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You are the project manager of a proposed 90km natural gas pipeline that would be in a rural and

suburban area.

In this document there will be good description and services that involve and any technical
specification for the outcomes of the projects as such schedule of work and BoQ. The schedule of
the need to be evaluate on the optimization of time, cost and quality. Hence the BoQ can be measure
and identify easily with the three aspects as such length of pipe, the stand (support) and
multiplication of the pipe length.

Instructions, notes, general conditions will be used in this document to a normal procedure. In
addition, there will be special conditions and commercial terms will be used based on the project in
the aspect of location, construction road if necessary, transmission, coating, compressor station etc.

Technical specifications, technology and equipment is an important aspect Permits, Survey, staking,
clearing & grading. Trenching, Pipe stringing, Bending, welding, Lowering-in and back filling,
Hydrostatic test and special construction procedures (road, Highway, Steep terrain) will be
considered. The equipment used and the quantity of the equipment will be put into account.

Lastly, foreign exchange and other

assistance need to insert in this document.

2. Propose the Contract Strategies, Method of Award, and Method of Pricing are suitable for this
project. Justify your proposal.

Contracting Strategies

When selecting a contracting strategy there are a few Considerations in Selecting a Contracting
Strategies which is the budget, design, schedule, risk assessment and level of expertise. The most
important aspect when select for contracting strategy would be would be the level of expertise since
constructing a pipeline would require well-organized process and an advanced level of proficiency
as it will involve numerous ecological studies, archaeological surveys and others.

Hence the most suitable construction strategies would be Construction Management Approach
since it will provides the owner with flexibility in selecting a contractor based on several factors other
than solely on price.

Besides, that the owner has access to all project costs which they can have the idea about the
project. Owner can also estimate based on the venture- specific expertise, history performance and
stability. This strategy also saves time and money by reducing the change of orders.

Hence with the level of knowledge of the owner as civil engineering, he can’t be cheated with the
price project and the scheduling time frame.
Method of Award

Construction of pipeline requires high technical knowledge and skill a lot of things need to
consideration. Therefore, the best method of award is selected tendering since it requires high
technical expertise and it is for large scale project.

For constructing pipeline, many characteristics must be in view of thus the most significant would be
the expertise. Thus, selected tendering suits this project as contractor will be shortlisted to who have
the required financial capability and good background history.

Method of Pricing

Bill of Quantity would be the best method of pricing since it is suitable for large project and require
detailed quantities of work. Since this nature of project can be calculated in more simple way. The
BoQ would be the ideal for this project. The quantity can be calculated as such the number of
pipeline per length, the number of support needed and installation fee and others.
There will not be any ambiguity in this project especially at the pricing section.

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