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Civil Services Exam of India +3 Related Questions

What are some important mnemonics for the UPSC My ultimate goal in life is to become an IAS officer.
CSE? But I am a loser. Should I drop my dream?

Answer Follow · 137 Request    What am I “not” supposed to read for UPSC CSE
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What are some very useful mnemonics for the
UPSC civil services examination?
Sajeed Mahboob, Not just an IITian, Traveler-Dreamer-Civil Servant in-
What type of questions are asked in UPSC CSE
Updated 1h ago · Upvoted by Navneet Kumar, Civil Service Aspirant at Union Public
Service Commission of India (2017-present)

You’re advised to copy paste it somewhere, Bookmark this answer or write it What mistakes did you do while preparing for
down on your notes. I’m guaranteeing you at least 2–3 questions (directly or
indirectly) in Prelims this year. Don’t thank me, call me for treat once prelims gets How did you revise NCERTs for the UPSC CSE?
Is it important to revise them regularly?
over. :P
How difficult was UPSC CSE 2017 Prelims? What
You’re going to remember Parts and Schedules of the constitution, Countries is the expected cutoff?

adjoining Places, Lakes and Seas for life in no time. :P Will optional subjects exist in the 2019 UPSC
Parts of the Constitution…
How did your life change after you cleared UPSC
You Can Fly Directly From United States Using Para Military Special Rocket.
Is reading a Hindu newspaper important for the
U= Union and its territories (1) UPSC CSE 2018 prelims? What are good sources
available for the UPSC CSE prelims current
C= Citizenship (2) affairs...
F= Fundamental Rights (3)
D= DPSPs (4)
 Ask New Question
F= Fundamental Duties (4A) More Related Questions

U= Union (5)
Question Stats
S= States (6)
U= Union Territories (8) 136 Public Followers

P= Panchayats (9) 53,984 Views

M= Municipalities (9A) Last Asked Apr 24

S= Scheduled and Tribal areas (10) Edits

R= Relation b/w Union and States (11)

Schedules of the Constitution…


T= Territory (I)
E= Emoluments (II)
A= Affirmations and Oaths (III)
R= Rajya Sabha (IV)
S= Scheduled areas (V)
O= Other Scheduled areas (VI)
F= Federal provisions, 3 lists (VII)
O= Official languages (VIII)
L= Land reforms (IX)
D= Defection (X)
P= Panchayats (XI)
M= Municipalities (XII)
Let’s see some more mnemonics which are extremely important for upcoming
prelims. These are famous places and Lakes and Seas and their adjoining

Horn of Africa: SEED (Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti)

5 Great lakes of America: HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie,


Victoria Lake: KUTta (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)

Caspian Sea: TARIK (Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran,


Black Sea: Tea & BURGeR (Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukrain, Russia, Georgia,

Red Sea: DESSEY (Djibouti, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt,


North Sea: No BeG FrENDS (Norway, Belgium, Germany, France,

England, Netherland, Denmark and Scotland)

Baltic sea: RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland (Russia, Denmark,
Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland)

Mediterranean Sea

Asian Part: SILCy (Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus)

African Part: TAMEL (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Libya)

European Part: BOSS ki SASTI MoMo in Greece and FranC (Bosnia,

Spain, Albania, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, Monacco,
Greece, France, Croatia)

Countries bordering Syria: TIJIL (Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon)

I will add more to this answer very soon. I request you to comment down below
if you have more suitable mnemonics for anything you think is important. It will
help many to score more in their prelims.

Edit: Adding some more newly created mnemonics and mnemonics from
readers in the comment section.

Permanent members of UNSC: FRACE (France, Russia, America, China,


G7 countries: JUICE & GF (Japan, USA, Italy, Canada, England,

Germany, France)

Official languages of UN: FACERS (French, Arabic, Chinese, English,

Russian, Spanish)

ASEAN countries: MBBS CLIP TV (Malaysia, Burma, Brunei, Singapore,

Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam)

SAARC countries: MBBS PAIN (Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh,

Srilanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Nepal)

Mekong Ganga Cooperation: LIMCa TV ( Laos, India, Myanmar,

Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam)
India”s border with neighboring countries (Largest to smallest):
BaChPaN MBA (Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar,
Bhutan, Afghanistan)

5 missiles developed under “Integrated Guided Missile Development

Project”: PATNA (Prithvi, Aakash, Trishul, Nag, Agni)

3 already commissioned Scorpene class submarines under Project 75:

Kal-KarKhana (INS Kalvari, INS Karanj, INS Khandari) remaining 3 are
Vela, Vagir and Vagsheer.

Equator passes through:

In Asia: KIM (Kiribati, Indonesia, Maldives)

In South America: ECB (Equador, Columbia, Brazil)

In Africa: SDG SUCK (S. Princep, DR Congo, Gabon, Somalia,

Uganda, Congo, Kenya)

Stay tuned for more…

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Shweta Mittal
G7 countries - JUICE & GF ( Japan, USA, Itlay, Canada, England, Germany, France)...

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Jagadeesh Suji Sree, studied at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge

Technologies, RK Valley (2014)
Updated Apr 26

1.Himalayan mountain peaks from west to east.


“k2 ka nana dhai ana me everest masale le aye kanchana ki nani ke liye.”






Mt Everest



2.G20 countries,,,:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany,India,

Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi
Arabia,South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and the


3.krishna river left and right bank tributaries:

left bank tributaries:



“don bu danda musibath par mar”

right bank tributaries:

varna,panchaganga,dudhganga,ghat prabha,malprabha,tungabadra.


“var pe dud ghee mil te.”

4.for telugu frineds hope u all know mnemonic to remeber UTS:

“chandi padala anda”

5.mnemonic for coding and decoding….:

6.neighbour countries border sharing length from larger to shorter




will add few more….

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Rama Prusty, CSE Aspirant (2017-present)

Answered Apr 21

Remember the facts and concepts of all subjects in UPSC is a dauntic task.

Thus methods like mnemonic, acronym, relate and co-relate, IQ, key word,
own experience…made it simple.

1. New Development Bank(NDB) - No Veto.

2. BIMSTEC( Bay of Bengal Initiative For Multi- Sectoral Technical and
Economic Cooperation),

here we can remember it’s members as BBINMST, please see

BBIN(Bangladesh,Bhutan, India, Nepal) - everyone can know it &
through BIMSTEC we add here MST i.e. Myanmar, Srilanka, Thailand.

1. a) North America - Praire grassland ( here NPA will form i.e. not Non
Performing Asset but North America Preire grassland.

b)Dawn Grassland - Australia ( here we know Don Bradman -


1. fundamental duties - 42nd constitutional amendment - 1976, here

4+2=6 i.e. 6 means 76 i.e. 1976.

2. article 323A - Administarative Tribunal Act in 1985, Central

Administrative Tribunal was set up. ( here in the same year 1985 SAARC
was established, and 1st SAARC summit was held.) & in the same year
10th Schedule was added in the Constitution( Anti - Defection Law).

3. cut motion - to move a proposal to reduce the expenditure on the

budget cut means reduce i.e. reduce expenditure.

In this way One can create many mnemonic TRICK to remember forever.

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Abhijeet Lata Dharmaraj, CSE ASPIRANT

Updated Apr 26

How to remember right bank tributaries of Cauvery ?

L K BaN gaya Adavani


L - Lakshmantirth

K- Kabani

B- Bhawani

N- Noyil

A - Amaravati

I will keep on adding.

Hope this will help you…

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Rahul Hans Chaudhary, Aspirant only in words, Observer in action

Answered Mon

I don’t think that the mnemonics that are available or posted by some coaching
institutes are necessary because if you look the paper of UPSC prelims then you
will find that most of the questions are based on three things :

1. Facts

2. Concepts

3. Mutual interaction of above two

Every objective exams have always some questions which is based on

fundamental concepts and there is always a basic assumption behind these
questions that it could be solved by everyone. These are called Beginners
Choice or Sitters. Most of the mnemonics available in the market are based on
these sitters. Here are some from the market:

SAAB Tv - States sharing boundary with Bhutan are

S - Sikkim

A - Arunachal Pradesh

A - Assam

B - Bengal

ARUNA MAMI (Aruna Irani -Bollywood Actress) - States sharing boundary

with Myanmar

ARU - Arunachal Pradesh

NA - Nagaland

MA - Manipur

MI - Mizoram

Note - This is important because of the upheavals in the Myanmar politics due to
Rohingya Muslims.

JUMBAK (Similar to Chumbak which we called magnet in english) - States

having Bicameral Legislature

J - J&K

U - UP

M - Maharashtra

B - Bihar

A - Andhra Pradesh

K - Karnataka
IRS CHaudhary JI (Tributary of Indus River or Rivers of North West India)

I - Indus

R - Ravi

S - Sutlej

CH - Chenab

J - Jhelum

RAHUL GANDHI SELL POLAND FINLAND (Ye kab hua - When did this
happen!! ;) These are called Baltic Nation

R - Russia

G - Germany

S - Sweden

E - Estonia

L - Lathvia

L - Lithuania

Poland and Finland

Note : Make sure that you also know about NORDIC Nations (Hot Issue)

CAT CAUGHT CAT FOR RAT ; ENDS ( My fav. show Tom & Jerry) They
represent the core industries of India

C - Coal

C - Cement

C - Crude Oil (Very high cost now)

F - Fertiliser (Read Fertiliser Subsidy Scam)

R - Refinery Products

E - Electricity (Make sure that you read all govt. schemes related to it and will
surely post about it after sometime)

N - Natural Gas

S - Steel

TARIK (Remember the famous dialouge of Sunny Deol) Countries around

Caspian Sea

T - Turkmenistan

A - Azherbaijan

R - Russia

I - Iran (Hot issue now)

K - Kazhakastan

Some of them also the member countries of TAPI Gasline Project and also
associated with SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) headquartered at
Beijing, China

BAPU KA HAQ (Please give him guys ;) These are the kings from Ancient
Indian History who practiced the Buddhism

B - Bimbisara

A - Ashoka

P - Prasanjeet

U - Udaysen

KA - Kanishka...(more)

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Arnab Ghosh, former Player at Table Tennis (2013-2015)

Answered Fri

A mnemonic device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids

information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory. [1]

It’s very useful for UPSC preparation as there is a very wide variety of syllabus.
Sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep everything in mind.

I am an avid follower of Roman Saini and consider his advices to be the ultimate
guide for cracking exams.

Here is a course that he made on Unacademy - India's largest learning

platform regarding mnemonics. You can go there and search for other courses
as well. However, I’m providing the link here: - Funny memory tricks to
remember the capitals of all the Indian states and Union territories with 100%
retention | Learn Most Important Topics for UPSC CSE using Memory
Techniques, Mnemonics, and Storytelling - Unacademy

[1] Mnemonic - Wikipedia

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Ayush Singh, studied at Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of

Technology and Management
Answered Apr 25

Order of formation of states! Might not be that important for UPSC but one of
the most loved questions of Uttar Pradesh pcs.

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