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architectural portfolio
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Introduction]

Architecture is an art form.

Its desired product is of four dimensions:
Length, depth, height and time.
Any project is designed to target at least one of the five senses, determined by the implemented design
These allow the architect to control the experience of the visitors in the created space up to a ninety-
Such percentage is influenced by the pace in the circulation, experiencing emotions of solitude or
excitement in a particular space.
The remaining uncontrollable and unpredictable ten percent
is governed by the visitor’s personal emotions,
determined by his/her background, cultural and past experiences.
For instance, familiarity with the site
or sensitivity to sound
will alter the visitors encounter.

In a macro level,
urban plans embrace the canvas for architectural pieces.
These are links between the site and human habitation.
A proportional composition will present a dynamic canvas.

Creating architecture is similar to problem solving.

artist statement
Along the presented programs, there is a complex
web of elements such as culture, urban fabric,
and history, that need evaluation.
Every possible aspect must be considered
in order to create a solution rather than formulating it.

It is greater to experience architecture than to research it.

Architecture flows from the mind to the hand,

from the pen to the paper.
In the process, there is constant exchange between
two and three dimensions.
There is no hierarchy,
but whichever facilitates the process
of getting an idea or concept across.

Photographs taken during International travels Beyond love for architecture, one must truly enjoy it.
Enjoying is what allows someone to make critical decisions
and developing the project as a whole.
Designing can be done anywhere, anytime.
It comes from within.

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

savannah college of art and design

m.arch. architecture

savannah, georgia
school of architecture
savannah, georgia
Project: School of Architecture for the Savannah College of Art
and Design,
Date: Fall 2002, into the site. It starts as a glass structure built inside the shed,
Site: 227 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Historic District, experiencing then the old structure transformed into a small
Savannah, Georgia, USA. gallery space. At the end of the path, the visitor can see the
entrance to the proposed new building that lies on a section
This project called for the design of a new building that of the existing courtyard. The remaining section lies between
would host all the facilities of the Architectural Department of the structures. It serves as a link and access strip between the
the Savannah College of Art and Design. Despite the use of school’s dormitories and unto the rest of the campus.
the same site, there were lesser restrictions in the program. Due to the repetitive nature of the paths along the
The sheds could now be demolished, and the green common sheds, it was concluded that the design of the proposed
area could be eliminated. structure needed to be modular, which worked well with the
The first step in the design process was a geometrical required spaces.
analysis of the site from which lines were drawn from one This first large-scale project took an urban design
point to another. The study was done from an urban design direction, a field that will be further explored. The design
perspective. The analysis revealed the relationship between process was refined with experimentation of use of layering
openings of both facades of the sheds. An angle was discovered, of sketches and floor plans, resulting in a more dynamic and
from which paths were derived. These paths allowed access thorough design.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

Understanding and developing the program

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

hacienda casa doble

lake curdory, indiana
Project: Casa= House, Hacienda = traditional farm,
Doble = double,
Date: Winter 2003, between those become a screening process in which only few
Site: Curdory Lake, Indiana, USA. reach the end, which encompasses the private spaces. The
spaces are not the element to explore, but the transitions or
As you start your journey through the magnificent landscapes circulations from one to the other.
of Latin America, you will encounter Haciendas, houses that In the pursuit of sustainable architecture, designers tend to
have been in local families for years. They were built by our create a complex language where sustainable elements are
ancestors and then passed from generation to generation. either additions or simply placed onto the architecture. Few
They vary in size, color, and shape, but not in function. are successful in an organic and pleasant implementation. In
Their thick walls and foundations serve as a base for the this house, rainwater is collected by four main water columns
continuation of traditions. It serves as a place where families located in the first point of transition. More water columns
gather, however, private time is treasured even more. stand in between those creating a Trombe wall. Facing south,
The project presents a visually fragmented house that this Trombe wall releases heat or cools the space depending
results from its functional spaces. The design process on the season and time of day. Photo-voltaic cells were
lead to the creation of three sections to define the evolution implemented as well. Through the house well placed windows
from public to semi-public and finally to private. The transition allow cross ventilation.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

african art museum

savannah, georgia
Project: Museum of African Art
Date: Spring 2003, The two dimensional design took an early step to three-
Site: Martin Luther King Boulevard, Savannah, Georgia, USA. dimensional analysis as the path of evolution was the key
element to be developed. This step produced positive results
Evolution is timed growth. A natural growth that occurs in in the dynamic path that imitates the creation, birth, and
a natural or artificial manner in a given timeframe. It is a growth of the human being, hence, evolution of humankind.
marked progression. The project presents a marked progression that is still
This project proposes the study of African culture in an directly linked to its origin because if it becomes different
evolutionary process, where Africa was the center of Earth, from that first one, then it is no longer an evolution process,
from which the rest of the world and civilization developed. but what can be called a transformation. The intention is
History tells us that it was in Africa were life (human, vegetable not to depict the stages of this evolution (portrayed by each
and animal) started. individual building) but to experience the transition between
The program calls for four separate gallery spaces: Metals those. The result mimics an African community with
and Jewelry, Painting, Sculpture and Textiles. Administration, green areas as its heart.
storage, classrooms and an auditorium, are required as well Located in a critical site between two conflicting areas, the
among others. It was at this stage when it was decided to proposed program aims to present a large common green
design four separate structures where each would host its area where the visitors would interact and once there enjoy
own exhibition, where the façade and structure of the building and experience the museum. The process was very rewarding
would reveal which exhibition it held. as it made the design resolve itself.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Johnson & Associates Architects]

johnson & associates architecture inc.

bluffton, south carolina
three bedroom house
palmetto bluff
bluffton, south carolina Rendering created by Sottile & Sottile

Upon college graduation, I was given the opportunity until construction documents.
to join Johnson & Associates Architects Inc. (JAA), a small The three bedroom cottage was designed for
architecture firm in Bluffton, South Carolina. The firm Palmetto Bluff, a new fast growing community in Bluffton,
specializes in residential design and is widely known by South Carolina. It has become very popular and one of the
its designs and awards. The projects are developed all the most distinguished in the county.
way from schematic design until construction. There is For this particular project, I was involved in the
always a constant communication with the client in order to schematic design and design development. It was submitted
understand and be able to satisfy their needs in the design of for review by the corresponding Architectural Review Board.
their homes. Because the house was designed for a realtor and not a
At JAA, I had the opportunity to participate in different client, the design was more open and flexible. It was a very
stages of different projects including from schematic design, interesting and challenging project.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Grupo Roble]

san josé, costa rica

grupo roble
grupo roble internacional
jw marriott, hacienda pinilla
Grupo Roble is widely known for the construction of to the exclusive rooms. The chosen style is the traditional
the Intercontinental Hotels in Central America and Miami. With Hacienda in Guanacaste. This will give the experience a sense
this experience, and a new challenge in mind, in 2006 the of tradition and history that the tourists are always looking for.
design of a beach resort was started. The chosen hotel brand The project was completed on September 2008 and
for this challenge was the JW Marriott, the highest ranking of handed to operation for its grand opening on December of
the Marriott hotel brand. Paul Duesing and Partners, Zurcher that same year. For this project, I was assigned the guest
Architects, where some of the chosen Consultants. rooms which entailed revising the Construction Documents,
The schematic design, design development and site inspection, punch lists, receiving the construction from
construction documents were done by Zurcher Architects with the Construction company and then handed it to the Hotel
guidance of the architecture department of Grupo Roble. As Management. Along with this, came other responsibilities as
the owners and builders of the project, we were involved in part of team effort to get the project done in the best possible
the design process, coordination with all the disciplines and manner.
receiving Marriott approval for construction and operations.
The hotel has 310 rooms, a SPA and three specialty
restaurants. The chosen location is in the Pacific Coast, in
Guanacaste in a closed community called Hacienda Pinilla.
The magnificent ocean and mountain views are an addition
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Grupo Roble]

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Gensler, Costa Rica]

san josé, costa rica


citi branch and offices

port au prince, haiti
After the earthquake of 2010, Haiti´s infrastructure teams capabilities where challenged in order to create this
was greatly affected along with buildings and house. Among free-standing building with the Countries´s materials and
those, was the Citi Headquarters which called for a new one those that could be imported from Dominican Republic. I was
to be built. fortunate to participate in this project during the schematic
Although Citi, as an international Company has design, design development, construction documents and
design standards, this time, the challenge was to uphold beginning of the bidding process.
those standards in a country where the construction process Designing for conditions such as those being lived in
and operations had to happen with little dependence on Haiti, created a conscious idea of all the available resources
public services, such as potable water and electricity. It was in our countries and how sometimes, we forget about those
also important for the Client to have a LEED Certified project. and do not challenge the design ideas in order to make the
The design process was a creative one, where the projects as sustainable and efficient as possible.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Sector Inmobiliario]

sector inmobiliario
san josé, costa rica
distrito cuatro
san josé, costa rica
Distrito Cuatro is a mix-used project located in a story - residential buildings with underground parking. The
prominent residential area in San José, called Escazú. It apartments range from 60 m2 to 250 m2.
was design by Zurcher Arquitectos and developed by GTU. As At the heart of the residential area, is the common
part of the team from Sector Inmobiliario, my responsabilities area that contains a space for gatherings, a recreational and
where to oversee the design process, construction documents a lap pool. There is also a gym and a covered independent
and constrution from the Owner perspective. space for yoga.
The project is divided into two main spaces: public The project was originally conceived to be
and private, with a connection between them. The public constructed by phases in a period of five years. However, due
space is defined by the commercial area, an office building to the residential demand, the project had to be finished in
and one side of an apartment building. A true experience of two years.
The private space has a separate vehicular
access on a secondary street. It is composed of six, five
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Sector Inmobiliario]

Professional photographs by GTU

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Cuestamoras Urbanismo]

santa verde
heredia, costa rica
Santa Verde is a mixed used project in Heredia, Costa This building is unique in the site due to a convenience store
Rica. The project comes to revolutionize the residential market that faces the plaza, which has been conceived as a local
in Costa Rica where gated communities are in demand due market that can provide organic products, prepared foods,

cuestamoras urbanismo
to security reasons. Santa Verde provides a community space delicatessen and every day needs.
without any internal roads, ample green space, common A dog park, children´s playground and small park
areas for gathering and events all inside a beautiful lot with space is located to the east of the plaza at two higher levels.
magnificent views. This allows for magnificent views and creation of smaller
In a ten hectare project, Santa Verde is planned to be intimate spaces that are customary in cities around the world.

san josé, costa rica

developed in five phases. These five phases are consecutive The change in scale of public spaces is what helps facilitate
and happen from west to east, being the first one the heart of different experiences and create unique experiences to the
the project. Each phase has its character and specific program visitors.
with a large residential component and can be complemented What makes this project innovative is that all parking
with retail and public spaces. The Designer created a is located in underground which allows to have more gathering
master plan that responds to the site topography and height spaces without the concern of crossway and vehicular
limitations. circulation. This concept was developed by an International
A large section of phase one, is currently under Architect and carried out by OPB, a Costa Rican Architectural
development. This phase contains the main plaza which is Design firm.
the heart of the project. A plaza conceived as a space for The International Designer Architect, presented us
gathering, play and public events. It has a large green space with this innovative master plan where the residents where
and an interactive fountain. This main plaza is bordered on immersed in the commercial spaces and no gates around
the south by Cedro and north by Higuerón. Both are residential the property. A community space where cars where excluded
buildings with underground parking and retail on the first two and the pedestrian is the priority. This design component
plaza levels. proved to be challenging as it was important to separate the
Cedro and Higuerón are escalating buildings that visitors and residents parking and circulation, allow for the
respond to the wind conditions that affect the site. These structural design of the residential program above and the site
buildings provide apartments ranging from 40 to 90 square topography.
meters. The rooftops of both buildings provide magnificent Although the challenges of the project where mostly
views at the amenities spaces. The amenities provided for technical and resolved by the Consultants, it was interesting
the residential spaces (located in different spaces) are BBQ to participate in the conceptualization process with the Sales
spaces, fire pit, laundry lockers, herb garden and object library and Marketing department who provided a requirements for
among others. each apartment type in order to make each product unique of
On the west side of the plaza is the Verdería Building its kind.
which has retail on the first level and two levels of office spaces.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Cuestamoras Urbanismo]

Renderings property of Cuestamoras Urbanismo S.A. Created by Voxel C.G.

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [Cuestamoras Urbanismo]

heredia, costa rica
Oxígeno is the first Human Playground, an innovative kinds of sports and health. This area contains specialized retail logistics items that must be considered. Security and vehicular
project that brings together a commercial, residential, office and for outdoors, sports and health, access are some of the elements that can have an impact on the
entertainment elements in a twelve hectare lot. “Feel” is conceived as the space for fashion retailers and a experience of the visit that is often neglected.
The design process of this unique project called only for common space for runways and other fashion events, The project underwent a series of revisions and design
an innovative way of thinking that came about in the creation of “Be” is the three story children’s space with a large interactive process from Consultants of different fields, which together have
a new design thinking process to create the project identity and element where children can learn and explore. It contains come to create innovative design elements. All the Consultants
project charter. All of these created the essence of the project. specialized retail for children and family, along with cafés. were challenged to create flexible spaces that can transcend time
This new process came about with the work of some creative All these spaces are joined by a cohesive experience of and technology in this ever changing world. It is important to note
professionals in different fields. All of these later translated into space that is brought together by the experience of entertainment. that the project is currently being studied to apply as many as
the parti of the Architectural Program. An element missing from the day to day of the city life that is possible sustainable elements.
The project was designed by the creative professionals of keeping us busy and unable to take a deep breath of Oxígeno and My participation in the creation of this new product has
Jerde Partnership. Their focus on human scale and the perception simply be, feel or live. caused a change in my thought process and finding new and
of space is what makes this project magical and a discovery of The building has a green ramp and rooftop designed to different ways to express ideas and explore new concepts. It has
spaces. host different activities. All this greenery is complemented by a been about teamwork, exploring old and new tendencies and a
The first phase, with 40,000 m2 of retail is divided into park on the north, and running trail along the perimeter of the more in depth analysis of human dimension and perception of
four unique spaces: property. The project strives to create a series of unique spaces space. A learning experience which is still underway.
“Live” is a two story space surrounded by restaurants and the TV for different activities. A place to live new experiences and create
studio. This space is where the main events will take place, memories. A Human Playground.
“Breathe” is also known as the adrenaline space. It has a plaza From an Operations standpoint, the design of this project
that contains a climbing wall and space for events focused on all has been challenging as the Entertainment element calls for some


entendiendo y desarrollando
el programa feel.
Renderings property of Cuestamoras Urbanismo S.A. Created by Jerde Partnership
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

savannah college of art and design

m.a. design management

savannah, georgia

design management skills

A successful design management not only
orchestrates a project team, but is able to correctly express
ideas, prototype and document a process. These actions
require understanding several methods and knowing the
correct tool to apply. Throughout the masters in design
management, I learned some of these tools that will
accompany me throughout my professional career.
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

Sketches need to be quick, simple, but correctly convey an idea
or emotion. These series of quick sketches became an explora-
tion of identifying the correct amount of lines needed.
[Ana Ardón] [Stick Figures] [Ana Ardón] [Stick Figures] [Ana Ardón] [Stick Figures]

6 [AA] 7 [AA] 8 [AA]

[Ana Ardón
[Tool Portfolio]
Handles - Redesign] [Tool Handles -[SCAD]

The sketches where done with the whisk in different directions, Design Criteria During the sketching process, some questions came to mind: Opportunities for Improvement
this is, with the balloon looking up, looking down and horizontal. • Adaptable design, • Can I draw inspiration or adapt the design of a handle • Allow for different hand grips,
Analyzing new
It is always good to look atideas
things from different views. • Support for fingers, from another utensil?, • Ergonomic grip.

Upon conducting research for the development of a new idea, • Allow for multiple hand grips. • Does the handle need to be parallel to the balloon as it
a Opportunities for Improvement
series of sketches need to be carried out. This is then ana- currently is?, Design Criteria
lyzed for•identification of strengths and weaknesses of each idea
Thinner handle, • Can the motion of the whisk happen without the stability • Comfortable grip,
which are then joined to create prototypes.
• Ergonomic grip. of the fingers? This is, should the handle provide a sys- • Durable design,
tem where it encircles the hand so that the motion of the • Inspiration from other utensils.
whisk can be performed by the motion of the hand/arm
without using the fingers?.

34 [AA] [AA]
41 35
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

Developing prototypes allow for further exploration and valida-
tion of an idea, moreover, it leads to the discovery of new ones.

[Tool Handles - Testing] [Tool Handles - Testing] [Tool Handles - Testing]

Prototype 1 Prototype 2 Prototype 3

Final prototype analysis Final prototype analysis Final prototype analysis
One of the goals of the new design was to accommodate as Tool performance: This tool showed two different hand grips during the tests. This Tool performance: This tool showed two different hand grips during the tests. This Tool performance:
many hand grips as possible. Since the user chooses their hand means that there is room for improvement. means that there is room for improvement.
grips, their last one was the one considered for the evaluation
of this aspect of the design. This tool in particular showed three There are some aspects of the handle design that could be im- There are some aspects of the handle design that could be im-
which is a positive result. Hand grip 1 & modified proved, which are the ones shown on the images on the left proved, which are the ones shown on the images on the left
(design performance). (design performance).
Hand grip 1
There are some aspects of the handle design that could be im- Hand grip 1 modified

proved, which are the ones shown on the images on the left Opportunities for Improvement: Opportunities for Improvement:
(design performance). • Wider support bands, • Rigidity of handle material,
• Thinner and shorter handle, • Soft malleable connector,
Opportunities for Improvement: Hand grip 3 • Ergonomic top support piece. • Thinner and shorter handle,
• Material on support piece, • Revise the top of the handle.
Hand grip 3
• Thinner handle, Design Criteria: Hand grip 3
• Ergonomic top support piece. • The handle needs to consider different hand grips and Design Criteria:
hand sizes. • The handle needs to consider different hand grips and
Design Criteria: hand sizes.
• The handle needs to consider different hand grips and Hand grip 4
hand sizes.
Design performance

Design performance Design performance

Thinner and shorter handle More rigid material that can mold to the hand for Thinner and shorter handle
Thinner handle
longer time
The shape of the top support should be softer and
Both support pieces need to be large as shown in The shape of the top support should be more ergonomic. It needs to accommodate for dif-
the image to allow for finger support in different hand softer and more ergonomic. It needs to Design a soft malleable connection point Consider having the last section of the han-
Wider support bands ferent hand grips and hand sizes
grips. These should be made from a softer but yet accommodate for different hand grips with balloon whisk dle without a rigid material so that more hand
anti-slip material (always keeping in mind it should be and hand sizes grips could be used
dishwasher safe)

Design support for upper

handle part

56 [AA] [AA] 57 58 [AA]

[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

“20- 50 liters
of water per day to
ensure that people’s

needs for drinking,
cooking, and
Infographics cleaning are met”
7.5 billion Do not have access to
Converting research information into graphics allows for a clear-
world population suitable drinking water
er and stronger presentation.
This causes people to consume contaminated water, causing:

1.5million 80%
Deaths yearly Women and children Illnesses
are the most affected in developing countries

Clean Water Deficit

[Ana Ardón] [Sketchbook Part 3 - Clean Water Deficit]

[Sketchbook Part 3 - Clean Water Deficit]

Where is the 30.1% 69%

Ground water
water in Ground ice
and permafrost
the world? 1.2%
Surface /
2.5% other
Freshwater freshwater
Glaciers and 20.9%
Ice Caps Lakes
0.9% 3.8%
Rivers and
Other Saline Soil moisture
living things

2.6% 3.0%

Swamps, Atmosphere
96.5% marshes

cubic kilometers
Estimated usable fresh water on Earth

How can we reduce this?

$1 Solar water low cost method of
$4 - $12 purifying water
Investment disinfection
For local
economy 17 [AA]
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

Scope & responsibility Approval time decreases

increases as the as the process continues
process continues


weave Undefined process Conceptual Schematic Design Construction

platform for real estate developers

(stage when the project inception process is
carried out by real estate developers)
Design Design Development Documents
Feasibility analysis
Pre-conceptual design

for the project inception process

Client involvement decreases
Definition of project as the process continues
Design process
Definition of business strategy

Today, in modern times, Architecture is a profession that The uniqueness of each real estate developer is what defines
is practiced widely throughout the world. Each country has their relationships with the externally engaged Architects. Unclear and not defined phases nor Clearly defined phase
deliverables by AIA & deliverables by AIA
its regulations and frameworks, and Architects practice in Currently, in most projects, there are no clearly defined goals

Design Process
their own unique way within those. There are small and large nor a continuous communication between both parties.
Unknown Architectural Design Process Project Design Process
firms; local and international organizations; and some that Therefore, phases are repeated, and information is missing, Architect leads the design process and guides the
Sometimes includes feasibility study,
specialize within a chosen industry. In the same manner, causing the projects to exceed the previously stipulated pre-conceptual and consultants and client through it

there are diverse types of clients: governments in the need budget and time that were the essence of the initial business conceptual design phase

of a new facility, families wanting to build a new home and strategy. Hence the importance of setting parameters within
real estate developers looking to add a new project to their that relationship and define the required information to be Schematic Design Construction Bidding
design development or negotiation Construction
portfolio. All these clients and architects build distinct types shared to guarantee the success of the project.
of relationships among themselves as clients require a

Development Process
specific degree of attention either in the design approach The focus of this project was to determine how Design Undefined start of Contractual start of
involvement of Architect involvement of Architect
or contract negotiations; hence the architectural service Management methods could be applied to the approach of

Real Estate
industry is constantly custom tailoring their services. project inception process between the architectural service Project Definition Project Design Process
Project definition and development of Architect leads the design process and guides
industry and real estate developers in order to include the business strategy the consultants and client through it
Real estate developers are unique. Each has their own business strategy. The process developed through a series
“recipe” that makes for a unique project portfolio. These of explorations to development of the final product: Weave. Unclear and not defined phases involvement Clearly defined relationship between architects and
between architects and real estate developers real estate developers in AIA contractual form
differences range from scale and type of projects; strategic Weave is a family of products designed to guide the real
business decision to develop or not an internal architectural estate developer during the project inception process from
department, to their unique process of interdisciplinary different perspectives. Area of opportunity
collaboration There is a business need to provide services
and further define this stage
[Ana Ardón Portfolio] [SCAD]

ana ardón
architectural portfolio