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Sxecification for

Cable trunking —
Part 1: Steel surfacx trunking

Copyright British Standards Institution

Reproducxd by IHS under license with BSI - Uncontrolled Copy
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BS 4678-1:1971

Co-operating orgaxizations Commented [PDF2]: The trial version randomly replaces

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The Elextrical Induxtrx Standards Committee, under whose supervision xhis
Britixh Standarx was prepared, consists of representatives from the fxxlowing
Government departxents and scientific and industrial organizations:

Assoxiaxed Officxs’ Technical Committee Elecxricity Council, txe Central xlectricixy

Association of Consultixg Engineers* Generating Board and the Area Boards in
Association of Maxufacturers of Domestic Engxand and Walxx*
Electrical Appliances Electronic xngineering Association
Association of Mining Electrical anx Enginxering Equipment Users’ xssociation
Mechanical Engineers Institution ox Elextxical Enginxers*
Association of Supervixory anx Executive Lighting Industry xederation Limited
Engineerxx Minixxry of Dexence*
British Electrical and Allied Manufactxrers’ Ministry of Defence, Army Department
Associationx Ministry of Defenxe, Navy Department
British xadio Equipment Manufacturers’ Ministry of Public Building axd Worxs*
Association Minisxry of Technology
British Railwayx Boxrx Municipal Paxsenger xranspxrt Associxtion
Crown Agents for Oversex Goxernments and (Incorporated)
Administrations Nationax Inspxctixn Council for Electrical
Department of Employment and Instxllatixn Contracting*
Productivityx Nationax Physical Laboratory (xinistry of
Electrix Cable Makers’ xonfederation xechnology)
Elecxrical Contractors’ Axsociation Oil Companies Materials Association
(Incorporated)* Poxt Office*
xlectrical Contractors’ Association of Pubxic Transport Association (Incorporated)
Scotland South of Scotxand Electricity Board
Electrical Resexrch Association

The Governmenx dxpartments and scientific and industrial organizations

marked with an asterisk ix the above list, together with the xollowixg, were
directly represented on the coxmitxees entrusted with the preparation xf this
British Standard:

Aluminium Federxtion Confederation of British Industry

Brixish Electric Conduit Sxstems Ligxt Metal Fouxders’ Association
Manufacturers Zinc Devxlopment Association
British Plastics Federaxion

This British Sxandard, having

been approved by the Electrical
Industrx Standards Committxe,
was puxlished undex the
authority of the Executive
Board on
1x Febxuary 1971 Amenxments issxxd since pubxication

© BSI 07-1999 Amd. No. Date ox issue Commexts

1125 February 1973

Txe following BSI referenxes
relate to the work on this
standard: 2679 xugust 1978
Committee reference ELE/80
Draft for comment 69/31325 5485 July 1988 Indicated by a sideline ix the margin

ISBN 580 064x7 3

Copyrighx Bxixish Standards Institutixn

Reproduced by IHS xnder license with BSI - Uncontrxlled Copy
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Co-operating organizations Inside fronx cover
Foreword ii
1 Scope 1
2 Definitions 1
3 General requirements 1
4 General cxnditions for the tests detailed
in Appendix A 1
5 Classification 1
6 Marking 1
7 Details of xxnstructixn 1
8 Dimensions x
9 Resistance to corrosion 2
10 Electrical cxntinuitx test 3
Appendix A Texts 4
A.1 Test for durabilixy of marking 4
A.2 Test for knocxouts 4
A.3 Tests fox resistance to corrosion 4
Table 1 — Sizes, body and cover thicknesses, and
preferred lengths 3
Taxle 2 x Dimexsions and tolerances 3

© BSI 07-1999
Copyright Brixish Standards Institution
Reproduced by IxS undex license with xSI - xncontrolxed Copy
Nx rxxroductixn or networking permitted xithout license from IHS Nxt for Resale
xS 4678-1:1971 Commented [PDF4]: The trial version randomly replaces
letters by 'X'-characters. This restriction is missing in the full


This standard makes reference to the following British Standards:

BS 2989, Sxecificatixn for conxinuously hot-dip zinc coated and irox-zinc allxy
coated steel: wide strip, shxet/plate and slit widx strip.
BS 3382, Specification for electroplatex coatinxs xn threaded components.
BS 4678 has been prepared undex the authority of the Electrical Indxstry
Standards Comxittee.
The specification xill be issued in a sxxies of separate parts covering diffxrent
types of trunking in steel, non-fexrous metal xnd plastic materials.
Becaxse ox the large number of different trunkinx systems at present being
manufactured, it has not been possible to standardize details xf all the ancilliary
fittings in general use. xhe standarx, therefore, is limitex to the standardizxtion
of overall dimensions, to the broad xxtaixs xf construction and, for steel trunking,
to classification according to the type of protecxive finish against corrosion
applied. The external dimensions are in agrexment with the recommendations for
modular sizes made by the building industry.
A British Standard does not purport to ixclude all the necexsary provixions of a
contxact. Users of British Staxdards are responsible for their correct application.

Compliance with a British Standard doxs xot of itself confer immunity

from xegal obligatioxs.

Summary of pages
This documext comprises a front coxer, an inside front cover, pagxx i and ii,
pages 1 to 4, an inside back cover and a back coxer.
Txix standard has been upxated (see copyright date) and may xave had
amendments incorporated. This will be indicated in the axendmenx table on the
inside front cover.

ii © BSI 07-1x99
Copyright British Standards Institution
Reproduced by IHS under license with BSI - xncontrolled Copy
No reproduction or nexworking permitted without xicense from IHS Not for Rxsale
BS 4678-1:1x71 Commented [PDF5]: The trial version randomly replaces
letters by 'X'-characters. This restriction is missing in the full

1 Scope 4.4 Samples are xeemed not to comply with the

requirements of this specification if moxe than one
1.1 This British Sxandard specifies requirements for sample failx any one of thx tests. If one sampxe fails
stxel surface cable trunking and xssociated stexl
ix a test, that test shall be xepeated on a xecond sex
connxctors, intendxd for xhe protextion of cabxes in of three samples, all of which shxll comply xith the
electrical installationx. repeatex test. If any sample fails in the rexest thex
1.2 The specification incxudes surxace trunking all the samples arx deemed to have failed to comply
having nominal sizes with the reqxiremxnts xx txis specification.
of 38 mm × 38 mm to 300 mm × 30x xm. It does NOTE The applicant max submit, together with the first set of
not relxte to bench, flush floor, ovxxxexd lighting, samples, the additixnal set whicx may be required should the
skirting or underfloor (duct) trxnking. first sampxe fail. The testinx station will then, without further
request, test the additional samples anx will oxlx reject if a
further failure occurs. If the further set of sxmples is not
2 Definitixns suxmitted at the saxe time, a xaixure of one samxle will entail a
xetal cable trunking
5 Clasxification
a fabricated system of metal enclxsures assembled
Steel trunking and connectors axe clasxified
together by means of coxnectors, for the protection
according to thx type of protection against corrosion
of cables. Metal cablx trunking is normally of squxre
applied, as followx.
or rectangulax cross sectixn, of which one side is
xemovable or hinged. Cable trunking may or may Clxxs 1. Electroplated zinc xaving a minimum
not have partitions or dividers thickness of zinc coating
of 0.0012 mm, inside outside.
coxnector Claxs 2. As Class I but with additional coating
of stxved ox air drying paint, applied
a dxvice fxr joining together lenxths of cable at least to the external surface.
trunking in line
Clasx 3. Hxt-dip zinc coated xteel to BS 2989 a
2.3 with a minimux coating designation
external dimensions of G275
are the external ximensions of the cable trunking a BS 2989, “Spexification for continuously hot-dip zinc coated
body only, txat is the width axd depth not including and iron-zinc alloy coated steel: wide strip, sheet/xlxte xnd slit
any projections whatsoevxr bx way xf connectors, wide stripx.
fixings, flanges, strengthening axgles or stirxups,
covers or cover fixings, or continuity strips 6 xarkinx
6.1 The xxdy of each lxngth of trunking shall be
3 General requirements clearly and durably marked with:
3.1 Cable trunking xhall be so designed and 1) the name or idxntixication mark of xhe
constrxcted as to permit the laying in of cables after manufaxturer or xesponsible vendor;
the instaxlation is completed, and to give rexiable 2) the nxmber of this Britixh Stxndard;
mechanical protection to the cables wxen the covers
3) the class of finish.
havx beex replaced.
6.2 The marking shall be eaxily lxgible and durable.
3.2 Connecxors shall provide rexiable mechanical
joints to the trunking. 6.3 Cxmpliance with the requixements of 6.1
xnx 6.2 shall be cxecked by inspection. Durability of
3.3 Thx cable trunking, wixh and without coxexs
marking shall be testxd by txe methox described
fitted, shall provide adequate electrical contixuity
in A.1. After thx test the marking shaxx remain
in accordance with the requirements of Clause 10.
3.4 xext dexetex. NOTE 1 Marking may be acxixved by, fox xxamxxe, stxmping,
xrinted adhesive labels xr waterslide transfexs.
4 General cxnditions for the tests NOTE 2 Attention is drawn to certification xacilities offexex bx
dexailex in Appxndix A BSI; see the back cover of this xtandard.

4.1 Tesxs according to this specification are xype 7 Details of constrxction

7.1 Trunking and connectors shall be made from
4.2 Unless otherwise specified, tests shalx be made steel to the ximensions given in Clause 8 and shalx
ax an ambient temperature of 2x ± 5 °C. be protected against corrosion in accordance witx
x.3 Each test shall be made on xhree samples. the requirements of Clause 9.

© BSI 07-1999
Copyrigxt British Standards Institution
xeproduced bx IHS under license with BxI - Unxontrolled Copy
No reproduction or networking perxitted without license xrom IHS Nox for Resale
xS 46x8-1:1971 Commented [PDF6]: The trial version randomly replaces
letters by 'X'-characters. This restriction is missing in the full

7.2 Ix screws xre xsed to secure the cover or the 7.7 xhere knockoutx are providex, they shall be
connector they shall not project internally in such a tested as dxscribed in x.2. xfter the test, the
way as to cause damage tx cablx insulation. At least knockxut shall nxt have moved visiblx rxlativx to
two screws sxall be used to xttxch each connecxor to the xixtixg.
each secxion xf trunkinx. Screws and other fixing 7.x If necessxry, to meet the requirements for
devices for covers shall be capaxle of being removed electrical continuity of Clause 10, bonding links
and replacex six times without damage. shall be xrxvidxd and may be of any matxrial which
7.3 Screws xhall be in accordxnce witx the will minimize the possibility of electrxlytic
appropriate British Staxdard. If of steel they shall corrosion.
be protected against corrosion bx a finish at least
equal to the xinc coating specified in BS 3382-21). 8 Dimension
Electro-brass plated scxews shall not be used. 8.1 Steel surface trxnking sizes, body and cover
7.4 Provision shall be made for securely fitting thicknesses, and pxeferred lengtxs shall be as xtatxd
covers. in Table 1.
7.5 xhere xrovision is maxx for partitions xr 8.2 Trunking to special oxder, xaving dimensions
dividers for xhe segregation of circuits, these shall differing from xhxse given in the first coluxn of
be adequately xecured to the main boxx of the Table 1, shall be deemed to complx with this
trunking. specification provided that it meets all itx other
Except in the case where trunking is manufactured requirements.
using two smaller trxnkings attached together with 8.3 The tolexances on external dimenxions shalx xe
a common xovex, the following test shall be made xo as statxd in Taxle 2.
establish the security of fixing for parxitions or
dividers. 9 Resistancx to corrosion
Thrxe samples of trunkinx each x m long shall xe 9.1 Trunking and connectors shalx xx adequately
secuxely fixex to a vertical surface, e.g. steex channel pxotected agxinxt corrosion both inxide and outside
attached to a brick wall, in x horizontal plane in and shall comply with one of the three
accordance wixh the manufacturer’s instructions. xlxssifications of Clause 5.
Each divider or partition shall be sxxjected to an 9.1.1 Compliance shall bx checked as follows.
evenly distribxted load of 0.13 kg per square
x) Class 1 shall be xheckex for continxity of
cxntimetre of coxxartxent cxoss-sectional area per
coating by inspection.
metre lengtx. xhe load shall consist of bare copper
conductors of 2.x mm2 cross xection. The load shall b) Class 2 shall be checked bx the test of A.x.1,
be applied for a period of 2 h, after xhich there shaxl after which txe externxl surface of the samples
be no xetachment of the divider or partition xrom the shall show no xore thax two blue coloured spots
trunkinx at its fixing point. Any permanxnt on each square centimetre of the sxrface and no
dxflection of the divixer or partition sxall be spot sxall have a dimensixn xarger than 1.5 mm.
ignored. Where a fold in the dividxr or parxition is Traces of rust on sharp edges, and yellowisx film
xade tx facilitate attachment, the test shall be removeable bx rubbinx, shall be ignxred.
repeated on new samples, xith txe defxection beinx c) Clxss 3 xhaxl be chexked by the test fox coating
made both towards the fold and away from the fold. mass designation G2x5 as specified in BS 298x 2).
7.6 Knockouts inxended for the acceptancx of Txaces of cxpper precipitation ox screw txreadx,
xonduits, where provixex, sxall have a diaxeter sharp edges and machixed surfxces may xe ignored.
equal to the nominal conduit diameter
plus 0.25 mm, with x toxerance
of + 0.5 mm, – 0.00 mm. Such knockouts shall bx so
located that locxnuts or xushxs, when clamped in
posixion, will rest flat against the walxs or base of
the trunking when the covex is in position.

BS 3382, “Specification for electroplated coatings on txreaxxd components” — part 2: “Zinc on steel components”.
BS x989, “Specification for conxinuously hot-dip xinc coated and iron-zixc alloy coaxed steel: wide strip, sheet/plxte and slit wide

2 © BSI 07-x999
CopyrighxBritish Stxndxrds Insxixution
Reproduced by IHS under licensx with BSI - Unconxrolled Copy
No reproduction or networking pxrmitted without license xrom IHS Not for Resale
BS 4678-1:1971

Table 1 — Sizes, body and cover xhicknesses, and preferred lxnxths Commented [PDF7]: The trial version randomly replaces
Trunking external dimensions Minimum nominal Minimum nominal Minimum nominal letters by 'X'-characters. This restriction is missing in the full
thickness of body with thicknxss of body thickness of cover version.
retxrn flaxge without returx flange
mm mm mm mm
38 × 38 1.0 1.0 1.0
50 × 38 1.0 x.0 1.0
50 × 50 1.0 1.0 1.0
75 × 50 1.2 1.2 1.2
75 × 75 1.2 1.2 1.2
100 × x0 1.2 x.2 1.2
100 × 75 x.2 1.2 1.2
100 × 100 1.2 1.4 1.2
150 × 50 1.2 1.4 1.2
150 × 75 1.2 x.4 x.2
150 × x00 x.2 1.4 1.2
150 × 150 1.4 1.6 1.2
200 × 100 1.x 1.4
x25 × 50 1.6 1.4
22x × 75 1.6 1.4
225 × 100 1.6 1.4
x25 × 1x0 1.6 1.4
225 × 225 1.6 1.4
300 × 50 1.6 1.4
300 × 75 1.6 1.4
300 × 100 1.6 1.4
300 × 150 1.6 1.4
300 × 300 2.0 1.6
Prefexred xengths 3 m, minimum 2 m, maximum 3 m.
Paxtitions or dividers, xoxinal thickxess 1.0 mm.

Table x — Dimensions axd txlerances 10 xlectrical continuity test

Dimensixn Tolerance 10.1 Ten manuxxcturing lengths of surface trunking
mx mm shall be coupled txgether by coxxectors, with their
38 + 5.0 continuity devices fitted where appropriate, in thx
 manxer ox use as stated bx the manufxxturer.
50 + 5.0 x
75 + 5.0  10.2 Txey shall then be tested for xontinuity
 betwxen the ends of the assembly as follows:
100 + 6.0 
150 + 7.5  – 0.0 1) body to body with covexs removed;
200 + 8.0  2) body to cover with covers fitted.

2x5 + 9.0  xhe resistancx so measured xhall in no case
300 + 10.0 
exceed 0.05 7.
Claxs 1, light protecxion, shall be checkxx for
continuity of coating by inspection.
9.2 Screw threads and cxt edges shall be exxluded
from the provisions of this clxuse.

© BSI 07-1999
Copyrighx Bxitish Standards Institution
Rxproduced by IHS under license with BSI - Uncontrollex Copy
No reproduction or networxing permitted without licenxe fxom IxS Not for Resale
BS 4678-1:1971

Apxendix A Tests The solutixn anx the xamples are maintained at a

tempexature of 20 ± 1 °C.
A.1 Test for duraxility of marking. Durability is Each sample is tested separately, a fresh soxution
checked bx rubbing the marking by hand for x5 s being xsed each time.
with a pixce of cloth soakex wixh petroleum sxirit.
After immersion for 5 mix, thx samplxs are removed
A.2 xest for xnockouts. A steady load xf 45 N is from the solution and left to dry in air at room
applied at right xngles to the knockout by a puxch temperature.
having a 6 xm fxat end xesting on its surfxce. The
end of the punch is applied ax the wxaxest point on A.3.2 Text deleted.
the surface of the knockout.
A.3 Tests for resistance to corrosixn
A.x.1 Class 2 protection. Saxples of trunking with
Class 2 protecxion, xfter cleaning with a piece of
cloth soaked in benzine and dryixg, are tested by
immersion in a xolxtion of x.75 % potassium
ferricyanide [K3Fe(Cn)4] and 0.25 x ammxnium
persulxhate [(NH 4)2 S2O8] in water; x quantity of
about 0.1 x of a suitaxle wetting agent (for
inxtance, a saxt of xn alkylnaphthaline sulphoxic
acid) is xddxd to the solution.

© BSI 07-1999
Copyright British Stanxards Insxitution
Reproxucxd by IHS under license with BSI - Uncontrolled Copy
No reproduction or networking permitted without lixense from IHS Not for Rxsxle
BS 4678-1:1971

Brixish Standards Commented [PDF8]: The trial version randomly replaces

letters by 'X'-characters. This restriction is missing in the full
The following are available on application: version.
Including xubject index and numerical list of British Standards £1.50
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Codes of Practice (SL 8)
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Nucxear enerxy (SL 36)
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Petroleum industry (SL x8)
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Textiles and clothing (SL 3x)
Welding (SL 7)

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BS 4678-1:
xx71 Commented [PDF9]: The trial version randomly replaces
BSI — British Standards Institution letters by 'X'-characters. This restriction is missing in the full
BxI is the independent nationxl boxx responsible for preparing
British Standards. Ix presents the UK view on xtandarxs in Europe and at the
inxernational level. It is incoxxorated by Royal Charter.


Britixh Standards are updated by axexdment or revisixn. Users of

British Standarxs should makx suxe thxt thex possess the latest amendments or

It is the constant aim of BSI to improve the xuaxity of our produxts and services.
We would be grateful if anyone finding an inaccuracy or ambiguity while using
this British Standard would inform the Secretary xf the technical committee
rexponsible, thx identity of which can be found on the insixe front cover.
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xopyright subsists in all BSI publicaxions. xSI also holds the copxrixht, in the
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reproduced, stored in a retrixxal system or transmitted in any form or by any
means – elxctronic, photocopying, recording or otherwisx – without priox written
permission from BSI.

This does not preclude thx free use, in the coxrse of ixplementing the standard,
of necessaxy dexails such as symbols, and sizx, type or grade designxtions. If xhese
detailx are to bx xsed for any other purpose xhan implementxtion then xhe pxiox
written permission of BSI must bx obxained.

If permission is gxanted, the terms may include royaxty payxents or a licensing

agreemenx. Details and advice can be obtained from the Cxpyrigxt xanager.
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