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General Ledger Accounting: Basic Settings

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code

1 G/L Document Posting F-02

2 Post Outgoing Payment for G/L Accounts F-07

3 G/L Account Posting - Enjoy Transaction FB50

4 Posting a Document with reference to FBR2

another Document

5 Display Document FB03

6 Change Document FB02

7 Display G/L Account Balances FS10N

8 Display G/L Account Balances for Open FBL3N

Item Managed A/cs

9 Display Parked Documents FBV0

11 Individual Reversal FB08

12 Reversal of a Reversed Document FBR2

13 Reversal of a Cleared Item FBRA

14 Posting of Sale or Purchase Invoice to F-22

15 Posting of Vendor Invoice F-43

16 Posting Outgoing Payment F-53

17 Posting Vendor Invoice - Enjoy Transaction FB60

18 To View Vendor Account FBL1N

19 Down Payment Made F-48

21 Transfer of Advance from Special G/L to F-54

Normal by clearing Special G/L A/c

22 Clearing of Normal Item - Account Clear F-44

23 Payment Run F110

24 Posting of Customer Invoice F-22

25 Posting Incoming Payment F-28

26 Posting Customer Invoice - Enjoy FB70


27 To View Customer Account FBL5N

28 Customer Credit Memo F-27

30 Customer Credit Memo - Enjoy FB75


31 Down Payment Received F-29

32 Main Asset Purchase Posting F-90

33 Depreciation Run AFAB

34 Goods Receipt Against Purchase Order MIGO

35 Invoice Verification/Invoice Receipt MIRO

37 Creation of Sales Order VA01

38 Outbound Delivery VL01N

39 Billing Document VF01

40 Issue Billing Document VF31

42 Manual Bank Statement FF67

43 Electronic Bank Statement ff_5

44 Manually GR/IR clearing account f.13

45 Automatic GR/IR Account f.03


FS15 and FS16 - GL Account Master Data

FK15 and FK16 - Vendor Master Data
FD15 and FD16 - Customer Master Data

Master data will be stored in a file and managed by:

CG3Y - Download file from SAP
CG3Z - Upload file to SAP