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Section 3: Skills & Feats

Well here are a few new skills. These skills are exclusive only for the Martial Warrior. Monks
however can take the skills as cross class skills. I’ve also provided the Epic uses of these skills.

Hide Power (Wis)

You’ve learned how to hide your power level and various other aspects of your self from others.
Check: A Hide Power check is used to oppose a Sense power check, or to try and oppose some one
Scrying or even spells like detect alignment or spells that might detect your level, class, and powers.
This is a simple skill vs. skill check. The higher skill check wins. If the Hide skill check succeeds then
the person trying to learn about the character can not garner anything about them including where they
are at. If they fail then the person learns that not only has the character been trying to hide themselves
and they learn what it is they wanted to. The skill can be used at any time and maintained fairly easily,
although powering up and using any powers will instantly negate the characters ability to hide their
Retry: Once you’re busted that’s that. You can’t fool the same person twice either. Once they know
you are holding back, or are hiding your true powers then you can’t do it again.
Special: Martial Warriors get this as part of their class skills. Monks can select it as cross class skill.

Epic Hide Power (Wis)

This skill is unchanged in its use in Epic Levels.

Sense Power (Wis)

You can sense the power of those around you and even at great distances.
Check: A Sense Power skill check used when trying to determine an opponents power level if they have
one or to sense just how powerful an opponent is. This is often also used in conjunction with the Instant
Transmission power to teleport to a spot where a known person is or where a strong power resides.
Only persons with the Hide Power skill can keep their power level hidden. Additionally those with
spells and wards that protect against detection, including hiding the person’s level and class, can also be
sensed if the character can make the skill check to do so. Two skill checks are made though. The first is
to determine if they can sense anything, this is opposed by either the targets Hide Power check, or the
level of the spell, plus the characters Wisdom modifier, +10. The below chart determines what the
character can sense after they make the second skill check. This skill can also be used in the place of a
Spot check to find a person who is hiding, or it can be used with it. You can also try to determine a
persons Battle Potential, take the characters level and divide it by 8 (round up); now if the number is not
a negative number add that many number of zeros to the end of the characters power level. If the
number is a negative number or goes into the decimals it is ignored. If a character does not have a
power level, use the rules for determine a character’s base power level, if the character can cast spells or
use psionic powers they gain a +10 to their base power level for every spell/psionic power level that they
have access to. So if a Sorcerer has a Con of 12, and a Wisdom of 16, they would have a base Power
level of 56, they are level 20 and can cast level 9 spells, their over all effective power level would be
146, and would have a Battle Potential rating of 14,600.

Skill Roll Description

10-14 You can sense something about the individual, but nothing specific. If they’re near by
like with in 40ft of you, you can sense them, but nothing specific like their exact
15-19 You can determine the characters primary class, and if they have it their power up. You
can also sense people up to 1 mile away if you focus. Individual close by can not hide
from you either, but you narrow down the persons position to being with in 20ft of you
if they are hiding. If used with a spot check this provides a +2 to the check.
20-24 You can determine the targets other classes as well as the targets over all level. You can
also determine the characters power level if they have one. You can not however
determine the levels at which a spell caster can cast their spells, nor can you sense the
power points of a psychic character. Also the bonus to finding hidden characters
increases to a +4. Also you can narrow down a person’s position to with in 10ft of you.
Additionally you can sense people up to 5 miles away from you.
25+ You can sense just about anything you want to from the target. You can determine the
highest level of spells that a magic user can cast, you know how many power points that
a Psychic character has and the level of their powers. You can also determine the exact
position of anyone near you. Lastly you can sense people up to 10 miles away from
you. (You can try and sense people even further out than this but the DC increases by 5
for every additional 5 miles.)

Retry: You can retry the skill check once every minute. Once you have sensed an individuals power
level and anything else about them they can not hide their true powers from you again. You can try to
get a better impression of the person however.
Special: Martial Warriors get this as part of their class skills. Monks can select it as cross class skill.

Epic Sense Power (Wis)

You can sense a person’s power level from incredible distances, even from clear across the globe.

Skill Roll Description

30-40 You can sense individuals up to 20 miles away. You can determine the true alignment of
the target as well.
41-50 You can sense individuals up to 40 miles away. You can determine what the targets
ability scores are.
51-60 You can sense individuals up to 80 miles away. You can determine if a target has any
magic items on them and how many.
61-70 You can sense individuals up to 160 miles away. You can determine what a targets AC
71-80 You can sense individuals up to 320 miles away. You can determine if a target has any
magical enchantments placed upon them, permanent or other wise.
81-90 You can sense individuals up to 640 miles away. You can determine if a target is from a
different plane and which plane it is.
91+ You can sense any individual on the planet if you so desire, you can also sense beings in
other planes at this point as well. You can determine anything about the target desire,
including what they had for breakfast.

The martial warrior can use the bluff skill in conjunction with their powers to a degree. They can
attempt to fool their opponents into moving or reacting in a way they want.
Check: A bluff check like this is against an opponents sense power check, or even a sense motive check
for those with out the sense power skill. The bluff check is against the opponents skill check. However
those using the sense motive check are at a -6 to their check.

The martial warrior, much like a sorcerer or wizard, or a cleric must make a concentration check when
using the more “heftier” energy attacks, ones that take a full round action to fire off.
Check: The DC for these checks are 10+ the damage dealt if physical, or + the number of dice in
damage the attack does if a spell or power.

Here are some new feats specifically for the martial warrior, and the Saiyan & Namekkian races.
Additionally, I’ve provided Epic feats as well which will follow the normal feats.

Strong Ki [Ki]
Your ki is much stronger than normal.
Benefit: You gain a +4 to your ki points.
Special: A character may gain this feat multiple times.

Burn-Out [Ki]
You can sacrifice your health for more energy.
Benefit: You can burn HP at a rate of 1 for 1 ki point. This is a dangerous tactic to use as it can quickly
kill a character. HP loss in this way is considered subdual damage and is regained normally. This HP
loss will not kill the character unless they use enough HP to drop them below their Constitution score or

Saiyan Rage [Saiyan Only]

The Saiyans are known for their tempers, but yours is unique.
Prerequisite: Must be a Saiyan, or Half Saiyan.
Benefit: The Saiyan can enter into a blinding furry like a barbarian. This Saiyan rage is only usable
once a day and is brought on by moments of intense anger, like seeing a friend hurt or killed, or
willingness to overcome a virtually unstoppable opponent. This feat can be used only once per day. It
provides the Saiyan with a +4 to strength, and constitution, +2 to Will saves, -2 to their AC, and an
instant extra 5% increase in the characters power level for use for a number of rounds equal to the
characters Charisma Modifier +1 (no lower than 1). (These points act as an instant power up, on top of
any powering up that the character has already done or will do. The bonus goes away after the time is
up. [Subtract 5% from the characters power level if they have spent the energy, if not then return the
character’s power level back to normal.])
Special: Once the rage has ended the Saiyan is not winded like how a barbarian is. The Saiyan can take
no actions except defending for 1 round as they regain their composure; however for that 1 round and
afterward until they can rest for an hour they are at a -4 to their AC. This can cancel out any bonuses for
being on the defensive, or on full defense.

Mystic Power [Namek Only]

You can focus your ki in such away that it allows you to hyperextend your arms out to incredible
lengths, allowing you to strike an opponent at a range or to engage them in a grapple from a range.
Additionally you can increase the bulk of your size to an extent allowing you to become stronger, and
too have strength remain boosted for a longer period of time.
Prerequisite: Must be a Namekkian.
Benefit: This feat allows a Namekkian to focus their ki in such a way that they can hyper extend their
arms out to incredible lengths at impressive speeds as well. The technically allows the Namekkian to
make ranged unarmed strikes, or they can even grapple, or grab something or someone from a distance.
A roll to hit is still needed but is for a ranged attack. Grappling is still normal only you may grapple at a
distance. If grappling you can choose to entangle your foe. Target gets to make a reflex save, (DC equal
to the characters adjusted base attack bonus, using the characters strength modifier rather than dexterity.
If they fail the check they are entangled and can not defend themselves, (Loss of Dex to AC and all that
other good stuff.) If they succeed in the save they not only escape being entangled, but the escape the
ranged grapple. The person must state at the beginning of a ranged grapple if they are wanting to try and
entangle the person. Grappling at a range does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the person
your attacking, but does form anyone else near by.

Limbs extend out and retract in 1 round, meaning that come the characters next turn their limbs
are still extended. Limbs automatically retract after 1 round, entangled targets remain entangled, but
they are up close to the Namek now. Once entangled the target can break free with a Strength check
only, (DC equal to the Namekkian’s strength +6 if using both limbs, or +3 if using only 1 limb.) If the
Namek is using only one limb to entangle a target the can make only 1 attack per round on the entangled
target with that free arm. The Namekkian however can only maintain their entanglement for a short
time. It costs the Namek 2 ki per limb extended (range is based upon the characters Speed +40), and
each round you wish to maintain a entanglement costs an additional 4 ki per limb used. (Also with the
attack of opportunity for entangling, it is only for the initial time that it is used against a target. After
that keeping a person entangled does not continue to provoke attacks of opportunity. Also you can use
an entangled person as a shield. Damage to you is reduced a bit in this way. While the target takes most
of the damage when used like this you still take some damage, damage is reduced by half, with the target
taking the higher number. Even if killed, the target can still be used as a shield, unless their body
becomes too shredded to be used as such.)

The character can also increase the bulk of their muscle mass while they are still medium sized.
Essentially when the Namek increases their Strength with ki, the effects last longer than usual. Boosted
Strength lasts 2 times longer than normal; however this only deals with boosting ones strength, not any
other ability scores.
Special: You may only make two attacks in a round when using you limbs like this. You can still make
an energy attack with this so long as it counts as a single action.

Point Blank Blast [Meta-Ki]

This feat is similar to the feat Point Blank Shot only this one deals with energy waves.
Prerequisite: Must have at least 1 level as a Martial Warrior, or be a Saiyan or a Namekkian.
Benefit: You can fire off your energy attacks at a point blank range. This feat is different from the Point
Blank Shot feat in that rather than gaining a +1 to hit and damage with the attack, instead the target is
denied their Dexterity bonus for that attack. The attack is basically considered a surprise attack. This
feat can be used any number of times in combat, but you must be with in melee combat to do this. This
feat allows you to use your ranged energy waves with out suffering from an attack of opportunity, but
you must be in melee combat to gain the benefits of this, other wise the rules are the same. Anywhere
else and you loose it.

Precise Blast [Meta-Ki]

This feat is exactly like the Precise Shot feat only again, dealing with energy waves.
Prerequisite: Must have at least 1 level as a Martial Warrior, or be a Saiyan or a Namekkian. And you
must have the Point Blank Blast feat.
Benefit: You can fire off an energy wave at an opponent that is engaged in melee with out suffering the
standard -4 to hit penalty. However energy waves can not have the Area Effect in them, they must be
able to affect one target or one target at a time. For example with an energy wave that affects multiple
targets through the Rapid Fire Effect you can fire off those shots at targets who are engaged in melee

Blast on the Run [Meta-Ki]

This feat is exactly like the Shot on the Run feat only dealing with energy waves.
Prerequisite: Point Blank Blast, Dex 13+, Dodge, Mobility.
Benefit: When using multiple attacks with the characters energy waves, the character can move both
before and after the attack, provided that their total distance moved is not greater than their speed. This
can only be done with energy waves that count as a single action, rather than a full round action.

Combat Focus [General]

You are adapt at focusing your ki for your powers while being attacked.
Benefit: Like combat casting, you gain a +4 bonus to concentration checks made to fire off an energy
wave or to use any other ki powers while in combat, or on the defensive.

Hearty Appetite [Saiyan Only]

Eating isn’t just a good thing for you, you regain some energy from eating food.
Prerequisite: Must be Saiyan, or Half Saiyan, Constitution 13+.
Benefit: Eating food isn’t just good for you; you can recover your energy as well. Problem is that you
need to eat your weight in food, luckily you don’t put on any weight, all that food turns to energy as
soon as your iron stomach gets it. Each time the character eats their weight in food they regain a
number of ki points equal to their Power Up, thus the character has enough energy to Power Up once.
But the character can only do this sort of thing a number of times a day equal to their base Constitution
Modifier (no magical adjustments). After all there are only a curtain number of times a day when you
can really gorge your self like that before you’re too full to eat for the rest of the day. On top of that it
can get really spendy to eat massive amounts of food like this. (A good meal will cost 5 silver pieces,
for a character to eat their weight take the cost of 1 meal and times it by the characters weight for the
cost in silver. Divide by 10 if you want to know the amount in gold. A 185lb. character would have to
pay 925 silver pieces or 92 gold pieces and 5 silver.) These acts also can only be done once every 4
hours, after all you need time to digest the food.

Kaioken Attack [Meta-Ki]

By sacrificing your health, you can increase your power and speed.
Prerequisite: Must have a Constitution of 16+, Power level 120+.
Benefit: At will the character can give themselves a drastic boost in
power, but at the sacrifice of health. In order to use this the character
must pay 6 HP per Kaioken level. When done a single Kaioken
gives the character a +1 to Listen, Spot, and Search checks, +5 to
Speed, and a +10 to their Power level. Each Kaioken level increases
this amount proportionately. So a Kaioken x2 would provide a +2 to
Listen, Spot, and Search checks, +10 to Speed, and a +20 to their
Power level, but at the cost of an additional 6 HP for a total of 12 HP
spent. With a Kaioken x3 they would see a +3 to Listen, Spot, and
Search checks, +15 to Speed, and a +30 to their Power level, but at the cost of an additional 6 HP for a
total of 18 HP spent. This continues on up to a max of a Kaioken x20. Additionally The Kaioken level
adds that many extra rounds that the Character’s Boost Physical Power ability remains active with out
spending more ki.
Special: The Kaioken attack remains active until the character powers down/rests, uses up all of their ki,
is rendered unconscious or killed, or voluntarily stops using it. The Kaioken attack is a sort of
transformation with out actually physically transforming. The Kaioken attack can not be used while a
character is in a transformed state such as a Super Saiyan. They must be in their normal form. The limit
that a character can go with the Kaioken attack is directly proportionate to their characters level to a max
of 20. The Kaioken does not change the number of times the character can power up in a single day
since it alters their power up rating as well. Lastly as a side effect, when the character’s aura becomes
visible through powering up it is a reddish color.

Namekkian Fusion [Meta-Ki]

You are able to have other Namek’s Fuse with you to increase your own
Prerequisite: Must be Namekkian, and at least be level 7, and have another
Namek willing to Fuse with you.
Benefit: The character can fuse with only 1 person per selection of this feat.
The Namekkian fusion is much different than other forms of fusion in that
it’s permanent. Additionally the fusion requires that the two parties doing so
must both be willing other wise it does not work. This technique essentially
kills one Namek so that another can become more powerful. The Namek
who has sacrificed themselves to increase the power of the other can never
be recovered even with a Wish or Miracle spell. The Namek absorbing the
other one may add a number of points equal to the absorbed Nameks Ability
Modifiers. Here is an Example: Piccolo is going to absorb Nail, another
Namek who was badly injured and will die but wishes to help Piccolo to
destroy the monster that did this to him. Piccolo allows nail to fuse with
him. Nail has the Following abilities: STR: 15, DEX: 17, CON: 18, INT:
13, WIS: 14, CHA: 13. Piccolo gains a permanent +2 to Strength, +3 to
Dexterity, +4 to Constitution, +1 to Intelligence, +2 to Wisdom, and a +1 to
his Charisma. In addition to these increases the characters Power Level
Increases by 25% of the absorbed persons Power Level. In addition to all of
this the character gains any knowledge skills that the other person had at ½
their number of ranks, (so if they have Knowledge (Arcana) with 8 ranks in
it, and you do not have it, then you gain the Skill with 4 ranks in it.) If the
Two have the same Knowledge skills regardless of the number of ranks in
either one then the character gains a +2 synergy bonus to that skill or skills.
The character also gains knowledge of any memories that the absorbed
person had, such as information about the enemy or other things of pertinent
information only. Lastly both people must be with in at least 1 level of each
other. This feat is technically gotten after the character has had some one
fuse with them. Also the characters Level increases by +1. This is in
addition to the level adjustment for being a Namek. (Example: Piccolo is a
level 10 character; he has 8 levels of Martial Warrior +2 levels for being a
Namek. After absorbing, Nail, his Level increases to level 11. He still has only 8 levels as a Martial
Warrior, but now his level adjustment as a Namek has increased from +2 to a +3.)
Special: This feat may be select multiple times, each time dealing with a new Fusion. The Feat may
only be selected once every 7 levels, including other level adjustments. So once Piccolo’s over all level
has increased to 14 or higher he may select this feat a second time.

Additional Personal Technique [Ki]

You possess more than 1 personal energy wave attack.
Benefit: You can make an additional personal energy wave attack using the rules for making a custom
energy wave. However this custom energy wave uses d8’s for damage rather than d10s. This can be
selected as a Bonus Feat. Also you may switch techniques if desired. (For example, Vegeta’s custom
energy wave was his Gallic Gun, but he decided to come up with something simpler in, which was Final
Flash, which became his main stay custom technique over the Gallic Gun. Essentially Vegeta sort of
swapped the power he puts into his Gallic Gun for the Final Flash.) This technique can have 1d3+1
effects in it, but no more than that. If a normal energy blast it makes use of the automatic effects that
can be added in, which are listed under the personal energy wave.
Normal: With out this feat a Martial Warrior may only have 1 personal energy wave.
Special: This can only be selected more than once, each time dealing with a new personal energy wave.
This can only be selected up to 4 times however.

Enhanced Energy Wave [Meta-Ki]

Your personal energy wave is more powerful than most others.
Prerequisite: Must have a Constitution of 18+
Benefit: Your personal energy wave is capable of doing more damage than the normal personal energy
waves of other fighters. Your personal energy wave does an additional amount of damage equal to your
Constitution score. This does not alter the ki cost for the energy wave.

Heavy Hitter [General]

You know who to hit a person harder than most other people.
Prerequisite: Strength 14+, BAB +6, Improved Unarmed Strike
Benefit: When fighting unarmed the character is able to hit targets much harder than they normally
should be able to. The character gains a +1d4 to the damage of their unarmed attacks.
Normal: With out this feat a person can only normally do 1d3 points of damage unarmed. Monks and
martial warriors can do more than this however.

Physical Training [Ki]

You spend most of your spare time training your body to peak standards.
Prerequisite: Must have at east 1 level as either a Monk or as a Martial Warrior.
Benefit: You can sacrifice earned experience points to increase your physical attributes. This can only be
done when experience is earned. Instead of earning experience for level advancement the character can
set aside some experience to increase their physical abilities (Xp set aside in this manner should be
tracked separately from normal Xp gained, as well as to what ability score it is focused on). The increase
is at first easy for characters with low ability scores but things eventually start to become more and more
difficult to increase. Below is a table out lining the costs for increasing an ability score. Find your
characters current score and then look at what the next score is. The next score dictates how much
experience to raise the ability by 1 point. Not all abilities may be increased in this fashion. There is also
a limit to just how much an ability score may be increased in this fashion. This is based upon the
characters race. Races that offer no bonuses for the desired ability score may only be increased by a
maximum of 10 points (not including magical increases through magic items or tomes that provide an
inherent bonus and level bonuses.) Races that provide a +1 bonus to an attribute may be increased by a
Maximum of 20, for a +2 they have a max of 30, for a +3 they have a max of 40, and for a +4 they have
a max of 50. This continues on if necessary, however anything that has above a +6 to any ability score
may not select this feat. Remember though that the costs listed below are to raise an Ability score up by
only 1 point. To raise a score by 2 points will cost double the listed amount.

Ability Score Strength Dexterity Constitution

XP Cost XP Cost XP Cost
1 100 100 100
2-3 100 100 100
4-5 200 200 200
6-7 300 300 300
8-9 600 600 600
10-11 900 850 800
12-13 1,200 1,100 1,000
14-15 1,500 1,350 1,200
16-17 1,800 1,600 1,400
18-19 2,100 1,850 1,600
20-21 2,700 2,350 2,000
22-23 3,300 2,850 2,400
24-25 3,900 3,350 2,800
26-27 4,500 3,850 3,200
28-29 5,100 4,350 3,600
30-31 6,300 5,350 4,400
32-33 7,500 6,350 5,200
34-35 8,700 7,350 6,000
36-37 9,900 8,350 6,800
38-39 11,100 9,350 7,600
40-41 13,500 11,350 9,200
42-43 15,900 13,350 10,800
44-45 18,300 15,350 12,400
46-47 20,700 17,350 14,000
48-49 23,100 19,350 15,600
50+ 27,900 23,350 18,800
“ * ” The cost to increase these abilities increases by 300/250/200 (respectively) at ability score 10-11, and doubles at 20-21,
and continues as such every 10 points. The xp costs listed are to increase the score from its current listing on the side by 1
point. So if a character has an Strength ability score of 18 and wishes to increase it by 1 point it will run them 2,100 xp
points to do so. But if they want to increase it by 10 points from 18 then it will run them 36,000xp to do so.

Special: Saiyans & Half Saiyans have no set limit to how high their Strength and Constitution can
become by using this, Dexterity is subject to the rules above however.

Mystic Third Eye [Meta-Ki]

You are gifted with an above average amount of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Because of this
you now have a 3rd eye in the middle of your forehead.
Prerequisite: You must be of Lawful alignment, have a Wisdom score of 18+, and have a power level
above 50.
Benefit: You are able to perceive things in a much different way than most normal beings are able to.
You gain a +2 bonus to all wisdom based skills. Additionally you gain a +1 insight bonus to your AC
due to your increased perceptions.
Special: Any race with a penalty to Wisdom may not select this feat.
Meditative Focus [Meta-Ki]
There are times when you want to fire off a much more powerful energy blast than you would otherwise
normally be able to do. With time, the character can power up a powerful attack capable of killing
virtually anything in its path.
Prerequisite: You must have a power level above 50, You must have a personal energy wave, or
secondary personal energy wave.
Benefit: Rather than spending a round to power up, you can take a much longer time to power up an
attack, however instead of using energy from with in yourself you pull in energy from around you to
power up 1 personal energy wave of choice. For every minute that is spent gathering energy you are able
to gain an amount of energy equal to your power up rating put directly into the energy blast; however
this does not count as an actual power up. A character however can only do this for 5 minutes. Once
completed, the character can fire their energy blast normally at the start of the first round after the 5
minutes (or less) has passed. The character however can only do this twice a day since it puts a strain on
their mind and body as well as the area around them which can only give so much of itself.
Special: This does not draw on the characters ki for the day, they may continue to power up as normal.

Aura Armor[Ki]
The act of powering up helps to improve your AC.
Prerequisite: You must have the class feature of Aura, and the ability to Power Up, you also must have
a power level above 100.
Benefit: When you power up you gain an AC bonus dependent upon your power level. You gain a +1 to
your AC for every 25 points in your power level. The character’s aura armor can be maintained
indefinitely until the character relaxes/powers down, or uses up all of their ki, or is killed/rendered
unconscious. Activating this requires the character to only power up once.

Aura Shield [Ki]

You are capable of blocking weapons with your bare hands.
Prerequisite: You must have the Aura Armor Feat, and a power level above 100.
Benefit: You are capable of intercepting attacks from weapons with your bare hands. Essentially the
character acts as if they have a small shield for each arm, even though they really don’t. This allows a
character to physically block bladed weapons with a finger, or an arm or leg. (This can be very
intimidating.) In addition to the AC bonus provided by Aura Armor, the character gains a +2 bonus to
their AC so long as they have energy. The character’s aura shield can be maintained indefinitely until
the character relaxes/powers down, or uses up all of their ki, or is killed/rendered unconscious.
Activating this requires the character to only power up once, and is activated simultaneously with the
Aura Armor.

Epic Feats
Improved Saiyan Rage [Epic]
Like Saiyan Rage only stronger.
Prerequisite: You must have the Saiyan Rage Feat.
Benefit: The Saiyan can rage twice per day rather than once per day. The effects of the rage last 2
rounds longer, regardless of any penalties, and the character gains 30 + their level in ki points while
Improved Combat Focus [Epic]
This is the same as Improved Combat Casting. This can be selected as a Bonus Feat. (See page: 57 in
the Epic Levels Handbook.)

Quick Recovery [Epic]

You regain your ki points much faster than normal.
Prerequisite: Constitution 25+
Benefit: You regain spent ki points much more quickly than normal. You regain your Wisdom score
plus your Constitution score in ki points per hour of rest/light activity. The character can still choose to
sleep and meditate to regain lost ki points which ever is faster.
Normal: Normally a character must get 8 hours of sleep in order to regain all of their ki points.

Super Kaioken Attack [Epic]

You are able to make use of the most powerful Kaioken attack ever.
Prerequisite: Kaioken Attack Feat, Constitution 25+, Power Level 250.
Benefit: The character can now power up their Kaioken levels up to a Kaioken x50. Additionally the
HP cost per Kaioken level is dropped by 3 points. Additionally the Super Kaioken attack can be used in
a transformed state like the Super Saiyan transformation. However when used in a Transformed state
the Kaioken attack provides only a temporary boost in power. The boost only lasts for a 1d4+1 rounds.
Once this time has expired the character reverts back to their previous transformed state. The Kaioken
attack can still be used before transforming for better effect but it still drains away HP.
Normal: The character can only go up to a Kaioken x20.
Special: This can be used while a character is in their normal form or when transformed if they have the
ability to, like a Saiyan in their Super Saiyan form. However if they transform they can only use the
Kaioken attack for 1 minute, before they loose the power. After which they need to power it up again
and again.

Super Saiyan Normality [Epic]

You can remain in your Super Saiyan form indefinitely, even
when you’re asleep.
Prerequisite: Must have at least 2 levels as a Super Saiyan.
Benefit: You don’t have to worry about taking time to transform
in combat, instead you are automatically in your Super Saiyan
form. The form is semi permanent now. You can remain in your
Super Saiyan form under almost any conditions. You only revert
back to normal when you expend all of your ki, or if forcibly
rendered unconscious. If this happens you can transform again
once you wake up. This feat is only usable for Super Saiyan 1.
This can be selected as a Bonus Feat for Super Saiyans only.
Normal: Normally a Saiyan drops out of their Super Saiyan form if they fall asleep, are rendered
unconscious, expend all of their energy, or the time limit of their transformation runs out. This feat
negates all of these except for being rendered unconscious and expending all of their energy.

Heightened Powers [Epic]

You can now put more energy into your ki waves.
Benefit: All of your energy waves are capable of doing an additional 2d point’s of damage
automatically. This includes the character’s personal energy wave as well. This does not alter the ki
cost to the energy waves
Special: This feat may be selected multiple times, each time increasing the bonus by 1d.

Greater Energy Wave [Epic]

Your personal energy wave is vastly more powerful than any other personal energy waves.
Prerequisite: Must have a Constitution of 23+, & Enhanced Energy Wave.
Benefit: Your personal energy wave is capable of doing even more damage than before. Your personal
energy wave is capable of doing an amount of damage equal to your level, plus the benefits of the
Enhanced Energy Wave feat. This does not alter the ki cost for the energy wave.
Special: This feat plus the Enhanced Energy Wave feat may be applied to the Mountain Buster
technique of the Super Saiyans once it is gotten.

Fusion Technique [Epic]

You and another person are able fuse together into a
single powerful being.
Prerequisite: Must have 2 people with this feat,
who’s levels must both be at least level 15 or higher.
Characters must have at least 1 class in common. The
characters over all levels must be with in 3 levels of
each other at any time. So if on character is at level
45 the other character must be in between levels 45
and 48, but not over 48. Must have at least 5 ranks in
the Perform Skill. Must have a Power Level; the
Power Levels of both individuals must be with in 80
points of each other.
Benefit: This feat allows 2 characters to fuse into 1 single being. This new being is a combination of the
two. Their voices are merged giving the fusion being the sound of both persons talking at once.
Additionally their clothing, regardless of what their wearing, turns into a black vest with yellow fringe
around the shoulders and collar, white, loose pants and lack shoes, with wrapping around the shins, as
well as a pair of wrist bands, and a sash around the waist. Women fusing together have a similar look
but are of course not bare chested like the male versions. The look in general has a very Arabian feel to
it, to an extent. So a women’s look would reflect this. Ability Scores are added together and then
Divided by 2; Speed, Saving Throws and Base Attack Bonus are added together. Not though that even if
the Fusion forms ability scores are lower than those of one of the characters it does not effect any of the
forms skill ranks (add all ranks together for similar skills), nor the forms power level. HP is added
together as well, but increase in stats do not provide bonus HP, Skill points, or increase in Power Level.

The characters over all level is equal to that of both

individuals +1. Power levels are also added together, that is only the
characters base power level, if the character can transform it is not a
factor for this, and yes the character can still transform while fused
so long as both individuals are capable of the same thing. For
example a Namek and a Saiyan fusing is possible, but the new being
could not transform into a Super Saiyan, but 2 Saiyans can transform
into a Super Saiyan and select the Super Saiyan prestige classes to
supplement levels. The +1 in level allows the new form to gain 1
level in any class that the characters has or can have if they now
meet the requirements. For Example, Goten and Trunks fuse to
become Gotenks a level 46 character. The +1 to the characters level
has yet to be added in though. Goten and Trunks have both seen
Goku go Super Saiyan 3 and want to do this also. While their Power Level, while fused, is high enough
to meet the prerequisites, they only have the ability to go Super Saiyan, as both have 3 levels in the
class, however fused the two have a total of 6 levels as a Super Saiyan, which means that while Fused
they can trade off that extra level they have for at least 1 level as a Super Saiyan 2. Their first battle
allowed them to go up in level. When the two defuse they both gain a few levels on an individual basis.
(Experience points gained while fused is based upon the characters levels as if they were not fused. XP
is only applied after the characters have returned to normal.) The two boys decide to increase their
power as Super Saiyans, allowing them to have a total of 5 levels as a Super Saiyan now.

After training in the hyperbolic time chamber, the two are now, while fused a Level 50 character
and again not including the +1 level. In total the boys have 40 levels as a Martial Warrior, 10 Levels as
a Super Saiyan. Again since the two may only have 5 levels as a Super Saiyan the other 5 levels are
considered to be levels as a Super Saiyan 2. So now at total of level 50 the character now has their
bonus level as a Super Saiyan 3. These rules apply to all prestige classes that 2 characters would both
have if their levels go up to only 5 or 10 in some cases where there are no rules for epic advancement for
the prestige class. If fused, and their total number of levels in that class exceeds those allowed, the
Character as a fused being may apply those extra levels into another prestige class, or character class so
long as the fused being meets the prerequisites, however they do not gain any HP or skills from it nor do
they gain an increase in power level from it, they do not gain bonus feats, but may use the classes

Note though with prestige classes that allow a character to transform, both characters must have
the same class in order to use it right off the bat, such as super Saiyan, extra levels can not be put
towards using the class, however the characters +1 bonus level can be used for gaining 1 level in the
prestige class. For example Goku and Vegeta both can go Super Saiyan 1 & 2, but only Goku can go
Super Saiyan 3. When fused, Goku and Vegeta’s levels merge, the bonuses for Super Saiyan 3 do carry
over and the actual transformation ability into Super Saiyan 3 is not possible since Vegeta does not know
how to do it. With Goten and Trunks they spent their +1 level for Fusion to go Super Saiyan 3. Since
Goku already has the SS3 ability and Vegeta doesn’t, they can’t spend the +1 bonus level on SS3 so that
in the Fusion form they can go SS3. Feats that the two have in common do not have stacked effects
unless the feat allows for it, so if Goten and Trunks both have the exact same feats, then they may not
select others to replace the extra feats.

Also not that with some prestige classes that characters will only have 5 levels or do not offer
epic levels, these classes may offer bonus feats. In some cases the characters may not have the same
feats for each selection. All bonus feats for the both characters in that class do carry over even though
normally they will not have that many bonus feats. Additionally if they have extra levels to spend then
any bonus feats that carry over count as the bonus feats of the extra levels. Normal Feat Selection
though for level advancement however can still be done. The Fused beings knowledge is still that of
both characters as such they do not pick up any knew feats for being fused, or to replace any unless they
have extra levels which if they pick a class that offers bonus feats they then do gain some feats while in
the fused from. With skills, if the two have the same skills then their Ranks are added together, if they
have different skills from each other then they still retain those skills at their normal ratings, be sure only
to add up the skills ranks. Any Powers or Spells known are kept as well, and can be accessed by the
fusion being (powers are often hybrids of each person own powers, spells remain the same), also they
can create new powers/select new spells with the other person they are fused with if they have the exact
same ones.

The number of Spells per day for 2 beings fused together is based upon their fusion level for a
normal amount of spells per day. Spells known is equal to both individuals. (If 2 characters have the
same class, such as having 10 levels each of Rogue, and they fuse, they do not get double the features,
instead if they were both a level 10 Rogue, and they fuse, as the Fused being, they are now considered a
Level 20 Rogue and can have all the Features that come with being a level 20 Rogue, +1 level in a class
of choice.) In order to fuse together in the first place requires a Perform Skill Check, DC15. If the skill
check is made, then both character fuse without error. However if either one messes up while
performing the fusion technique, (which is a series of movements and actions that both characters must
perform correctly in order to fuse), then they still fuse but suffer some unusual consequences. One last
thing to keep in mind is alignment, this is a mute point for this form, and is something of a hybrid of
both people’s personalities. So the Fusion form of Goku & Vegeta would be both Lawful Good and
Chaotic Good. Also with individuals capable of turning Super Saiyan, The Speed bonus for Super
Saiyan 1 & 2 is added together and divided by 2; Super Saiyans 3 & 4 simply have their speeds added

Roll Percentiles: 01-50% Fat Fusion: This form produces a form that is very fat. Speed is reduced by
½, running or even fighting will cause the character to become fatigued afterward. Power level is also
reduced by ½ and the character is uncoordinated gaining a -6 to hit. Additionally they are extremely
51-100% Skinny Fusion: This form produces a person that is practically skin and bones. Constitution
is reduced by ½, Power Level is reduced by 3/4th, Speed reduced by ½, and character is easily hurt and
sickly, gaining a -6 on Fortitude Checks, and their Hit points are cut by ½ as well.

These little things can make for some comical events, but are
bad news when a Fusion is really needed. Fusions last for 30
minutes and can not be ended any sooner; only 2 people can
fuse together, you can not have double fusions, or 3+ people
fusing into 1 being. Once fused, the fused beings name is an
amalgamy of both individual’s names, as well as any out
standing characteristics such as hair color. A fusion can not
be deactivated after it is done. The person must wait 30
minutes. After a fusion has worn off both people separate
and can not fuse again for 1 hour. Even if the person is
killed or some other wise rendered unconscious or
immobilized they will remain fused until 30 minutes are up.
(Majin Buu learned about this, after absorbing Gotenks, and after 30 minutes went by, Majin Buu’s
power dropped since the boys separated with in him.) Enacting the fusion dance and fusing is a full
round action. The action can only be interrupted while the two are performing their mirrored actions;
once those are completed the characters fuse automatically regardless of anything else around them.
Attacks of opportunity can be made if desired.
Special: Should the 2 characters level ever become unbalanced, (not with in 1 level of each other), or if
their power levels become unbalanced then the two may not fuse again until these things are brought
into balance.

Supreme Energy Wave [Epic]

Your personal energy wave is beyond all others in power.
Prerequisite: Must have a Constitution of 23+, & Greater Energy Wave.
Benefit: Your personal energy wave is capable of doing even more damage than before. Your personal
energy wave is capable of doing an additional 100 points of damage plus the benefits of Enhanced
Energy Wave and Greater Energy Wave. This does not alter the ki cost for the energy wave.
Special: This feat plus the Enhanced Energy Wave & Greater Energy Wave feats may be applied to the
Mountain Buster technique of the Super Saiyans once it is gotten.
NOTE: With the Enhanced Energy Wave, Greater Energy Wave, and Supreme Energy Wave, deflection
is still able to negate damage. The bonus damage for these attacks is only applied if any dice damage is
inflicted. If none is inflicted then the bonus damage is not applied.

Section 4: Combat
Combat with the martial warrior or with Saiyans and Namekkians is pretty much the same as
usual. The only new things are the addition of Ki powers. Ki powers are pretty much ray’s of sorts.
Rays, like “Ray of Frost,” or “Ray of Disintegration,” all require roll to hit using the characters ranged
attack bonus. Same thing goes with energy waves. How ever there are times when a character may add
an energy blast as part of a standard action. This is done when part of a combo.

Characters can only add energy blasts to melee attacks when performing a combo. As such you
use the characters unarmed attack bonus and not their ranged attack bonus. With melee attacks the
character’s bonuses to hit remain the same. However when a character makes a ranged attack, the bonus
to hit for that attack needs to be recalculated, unless the characters unarmed attacks make use of the
character’s dexterity to hit rather than strength. If not then just subtract the character’s strength modifier
from the bonus to hit, and then add in the character’s dexterity bonus to hit. So if a character has a
strength of 14, and a dexterity of 17, and were level 20 as a martial warrior, they would have a BAB of
this for their unarmed attacks: +17/+14/+11/+8/+5. Now the character does 2 melee attacks, an energy
blast and then another melee attack, followed by another energy blast their BAB for the combo attack
would look like this: +17/+14/+12/+8/+6. This total does not include the progressive +1 bonus to hit,
but with that bonus included though the BAB for the combo (if all attacks hit) would look like this:

Powering Up
The act of powering up is an awesome sight for anyone
who has never seen this before. Powering up creates a field of
energy around the character often referred to as an aura. This aura
is rather flame like and is visible to anyone who isn’t blind,
although it is transparent and does not always have color in it,
usually. Powering up also has another unusual side effect, it
effects the area around the person as well. (Note though that this
is not to the extent that it is done in the show.) Powering up will
cause light and small things around the character for a number of
feet equal to the characters power level to levitate up into the air.
This is enough to levitate small rocks, insects, cut grass and other
loose bits and ends to rise into the air.

This has no real practical use and is just an after effect of

gathering all that energy together in one place. Additionally in
order to use their ki powers, namely their energy waves and other
such fighting techniques, the martial warrior often must perform
some sort of gesture and or speak a fraise. This helps to focus
their energy properly to create the desired effects. Thus oftenly
full round attacks tend to have specific names and gestures, while
attacks that count as a single action usually don’t.
On the subject with unarmed fighting things also work the same. Like a monk the martial
warrior does not provoke an attack of opportunity when attacking unarmed. However unlike any other
class, the martial warrior has little to no training in the use of weapons and armor. And unlike monks
their unarmed dice damage does not as increase quickly as their but they are able to eventually do far
more damage than a monk can, additionally they can increase their strength instantly to levels that no
normal being can reach with out an assortment of magic items and/or spells.

Another thing is flying while tied up. Technically when tied up, a character looses their
Dexterity bonus to their AC. Things are a bit different for a character who can fly, but is still tied up.
While you do loose your Dexterity bonus to your AC, you do not however loose your speed bonus when
flying. Also a character generally can only power up 5 times in a day, however a character may power
up until they have used all of their energy.

Recovering is still the same when it comes to Hit Points. Ki is recovered much in the same way
how a magic user or psychic character recovers the use of their abilities. The character must rest for 8
hours. After resting for this long the character can use their powers again. Although the Hearty Appetite
feat can allow a Saiyan or Half Saiyan to Power Up a bit more often than they normally would.
Meditating can also help to recover ki. A character who meditates for 1 hour regains a number of ki
points equal to their Wisdom score. DM’s take note though. In the official Dragon Ball Z RPG,
characters recover ki at a rate of their power up per hour of rest. So if you have a Power level of 245,
and you have a power up of 49, you would get all of your energy back in about 5 hours. DM’s, you have
the choice of which style of recovery you prefer to use. The first type is more along the lines of how
things generally work in D&D, the second type is more for how recovery of ki works in the anime.

Power Actions
Components: Unlike spells, Ki powers have no physical components like the scales of a fish or the eye
of a bat. Instead they are purely ki energy (life energy or spiritual energy which ever you prefer), but
some require specific gestures and phrases or a single action in order to use. Then of course the
character has to focus their energy properly in order to get the desired outcome. These phrases are often
done to help the character to focus their energy properly.

Concentration: The character needs to concentrate at some level in order to focus their ki. Sometimes
this is easy, other times it’s hard. Ki powers that require a standard action are considered instant uses of
sorts, and do not need a concentration check in order to really focus the characters energy to pull these
off. However with larger powers, namely more personalized powers like the personal energy wave and
other attacks that are full round actions, you do need to make a concentration check. However the check
is only needed when something happens that can cause the character to loose their concentration.
Failing a Concentration check causes the character to loose their turn, and they do loose some of the
energy they were putting into the attack, only ½ of it. Since the character’s power doesn’t have a “Spell
Level” or anything else along those lines the character substitutes the number of dice in damage that the
attack will do as the DC modifier. So if the energy wave being fired does 9d6 points of damage and the
character is being attacked they have to beat a DC of 10 + damage +9.
Power Struggles
These are contests of will between a person
countering the energy blast or spell of an opponent. In
order for there to be a power struggle, the damage’s of
both the attack and counter attack must be with in 1d of
each other. Additionally the person must decide
immediately whether or not to let the attack go (canceling
their energy blast/spell/power) or to fight it. The attacks
hit at about mid way between each other. During this
time neither person can do anything else besides
maintaining the energy blast/spell/power. The event
becomes something of a contest of wills. With 2 energy
blasts connect you use the rules for continuous fire. As
soon as one of the energy blasts damage total is equal to double the other one at the start of the next
round (both the character and opponent get a chance to pump more energy into the attack). At the start
of the next turn if one of the energy blasts total damage is double that of the other energy blast it, then
that energy blast over rides the other and strikes home. The person does get to make a reflex save, but
the DC for the save increases by 2 for every die of damage in the blast. With spells and certain other
powers, the user of the spell or power must make constant Will checks each round. The person using the
energy blast still gets to just uses the continuous fire rules. The spell/power user has a DC of 10 +1 for
every die of damage in the other attack. In order to beat the attack the character’s Will check must beat
the DC by at least ½ of the adjusted amount. So if an energy blast has 7 dice of damage in it the magic
user, psychic or what ever needs to beat a DC of 17 by at least 7 points, as such they would need to get a
total of a 24+ for their roll. Power struggles only continue until there is a winner or until the person
who’s attack was countered, decides to just let the attack be countered, they do however need to keep the
countering attack from become too powerful and blasting through their spell/power/energy blast. At the
end of the round they can decide whether to let it be canceled or keep fighting.

AC Vs. Touch Attacks

Unlike most other folks, the martial warrior, like a monk, is very apt to dealing with touch
attacks. They retain their full AC since they do not wear armor and have their Speed bonus to their AC.

The Mechanics of Transforming

I’ve had the question asked, how does loosing energy from being transformed effect the
character’s normal power level. Prestige classes like the Super Saiyan or the Kaioken Attack feat,
provide an increase in the character’s power level. When a character reverts back to their normal power
level, it is reduced by a percentage proportionate to the amount of energy used while the character was
transformed. So if a character has a base power level of 450, and the transform into a Super Saiyan,
their power level increases to 563. Now let’s say that in a fight they end up using 200 points of energy
reducing their Super Saiyan Power level to 363. When they revert back to normal you would subtract
25% from this new total to get how much energy the character has left in their normal from, which
would be 272. A character’s power level can not be reduced beyond zero, however when a character
reverts back to normal after expending all of their energy while transformed they must make a Fortitude
save, DC 10 +1 per 20 points of energy that makes up the character’s power level. If the character fails
this Fortitude save they automatically are rendered unconscious for 1d4 hours, or until some of their
power level can be restored. If they make the save they can continue to operate, but are fatigued and
suffer a -4 to all actions until they can rest for 8 hours, or regain at least half of their power level.