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Department of Political Science

PLSC 102: Pakistan Government-National

Credits: 3
Duration: 14 weeks
Course Description
The course is based on the study of the main institutions of the national government and what makes the
Pakistan government unique. The course covers the constitutional development in Pakistan, the structure
of the 3 constitutions implemented in Pakistan and the amendments made later on with a view to understand
the federal structure and the working of the national government. The contentious constitutional and
political issues concerning the working of national government will also be debated upon.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course the students will be able to
 Explain the main features of constitutions adopted
 Compare and contrast the features of the constitutions
 Identify the causes and impact of major constitutional and political crisis
 Interpret the impact of the major constitutional judicial decisions
 Evaluate the working of the national government
 Compose an organized and well-argued essay of 700-1000 words
 Identify, analyze, argue and discuss solutions to problems in class discussions
 Demonstrate self-organization and time-management during exams

Course Content
Weeks Title /Topic Contents/Concepts Readings Methodology(lecture
(book/chapter /discussion /activity)
/article ) Discretion of the
The The Interim Constitution
Constitutional The Constituent Assembly
developments The Objectives Resolution

The Features
Constitution Causes of failure
of 1956
The The Ayub Regime
Constitution Features
of 1962 Causes of Downfall

The Yahya Regime

Constitutional Dismemberment of Pakistan
of 1971
The  Features
Constitution  The structure
of 1973 Legislature

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 Amendments
Pakistan  Features
Federation  Controversies
Major Legal
Final Examination

Assessment Strategy
Each instructor may use his/her discretion to divide the 100 marks assigned for the course, however,
giving mid-term, final exam and essay for 20 marks is mandatory. Rubrics to be shared with the students
at the beginning of the course.

Type of Assessment Marks

Mid Term Exam
Final Exam
Essay 20

Total Marks 100

Mandatory Essay

The students are required to write a 700-1000 words essay .The guidelines for writing the essay and the
rubric on grading is attached. The students will also be required to visit The Writing Center ( E-028 )to take
help in improving the quality of the essay.
The students will select a topic for the essay and develop a tentative outline by the 3rd week. In the 4th week
there will be a workshop to explain the significance of essay writing and the techniques of essay writing.
After the Midterm exams /7th week approx. The students will take their essays to The Writing Center for
individual guidance with the trained tutors. The finished essays need to be returned to the teachers latest by
the 12th week

Note: Plagiarism, cheating or any other violation will be dealt with according to FCC policies

Note : There is one core books however the instructor will have to share updated information and
analysis with students
Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan


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