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown MD 20650. If you have any questions, call 301-475-0242.
Visit to learn more about the Forrest Center or to understand
the partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.
21895 Pegg Road • Lexington Park, MD 20653 (240) 725-0111

Over 250,000
Southern Marylanders
can’t be wrong!

Your Online Community for Charles,

Calvert, and St. Mary’s Counties
22 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

It’s a Big/Small World: Digital Identity
High-school students are invited to join

The Copley Vault,

AmeriCorp VISTA and St. Mary’s College of
Maryland students to discuss It’s a Big/Small
World: Digital Identity. Facebook, YikYak,

Part III
Twitter, just some of the countless social me-
dia tools out there. Sometimes these tools can
be useful; other times they can prevent you
from getting a job. Local college students will up tips on browsing and evaluating websites in
discuss how to properly use social media so you order to make your browsing experience more Since writing the above I have heard a man say who
don’t end up getting burned. This is a drop-in successful. Adult computer classes are limited to is sixty years of age, that it was one Copely [Copley].
program from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, ages 16 and up. Registration required on www. He got his information from his father who was eighty
April 28 at Leonardtown Library. No registra- or call 301-863-8188 years of age when he died, and his was handed him by
tion required.
    his great grandfather who built the vault and came in
Work Smarter with Google as a servant to this Copely [Copley].
Drafting Disaster: A Teen Writing Leonardtown Library will hold a Work Smart- This seems to be the best account, and most prob-
Workshop er with Google class on Wednesday, May 18 able. After spending the day in hard labor we replaced
Leonardtown Library will hold Drafting Di- from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Learn how to use Google them as before, and returned home, all acknowledg-
saster: A Teen Writing Workshop on Saturday, drive to enhance productivity by sharing docu- ing themselves perfectly satisfied and abundantly re-
May 14 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. This is a work- ments and calendar events. Explore more effec- warded for their trouble. Numbers since regret their
shop for motivated teen writers that want to tive search techniques to improve your search not knowing it as they might have been there. Others
share and foster their talents together, for those results. Adult computer classes are limited to wish it again opened, and some are displeased at its
who want to harness the written word’s ability to ages 16 and up. Registration required on www. being opened at all.”
empower and free people. Snacks, pens, paper, or call 301-475-2846.
and a limited number of laptops will be provid-
ed. This workshop is taught by a Leonardtown
Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking
High School student. No registration. Glass
  Lexington Park Library will hold Alice in
Computer Basics 3: Introduction to the Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass on
Internet Thursday, May 26 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Trav-
Lexington Park Library will a Computer Ba- el through a whimsical world, and help Alice
sics 3: Introduction to the Internet class on Tues- become queen. Celebrate Humpty Dumpty’s un-
day, May 17 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Part three birthday, and play a game of croquet. All ages,
of a four part series. Learn terminology, basic no registration required.
features, and how to navigate the Internet. Pick


Decorate A Cake For Mom
8 INCH SINGLE Friday, May 6
LAYER CAKE 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
$2.00 Saturday, May 7
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Route 5 & Mohawk Drive The Shops at Breton Bay

Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 Leonardtown, MD 20650
301-884-5636 301-997-1828
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times In Our Community 23

Craft Tip
of The Week
This week’s tip is related to all types of hobbies. If the pattern
that you are working with is one printed from a internet source or
a copy from a magazine or book. Take the instructions and place
them into a sheet protector and place them into a notebook binder.
The binder could have dividers for various subjects. This is an
easy way to keep all your patterns in one location and organized.

“Marked in Flesh” by
Anne Bishop
What if humans weren’t on top of the food
chain?  In the fourth book in “The Others”
series, Marked in Flesh,  a group of radi-
cal humans declare war on the Others.  Can
Meg, a human prophet, and Simon, wolf
shifter and Other leader, protect their fragile
community against the most powerful of the
-          Adult
-          Chris Keogler from Charlotte Hall

“Lenny and Lucy” by

Philip Stead, illustrated
by Erin Stead
A sweet imaginative tale about a boy maybe moving to new house at the edge of
and his dog in need of friends. After a long the woods isn’t so bad after all!
drive through the woods Peter, his trusty -          Ages 3 to 7
canine sidekick Harold, and his dad arrive -          Karen Alvey, Lexington
at their new house. Peter thinks it is a terri- Park Library
ble idea to move here and wants to go back,
but no one hears. Convinced
that terrible things lurk in
the dark woods behind his
new house, Peter and Har-
old build Lenny, a pillow-
stuffed, blanket-wrapped
Guardian of the Bridge into
the woods. The faithful
Lenny keeps the woods at
bay through the night, but as
Peter and Harold watch out
the window they worry that
he might be too lonely out
there by himself. Next morn-
ing Peter builds leaf-stuffed
Lucy to
watch with him. The four
friends eat soup, play mar-
bles and watch together, until
a new friend comes to play.
When you have good friends,
24 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

Community Calendar To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to our Thursday publication.

Saturday, May 7 Faire and a silent auction. $50. blueberry and sausage gravy
Annmarie Sculpture Garden Sponsorships available. For with biscuits, Coffee, water
Outside Yard and Plant Sale and Arts Center (13480 Dowell information on the event and and fruit juice. Cost: Free will
7th District VFD Firehouse Rd., Dowell)- 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. sponsorships, visit http:// donation. All proceeds to assist
(21660 Colton Pt. Rd., Join us for a fabulous pickers the Church and community
Avenue)- 7 to 11 a.m. weekend at Annmarie! Browse or contact CSM Development work of the Saint Francis
Tables can be rented for $10, 150 indoor and outdoor Coordinator Erika Abell at Xavier council.
additional table for $7. Please booths featuring antiques and or 301-934-
call 301-769-4042 or 301-769- collectibles, vintage and up- 7647. Mother’s Day Breakfast at
2016 for more information. cycled furniture, clothing, Fleet Reserve
Please leave a message and we jewelry, architectural salvage, Craft Guild Shop Outdoor 21707 Three Notch Rd.,
will get back to you as soon as flea flinds, vintage home and Bazaar Lexington Park- 9:30 a.m.
possible. garden, and SO much more! 26005 Pt. Lookout Rd., Menu includes your choice
The Annmarie Antique and Leonardtown- 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. of: eggs or eggbeaters, bacon,
Plants and More Flea Faire promises to provide The Bazaar will be held on ham, sausage or spam; hash
Friendship Antiques and a weekend of terrific shopping, the first Saturday beginning in browns, grits, toast, pancakes;
Vintage Collectibles (3 West demos, talks, appraisals, food May through November. This juice and coffee all for $7 per
Friendship Rd., Friendship)- 8 vendors, wine and beer, and event is open to crafters, artists, person. SOS, sausage gravy
a.m. to 3 p.m. activities for the kids! You antique dealers, flea market and or chipped beef gravy, and a
Outdoor Spring Festival. won’t want to miss this newest food vendors. Vendors must biscuit is also available for
Indoor and Outdoor plants will addition to the Annmarie bring their own tables, chairs only $1 more. Plus...this helps
be available for purchase. In festival line-up! For more and tents. Inside, you can to support the Fleet Reserve
addition there will be a garden information, visit www. shop from a variety of unique Association in their community
themed yard sale with many handcrafted items, including efforts with Scouts, ACTS, and
unique items for sale. our new spring selections and other local charities.
Mother’s Day Ride baked goods. For additional
Greenwell State Park information, please call 301- Monday, May 9
Spring Festival and Craft
Fair (25450 Rosedale Manor Ln., 977-1644.
Hollywood)- noon to 3 p.m. GRIEFSHARE Program
Garvey Senior Activity
Make memories, take photos, New York City Bus Trip Real Life Wesleyan Church
Center (41780 Baldridge St.,
enjoy a cakewalk on horseback, St. Andrews Church (4 Wallace (27399 Old Village Rd.,
Leonardtown)- 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
and share tea and cookies Manor Rd., Edgewater)- 6:30 Mechanicsville)- 6 to 7:30 p.m.
This event will include items
with our pony Summer. No a.m. Community members who
for sale including crafts,
riding experience necessary! Seats are $50. We will stop half have experienced the death
needlework, plants, jewelry,
$25 for Mom; $15 for each way up. We will arrive near of a loved one, are invited to
art, glassware, health and
child (7 years or older to ride.) Times Square about 10:30 a.m. register for the GRIEFSHARE
beauty products, baked goods,
Reservations not required but Bring a cooler with snacks and program. For more information,
books, and many other Vendor
certainly appreciated at 301- drinks if you want for both call Jen at 240-249-6098.
specialty items. There will be
a handcrafted Quilt Raffle!!! 373-9775. We provide horses, ways. We will depart from New
helmets and equipment. Riding York City at 6:30 p.m. Will Pax River Quilters Guild
Vendors are welcomed!
instructors will supervise all arrive back about 10:30 p.m. Good Samaritan Lutheran
Set-up begins at 7 a.m. The
riding. Log onto to see Church (20850 Langley Rd.,
registration fee is $10. For
what’s happening so you can Lexington Park)- 6:30 p.m.
more information, contact
Splash for Scholarships make plans. Go shopping, see This meeting features the
301 848 9458 or mud221@
College of Southern Maryland a show, see the 9-11 memorial display and voting on our
Leonardtown Campus (22950 or whatever else you want to President’s Challenge Quilts
Hollywood Rd., Leonardtown)- do. Call to reserve your seat at inspired from the Emerson
Historic Mansion Tour
7 to 10 p.m. 443-569-2290. quote “the sky is the daily
Thomas Stone National
The College of Southern bread of the eyes.” Board
Historic Site (6655 Rosehill
Maryland Foundation is hosting Sunday, May 8 elections will also be part of
Rd., Port Tobacco)- 10 a.m. to
a poolside celebration at the this meeting. New members
4 p.m.
Leonardtown Campus Wellness Knights of Columbus and guest welcome. Pax River
Visit Thomas Stone National
and Aquatics Center to raise Mother’s Day Breakfast Quilters Guild is a 501(c)(3)
Historic Site and learn about
funds for student scholarships. St Francis Xavier Church Hall organization and is open to the
the life of one of the signers
The “Splash for Scholarships” (21370 Newtown Neck Rd., public. Visit our website www.
of the Declaration of the
event will include music and Leonardtown)- 8:30 a.m. to 1 or our
Independence for Maryland.
dancing, seashore-inspired p.m. group page on Facebook for
cuisine, poolside games Menu: Scrambled eggs, bacon, guild information.
Annmarie Antique and Flea
sausage, pancakes plain and
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times 25
To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to our Thursday publication. Community Calendar
Tuesday, May 10 808-1875 or e-mail beacon@ at the Latrobe Country Club, 808-1875 or e-mail beacon@ for more the home course of Arnold for more
Cedar Point Ladies Golf information. Palmer, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. information.
Cedar Point Gold Course Winners will enjoy 18 holes
Wednesday, May 11 of golf and a three-day, two- Colonial Era Mansion Tour
(23248 Cedar Point Rd.,
Patuxent River)- 8 a.m. night stay at the Springhill Thomas Stone National
Line Dance Lessons Suites for four people. Visit Historic Site (6655 Rose Hill
All skill levels are welcome.
Hotel Charles (15110 Burnt the Lexington Park Lions Club Rd., Port Tobacco)- 10 a.m. to
PGA Teaching Pro will be
Store Rd., Hughesville)- 7 to website for registration forms 4 p.m.
offering clinics during the
8:30 p.m. and ticket information: www. Visit Thomas Stone National
season. For more information,
Free line dance lessons taught or Historic Site and learn about
Contact Pam at Pam447@
by the Southern Maryland email Buzz Shelley at buzz. the life of one of the signers, Kimbra.benson@
Boot Scooters. Beginner of the Declaration of the, or Pat at
lessons are from 7 to 7:30 p.m. Independence for Maryland.
Intermediate lessons are from Friends and Family SMART For more information, call 301-
Friends and Family SMART
7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Recovery 392-1776.
Beacon of Hope Recovery and Thursday, May 12 Beacon of Hope Recovery and
Wellness Community Center Wellness Community Center Discovery Lane Preschool
(21770 FDR Blvd., Lexington Charity Golf Tournament (21770 FDR Blvd., Lexington Open House
Park)- 5 to 6:30 p.m. Wicomico Shores Golf Course Park)- 5 to 6:30 p.m. Discovery Lane Preschool
A support group offering a (35794 Aviation Yacht Club A support group offering a (3081 Old Washington Rd.,
science based approach to Rd., Chaptico) science based approach to Waldorf)- 10 to 11 a.m.
helping family and friends who Registration is now open. The helping family and friends who Discovery Lane’s Open House
are affected by the substance team fee of $360 includes 18 are affected by the substance will give families and future
abuse, alcohol abuse, drug holes of golf, cart, hot dogs at abuse, alcohol abuse, drug Discoverers an opportunity to
abuse or other addictions of the turn, beverages, lunch, and abuse or other addictions of tour the school and explore
a loved one. Meetings are cash prizes. Just to add spice to a loved one. Meetings are Southern Maryland’s first
free and open to the public. the festivities, the Club is once free and open to the public. Reggio Emilia Preschool.
Call 301-751-7258, 240- again raffling a weekend of golf Call 301-751-7258, 240-


Hollywood United Methodist Church
24422 Mervell Dean Rd • Hollywood, MD 20636
Victory Baptist Church Grace Chapel Ministry
29855 Eldorado Farm rd Member of the Grace Fellowship Brethren Churches
Rev. Sheldon Reese, Pastor CharlottE hall, md 20659
Sunday Worship 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Teaching The Bible Without Compromise
Sunday School for all ages 9:45 a.m. 301-884-8503 Greetings from the Bible Temple Church
All of our services are traditional. Sunday Worship • 8 A.M.
family in Mechanicsville Maryland.
Child care is provided.
Sunday Evening Youth Group
Order Of gOOd news services Sunday School • 9:15 A.M.
Here at Bible Temple, we believe that in
Blended Worship • 10:30 A.M.
Christian Preschool and Kindergarten available sun schOOl, all ages…...............10:00 this life it is important to have strong and
Tuesday Bible Study • 7 P.M. healthy relationships
sun mOrning wOrship.............…11:00
Tuesday Youth Group • 7 P.M.
CATHOLIC CHURCH sun evening wOrship….................7:00 Senior Pastor - Dr. Carl Snyder
1.   A relationship with Christ
2.  A personal relationship with
wed evening prayer mtg.........…7:00 American Heritage Girls Assoc. Pastor - David Roberts family and friends
St. Cecilia Church 1st & 3rd Thursday • 7 P.M. Youth Pastor - Luke Roberts
Through these relationships, we develop
47950 Mattapany Rd, PO Box 429 ProClaiming thE ChangElEss You are invited to worship with us. the characteristics of love, understanding
St. Mary’s City, MD 20686 301-862-4600 word in a Changing world. and forgiveness; the true heart of Christ.  
Vigil Mass: 4:30 pm Saturday We Are Located On The Corner Of Route 5 & 238 “ Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit
Weekday (M-F):
8:00 am
7:30 am
Jesus saves 39245 Chaptico Rd., Mechanicsville, Md. in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3).
301-884-3504 • Email: We invite you to experience the change…
Confessions: 3-4 pm Saturday victOrybaptistchurchmd.Org the transformation with us. Just bring your heart and God will supply the rest.
Come grow with us in a place,
St. GeorGe roman CatholiC ChurCh HUGHESVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH PENTECOSTAL CHURCH “Where the Word Reaches the Heart!”
A member of the Southern Baptist Convention Everyone is Welcome!
St. George Church: 8505 Leonardtown Road, Hughesville, MD 20637 21800 N. Shangri-La, Dr. #8
Saturday, 5:00 p.m. • Sunday, 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. PO Box 1260 Leadership: Pastor Joseph and
301-884-8645 or 301-274-3627 Lexington Park, MD 20653 First Lady Marilyn Young 
St. Francis Xavier Chapel: Senior Pastor Dr. J. Derek Yelton
Saturday, 7:00 p.m. (Memorial Day-Labor Day)
301-866-5772 Sunday School for all ages: 9:00AM
Associate Pastor Kevin Cullins Pastor James L. Bell, Sr. Sunday Morning Worship: 9:45AM
Weekday Mass Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, 1st Sat: 9:00 a.m.
• Sunday School (all ages) 9:15 am Bible Study: Wednesdays at 7:30PM
Confessions: Saturdays: 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. or by appointment • Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am Church Schedule
Address: 29050 New Market Village Road,
• Sunday Evening Worship & Bible Study 6:00 pm Sunday Morning Worship 10 a.m.
Mechanicsville, MD 20659
19199 St. George Church Road • Valley Lee, MD 20692 • Wednesday Discipleship Classes 7:00 pm Tuesday Bible Study 7 p.m. Website:
301-994-0607 • (Adults, youth & Children) Friday Men Perfecting Men 7 p.m Phone number: 301-374-9110
26 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016


C o u n ties
Tw o Price
L o w

Southern Maryland on the

A Special Supplement To The St.Mary's County Times & The Calvert County Times

Charter Boats
Boat Sales
Boat Repair
Fishing Supplies
Pier Construction
& Repair
Homes for Sale
...and More MAY 13TH MAY 17TH
Contact your advertising representative:

Jen Stotler

Reaching over 40,000 readers

301-373-4125 in Southern Maryland
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times Entertainment 27

Going On 20
Golf Tournament
3rd Annual
Forrest Career and Technology Center

In Entertainment Golf Tournament

May 7, 2016, Wicomico Shores Golf Course, Mechanicsville MD

Thursday, May 5 The Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center
Monday, May 9 is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Golf Tournament
to raise money for student participation
Steve Nelson
Anglers Seafood Bar and Grill Team Trivia in SkillsUSA regional, state and national competitions and
(275 Lore Rd., Solomons)- 6 to 10 Ruddy Duck Brewery (13200 community service. The SkillsUSA Championships is
p.m. Dowell Rd., Dowell)- 7 p.m. the showcase for the best career and technical students
in the nation. Every dollar donated goes
Friday, May 6 Tuesday, May 10 directly to student participation in SkillsUSA.

The Johanssen’s Feat. Tambo Ben Connelly Four levels of sponsorship are available, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Ruddy Duck Brewery (13200 Anglers Seafood Bar and Grill and Red. All sponsors will receive maximum pre and
Dowell Rd., Dowell)- 8 p.m. (275 Lore Rd., Solomons)- 6 to 9 post-event publicity, have names prominently displayed at
p.m. the Golf Tournament and receive the “Level” benefits listed
Saturday, May 7 below. To become a sponsor, please complete the following
Wednesday, May 11 information and return the completed form with
Billy Breslin check to the address indicated below.
Anglers Seafood Bar and Grill Open Mic Night
(275 Lore Rd., Solomons)- 8 p.m. Ruddy Duck Brewery (13200 --------------------------------------------------------------------------
to Midnight Dowell Rd., Dowell)- 7:30 p.m. Check desired Level of Sponsorship
(Please make checks payable to James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center):
Dylan Galvin Thursday, May 12 ™ Gold $1500 donation ( foursome, 8 Mulligan’s, Hole Sponsorship / Signage)
Ruddy Duck Brewery (16800 ™ Silver $1000 donation (twosome, 4 Mulligan’s, Hole Sponsorship / Signage)
Piney Point Rd., Piney Point)- Steve Nelson ™ Bronze $500 donation (Hole Sponsorship / Signage)
7:30 p.m. Anglers Seafood Bar and Grill ™ Red $250 donation (Signage)
(275 Lore Rd., Solomons)- 6 to 10 Individual Name or Company Name: ________________________________________________

Sunday, May 8
Address: __________________________________________________________________
p.m. Telephone Number: ___________________________________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________________
Anthony Malatesta Swamp Mail this form with payment to: The Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center,
Ruddy Duck Brewery (16800 Ruddy Duck Brewery (13200 24005 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650. If you have any questions, call 301-475-0242, Bonnie Skinner,
Piney Point Rd., Piney Point)- 11 Dowell Rd., Dowell)- 7:30 p.m. Lead SkillsUSA advisor, at 301-266-3872, or Mike Town, ext. 28222,
Visit to learn more about the Forrest Center or to understand
a.m. to 1 p.m. the partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.

When you spend local, you’re helping

to support families in our community!
The Calvert County Times is always looking for more local
talent to feature! To submit art or band information for
our entertainment section, e-mail

Please submit calendar listings by noon on the

Tuesday prior to our Thursday publication.

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28 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

Placing An Ad Publication Days Important Information
Email your ad to: or The St. Mary’s County Times will not be held responsible for any
Call: 301-373-4125 or Fax: 301-373-4128. Liner Ads (No The County Times is published each Thursday. ads omitted for any reason. The St. Mary’s County Times reserves
artwork or special type) Charged by the line with the 4 the right to edit or reject any classified ad not meeting the standards of
line minimum. Display Ads (Ads with artwork, logos, or Deadlines are Monday at noon The St. Mary’s County Times. It is your responsiblity to check the ad
on its first publication and call us if a mistake is found. We will correct
special type) Charged by the inch with the two inch mini-
mum. All private party ads must be paid before ad is run.
Office hours are: Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. your ad only if notified after the first day of the first publication ran.

Affordable, Peaceful Living

• 24-Hour Maintenance
• Fitness Center & Sparkling Pool
• Security Key Locks
• Warm, Friendly Professional Staff
WildeRidge Apartments
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• Pet Friendly the Wildewood Shopping Center • Pet Friendly • 24 Hour Maintenance
22760 Laurel Glen Road
23314 Surrey Way • California, Md 20619 • Facility Upgrades • Security Key Locks California, Md 20619 • Amenity Package Available Owned And Operated By
The Apartments Of Wildewood
Call today to see how we can help you find the PERFECT apartment home! (301-737-0737) 301-862-5307 • 301-737-0737
LEASING OFFICE HOURS Directions: Rt 235 (Three Notch Road) Turn At Panera Onto Old
Mon. - Fri. 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. • Sat. 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. • Sun. 12 - 5 P.M. Rolling Road, Make Left On Laurel Glen Road, We Are On The Left


Freezer For Sale 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
Locking Washer/Dryer
Extra Insulation Lawn Service
16 Cubic Feet
No Pets, No Smoking
61h x 30w
References and Security Deposit Required
1 Year Old Private St. Inigoes Area • $650 Monthly
301-863-7526 301-872-5797

Over 250,000
Southern Marylanders
can’t be wrong!

Your Online Community for Charles,

Calvert, and St. Mary’s Counties
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Bu si n e ss
Honey • Beeswax • Pollination
Candles • Swarm Removal

Dana Unger

26984 Yowaiski Mill Rd. Phone 240-925-2833

Mechanicsville, MD 20659

Phone 301-884-5900 Phone 301-934-4680

1-800 524-2381 Fax 301-884-0398


AssoCiAtes, inC.
Serving The Great Southern Maryland Counties since 1994 Advertise
Benjamin in Our
Employer/Employee Primary Resource Consultants
Group & Individual
Health, Dental, Vision, AFLAC, Life, Long Term Care,
Short & Long Term Disability,

Employer & Employee Benefits Planning

12685 Amberleigh Lane 28231 Three Notch Rd, #101
La Plata, MD 20646 Mechanicsville, MD 20659

We Carry Touch Up Paints For:
• Marrick Homes AS LOW AS
• Clark’s Rest
• Elizabeth Hills
Let us plan
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•Quality Built Homes
your next vacation! • Leonard’s Grant
46924 Shangri-La Drive
• Wildewood
Lexington Park, MD 20653
301-475-0448 Leonardtown, MD

Mike Batson Photography *COMMIT TO

Freelance Photographers
Weddings IN BOTH
Family Portraits
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30 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016

St. Mary’s Department of Aging

Programs and Activities
Brought to you by the Commis- ability to prevent injury. Discussion will and more! Lunch will be served at noon. archival imagery with the personal ac-
sioners of St. Mary’s County: include techniques for a proper cool down The menu features roast beef, gravy, counts of CCC veterans to tell the story of
and proper static stretching techniques. mashed potatoes, stewed tomatoes, broc- one of the boldest and most popular New
James R. Guy, President; Michael L. The purpose of the session is to educate coli, dinner roll, and strawberries with Deal experiments. 60 minutes. Call 301-
Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; participants in the best way to warm up whipped topping. The performance be- 737-5670, ext. 1658, or stop by the recep-
Todd B. Morgan; John E. O’Connor; for activity/sports, stay injury free and gins at 12:30 p.m. Cost for lunch is $6 for tion desk at Loffler to sign up. Seating is
and the Department of Aging & Hu- improve flexibility and reduce pain af- those under the age of 60 and a donation limited.
man Services ter activity. Mike O’Brien is a physical for those 60 and above. Reservations are
therapist with 20 years of experience. Mr. required. Call 301-475-4200, ext. *1050. Gardening Class
O’Brien is a native of St. Mary’s County At the Loffler Senior Activity Center a
Department of Aging & Human and owns Freedom Physical Therapy in
Services Center Information: LifeBio 101: An 8-week perennial garden was planted in October
Mechanicsville, MD. There is no fee to Life Story Writing Group 2014 and has been checked on every six
attend; advance sign up required. Call This 8-week interactive class held at months. It’s time to take another look and
Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-737- 301-475-4200, ext. *1050. the Garvey Senior Activity Center on decide what happens next. This class is
5670, ext. 1658; Garvey Senior Activity
Wednesdays, May 11 through June 29 for anyone who has an interest in perenni-
Center, 301-475-4200, ext. *1050; North-
ern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-
YES Cycling on the Trail from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. is designed al gardening whether or not you attended
On Wednesday, May 11 at 10 a.m. the to provide a structure to introduce the the other classes. The first part will be in
4002, ext. *3101
Northern Senior Activity Center will power of life stories and to kick start par- a classroom setting before we move out-
have a cycling event on the Three Notch ticipants’ efforts to capture memories, side to the garden. The class is on Thurs-
Law Enforcement Appreciation Trail brought to you by the YES Cycling experiences, and values. Interesting ex- day, May 12 at 10 a.m. Call 301-737-5670,
Day Program. Bring your own bike or trike ercises prime the pump of memories and ext. 1658, or stop by the reception desk at
The community is invited to join the and helmet for a causal, relaxed-pace ride lead to opportunities to listen and learn Loffler to sign up.
Commissioners of St. Mary’s County, the stopping along the way to read the trail from each other’s life journey. No prior
Department of Aging and Human Servic- interpretive signs. The trip is led by vol- writing experience is necessary. Partici- Ikebana Class at Loffler Begin-
es and the Triad/SALT Council to thank unteer, Dan Donahue, experienced cyclist pants will need to bring a spiral bound
this year’s Law Enforcement Officers
ning June 1
and bicycle trip leader. The Northern Se- notebook to class. Cost for participation (Deadline May 18)
of the Year and remember the men and nior Activity Center has two bicycles and is $10 and must be paid when register- Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower ar-
women who gave their lives in service to one trike available to borrow for the trip. ing. Attendance for all class sessions is rangement. It is more than simply putting
their community. To sign up for the trip or to reserve one of highly encouraged. Space is limited to 10 flowers in a container; rather, it is a disci-
Law Enforcement Appreciation (LEA) the three cycles, call 301-475-4002, ext. people. To learn more, call 301-475-4200, plined art form in which the arrangement
Day will be held on Tuesday, May 10, *3103. ext. *1050. is a living thing that brings nature and
at 11:30 a.m. at the Southern Maryland
humanity together. Judith Roa, who has
Higher Education Center, located at Vertigo Presentation Cardiac Presentation at Northern studied and taught this art form for over
44219 Airport Road in California. My Head Is Spinning! Learn about fall Health Connections will give a pre- 40 years, will instruct this introductory
The Officer of the Year from each prevention and about benign paroxysmal sentation on Cardiac Health: Prevention series of classes at the Loffler Senior Ac-
agency will receive a citation from the positional vertigo (BPPV) at the Loffler and Signs and Symptoms of a Problem tivity Center on six consecutive Wednes-
Office of the Governor, to be presented Senior Activity Center on Thursday, May at the Northern Senior Activity Center days from 1 to 4 p.m. beginning June 1
by Maryland’s First Lady Yumi Hogan, in 12 at 10 a.m. An Exercise Physiologist on Tuesday, May 10 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. and finishing on July 6. The cost for this
addition to recognitions from the Mary- from the Medically Oriented Gym and a Health Connections provides community class is $175-$200 depending on your
land Senate and House of Delegates, as Physical Therapist from Gateau Physical outreach for MedStar at St. Mary’s Hos- choice of container and includes 18 hours
well as plaques and/or certificates of ap- Therapy will discuss what causes falls, pital offering community classes, semi- of professional instruction, quality tools
preciation from the Commissioners of St. how to prevent them, what exercises you nars and support groups. To sign up for and the supplies necessary to complete
Mary’s County, the Department of Aging can do to help. In addition, learn what this presentation in advance, please visit the projects. Payment is made to instruc-
& Human Services, and the Triad/SALT causes dizziness, how it is diagnosed and the signup table or call 301-475-4002, ext. tor on the first day of class. To register for
Council. how physical therapy can help. Register *3101. this class, call 301-737-5670, ext. 1658,
The community is invited to congratu- for this free presentation by calling 301- or stop by the reception desk at Loffler.
late the Law Enforcement Officers of 737-5670 ext. 1658, or stop by the Loffler
the Year and join them for lunch, free of
History Video at Loffler Deadline for registration is Wednesday,
reception desk. The video American Experience: Ci- May 18. Class is limited to 6 students.
charge, following the ceremony.
vilian Conservation Corps will be play-
For more information, contact Sarah
Miller at 301-475-4200, ext. *1073, or at
Celebration of Older American’s ing at the Loffler Senior Activity Center Pitch Players Needed
Month Luncheon on Wednesday, May 11 at 10 a.m. This The Garvey Senior Activity Center is
The Garvey Senior Activity Center will video depicts Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts forming a Pitch card playing club. The
host special guest vocalist, Suzette Pritch- to provide relief for the many American group will meet the second and fourth
Avoiding Injury During Activity ett, on Thursday, May 12. Ms. Pritchett workers who were out of work during Mondays of every month beginning May
& Sports has been singing professionally for 30 the Great Depression by developing jobs 9 at 10 a.m. This is an excellent opportu-
This lecture and exercise based ses- years. She has a smooth, sultry sound and in natural resource conservation. More nity to play a popular Southern Maryland
sion, held at the Garvey Senior Activity sings songs made famous by your favor- than three million young men were put card game with old and new friends. For
Center on Tuesday, May 10 at 2:30 p.m., ite artists such as Aretha Franklin, Tony to work in the nation’s forests and parks, more information, call 301-475-4200, ext.
is designed for older adults regarding Bennett, Lou Rawls, Bonnie Raitt, Otis planting trees, building flood barriers, *1050. A minimum of 4 players is needed
proper dynamic warm up and stretching, Redding, Yolanda Adams, Patti Labelle fighting fires and maintaining roads and to get this club started.
its positive effects on performance and its trails. This program interweaves rich

Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-737-5670, ext. 1658 • Garvey Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 1050 • Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 3101

Visit the Department of Aging’s website at for the most up-to date information.

Whatever your needs, we’ll get you in the Classified section!
Just call our office and ask for an advertising representative to get started!
43251 RESCUE LANE • HOLLYWOOD, MD • Office: 301-373-4125 • Fax: 301-373-4128 •
Thursday, May 5, 2016 The County Times 31

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7.99% APR for 144 months, $11.10 per $1000 with 10% down, on approved credit thru GreenSky.
32 The County Times Thursday, May 5, 2016


TICKETS: $20 – $89


No Refunds or exchanges ★ All sales final ★ Food and drink on site ★ No coolers


O'Brien Realty

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