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Trunnion Stress Calculation (M.W. Kellogg's Method)

Header Pipe Inputs

Header Pipe O.D. D 16 in
Nominal Wall Thk. T 0.375 in
Corrosion Allowance CA 0.0625 in
Design Pressure Dp 740 psig
Design Temperature Dt 400 °F
Material (select)>> A 106 Gr B
Allowable Stress S 20000 psi

Trunnion Pipe Inputs

External Force Input
Trunnion Pipe O.D. d 10.75 in SUS EXP
Re-Pad Thickness tr 0.375 in Longitudinal Load Fl 5000 lbf
Moment Arm L 12 in Axial Load Fa 1000 lbf
Circumferential Load Fc 1000 lbf

Which type of Loading Combination? (select from drop down box)>> Fl + Fc + Fa 7

Computing for the loads to determine the localized bending stresses at the edge of the trunnion:
(lbf/in) (lbf/in) SUS EXP Allowable Stresses
661.06542 0 (lbf/in) (lbf/in) SUS
- -
29.610222 0 30000 psi
705.48075 0 EXP
132.21308 0
30000 psi

Computing for the local stresses: SUS EXP

(psi) (psi)
Total Longitudinal Stress: - -
‐ ‐
Total Circum. Stress: 13794.10719 9240.97561
45.98% 30.80%

1. Calculations follow MW Kellogg's Design Manual Piping Mechanical Subject 3810: Design of Pipe Attachments
2 Trunnions are to be between one size down and half the size of the header pipe
3 Trunnions falling outside the size limits are to be referred for detailed analysis using FEA or analytical methods

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