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MOST HIGH [Chords, 80 bpm] Gabriel Allred LV,C,V,¢,C, BI Intro (I) cé6 D Em A C6 D Em Verse (V) c Em7 ¢ Dada Glory to the One. Glory to His Name Am? Em7 Dadd4 There is none beside. The Lamb that was slain c Em? C Dada His voice roars like the sea. His face shines like the sun. ‘Am7 Em7 Dadd4 Men tremble at His Word. TheLion, the risen One. Chorus (C) Cmaj7 Dadd4 Am7 Em Worthy to the One mosthigh. Worthy to the One mosthigh Cmaj7 Dadd4 Em Worthy to the One mosthigh, Jesus 4. (to Verse) 2. (repeat then to Bridge) Bridge (B) Cmaj7 Dadd4 Em A Cmaj7 Dadd4 Em Cmaj7 Dadd4 Em A Cmaj7Dadd4 Em Jesus. Jesus. His Name is J esus, Jesus 4. (repeat) 2. (repeat and build) 3. (repeat) 4, (repeat and bring it down) 5. (to Intro then end on Em) ©2011 Gabriel Allred / CEN Music (ll admie by CPN Musie) / ASCAP / CCLI# 5924385 All rights reserved, International copyright secured. Used by permission MOST HIGH [Chords, 80 bpm] Gabriel Allred LV,C,V,¢,C, BI C6 xx 2 9 * 2 Ba Dadd4 xx@0 Cmaj7 s oe 102011 Gabriel Allred / CEN Muse (all admin by CEN Musie)/ ASCAP / CCL1¥ 5924585 ‘All righis reserved. Intemational copyright secured. Used by permission. Em7 xx °