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The Last Chapter:

Harry Potter and Lord voldemort

Scene 1:
In Corridors
Harry : come on Ron, harmonie, don’t til too late go to hogwart or Dumbledore will
blame to us!
Ron : all right harry just keep moving
Harmonie : wait for me guys
Malfoy : hay potter, you really slow, you and your fool friends won’t get
school on time
Ron : what your business malfoy? Just leave us!
Harmonie : yeah just stay away you the arrogant shyltherine
Malfoy : you the poor girl and you the stupid boy don’t try to mock me.
You just a little rat.
Ron : you far too much malfoy. Don’t try it again or I’ll tag your picture in
the facebook.
Harry : what kind of picture ron?
Ron : a picture when he pants.,.wkkwkwkww
Harmone : let me see ron
All laughing
Malfoy : you mocking me ron! Should I tell them about the real you ron?
Ron : what do you mean malfoy?! Don’t try that!
Malfoy : hhahahaha tell them ron! I’m sure they will leave you if they know all
about you. I’m sure! And see you again Mr. Potter
Harry : what’s the matter ron? Is there something you hide from us?
Harmonie : yeah ron just tell us. We all like brother now. Don’t hide something
from us!
Ron : harry, harmonie, actually I’m a woman
Harry&harmonie : oh my good,.
Ron : I am scare to tell this because I’m afraid you will leave me.
Harmonie : take an easy ron, even like that we wont leave you. We are more like
Harry : yeah ron. Don’t guilty yourself. Actually I’m having a secret too that I
haven’t told to you.
Ron : what is that harry?
Harry : guys, actually previously, I’m a homosexual
Ron&harmonie : oh my good,..
Harry : moreover, I’ have ever kissed a man
Ron : wow, that’s dirty harry
Harmonie : yak!
Harmonie : guys, actually I have something to tell you too.
Harry : so. There’s so many secret here,.
Harmonie :Actually I’m a man. I had a sexual operation
Ron : that’s really unbelievable guys.
Haryy : yeah, it was so unbelievable. so ron, don’t guilty yourself. We all have secret
Ron : all right guys. I love u all. So just let’s go to hogwart!

Scene 2:
Under the bride
Voldemort : harry potter! It’s far too much. You are too disturbing me in rule the
wizard world. I must kill you soon harry
The Last Chapter:
Harry Potter and Lord voldemort
Miranda : take an easy. Harry potter is not more than a little rat. I have some
way to beat him
Voldemort : I trust u mother. Hahahahhaaha

Scene 3:
In the backyard of school
Harry : hey guys. Do you know about the general elections in our country?
Ron : yeah, I heard that general elections yesterday is to choose the legislative
Harmonie : yeah, I heard that the winner is hold by gerindra party, the second is
democrat Indonesia party, the third is golkar, and the forth is PKS
Harry : yeah the general elections in Indonesia is more and more confuse. Moreover
in the general elections yesterday I didn’t choose for the DPD daerah.
Harmonie : oh that regrettably harry! You should choose wisely because your
vote is very valuable
Ron : just taken easy harry still there more one general election. To choose the
president. Make sure you choose wisely
Harry : do you know about the coalition of the next president candidate?
Harmonie : as I know, I heard the rumor that SBY coalition with gerindra
Ron : yeah that’s right and megawati coalition prabowo and jusuf kalla coalition
with wiranto
Harry : hmm,. I’m getting confuse which should I choose?!
Harmonie : just choose like your heart voice harry

Voldemort : hallow harry potter. It’s been a long time since last episode I didn’t
see your face
Harry : look out guys. He is a dangerous man.
Ron : who is he harry?
Harry : he is the “you know who”?!
Harmonie : so he is the lord voldemort
Voldemort : yes 100% you are right beibz. I’m the lord voldemort. The strongest
wizard in this world! Challenge me, No one can beat me!
Harry : what are you doing here voldemort?
Voldemort : I’m here to see you harry. Hahaha just kidding, off course not! I’m
here to kill you harry potter
Ron : what a big surprise harry?!
Harry : are you insane? He wants to kill me, Will you just let it happened?!
Voldemort : you and your friend is nothing for me. It’s been a long time since I
wait this day. This day we battle Harry Potter.
Harry : watch out guys. I suggest you move back. Just go home and enjoy the TV. It
will be a hard battle I think!
Voldemort : so, just let’s begin Harry.
Harry : I’m ready voldemort.
& Harry : Exorcimus!
Harry : Wingardium Leviousa!

Voldemort HIT!
The Last Chapter:
Harry Potter and Lord voldemort
Harry : it’s the end voldemort. You you have lost.!
Voldemort : it’s no way. It’s not over Harry.
Harry : take an easy voldemort. It won’t hurt. I will kill you no mercy like you kill my
mother and my father.
Voldemort : that’s sound great harry, I was very enjoyed it.
Harry : Damn you voldemort. Dead!

Miranda coming and shoot harry eyes

Harry : oh no what’s this? No I can’t see. I’m blind. Hey-hey what are you doing?
Miranda : hai Harry… how about my spell, is that good?
Harry : what are you doing whit my eyes?
Miranda : haaa…. I sprayed a poison to your eyes. To care it you must kill or win
fight against me or voldemort.
Miranda : harry, I have waited so long to this day. I hide under me bride just to
wait a good time to kill you.
Harry : why do you want to kill me?? Why do you hate me?? What’s you relationship
with voldemort??
Miranda : I will tell you all now harry, as a price before you dead. Do you want
to know why I’m so hate you? You want? I’ll tell you all. In that night, it
was raining, I’m studying and trapped rain to go home. I was scared,
fortunately there was your father harry accompany me in that night, it
was getting night and our conversation getting hot. And your father
begin to flirt me, actually I know that he has a wife, but I can’t hold out
and, it’s happening,.
So harry, that’s why I really hat your family, actually I was who killed your
parent,. hahahahahh
Harry : no way, I don’t believe that, no way my father do that, moreover so
voldemort is?
Miranda : yes, he is your step brother!
Harry : no way, it’s impossible I have an ugly brother like that!
Miranda : enough harry, you much talk, I will kill you now,. Take this,.

Dumbledore coming and shoot Miranda stick

Dumbledore : eksoftlalamus,.
Miranda : bah,. You?!
Dumbledore : it’s been a long time since I didn’t see your face. I think you were
killed. Why you become like this Miranda?
Miranda : master I’m sorry but I can’t stand with this shame. I was pregnant
without a husband for my son. I run, and now I’m back for revenge to
the last generation potter family
Dumbledore : you fool Miranda it’s no use!
Miranda : you don’t know about my feeling master. Harry, maybe next your
death time. See you harry,. Lets go my son
Harry : no way,..!

Scene 4:
In the garden of school, harry is plunging in thought
Dumbledore : what’s wrong harry?
The Last Chapter:
Harry Potter and Lord voldemort
Harry : master, I’m no use now, I’m no more than a little rat, I’m blind, even that I
can’t now catch a mosquito. How I can defeat voldemort? How I can’t
protect my friend
Dumbledore : take an easy harry. You still our pride!
Harry : master,.
Ron : harry look it’s you bird!
Harry : where ron?
Harmonie : it’s harry, it’s hold some kind a letter
Harry : give it to me harmonie!
Ron : what it is said harry?from who?
Harry : it is from,.it’s from! I blind I can’t see, can you read it for me plizzz
Harmonie : let me harry.
Harry : read it loud harmonie!

Dear Harry Potter




Harry : I’m ready voldemort, challenge me

Ron : take an easy harry. We are there to help you. So don’t command us
to run again!
Harmonie : that’s right harry. One for all and all for one!
Dumbledore : ha good job kid. I’m counting on you.

Scene 5:
At voldemort’s home

Voldemort : why I’m lose mother. Why?

Miranda : you are still weak! But take an easy, I will behind you, we must be
Voldemort : how can you strong like that mother?
Miranda : it cause I have this book!
Voldemort : what book mother?
Miranda : this one
Voldemort : wow, medical surgical nursing. I think that’s great. It looks like there a
great power inside, I can feel that
Miranda : yes I have mastered this book. So I can do many spell!
Voldemort : so if have that book I can defeat harry potter?
Miranda : yes,.
Voldemort ; then give it to me mother!

voldemort shoot Miranda

Miranda dead!
The Last Chapter:
Harry Potter and Lord voldemort

Voldemort : ahahahahha,.so let’s see, wow there so many spell. I think I like this
one. Spell to clean pub, destruction spell, “WASH OUT”!
Then voldemort try it
Voldemort : wash out
Voldemort :haaaaaa it’s really a god spell. I will win harry! Challenge me!

Last scene
At ring bridge
Ron guide Miranda with hold his hand
Voldemort is waiting while he look at his watch for many times
Voldemort : it’s too long harry potter!
Harry : ron Miranda has arrived?
Ron : yes harry. He is in front of you!
Vodlemort : why do you late harry? Do you know I’m waited here three hours?!
Harry : I’m sorry voldemotr. It’s crowded on the road. Instead my bus the fuel is
empty. So it’s break down. I’m sorry!
Voldemort : that’s fine! But by the way, where is your other friends?
Ron : she get cold last night, she was sick!
Voldemort : huh, what a loser!
Harry : shut up your mouth, just let’s begin!
Voldemort : wash out!

Ron shield harry and hit by voldemort

Harry : ron, are you okay?

Ron : uuuhh, I’m hit but wait, I’m okay, but wait a minute. Uh my stomach is
conctraction. Ahh sorry harry I have to go to toilet, bye, good luck
Harry : what’s spell is that? what are you doing with my friend?
Voldemort : it’s spell to elect someone stomach, so I’m sure now your friend is
getting pain in the toilet!
Harry : ah, you dirty voldemort, but take an easy even there is no friend I’m still can
win with my heart eyes, so let’s just begin voldemort!
Voldemort : all right!
Voldemort : wash out!
Harry : exorcimus!

Vlodemort HIT!

Voldemort : oh no, again!

Harry : it’s the second time, you have lost again. And my eyes is back!
Voldemort : no way, I should win! no one can beat me!
Harry : fool, don’t much talk. I’ll kill you now,
Harry : but, I can’t! why are you wicked like this vodemort?
Voldemort : I don’t know? As I know, I’m so hate you!
Harry : why do we must fight like this? Why don’t we live in a family like other
brother, an happy family, live in peace, like the other family, so there
will be peace in the world!
Voldemort : are you sure?
The Last Chapter:
Harry Potter and Lord voldemort
Harry : yeah I’m sure, so would u brother?

Harry hold voldemort hand, then hug each other