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Parañaque City
District of Parañaque III

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School Action Plan in ICT

Strategies and Resource Needed Sources of
Objectives Time Frame Outcome/Outpu Sustainability
Activities Fund
Fund Person Involve Material t
A. Pupil
Grade IV, V, VI
1. Organized Pupils will be
Strictly follow the
1. Gain Knowledge Pupils into group. equipped on different
action plan
and develop basic Have a class on software packages
particularly the
skills on the use of every vacant time and it will be useful in
MOOE schedule of ICT
basic key from Monday- Canteen preparation for their
School Head, LSB classes.
applications. Friday. PTA Computer secondary education.
July-March 2019 Teachers LGU’s NGO’s and
Pupils PTA Enhance
2. be able to learn 2. Provide hands MOOE Acquire competencies
Canteen Fund computer literacy
basic software on activities. on information
program under ICT
packages such as: Prepare a technology and able
in elementary
a. MS Word logbook, records, to use it on their daily
journal of pupil life activities.
b. MS Excel output.

c. MS PowerPoint
B. Staff 1. Conduct and Teachers can now Sustained ICT
Development Echo-Seminar School Head, Computer MOOE assist the School ICT training from
Workshop on TV LSB coordinators in Division Level
School Head and different on ICT ICT Coordinators, Laptop LGU’s NGO’s and imparting ICT teaching down to School
teachers seminars done by Internet PTA to the pupils. Level.
DepED. Teachers, Canteen Fund
1. Upgrade the ICT Can upload relative Teachers used ICT
competencies 2. Invite a Canteen school data on EBEIS device in
level of teachers resource speaker websites,LIS and other delivering their
if necessary on PTA ICT Advisers, ICT related reports. subject matter to
the school ICT their respective
seminar LSB Master Teachers pupils.
July-March 2019 MOOE
3. Assist every
teachers on which
software package
they lacking in
and teach them
on browsing the
C. Curriculum
Provide technical Improved Video
1. Support and support in the Division EPS, Prepared Video MOOE Lessons in the
Participate the finalization of Canteen Lessons, different subject
Division ICT prepared video School Head, LSB areas.
Memo’s and lessons in the PTA Computers Utilization of
guidelines in different subject ICT Coordinators, LGU’s Be able to make a Video Production
preparing a lesson areas. August-October LSB Laptops, lesson guide in software.
exemplar with ICT 2019 Teachers, NGO’s propagating teaching
Integration MOOE Televisions, ICT.
ICT Advisers, PTA
2.Participate in Reference
developing video Master Teachers Materials Canteen Fund
lessons in the
different subject
D. Monitoring Regular Division EPS, BEIS Data
and Evaluation monitoring of MOOE
school using ICT District
1. Assess related and based LSB Enhanced teachers Continue
competency level software and Year Round Supervisors learning process using Monitoring and
of school heads lessons with EPS LGU’s ICT based evaluating ICT
and teachers in charge of the School Head, lessons/software. programs.
subject matter. NGO’s
2. Assess the ICT Coordinators,
impact of ICT Teachers, PTA
based lessons on
instruction against Canteen Fund
the result of NAT
and other
Assesment such
as periodical
results and
E. Resource DepED ICT BEIS Data MOOE Enhanced teaching- Continue on
Generation Tap possible learning process using resource
donors (LGU), technical Unit, LSB ICT facilities generation to
1. Tap possible Private improve ICT
donors in the Individuals. Year Round EPS, LGU’s Acquisition of new ICT teachings.
development of NGO’s, I.T devices such as
ICT. companies, etc. School Head, NGO’s laptops and
ICT Coordinators, PTA

Teachers, Canteen Fund

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School ICT Coordinator Master Teacher II

Approved by:

Principal II