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Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities mutual growth while
being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Academic Profile
 Master of Engineering in Aeronautical (2013-15) from Perumal
Email ID: Manimekalai College of Engineering and Technology, Hosur, Affiliated
to Anna University,Chennai with 83%.
 Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical (2008-12) from Srinivasan
Mobile number : Engineering College, Perambalur, Affiliated to Anna University,Chennai
with 79.8%.
 Higher Secondary Certificate (2007-08) from Mahajana higher
secondary school, Mettupalayam, with 73 %
Permanent Address:
 Secondary School Leaving Certificate (2005-06) from Mahajana higher
S/o- M.Mohamed Rafi, secondary school, Mettupalayam, with 87.2 %
43/12A GovindAmmal Lane, Field of Interest
Parry Company Road,
 Propulsion
 Maintenance
 Aerodynamics.
Coimbatore DT,
Computer Skills
 Software: CADD, Solid Works, CFD Codings.
Academic Project

 Mini Project:
Preliminary design of wing parameters, engine design, Mach No, Landing gear
parameters, V-N diagram are done for Multirole of Military Aircraft.
 B.E Project:
I have done through this project at IIT Chennai. I create a virtual wind
tunnel for experimental purpose using C++ Codings with use of UBUNTU.
CFD Schemes used in this project. Found the truncation errors and ghost points of
the each cell node the problem can also solved. Visualize the problems solved in
terms of Mayavi.
 M.E Project:
Employment Of Lift Augmentation Device to Control Boundary
Layer Separation In Wind Turbine.
This is achieved by means of shape modification introduced in the wind turbine
blade so as to reduce the complex design procedure and cost posed by the current
effective means of boundary layer control.
Personal Profile:
 International journal Published for my B.E project.
Age : 26  Holder of Scholarship for being Top five Ranks in department.
 Deputed as a Placement Coordinator, Exam Coordinator, and Aero
Sex : Male modeling Club Coordinator, Navy and Defense Co-coordinator in
Marital Status : Single my working place.
 Produce Good Academic university results.
Date of Birth : 20thAugust 1990  Presented my M.E Project in National Level Conference.
Father’s Name : Mohamed Rafi.M
Mother’s Name : Hassena Banu.M PAPER PUBLICATION
Nationality : Indian Published paper on IJSRO- Design and Analysis of Chevron Nozzle in
Aerodynamics, ISSN NO 2456-6942.
Published paper on IJSRO- Employment of Lift Augmentation Device to Control
Boundary Layer Separation In Wind Turbine, ISSN NO 2456-6942.
Published paper on IJSRO- Industrial Improve mentation by Implementation of
Working experience: Lean Tools, ISSN NO 2456-6942.
4 Years
Lecturer in Nehru institute of Personal Skills
Technology, Coimbatore from  Ability to work in team
 Dedicated and Responsible
June- 2012 to-2013.  Quick learner and proactive
Assistant Professor in SNS College  Creative and Inspiring

of Technology, Coimbatore from

June-2015 to-2017.
 Listening music
Training Faculty in RACE Coaching  Cricket
 Designing Glider
Center, Coimbatore.
I have handled Languages

1.Elements of Aeronautics  Tamil, English, Hindi,Urdu

2. Propulsion -1 Declaration
3. Propulsion -2
I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to
4.Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-
5.Helicopter Maintenance
mentioned particulars.
6.Aircraft Systems and Instruments
7. Non Destructive Testing
8. Maintenance Engineering
9. Basic Civil and Mechanical

Place: Coimbatore

Date: Signature