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Westingiouse Roadway Luminaires

Type OV-400

Area Lighting
These automat cally contro ed iights turn
o'r o. oL.. o, o o'
I ). more protect
" od^r
pro\ d 19
d sco!rages prow ers
2). rnore production extends useful
work ng h olr rs
3). more business-attracts c!stomers
4). more p easure-n ght recreation
5). rnore safety for veh cle or boat parking

Economy Qr..rality light ng perforrnance at
low initlal cost A lcms included to fac -
tate nstallation L ne leads attached to
Tnnmze nstallationtme
Efficiency-Complele y sealed and t lted
opt ca syste.n d rects rnore of the availab e
q1l Io dlea o'e raedad. R. . ol da J,
m nim zes trapping of light for greater and
more even !m nat on. G assware s
mechanica ly interchangeable with other
manLrfacturers who offer nterchangeab e
g assware.

Easy Maintenance-The one piece refractor

ring-ballast cover h n!les open from lhe
rear of the lrousing for easy access to
opt ca systern and ba asl. All ponio]ls of
umina re can be reached fTom one servrLc
pos tion.

Durability-Both hous ng and refractor

r ng-ba ast cover are one piece d e-
d. ,r'9 .ro a :,. "l^ o L .r lld s'r.1..
life. New hard textured f n sh resists dam
age and weathering to maintairr f ne appear
ance Adurb lo Ba ast gives .nproved
perforrnance and lorlcter ba ast lfe.

Attractive Appearance C ean modern lines

give a smooth Jlowrng hor zontal daytime

March, I972

E.D.C/2141 /08
Application Data 60-405 Page 2

Roadway Luminaires
Type OV-400

How to Specify Photometric Per{ormance

Lumina re shall be West nghouse-OV 400 *To obla n actual initia lootcandie values.
S# 394P870G01 OV 400 Package.
pacl aqe 5+ ... Type L multiply value shown by 23.
The !mlnaire shall cons sl of a two p ece conBEc.
die cast assembly (ho{rs ng and refractor VALUES* BASED ON 30 FOOT MOUNTING HEIGHT
ring),lalch ng assembly shall be snap
v s ble 1ype, hinge rnechan sm shall be tu a@
stainless stee.
The oplical assemb y shall include an
Alzako aLum n!m reflector. refractor shalL
be heat resistant boros licale glass inter-
cha11geab e wilh other manufac{urers,
> #s
socket ol high grade porce ain. afd socket
gasket of heat resistant, dirt and mo sture
fiter ng fibre.
The b!ilt ln ballast sha be 400 walt ('120 .
volt hiqh reactance or 240 vo t reactor)
normal power factor plew red with two
7-foot ength I ne eads-

An a um num bracket 1%" x 30" Jor wood

pole mountifq. mounting hardware, photo-
ce (120 vo t or 240 volt lange). and amp ; 123456789
(clear or deluxe colol improved) sha be NAT]O OF LONGITUDINAL DISTANCE TO N4OUNT NC HE]GHT

Component Pa rts
Ordering lnformation
Luminaire wirh Ballzst
032C903C02 ov 400
306P437H01 with
8t 0c61 r c0l Ref e.lo. w th Crskel Slyle
Relraclor Tvpe ll Glass


Westinghouse Electric Corporatlon

Outdoor Lighting Division: Cleveland, Ohio 44101