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FINES: A sanction that  Deterrence:  The wealth of the offender
requires the Offenders may  The ability to denounce the
offender to pay be dissuaded crime
an amount of from  Whether a fine is sufficient to
money to the reoffending due act as a general deterrent for
state to the threat of the whole community
fines  Whether there is a more
 Denunciation: appropriate sanction
Putting a
monetary value
on crime shows
that is the
wrong way to
 Punishment:
Requiring the
offender to pay
money to the
COMMUNITY Includes a range  Punish:  Whether there is a condition
CORRECTIONS of programs that limitation on the that will achieve the right
ORDER (CCO): allow the freedom of the purpose for the particular type
offender to be offender of offending
supervised within  Rehabilitate:  The most appropriate condition
the community Programs help to be imposed, and whether
offender the court imposes that
become a condition
valuable  Whether the offender will
member of comply with the conditions
society, possibly  Whether a CCO properly
changing their protects the community where
mindset protection is a relevant
 Specific purpose
Deterrence:  Whether there is another or
Having to do better sanction that will
unpaid achieve the necessary purpose
community work
and comply with
the burdensome
conditions may
discourage the
offender from
committing the
same crime
IMPRISONMENT: A sanction that  Protection: by  The rate of recidivism and
includes the physically whether imprisonment is
removal of the confining an effective
offender from offender, the  The availability of drugs in
society for a public is prison
stated period of protected  The exposure of offenders to
time and placing  Deterrence: Aims negative influences
them in prison to dissuade the  Whether the offender will be
offender and offered appropriate
general public opportunities to rehabilitate,
from and whether they take
committing advantage of them
crimes due to  Whether there are other
the sentences, like CCO’s, which
undesirability of are better focused on
restricted rehabilitation
freedom  The extent to which the
 Punishment: for community is protected is short
offending prison terms are given
against society
 Protect: for
 Rehabilitate: